Here's a curious post from the American Express Forum on how programmers could write an error message and their role in marketing.

Case in point: I’ve worked closely with a well known software firm that spends millions on marketing programs that do a very good job of convincing consumers to buy their products. Once those products are in the hands of customers, however, that marketing spend ends. But the conversation has just begun – the customer not only installs the software, he or she then interacts with the product again and again, often multiple times a day.  And sometimes the customer sees an error message.
And while the software company doesn’t see it that way, that error message is marketing.  Unfortunately, that message is written by a programmer, and it fails to do anything but irritate the customer.
So my American Express Programmer friends, are you listening to what people in the company are saying?

Today, Internet Marketing is focused on Data Analytics - Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Wordpress. The list goes on and on. As a programmer, magagamit mo yung skills and tools na alam mo para maintindihan kung papaano ito nagwo-work, papaano ito babaliin at kung papaano ito gamitin para dumami ang leads, customers o followers.

In Google Analytics, programmers can understand the flow of visitors. In websites, they can add landing pages to make visitors stick around much longer. In various tools, apps and online platforms, programmers can test which ones can promote a product better.

I have read this post from Seth Godin’s blog about what programmers want to know about marketers. This might help programmers who wants to take the plunge into marketing.

  1. Marketing is not rational. Programming is. Works the same way every time. Marketing doesn't, almost in a Heisenbergian way. If it worked before, it probably won't work again.
  2. Marketing is even more difficult to schedule than bug fixes. Marketing expenses are easily timed, of course, but the results are not. That's because there's a human at each end of the equation.

  3. Most marketers have no clue whatsoever what to do. So we do unoriginal things, or stall, or make promises we can't keep.
  4. Just because Sergey is both a brilliant programmer and a brilliant marketer doesn't mean that all brilliant programmers are good at marketing.
  5. People often prefer things that are inelegant, arcane or even broken. Except when they don't.
  6. Truly brilliant coding is hard to quantify, demand or predict. Same is true with marketing.

  7. There is no number seven.
  8. Unlike mediocre programmers, mediocre marketers occasionally get lucky. When they do, they end up with a success they can brag about for a generation. But that doesn't mean they know how to do it again.
  9. Just because some marketers are dorks doesn't mean your marketer is a dork. Some programmers aren't so great either. Be patient.
  10. Without marketing, all your great coding is worthless. Push your marketer to be brave and bold and remarkable. Do it every day. Your code is worth it.

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Give Me 3 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About The Role Of Programmers in Marketing

maraming salamat po! ill work out on the things u taught me. God bles u!

jan edward sayco

fatima cangas

More to come! Plus pictures.

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Internet Marketing August Workshop Feedbacks and Testimonials

Manila orphans, tobacco, American Manila, the world before my parents were alive.

Manila - Castillian Memoirs 1930s

Watch this 5 min video taken 4pm today of an airborne twister under a large storm cell in the vicinity of Umali Subdivision in UPLB, Laguna. Wow. Good thing nobody was harmed. My friend said it was "malupit" but i was more worried for them.

Twister/Buhawi sa los baños, laguna / Twister Spotted in UPLB!

Hi kuya Jomar! Thanks for helping me in my Internet Business! I'm really glad I attended your Internet Marketing Seminar! It helped me a lot! Now I don't download any online games in my computer anymore and don't go to internet cafe with my friends just to play computer games! I'm now enjoying earning from blogs that I made! heheh! ^_^ Not only that, I'm really thankful for your continuing coaches even if the seminar has already ended. Thanks a lot kuya! Hope you could continue helping more people earn passive income through your seminars. God Bless you kuya! Take Care Always! ^_^

Jan Mckingley Hilado   /

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Testimonial from 17 year old from Cebu

If you're like me, you've already discovered the power of multi-tasking a long time ago.

Warning: The next paragraph will give you a tickle if you're a geek and will spin you round if you're not.

Picture this:

You have flock (an internet browser) running on more than 10 tabs, yahoo messenger or meebo open for instant chats and opera downloading a long form video on Crunchyroll. If you're using a PC that's underpowered your machine is probably crawling by now - but no, you have a mac - so it's not a problem to add a few Visualhub DVD conversion duties while all of this is happening.

All this in the name of GTD or "getting things done". Wow. A few years ago they don't have a name for it, now it's almost half impossible to do that people are calling it by an acronym!

So how to do get things done?

Well, personal stuff first. I am a writer for a children and teen magazine. Every month I have a deadline. Of course every month, I miss this deadline. Why? Because I sometimes write  a partial article on TextEdit (Notepad to you XP users) and save it for later because I  have been distracted by flock displaying juicy news from my RSS feeds, or  Yahoo friend asking something, or the Crunchyroll video is finished or the "ding" from Visualhub saying "It's time to plug in your ipod, the DVD to video is now complete!".  How can anybody finish anything with all that racket?

Enter WRITEROOM. It's a wordprocessor. It's very very barebones. Actually it's so barebones that it TAKES OVER YOUR ENTIRE SCREEN - blacking out everything you're trying to do in multi task - and gives you a single green blinking cursor. Yes, it's Wordperfect and 1980s EGA CRT screens all over again - but only better. The only program that still works on top of Writeroom on my mac is SHADES -w/c controls screen brightness - no threat of being distracted by that.

Don't get me wrong though - everything I mentioned above is still running - but you just don't see it - so you're not distracted by it.

So faced with a computer with a blank screen, what are you going to do? Move the mouse? Click an icon?


And that's what has happened  to me while I used the 30day trial period of WRITEROOM. Complete concentration on what I should write.

The thing about WRITEROOM is that - you should try using it. Don't judge it's simplicity because as Merlin Mann ( said, it's simple (he suspects) by design. I, on the other hand am sure it is!

There's also a windows and linux version (yehey) both available at 

Oh! And if you're still reading this, here's a treat! If you're a blogger, just write a review of Writeroom and the owner will give you a free license for it and TaskPaper -another software he created, just click this sentence..   That's simply $30-60 value just to write something, so go do it!

Taskpaper review coming up!
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In a busy world, what single thing can you use to accomplish your writing?

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