You want to make a blog. What can you learn from this movie?

Cinemalaya's NAMETS (60s teaser) a niche!

Bohol, 5am. The boatman is late and we woke up early just to see the dolphins. Ahh..

The wife. She's here.


He's coming soon, she says.

An hour passes.

We're dejected.

Boatman here. We're off to see the dolphins...

Two hours of hunting them down, sharing the ocean with another set of boats full of tourists and NO DOLPHINS.

So that's why this video inspires me that ONE DAY, it will happen to me.

How about you, where's your video blog of dreams?

That's an idea. Now go an RUN WITH IT. There's a lot of time these holidays - gather the inspiring youtube videos and post them all into a blog. As many as you can! Along with text saying why you want to achieve those dreams.

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How to keep your dreams alive using a Video Dream Blog

Okay, what's photosynth? It's a Microsoft Technology that allows you to take a TON of pictures from fans, other people and your marketing department and assemble them into a PSEUDO 3D display of a location, building, event venue.

Yup, that's confusing but if you've watched CSI MIAMI, I think they used a variant of that already.
Here's a sample:

Now the requirements are, the user or viewer must be using WINDOWS and must install Photosynth, the software. Then as an example,  if you have both the above, go to the National Geographic Photosynth project and be prepared to be wowed or not. It's up to you.

Warning, both a fast computer and a fast internet access is required for this. If not, well there's always YOUTUBE-you can use to promote your properties.

Use Photosynth to Promote your Event/Property

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Starting to roll out in North America, soon all Google Adsense publishers (that's you, maybe) can use an EMPTY domain name that they purchased --to earn MONEY.

Think of the possiblities. After almost a 100 comments in the official Google Adsense Blog, you'd figure that most people will take this positively. But no, not everyone can see how GREAT IT IS.

You, what do you think? Good or bad?

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