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What business doesn’t need money, experience, etc etc etc?

There are many businesses like the one I just described. Like a janitorial service.

They’ll ask you to buy soap and pails and mops and hire ANYBODY you know who isn’t employed to be a janitor. Easy enough - and soap and pails and mops from the palengke is so cheap.

But why am I saying that?

Because most businesses need one thing- It’s called belief.

Do you think you need to know how to make a website to succeed in online?

Nope, you need to believe you can do it first.
Or nope, you need to believe that you can and will open your mouth or tell your fingers to type the following
“Hi friend, can you make a website for me?”

You see, without belief you will not open your mouth to ask someone to make a site for you or type in an email to request someone to do it for you.

Online WAB (work at balay) is not about technical skills.

It’s your belief and willingness to act.

So stop saying “Hindi ako techie!”, walang word na “techie”.

Be willing to learn new things, love it. And you will learn.

Believe that you can do it.
Believe that I can help you.
Yes you.
Yes me.

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Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario

Are you willing to learn? Do you believe in yourself? Do you claim you can make it? Then, you are off to a good start.

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City Metro Manila, NCR 1637 PH

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Question: Is Virtual Assistant For Writers Only?

"Jomar, that online job--Virtual Assistant--mukhang pang brighter lang 'yan. Pang magaling mag-English lang 'yan. Pa'no naman ako?"

The answer there is: 

An online job can be anything that is done in the internet.

A Writer is something that you can do in the internet.

Becoming an Accountant or a person who manipulates numbers can also be a VA job.

There's a long list of things that people can do in the computer. Stop thinking that it's always "writing" lang. 

Ang daming pwedeng gawin: Checking, Pictures, Creating video, Editing video, Commenting.

What's important: Open your heart, open your mind to investigate what you can do and try it out.

This is Jomar Hilario answering virtual assistant questions. 

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Listen to the stories of people who are now working sa bahay.  

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He didn’t want to share this 1M Peso LinkedIn Secret but…


On last Monday’s webinar, our guest speaker Jay McLean was asked to do a demo of how he finds possible good clients in LinkedIn.

However while doing a live demo, he accidentally showed his spreadsheet that displays how much money he has projected to earn.

Are you ready to know?

It was more than 1 Million pesos - recurring from LinkedIn alone.

Recurring -- what does it mean? It means the money comes in month after month after month, parang rental income.

Click here to see that secret:

He also accidentally showed how many people he’s contacted per day/per week via Linkedin.

Konti lang, around less than 20 a day?

Click here to see that secret:

Jay ends the show “Expose” by saying “Maybe I’ll share that to you some other time but that’s all I’m showing for now!”

So while everybody’s going “FB FB FB FB” — Jay is quietly making money from LinkedIn - the platform that everybody says “Nothing is happening there."

Pwede pala.

In the Philippines.

By a Pinoy.


Of course you’re going to say “Eh, that’s Jay Mclean eh, 
he’s got int’rn’t mark’ting skills eh, 
he’s got kids eh, 
he’s got an Australian accent eh, 
he has a step dad eh, 
he’s a businessman eh, 
he’s this and
he’s that.”

Time out, I met Jay four years ago and he was a BEGINNER. 
He knew very little about online m’arketing. 
Just like you. 
Sure he has a business - a traditional business - in Australia - but that doesn’t make him more skilled than you.

Let me show you his email for me sent November 5 2009:

"Hello Jomar,

Firstly thank you so much for all your emails so far. It really has been great and enjoying all your sharing. You are doing a great job over there and I truly congratulate you for it.

My name is Jay McLean - Filo born but grew up in Melbourne Australia. I have been following your information for nearly a year now and would very much like to meet up with you as i will be planning to come to the Philippines this December.

I to have my own business in Melbourne which is Property Development. I have a Property Investing, Property Real Estate and Property Construction businesses in Australia. I've had several businesses in the last 7 years and have been intrigue by your business for a while.

I would wish to have ….”

Now that’s just a fragment of his email, because there are lots of things to LEARN from his FIRST EMAIL TO ME 4 YEARS AGO.
I suspect a secret behind this email kasi.

Now, as to what that help is - find out when I ask him about this jurassic of all emails that he’s probably forgotten about.

Watch our free LinkedIn Secrets webinar to see the REST of the EMAIL and learn from how Jay created his first email to me in 2009:

His first email was made in such a way that anybody will pay attention.

Remember - he was just like you - an “onlin-e ma’rketing” NEWBIE.

But after 4 years - RESULTS in the Millions of Pesos from the Interwebs.

Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone like that?

And you can.

Click here to learn from Jay’s 2 LinkedIn Secrets Webinar Recordings


Now let’s get back to analyzing Jay:

What he does have - is the desire to learn more about Onl’line Mark’ting or at least earn mula sa internet.

Desire - you have that, too right?

Even from the Virtual Assistant side, you have desire, correct?

But what else does Jay have?

A deadline.

Jay Mclean, is a REVERSE OFW - he’s here in the Philippines to earn for his Family — or if he doesn’t earn - he goes BACK HOME to Australia. He’s told me this years ago. “Jomar, if I don’t make 1 Million Pesos Online in the Philippines in 1 Year, we go home to Australia."

So he has both - the Desire and a Deadline. 2 D’s but there’s one more thing -- 3rd “D”.

What’s that one more thing that Jay has that helped him succeed in doing “online m’arketing” in as little as 3 years time?

Watch Jay’s final LinkedIn “How To” webinar on the 3rd "D"


Have you ever noticed why the lines near the cash register in supermarkets are full of :
a. Tooth Brushes
b. Glossy Magazines
c. Bubble Gum
d. Small gadgets like flashlight keychains?

Think about it -what are people thinking when they’re lined up sa cash register?
“I’m about to buy.”
“I’m bringing my wallet out.”
“I’m willing to buy, now Ms. Cashier, go faster!”

If people are thinking this way - and you show them small priced items, what do you think can happen?

If you said “They buy the small priced items” - you’d be correct.And that’s why you may never see those magazines, toothbrushes, batteries, etc. disappear beside the Cash Registers.

You know they’re called “Impulse purchases” - because people DO NOT REALLY THINK MUCH about buying them
 - they just buy them because “THEY ARE THERE”.

Now let’s bring this to the internet.
If you’ve ever purchased from AMAZON, you’ll see their THANK YOU PAGE.

What do you see?
More stuff you can buy.
Fact, even before you buy you see these “Frequently Bought Together” and “Recommended For you” and “Other People Brought This after buying that” sections of the THANK YOU PAGE.

Guess what - it’s the same thing:

Presenting other products DURING SALE - or a little bit before and a little bit after a SALE does generate more sales.

Now how about LinkedIn?

You’re not selling yet, right?

But you do have to say “THANK YOU” to your newly found contact.

But you have to say it RIGHT — so that the possible client will feel EXCITED about meeting you or chatting with you - w/c may lead to a SALE of your services or products.

I’m sure you’re getting it.

If not, no worries, Jay Mclean explained it in detail in the webinar : What are the “MUST HAVEs” In your “Thank You Message” To Get More Clients in LinkedIn?

In summary, here’s what you got when you were present in last Monday's free webinar:

Q: What was the HELP that Jay Mclean had in 2009 that helped him begin his journey in earning sa internet?
Q: What’s the 3rd missing “D” to the formula for Jay’s Beginner Status for Success?
Q: What are the “MUST HAVEs” In your “Thank You Message” To get More Clients in LinkedIn?

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

Just watch these recordings if you have something to do:

To learn more from Jay and Jomar, make sure you HIT REPLY with subject: “SAVE MY SEAT” to get additional bonuses for the OCT 3-4 VA 202 Seminar. This is only valid for THIS month. If you reply in August, “SAVE MY SEAT” bonuses no longer apply. :wink :wink You know what to do!

Jomar Hilario
1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,Taguig CityMetro Manila, NCR1637PH

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Question: Why Are You Teaching Us How to Earn Online?

Question: Why Are You Teaching Us How to Earn Online?

"What Is Your Purpose, Why Do You Do This?"

The question is addressed to Jomar and he answers:

My purpose is to unite your family.

My purpose is to remove the reason why you say, "I have to leave my country; I have to leave my family so I can give them a good life."

My purpose is for you to be in the same house, under the same roof as your family while you're earning.

And my ultimate purpose there is that you will be forced to spend more time and find other ways to love your family, rather than just giving the money.

This is Jomar Hilario answering virtual assistant questions.

Essentially if you don't want to waste time understanding how it all works, download the VA Seminar!

Go to

Visit -- Jomar Hilario's Virtual Assistant Training System.

Skip the trial and error and learn the proven method on how you can start working and earning dollars kahit nasa bahay ka lang.

Click here for the complete details:

If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Listen to the stories of people who are now working sa bahay. 


If you want to increase traffic to your websites, here's the new mentoring video pala:

What you can do when time is given back to you?

3 Things to do while you're still sitting there wondering why you're still wasting time in Facebook but at the same time wishing you can do something to:
a) Earn more
b) Have more time with loved ones
c) Earn more
d) Get more love
e) Get more time

1. Get the skill that allows you to access wealthy and powerful clients in Linkedin:

What will you need this skill for - eh you don't have a business?
You need it TRUST ME.
Business can hire you to "access wealthy and powerful clients".
What businesses?
The same people you can find in Linkedin.
Ok, confused already?
That's good.
Now stop reading this and watch the replays of the last 2 Linkedin Webinars below: linkedinbreakthrough

So that takes care of 2 hours of your day.
2 Hours devoted to learning.
2 Hours that cannot be taken away from you.
2 Hours NOT devoted to the altar of Facebook Wall Climbing.
2. Ask Ralph Solomon how he got an online job. Ralph who? He's a co-learner like you in my Jomar Hilario Mastery Group and this week - he's the featured TREAT SEAT - a position that allows you to ask him ANYTHING about his success and failures and journey into getting work sa bahay.


3. Just read, these are NOT my words:

I signed up for Jomar Hilario's Mindset Webinars because I want to change my mindset with regards employment. I don't just want to become an employee for the rest of my life but I want to establish my own time, money and resources. I'm looking forward to the time that I can be wherever I want and be with the people I treasure most. I can't bring back time but I want to believe that someday I'm not just sitting in the four corners of my cubicle as time passes me by. Someday I know, time will come I can see the changes in our lives, time well spend with my growing parents, children, family, friends and all the people I care and treasure most. Thank you for this kind of events wherein social status, educational background, face and figures are not important but inspirations to uplift every spirit who was lock to the status quo of employment. 

Thank you and more success, 

~ Divine Sahagun-Musni

I signed up for Jomar Hilario's Mindset Webinars because I want to learn how to develop the right mindset that I have today, so that I can continually grow as a proactive person. And at the same time, I want to learn how to attract the right things that can positively change not only my personal development but also to create a strong WHY whenever I am caught up by uncertain actions. 

~ Lhory Banaag

I want to have a correct mindset from being an employee to a successful marketer. I believe in the power of having a mentor, and I know that Jomar can help me set the right mindset to meet success in working at home.

~ (Honestly, I forgot to ask her name)

I wanted to have a lasting motivation that will change the way I think, act and especially the way I live my life. I wanted to live a life where I can spend time to do the things that really matter in our life, not just the office work, but in a business or an activity that you do with ease, and that I will have more time with my family, friends and some small organizations that help others. This way , I can build not only riches but memories and help others that will benefit from the prosperous life that I will achieve through this mindset webinar. 

I have known Jomar Hilario from the Downloadable VA course and work from home webinars before, and I have met him in person in Marketing Mastery Insider course now Marketing Success Formula, through those courses, he have shaped my mind to achieve things beyond the limiting beliefs that others will try to put on you. His Downloadable VA course have helped me to never lose hope when times like: I was laid-off from a company due to cost-cutting, a company that closed down never made me worried on how I will have a work.

His invitations to Cashflow Game 101 also helped me to keep learning about cashflow, which is by now I learned to look at small things are also important although it gives you little income at first, and learned to use these small income for investing. I continued to listen at his supported preacher Bo Sanchez to keep spiritual and financial enlightenment wherein these two can go together. Although I have completed my MBA units (waiting for thesis completion to graduate), I felt I have learned what is important from si Jomar Hilario.

How funny it may seem that you will see me attend Marketing training from Jomar when I am a certified IT Engineer, it is because I know that skills is not enough, a business is not enough but the powe r behind those are in the mindset and marketing. We have been trained before to be Entreprising Engineers not a full-techie alone that cannot sell himself but no one can elaborate to use how to mix entrepreneurship and being a PhilNITS certified IT Engineer except Jomar Hilario during the first time I saw his website.

Right now, I am also doing affiliate marketing, and network marketing where I am applying his teachings in marketing and the mindset and motivation he has shared, both from free and paid training/webinars. 

Until next time, I hope that more of his students achieve "success" too. Just let sir Jomar explain what "success" means.

Join me in the journey.

~ Rowen Remis R. Iral

I signed up for Jomar Hilario's Mindset Webinar because I really want to know what suits me and what I really want, for I'm still confused. 
I want to have a business but don't know how & where to start. I also want to do online work to see if it's really for me (I really like the idea of working sa bahay so that I can look after my son since wala na sa bahay yung in-laws ko na nag-alaga sa kanya nun & hindi ako fully makapag-apply sa mga company for jobs because of the situation, kaya misis ko lang ang nag-ttrabaho sa ngayun.), 
though everytime I look on O-desk, E-Lance & Freelancer they mostly look for technical skills which I don't possess. 
I do hope the Mindset Webinar will help me clear things up and will help me decide, otherwise I will have no option but to apply again on various companies for jobs (I have pending job applications on jobstreet, still waiting for reply from companies), and this time I will opt for a night shift job (which I think kakailanganin ko talaga mag-adjust since I did day job before) because of our situation at home. 
Aside from that, there's also the possibility that I'll encounter what Sir Jomar have said on his previous webinars like "politics sa office, mga officemate na me attitude, posibleng pag-initan ng boss, spending money on transportation and also time wasted on commuting from home to office and vice-versa (lalo na ngayun tag-ulan, ang hirap mag-commute at ma-traffic).

~ Mon Alhambra

if I want to be really really great in marketing, I should start thinking like a marketer. This webinar is a sure-fire way to help me.
~ Ann Penaredondo

Click here to join them in doing the Webinar 1 Assignment and in the Aug 2, 9pm Sat Webinar:

Right now the price is still P 1997 (a P 1000 discount). 
Since this is a 4 hour total webinar series, you can buy access to this webinar at P 2997 (and more) if you wait till after Aug 2. So do not wait.

You're already in RARE company being the recipient of this message from me. Many people out there are looking for this - but they aren't reading it now. You are reading it now. For the love of the people you love, do something with your life. Pick one of the offerings in this email or in the previous email and DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

Realization without Resolution & Routine is Rat Race life. That's where you are living now. Aren't you tired from running around in circles?

I give you free, I give you paid. What more do you want?

Pero Jomar, "I just don't know where to start eh!"


Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

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