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Plan your travels to Asia and the world with no tour guides! You're the boss all the way.

What's inside:
-Freezing Macau -where I learned how to float to the camera. now floating or appearing to float is different from jumping. You have to pose like you're not jumping okay? Hehe. I found out that the people in this world have already discovered "jumping to film" - I even saw a panoramic shot of oh 50 people jumping. Wow. But its not floating. Click to take a look!
-Singapore - we went to all the possible tourist spots but also hi-lighted the FOOD we ate. We don't like souvenir shopping so its just sights and food!
-We also hi-light the cost and what our rooms look like when we stay abroad as well as shortcuts and tips to make your stay extra-nice!
-Malolos Cathedral, Philippines
-Boracay, Philippines
-Bohol, Philippines
-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-Future plans: We'll post our actual itinerary here so you can download it and use it for your own trips. We have a very detailed one-including bus numbers and trip durations as well as options!
-What's NOT posted yet-but the photos are ready:
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia,
Bicol, Philippines
Baler, Philippines
Visit here:
Yeah, you better bookmark it.

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How does it feel to climb mt kilimanjaro - the tallest free standing mountain on the world (its not part of a range) and the "roof of Africa"? My officemate went and it LOOKED FUN! Don't tell her I shared the gorgeous pictures.

Here's the start of her journey UP the Mount Kilimanjaro and then down the Crater and then the Serengeti Safari!

Hmm. Come to think of it, I'm not mentioning any names so I guess she's anonymous now. Watch it! High quality pictures in the link above.

Yes, I already looked into GoogleEarth and it doesn't compare!

How does it feel to climb Mt Kilimanjaro ?

Welcome to the Newest Blog In Town!! This is where I put EVERYTHING I WANT. This is not to please serial blog readers but this blog is meant to be discovered by people who pursue the same interesting things that I pursue.

Here's my vision: that all my friends and loved ones would be linked to this huge blog that has everyone there. A large RSS feed that mixes the posts of people I care about. But that means they should blog too. Oh well. Too Bad. Maybe ONE DAY, in another phase in my life (the year when I spend 6month in the beaches of Tenerife) --maybe that can happen!

Or maybe my loved ones (do you have a better term?!) will auto post into this blog of time--w/c will of course muddle it up but I do care about them so there.

I really think that blogging has been such a guarded exercise this year 2007 that its rare for the real person to come out. I want to be able to blog about what I want. Not what my "readers" want. This blog is not about NICHE. If it appears to be so--that's because my interest is niche. So there. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy this blog. And maybe someday when I look back on this -I can be reintroduced to who I WAS in 2007 --and I'll tell myself "Hey, I was pretty Cool, huh!"

By the way, have you read DIDACHE Bible Reflections? Today I WROTE THE REFLECTION!

Vision For This Blog

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