My first time to watch an IMAX film in the Philippines is a repeat watching of the 2D Spiderman 3. Of course its not as rewarding as none of the 3d effects you'd expect are there.

The first time I was able to watch IMAX as in Singapore, at the Science Discovery Center. It's a short airplane ride. Dizzying.

The 2nd time was a 3d trip to the moon at the Berjaya Times Mall in Kuala Lumpur last

The the Mall of Asia IMAX is actually my 3rd time.

Where was the first 3 times you watched IMAX?

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Someone once asked me, is that your car?

I said, "no." But then I thought to myself-"why not?"

Indeed why not?

Its very possible,.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to get the van beside it too.

Someone once asked me, is that your car?

How about that? My UnionBank Credit card automatically charged me with a
24 pesos monthly insurance premium. I've been a bit busy so I wasn't
able to ask them about it.

Problem is--I didn't sign up for this. But it kept charging me month
after month.

Marketing blurb on their website says:

"Union Bank is making this U Protect coverage available to its Visa
cardholders because we believe this low cost cover can provide peace of
mind to you and your family.

We believe this protection is so important to you and your family that
we have arranged for Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. to
automatically issue U-Protect Insurance Certificate. You are already
covered! The added security and peace of mind is yours to enjoy for 3
full months at no cost to you. "

Peace of mind? A charge unexpectedly appears on my credit cardd
statement and it's supposed to bring me POM?
Hmm, the irony of it.

Anyway, I called them up -I found out that you can cancel it-no
questions asked. But they will not reverse the past charges.

My thoughts:

From the looks of it-Insular life (the provider of the insurance) just
wanted instant clients and made a deal with UnionBank Credit Card to
insure each credit card holder --without asking for their written

Perhaps they did send a letter or a small text on the already cluttered
credit card statement informing me of this-but I didn't notice it. And I
do not throw away those attached brochures and such - I browse them
first. I didn't notice a thing.

Is this good practice? To simply force insurance on your clients?

What do you think?

Drip marketing all about is making steps to show your clients that you
actually CARE for them, in an emotional way -- like remembering their
birthdays when almost everybody forgets.

Is this "forced insurance", drip marketing? Or is it reverse drip? Or is
it drip marketing without the wow factor?

I'm shaking my head.

More about it from the UnionbankCreditCard FAQ

Unionbank credit card charges insurance w/o getting your consent

{Thought about you during our training in a freezing training room in Robinson's Mall} This was about the same time you said something about being "sad". haha. Perceptive no?

Shane ..Kamusta na ang buhay sa Auckland?!:)

Aston Martin, Detriot 2007 Auto Show
Detriot Autoshow 2007, Ford Interceptor
A person can dream, can he? Here e glimpses of the 2007 Detriot Autoshow. I've selected some cars I would like to have in this blogpost. Hmm, I wonder what the visitors to the show were thinking, would it be: "I'd like to have this car, but I'm stuck with my Prius or my old Chevy, sigh". Not knowing that I would be thinking : "Boy, I wonder how will driving my first car feel like?!"
One day this year.
If I survive this year.
Click here for more pictures of the Detriot AutoShow. Dream on.

Detroit Autoshow 2007 - Imagining how would it be to drive...

My new favorite song. I had Tina's Father buy the album in Saipan but it has not arrived yet. So I'll have to make do with the Tube.

The song says "No, you'll Never be alone, when darkness comes, you'll never fall.".

Yes, its Christian Rock. Check out the guitar work on this one. Both Bass and Lead. A screamer of song.

Skillet - Whispers in The Dark

Hi Beloved Children Of God Community members, please add yourself to FACEBOOK (You can click on the facebook pix I have on left side of this blog to go there). Querix is already in there. I'll just have to make a Group for us.

BCGC Members - Please Add Yourself To FaceBook!

Walking home via San Rafael St, near my house I heard someone play a few notes of Vivaldi on a violin. It was clearly coming from a neighborhood garage violin school (i'm not kidding). Ths inspiring me to hunt down Vivaldi's in Youtube. I can spend lots of hours listening to talented people like this PRACTICE. :) Would you!?

Cool duo of vivaldi summer

Help! I'm installing wrt5g Wireless Router with a PLDT ZXDSL single port modem & I can’t get them to communicate with each other.

I’ve checked:

The cables – tight and even used a 3rd one just in case.
The power – all 220
According to the owner of the DSL the password he gave me is correct.
The PC’s MAC Address is being spoofed by the WRT5g Wireless Router, did I need to do this?

HELP! HELP! HELP! What shall I do?

Help! I'm installing wrt5g Wireless Router with a PLDT ZXDSL single port modem.

I’ve been prolific lately in opening Instant Messengers so please add me

Yahoo Messenger: kuletnichaz
Aim: kuletnichaz
Did I forget anything?

Just identify yourself and a bit of info so I can remember. Yes I’m open even if you’re a stranger but you read my blogs –or maybe you just want to be informed about the various events I announce (Think Rich Pinoy, Cash Flow Games, Christian Concerts, Hillsong Events, Bo Sanchez events, Free Seminars).

See you inside those fiber optic tubes! Yes, the internet is made of tubes, dude

How to Contact me via IM

I’ve been reading “Made to Stick” while waiting in elevators, standing in the MRT (train), and of course all over the house. It’s covered with a bright orange jacket with an embossed duct tape. Yes, everybody notices it.

What is it about?
kidney thieves in airports
aids needles
mugs in toilets
store employees wrapping a product purchased elsewhere

Basically, -how some ideas are remembered by people – no matter how preposterously hoaxy*they are & how to do that with whatever it is you’re trying to convey or sell.
It’s “How to be remembered”.

It’s a psych/marketing book.
And you can check out their blog to know more:

Jomar’s Bag is a section of this website that reveals to you what I carry around in my bag. Being from the University of the Philippines (since elementary), my bag is always BIG & FULL or SMALL but FULL.
hoaxy*-Yes, I think I coined this word.

Jomar's Bag: "Made to Stick"

At the Naia, glad to go.

Looking out at clean Singapore from the MRT going to EXPO.

In front of NAVY Open House Poster. Isometric and kids love it!

Mega Expo TALKS TALK TALKS on Internet Marketing. I'm doing a workshop on watch I learned, email if you want in. Bring a notebook PC.

Singapore EXPO Entrance. Its like World Trade Center Pinas x 5. So big, lah!

Just match the description to the Picture, lah. Blogger makes it so hard lah.
More singapore Pictures at the Multiply!

Singapore World Internet Mega Summit Pictures!

Coming from Singapore's World Internet Mega Summit....I've been thinking....

What's so wrong with Debt? When you're rich?

What's wrong if you die "penniless"? You're already dead!

What's wrong if you die still in debt?

Is there anything wrong with debt?

What's wrong if someone gets the interest and you don't (but you're still rich?!)

Can you answer me?

Checkout my efforts become rich blogged at my Personal Finance Blog

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Thinking about Debt

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