This is story I read while browsing the forums of It's creative and new and has a lot of impact.
A yaya (nursemaid) and her ward (a little boy) walk towards an ice cream stall (the street-towed type).  The yaya bought two for both of them.  The child was so excited that, when he licked on the ice cream, the cold stuff fell to the ground.  The child was about to cry for the lost when the quick-thinking, quick-responding yaya came to the rescue.  She removed one slipper off her foot and gingerly dipped one toe to the fallen cold item. 'Ngeeeh! Ang lamig!' (That's COOOLD!) exclaimed the yaya.  She repeated this several times while making funny 'dances'.  The child never got on with the crying as he was 'mesmerized' with what the yaya is doing.  After some dips by the yaya, the child untied his shoe and pulled off his foot to try the 'dance'.

In the end, the cry never materialized.  The yaya had changed the outlook of the child.

It's all about a new way of looking at things. The dropped ice cream is certainly a bad experience for both child and adult, but it is our response that will determine how we will live our lives after 'dropping' some things.

-From Dacs. of the Kerygmafamily Forum.

A great story on How to change Bad To Good

Was listening to Tony Robbins interviewing Leo Buscaglia. Then in an
inspired moment, I googled Leo. It turns out the interview is old. Leo
died in 1998. But he did leave a remarkable work about love. Here's a
sample marvelous sample on Love and Death.

Learn the Joy of the Moment
by Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

Freud said a lots of really nice things and one thing that he said was
so many of our problems and our inability to live stems from the
belief that we will never die.

We think we have forever. If you thing about it in the back of your
mind, you always think it's the other person who dies, not you. Well I
have news for you, We are all going to die! The is the most democratic
thing that has ever happened. No matter who you are, how wealthy you
are, how illustrious you are, how many degrees you have, how fouled up
you've made your life, how beautiful you've made your life, you're
going to die.

But why fear it? You only fear death when you're not living. If you're
involved in the process of life, you won't wail and scream. If you've
treated people in your life beautifully while they were alive, you
will not throw yourself over thief caskets screaming, "Don't go, Don't
Go!" For goodness sakes! We don't even let people die in dignity. We
let them die guilty by screaming, "Oh, please don't die."

What a weird concept we have of death. We don't want to take children
to funerals. Some of you had it explained that everything dies as
flowers die in winter and then grow again. Death is a continuous
beautiful process of life. Then when you've seen it, you don't fear
it, Death is a good friend, an awfully good friend, because it tells
us we don't have forever and that to live is now; therefore, you see
how precious every minute is. We read it and say, "oh yes, that's so
true." But do we live that way? How wonderful it is to be with the
moment when you see a flower. When somebody is talking to you, for
goodness sake, listen and don't look over a shoulder at wheat else is
going on. Cocktail time. There's no greater insult. If you don't want
to be with me, don't be with me! That's all right, I can adjust to
that. But if you are going to be with me, will you be with me? You
say, I am going to look at the ocean." Do you look at the ocean? "Oh,
isn't that a beautiful sunset." Do you mean it, do you see it, do you
recognize it will never come again?

Death teaches us--if we want to hear--that the time is now. The time
is now to pick up a telephone and call the person that you love. Death
teaches us the joy of the moment. It teaches us we don't have forever.
If teaches us that nothing is permanent, It teaches us to let go,
there's nothing you can hang on to. And it tells us to give up on
expectations and let tomorrow tell its own story, because nobody knows
if they'll get home tonight. To me that's a tremendous challenge.
Death says, "Live now."

Learn to Live by Leo Buscaglia

How to Fulfull Your Dreams, Chapter 04, Changing your tune, programmer!

"It's late at night, and your feeling down, there's a couple standing on the street sharing summer secrets and silly sounds".
-The Corrs "Radio"

Like most people, you grew up on songs like this that didn't actually say anything--other than an existential observation of the world.

Existential, meaning: you, on a bus to from Manila to Laoag City (that's a 7 hour trip, right?), looking at rows of houses, rice fields, Meralco electric posts, people on the roadside and more of the same for while thinking exactly this:

Rows of HousesGreen Rice FieldsPost, Post, PostPeople, People. People

The Corrs song above, for example is like our simple country side observation. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Also, it's probably one with the most misquoted and misheard lyrics - specially before the popularity of karaoke. And you're almost sure that when it's sung in those dark, plush rooms with consumable drinks and food -that most people still stumble singing that last part with the 6 "s" words.

Try it.

And there was once a band named Duran Duran, in the 80s (let's deny for a moment that you do not know this band at all) - that didn't actually try to make any sense. Simon Le Bon, the lyricist and all around gogo-singer was said to have this fabled lyric book that they would use to match the music that the band would create.

Yes, and this is the music that you actually fill your days with. Car, Jeep, Bus and Tricycle....

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Chapter 4: How To FulFill Your Dreams

Chapter 3: How To Manage Your Money Like The Super Rich

Okay, now we start with the basics: Your Money.

Why? You know that most dreams will involve a certain amount of money and there's no escaping this fact.

In the book "One Minute Millionaire" by Allen and Hansen, it was mentioned that poor people just buy things and do nothing else afterward. Rich people on the other hand, do that extra "one minute" of filing their receipts in a way that allows them to get back to them in the future.

Let's imagine you're the one who read this book years ago. 3 years ago, to be exact. You're excited about this "One Minute Way of Becoming A Millionaire" so you got a nice thick clear book and filed your receipts under categories that you thought about-like:
Stock Investments
Real Estate Seminars
ATM Slips
Credit Card Bills
Bahay (you know, for mom
Electricity and Water
GirlFriend/Boyfriend dates
SplurgeNight Outs
Savings (Oh, you almost forgot this, did you?)

After one year, you found the total number of times you ever needed those receipts.


But you keep at it and you keep the bulging file in one of your storage boxes. National bookstore (NBS) was very appreciative for the clear book purchase by the way.

The next year, you got a (more expensive) expanding folder for your receipts. NBS, sends its thanks (again).

Suddenly you decide to monitor your expense by Excelling everything so you know how much you are spending on each category.

After spending one hour on Excel (w/c I turned into a verb above, if you noticed) for just one month of receipts - finally, you look at your list and say, hmm, so that's where my money goes.....

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Chapter 3 of How To Fulfill your dreams.

How To Fulfill Your Dreams by Jomar Hilario
Pinoys deserve more, but why are we settling for this?

Chapter 2: How a prostitute feels like.

In the 2005 US TV Comedy "How I Met Your Mother", Barney (old TV's Doogie Howser, also controversially known as TV's first "blogger") sets up a date between the lead star Ted and a hooker named Mary.

It was a group date anyway-- so they were talking about why one of the guys (Marshall) took a corporate law job when instead he should be using law to protect whales from being harpooned off Japan (or something like that).

Marshall defends himself saying : "I need the money for my wedding so I'm trapped because the money is good -- though I really want to help the whales. "

"C'mon guys, can't you relate how it feels like?" He asks the group.

"It feels like a prostitute!" said Mary, the hooker.


Everybody gulped and looked at Mary. Incredulous.

Except Barney, smug in his suit and tie.


Because he knows Mary is NOT a hooker.

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Chapter 2 of "How to Fulfill Your Dreams"..

From the Starwars WIKI, Sept 2008 will see us glued to TV for the first run of the 3D StarWars Series.

On December 2008 or perhaps earlier, Tomb Raider : Underworld will be available for all platforms and the Tomb Raider Wiki created a better list of expected features for this new Lara Adventure:

dynamic weather
dynamic dirt on Lara's clothes
Lara "has more than a dozen layers that determine her skin tone and texture, how light reflects or scatters, how shadows form, etc." [3]
Lara has additional non-gameplay-relevant animations like pushing away branches [4]
Destroyed objects and defeated enemies will no longer vanish
new combat tactics (hand-to-hand combat - kicking and punching - melee combat... e.g. hitting opponents with picked-up sticks)
shooting two targets at once
shooting while climbing
shooting while balancing on a pole
advanced environment interaction
multiple usage of objects (e.g. using picked up items - like a wooden stick - as weapons or for climbing)
balancing on ropes
new, advanced wall-climbing
multiple usage of the grapple rope (e.g. pulling objects closer, for climbing, for balancing across...)
The game will be significantly longer than Tomb Raider Legend
the game will contain more difficult puzzles
The hint system can be turned off
fewer boss fights
Lara will encounter dangerous cryptids (creatures that are presumed extinct, or have yet to be discovered) that require many shots before being defeated
improved opponent AI (e.g. recognition of thrown grenades and evasive actions)
It has been rumoured that the medipacks will no longer exist and thus Lara must find another way of healing
Keeley Hawes voices Lara

The places where Lara visits:
South America, Mexico
Easter Island
the Golden Triangle
Rome and the Vatican (Nice, Just in time for Dan Browns "Angels and Demons" movie w/c will be releasing May 2009. Of course, I do not approve.

2008 is an exciting time. For Star Wars and Tomb Raider

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How To FulFill Your Dreams
You deserve better, but why do you settle for THIS?

Chapter One : Shorten the time between your idea and action. (paraphrase from Dr. Edward L Kramer).

I got this quote from Dan Kennedy's time management book, "Guide to Time and Productivity and Sanity. " , it further says, that this will make dreams into realities.

Let me tell you what I mean.

Ever remember a time (I'm sure it's recent) you're sitting on a pedicab/tricycle and your mind says "I've this great idea, make a book about how people like yourself -deserve better but settle for ugly things like this".

What ugly things? You ask yourself.

You look around and see a thick layer of dirt from the ceiling and sides of the pedicab centimeters away from your face, the smell of days old sweat hanging in the air -- from the direction of the pedicab driver. Even the passing air cannot mask it.

Come to think of it, you recognize the that the sides of the pedicab used to be an old pizza tarpaulin that has been discarded into a trash heap. But now it's reused on the sides of the pedicab. Of course, somebody forgot to clean it beforehand.


Didn't I mention that it was raining earlier? Now the murky water from the flash flood just drenched your nice Florsheims. "No matter", you say, these 4000 peso shoes are water proof! Ha! But your pants aren't and they drip the water into your shoes - slowly soaking your socks.

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How To Fulfill Your Dreams Chapter 1

Click on this link of the Facebook sidebar on the bottom left side of this blog to see BCGC's Lei Del Rosario's Wedding pictures. BCGC members in attendance are Grace, Roselle and Joan (her sister in law also). Lots of UPLB teachers and personalities abounded. Including Mrs Maturan my kindergarten teacher!

Lei Del Rosario's Wedding Pictures on my N70

Why do some wedding gowns cost like:
5 washing machines?
2 160 gb ipod videos?
1 macbook?
2 big screen tvs?
1.5 lazy boy easy chairs
2 high-end couches
1 hi-end refrigerator
3 cooking ranges
2 large beds
5 closets
1/2 of a massage chair

It's because of the hype - of looking beautiful for just one day. I
propose that it's the focus that's misguided. The bride is only focused
on that day-to look beautiful or presentable. I propose that this focus
is incorrect. There are many days after the wedding and the bride can
design her clothes anytime, can throw a fancy costume party anytime --
they can even get married AGAIN (renewal of vows)! Why the willingness
to THROW AWAY MONEY on pretentious clumps of silks that will most likely
NEVER see the light of day after the wedding?

I propose that this is not a good focus and another reason why couples
sometimes start married life penniless --if it weren't for their
primary sponsors monetary donations.

If you have the money to burn, go ahead. But even that's incorrect,
unless it's properly budgeted, money is not supposed to be burned unless
it's allotted to a "Play Account" (see T Harv Ecker's Millionaire Mind
book and seminar).

This brings us to another misguided focus--a wedding is not a money
making event. It's not passive, there's no business case and no
assurance of income. However many couples approach it as such. Why is
this? All the past experiences of couples will not guarantee that
you'll recoup the cost in the end. There's never a guarantee.

It's time to rethink the wedding. It's time to make it simpler, happier
and free of uptight fluff that removes focus that it's a celebration and
a witnessing. The one thing I'm concerned about is the food- because it
is a party and for parties -- the food makes a lot of difference - not
the gowns and the donations.

The Racket of Expensive Wedding (Gowns)

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