We have 1.5 years to come up with the design of our new condo (60sq meters, 2 bath, 3 bedroom), Kat already prepared her studio interiors and sent me the article below. I need to remember, so here it is:

Small Space Design Tips from Stephen Saint-Onge

NEW YORK (Business Wire EON) November 4, 2007 -- Designing any room can be challenging, but making over a small space might make you feel like you have limited options.

However, just because a room might be small doesn't mean you should scale down your ideas.

Here are a few tips from designer Stephen Saint-Onge to get you started on your small space design.

-- Clean Up and Clean Out To start your small space redesign, get rid of what is not a necessity. This will help you get the room down to the basics. For example, if you notice a piece of furniture in a room that you don't feel works in the space, move it out or store it, especially if it is an heirloom or antique.

-- Create a Look Book Once the room is down to the basics, it's time to be creative. Create a "look book" full of inspiring ideas from rooms in magazines, catalogs, notes from TV shows, movies, etc. When it comes time to make decisions about your likes and dislikes, you will have creative direction at your fingertips. Look books are great solutions for couples wanting to combine styles and create a unified environment.

-- Rearrange Your Space Rework and rearrange what you currently have in the space. If you're designing a living room, veer from the traditional seating area and create different inviting spaces. For a bedroom, position your bed against another wall to change the flow of the space. Simply reorganizing what you already have will help you see the space from a fresh perspective, and you haven't even spent a dime!

-- Accentuate and Accessorize Don't feel compelled to buy all new stuff for a different look. Redesigning can be as simple as buying new end tables and slipcovers or splurging to buy your favorite sofa. Focus your budget on buying accessories such as throw pillows, interesting artwork, frames, books, or candles. I love placing candles in a room, but if you have small children or allergies, consider using the LED Candles. These candles give you the look and feel of candlelight without the associated risk of an open flame.

-- Create a Theme If you don't know what your style is, determine a theme for the room. Themes help simplify your styling needs, such as a beach house theme, New York loft, or perhaps a country cottage.

-- Use Color The background of any room is color. Painting a room is the most dramatic and inexpensive way to change the look of the room large or small. Particularly in a small space, you shouldn't be afraid to work with
color, even dark colors.

-- Add Height In small spaces, ceilings can help make a room look larger. A fun trick is adding trim five feet up on the wall around the room. Everything below the trim is painted white, and everything above and the ceiling is painted a darker shade or coordinated color. This color scheme helps create an infinite look to the ceiling, which creates the illusion of more height and space in the room.

-- Bring in Natural Light Another key element to a room is lighting. To bring in more natural lighting, consider removing bulky or dated window treatments. Changing out lighting fixtures can also help brighten up the room.

Also, using dimmers allows you to control the levels of light in the room and create different moods.

-- Consider Hardwood Flooring If your room is carpeted, consider replacing the flooring with hardwoods. Wood floors are a great way to open the space, and wood allows light to bounce off the floor to give the effect of more openness in a space. If you're using hardwoods, area rugs are a great way to define seating areas or an area of interest in the room.

-- Streamline Bulky Products From a design perspective, technology can often take up a great deal of room, especially in a small space. Be smart about turning to products that are designed to make your life simpler, more efficient, and stylish. Consider using a flat-panel television -- it's space efficiency and minimalist look will
complement your design scheme.

Designing our Condo Unit

I typed in Http://whoweareinstead.blogspot.com in a chance that I can get that address for the Pinoy Jars of Clay Fans Club. This greeted me:

This blog is open to invited readers only


It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

This is curious and now I'm thinking - this can be the means of creating a membership only site! If you're not invited/registered then you can't view it. Let's see if the blog's contents are visible via blogsearch, thoug, let's try searching Jars or Song from the site:

Walang katugmang dokumento na nahanap para sa song site:http://whoweareinstead.blogspot.com/.


  • Siguraduhing tama ang pagkakabaybay ng lahat ng salita.
  • Subukan ang ibang mga keyword.
  • Subukang gumamit ng mas malawak na mga keyword.
  • Subukang gumamit ng mas kaunting mga keyword.
Nice! It just means that the blog is INVISIBLE in google. Now how about Yahoo? It's not there too:

We did not find results for: member site:http://whoweareinstead.blogspot.com/.. Try the suggestions below or type a new query above.

So it's a truly invisible site. When it's the time that every one wants to be popular on the net, I'm thinking of making a small universe of NON SEARCHEABLE stuff. Nice.

Now I wonder how much can I charge for people to access my Internet Marketing Knowledge and Processes?

Idea: Restricted Blog

It's been a tough time looking for a new apartment for me this Christmas season. I don't know why it has to happen at this time ALL THE TIME. It's been the 3rd time in six years that I have to move out of where I'm staying and go somewhere else. Mostly due to incredibly difficult landladies. Are they even to be called ladies?

Oh no, that's not true, the first one was an inconsiderate female housemate who wanted to glue the phone to her ear and wanted me to offer them what I was eating every time they're present in the living room.  We weren't even friends but she wanted ME to give her courtesy. Oh dear.

The 2nd one was a literally insane landlady of a rental place in guadalupe. Every tue and thursday she would BLARE her instrumental oldies at about 9am to who knows when. Nobody stood up to her. When I asked her to reduce the volume ONCE because I had to sleep during the day --she did..then got back to me in anger when it was my moving out date. She was very considerate enough to STAND IN THE WAY OF people moving my stuff out while SHOUTING at us all sorts of strange accusations. 

And now this one-the one I'm staying in now--the land lady's super broke she asks ADVANCES from her TENANTS and HER MAID (I heard her SON asking the MAID for money on HER BEHALF).  Good grief. Wait, she's not super broke-she's just plain irresponsible. She would knock at midnight asking for money or in the middle of the afternoon (when people should be asleep) just to say things like "You're rich anyway, can you pay more?".  You should hear her shout at her son and maids. Incredible, you'd think they weren't humans.

Apartment hunting takes the fun out of the no-classes , no work period. Mostly for you this is the time for parties, for me--there's sweat and tears and long bleak walks looking for an affordable place in the right location. Who said there's a real estate boom? I think the developers are just dreaming that the Pinoys can afford their  P 16,000-32,000 amortizations. No wonder the previous real estate bubbles burst! They make hi-end properties and then wonder why they can't fill it up. Normal pinoys can't afford these rates why don't you create low cost housings like Singapore!?!

I wonder why they're DOING IT AGAIN? What makes them so sure that the pinoys are richers now --sans the OFW?

Oh well.

Sad, cant sleep. Don't know why. Incredible Landladies

Super hires versions of the Batman 2: The Dark Knight available at this link.

More expected next year:

1. Speedracer the movie (completely shot in green screens)

2. DragonBall Z, live action by Steven Chow

3. Knight Rider, the movie

4. The Hobbit (wait! maybe that's 2010!) (plus a sequel to the Hobbit).

2008 Movie News

I've been keen on waiting of the Torchwood and Doctor Who Christmas Specials on Dec 25 and blogged about all the excitement in my entertainment blog. Kylie Minogue will guest at a Titanic WAITRESS. Like most Who shows, this one has a twist, like the time when aliens stole a HOSPITAL and put it on the _____ (Spoiler). This time its a 71min show and it'll be set on the Titanic, with a twist. Hunt for the trailer if you want to know what it is. BBC will show the special on Dec 15, 8pm. The rest of the world will see it online Dec 26. Thank BIT TORRENT and online TV show sites.

Also, I discovered that I have a copy of Lorie's CD, she's a french pop singer and it's a live album copy I've got. Funny thing is if you know french, you'd realize that the crowd shouting "LORIE-LORIE-LORIE!" is actually saying "LO(french R that sounds like a sniffle/cough)-IE. As a non-french this is very funny if you should it out loud. Lyrics to one LORIE song in case you want to practice reading french.

Our recent Davao travels to it's main tourist spots are chronicled in lovingly created Davao collages by Clarisse.  The site also contains the incredible 3km stretch of relatively undiscovered white sand in Gumasa at the Sarangani Bay in Mindanao. There are 3 posts there.

As a concert producer and promoter, I've gathered feedback from the Vertical Horizon concert last Friday in Manila from those who attended. Lots of artists have spiritual overtones in their work --including Bon Jovi--that's because truth also exists in works of beauty even if the artist is imperfect - and VH is no exception. What do you think?

Vertical Horizon Manila feeback/New Car/New Doctor Who/Torchwood

Doctor Who guest stars unveiled (plus 2 exciting visits)

Actress Felicity Kendal is to be among the guest stars when Doctor Who returns in 2008, producers have announced.
Best known as Barbara Good in 1970s sitcom The Good Life, Kendal will play Lady Clemency Eddison in the hit science fiction programme.

Filming on the next series has already begun, with comedian Catherine Tate becoming the Doctor's latest companion.

Stars David Tennant and Freema Agyeman both return, and other guests include former Blackadder actor Tim McInnerny.

Over the course of the series, the time-travelling hero will revisit his old enemy The Ood - a race of squid-like humans - and drop in on famous crime novellist Agatha Christie.

'Brilliant idea'

"Visiting Agatha Christie has been on my wish-list for ages now, and for the Doctor, it's a real meeting of minds," said executive producer and lead writer Russell T Davies.

Agatha Christie's grandson, Mathew Prichard, said it was a "brilliant idea" to introduce her to the show.

"As far as I know my grandmother never saw Doctor Who, but I am sure she would have been intrigued, excited and above all flattered by all this attention in 2007," he said.

Christie's role will be played by actress Fenella Woolgar, who was recently seen in BBC One's Jekyll.

Catherine Tate said she was "delighted" to be returning to Doctor Who, following her guest appearance as Donna Noble in last year's Christmas special.

She reprises the character in this series - beginning with an episode where she has to track down the Time Lord during an alien emergency in modern-day London.

"I had a blast last Christmas and look forward to travelling again through time and space with that nice man from Gallifrey," said Tate.

Before the new series begins, Doctor Who returns with a Christmas special set on the Titanic and co-starring Kylie Minogue.

The Christmas Special should be on by ....Xmas time! Anybody, tell me when to expect this show?

Doctor Who visits Agatha Christie and the Titanic!

Here's the lyrics to the song Les Ventres Rounds (round tummies)

ette saison, j'ai l'impression
Est favorable aux ventres ronds
Ecoutez bien cette chanson
Quelques couplets, une attention

A toutes ces femmes arrondies
Qui vont bientôt donner la vie
Et qui font naître des envies
Je voudrais juste dire merci

Volez, volez les jolis ventres ronds
Ils sont touchants, ils sont si mignons
Volez, volez les jolis ventres ronds
Ce soir je vous dédie cette chanson

Quand je les croise dans la rue
Je les regarde l'oeil attendri
Je leur souris, je suis émue
Alourdies mais épanouies

Le poids de l'amour
Entre fraises et mal au coeur
N'est jamais trop lourd
C'est juste un signe de bonheur

{au Refrain}

Dans leur regard si pétillant
Il est écrit si simplement
Que mettre au monde un enfant
C'est se sentir vivant

9 mois d'attente pour voir le jour
Un appétit sucré, salé
Impatience, compte à rebours
La vie entière pour s'aimer

{au Refrain}

Qu'il soit une fille ou un garçon
Les cheveux bruns, les cheveux blonds
Ce bébé sera un don
Il reste le choix du prénom

Je suis trop jeune à présent
(Et) pas encore prête pour un enfant
Alors je vis en attendant
D'être à mon tour, une maman

{au Refrain}

Listening to Lorie...Les Ventres Ronds

Got this from Cathie, hope it's real.


"I just reached my limit last weekend, and decided to take action
against the abusive MMDA enforcers. I basically called up the MMDA head
office and inquired from the Personnel Officer, Antonio Pagulayan, to
clarify their policies. Here is what I got.
If any of these abuses seem familiar to you, Mr. Pagulayan has asked
that you call either the MMDA hotline (136) or call the METRO BASE at
0920 9389861 or 0920 9389875 and ask for an Inspectorate. They will send
inspectors to the place where these MMDA officers are extorting, even
while you are arguing out of your apprehension."

1. MMDA officers are not allowed to group together in order to
apprehend. They are not even allowed to stand together in groups of 2 or
more. The only time they are allowed to work together is for special
operations (probably when they apprehend groups of buses for smoke

2. Swerving IS NOT a traffic violation. Moving one lane to the left or
right is not swerving, no matter where on the road you do it. And it is
even less of a violation when you do it with a signal. Swerving is
defined as shifting 2 or more lanes very quickly. So you can argue your
way out of this, and call the Metro Base for help.

3. Sadly, using the yellow lane is a traffic violation and will get you
a ticket. However, buses are really not allowed to go out of the yellow
lane, so if you see selective apprehension of private cars only, you may

4. MMDA has confirmed that your license MAY NOT BE CONFISCATED at a
traffic apprehension. The only time they can do so is if you are part of
an accident, or it is your third violation and you have not settled your
fines yet. They are only allowed to give you a ticket, which you can
contest. He recommends actually receiving the ticket in some instances,
so that you can report the officer who did it.

Also, you are free to ask any of these officers for their "mission
order", which is written by their supervisor. If they apprehend you for
a violation that is not in their mission order for the day, you can
report them and they will receive disciplinary action.

Abusive MMDA, how to defend yourself from them.

How to print / open / read MDI on a MAC OS X? Apparently a pitfall for most new mac users. Right now i just use http://www.freepdfconvert.com/.

It converts the MDI to a PDF w/c it email to me --then i print that. WARNING. If you have a lot of files, ZIP them first then upload to the site, because it has an anti-abuse mechanism that only allows you to send files for conversion--every 30 minutes only. You can bypass of course by using a different email. So there.

How to print / open / read MDI on a MAC OS X?

Mv Doulos 2007: My shopping cart last night with Maan and Pastor Ogie Cyabyab.

The Search by John Batelle, 400 pesos
Trendspotting book, 300 pesos
Manga Bible, 300 pesos (Gospel NT)
Walking Through the Wardrobe (a narnia devotional) 150


Siler's Bald, Real Life, 200 pesos
La Rue, Reaching, 100 pesos
Sarah Jahn, 50 pesos
Charlotte Church, Prelude, 250
Skanktified, 200
Skillet, Comatose, 400
Paul Colman Trio, One, 300
ElevetySeven and the land of the Fake Believe, 300
Jars of Clay Interactive CD ROM, 400
Stereo Deluxx, So Clearly, 200

Notes on this trip:
1. There are no more 25 pesos/Cd bargains on the 2nd store near the EXIT.
2. Eat first before you go there. They close at 9pm but they'll let you in even if its 8:50pm
3. Some of last year's stuff is still there.
4. Some CDs are priced WILDLY different - if the case is broken, its 100 pesos LESS so Hunt for them.
5. There are many Vegetarian Cookbooks this time.
6. The chocolate ice cream is GONE. It's 40 pesos a cone by the way.
7. Admission is P 10.
8. Schedule of doulos is found in this post at my CCM music site.
9. What I got last Jan 2007 are found in my old blog post.
10. No Ted Dekker or Peretti books around or for that matter Robin Parrish.

1. Chris Rice's Double DVD live album.
2. Chris Rice's Amusing Special DVD/CD combo.
3. Leigh Nash, Blue on Blue
4, Skillet's Alien Youth
5. Skillet's Hey You I Love You Soul
6. Kara Williamson
7. Lots of Lincoln Brewster Live
8. DC Talk, early albums
9. Michael W Smith Tribute Album.
10. Lots of Derek Webb and Todd Agnew CDs
11. Cadmeon's Call, Company of Angels
12. Sixpence's Divine Discontent
13. There's a lot more.

So there. What did you get at DOULOS?

Mv Doulos 2007: My shopping cart last night with Maan and Pastor Ogie Cyabyab.

According to this article:  There's a product that can make "Phone Empowered as Mobile Emergency Command Device; IT Alerts, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, CRM and Other Important Enterprise Notifications Can Be Initiated and Managed With the Touch of a Screen". Yes it's very long. Too long.

It says this further: "MIR3's iPhone interface also functions as an automated mobile command dashboard that allows executives to instantly notify and initiate live voice conferences among the appropriate response-team members, and access MIR3's real-time reporting features to track notifications and responses on their iPhone."

I smell a FAKE AD. Remember GAMES magazines used to run these? You look for the product that does not exist. This press released sounds like it's cookie cutter for something that doesn't exist. All they're saying is:
1. It's used to communicate video cons?
2. It's used to inform company problems?

It's a PHONE! And the Ipod touch has a browser, so whatever you can do on the 'net you can do in it! Specially if its as simple as clicking buttons and sending messages Of course it does that. Shesh. Whoever made that press release should be doing something ELSE. You've obfuscated enough, I don't know what you're selling. Good job.

I bet this Iphone product does not exist!

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