Google service uses cell towers to locate users Google launched a location service for mobile users on Wednesday that doesn't rely on GPS. Google Maps with My Location, currently in beta, locates users who don't have GPS-enabled phones based on their location to nearby cell towers. The result isn't as accurate as GPS (Global Positioning System) but works for people who lack the positioning technology in their phones.

In Singapore, if you moved around the city, one of the providers (or was it BOTH maxis and starhub?) gave you general location as the "LOGO" of your cellphone. None of these useless "brand names" on the screen. It's actually friendly to tourists. But google goes one step over and users graphics and a BLUE DOT.

From the official site:

Google Maps with My Location (beta)

See your location on the map, with or without GPS. Save time and tedious keystrokes finding where you are, what's around you, and how to get there. Watch the video on the right to see how it works.
Press "0" and look for the blue dot:      or   

If you have a GPS-enabled device, this blue dot corresponds to your GPS location. At times, or if you do not have a GPS-enabled phone, you might see the blue dot surrounded by a light blue circle (as shown on the right) to indicate uncertainty about your location.

Why the uncertainty? The My Location feature takes information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map - it's not GPS, but it comes pretty close (approximately 1000m close, on average). We're still in beta, but we're excited to launch this feature and are constantly working to improve our coverage and accuracy.

The My Location feature is available for most web-enabled mobile phones, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian devices.

Google's new MY LOCATION service-didn't singapore gave this already?

All I could get in the meantime:

DEC. 7 - Friday
Araneta Coliseum
Pinakmura - 500

The Ticketnet site is DOWN.

Vertical Horizon live in Manila, dec 7,2007

Locate the Windows Live Writer (WLW) and experience blogging like never before!

But WAIT, there's more!

Go back and download the WLW Plugins and enjoy Windows Based Blogging in a new way. Get these plug ins!

  1. Insert Polariod
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  9. Blogthis for Firefox

Brought to you by the Smart People Who gave you, or maybe xbox or the MS Virtual Earth. It's a facebook way of doing wordprocessing on the web. Make people do the plug-ins. Just make the Windows based program.

I can just feel the WinEnvy from Leopard users. But fret not, you have Parallels and Bootcamp! WLW works on XP too!

My father ought to use this. It's almost like MS Word for Blogging!

New Blogging Secret Weapon: Windows Live Writer Plugins!

Google has exposed their database of what it knows about you, about me.

It has data about my "search patterns" since 2005.

Here's my all time 10 websites.


I'm compelled to say, "Oh, that's not very insightful".

Of course this is only taken when my gmail login is activated/logged in. Anyway. Now you know how about you? What's your top ten?

Find out at

: NEW! Google History: Know What Google Knows About You

Try this. Think of your some person you're interested in "investigating". Visit YoName and step by step find out what they've been up to in

Friendster / Blogger / LinkedIn / Facebook / Myspace / YouTube / LinkedIn /etc etc etc

Success rate:? It was able to find my on most of the above, but missed my FACEBOOK profile which contained my actual name.

Try it. A nice way to check out your old beautiful highschool classmates.

P.S. Yeah, I never tell my real age and bday online.

Employers / Dateless Girls & Boys easily find out about ANYBODY online via this socnet search engine.

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This is a PSP Ad that's reminiscent of the last Transformer's movie. The director is Chris Cunningham. Here's another one featuring Star Wars: Why post ? Why not?

Transformers like PSP ad. Hear a Light Saber MTV

Why oh why didn't I know about this? Isn't it crazy that in this wired world you still can't know if your friends are visiting other countries -- before they make the trip?

I know people in SFO twittr their status but how about here in Asia?

I did have a friend who went to Paris and did something for me, I'll dig up the photo and show you soon.

So if you're in the following places: Dumaguete and Davao this Nov and Dec, please do let me know! Our travels are found in

It's really hard to take a picture from the ground, maybe by now the Parisian Tourism Authority should have figured to make a bunker so pro-protogs can take good pictures of the French monste..tower. I'll make it a round deep bunker. What do you think?

I didn't know Abby (wwai) went to Paris!?

A designer takes a look at what Apple may be announcing in Jan's Macworld. 2008. He was able to "predict" the macbook before it was announced, why not now? Visit the site at to see more.

January, Macbook Slim, Apple, Touchscreen, Macbook Touch, Mactouch

The keyboard Function keys are different! Here's what the new one looks like:
How to remember?
1. The new Macbooks have Video / Music Player Controls! The old one doesn't.
2. Volume controls are the RIGHT, near the eject button. Theo old one it's one the left, near ESC.

Fantasy Apple Macbook Announcement
Trackpad tips for Macbooks

How to make sure you're buying a new Macbook 2007 Version

Visualizing the Present: Holding Millions of Dollars

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Are you looking for a massive dose of spiritual power for your life....?

Gumasa Beach, what boracay probably looked like years ago.

November 1, 2007, I broke the tradition of going to Bataan to spend All Saints’ Day there. What I did was go to another province, Sarangani. Where is Sarangani? Wikipedia says, “Sarangani is a province of the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao. Its capital is Alabel and borders South Cotabato to the north and Davao del Sur to the east. To the south lies the Celebes Sea. The province is divided into two parts, separated by the Sarangani Bay, and it.....

Continue to the main article:
Gumasa Beach

In front of the KCC Mall, behind the RCBC bank, there’s a van going to Glan terminal. Fare was Php 68.00 per person whether air-conditioned or not. We didn’t ride the jeepney found in the market (palengke) because we saw that they overload it with people sitting on top of it and hanging at the back even though the fare is less than P10.00.

Continue to ...How to go Gumasa Beach

Gumasa beach is about 3-km stretch of white sand. There’s the powdery white sand as you can see on the right most picture and there’s the not so fine sand like the sand on my hand in the picture. ...continue to...

The White Sands of Gumasa Beach, Sarangani Province

Mindanao's Boracay (3 km white sand) --still uncommercialized!

The Terminator is now on TV. (2008)

While the UK is enjoying the Sarah Jane Chronicles (w/c is a spin off of the Doctor Who series) featuring the female companion of the Doctor. Fox has already leaked the new 2008 Terminator series featuring Sarah Connors (gorgeous Lena Headay) and a cast of relative unknowns. Lena is the love interest in Steve Coogan's Police Comedy. Steve who? That's means you're not british. :") Anyhoo..

The Backstory

At the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah, John and the Terminator successfully destroy the T-1000 and the arm and computer chip from the first Terminator. Sarah and John then watch as the Terminator is lowered into a molten steel pit in an attempt to destroy all future technology that could be used to create Skynet. Sarah and John now find themselves alone in a very dangerous and complicated world. As fugitives from the law, they are confronted with the reality that still more enemies from the future, and the present, could attack at any moment.


Prompted by the return of the Terminators into their lives, Sarah and John decide to stop running and focus on stopping the birth of Skynet. They are aided by Cameron, a Terminator who poses as a student at John's school and whose mission is to protect John. Meanwhile, an FBI agent named James Ellison pursues Sarah and John with the belief that Sarah is deranged.

An advanced script review by TV Squad revealed that time travel will play a major role in the series premiere including a temporal leap for the main characters from 1998 to the current year. This was also confirmed by the trailer posted on the Fox Fall Preview page for the show. Three video clips from the upcoming series premiere published on the IGN website included the evil Terminator using Sarah's voice over the phone to find John, Sarah and John fighting over their current situation, and the evil Terminator looking for John, Sarah, and Cameron at the Dyson residence.



Fox began their advertising campaign for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on September 27, 2007 with a brief teaser which ran during prime-time programs, consisting of an image of two red dots that lasted for a few seconds on screen before disappearing. The two red dots were revealed to be the eyes of the Terminators from the show in the second phase of the advertising campaign, which began two weeks later. Fox heavily promoted the show during the World Series by releasing the first 45-second preview for the show on October 27, 2007. The final phase of the campaign commences in November, 2007 with more broadcast information to be added. It is described by Fox's Executive Vice-President of marketing and communications Joe Earley, as the "biggest campaign for a new midseason show in years".

The future of TV: Terminator TV Series: the sarah connors chronicles

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: leaked!

Following the leaking of the first two episodes of Dexter season two last week, it seems that The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminator spin-off, has suffered a similar fate...

by Cedric Mengles

Last week, the first two episodes of Dexter's season two were leaked, months ahead of their planned transmission date. Now, the opening episode of the third season of Weeds has been leaked, but, more interestingly, episode one of the Terminator spin-off, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Thanks to all of you who mailed in, and thanks particularly to Cedric, who sent in his thoughts on the episode:

"There's always a danger with the bringing such an iconic film franchise as Terminator to the small screen, that's you'll somehow scale it down from epic to something snack-size.

But having seen the opening episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, some concerns have been dismissed, while others have been raised.

The story is a continuation of Terminator 2. The events take place in 1999, two years on. Sarah and John are living an understandably nomadic existence, in constant fear of killer robots out of time.

After a predictable Terminator/Holocaust nightmare to grab the audience's attention, we're introduced to the edict-driven Sarah and her now more mature son. Lena Headley, seen recently as Queen Gorgo, pulls off the lead role impressively, and provides some depth to what in the films is a pretty reactive character. Thomas Dekker as John, isn't like either actor that played this role previously, but seems comfortable as the teenager whose life was ruined by his mother, time travel and future history.

Having set the scene they move on to a new town, pursued by FBI Agent James Ellison. When he appeared I got very concerned that this show might become a modern equivalent of the Incredible Hulk, but without Bixby. But thankfully the plot rapidly twisted away from this, with John's first day at his new school. In it he's hit on by an implausibly mature Summer Glau, and attacked by a relief teacher with an automatic pistol hidden under the skin of his right leg. It's not long before we get to hear the 'come with me if you want to live!', but Summer Glau delivers it without a hint of Austrian.

We then get to enjoy some Terminator on Terminator action, and she gets to do some of the excellent physical work that she demonstrated in Firefly, and its movie spin-off Serenity.

Having recreated the Status Quo of protectors and protagonists from T2, the story then goes off at a tangent as they realise that their previous efforts to change the future have failed. Their answer, and a big weakness of the show's potential, is that we know from T3 that they don't succeed. But despite this they set off, with a neat journey through time using Terminator technology to 2007, conveniently, to find the origins of Skynet and stop it before things get toasty in 2014.

I'm not sure how well this storyline fits with the movies. I suspect it doesn't, but it's pulled off with reasonable aplomb. Effects-wise the prosthetics are at least as good as the movies, although they've so far resisted the budget blowing option of polymorphic Terminators. The three seen in the pilot appear like Arnie's T-101 Terminator, although Summer Glau's designation is obviously a more compact design.

From a plot perspective the proceedings are efficient and not excessively convoluted, and given the writers' credentials this is to be expected. Josh Friedman wrote the storyline of Chain Reaction, and screenplays for both War of the Worlds and The Black Dahlia. None of these are amazing, but they're workman like scripts.

The other creative force at work here is the wonderfully named, David Nutter. His track record is long and jolly impressive. Among other things he directed episodes for 21 Jump Street, The Commish, Space Above and Beyond, The X-Files, Millennium, Roswell, Dark Angel, Band of Brothers, The West Wing, ER, Smallville, Nip/Tuck and The Sopranos.

That's a big list, but in there are at least half a dozen pilot shows, which appear to be his speciality as a TV director. For this show he's also credited as a producer, which is something his also did for Smallville, Roswell and The X-Files.

So what do I think? Not sure, I need to see more. As with many pilots this is a strong start, but those people involved in a pilot aren't often the ones that make the rest of the series. It looks slated for a 13 episode opening season, and I hope it doesn't suffer the pre-emptive chop and associated indignity that's befallen Drive and other shows recently".

Sadly, we're yet to see the show ourselves, so mail over your thoughts if you've seen any clips and let us know what you think...


Terminator TV Show Pilot Episode!


Hunting down weddings songs on "" can take quite some time as the RIAA is ignoring this "non-existent" website full of downloadable songs.  Funny, that I found that Utada Hikaru's "Love Song" can be found in wedding collections --inspite it being an ode to someone's First Love --that's been lost.

Oh well, it's the title that matters, eh Toni Gonzaga*? Why mention Toni Gonzaga? Well,DJ Jordan's cousin's song is just too similar to Utada's chorus. But no worries,  even Australian TV imitates internationally popular shows --so who's calling the kettle black?

About the pictures, hey Toni! Is that macbook yours? Or mine? Hehe.

Below is taken from AnimeLyrics, an attempt to understand Japanese and the much loved song's lyrics:

Saigo no kisu wa 
Tabako no flavor ga shita 
Nigakute setsunai kaori  

the last kiss
tasted like tobacco
a bitter and sad smell

Ashita no imagoro ni wa 
Anata wa doko ni iru n' darou 
Dare wo omotte 'ru n' darou 

tomorrow, at this time
where will you be?
who will you be thinking about?

You are always gonna be my love 
Itsu ka dare ka to mata koi ni ochite mo 
I'll remember to love 
You taught me how 
You are always gonna be the one 
Ima wa mada kanashii love song 
Atarashii uta utaeru made 

you are always gonna be my love
even if I fall in love with someone once again
I'll remember to love
you taught me how
you are always gonna be the one
it's still a sad song
until I can sing a new song

Tachidomaru jikan ga 
Ugoki-dasou to shite 'ru 
Wasuretaku nai koto bakari 

the paused time is
about to start moving
there's many things that I don't want to forget about

Ashita no imagoro ni wa 
Watashi wa kitto naite 'ru 
Anata wo omotte 'ru n' darou 

tomorrow, at this time
I will probably be crying
I will probably be thinking about you

You will always be inside my heart 
Itsu mo anata dake no basho ga aru kara 
I hope that I have a place in your heart too 
Now and forever you are still the one 
Ima wa mada kanashii love song 
Atarashii uta utaeru made 

you will always be inside my heart
you will always have your own place
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
now and forever you are still the one
it's still a sad song
until I can sing a new song

You are always gonna be my love 
Itsu ka dare ka to mata koi ni ochite mo 
I'll remember to love 
You taught me how 
You are always gonna be the one 
Mada kanashii love song 
Now and forever... 

you are always gonna be my love
even if I fall in love with someone once again
I'll remember to love
you taught me how
you are always gonna be the one
it's still a sad song
until I can sing a new song
Now and forever... 

Memorize! When Japan takes of the the world, culturally (that'll be maybe next April) -- you'll need to understand the language.

Thought: Japan is the only place where Nippongo is spoken widely. True or false?

Looking for Wedding Songs shows Utada's "First Love" is a favorite

August Adams has failed his family before. He's sacrificed relationships in pursuit of adventure, fame, and money. Now the very lives of those he loves depend on his ability to decipher a centuries-old puzzle encrypted in the colorful hand-painted illuminations that adorn three rare Gutenberg Bibles.

It's a secret that could yield unimaginable wealth, undermine two major religions, and change the course of Western civilization. Two ruthless, ancient organizations are willing to do anything to get their hands on it. And August has the span of one transatlantic flight to figure it out.

If he fails, those he holds most dear will die. If he succeeds, he'll destroy a national treasure.

The clock ticks, the suspense mounts, and the body count rises as August pits his knowledge and his love for his family against the clock, secret societies, and even Johannes Gutenberg himself.

Get the book here:

illuminated: Christian Authors Take On "Da Vinci Code" Plot Style

Voting for The 2007 Weblog Awards is now open. This is the master list of voting links that you can use this to navigate to the voting booths for each of the 49 categories. You can vote once a day in each category. Polls close November 8, 2007.

I wonder if I know Anybody Here?
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Vote for the Best Blog in the Weblog Awards 2007

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