Dear Lord,

I read that Lindsay Lohan was caught sniffing cocaine and drinking Vodka again after her self-imposed rehab. Before I flipped the page, I said "What a pity, I feel for her." Then I stopped myself. I then decided to say a powerful prayer for her - that someone who had physical access to her would love her - and would be a good friend to her.

Fame does many insane things to people surrounding the famous person. That's simply too bad that people don't know how hard it is not to be recognized as a real person- but as a role you simply played on a large plank of wood or on a long reel of photosensitive paper - and in today's case, terabytes of video footage.

I pray that that someone would simply start showing her what a real normal friendship should be. I'm thinking of quiet walks, no showbiz talks, occasional fights, lots of laughter and thoughful but simple gifts.

No more of this "You're an actress, so you're rich so you should treat us or give us access to other "stars". When they introduce her to other people who they know, they don't state the obvious and say "This is Lindsay Lohan, you know?" Just introduce her by her nickname - whatever it is. And act normal so people will also act normal when she's around.

And I pray that these friends would really talk to her seriously and do things like real friends to preserve the friendship. Things like saying "How are you doing?" and then really listening to her talk - maybe for two hours or days. Just so she can get all that pressure out of her. I pray for friends who would lead her to pursue different but peaceful pursuits, like meditation or yoga or aerobic dancing for instance. I pray for friends who don't worship adrenaline --but have clean fun anyway.

I know prayers are powerful. Written prayers maybe more-because many people can pray along with it - and it can be repeated in another day.

I pray these blessings of imperviousness to media attacks on her life and family. At least for now, while she is recovering - that she would finally understand how to deal with the rapid press that just wants a "STORY" out of each breath and step she takes. Maybe no one has really done it in Stardom--but perhaps it's time little Lindsay becomes the first.


A Prayer for Lindsay Lohan

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Switchfoot Live in Manila
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Switchfoot - Only hope/Dare you to move (Avalon Theater)

I'm going to Singapore in Sept and Malaysia in Sep/Oct--any body wanting
to go also?

Nuff said.

Naning, Jeeldz and Arlene we will meet again!

Going to Singapore in Sept and Malaysia in Sep/Oct

This makes me cry. One several fronts.

1. The Hair. Oh my. Were we like that before?
2. I can tell who they are from voice but hardly from their faces. CCM videoes were rare back then.
3. It brings back memories of how I started.

Carry The Light - Various CCM Artist

Sing the last part of the song and try to understand what it means and
you'll see why we as a nation have remained oppressed and poor.

More later.

What's wrong with the Philippine National Anthem?

This portion of a very familiar song is something I've been singing
quite often in Videokes for years!

Can you guess what it is?

"all this time I can't believe I couldn't see
kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
(I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
got to open my eyes to everything)
without a thought without a voice without a soul
(don't let me die here)
there must be something more.....!"

What is your Karaoke Secret?
Do you know the song?

Karaoke Secret Revealed! The one single rap "song" I've been mastering in videokes.

During the opening sequence of Legally Blonde, the song "Perfect day"
played almost entirely. The scene showed Reese Witherspoon in bed in her
sorority room --and preparing to go to school. That song (not the scene)
left a mark in my mind.

Now I'm on the hunt for someone who has a copy of Hoku's entire album.
Who has it??

Note: Tried to upload more Iphone pictures -this time comparing it with
other mobile phone sizes but what do you know? Blogger isn't responding!

Who has Hoku's "Perfect day" complete album?

It's a day of gladness and sorrow. Bo Sanchez's father (as featured very
recently in Preacher in Blue Jean's Father's Day episode viewable in ) has joined his Creator and God this

Send you messages to Bo via his blog at or via
the comment lines at It's
bittersweet as Bo just celebrated his birthday last week (that's why his
books at 10% off at bookstores this July 2007). It's as if....

Bo Sanchez's Father has died today. Leave your condolences and blessings at...

I don't know who started the Matrix sound but I know is after the Matrix used Juno Reactor as main soundtrack and movie song artist -- the Juno Reactor sound got melding into the Matrix.

Who is Juno Reactor?

Juno Reactor is a musical and performing act known for the cinematic-psychedelic fusion of electronic and global music, the Matrix score and other film works. Central to the project are Ben Watkins, Mike McGuire and Stephane Holweck, and their collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the world, including percussionist Mabi Thobejane from South Africa along with countrymen Amampondo, Eduardo Niebla, Steve Stevens, Greg Ellis, Taz Alexander and recently Ghetto Priest.

Originally Juno Reactor was formed as an art project in 1990; Ben Watkins wanted to collaborate with other artists to produce and be involved in exciting projects that were not commercially driven. He wanted to create experimental music/non musical soundtracks that would work with installations, art pieces and film projects. -Wikipedia


Their remix of Traci Lords' song Control as an instrumental was featured on the soundtrack for the Mortal Kombat movie. They returned for the sequel Mortal Kombat Annihilation with tracks like Conga Fury. Later, the group, in collaboration with Don Davis, had a number of tracks featured on the soundtracks for the Matrix series of films and video games (most notably the famous freeway chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded, which featured Mona Lisa Overdrive, as well as the Animatrix, which featured the tracks Masters Of The Universe on the short Kid's Story, and Conga Fury (Animatrix Remix) on Final Flight of the Osiris. Their single Guardian Angel was featured as the opening theme of the anime series Texhnolyze. Guardian Angel was also featured in the movie Drive starring Mark Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison. Other Juno Reactor tracks appear on movies such as Eraser, Virtuosity, Lost In Space, the Romeo + Juliet trailer, Beowulf and even Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Juno Reactor soundtracks have also been played during baseball, basketball, and gridiron football games, the Japanese Grand Prix, and appear on the PlayStation game Jet Moto 3 and also PlayStation 2's Frequency, as well as the Xbox game Mad Dash Racing. Juno Reactor also scored the entirety of the Mark of Kri game. Also did God is God for the 1999 version of Beowulf.

Juno Reactor has also made a song in the game Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4.

What's in the name?
  • The name Juno is the name of Jupiter's wife from Roman myth. In this fashion, Juno Reactor symbolizes a "powerhouse of the ancient religions".[citation needed]
  • One of the band's logos is actually a form of the symbol associated with the asteroid Juno.

Listening to Juno Reactor

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First Hand Experience with an IPHONE (in MANILA, Philippines)

Spent some time playing with an Iphone by Apple.

Wish I could upload the vids and pix now but our company has blocked almost all the file uploads and I can't remember the Flickr post to blog email address. HMPH! Hehe. Anyway all I can say about it is --wait for the pictures and here are some first impressions:

1. My officemate tried using Wifi in Robinson's mall. Worked!

2. Gorgeous pictures even on close up. Who cares if it doesn't have zoom?

You just need to get close to get macro shots of the face. My N70 doesn't work on close-ups this good. It's like using a PalmPilot to take pictures, the whole screen's a viewfinder. And when you click on the CAPTURE button - virtual camera shutters appears. This is identical to the ones that close on James Bond's movie's opening screen (after he shoots the audience/camera). Then you can shoot again.

Yes, you can shoot almost in sequence using this. The delay isn't that bad (as said in Twit's latest episode) and is NOWHERE near the N70's ultra slow sequence shot. Yes, it's even better than using the N70's "Shoot in Sequence" mode.

3. Coverflow? I had a hard time looking for the coverflow ICON or button. No need! Just click on the IPOD icon then music, then FLIP the iphone horizontally--and COVERFLOW will appear. Don't blame me if I didn't memorize Steve "the Master" Job's Iphone presentation, its 200MB and using my constantly disconnecting GlobeDSL connection -- I wasn't able to get my own copy to watch it repeatedly. I went to a CAFÉ just to watch it in parts using YouTube!

4. Just like an IXUS camera, you flip the phone horiz or vertical and the picture (photos) will re-orient.

5. Played with the Zoom and Unzoom finger movements on the glass screen. Nice way to browse photos by flipping the fingers. What was intuitive was to try to make rotating motions on the photos displayed (like an ipod wheel). Of course the picture DID NOT rotate or change orientation permanently (saved). Maybe this is a feature for the future.

5. Playing Videos. NO - this only works in landscape (horizontal orientation) mode. Flip the iphone and the video stays in landscape mode. Moving fast forward is just a screen tap and a drag on the progress bar. Nice. Yes, it will be difficult if you have stubby fingers. Jobs recommends the thumbs. I don't know, I used my index.

The unit I played with had several movies in it. Watch out for the Youtube videos I made of it playing. It has its own good quality Speakers!

More later. Have to go back to work. Of course this is exciting. If this were you - I'm sure you would be.

First Hand Experience with an Apple IPHONE (in MANILA, Philippines)

I am now totally playing with an Original Apple Iphone the
Pictures to follow!

I am now totally playing with an Iphone the Philippines...

It's evident why people still use Lotus notes in this age of Microsoft
Dominated Outlook and Exchange. It's the programmable databases that
serve as dynamic knowledge dumps for huge groups.

Too bad notes was designed by people who have no regard for the WINDOWS
(or even the MAC) Rules of programming. Right clicks sometimes will give
you missing Methods (copy, cut, paste, but hey, no delete??). You'll
have to access these functions in another menu called "ACTIONS".

1. I discovered this when I was trying to delete a folder in NOTES.
Good Luck. It's completely counter intuitive. (Delete it using, Action,
Folder Options (bypassing the Folder menu option), Delete.

2. How about trying to resize tables in Notes?

If you're an office user you'd probably look for the properties tab or
do a right click or position the cursor along the lines of the table.

NONE of these work.

Up to now--I still don't know.

3. How about doing a standard search for emails sent by A to B?
You first click MORE, then Index your inbox.
Wait wait wait for the index to finish.
Then click around 3 dialog boxes (you search the address book) to fill
up a form that says
Author contains XXXX.
Then you press search.
Even after doing that --- NOTHING appears when I know that the person
XXXX is in the inbox as an author.

All I can say is.
Primitive Love.

4. I suppose people who can make NOTES fly can be called Experts in the
true sense of the word. You really have to be an expert because, I'm
sorry HACKS, ya can't hack this one!

Protecting Corporate Assets

5. Lets wait for it to die and be replaced by a better CMS/Knowledge
Management system. Come to think of it even CMSs like Mambo and Joomla
are unfriendly.

Lotus Note Burn

This one is for rainy and fun days. Seats 5. 2 Doors. Tall. Based on both the Rav4 and the old Land Cruisers.

Very nice.

I have a toyota FJ Cruiser

Now that I'm rich beyond the level of riches I ever had in the past...
Things will change..for the better.
And somethings will stay the same.

It's going to be different however, only if I'm not prepared.
But I am prepared, I've listed down how the money will be spent and invested.

Two times.

But I think that is not enough.

I have to write to down in more detail.

Draw it.

Color it.

Picture it.

Now that I'm rich beyond

I met Arlene and Hiyasmin co-bloggers are
We have a lot more to talk about...

New friend

Do you miss GOING to Mass in front of the Robinson's Mall? Enjoy these few pictures of this architectural wonder --The San Antonio Church of Los Banos.

Do you Miss UPLB?

If you noticed the facebook display on the left of this blog is new. It's the Singapore EXPO pictures taken last May 2007. Click on the pix for more. And while you're at it, add yourself as my friend in FACEBOOK.

Went to the SMHypermarket Taste Asia Food Fest at MOA, pictures of new friends (hi Arlene!) and old (hi Jun, Cathy, Garri) are in my Free Multiply Blog.

Also met up with old friends Chris Chesbro of the Steven Curtis Chapman Band, pictures with him at -this includes Tina's and Tuesday's PIX.
However, my pix are in Myspace. For uncensored/unselected/raw pictures *(set 1) of the Steven Curtis call, it's in my other Chris Chesbro Multiply Photo Album.

And if you happen to be named Kat A of Parramata, please click your gift here.

New Pictures Uploaded for Taste Asia, SCC, Kat

I really miss Smallville. Maybe I should go get a DVD so I can watch it in sequence.

Luxurious Lana

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