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MORE gifts are coming FOR YOU

One of the popular books ever published — and you might have even read this one already — is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

In this book, he said, “…And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

If you have already registered for the upcoming VA202 event (or you’re planning to), I want to help you achieve the goal that you have in mind for joining the VA202.

I’ve said it a number of times before and I’ll say it again: I’m totally biased when it comes to people who ACT on their dreams.

It just makes me want to help them more because I can see that they are keen on helping themselves.

Just amazing.

Now if you haven’t registered, you can get yourself a seat to the live event using the following links:

Solo, Regular at only P13,475/$300

Solo, Premium at only P14,475/$323 

Solo, Dream at only P28,950/$646

Downloadable (Premium Package) at P14,475/$323

You can also deposit your payment via bank.

I was in the same dilemma where you possibly are right now a few years ago…

I was an employee, like you.

I can say that my salary back then was higher compared to others.
Pero that time, if you’ll check my savings, you will only find P5,000, roughly. Kasi I still send money sa probinsya.

Oo, parang ikaw lang din.

Minsan medyo short pa.

But then, I met Bo Sanchez (we promoted a Christian rock concert way back, but that’s a story for another day) and he influenced mo to listed to his mentors (cassette tape pa, walang audiobook).

And so I listened, learned and applied the mindset I have learned from his mentors. Eventually — paunti-unti — it changed my lifestyle.

The way I handle my problems in life — family, emotions, my finances.

It wasn’t an easy feat.

But I want change in my life.

And so I started to invest

Nope, hindi sa stocks. Hindi pa.

But I invested more of my time and money in learning what the experts are doing and how they do what they do.

Empleyado pa din ako non. Nagpapadala pa din sa province. But I know in my heart, I need to start making a move so the positive change will happen in my life.

One of these ‘investments’ is attending Robert Kiyosaki’s seminar somewhere in Asia. The ticket? About P80,000+.

And yes, I don’t have that much money pa.
So I made the decision to make a good debt by swiping my credit card.

I told myself, “Jomar, you have to act and make something great about this. It’s a huuuuge investment and you’re just beginning to make the change…”

I’m glad I didn’t waste it.

Do you also want positive change in your life?

I know what it’s like to be working 9 to 5 — some days with overtime — and see that your pay check still doesn’t cover everything.

Nawalan ka pa ng oras with your family and yourself (s.l.e.e.p).

And I want to help you begin that change in your life.

Let me teach you how you can charge the rate you deserve — and charge even higher because you have the skills of an expert.

I will teach you how you can earn more than enough for your family so you can resign from your job and never see your boss again.

I will teach you the skills most high-paying clients are looking for right now and attract them so they come to you instead of the other way around.

I will teach you the techniques and strategies I’ve tried, tested and proven with my own company and other entrepreneurs’ businesses.

The difference?

Robert Kiyosaki’s event didn’t offer an affordable payment option. But because I want you to dive in to the learning and start working on your goals

RIGHT NOW, I’m giving you the 5-Gives Installment Payment Plan for the VA202 Downloadable.

(Online payment only) 5-Gives Installment at only P2,895 x 5

You already registered for the VA202?

Great! Because I’ve got MORE great stuff for you.

I am holding another bonus live meeting on Wednesday, October 29 for the VA202 Registrants (live and downloadable). Again, this bonus is only for those who have registered for the VA202 event.

For those of you who already registered for the VA202 but won’t be able to make it on Wednesday, you will get the recording, siyempre.

Also, a few days ago, I was in Baguio together with Bo Sanchez, Edward Lee, Ronnie Siasoyco, Maves Angeles and other entrepreneurs for the P50,000 - SuperConference where I revealed secrets on VA life in a 51-minute talk.

Secrets I have NEVER shown to others.
Like how I select VAs to do the jobs they do.
What do my VAs do every day and more!

Guess what?

VA202 Registrants will be getting access to that one, too!

Yes, yes, I am giving away another set of bonuses valued at around P8,000 pesos.

“Why are you giving away massive bonuses, Jomar?”

Because just like the universe, I want to help you achieve your goals. :)

The catch: You can only get these bonuses if you register on or before Tuesday, October 28 (Philippine Time).

Let’s take a recap of what you can receive for registering for the VA202 Gold Rush 2-Day Seminar:

a. First 15 gets to be invited to an Exclusive Resume Critique Bonus Webinar to make your resume stand out among the rest.

Why is this resume so important? Well, first, because this isn’t your ordinary, corporate resume. The format I am teaching my students MAGNET CLIENTS. You read that right.

Business owners, clients, are directly emailing my students and offering a job. Not the other way around. Take it from one of my students, Mhel S.

“Sila na mismo nag-eemail sakin for a VA job. Galiiiiing lang! Thanks sir Jomar and the team.”

b. Next 10 people to register gets a free pass to the LinkedIn Makeover Webinar with Jay McLean, plus a free pass to the next 4 webinars

Probably the most underrated social network — LinkedIn — is an extremely powerful platform to find clients, also known as, business owners — people who are willing (and have the money) to pay to hire people who can help them build and manage their businesses (that’s you!).

Take it from my pal Jay McLean who are getting his clients straight from LinkedIn! How does he do that? Well, he’ll spill the secrets during the VA202 2-day event. But in this webinar, he will help you craft your LinkedIn profile so that clients will notice you.

c. Next 10 people gets a free Facebook Page Makeover Webinar session featuring your Facebook Page of the Facebook page of your client, plus a free pass to the next 3 webinars

Facebook is such a helpful tool especially for business owners. Thing is, most of the time, they’re not using it to help their businesses grow.

One of my students who has grown her Facebook followers AND monthly sales from P200,000 to P300,000 and counting via the Facebook techniques I taught her is Joey Chan of Gryn Wasabi Sushi Delivery.

You see, Facebook ain’t all about the likes and shares. It can help you make sales, too!

d. Next 10 people gets a webinar session with Mannix De Duque on How to Mindmap to Impress Your Clients During Meetings, plus free pass to the next 2 webinars

What better way to present your proposals and ideas in the most mind-blowing, organized way possible? Mindmaps. And the Mindmap Expert, Mannix will teach you how!

Mannix does mindmaps for The Feast PICC’s talk every Sunday and also uses mindmaps at work (he’s in the army!).

e. Next 10 people gets an exclusive webinar lesson with Keng Dela Cruz on how to Remove Your Stress by Organizing Your Home, plus free pass to the next webinar

And since you’re planning to spend more time with your family and work sa bahay, here’s one refreshing and ultimately helpful webinar to remove stress and declutter your home at the same time.

Keng has helped entrepreneurs organize their home and office spaces making them stress-free and more productive. Perfect!

f. Next 10 people will have another webinar session with Keng Dela Cruz, this time about How to Get Out of Deep Debt

Now this webinar needs to be heard by thousands of Filipinos out there — single or married, it’s something everybody should learn. We’re bringing back Keng to teach you how to get out of deep debt and give you tips on how to NEVER be in that situation again.

That’s what I call a powerhouse webinar set!

Let me tell you the secret about what Paulo Coelho said…

I agree that the universe wants to help you grasp your dreams.

But before the universe could do its magic, it needs YOU to take the first few steps. It needs you to act on your goals first.

And today, you are given another chance to begin.

Don’t waste it.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. The VA202 registrants are literally swimming in bonuses — and you are missing all that. Why don’t you come and join them? Get in the VA202 Gold Rush today. Click here:

WHY people fail

In your opinion, bakit sa tingin mo, people fail in life?

It’s kind of a toughie question but let’s hear what my friend Brendon, a #1 New York Times bestselling author has to say:

Spoiler ahead: If you are thinking of FEAR as the answer — you’re wrong. It is NOT the reason most people fail, although, that is one of the most popular choices of our culture today.

In this video, you will also learn Brendon Burchard’s “Motivation Formula” for igniting, sustaining and magnifying lifelong motivation.

By understanding this formula, you’ll have more intention and power throughout your day.

A total must-watch.

So kung napansin mo, madalas ko naku-kwento si Brendon lately. Well, his new book — “The Motivation Manifesto” — became a phenomenon online these last few days.

Sabi niya, he personally uses the formula in the book and in this video when thinking about how he influences people on his YouTube show (yes, meron din siya. Konti lang, about 12 Million+ views) and his seminars.

Here’s what I’ll leave you to think about: If you know how to motivate others, you’ll have more influence.

Do you want to effectively influence other people?

You should watch the video:

Watch the video today.

You might just find more clarity on WHY you do what you do, and how you can motivate others, too.

It’s a winner video.

GO watch it.

End of October is fast-approaching!

And you know what this means?

It means that you only have a few days left to get the VA202 Downloadable Seminar at a very affordable 5 GIVES Installment.

We’re accepting Paypal and credit card payments only for this payment option so if you don’t have one, go borrow a friend’s card and email about the transaction. We’ll just take note that the payment is from you.

By the end of October, rates will increase so if you want to get the VA202 at a discounted rate, very flexible payment option, NOW is the time.

It’s important to be able to influence others. If you’re a business owner, you probably know this since your business makes impact on other people’s lives.

A good business helps them grow, improve and make positive changes in their lives with the help of your products and services.

But before you can make them buy and pay for these services, you should have the power to influence them, to convince them that your product can and will indeed improve their lives.

If you’re a business owner or a work sa bahay virtual assistant and you are working with entreps, you can access the recording 24 hours after the webinar and on Fridays and Saturdays for free: at

I will teach you about the 15 Elements of Messages That Sell : How to Convince People to Buy Anything from You.

I'll see you every Monday night at 9pm for fresh learnings from me.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Do you want to have the power to influence other people? Watch this video now:

P.S. You could not miss another opportunity to get the VA202 Downloadable. Get it while they’re discounted at 5Gives!

P.S. You will learn how to influence and convince other people to buy your products (or your client’s products). Register now:

How Did You Start Jomar? (Open ASAP)

A long time ago, I was an employee making ends meet.

Like you, I rode the jeep.
I also hold my breath when I rode the pedicab.
I made sure I clutched my bag near my body when I went to Cubao or Guadalupe or any super crowded place - like the Manila trains.  
I was single,  alone all the time - and staying for free in my loving Lola’s house in Malate.

I sent most of my salary to Los Banos where my family still lives to this day. 

I did what I could to help the more than 10 members of my family of origin to survive.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I lived a life of want.

I wanted and needed many many things.

One of those would be shoes.

I had one pair of office shoes at any given time.

This particular one was a gift from my loving Tita Becks.

Tita Becks would always send home massive balikbayan boxes to Lola’s house.

I picked out a nice pair of black shoes and had it repaired.

It was as good as new and served me well for a long time.

One day in 1996 I went to a trade show in a big hotel.  

I wore a worn out barong - office uniform and only went because it was “interesting”. My company didn’t send me, I sent myself. 

I didn’t understand 99% of what the salesmen were talking about.

I would appear interested when they’d talk - and then move on to the next one.

I would collect free ballpens, notepads, bags - anything really.

Then I came to one booth offering something called “Dial Up Internet”.

It was Joel Disini’s company - called the “Email Company”.

I knew what an email was- because I read a lot.

The movie “You got mail” -starring Tom Hanks made it popular 2 years after.

But in 1996, I didn’t have an email address yet.

Neither did my friends or all my office mates.

The “Dial Up Internet” they were offering will give me an email address.

Plus it will give me access to the internet, they said.

What’s the internet?

It was network of information made up of schools and big companies.

I knew what that was because - I did read about it earlier.

So I paid - monthly around P 600 I think - just to learn more about this “internet”.

My first email address was

That was written on my calling card.

I was proud of that email address.

Let me remind you something.

What were you doing in 1996?

That was the year the internet was introduced to me.

But did you know that for the next nine years I stared at the computer screen wondering “How can I make money from this?”

Nobody answered my question.

I saw bypassed by

I saw people leaving yahoomail for gmail.

I even had an old account.

I joined newsgroups and SIGs (special interest groups)

I saw the birth of Netscape Navigator and made my first website with a college student.

I saw internet explorer destroy netscape navigator and became the most popular way people would use to see the internet.

My first website was called “Marga and Kulet” (

It contained the biodata of me and my friend Marga, that’s all!

We hand-coded it by typing some words into Windows Notepad.

 You may find it “wonderful” that this same Marga is going to attend my VA202 Seminar on Nov 7-8. 2014. 

So if you’re going to the VA 202 Seminar - I’ll introduce you to her.

Then in 2005, my love for Christian Music helped me answer that question.

But that’s story for another day. 
(You want more? Reply to this email with MORE)

Right now, I want to let you in on something.

When I started, I had no experience in using the Internet.

There were no youtubes.

No DVDs.

No guides.

No mentors.

Not even a decent book to read about the internet.

It was just beginning.

During that time, it was impossible to download music from the internet.

And video?

That was a dream that Mark Cuban (Internet Billionaire) said would never happen.

He said you cannot stream high quality video over the internet.

Of course Netflix (US company) and Apple is doing that exact thing he predicted would never happen during our time.

Maybe that’s why I’m the one teaching you now - instead of the other way around.

But I want it sana - to be the opposite - for you one day.

That one day - you will be the one to teach others too.

And we would start a quiet revolution of giving people the best information that they need.

Because you can do it.

You can change your thinking by..

Changing the information that you’re getting.

Changing the people who surround you..

Changing the choices you make by…

Changing the information you’re getting.

And in the future - I dream that you be the one to supply this new and best information to other people.

In my last webinar, my Virtual Assistant/OFW guest  did that privilege to you. 

You’re going to find out the details of how she got the job —from her own voice.

You’re also going to have the privilege of asking her your own questions.

Yes, you do the interviewing this time.

She’s in Singapore and is still working.

She just got an online job last week (I think).

You ask her.

You have the privilege to check if this is all true or not.

As a bonus, you’ll also know why I’m saying that Facebook Boosts wastes your money - if you are using it to promote your page.

You’ll also know -that admiring a page’s likes or paying to get more likes on a page is the poorest way to spend your money.

You can access the recording 24 hours after the webinar and on Fridays and Saturdays for free:


Let me know if you’re still reading this and….

You want to receive advanced (techie) stuff from me.

This will be “no apologies” information that will benefit you directly if…

You’re one of those who take action quickly.

You will NOT be getting any “I don’t know what a right click is” from this new material that you’re going to receive but…

You do need to REPLY to this email.

I’m not expecting much to CLICK ON REPLY but…

If I get 20 to click REPLY then maybe I’ll create the “NEXT STEP/ADVANCED LESSONS” that I’ve been wanting to give you.

Let’s see.

Your one vote may count or it may not.

I'll see you every Monday night at 9pm for fresh learnings from me.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. NEW: You want to get the Downloadable version of the VA202? You can get it at 5 Installments (5 Gives) here:

P.S. Listen to someone who's not all that different from you - an OFW -who now has an online job. 
there will be a webinar replay with this link:

P.S. Free 12 Week Online Program to help you get MOTIVATED here: (dali!)

The Toilet is on the Ceiling...

Just today my daughter Lucia complained that I’m “makulit” (too persistent).
When asked why, she says - “because Daddy kisses me all day long”.
“Dapat twice a day lang.”

(end of story 1)

Today, my kids discovered a brand new world.
I saw someone carry a baby upside down for a few seconds.
That gave me an idea.
So I carried the my son Sean upside down for a few minutes.
I walked around our modest house - exploring.
Sean would say - 
“parang iba ang house”
“the floor is the ceiling”
“the toilet bowl is on the ceiling”
“parang spiderman”
This would go on until I hear “stop, stop!”.

(end of story 2)

Lucia has decided on the 2 kisses a day rule.
Sean has decided that you can see the world in a different way if you’re carried upside down.


How about you? 
What have you decided on?

Here’s a list of things I know you have decided on, based on talking with you sa Facebook:
You’ve decided that:
You need to become a techie before you can start doing anything. 
You need to be “good at writing” (like Jomar, you said) to start earning sa internet.
You need to pay lots of money to learn from Jomar. 

Now, my mentor Jim Rohn said: "For things to change, you have to change.” 

You have to change your opinion on the three false beliefs above.

Yes, they’re all false.

They’re what Pinoy NLP Expert “Jojo Apolo” calls “Limiting Beliefs”.

Lucia said I should kiss her 2 x a day only. That’s a limiting belief.

When you read “There’s a toilet bowl on the ceiling” - what were you thinking?

For sure, that’s a limiting belief if you said “no….”.

But I can kiss Lucia more than 2x a day and that carrying Sean upside down can put the toilet bowl in the ceiling.

If that can change - you can change. 

If you decide to change.

Are you open to change what your mind is telling you?


First, change your opinion that you have to be a blogging WHIZ or an internet WHIZ to excel in marketing. 

Do you know why? 

Marketing has existed before the internet was invented. 

What I’m doing is marketing. 

One of the books I’m reading was made in 1940. 

Fifty six years before the internet was introduced in the Philippines.

Many of the lessons I teach in my entrepreneur-only program (Marketing Success Formula) was taken from 1930s. (Just ask Macky, Sixto, Joey, Shine)


This Saturday, SMX SM Aura will host the Blogapalooza event by friends Anton and Vince. It’s a big meetup of bloggers and businesses. I actually don’t know what they’ll talk about. But I’m guessing:

Bloggers want the attention of companies.
Companies want the attention of bloggers.

Here’s quiz:
#1. Bottomline, if you were given the chance to be there and you're a blogger (for example) what SHOULD you do in preparation to STAND OUT from the other bloggers?  This is a preparation question -not a blogging question.

#2: If you were a COMPANY who wants the attention of bloggers, what SHOULD you be doing in preparation for Blogapalooza. Again, what will you do - before the event happens to get attention.

This is a thinking exercise and a common sense exercise. BAWAL ang TECHIE dito. Think as yourself and not as a big company. 

This is just a simple example of sales and marketing yourself - in the real world - with the internet NOT INVOLVED. Figure this out and you know -you can do marketing.
If you have zero ideas - then get / learn from my other students here:

That’s a facebook link.
You know what to do with a link right?
Everything you click in your TABLET or INTERNET is a link.
It’s blue and underlined.
Most of the time, it’s an image.
So click on it to find out what other people are saying - and decide w/c ones are common sense and w/c ones are “techie” answers (w/c I’m not asking for).


Look at this list:


Look at this 2nd list of names:


These are names of programs, products and services.
There’s a pattern to these names.
Find out the pattern by using your eyes and ears.
Say the names aloud. 

This is an important lesson in naming.
Everything you buy is named.

For example SONY is bad at naming. 

Because their headphones are named like this:
Sony Walkman NWZW273
Sony Walkman NW-A800
Sony Walkman NW-A810
Sony Walkman NW-S710

Now you can’t call it “Sony Walkman” only because there’s a lot of Walkman models.

Razer- a mouse /game company is good at naming.

Because their products are named like this:

These are names that appeal to male gamers.
Ano ba ang gamers?
Guys who play games seriously.
You’re not a gamer if you play occasionally.
And they don’t consider you a “gamer” if you’re only using a TABLET.
You need a mouse and keyboard.

Now go and read the names above.
What’s the pattern?

This part is all marketing.
This is what you’ll learn from me.
If you have a terrible name for your product/service/va business- you will have a hard time marketing it.


In Singapore there are four Feasts (prayer meetings of the Light of Jesus of Bo Sanchez)
In Facebook, they are named:

FeastOrchard (The Feast Extraorchardinary)
SparkTacularOrchardSundays (Feast Singapore - Sparktacular Orchard Sundays)

There’s something wrong with one of these names.
Can you tell me what?
I’ll tell you in the last minutes of Monday’s webinar at 9pm. (or eventually one of these days).
There’s something the same with three of these names.
There something missing from one of these names.
What is it?
Even better, why must that missing part be present?


To start earning like my success stories, most people believe they need to start with :
Social Media Marketing
Writing Well

The truth is nobody cares about your technical skills if you can’t market well.
Alam mo anong tawag sa tao na maraming technical skills pero walang alam sa marketing?

Computer Programmer
Software Developer
Software Engineer

Why do I know this? 
Because I’ve been all three in my 18 years of working.
I have never earned anything bigger than a salary from these “techie” skills.
Go ask your techie friends, how much are they making sa internet?

If they know marketing - they will say “some”.
If they do not know marketing - they will say “none”.
My background in computer programming didn’t help me in Marketing.


In this email are three simple quizzes.
Answer them by pressing REPLY.


That’s a strange statement to me. 
It ranks up there with the statement “I can’t take a bath, I’m dirty!” 
Another related strange statement is “I can’t go to confession, I’m a sinner!”

I never assumed you can create Facebook Ads.

I want to teach how to do that in VA202.

In fact, in VA202 - I’ve already taught those who joined (almost 100 people now) how to make facebook ads - in a demo webinar - that I’ve recorded. 

The VA 202 Participants have already downloaded the recording.
They’re now replaying my delightful voice in their homes.

I never assumed you can create Facebook Ads.

However I do assume that you know what a DOWNLOAD is. 
I also assume that at least you have the humility to ask people “How do I download”? 

(You right-click on the mouse and select “Save Target As”, or you click on the button that says “Download”).


But Jomar -I don’t know what a “Right-Click” is.

If that’s the case, then you need to get trained in using the computer. Because the mouse has two buttons. When you press the button, you’re pressing the left button always. You ignore the right button. Press the right button -and that’s called a Right Click.

However if “Right Click” is your problem - you need HELP. Not from me  - but from people around you - because that’s basic computer use. That’s not even internet use. Help yourself by buying a book or paying your acquaintances to help you use a computer. (Note: I didn’t say friends).


For things to change you need to change.
For example, you can’t start.
You know why?
Because you don’t really want to start.
All that talk of “gusto ko panoorin yang movie na yan…”
But you never buy the ticket - means you don’t really want to watch it.
The DVD came out but you didn’t buy.
The PIRATED DVD came out but you didn’t buy.
The show is aired on local TV, but you didn’t watch.
The easiest way to start is honesty.

"Hindi ko pala talaga gustong gusto.
Gusto lang.
Hindi ko pala gusto aksyonan.”

You’re in Camp Gusto but want to go to Camp Gustong Gusto.


You may have been watching my webinars every week as a passive listener.
But you’re doing nothing solid.
Does this mean you’re honestly in the “gusto” camp?
Yes you are.

You may have gotten my VA Seminar/OMC in 2011/2008 but it’s just sitting your laptop, alone and abandoned.
If you’re being honest, are you in the “gusto” camp only?
Yes you are.

See honesty works! But how to go to “Gustong Gusto” Camp?

Here’s how (I shared this in the VA202 Bonus Live Meetup last week in Bonifacio Global City):
Start with the smallest commitment you can keep.
For example you said you wanted to answer my quiz #2 above.
I said there- to read the names aloud.
Read one name. 
Scroll up and read it.
Tomorrow, read the 2nd name aloud.
Day 3, read the 3rd name aloud.
Until you’ve read all names.
Finally, answer my question.
It may take you 30 days to answer it but you would have established an unbreakable habit.

The answer to 
“walang focus”, 
“di ako makaprioritize”, 
“di ko alam unahin ko”, 
“disracted ako sa facebook”, 
“napag-iwanan na ako”, 
“daming distractions”,
“household chores”,
“wala akong maayos na target”
“overlapping tasks”

Is to stop the belief that you have to spend more than 1 minute to start. In fact, you need to spend 10 seconds a day first. Read my list in Quiz #2 above.
Read one line.
Two lines.
Then promise to read the rest bukas.


It’s too small.
You have no choice but to do it.
You’re already reading this so might as well read one line of QUIZ #2 aloud.
The important thing is to stop “JUST READING” and start doing something “ACTIVE” -like figuring out quiz #2 for 30 days.

Of course it’s funny and ridiculous.
Hilarious even.

And since this is “Free advice” some smart people will ignore it. 
To you I say - I’m going to walk out of this room and plant another kiss on Lucia and I’ll carry Sean upside down, one more time.

Just because I can.


I attend the Feast PICC’s Feast Life Journey seminars every week.  In our last session, Me-an (our speaker) said -“To create a habit of reading the bible, you can start by reading ONE LINE a day.”

People laughed hard at that.

I’m willing to bet that 80% of the audience thought it was a joke. 

It wasn’t.

I gave you now the secret to starting.
Take it.
I’m not joking.
The toilet bowl can be placed in the ceiling.
And I can kiss Lucia more than 2 times a day.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S Start! And if you're like most people who "just wanna earn asap" - get this :

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