Kumusta ka today?

Jasmine here.

In the last 3 years that I’m a member of Jomar's team, Jomar has hosted 144 webinars and I probably missed less than 7 webinars.

Of the 7 webinars, I probably missed them because of the following reasons:
  • ·      I was sick
  • ·      I was stuck in traffic
  • ·      Mommy duties (example: the birthday of my sons or pamangkin fell on a Monday and we went out to celebrate)
  • ·      Worst reason: slow internet connection
Prior to becoming a part of Jomar’s team, I was already a regular attendee of his webinars.  

All in all, I have probably attended to close to 165 Jomar’s Free Monday webinars  - including those before I started working here.

If there were a reward for webinar attendance, I would probably get a star from my client!

Now, this forthcoming webinar on Oct 12 at 9 PM is one webinar I will not dare miss....

Why You Should Be Present On Oct 12 9pm Free Webinar

We have been inviting our guest in the past weeks and when he finally said yes, our team was truly ecstatic!

Who wouldn’t be?

This Monday, Oct 12 at 9 PM, you will be learning and hearing your questions answered by no less than Jojy Azurin!

His Bio says that he is a Tech Startup Advocate, Serial Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Consultant. He is now helping many Filipinos achieve their dreams of starting businesses online.

You probably know that Jojy Azurin was also Freelancer.com’s Philippine head and director for continental Asia.

But there’s more to learn from such a very humble person and mentor.

Read on…

14 Interesting Things about our Monday 9pm SuperStart Guest: Jojy Azurin

Jojy Azurin Info #1.  After reading a loooong list of credentials about Jojy, I guessed that he is a Business Management Graduate or an IT Graduate.  

But I was wrong! 

Jojy is a graduate of B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Note:  Hindi sya techie but he is known as the Membership Site Expert in the Philippines.  (More on this below!)

Jojy Azurin Info #2.  Jojy is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Expert. In fact he was one of the first practitioners of SEO, one of the first users of paypal, and first advertisers on Google Adwords.

Jojy introduced the “subscription angel” or the pop ups that ask for your emails on landing pages.  In Jomar’s planet, this is known as the email catcher.

SEO means when you google a keyword, the company appears in Page one of Google.

Jojy Azurin Info #3.   Jojy has online mentors. Can you guess the online mentor who had a great impact in his life?

It’s Cory Rudl.  He was a very talented internet marketer who was at the peak of his fame when he was killed in a race car accident.

Jojy started by selling products online.

Can you guess Jojy’s first online product?

Clue:  You use it every day and it bubbles


Go ask him this on Monday at 9 PM here: http://jhilario.com/webinar2015oct12at9pm

Jojy Azurin Info #4.  He is the Founder and President of one of the largest software companies in the Philippines

Jojy Azurin Info #5.  Jojy co-founded several companies like a BPO company, a call center, a medical transcription company and an IT recruitment company

Questions for Jojy:

Where do you get your business ideas?

How do you prioritize which businesses to focus on?

Ask your questions for Jojy here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin

Jojy Azurin Info #6.  Jojy was the Founder and General Manager of BusinessSummaries.com or BizSum.com.  I still remember that blue and white website that speaks of authority (pls. stop guessing my age ha ha ha!)

BizSum.com is a book summary service that provides well… what else... but summaries of today’s business bestsellers.

His target market were the busy executives who didn’t have the time to read the whole book but wants to be updated on management principles that they can readily apply in their companies.

Jojy Azurin Info #7.  The readership base of Business Summaries was 300,000 lang naman J 

These we have to ask Jojy:

What hosting facility did you use for BizSum.com?

What membership app did you use for your membership site then?

Jojy Azurin Info #8.  Jojy started BizSum.com as a side business in 2001. He hired a web designer and paid a writer.

Can you guess his first business summary?  Rich Dad Poor Dad

After seeing the website grow, he focused on building it and expanding to two other related sites called ContentSummaries and BestSummaries.com.

Jojy Azurin Info #9.  The readership base of BusinessSummaries was 300,000 lang naman, ahem, ahem!

Can you guess how many people are in Jojy’s team when he was running Bizsum.com?

Did you guess 10 members? 7 members?  5 members?

Jojy was running his website with only 2 people.

One of his staff members in Bizsum.com did the business summaries and she did not report to the office.  

She is a person with disability (Tama ba ito, Jojy?).

These we have to ask Jojy: 

Is she your first virtual assistant? 

How did he hire his virtual assistants/staff then?

What happens if your staff /VA gets sick?  Who prepares the weekly summaries?

Ask your questions for Jojy here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin

Jojy Azurin Info #10. He eventually sold BusinessSummaries.com to EBSCO Publishing last 2010 for an undisclosed amount J

Jojy is not an IT or a programmer but still, he managed to sell his website for a good amount of money.

These we have to ask Jojy:

What happens behind a sale of a website?

How did they contact you?

How did you evaluate their offer?

What made you decide to sell Bizsum.com?

After Bizsum.com, what online businesses did you do?

Did you have offline or regular businesses?

Ask your questions for Jojy here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin

Jojy Azurin Info #11. Jojy was Freelancer/com’s Philippine head and director for continental Asia

To date, Freelancer has 16.8 Million employers and professionals registered in its site, has P130M worth of projects posted and 8.6M projects available 

Jojy Azurin Info #12. Jojy is one of the co-founders of Horsepower.ph,  which provides affordable health insurance packages for the self-employed and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Jojy Azurin Info #13.  He is one of the pioneers in the local startup scene where he is also a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Currently, he is the co-founder of several startups such as Printers2Go.ph, Horsepower.ph, Knowledgized.com, Centurology.com, OpusLeaf.com, Exams.ph, 1000Angels.net, SparePartsAsia.com and more.

He is now with Founder Institute. 

Jojy Azurin Info #14.  Jojy’s goal then was ZEMPINS

ZEMPINS = Zero Maintenance Passive Income Sites

Let’s ask Jojy what is his goal now J 

See you on Monday, Oct 12 at 9 PM.  Sign up here:  http://jhilario.com/webinar2015oct12at9pm

If you are a virtual professional, this is one webinar you shouldn’t miss!

In fact, type in your questions here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin  

Sample question:  Hi Jojy, I want to be a Social Media VA, will this career have a great future in 2016?

Another sample question:  If I want to be a highly-paid freelancer in 2016 and beyond, what skills should I be learning now?

If you are an Online Entrepreneur, now you have the chance to ask a serial entrepreneur! 

You should be present and you should be sending your advanced questions here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin

You have already seen my questions, your turn to type in your questions! 


See you Monday!

#Excited Every Monday 

P.S.1.  Are you shy to ask your questions to Jojy Azurin?  No Problem! 
Jomar will ask it for you.  Type it here: http://jhilario.com/askJojyAzurin
Just be present on Monday.  Listen to Jojy Azurin’s answer to your question here http://jhilario.com/webinar2015oct12at9pm

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15 Reasons Why You Should Ask My SuperStar Guest on Monday

A: Salamat sa mga tanong, keep them coming. If you have more, please send me more questions.

WP is like batman's utility belt. It comes with thousands of free add-ons or plug-ins. For example:

For Batman:

Mr Freeze's Anti-Freeze Spray
The Joker Ear Plugs
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For Wordpress:

Google Analytics Plugins (w/c connects to the free Google Analytics account)
Hotjar Connecticator (w/c connects to the free Hotjar account)
Scarcity Samurai (w/c has a free trial version)
Sumome (w/c connects to a free Sumome account)

For a beginner Virtual Professional or even a business using a hosted wordpress, you don't need to buy plugins to get an online job.


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Two High Paying WP Plugins You can Master:

1. Wishlist Member
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There's More! On top of plugins, there are also WP Themes.

A theme is a decoration of a blog.

The way it looks it called theme.

WP Themes make or break a site.

There are 100,000+ free themes.

You mostly ignore them all if they're not responsive.

Responsive means = it works great on a mobile device.

Are there few responsive themes?

Thousands again!

And there are less paid premium themes.

So select well.

May I suggest the themes in Modernthemes.net?

But there are others, as a virtual professional in search of more things to put in your talent resume - you need to play around with a lot of themes to see what's great, what's easy to use or not.


Three Paid/Premium Themes that Get You The In-Demand Online Job if you Master it are

1. Genesis Theme
2. Headway
3. Thesis

Having said that, the Three most popular Paid/Premium Themes above (called "frameworks" because they're supposed to make things easier to do) - are probably TOO OLD for you to try to master.

Granted - there are lots of old sites using them - so you do have clients. But try this trick...


The trick is to try to download (for example) these free themes:

Then use them in your WP blog:

a) Ask yourself : is their documentation easy to understand or do they use MUTE videos like Modernthemes.net?

b) Are the page building tools What You See is What You Get? Or are you guessing stuff by imagining things?

c) Is it really easy to use or not?

d) When you're using the theme (after going thru the documentation) - are you having FUN or not?

The great thing about having a HOST (hosted wordpress via http://jhilario.com/bestwebhostforjomar) - is that you can create 200 blogs for experimenting w/o paying anything extra. 200 blogs? Can you create more? Of course, but why clutter your host with junk? Right? 200 is too much for one person to manage.


Note: One blog = One theme but many plugins. So if you want to experiment on one theme or framework (theme = framework) - you need a separate blog for that. Why Separate? So you can SHOW you know how to use one theme and SHOW another blog with a different theme.


In pre-mobile internet, YES it is. But today, if you change them theme - there's a LOT of things you need to change to make a site look decent in it's new clothes.


Inside the Webhost Confusing Cpanel, locate the WORDPRESS Icon.

It's the only icon you know.

Click it.

Install One Wordpress Blog 

Name it.

Notepad the Username and Password.

Change the Theme to one of the above.

Now go watch/read the Theme documentation.

Customize the theme.

Go back to your webhost's Cpanel wordpress icon.

Create another (empty) blog.

Install a new theme you're experimenting on.

Read the theme documentation.

Try to re-create the first blog using this theme.

While you're doing this, please note w/c theme is easier, harder, more fun to use.

I know I have excessively answered your questions.

But new questions shall arise. So send them over! 

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

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Q: Would there be additional charges for choosing a Hosted Wordpress WP Blog?

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A: The answer is long term.  Think "mini-celebrity" like this process:

1. You select a micro-niche or mini-market like "Collectors of Toy Warships" or "Home school resources for Elementary". This is the part most people nosebleed and never progress from.

This is the part most people get turned off and never continue.

This is the part most people don't get.

This is the part people give up on.

That's precisely the reason why I stopped teaching this way.

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2. In case you're still reading this, then you serve this nano-market by making blog posts from your site, you talk to the readers in the comments. 

3. You spend Google Adwords, FB Ads to bring more readers of the market into your website. You join forums and connect with them. You join live meetings too. You talk to the industry strong names and invite them to write for your blog or just interview them for the blog. You do become a tiny celebrity in this microscopic niche or market.

4. All the while making yourself helpful to them. You want an example? Think John Loomer serving the FB Ads crowd or John Haydon for the non-profit market. I think your name has to be John to work in this industry. Too bad my name isn't John.

5. Then you listen to what people are looking to pay for. What they complain about. You create the answer to that complaint - usually a pc of information in video form or a training program or a seminar, or a PDF file - whatever they are willing to pay for -you create. And then you sell to them.

OF COURSE this is just one way of doing it. It's also the most popular way.

Another way is to completely GIVE UP on the fact that a SINGLE website can make you money.

It's always a system of things that give you the online wealth.

Like me, I don't have one site. I have a few less than 30 - and I do not rely on a single one of them.

And NONE OF THEM are very popular.

I serve my nano-niche of :virtual careers: for 6 years and it's good. But I use everything I can get my hands on - to serve this niche. That's why there's loyalty EVEN ON TOP OF MY NON-GUAPO personality. I'm blunt, direct to the point and no-non-sense. But that's my genuine person people want and they buy even if I'm not as popular aldub.

Does this help you?

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Jomar Hilario

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Q: I Gotta Website, How Do I Make Money From It?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

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