Two simple videos to show how Manila/Makati, the Philippines is cooperating in the Earth Hour 2008. I'll create a new video for tomorrow to compare!

Another one:

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Video of Makati,Manila SkyLine, Earth Hour 2008

2008 March 14, Friday 7pm. White Beach at Puerto Galera. While walking along the beach, Clarisse mentioned that she's looking at an unusual thing in the sky. It wasn't a plane and it looked exactly like a star surrounded by a ringlike cloud. I said "It's a plane, coming at us". She said "No" and pointed to a smaller moving lighted dot near the "thing"--"That's a plane!" And sure enough--the plane/dot was moving fast but the star with a ring--didn't. I said, maybe we're seeing a nova-and explained about exploding stars and how the event actually happened billions/millions of years ago and it took the light this long --so that's why we see it.

This picture (not the actual physical nova, but maybe a gamma ray impression) -- looks like what we saw:

We stare at it some more. At the back of my mind i'll google it when we get back to the hotel--expecting to see many pictures of it from astronomers. The Puerto Galera, Mindoro beach doesn't have much light and the ringed-star was over the dark waters. The "ringed star" stayed visible for about 30mins and faded away. The next day-at the same hour-we didn't see it there any more - so it couldn't be a star with a non-moving cloud over it.

So what, NASA, could we have been the only 2 people who've seen the farthest thing in the universe w/o using any instruments other than our unaided eyes?

As Neo would say "Woah!"

See what the people who didn't see it are saying at BoingBoing.

Did we just see that March 19 Exploding Star/Nova in Puerto Galera?

Firefox 2

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I logged into my Adsense account today and found that google wanted my approval again on their new policies. Since I didn't want to wade thru the legalese, I just looked for summaries on the net. Here they are:
Today, Google Adsense updated their terms of service (TOS). The announcement was posted here and you will also see a message when you login to your adsense account with the updated TOS. It has been almost 2 years since the last update. The last significant update was made in November 2005.

So what are the most significant changes?

1) Publishers now need to add a new privacy policy to their website disclosing information about ad cookies to visitors.

2) You can show Google ads on error 404 pages and registration pages as the following line is now deleted from the TOS:

[Deleted - Prohibited Uses] (You shall not) display any Ad(s), Link(s), or Referral Button(s) on any error page, on any registration or “thank you” page (e.g., a page that thanks a user after he/she has registered with the applicable Web site), on any chat page, in any email*. this may be a hint that AdSense for Email program is in the pipeline!

3) You can place Adsense associated with multiple AdSense accounts on the same page.

4) You can place AdSense for Search box on pages that have no content.

5) AdSense Referral products (like Firefox, Google Pack, etc) can be placed on pages that contain no extra content.

Read the entire thing here in Chris's Online Marketing Blog

Labnol, of Digital Inspiration also has a more detailed but curiously similar post here.

Could it be a case of manual lifting? Is the kettle calling darth vader black?

Google Adsense Feb 2008 New Policies Explained

Photo by a very tired Abe Olandres for YugaTech Photos

Backup Pro Pictures by Karla Redor
Official Wedding Pictures by Rene Gaviola..coming soon!
Backup Pro Pictures by Yuga/Abraham Olandres ..coming soon!
Guest Pictures..coming soon!

What was that 80's song playing during the Reception's Grand Entrance?
Its was Roam by the B-52's. Relive it in this MTV. Now imagine it playing when Jomar and Clarisse was entering the reception hall. Nice.

Keep watching this space for wedding videos. There were a total of 6 videos created by Clarisse for the pre-reception and the reception.

Hilario Conanan Nuptials Pictures

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