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While I'm here, you need to take advantage of this...

Some stuff I made for you:

1. The free Webinar on Monday 10pm is about the 10 latest online job trends.
Ano ba un at how do you take advantage of these trends?
Register and join us on Monday at 10pm:

2. Take advantage of these live free webinars as I'm going to be scarcer and harder to reach for most of you because I'm spending more and more time under my children - ginagawa nila akong kabayo, upuan at playground.
I'm serious. You don't know the owners of COKE right?

But the company still exists, right? And you still buy.
Right? My company is going to be LIKE THAT.
It has to run without me.

So while I'm here, take ADVANTAGE.

3. How fast is your internet? Take the test at

Click "TEST" and find out if your speed is less than 1MBPS, if you're getting 599KPBS (notice the "K", not "M) - you're too slow, you need to move to an internet cafe to join our webinars OR upgrade your internet connection.

You can also go free by SPENDING MONDAY 10pm in a friends' or parent's home. If mabilis internet nila.

This message specially for NON-TECHIES.
Masanay na kayo mag
You can operate FACEBOOK? You can click on START TEST sa

4. In the next email I'll be giving you all the scheduled events in the next 5 weeks.

You need to calendar them and plan to join them.
They're all LEARNING events so TAKE ADVANTAGE while I'm here.

5. Looking for something new to learn right now?
Go to my mastery group and do the silly and useful assignments to increase you confidence and skills:

Now live marvellously.

[OPEN] Are you looking for the replays of my webinars?


A couple of days after my Monday webinars, we always get this question:

"Aww, I missed the webinar! Can you please send me the link where I can find the replay?"

Two scenarios:

1. If you registered for the webinar but you missed it -- or you were having audio problems and decided to just wait for the replay.

- WebinarJam (our webinar platform) will send you an email within 24-48 hours after the webinar is over. This email contains instructions on HOW YOU CAN ACCESS THE RECORDING of the webinar.

You'll find a yellow button in that email that says, "Watch the recorded replay now"

Click that and you'll get redirected to the recording of the webinar.
Yes, it's the very same page where Jomar conducted the live webinar -- the same page where you can find the recording.

2. You weren't able to register but you wish to watch the recording.

- The registration links to Jomar's webinars can be found inside the Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook Group. We post it there numerous times.

Go click on the registration link and enter your name and email address.

Then click the Register now yellow button.
This will direct you to the page where you can watch the recording of the webinar that you missed.

Important: The recording is only available for 3 days only. After that, the recording won't be available for viewing anymore.

Is this helpful?
Were you able to access the recording of my webinar last Monday?

On Monday, April 28, I'll reveal the top 10 most popular work sa bahay (trabaho sa internet) for 2014.

Not only that. I'll also teach you how you can take advantage of these and even help you answer your own question, "Ano ba ang VA work na para sa akin?"

You joining? Register here:

Oh if you have friends out there interested to become a virtual assistant at magwork sa bahay, you should invite them to join sa Monday at 10pm.

I'll see you then.

Now live marvellously.

"Jomar I'm a very private person...not comfortable using social media." - Anonymous

Q: Jomar, I'm a very private person what advise would you give me to be comfortable using the social media as a tool to learn and earn at the same time?

A: There is a connection between your privacy and social media?
Let's assume there is.
Don't get personal when you practice using it (example facebook)
Don't use your name,
Use a pen name.
Pen names like A.C. Crispin -look HER up, she's a well known author do exist.
Dont upload your personal photos.
Friend strangers by writing about things using your pen name.
People don't mind if you're a "pen name" as long as they like your writings, photos, videos.

As for writings, photos and videos  -you just look up what's online and use those.
As long as you dont claim their yours, it's legal.
Also, do you know the name of the nearest museum?
You do?
No how about the name of the person in charge of that museum?
Correct, you don't.
You don't know the name of the curator (that's what he's called).
But you do know the name of the museum.

Same with social media (say pinterest), you name it according to what's inside (teddy bear toys) - post lots of teddy bear toys in it. People don't care who you are, they just like what you're doing.

Piracy protected!

Now live marvellously.

What are YOUR biggest questions?

If you will spend ONE HOUR with Jomar, what will be your BIGGEST QUESTIONS?

"It does not have to be about work from home or online marketing, di ba, Jomar?"

You can ask about life, conquering debt, productivity, at marami pang iba.
Let me know about it by answering this form:

Now tonight, April 21 at 10pm, I'll be answering this via the webinar plus I'll be teaching you the 3 secrets to getting more Happiness, Time and Money.

Be there.

Register here:

Now live marvellously.

Good Friday Message for you

You're probably glued to FB or Cable watching Bo Sanchez's programs.
Eto pala ang schedules in case you want to watch the Kerygma TV specials:

Be inspired by stories of bravery on:

Good Friday
- 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM on ANC
- 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM on TV Maria

Black Saturday
- 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM on TV5
- 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM on TV Maria

Easter Sunday
- 8:00 Am - 9:00 AM on IBC13

Anyway - my message for you today is another technique that can bring you a good amount of FREEDOM, FOCUS and SUCCESS.

Game? It's also not something you'd expect - from me or anyone else.
It's also a non-religious technique.
Yes, it's not prayer.
But if you do this - even this holy week - your life will never be the same again.
You'll be able to be clear, see better, breathe easier and see the world in the better/different way.

Ready to do it?

Jomar, what is it?

Here it is - and I promise you - if you do this - your LIFE WILL CHANGE for the better - and you'll reach your goals FASTER.


"Ready na, Jomar."

Here it is:

Simula ngayon, - start throwing away all product packaging in your homes.
All of it. Computer boxes,  Giant Cereal boxes that are near empty (transfer the contents), stored newly purchased toothpaste boxes (you never use the box, only the tube), cardboard backing of unused batteries, superglue, boxes of your old TV, radio, music players, boxes of your ref, cellphone boxes.

Throw it all away. DO NOT DONATE them. Do not INTEND to donate them.
Just throw them away. You can only donate if you already have been doing it before - if all you got is an intention - it WON'T WORK.

The key is to remove. Delete. Erase. Let it gooooooooooooo.



Ok, message done. Do it now and tell my gang at the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group how you did.

Provide photo proof to prove you did it, too!

Now for the disappointment.

Jomar, di ba sa internet ang work mo?
Why are you telling us to throw things away?
Because you think success is being good sa TECHIE TECHIE. Tama? You forget you're a human being, and being TECHIE TECHIE is useless if WALA KA SA MOOD. WALA KA FOCUS. DISTRACTED KA. If tamad ka kasi ang DAAAAAAMMMIIING KALAT sa bahay.


Plus you really can't deny it - most of the boxes at home - they come from all the TECH you purchased on the past.

Get rid of the boxes. The Styros. Consider this your "penitensya" because I know how it feels to "LET IT GOOOOO" sunod sunod mga material possessions that have been useless to you for the longest time.

It's not easy. You may be laughing now but I dare you to throw away that PRETTY IPHONE BOX or that PRETTY IPAD box - that nobody even uses.

Be with Christ today. Let go of the past. Look forward to the future.

Now live marvellously.

If you're doing FB marketing, you need to avoid this ASAP

Ever try to do this sa FB ninyo to increase your likes or comments or shares?

LIKE if you find this dance so cool and entertaining!

COMMENT if this video is worth watching until the end or not. Why?

SHARE and let your friends experience the fun too!

You need to stop it na. FB will punish / penalize your page / account if you do this.   This is a brand new rule. You can try using tagalog if you like but for now, FB is looking out for these.

Now if you care for others, why don't you share this post too?

Now live marvellously.

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Your prayers are needed

Hi, I'll be going on a retreat and they requested us to ask our friends if they wanted anything we can pray for.

So I'm asking you now: What is it you want me to pray for?

Just click here into this Google Docs and let me know throughout the entire holy week.

Live marvellously.

P.S. Want to know how to make that google Docs for yourself? Here's the tutorial

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Business owners only

Please join my business-owners only newsletter where we discuss / and I inform you of latest tech/strategies and tactics regarding maximizing online.

This is not for "IDEA-STAGE" businesses. You need to have a running business to be able to relate to this new information newsletter of mine.

Join here:

Now live marvellously and have a meaningful holy week!

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Are you any good? Business owners need to see that.

On Monday, you're going to find out about "Growth Hacking".

Ano yun? It's an "uso" term about marketing.
It just means the focus is marketing to get more (new) customers.

Eh, is there another kind of marketing?
Yes, marketing so people will remember you (name recall po ang tawag).
Marketing to your own customers (building loyalty)
And others I can't think of right now because I just drove 150 kilometers - so my right leg hurts.
I'm still not used to this driving thing and I know my posture is really bad when I drive.

Anyway, my title says "businesses should know and should see that you're good."
This simple single idea is the basis for both my VA101 and VA seminar.
I make you look good.
So you can call me Jomar "Makes you look great" Hilario.
That's the strategy of many of my actions.
To make you look and BE valuable to others.

Do you like that?
If so, then do me a favor and say so - in Facebook!

Anyway, on Monday you'll be celebrating (?) Holy Monday -- and you may be out of town or prepping to go out of town (for us, TAPOS NA KAMI) - so you may not be online at 10pm.

That's too bad because on Monday, you'll be learning TACTICS - on how to do GROWTH HACKING.

I only say tactics because people ask for Tips and Techniques to help you COMMAND A HIGH PRICE ONLINE -- for your clients abroad.
But you may also learn STRATEGIES too.

I have yet to make up my mind. I'm posting teasers in my Mastery Group in Facebook if you want to know more about what you'll learn:

So be there - or be in the recording - as I strive to tell you in 45minutes - how to do growth hacking for companies.

It would be NEAT if you can share this webinar with companies YOU WANT TO WORK FOR - and personalities (FAMOUS to you) you are DYING to WORK WITH.
Tell them about the webinar, tell them it will BENEFIT their business if they listen in.
I'll try to KEEP THE WEBINAR IN PURE ENGLISH so your dream clients can understand. Okay?

Again: Learn how YOU can do GROWTH HACKING for your business or the business of your CLIENTS on Monday 10pm at

Now live marvellously.

Your ideal day - does it LOOK like this?

Your ideal day - does it LOOK like this?

Night before: Sleep at 10pm

8:00am: Eyes open, Body still in bed, maid is cleaning the house since 7am.

8:10am Back to sleep, maid is in the kitchen cooking.

9am. Wake up. Fix bed.

9:05am. Hug loved ones. Some of them already awake.

930am. Breakfast of fruits and more fruits. Plus a helping of tea.

10am. Play with people at home. Walk outside the village since there's a shaded area.

11am. You're hungry. You make a home-made RAMEN complete with egg and sea-weed from the japanese store.

12noon. No it's not time to eat yet. You just ate. You read a good book on your favorite topic nowadays.

1pm. Check emails. You did say you're available from 1pm-6pm in your "work agreement".

2pm. Do some work. About to get hungry.

2:30pm Lunch. Proper. About time, you're hungry now and nobody is forcing you to eat at 12 when you were still full.

3pm. Continue work.

3:30. Hug break. You get out of the room, hug some people.
Call some people on the telephone so you hear their voice.
Landline. Not cellular. So it's "free".

4pm - 6pm. Work.

6pm. Stop work. Go watch some inspirational TED Talks.

7pm. Attend Care Group - have dinner with them.

9:45pm. Evening prayers.

10pm. Sleeping time. Another great day awaits tomorrow.

Okay, that's scenario one. It may NOT be your ideal day.

How does version 2 below SOUND LIKE?

7am, Wake up.

730am. Take a walk around the village with your love one.
Talk a bit about yesterday's events.

8am. Breakfast of fruits and a little bread from your favorite bakery 20 kilometers away (delivered!)

9am Read emails.

10am. Start working.

11am. Break! Watch a TV Sitcom that actually makes you laugh and doesn't involve crime.

12noon. Back to work. Peace and quiet. Focusing on work

1pm. Go to mall. It's a bit noisy here.

130pm. Lunch at mall. Resto is cozy and only 20% full so it's all whispers around you.

2pm. MOVIE TIME. There's hardly anybody here.
You're enjoying the surround sound.

4pm. Go home.

430pm. Go back to work. You hear the traffic picking up in noise.
You're glad you avoided that mess.

7pm. You stop and join the family teaching the kids how to do "LIVE angry birds" with flexible toys banging around the living room.

8pm Dinner with usual chatter of "how's your day?"

9pm. Evening prayers said aloud.

10pm. Sleeping to relaxing chillout music set to low volume.

1030pm. Mind still active. So back to a little work with some cold chocolate drink (70% choco para cohen certifiied, sugarfree pa).

1130pm. You decide to stop working.
Close your eyes and dream of a silent, deep restful sleep.

Ultimate peace of mind.

How'd you like Scenario #2?

It looks like a fantasy but I took REAL experiences of VA's and put them together so you hardly notice that in these days - a LOT of work has been done. But not at the expense of LIFE.

The real work-life balance starts with you BELIEVING that this can HAPPEN to you.

If you take the first step to EMBRACE it. Embrace knowledge.
Embrace the SYSTEM that is offered to you TODAY.
A system that works to IMPRESS company owners in ANOTHER COUNTRY to be impressed with you.

If you only knew how.

Know you do - using the VA 101 Downloadable.

You can do it.

And start making your IDEAL DAYS every day of your life.

You need to do this next: (And yes we do ACCEPT credit cards - click the word "CREDIT CARD at the bottom of the 3rd screen)

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