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What you may be missing: Photo Essay of Jomar Hilario's Events

Today, instead of telling you about my rare "BIG" live events, I thought of showing you the evolution instead.

Around 4 years ago, the "How to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant" was a small 20-30 person event.

It soon evolved into a regional -Cebu and Cagayan de Oro (as well as Manila!)- thing, again just a few people.
VA Seminar in Cagayan looking at my baby photos...
Denise Ferdeluces sharing her (single mom) life story to the CDO VA Seminar
VA Seminar in Cagayan De Oro featuring a few people from Cagayan and more from the rest of Mindanao.

Even then, we loved to strike "unserious" poses.

People were enjoying the "Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar" last Oct 2012, with Jay McLean and me. We split duties teaching and entertaining everyone. This is the first time I shared the stage with any one.

If you love EXERCISE, you'll love the VA Seminars this wacky pose is from the VA Seminar in 2013 in Manila.

In 2013, I decided to give the stage exclusively to Virtual Assistants and Business Owners from Singapore (Social Metric).  They spoke on stage and taught you how the Work From Home World is like - from the inside.

There were around 10 speakers in the one-day VA Summit - on top of the games, dances and a musical number.
Here's Virtual Assistant Franz Esco talking about her Bataan based VA Work.

Yup, Franz not only shared her VA life, she also played for us! For many it was their first encounter with "Titanium!" 

The VA Summit also had two speakers from the world of "Business owners hiring Virtual Assistants" - super young business owners of Singapore's Social Metric. 
They shared TRICKS of getting a JOB ONLINE in the VA Summit.

You really don't know what to expect in my events. What are they doing?!

Once a year, I help out Brother Bo Sanchez in his Wealth Summit Event.  Last 2013, I featured 4 people I've helped in the past.  There was an eBook seller, an affiliate marketer, a virtual assistant and a programming expert.

In the Wealth Summit 2014, we featured Virtual Assistants Jones Mancilla, Anna Olar and Ralph Solomon (who's also attending VA 202 this year) on stage at the PICC.

As usual, Jonas San Luis (one of my favorite photographers) used his selfie rod (professionally it's called a monopod) to shoot us from the ceiling of Morgan Suites during the VA101 Seminar. 

The VA101 was my first event covered by Professional Videographers, so the downloaders got every important moment of the seminar.  Downloaders of the VA101 Seminar enjoyed professionally made video coverage.

Jomar Hilario teaching 100 Bloggers --In between my RARE BIG live events, I take time to help out my old students like's Vince Golangco.

I'm doing my 2nd and last big event for this year and you are invited!

This coming Oct 3-4, I will be sharing the stage (again) with someone who speaks to even BIGGER audiences...
Now, Jay McLean already speaks to thousands of people.... 
You may not know him, but his Linkedin Profile shows what you can learn from him...

Check out Jay's #1 skill. Would you like to have this skill?

The AWESOME Jay McLean is the English Speaking Business mentor of both Pinoys and Australians. And he's back to help you maximize B2B and the big secrets around Linkedin and Google Plus - with me in VA202: Your Work From Home Wealth Blueprints to Freedom on Oct 3-4.

This time, in VA202: Your Work From Home Wealth Blueprints to Freedom on Oct 3-4 - we're inviting both BUSINESS OWNERS/ ENTREPRENEURS and Virtual Assistants and People who WANT to be Virtual Assistants (yes this can be your first event!) to learn from Jay Mclean and Jomar Hilario - and EACH other.

Why attend? Because my seminars give results. Everybody behind me used to work in an office. Now they're all working from home.

On top of that, business owners -applying the techniques both Jay and I teach- have ALREADY ENJOYED A 100% INCREASE in their sales.

Who? I'll show them to you in my next message.In the meantime, less than 10 slots remaining for the "FAST MOVER" bonuses below...

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Come Join us at the VA 202 Seminar: Your Work At Home Wealth Blueprints to Freedom on Oct 3-4

One secret to getting a high-paying online job

There's a big gap between you and your boss as an employee.
Even bigger between your boss and the company owner.
It's company owners who hire virtual assistants.

Heres the secret:

The more you know and understand the owner, the better, more fun and fulfilling and more money you will make as a virtual assistant.

Tonight at 9:00 pm (Philippine Time) you will get a chance to learn -- directly from a Pinoy company owner - a woman - how she handles her virtual assistants to bring her monthly store sales from 200k to 300k!

So if you own a business --- attend and ask tonight.
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Now why is this even important if you're a virtual assistant or a business owner?

For VAs: Because LinkedIn is mostly populated by big-time business owners -- the perfect place to find high-paying prospect clients.
And if you can show them that you can help manage their business online, that you have the skills - just by looking at your LinkedIn profile - guess who'll be attracting the best, stable, high-paying clients?

For business owners: If there's one place in social media you want to scour for fellow business owners who are able and willing to do a collaboration with you or people you can offer your services to, guess where's that place? Yes. LinkedIn.

But how can you possibly stand out from a pool of entrepreneurs and be able to land that lunch meeting where you can talk with them and lay out your plans?
How can you get them to notice you and respond to your messages and proposals?

Oh yes. It all boils down to what they see and read on your LinkedIn profile.

Let me ask you, when did you create your LinkedIn profile?
3 years ago?
5? 7?

And have you gotten anything out of it that's life-changing?
Something that positively affected your business?
Nadah? Ah... the more you need that LinkedIn makeover -- and you only have until today to get your chance of uncovering the formula from Jay McLean.

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Details on how and where to deposit can be found here:


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Pair seats, PREMIUM Deal at only P 17,450/ $399

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See you there.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Yes, YOU can change your life this week


While I’m writing this my son, Sean has a fever

Earlier he told me he has a fever but I felt him and got different reports from different body parts.
Maybe not, I said. “You don’t have a fever” I told him.

“Thank you wala akong fever,” he replied with a hug.

Two hours later Sean wakes up coughing.

I felt his forehead - HOT! May Fever!

I got an old cloth diaper wet and patted his forehead and extremities.

My wife got the paracetamol and gave it to Sean.

Sean went back to sleep instantly.

I did that one hour ago.

I felt him again now- and he’s STILL HOT.

So I went back to wet diaper and changed his pajamas to a t-shirt.
I left the wet diaper over his forehead this time.
He’s sleeping peacefully now, behind me.

I work in the children’s room, I’ve been doing this for years – until we get a bigger place where I can actually work in “my room” - this is the small sacrifice I have to face.

To me it’s not small but I’m sure you have bigger problems, yes?
Bigger sacrifices?  Like not being able to do what I just did for my child.

Or being able to do it and worrying you’d be sleepless all night and not be able to work tomorrow.

I know---I spent 18 years employed too, you know.

I got my expensive ball pen stolen from me while I ran to get a jeep in front of Robinson’s Galleria - going to Ortigas Extension (Masinag).

I stood on EDSA many, many times at midnight- waiting for the right bus to pass - after a movie, a prayer meeting or even overtime.

But let’s talk about you.

Your life is mostly “tiis”? Isn’t it?

Mostly sacrifice isn’t it?

You know this will pass -this problem, difficulty - but even if you do have the power to make it pass quickly - sometimes - you just can’t do it right?

You “have” to work 16 hours a day to “make ends meet” right?



In my last email I gave you a quiz about the 3 mindsets.

Success Mindset

Entrepreneural Mindset

Marketing Mindset

I told it after my story about the death of my own brother.

Did you notice it?

Teaching you about mindsets after a death story is on purpose.

Because I want you to pay attention now.


Catholic Saints are known to keep SKULLS on their writing desks, do you know why?

Because one day - they know - they’re going to look EXACTLY like the skull.

The skull is their future.

The skull is your future too.

In fact, in old paintings, there’s usually a skull around a saint, like St Francis’s painting below:


Everybody starts by solving the MINDSET riddles.

You do not start with choosing a path to follow (full time, part time, VA or marketing or encoding or traditional job or OFW).

Why? Because you’ve already done that.

And you’re still in limbo of SLEEP, WAKE UP, WORK, GO HOME x 5 days


This is your limbo.

Paulit - ulit.

For 10 - 20 years because you can’t decide w/c path to follow after today.

So you stick with your present path.


You’re reading this because you’re SICK of your path.
You’re SICK of the needless sacrifice you’re making just to “FEED THEIR MOUTHS”.
You realize when you began your LIMBO - your RAT RACE - wala pang internet.

Now the internet has changed the world - but you haven’t.

Oh you have a smart phone - you know how to use VIBER - but you haven’t let the internet change your life, only your PHONE.


Try to answer these TWO RIDDLES -because whatever you do - if you wish to stay on the success path -you’re going to go back to the 3 mindsets.


I was staring at a box of KRE-O Transformers toys that Sean was playing with.

My eyes darted from one part of the box to the side, the top, the small labels -instantly categorizing why that label was there - or why those images were there and what purpose it had -and why the creators of the toy (Hasbro) put it there.

In this example, what mindset was I using?

Success Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Marketing Mindset

Let me guess, NANGHULA KA LANG. And that’s the reason why you’re still not earning 300% more than you are. Because you have NO FIRM IDEA what these 3 are and NO CONCRETE IDEA with their differences.

TOO BAD- If you knew their differences - and what they ARE - You’d be earning 300 TIMES MORE!


While staring at the Lego-lookalike toys called “Kre-o”, I thought -hmm, didn’t Lego go after Kre-o because they “owned the patent” on these toys? I’m sure they did but I recall when I was small (1970s) -Lego already was a big company.

A Google search later confirmed that Lego’s Patent protection is already expired - so anybody can make a Lego-look-alike that actually works with Lego -but is not created by Lego - and Lego cannot do anything legally with it.

That’s one of the labels on the Kre-o Box, by the way “Works with Leading Brands”. (The leading brand is Lego, Kre-O is the upstart who’s fighting with Lego hard in toy stores and it seems they’re winning because they got TRANSFORMERS and other HASBRO properties).

I thought, hmm, if KRE-O can do it, maybe a Filipino company can?! Hey, maybe I can do my own Lego-alike company. I’ll call it JOMAR-O or JOM-O?

What mindset was I using now?

Success Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Marketing Mindset


You’ll want to inventory your life too - to see if you have ALL of the mindsets or you’re practicing all the mindsets above.


Why should you even care?

Because none of you are saying “I want to be unsuccessful.”  Everybody is saying “I am a success! Or at least “I want to be a success!”


If you wanted EMPLOYMENT that pays A LITTLE - then you shouldn’t be reading my emails, I’m after getting you ONLINE EMPLOYMENT that pays a LOT. 
This means you need to think like an entrepreneur- so you can command a HIGH AMOUNT OF INCOME.

Face it- if you’re looking for another job- you’re better off with JobsDB instead of Jomar, I’m only helping you if you want a HIGHER PAYING JOB - in the internet.

And getting that higher income REQUIRES you get the 3 mindsets.

And that’s why I have 3 webinars designed to introduce you to at least ONE OF THESE MINDSETS - the Marketing Mindset Webinars of the Unlocking Success Secrets series.

You already missed the FIRST WEBINAR (but there’s a recording) – and tomorrow, Saturday is the 2nd WEBINAR featuring the SINGLE SUCCESS SECRET of Jay McLean, the Australian Pinoy webinar guest for the last 3 weeks -and fellow onl-ine m-arketer, like me.

You DO NOT WANT TO MISS this WEBINAR on Satuday 9pm because it’s the first time JAY is revealing his personal secret to getting that Marketing Mindset.

Once you sign up to the Marketing Mindset Webinars - before Sat 9pm you’ll get access to 3 webinars, 1 recording and 2 live webinars that spills the SHORTCUTS to getting a MARKETING MINDSET.

This is the first time we’re revealing this to you at a LOW, LOW PRICE.

Because of the value - I’m going to keep increasing the price of these webinars as time goes on, so get in NOW.

You will NOT decide on a business yet.

You will NOT decide on a skill to learn.

You need just to learn about these mindsets that have ENABLED less than ordinary people like me (ako na lang)

-who graduated without honors,

-who was born to a poor family

-who lost two siblings

-who was girl-friendless for 10 years

-who was transplanted from the province to Manila

-who was not famous

and became the person who is helping you NOW.


Yes, aren’t you HAPPY it’s not PRICED like a PRE-SCHOOL Tuition FEE?

It’s not P 40,000 a semester.
It’s only P 1,997 for 6 hours from EXPERTS like Jomar and Jay.

Recorded pa so you can repeat.

“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

― Henry Ford

Let me say that again:

“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

― Henry Ford

Gusto mo pa?

Q: Jomar, hindi be enough ang email na ito?

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” - Albert Einstein

Understand what it takes to get a Marketing Mindset in the webinar on Aug 2, 9pm - click here to get in NOW

Discounted rate of P 1997 will end August 5.

August 6, the rate will be P 2997 just in time for the 3rd webinar on August 24 9pm.

Bank deposits are welcome too:


The biggest thing we encounter every day is DECISIONS.

We face it ALL THE TIME.

But never really plan for it - BIG TIME.

This Monday we’re going to DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO.

You’re going to attend this FREE WEBINAR even if you haven’t attended a webinar before.

You’re going to go to an internet cafe if your internet at home is slow.

You’re going to tell everyone you know -


This is what I’m offering you on Monday 9pm.

Attend and plan your life for FREE - using a technique I personally developed that will clarify your life.

It’s the middle of the year and you still haven’t done things in a BIG WAY - according to the promises you’ve made to your WIFE and HUSBAND and LOVED ONES - then this is it.

This is ONE BIG POINT in your relationship.

Them - seeing you PLAN your WHOLE LIFE - seeing you write it down on MONDAY NIGHT.

Attend for free, register now:

I could have charged the P 2995 for this event.

But I didn’t.

I could have made it into a P 7,750 live workshop.

But I didn’t - because only Manila people could have attended it.

Instead it’s a free webinar.

You only pay P 2995 you are not attending live.

The value is in the LIVE ATTENDING.

I want you to plan NOW.

Not later.

So that’s the deal.

If you’re NOT Attending but want the recordings - pay P 2995 to my bank details below 

 to get it via credit card or paypal.


Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S.  “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”  ― Henry Ford

P.S.  Plan Your Life (Free), click:

P.S.  Plan Your Life (Recording), click:

P.S.  You’ll find the answer to the riddles above if you get into the Mindset webinars.

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