This is continued from

6. I guess that the "ONE MORE THING" for this event will be APPLE TV 2.0
wirelessly connecting to your IPOD.

7. That means a new feature of the IPOD is BLUETOOTH. That's another

8. It will also have an FM Radio, despite Steve's resistance. This is
not MY GUESS. This came from someone else.

9. Another "ONE MORE THING" that may need it's own event -- is a new
APPLE NOTEBOOK that's superthin and superpowered. We'll see the new
imac keyboard used in a notebook this time.

10. Now what would stop this ipod from having a camera?

On Thursday, we'll see. Tell me if I'm wrong or right.

10 things I expect @ New Ipod 2007 Sept 5 Apple Event

So the Apple has a new keyboard with a better design. And the
Optimus(?:!) Keyboard is still a pipe dream that will probably sell for
5000 USD because if all those LEDS.

What I really want in a LAPTOP keyboard is:

1. Coolness. I don't want it to heat up like in this Compaq Nc6400. My
finger tips are heating up because the keys are HOT too!. So is the
touch pad.

2. Obvious colored keycaps or indicators for functions like PRINTSCREEN
- which on this nc6400 takes 3 keys - that I had to put little POST IT
cut outs beside the keys because I don't have to remember w/c keys to
press to invoke a "PRINT SCREEN THIS WINDOW ONLY" function.

3. A LARGE ENTER button like in the old IBM 8086 XT Keyboards. I don't
need a wide |\ (pipe) key. I use the ENTER key more often.

4. A way to create ANY APPLICATION shortcuts using the Function keys.
They're mostly useless in most applications - would be great if the
keyboard can shoot macro (multiple) commands to the cheap program so
that F2 would perform a "down down enter end" key sequence for example.
I know there's software for this - but how about something embedded unto
the keyboard software so it works in ANY program that doesn't use the
Function keys.

5. How about making it detachable and wireless? On the bed computing
will be possible and while we're at it - make the trackpad detachable
and wireless too!

Keyboard WishList

Whoever said that it's no good to get a large capacity mp3 player when
you can synch everyday probably has no use for a computer.

When the ipod synchs to the music library is slows down the PC and
makes it not very usable for the time being.

Couple that with podcast downloading while synching and you'll have a
thoroughly unusable machine.

Therefore if you have a 4GB nano but have a 100 GB music collection,
this is not a good combination - specially if you run through that 4
GB pretty quickly during the day and want fresh music tomorrow.

You won't be able to use all that IPOD space!

Hey Sorsi, Bo's got a new (work)book --How to Find Your One True Love
PART 2. It's a bit thick for a workbook w/c means you'll be coming out
of it pretty much prepared to marry and have someone to marry!

Warning: This is not a SIT DOWN I'll enjoy this book with Nescafe kinda
thing. It's a let's get to work answering the questions and doing the
things BO is telling me to do kind of book. There are stories still -
but most of the story will be YOURS.

Get your discounted copy from ME! Drop me a note at

Want a copy of "How To Find Your One True Love" Part 2 (The WORKBOOK)

A month late from the original schedule, Asus will now ship its $ 199
laptop in Sept 2007.


Will you wait for competitors to match it with lower prices and higher
specs (lower weight, higher flash memory?) or will be flying off the

Will we be seeing it in movies and TV shows --- the way the candy imacs
appeared as a defacto PC in each posh TV home?

Will it sell as good as the ipods? Will ASUS become the new Apple?

So many questions. So little time.

Asus EEE $USD 199 laptop to be shipped Sept.

Guia has a new white macbook. She's so in love with it that she's
behaving like someone who just had a new boyfriend. She's still thinking
of giving it a name.

During the Think Rich Pinoy seminar we just conducted-she always came
back to where it was and typed or did something with it. The new macs
come with the remote control (that looked like a version 1 ipod Shuffle)
& we tried using powerpoint with it.

No dice. THe powerpoint wouldn't respond to the remote. She could make
the powerpoint into a Quicktime movie (Can you do that Windows?) and
play/pause the movie using the remote control.

I told her about Keynote, w/c was the presentation software of choice
(read: macgeeks) on a mac. I knew that worked with the remote.

I tried it and it worked! Couldn't find where the slide transitions
where though since I just hacked my way through Keynote.

Guia, if you're reading this, I found more software that you can
download for your mac, here:

You'll need them. And get a proper license for your Keynote, because
it'll expire in a few months.

Sorry...and have fun with your new Boyfr...macbook!

When you have a new MACBook -- its love!

Villman just opened in the Robinson's Pioneer branch. Finally the
management of Robinson's noticed that if they're located near a large IT
firm (behind the mall) - the stores in the mall should reflect the
"geek" mind.

One of these stores is Villman.
Others would be:

Music Stores
Cell Phone Stores (service centers is more like it)
IT Magazine Store
A Book Sale Store
Comics Store
Fashionable Clothes Stores (not the stuff found in the dept store)

But really what I'm hoping to see and purchase OFF THE SHELF - in a
heartbeat - is the P 10,000 4GB notebook from Asus, called the "Eee",
hopefully it's already loaded with a flavor of Linux that once I charge
it I can immediately use it inside the Robinson's Malls (w/c has free

So EEE, Where Art Thou?

This post is NOT SPONSORED by Asus or Robinson's. I wish they did
though. How's that for disclosure?!?!

Asus Eee Notebook that's 10,000 pesos, where art thou?

I've been using a Centrino Duo Notebook by HP (model nc 6400) for 2
months now and I can attest that it hasn't really slowed down on me. So
it's fast alright.

The thing is --its SOOO HOT on the keyboard, on the touch pad--even the
wrist rest --and I can only fix it by using the free http://www.EYP.PH
USB electric fan (free plug!) to keep my fingers from being baked.

So this is what it feels. I know people who use desktops won't
experience the heat on their finger tips - because there's no
"power/heat" behind the keyboard. I do bet though, that the room they're
in heats up quickly.

This is the reason why I want an IMAC Keyboard for my PC. Think of it! I
get to enjoy the tactile MACNESS of the keyboard while trying to press
the WINDOWS-D to see my desktop!

Are PCs with Centrino Duo Processors really fast? What's the catch if they are?

Humanized. has come up with a product
that brings up a command line anywhere on screen--if you're a power
user, keep reading! It allows you to tell the PC to do anything (well
it's design that way) by typing a few commands in english.

The first incarnation of this product is called ENSO, Japanese for
Simplicity or a Circle. I'm sure I'm wrong about the meaning but
download the demo software at their website above and see for yourself.
Spell check anywhere on screen, even if your program doesn't have a
spell checker! Change case, launch programs, shift tabs, minimize,
create custom commands - all by using a flash-like interface that
appears ANYWHERE you want to appear on screen- works anywhere you can
highlight text - even in Instant Messengers!

THIS IS WHAT POWER USERS (who love keyboards, hey Imac, I want your
keyboard to work on my PC!) -want. A linux like experience in a windows
PC. MS Powershell is the hard version of this, hard to use etc etc. ENSO
is the GUI incarnation of Powershell.


On the downside, the software isn't free. You have to pay for it.
However, it's only a matter of time before Microsoft buys HUMANIZED and
incorporates it into Windows Vista 2009.

You think?


This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the email by you is prohibited.

The new way of using computers: commandLine anywhere!

Concert details at

Switchfoot Intl Justice Mission Video : Why they will sing in the Philippines.

Experience A Kerygma Gathering / Bo Talk multiplied 1000 TIMES! November 23-25, 2007 at the Ultra For details log on to

Kerygma Conference 2007

Get in touch with me and the rest of the BCGC, we plan to be at St
Therese Friday Night, assuming that the last rites will be done on

Multiple - black belt and funny Jerome ..will be smiling at us from
above- hopefully exchanging stories with Michelle.

Confirmed: Jerome Arpon of UPLB has gone ahead.

Got a haircut at the "VV" in Galeria. It's a forgettable name for a salon so SORRY! I'm no paris hilton but I could be a name dropper too. While there - I browsed a copy of GQ - the men's magazine that's soo full of ads I was turning and turning looking for something to read.

Then the GC Podcasts caught my eye. I'm into podcasting, you can hear my voice in some of Yuga's tech podcasts and my own Ultradust Podcasts of old.

I really don't "read" GQ, but I'm finding that their humor is the same level as that of ESQUIRE specially when they're talking about men's fashion mistakes or manners mistakes. Makes me suspect that the editors and writers of these magazines are not men. They're not women even.


Got a Haircut discovered a podcast

My laundry's late. So I decided to get new clothes for the next two
days. Of course those who will be meeting me these days will be clueless
that I'll be wearing unwashed (but new) clothes!

But I made a mistake, I got 3 burlington socks: I used to use these in my first X years
of working and they did fine.

However, I can't remember how it happened, I stopped using Burlington
and switched to Marks and Spencer's "Most Comfortable Socks in the
World". I'm sorry that's probably NOT the brand name of these socks but
since they're unmarked and the garters really grip your calves (now,
these are not young cows)- for months -- I decided to buy only these
from now on.

Problem was the Marks and Spencer at Galleria didn't carry socks
--that's why I wound up buying Burlington.

Bad decision.

Just this morning I noticed that 1/3 of the new Burlington socks is
already being eaten by my shoes! This has never happened to Marks and
Spencer socks.
They always hold up!

I feel cheated but it's my fault. :(

Grr. I can only hope that my feedback will compel people to stay away
from Burlington Socks.

Down with Burlington Socks! Go Marks and Spencers.

This morning I woke up to an antivirus warning. TCPIP.SYS contains a
Trojan, do you want to clean? Of course I said yes and the anti-virus
dutifully ERASED the file. Of course all geeks know that this SYS file
enables you to connect to the internet. I knew the computer would look
for it eventually.

So that's what it did! Soon a message flashed: Missing Component or

I entered one of my Windows XP CDs and tried it. Sorry can't find the

I tried reinstalling the Windows XP Network Components Only and that

However, the internet still isn't working!

So I called up my ISP's tech support for t-shooting. Bottomline:
REFORMAT your machine sir! I took that cheerfully and started going thru
the motions reinstalling Windows XP. This is par for the course so
there's no panic -and a clean system always run faster so that's okay
with me.

It didn't work because my CD/Boot drive is toast (doesn't work).

So I resorted to copying the tcpip.sys file from my notebook PC to the
desktop (big hulking computer) and would you believe it! It worked!

So TCPIp.SYS munching Trojan, The best way to get rid of you is to
overwrite your infected self using a clean version into the following


A virus ate my internet (TCPIP.sys)

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