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Marijo D: Binigyan ako ultimatum ni hubby so kailangan magseryoso sa paghahanap ng trabaho

That was a one of a kind and an unexpected way of getting a gig but it was enough to kickstart Marijo D. into getting online work.

My husband was not happy that I bought seminars, he said I'm wasting money. He also told me that I dont need to buy a seminar like that because he was able to find a job in Odesk without studying it. I told him that I'm not a programmer like him, and knowing more, with a mentor, is a good investment. In addition, I don’t want an accounting job, I want to do something new.

His mind changed when I finally got an online work :)"

Because before getting work, Marijo was just like most of you. 
Listening to the webinars and attending seminars.

“I first got the idea when I was pregnant last October 2012. I thought, 'I don't want to go to office anymore, I'm so stressed out.' I was also vomiting constantly in my first trimester so the idea of working was not very appealing. I googled work from home and then I got on Jomar Hilario's site. That's when I downloaded the VA seminar 101 and paid without my husband's knowledge :D

At that time I still had to work remotely because of financial deadlines even if I was on sick leave, so watching the downloaded VA was at the back of my mind. (I also vomit just seeing the monitor). I got the time again after three months or so, when I was feeling better. When I saw the video, I thought this is not the type of work that I want to do, because I'm not really into administrative work. Anyway I still did the assignments, but I think it took me more than a year to finish it :D

Anyway also in 2012, I saw Jomar's ad about OMC. Since it looks more appealing to me, (I want to have an online business), I enrolled, and again, without my husband's knowledge :D The assignments are interesting and I did them little by little, but not in a fast pace because my priority then was my work. Up to now I'm still halfway done, but at least I already got a freshman badge :D

And then, when we received the bad (or good) news last February that all of us Finance persons are terminated, I had mixed feelings of sadness and joy..JOY because I will finally do what I want, which is to work from home. 

After April 30, I did not work immediately. I spent my whole month of May enjoying my time with my son, surfing the internet, watching Korean telenovelas, some anime, and drew sketches. And then my husband told me that if I wont find work online after three months, I would need to find a job outside. "

Ayun na ang ultimatum. 
So what do you think did Marijo do?
Did she eventually just give in?

“I don't like it, so come June I immediately reviewed the lessons I downloaded from Jomar, joined the groups,  joined other work from home groups and made some research on what odesk has for openings. Since I saw most of them are looking for social media marketers,(I still dont like admnistrative works, so I shun away from them) I researched more on the topic. I added more info from what I already know from Jomar's OMC and webinars. I also searched on what other odesk profiles look like, and I followed it. I also followed the one Jomar taught in the seminar, like taking exams. For the portfolio, I put there everything I can, even old drawings, posters I made in Jomar's assignments, blog previews and facebook pages (also Jomar's assignment), digital artworks, and typing speed."

Take note of the line “I put there everything I can.”
For her, she put everything and more –
So what does she do now?

“Nowadays, I am blogging about Japanese culture, fashion and other Japanese related topics for my client, and promoting them in social media. I spend 4 hours a day with it. Then I spend the rest of the day with the tasks for my Australian client, which is more on market research and forum posting. I prefer the australian because he gives the tasks to me before the week begins, so I can better manage my time. I also got a 5 star rating from him last July, then he renewed my contract again for august. 

Since my contract will end this August, I changed my setting in Odesk to "available" and had received interview invitations. Another one comes from a Japanese too, who wants me to post about animes and manage his online store.   The other one, an American, is more on social media maintenance. I have begun working with him on August 26.

I was also invited to be a resource person for a consultancy company in Makati that services terminated employees, like teaching them on how to get back and apply for work. Me and my team used to attend the sessions for one month, and then my consultant learned that I am already working from home, so she referred me to her manager so i can share with people what I know. I still dont have the contract so I'm not sure if this will get on, I'm leaving it to God. :)”

Considering all these, does she think she could have done something more?

"I should have promoted more about work from home when I was still attending the sessions in the consultancy company.  Most of the people I met there are already aged 40s and up, and they are thinking they won't be able to find work now. One old man there told me, 'you should have a business while you're still young,' and the other said 'gawin mo na gusto mo ngayon habang bata ka pa, hindi ung hintayin mo pa ung age namin bago mo gawin ung gusto mo, mas maigsi na ung time.'

Those words strengthen my resolve to study more about work from home and owning a business, that I also bought the VA 101 strategy seminar. I'm still in the learning phase, but someday my family shall own a business and I will hire VAs. :)

That's my story sir Jomar. I would like to thank you, your friends and your staff for giving us another way of earning, and helping us improve."

And thanks for sharing with us your experience Marijo.  It definitely is one of a kind.

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Question: How Can I Make A Blog If I Don't Know How To Make One

A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.

Our question for today is “I don’t know how to blog, my writing skill is really poor, how can I make a virtual assistant blog that I heard people said you need to have?” 

Yes, it’s true! In the first virtual assistant seminar, I asked people to make a blog but I didn’t ask them to express their feelings on their blog. I didn’t ask them to write articles on their blog. 

What I did ask them was to create tutorials on their blog, tutorials using pictures and screenshots. 

Don’t judge it and say, “Oh, I don’t know how to make tutorials,” does not the point. The point is, that was what I wanted them to do in that first VA seminar in 2013. 

In the brand new VA Seminar 101, there are zero blog as in zero tutorials. Completely new VA Seminar in a process that you fill-up an excel file. I spend an entire seminar just explaining how it is done. 

This is Jomar Hilario answering your virtual assistant work from home questions.

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Here’s What You’ve Been Waiting For!!

You’re going to learn a little math involving increasing your money.

Are you interested?


Shut the door.

Put on some earphones but keep the music OFF.

Do it so people will not interrupt you.

This is very important.

And it’s a doorway for more wealth for you.

Before we begin you need to know, this has nothing to do with Stock Ma'r'ket, M.ut.ual Funds, Buying R"eal E,state or even Affiliate Mar:keting.

It’s the math of money.

Understand this and you’ll be well on your way to earning more for your loved ones and maybe even reward yourself with that iPhone 6L or Samsung Alpha they’re talking about in the news.

After all - once you apply this - you would deserve the reward!


This is about Money For You, so stay sharp.

Pay attention only to the numbers. (specially if you’re running a business)

But if you’re not running a business, this is your way to become highly paid in another person’s business.

Let’s Begin:

People Purchase Products/Services at P 1000

Only 50 people buy at this price: P 1000, so the company earns P 50,000.

With me so far?

Now the company spends P 30,000 every month on salaries, rent, taxes and materials.

So in effect, the company makes a P 20,000 month.


P 50,000 minus P 30,000 = P 20,000 income.

Now, you come in and spend P 1000 pesos a week to buy advertisements to get more people to buy.

P 1000 a week x 5 weeks is P 5000 advertising spending.

So we have to deduct that from the P 20,000, so the company “only” makes P 15,000 a month.

But the advertising brings in 20 new customers buying at P 1000 each.

So advertising gave the company P 20,000 additional income.

So that’s P 15,000 + P 20,000 to make P 35,000 for the first month of “trial” advertising.

Here’s the question, where did the 20 new buyers come from?

Advertising, right?
Advertising where?
TV or Radio Appearances?

Nope - none of the above cost as little as P 5000 a month.

Most of them are in the P 25,000-75,000/month range.

So where can you get advertising for as low as P 5000/month?

The best and cheapest advertising comes from Social Media and Search Media.

Here’s two questions.

If you have a business, how many buyers are you getting from advertising in Social Media?

What if you did?

Now some companies are already getting clients from Social Media - companies like Kimstore and Gadget Grocery are getting clients via Facebook without paying for advertising.

Now imagine if THEY PAID for ADVERTISING?

Ok, we’re back to the math:

Zero Advertising = Zero income from Advertising.

P 5000/month from Advertising = Can give additional income.

How much that income is dependent on the number of buyers.

Let’s say we want to “break even”.

So to “break even” - we just need to bring in 5 buyers.

Because 5 buyers x P 1000 = P 5000.

So Social Media Advertising’s cost is zero.

Because P 5000 minus P 5000 is zero cost.

Plus it gave the company 5 new buyers who can buy more in the future.

Given this scenario, a business owner WILL try to buy more advertising. 
Because of the obvious results of more customers:

Advertising Budget - Number of New Customers

P 0.00 - 0

P 5000 - 5

P 10,000 - 10

P 20,000 - 20

P 100,000 - 100

Now that’s assuming you are only breaking -even. (not earning money up front). 
But what if you earned from that initial P 5000? 
What if you advertising in Social Media got 6 customers to buy

P 5000 - 6, income : P 1000

P 10,000 - 12, income: P 2000

What if, the P 5000 became 20 customers?

P 5000 - 20, income: 15,000

P 10,000 - 40, income: 30,000

Now I discussed this REALLY SLOW because I want you to know how important this is.

Most companies DO NOT EVEN think about this.


If you don’t have a business, do you know how to buy advertisements from Social Media?

What if you did?

You would be responsible for bringing in NEW CUSTOMERS to the tune of P 30,000+ a month on a P 10,000 advertising budget.

Now what if that budget went up to P 20,000? 
That’s additional P 60,000 for the business.

What if - because of the techniques I’ll be teaching you in VA Seminar 202: Wealth From Home Blueprints - that P 10,000 budget gave 100 new customers to the business?

Can you see how VALUABLE you will become to that business?

You’re not a “cost”, you’re no longer an “expense” - you’re an income generating part of that business.


Yes, and you may be thinking about your old College Course, right - papaano na yun?

If you understood the math in this email, then you can definitely LEARN this skill.

All I did was PLUS, MINUS and MULTIPLY.

No calculus, no trigonometry, no square roots.

Simple math.

And in the VA202 Seminar - I’ll teach you WHAT TO CLICK and HOW TO COMPUTE things, too.

I’ll teach you ALL THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO HAVE to get hired and become valuable.


When you join The VA Seminar 202 : Wealth From Home Blueprints live event - you’ll be joined and matched to business owners - who are also joining the event - with you.

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You do not need to convince businesses to buy Social Media Advertising.

Internet Mentors Jomar Hilario and Jay Mclean will do the convincing for you.

Both of Jomar and Jay have the experience and skill in teaching these things to first timers.

We both have virtual assistants who do this everyday.

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These same lessons from top gurus can be purchased for around P 70,000 - I know because I recently purchased a course just like that just to check if there was anything else I didn’t know yet.

Meron naman akong natutunang bago - and you’re in TIME to learn it all from me - in TAGLISH and SIMPLICITY.

So you you get my learnings from THAT COURSE, MY EXPERIENCE and JAY MCLEAN’s EXPERIENCE for a fraction of the cost I paid for.

Come in Pairs to Enjoy an Additional P 1,500 discount:

Rates below are for PAIR (two people):

Pair seats, REGULAR Deal at only P 15,450/ $354

Pair seats, PREMIUM Deal at only P 17,450/ $399

Pair seats, DREAM Deal at only P 36,400/ $833


Details on how and where to deposit can be found here:



Tomorrow, I’ll discuss what topics Jay Mclean will be talking about.

I’m sure it’s going to be about getting clients for B2B for both the business owners and the Virtual Assistant but I suggest you better act now because those bonuses above will NOT be the same if you’re the 16th to get in the Seminar.


If you’re unhappy for any reason - in 90 days - you get your investment back. 
Because (here’s a secret) my internal client list is called “Happy Clients List” - and that’s all I want for you.


Yes! Definitely - to increase you VALUE and income. 
Consider this the 3rd year (JUNIOR YEAR) course of Virtual Assistants. 
This will greatly add to your value or you just invoke my HAPPY CLIENTS REFUND POLICY


Yes! There are TWO Pre-EVENT Webinars - just to prepare you for the math - so if you join NOW you get to attend those live!

Yes! There’s one POST-EVENT Webinar - for questions that were left unanswered!

So this is really 5 Days - 3 Webinars + 2 Days.

Two Days?

Yes, this is a TWO DAY EVENT. 

Venue will have ample parking.
And is accesible to public transportation.

I shall unveil the venue SOON.


There’s a separate “FIRST MOVER” list for the DOWNLOAD Version.

First 15 downloaders will get to enjoy the bonuses above.

Yes, if you can’t attend but want to ENJOY the EARLY BIRD discount - get the downloadable version NOW at only P9,475/$217.

While the bonuses are hot and the prices are still low.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

How I stole P 300,000 in cash…


This was stolen money so I said to myself “I’m going to get 5 bundles of this money”
(around P 300,000) for myself.

I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was living with some people and one day, I found a stack of 30 million pesos cash inside a cabinet.

I knew (in the dream) that this was stolen money so I said to myself “I’m going to get 5 bundles of this money” (around P 300,000) for myself. 

I knew (in the dream) that the person who stole this money will not be able to come home soon because the police is looking for him.

After that, every time I’d go home to that house I would be paranoid that “They Know” that I stole the money. I would be nervous talking to them.
Every question they asked - like “Where did you come from?” is met with a nagging thought -
“Does he know?
Is he asking about the money?”

At this point I didn’t know it was a dream and I kept saying to myself “Why did I steal that money?” Yan tuloy it’s been bothering me everyday.
I regretted doing that - and I wish I hadn’t done it.


Then I woke up and realized that it’s very possible that some of you are trying to get started in getting a job online but you still have these nagging feelings –
these disturbing things floating around in your mind - everyday.

You can’t stop thinking about it - and it’s stopping you from progressing.

Let’s call it -you’re “big rock”.
That obstacle that’s preventing you from moving forward with your dreams.

You have a “big rock” that’s floating around in your brain and it’s taking up your time
-using your imagination - to bring to life horrible scenes like,
“What if they find out?”
“What if this person does this bad thing to me again?”.

Your problem is not “getting a job online” is hard.

Or that you “don’t have time”.

Your problem is you are using up the time worrying about your “big rock”/“big problem” - and it’s taking up lots of your time!


As for me — I don’t tell myself that I want more time.

I don’t look into the sky and hope “sana I have 25 hours or 100 hours a day."

For me, 24 is enough.

Why? Because that dream of mine was totally false.

I woke up thinking to myself “When was the last time I ever did something bad/evil that I thought about it EVERY WAKING MOMENT?

I thought and thought.

I couldn’t remember.

(Maybe because my memory’s that bad?)

But point is, I spend very, very little time worrying.

I probably don’t even worry nowadays.

Ah, but Jomar you’re rich! (you might be saying).

Being wealthy has nothing to do with “living in peace with others.” and “doing what God says is the best way to live” (in tagalog, “loving others”)


Gulo kasi ng isip mo kaya di ka mag-kanda ugaga magsimula sa mga assignment mo sa VA Seminar 2013
or sa VA 101 Seminar
or sa Online Mentoring Club
or you can’t even do the first thing you need to do (whatever it is)

What you need to do is -clear up your relationships NOW.

Forgive people. 
Love people and stop saying “easier said than done.”

I’m not asking you to do something easy. I’m asking you to do it.

Remember that doing the VA Seminar assignment is not easy
- it requires at least three months of part time work on your part — but it’s worth it.


What if there’s someone who has done it before you?

Someone who’s now working online - earning online - but she just started this year?

Would it help to get to know this person - personally?

What do you say?

If you were given a chance to talk to someone who’s done it before -

Started learning from Jomar - like you.

Started doing what Jomar said - about doing the VA Seminar assignments - like you?

Started making mistakes and correcting them - like you?

A person who - like you -has had doubts about all of these - like you?

But today - is now doing her 4th assignment from the VA 101 Seminar - something na gusto mo din!

Would you set aside the worrying for another time and just listen to this person at 9pm tonight?

And that person is Lhory Banaag and you’re going to get the chance to interview her tonight at 9pm.

Here’s the link, click to be inspired again tonight:
Click it now!

You’ll want to get your ENTIRE household to join you - so they can prove for themselves if this is “real” and ask “Lhory” directly.


I was expecting an action movie - when we watched “Lucy”.
 As I mentioned in my previous essays, I watch a LOT of movies.
So I was expecting an action movie - when we watched “Lucy”.  If not pure action - I expected even a non-serious action movie because it was directed by Luc Beeson (who made the “5TH ELEMENT” )
- but instead I got a movie that made me think - A LOT.

About what?




About the thousand kisses that your parents gave you when you were small.

Do you remember that?

You don’t?

Well, that’s one reason to watch the movie “Lucy” if you are still in the world of watching movies.

If you’re still looking for the reason to forgive your parents - that "big rock” that’s been bothering you - then this movie might help you. Watch it with them -and then afterwards, talk to them about it. It’ll be a great experience.


In the first webinar we did for the Unlocking Success Secrets : Marketing Mindset webinars, I gave the paying attendees an assignment.

Here it is: To watch a conference or seminar and take notes and create a blogpost out of what they learned.
Now some of them don’t even know what conference to watch.

Click here:

So in case you’re looking to improve or transform your mindset, here are some conferences you can watch and learn from:





Smarter Commerce Global Summit

Jomar, those are just letters - I don’t know what they mean.

Sorry, it’s only for those who know what “action” means. It’s just “information” if you’re not a person of action.

For those with open minds and active hands - you’re probably hitting Youtube by now - and you know what to do with the next hour – with those letters up there.

Now if you REALLY want to know exactly what to do with those letters, I urge you to sign up for the last webinar for the Unlocking Success Secrets happening this Sunday - because only those who do so will accelerate their transformation from “employee” thinking to “success thinking”.

Last time Jay Mclean revealed his PERSONAL template/process in transforming his mind to those who signed up - and this coming Sunday I’m going to tell them MY PERSONAL secret in transformation.

Along the way you’re going to learn new apps, new cutting edge strategies for business and personal growth because I really can’t stop sharing them.

But I share them only to those who will listen and act.

Is this you?

Are you willing to listen and act?

Or are you going to say “Alam ko na yan?”


Here’s the lesson I got from watching the movie “LUCY” - INFORMATION is NOTHING.

Information is NOTHING.


Nada. Zilch. You’re reading this because you want to know? Great. Now you do.

You’re reading this because you want inspiration?

Great. Now you get inspired. Even more if you watch the 9pm free webinar tonight. Click:

Information + Inspiration (w/c lasts for a while only, it’s never permanent) are both great.

But still it’s NOT ENOUGH.

What’s missing?

Initiative. And that’s English for “Magsimula ka”


Yeah, why not sing this in your mind - if your internet is slow:

Magsimula ka, batiin ang kay gandang umaga

Ng may ngiti sa iyong mga mata

Sa pagkakaidlip gumising na

Ang buhay ay masaya

Palalagpasin mo ba

Magsimula ka, tuparin ang pangarap mong tunay

Habang ang lakas iyo pang taglay

Sa paghihintay baka masanay

Sayang naman ang buhay mawawala ng saysay


Iisa lang ang buhay mo

Kumilos ka, gamitin mo

Kung may nais ang puso mo

Mangarap ka, abutin mo

Upang ito'y makamit mo

Magsikap ka, simulan mo

Magsimula ka, pilitin at tuklasin ang hanap

Madanas man ang maraming hirap

Ang mithiin mo pag naging ganap

Langit ng pagsisikap iyo nang malalasap


Iisa lang ang buhay mo

Kumilos ka, gamitin mo

Kung may nais ang puso mo

Mangarap ka, abutin mo

Upang ito'y makamit mo

Magsikap ka, simulan mo


Iisa lang ang buhay mo

Kumilos ka, gamitin mo

Kung may nais ang puso mo

Mangarap ka, abutin mo

Upang ito'y makamit mo

Magsikap ka, simulan mo

Upang ito'y makamit mo

Magsikap ka, simulan mo

I could go one step further and say it’s missing “Implementation” -w/c is tagalog for “action”.
But to make “implementation” happen you need a kick start - hence the need for initiative.

So to find out what and why you must do something about this talk:

I’m inviting you to sign up for the final webinar on Sunday Aug 24:

Now live a marvellous life, Jomar Hilario

P.S. Find out how to attend my Latest Live Event in October. It’s exciting - it’s not just a 2 day seminar - it’s a place to meet virtual assistants and clients who hire virtual assistants. It’s going to be a one of a kind event where both Learn Together and interact. Stay tuned for details on the VA 202 Seminar in Oct 2014.

P.S. See you every Monday at 9pm. Click here to register for the next webinar.  NO REPLAY:


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