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Who Do You Claim To Be?

Did you cram as a student?
I remember doing it many, many times.
This year, I hear some friends saying that they’re behind with their decors at home. They’ve been so busy that they’ve pushed back on the Christmas decors until... 7 days na lang Christmas na.
Cramming pati sa decors!

How about you, when did you start decorating?
A few days ago, Jasmine shared with us that she had her room renovated recently. So that means, ngayon pa lang siya mag decorate.

So what tips can Jasmine share with us about decorating in such a short span of time?

She will add a few dashes of color, just enough to spice up the place but not to over decorate it. “I also surround myself with simple and meaningful decors, yung mga bigay ng loved one ko, para kahit tapos na yung Pasko, feeling ko well loved pa rin.”

Yes, there’s no need to splurge on Christmas decors. You can simply make use of what you already have.

It’s up to you to see it in the light of Christmas.

This reminds me so much of what Zig Ziglar once said, “You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop,
and use them.”

So take this time to think. What is it in you that you already have?

Make your eyes see it. Make your heart feel it. Be ready to claim it.


Because once you’ve claimed it, you will now see every opportunity that will help you fulfil it more clearly.

The opportunity to make it real for most of you is actually right in front of you already but you’ve let those opportunities pass because you’re not ready for them yet.

Are you ready to recognize the successful person that you can become?

Are you the next FB Ads specialist? The next Senior Social Media Manager?

Or maybe the next Fitness Expert running an Online Fitness Biz?

Maybe you will be messaging Jomar in the next few months to ask help so you can get VAs for your business?

Claim the title and the opportunity to become who you want to be will soon be here.

No need for cramming. But there’s also no need for a whole week to lock behind closed doors to think about it.

Get a piece of paper and write this down, NOW:

Date Today: December 18, 2014
My Commitment: My name is ___________________ and I am a _________________________.
Now put this in front of your dresser mirror or wallet – the part where you can always see what you’ve written when opening it.

Done? Now, you’re ready to receive it.

May you have a truly blessed Christmas,


P.S. Claim the title and the opportunity to become who you want to be will soon be here. Begin that process TODAY.

Ayaw Mo Na Ba Ng Traffic


Jay has resigned from his IT work years ago. He started with me in 2008, during my first 2 day workshop about marketing sa internet. Now he’s full time in running his blog - from home. He has a blog, an email catcher and just launched his own version of the online mentoring club - but one focused on real estate.  This blog was updated 4x-11x a month. Not really everday - thoughout 6 years.  Jay C is a survivor of the Ondoy calamity - where all their possessions got wiped out.

Sha resigned from the bank other year.  She was just an employee when she began with me in 2011.  She has has been updating her blog around 2x - 11x a month since 2011 (3 years). Not really everyday. She also runs an email newsletter that contains exactly the same stories in her blog.   She has a blog, an email catcher, her own seminar / publishing company and has now written a couple of ebooks and books.


Emmanuel was assigned by his bosses to work in the province - away from his family. But before that happened, he wanted to blog about becoming “Truly Rich” (since he follows Bo Sanchez). But eventually his blog talked about mind-mapping.  Mind mapping is a creative thinking technique he loved to do. Soon, he was mind-mapping my seminars, Bo Sanchez’s Feast talks and other people’s seminars. His “truly rich” blog no longer talks about investments but mostly about mindmaps.  Emmanuel has just began.

Wilbert made a facebook page last year - about his home town - and in a few weeks the local newspaper wanted to partner with him - even if his page contains very few likes.  Wilbert just began.

Ella made her Facebook page about her hometown but unlike Wilbert, she has 1000+ likes on her page with around 20 people reacting to her FB page every day. Not bad for a beginner huh?  Ella even had a disadvantage - she and I went to school together - we were classmates.  Why is that a disadvantage? In the same way as the prophet is not honored in his hometown - people who actually know me - from my past - are less likely to believe me. 

Above are some of the people we featured in last night’s webinar.

They are all my “students” in “on;line ma;rketing”.

The two things they all had in common: they started and they had persistence.


I ask because becoming a marketer online (or online’ mark-eter - what they’re all training to do) is a long game.

A long what?

A long game.

It’s a game. 

And it’s a long one.

It will take you 10 years maybe but take it from me - I’m in my 9th year —but I was able to stop being employed at year 6. Sha above did it sooner than me. 

It’s a long game, because it’s a business building game.

Don’t act so shocked, you’re in a long game yourself.

It’s called the employment game or self-employment game and it lasts 60 years.

You get out - you stop- when you’re too old to work.

If you don’t start now - you’re still in that 60 year long - long game.

Learning an online business is a long process- but not that long.

10 years and your life will be changed marvellously.

Trust me on that.

All you need are two things.

You start.

And you have persistence.


I’ll answer that in another email. 

But it is a game.

Parang life.


Most people have persistence.

It’s the same energy you use to get up - face the 2 hour commute every day and do it every week, every month and every year for the next 40-50 years of your life.

Remember this joke:

Guy uses pay phone to call his boss “Boss, may pasok ba?”

But guy is already underwater -because of the flood.

That’s persistence.

Practicing OTY (overtime without pay) is persistence.

Reporting for work when you’re slightly sick or majorly sick is persistence.

Believe me, you’ve had a lot of practice in persistence.


Yes it is.

You have emotions.

You have moods.

Sometimes you want what Jay, Sha, Ella and Wilbert have.

Then some months, you don’t care.

Then after a few crisis you want it again.

Emotions go up and down.

But they always go up after a down.

Persistence is being able to do the right thing when the emotion goes up.

Persistence is insisting you design a life around yourself that keeps the downs from happening.

Maraming paraan, from selecting your music, changing that poster on your wall to a dream board.

Bottomline is -the training I’ve been giving to Jay, Sha, Wilbert and Ela is designed for these ups and downs.

Mostly - to design a life around yourself- that protects you from the downs - both emotionally and financially.


It’s called the Online Mentoring Club.

It’s a life-time membership club.

Once you fully pay the Online Mentoring Club - you gain access to the new versions.

New versions?

Because when the club started,  they learned Multiply and Friendster marketing.

That was Version 1.

We removed those lessons already.

But retained the Forum Marketing and Email Marketing.

Version 2 added more stuff regarding Dreams, Wishes and Mindsets as well as entertaining videos for boosting confidence and creativity of the Online Mentoring Club members.

Version 3 of the club contains the biggest update of all:

Facebook Marketing

Content Marketing Research (the stuff from VA101)

Email Marketing for 2014

And the brand -new -to be delivered stuff on Curated Team Blog Marketing for 2014

You’re going to love that - but I’ll discuss that later.

What you need to know is this kind of blogging doesn’t require YOU to be a leader, or smart or a writer. It’s different and has not been seen in any mentoring program I’ve seen or been a part of.


Ah yes, the Online Mentoring Club has a lifetime membership.

Because I know some people will stop learning because of moods and “life”.

But know this - they can re-join the Online Mentoring Club ANYTIME and start anew.

Because the Online Mentoring Club’s lessons are always updated - for free.

The Online Mentoring Club's lessons will always be ready for first timers.

The only requirement is you know how to use a mouse and a computer with internet.

If you join now, you learn ASAP.

But if “life” happens to interrupt your learning - we will understand and welcome you when you come back - if you’re a lifetime member.

We know you’ll come back because of persistence.

We know you have persistence.

And we know you will come and learn these skills again, in the future.


Because learning these skills is a long game.

You must start now because you’ll need all the time you can get to learn now.

You don’t want to start this when your fingers hurt because of arthritis.

You want to learn this while you can physically, mentally.

Coming up are days of parties and “no work” - are you just going to sleep it off?

What better use of your time than doing the simple and easy assignments in the Online 
Mentoring Club - during the holiday season?


You need to start now because like ALL businesses, there’s no guarantee of income in the first 12 months.


Because you’re just beginning.

What you can guarantee is - you’ll get followers.

That’s the easy part, really.

And followers - in Email, Facebook, Youtube - can be converted to money -soon enough-but not in the beginning.

Guarantee to do the work - and the followers will come.

Once they come like -for Emmanuel, Sha, Ella and Wilbert - the Online Mentoring Club can teach you how to keep them and serve them better.

Then the money will come.


All you need is time, computer, internet.

That’s it.

You need to start, be persistent.

You have a mentor and team to help you.

And there’s even a “Return Your Money” guarantee, so you can’t lose.

You don’t have to leave the house.

You don’t have to talk to suppliers, and bargain for lower prices.

It’s just you, the computer and internet.

And out comes money that can help you get out of employment - forever.



All Online Mentoring Club members enjoy a P 1000 discount off the full price of anything that Jomar (that’s me) offers in the future. Be it live seminar, downloadables or webinars.

That’s your big lifetime discount. Better than a one-time discount.


You have an option to pay in easy equal installments of P2,475 a month for 12 months: (use your credit card here).

Or for more discounts pay only : P 29,975 in full here (use credit card or bank) :


Only until today (but I’m extended it till tom, Wed/Dec 17 because it’s probably past by the time you read this) -if you join the Online Mentoring Club - you’ll get these three bonus video courses (live and downloadable):


Because the price for OMC3 will be increasing very soon (as soon as next week) - why? 

Because we’re pre-launching OMC3.5 - yup brand new features at a HIGHER PRICE.

If you join now, you get it at today’s prices.

If you’re already a member, you don’t need to do anything extra.

Just keep learning and you’ll be part of the OMC3.5 amazing features.

You’re going to love it.

See you inside the Online Mentoring Club, start by clicking here:

Now live a marvellous life, Today.

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Find out how they resigned and how you can resign confidently too! 
P.S. Grabeng traffic is not something you're supposed to live with. Fix it today. Start today here: (Full payment) or monthly for 12 months:

P.S. Deadline tomorrow - extended- Dec 17 - to start at the lowest price possible! Start ka na - best time to start is NOW.

Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo

Do you remember the first thing that tells you Christmas is near?

Yes! Christmas songs.

As early as September, you’ll hear the neighbor or even the mall playing some tunes. Then after the holiday break of Nov 1 and 2, everyone goes full blast with the songs.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

For Isabelle, she has 2 favorite Christmas songs.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "It's Christmas All Over The World" are special to her because 3 years ago, before she resigned, nagjoin sila sa Christmas presentation ng company.. Luckily, sila ang nanalo. Yahoo!

You can listen to it with her here and here

And in case you have a Christmas party coming and you’ve forgotten to assign someone to handle the sounds, just quickly go to Youtube and search
Christmas songs. Many have compiled Christmas songs that can run for hours. You can even choose if you want traditional songs, upbeat jazzy songs, or even those catered for kids.

Or you can ask the carolers on your street who suddenly show up at your door during a party to sing a few songs for you. Seeing a bigger audience, I bet they’ll try their best to perform.

Then of course, if you give them enough goodies at the end, they’ll sing “Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo, thank you!”

By the way, did you get to listen to last night’s webinar with Jomar?

Last night, he let us listen to a VA interviewing another VA. He also gave us a tour inside the OMC site and we got to know some of his students there.

In case you missed that, you can still access it here

Just don’t forget to watch and listen until the end because he showed us what his VAs are cooking up for you this season.

Yep, it’s the Christmas bundles from Jomar’s VAs – our little way of saying ‘Thank you’ dahil ang babait ninyo talaga sa amin.

Jomar showed a snapshot of what we’re offering you and asked for feedback. So if you have any thoughts, don't miss the chance to let us know.

Send us a message ONLY UNTIL TODAY, DEC 16.

May your Christmas be truly blessed,

Sophie Tiempo | Virtual Assistant for Jomar Hilario

P.S. Do you want something from Jomar this Christmas? We're all ears! Send us an email today and we'll think of something to grant your requests! :)

Can You Be Like This Girl?

The year is ending - Christmas is approaching - and there's still time to change your life.

Let this new story about an ordinary girl captivate your imagination.


Once there was girl who grew up walking.
She wasnt good at reading or writing.
And knew only the words her parents taught her.
But she knew how to walk very well.

 Everyday she walked.
Come ride with us, they would say
I’ll walk. Was her reply

 One day she grew restless and decided
"What if i walk the whole town?"
So she did.
Up down valleys and hills and plains.
When she finished, nobody noticed.

 "This town’s too small.”, She said.
What if i walk to the next city and walk around there?
So off she went.
Her old town was just about to disappear from the horizon when she looked back.
And panicked.
“Wait! How can i get back home?
What if i get lost?"
She looked around and saw many pieces of wood.
"I know, ill make a trail, like that hansel guy in the fairy tales."
She picked the large, long pieces of wood - at least three feet long and put one on her path.
Every few steps, she would lay d own one piece of wood.
If she ran out, she would find more and go back to her wood lined path.

 This slowed her down.
But now she knows she can find her way back.

 This went on until she reached the city.
And she started doing the same thing around the city.
This was a long time ago, so the city was still full of trees.
She never ran out of wood to put on her path.

 This time, people did notice the line of wood on the ground.
This made them curious.
"What is this line of wood?"
Some and started following it to see where it would end.

 A few days later, the girl looked back at her trail of wood.
She was shocked to find - people where following her!

 Later -when these people where interviewed - they explained why they followed her:

 “I was curious - what was she doing?”
“I wanted to know where this wood all lead!”
“I want to meet the person who has so much persistence!”
“I was always looking for someone to follow!”
“I wanted to ask the wood -layer -if he can pass by my house and put some wood there too.”
“I had been looking for direction in life - and this looked like a good direction to take - since someone else was doing it.”
“I was inspired by her…”
“I wanted to give her this …”

 And on and on - the reasons went.

 Soon, the girl was satisfied with her trek through this city and decided to go back home.
So she followed her own path of wood - back.
But it was easier now-
Because along side the path of wood - are people who would offer her food and drink.
People who would ask her questions “why do you do this?”
People who would smile and say “can I come with you?”
She would only smile and accept their gifts as she was good at walking - and that was it.

 Upon arriving in her hometown - she found a big group of people have followed her home.
She turned around and looked at them.
She used her eyes to ask the question: “Why are you here?”

 They answered with words:
“Give us another path to take.”
“Bring us to another journey.”
“Help us follow you in your next trip.”
“Explain to us the reason why you do this.”

 The girl looked at them, took a piece of wood - turned around - and started walking behind her house.
She started laying down the wood pieces again.
This time towards another city.
And the people started following again.

 Not the end, but to another beginning.


You can skip this part if you want to think more about it.
But if you’re off to do something quick and have no time to do any thinking - then read on.

 The girl represents a person who doesn’t have a lot of talents.
She knows only the basic things.
But does one thing - as simple as laying a piece of wood in front of each other - and walking to the next town -and keeps doing it.
So she can walk and she has persistence.


 Why do people follow her?
Because they do.
They offer many reasons -doesn’t matter what they say.
The only important thing is, they follow her.
Jomar, doesn’t she look and feel “insane” to you?
Like the dirty street beggars in the Philippines that nobody follows?
In the story, the girl didn’t beg.
She wasn’t dirty.
And this wasn’t set in the Philippines of cars and buses, this was a time that walking and horses were the norm.
The people didn’t notice all these things.
They did notice the pieces of wood kilometers long — they had to know where it came from.
They had to know.
People are curious - and if you still didn’t get it - people WANT to have a reason to follow ANYBODY.
People want to be inspired.
People want to be wowed.
People want to find people to follow.
That’s why you lick on Like in FB and follow people in Twitter instagram and subscribe to great Youtube channels.
You realize - you WERE following them - weren’t you?
You just wasn’t walking.
But you’re following!


What the girl had was persistence.
She started something and didn’t stop until it was finished.
Most people start and that’s it.


This season take a short retreat - yes - now - in the midst of mad partying and shopping and start fillng up a notebook of why you should be doing what you SAID you should be doing but isn’t doing.
Start writing down why you should continue that blog or book or writeup or project.
Just start answering why on paper -and soon enough you’ll get what she has.


You know someone who’s done it before?
Follow their exact footprints.
If there’s a way to ask them questions, here’s what the bible says:
"If you see a man of understanding, visit him early, let your feet wear out his doorstep.” Sirach 6:36
Keep asking until you get answers.
And do something with the answers.
Don’t just ask questions.
Start walking and never stop.
Soon you’ll have followers following you offering to support you.


Following and watching are two different things.
Are you just watching?
Or are you following?
Or are you “The Girl Who Walked and Never Stopped.”?
It’s your choice, the year isn’t over and you can still start something that you’ll never stop doing.
Start today.


You’ll hear short interviews of people who’ve done it before - walked the online work path - interviewed by virtual assistants too.
You’ll also find out the exciting choices you can follow this Christmas time.
We’re busy selecting the best of our offerings the past few years and bundling them with amazingly valuable bonus bundles.
Bonus bundles you can use to move forward and start following someone or start laying your own pieces of wood on the ground.

It’s going to be an exciting 2015 and you’re going to be well-equipped to face it.
See you on Monday 9pm. Register here :


You need to join the Online Mentoring Club so you can learn the mindset, skills and focus so you can graduate from working for someone to start working for yourself.

The Online Mentoring Club is designed to gently teach you - using simple exercises and fun videos - what it takes to move up, go to a higher level - upgrade your income from “VA” level to “Marketer” level.

 The Online Mentoring Club will also give you the digital equivalent of “laying down pieces of wood” through the forest of the internet.

 It will give people a means to follow you.
It will give people a means to send you gifts, money, payment.
It will give people a means to express to you what they think and give you their personal reasons why they’re following you.
In short, the Online Mentoring Club will help you start the slow walk our of your village into the big city - where many people are just looking for someone to follow.
And you’ll be equipped to serve them.
You’ll learn how to start finding your niche
You’ll learn where to start in Online Marketing
You’ll learn how to come up with good & unique & captivating idea
You’ll learn what are the best tools for marketing products online
You’ll learn how to manage Information overload
You’ll learn how to overcome fear
You’ll learn how to manage distractions
You’ll learn how to have discipline
You’ll learn how to promote websites
You’ll learn how to create a blog from your niche
You’ll learn how to regain inspiration
You’ll learn how to get the attention of clients through email (This is our topic this week)
You’ll learn how to get leads
You’ll learn how to make any website popular
You’ll learn how to create website content
You’ll learn how to do all these even if you’re a slow learner.

Join the Online Mentoring Club on or before Dec 16 and get these new bonuses:

1. Confidence Creating Design Lessons for Newbies (Value: P 7000)
2. Marketing Psychology for Newbies (Value: P 7000)
3.How to Run Your Own Video Show For Newbies (Value: P 7000)

Join now: --> Open it to select from the affordable monthly payments of around P2,295 or P2,475 or P4,285 or full payment of P29,975 for the Premium package.

Hurry, deadline on Dec 16.

Why Hurry?

First 5 People To Signup Using Full Payment gets to Join a Free 4 Hour Live Meetup Talk With Jomar, 1 on 1

First 5 People To Signup Installment Gets To Join a Private 90min Q and A Webinar Session with Jomar

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. What should you be doing to start earning extra? Read the story about the girl and find out.

P.S. See you online on Monday 9pm to find out what your Christmas Surprises will be:

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