If you can't read the text it says "Bro Jomar..I would like to inform you of my amazement. I got my first $10.67 from my blog. Thanks a lot. God bless.

from Ronlee....

Just to inspire you that I just got this message today. In the Internet Marketing world, people are used to hearing 1 million dollars in 24 hours! $77,405.55 in 2 weeks! Here in Jomar land, we start ordinary people in the ordinary goal of reaching their first $100 from the internet via blogging. It's realistic, attainable --and after that I do help out students to GROW out of $100 into the realm of the impossible. :)

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A Chat message about Adsense Earnings

1. In creating a blog post that people will notice: Be the first to announce an event!

For example, did you know that the IMAX theater in SM North is now open and they're playing a version of Harry Potter -every 3 hours? Personally we're disappointed because we want to watch the 45 minute short film. "Potter" doesn't deserve this much attention anymore this week. G-Force the movie must replace it! Give us G-Force the movie now!

Both SM Mall of Asia and SM North Avenue are playing Harry Potter -it's sad. Only two IMAX theatres in the country and they're playing the same Half-Blood Prince movies in the same week! Huhuhu.

2. And if ever you have to attach an image, did you name your image after the topic - like the one above - taken from the IMAX local site.

3. And after mentioning the news, did you mention a related item -like the fact that most cebuanos know that --there's a 4D Cinema in the heart of Cebu at the Crown Regency Hotel at Fuente Osmena. Here's what it looks like in the light: (photo from this site - read a family's experience there). The only 4D theater in Manila is in the boondocks at Sta Rosa, Laguna - inside Enchanted Kingdom.

Tip: To watch the 4d Cinema at Enchanted Kingdom cheaper - get the Carousel Special admission fee for P 150 (Free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, and Boulderville Express) and head straight to the 4D Discovery Theatre/Theater for an extra P 100 (or P60 for day pass holders). So for a 4D experience in Luzon, you'd need to pay the fare to Sta Rosa, Laguna plus P 250. (Now Showing: Journey to the Center of the Earth: the 4d Adventure, photo from EK's main site).

Cebuanos get a cheaper 4D Cinema experience for P 150 for TWO people (depends on the promo).

4. If ever you get someone's pictures, make sure you link back to them, tell everyone that the photo is from them and encourage people to visit that person's blog. Yes tell people to visit someone else's blog, that's what I said.

5. Did you also notice how many times I repeated the topics? SM North Edsa IMAX, Harry Potter, Theater, Theatre (british spelling), Enchanted Kingdom, 4D-and G-Force?

6. Your title should have the name of the topic, henceforth "SM North Edsa IMAX"

7. Always if you can - give free advise like the TIP above - on how to get into the Enchanted Kingdom 4D Discovery Theater in the cheapest way possible. How did I know? Well it helps if you can SEARCH (google) or you've done it before. And you think all those money saving tips will get no-where!

8. Now go improve your blog!

9. For more blog earning tips, make sure you've entered your name and email in this website: http://www.jomarhilario.com


SM North Edsa IMAX: 4 Tips in creating a blog post that people will notice

One of Smart's newest products is the social network called Sandbox. You can access it for free via web at http://mysandbox.com or via your cellphone using http://m.sandbox.com(i can be wrong, please correct me). Anyway I made this tutorial that helps my virtual assistant copy my emails to the Sandbox Group called "Mak-e Mo-ney On-line" - which I created. So if ever you're stuck in traffic and want to read my emails, just go to this Sandbox Group and read my life changing and wallet fattening messages!

How to use Smart's Sandbox To Add a Topic To Your Group:

</object><div style="font-size:11px;font-family:tahoma,arial;height:26px;padding-top:2px;">View more <a style="text-decoration:underline;" href="http://www.slideshare.net/">documents</a> from <a style="text-decoration:underline;" href="http://www.slideshare.net/OnlineIMWClub">OnlineIMWClub</a>.</div></div>

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How to use Smart's Sandbox To Add a Topic To Your Group

A guide to events that bless you with financial knowledge this July/Aug/Sept 2009:

After Sept 15 2009, you probably won't see me -live-pretty often because I'm taking care of the newest addition to our little family - a baby girl (yehey!).  So everybody's schedule is fixed up, here's a short guide to help you fit your schedule with some of my offerings - if you want to learn more about getting your finances augmented by this thing called the internet --on a more personal basis than just email.

1. July 31-August 1 - Internet Marketing Workshop (as I've been told, this one is fully booked already that's why there's item #2 below) in Cubao, Manila.

2. Advanced Internet Marketing mini-workshop August 3, 1pm-6pm. Robinson's Pioneer Mall (tentative - we might do it in Serendra, the Fort instead). Topics: Clever Ideas on what to blog about +  how to change your mindset + step by step affiliate marketing + the secrets of searching + you'll come up with at least 3 topics to blog about during the workshop. Wait for my fully detailed email or email your cellphone number to confirm attendance.

Two persons have already confirmed. P 2350 @

2. August 7-8 - by popular demand, we have created a 2nd Workshop, still in Cubao, avail of this as soon as you can. Email manilaworkshop@gmail.com. P 9750 @

3. August 15 (Saturday), Cagayan De Oro - Ok, this is a seminar designed for Real Estate or Property-minded people- how to promote your rooms/for rent/for sale/condos/apartments and homes -online - reaching those elusive OFWs and non-Filipinos who can actually afford to buy them.  However, if you're in CDO - and want a good seminar (not workshop) introduction to online marketing - then please be there at 830am-530pm at the Dynasty Court Hotel. 

Email internetsellingseminar@gmail.com to get a slot or two. P 2500 @ details: http://tr.im/vismin

4. August 16 (Sunday), Cebu - Crown Regency Club Ultima, Cebu City - Cebu-based realtors, developers and brokers learn all about the newest and cleverest ways to let their properties become visible amidst the online clutter. This is a basic seminar aimed at internet first timers.

Email internetsellingseminar@gmail.com to get a slot or two. P 2500 @ details: http://tr.im/vismin

5. August 17 (Monday), Davao - Apo View Hotel, Davao City -Ever wanted to create your very own internet address (yourname.com) - while avoiding as much technical things as possible? Do you want to learn how to blog in the right way so that your items for sale are visible and that people would buy from you? If you have a real estate property - or actually anything to sell that you'd like to reach internet -based clients - then this seminar is for you!  It's focused on real estate- but really it's applicable for all.

Email internetsellingseminar@gmail.com to get a slot or two. P 2500 @ details: http://tr.im/vismin

6. September 3-4 (Thursday/Friday) Cagayan De Oro's Internet Marketing Workshop - 14 hours of fun, learning and mindset changing/wallet fattening workshop you will not forget for the rest of your life. (We aim to please and more).  Voice out your attendance at cdoworkshop@gmail.com.  P 8750 early bird.

7. Sept 2009 Davao Internet Marketing Workshop (no date and venue yet but please indicate your interest at davaoworkshop@gmail.com). 

8. Can't attend any of the live events? It's your turn to join the online workshop club: http://tr.im/letmejoin

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July/Aug/Sept 2009 Jomar Hilario Seminar and Workshops

For the first time in history, I'm giving away -no payment involved a guide to making sure you're accepted for Google Adsense - w/c is important if you wish to make wealth on the internet using blogging.  This is around 60 pages long, full of colorful illustrations PLUS it's like me holding your hand - looking over your shoulder- EASY TO FOLLOW-you better click it to believe it.  Really, take a look - this is the kind of guide that my workshop participants and online club members enjoy.

Tip: Click on "FULL" for fullscreen effect". Please wait for the presentation to appear below.

View more documents from OnlineIMWClub.

To start click here:
1. Wikipedia
2. Yola
3. Google Adsense Application

How to make sure you're accepted for Google Adsense

Just came from Robinson's Pioneer after the AIM #3 (Topic:Wordpress) this afternoon-attended by 3 super motivated guys - Paul, Elvin and Dave, I got inspired to create a new AIM- one centered on online selling so I can quickly help you earn more online -not just by using blogs.

So introducing: the AIM #4 this coming Saturday, July 25, 1pm - 6pm at the Robinson's Pioneer Mall. Entitled "The Cheapest Ways To Sell Online" mini-workshop.

Remember: AIM stands for Advanced Internet Marketing mini-workshops. It covers topics not covered in the Live 14 hour Workshops- the small things, the complex things and the in-depth things that you'll need to know if you're ready to hit it big online.  

Requirement: You should have at least a WORKING blog before you attend this. This is not designed for first timers on the internet. We will not be helping you press Control-V or Cut and Paste in this workshop. It's assumed you know what this means. Plus you need a laptop.

1. Coming up with your online product to sell based on your own life. (workshop) This topic is not offered by ANYONE I know- here or in the rest of the internet marketing world.

2. Setting up your own sales letter (we'll make sales letters in this workshop).  Find out how easy it is to create one. Here's the secret - there's a program you can use to make a sales letter. You get a FREE COPY of the program if you attend this event.

3. The blueprint of selling online using free services to keep costs to a minimum. (yes, there's a free way and a paid way-I'll show you the free way).

Plus to expand your mindset so you can be succesful:
1. 25 books you need to be reading NOW TO SUCCEED and why
2. How to read the 25 books without actually reading OR BUYING them. (hehe, yes, it's an online cheat that doesn't involve piracy or stealing)
3. The tricks successful people do to encourage themselves to succeed in their goals.

Plus, answers to the following pressing questions:
1. How come jomar, just by looking at a blog, you can tell if it's earning? What's the "secret"?
2. How can I be sure that the topic I'm blogging about will really earn me money? (note: if you attended the recent July workshops, you know the answer to this)
3. How long should it take before I can see money in my blogs?
4. Can you really earn online w/o doing seminars or workshops? Or is all the money in workshops and events?

Bonus: (If we have time)
You'll see videos of other NEWBIES -first time sellers- people (non-Pinoy for the moment) being interviewed on the specifics of how they sold their (non-internet marketing ebook) product online -and how much they are earning. 

See you on Saturday, 1pm-5pm. Email me with your CELLPHONE number to confirm your attendance.
Fee is P 2350 for each person. (avail of it while it's this affordable, most internet marketing experts charge the opposite (very high) for small face to face encounters).  

Plus --->You keep the workshop presentation PDFs (digital materials).
Plus --->You get a copy of the Sales Letter Creation Program (value $ 97)

Bring wifi-capable laptop, charged battery, money for food and endless iced tea or endless chocolate drinks.

P.S. Come saturday 1pm-5pm is the AIM mini-workshop designed around Online Selling. Reply with your cellphone number if you're coming to jomar.hilario@gmail.com.

P.S. Note: This is not the same material covered by the upcoming Workshops in Cubao,Davao or CDO. This is more advanced.

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Beginning an online selling business this July 25,2009

How does 14 hours of full HANDS ON TRAINING on how to create semi-passive income on the internet - sound to you?

Manila 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email ManilaWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. Sept 25-26,2009

Cagayan De Oro 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email CDOWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. Sept 3-4,2009 (details? read all the text below)

Real Estate People: In CDO/Davao/Cebu? There's an Real Estate Internet Marketing Seminar this August 15-17,2009. Click here for full details.

If you're not in Cebu/CDO/Davao or Manila, try the ONLINE WORKSHOP to help you create that freedom-giving internet income:


Learn how to...
-Setup a business that can replace your day job
-Setup a business that you can sell someday. like real estate
-Setup a 2nd source of income w/o leaving your day job!
-Deal with Virtual Assistants for the first time-effectively!
-No retirement pay? No problem! Online businesses can be
your retirement income!
-Learn how the internet experts are doing it-even if
you're not that good yourself!
-Setup and use autoresponders
-Sell online w/o knowing how to sell personally
-Set things up automatically so it makes money while you
-Find and create products that can make income for you.

For Businesses:
-Learn the techniques Pinoy & International Internet
Marketers have used for years!
-Promote your business -online -ahead of your competitors!
-Follow SEO practices from the beginning --even w/o
realizing it!
-Find out where the LATEST keywords can come from
(nope, it's not overture)
-Discover more about your clients w/o asking them.
-Saturate the internet w/o doing the heavy lifting yourself.

Bo Sanchez presents Jomar Hilario in the ...
The Truly Rich Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop
*with 20,000 pesos worth of bonus products that you can use/sell/giveaway

Email manilaworkshop@gmail.com to get your SLOT reserved! Call up Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562 (Tuesdays-Fridays 9:00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)

Venue: GENEX, Farmer's Plaza Mall, Cubao, beside the Cubao MRT (Walk in is discouraged due to the large amount of pre-event activities that are done).

Date: July 31-August 1,2009, Friday-Sat,

(Friday: 10:30am-5:30pm, Sat: 10:30am-5:30pm)

Email :
Sept 3-4,2009.

See what you can benefit from attending this workshop:

BENEFIT 1: Create a way to make money semi-passively on the internet. Blogging with Adsense with Automatic Writing (note: no writing talent required, minimum time spent per month)

How to....
+- Find popular niches in small markets in seconds!

+- Know what other things your market is interested in
aside from your niche.

+- Name your blog so it appears top in search engines

+- Update your blog regularly, even when you're on
vacation or busy doing other things.

+- Keep your blog relevant/current even if you have
no writing talent.

+- Develop your blog's popularity - both quickly and
slowly you can do both - at the same time!

+- Maximize your blog format for high adsense

+- Track which niche is making money for you.

+- "Decorate" your blog with items that increase it's
earning potential.

+- Do "link love" for maximum popularity (for your blog).

+- Do all the above in the shortest number of steps

+- Make blogs that give only a high amount of income
and ignore those niches that pay comparatively little.

+- Make use of other people's blogs to make yours more

+- Never run out of topics for your blogs.

+- Take charge of your income in blogging - concentrate on
the money earners.

+- Do all of the above ETHICALLY and LEGALLY

What to past participants say?

Vince Golangco


BENEFIT 2: Build an online business complete with customers, products and credit card acceptance!

Create an online store, an online newsletter and a client capture website!

How to....
+- Start an online store with one product only and build up to

+- Set up a site or email that instantly accepts credit cards -
from the Philippines!

+- Capture client's emails in any site/email you create.

+- Create an automated online newsletter

+- Find stuff to put into your newsletter when you have no
writing talent.

+- Create free offers.

+- Use the very system that the Internet Marketing "Bigboys" are using to create their wealth!

+- Close a sale on the internet

+- Use BENEFIT 1 in creating your product - if you don't have

+- Super charge your existing business so you're on top of your client's needs.

+- Fill up your store/venue when you have an event/promo

+- Get ahead in your business using time tested practices
marketing experts use in your own niche!

Jan Hilado

BENEFIT 3: Let everybody in your market know all about you.
Internet Promotion, where to do it, do's and don'ts , do it.

How to....
+- Promote in forums, blogs, social networks, event
calendars, etc.

+- Have the correct mindset so you succeed in promotion

+- Synergize your offline and online promotions for
maximum success utilize offline marketing techniques in
your online promotions

+- Be a business owner- when it comes to promoting your
business or service.

BENEFIT 4: Virtual Assistants: Free up your time in the process. There's so much to do, so little time, What do I do?

How to....
+- Avoid doing all this heavy lifting and get your life back
while earning on the side.

+- Find, qualify and deal with virtual assistants (VA) that do
all the work for you

+- How to create digital products just by dealing with these VAs.

Irene Chua Relates her experience with the workshop:

Experience Bonus 1:
You'll learn all the above without the technical terms and complicated concepts that sometimes cloud understanding. All you'll learn is practical, doable and instantly usable.

Take Home Bonus:
You take home ALL HANDOUTS and PRESENTATIONS so you can apply what you have learned on your own. All presentations are STEP-BY-STEP and even a grandmother can follow them. P.S. Bring a large capacity USB Thumb Drive for the BONUSES. (400MB)

Must be able to create a new email account. This is no joke. If you have no experience in creating an account - you might have a hard time following - and I suggest you bring along someone who is- to guide you! This requirement involves being able to surf, click, right click, drag, high-light, copy and paste. If you're chuckling because you know these things already - or you're sad because you don't --know that we will be spending time -during the event in training you in these basics.

Create a working website that you can use to sell anything.

This level of detail has not been available to others at this price before-till now. The value of this workshop is in excess of P 200,000 - if you attend it in the US.

"Yahoo! I already earned my first $100, after 2 months!" - Dandy, Cebu
"What I liked about the workshop is that the instructions were easy to understand. Anyone with a little bit of basic computer skills will be able to comprehend." Vincent
"(I like the section on) Blogging & adsense...because I don't need to be a good writer to earn semi-passive income."
"What I like most in the workshop is the opportunity to market globally whatever you want to sell. I want to earn as well ." Mike
"Sulit na Sulit!" Judith

This is not a TALKING SEMINAR, but a DOING WORKSHOP. You leave the event with a website you can use to sell any product.

Email  manilaworkshop@gmail.com / davaoworkshop@gmail.com / cdoworkshop@gmail.com to get your SLOT reserved!

Venue: GENEX, Farmer's Plaza Mall, Cubao, beside the Cubao MRT

Date: July 31-August 1,2009, Friday-Sat,

(Friday: 10:30am-5:30pm, Sat: 10:30am-5:30pm)

Manila 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email ManilaWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. July 31-August 1,2009
Cagayan De Oro 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email CDOWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. Sept 3-4,2009

You only have a few days to decide-there are limited seats! A workshop of THIS level of detail is NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE in the Philippines.

Email manilaworkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot before the the limited # of seats run out. It's July 31-August 1,2009. Yes, it's so good you will say that a day's absence from work will be MORE THAN WORTH IT.

For Davao and CDO, please email davaoworkshop@gmail.com / cdoworkshop@gmail.com
for reservation in the September 2009 workshops.

Workshop Fee: 
Manila: P 9750 (see guarantee below)
CDO:    P 8750 if you deposit/pay before August 24,2009

Super Double Guarantee: If you're not able to recover double the fee (P 9750 per person, the special Couples or Business Partners Price is P8750 only per person) to this workshop using what you learned - after one year, we'll refund you plus 1,000 pesos for your trouble!

To avail of this workshop in the US - will cost you P 85,000 - P200,000 - and that's just attendance to a seminar. This workshop is a bargain at P 9750.-!

Email manilaworkshop@gmail.com / davaoworkshop@gmail.com / cdoworkshop@gmail.com to get details on how to reserve your seat now.

Bo Sanchez presents Jomar Hilario

About the Trainor:
Goal: To Make You Truly Rich
Core gift: Teaching and Training
Passion: Sharing his (Technical) knowledge in the simplest way.
Core skills: Presentation, Internet Technology, Marketing

Recent Achievement: Filled up a 10,000 seat venue in 30 days via online marketing. Yes, how this is done will also be shared in the Internet Marketing Workshop.

P.S1. Each person most likely knows someone else who is passionate about earning online. Please do not close this email until you've sent this opportunity to that person. He or she will be thanking you -richly - very very soon.

Oh yes the P 20,000 worth of bonuses is included in his package. This contains Ebooks that you can sell or give away to attract your customers, specially if you don't have a product. There are also programs you can use in your business as well as Informational Ebooks about Internet Marketing.

Manila 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email ManilaWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. Sept 25-26.2009

Cagayan De Oro 14 hour Hands On Workshop, email CDOWorkshop@gmail.com to reserve your slot. Sept 3-4,2009

Real Estate People: In CDO/Davao/Cebu? There's an Real Estate Internet Marketing Seminar this August 15-17,2009. Click here for full details.

Hands On 14 Hours Create Passive Income via the Internet Workshop - Davao/CDO/Manila

Saved: The Pinoy Cornerstone October 2009

"Saved is a unified local worship event paving the way for local Christian artists that exude excellence for worship and humility in their crafts, creating an impact in the nation by re-igniting a passion for Jesus."

This coming October 17, Becca Music Inc. will be having it's first local Christian festival. Featuring today's homegrown Christian contemporary bands, it will be a night of praise and worship that will remain in the hearts of the Filipino people for years to come.

10/17/2009 ULTRA

Notes: This is an indoor event so my comparing it to Cornerstone may not even be appropriate. I just wish Saved centered more on CCM Worship and not just "worship" per se. Also, I hope becca music stops using graphics when putting up text in their website like SAVED.  It's pretty difficult to spread the news using JPEGs that are hardly readable (black on orange using small font).

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Saved: The Pinoy Cornerstone October 2009

10 Tips to enjoy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie (no spoilers)
We just watched it at 4pm yesterday, so I know what happens but I won't spoil it for you and here are my tips for enjoyment of this fine Harry Potter installment.

1. It's a couple of love stories. Think about that and expect it.
2. Any action sequences should be considered as bonuses. This is not DieHard, This is not the Harry Potter of old.
3. If you've read the book, you should enjoy this.
4. If you haven't read the book and don't know the ending, you might by mildly surprised.
5. The directing and cinematography (camera work) is excellent - take it in while watching. Look out of good/evil juxtapositions. Like when you hear Darth Vader's theme song when the little Anakin is on screen during the Phantom Menace.
6. Pay attention to the dialogue.
7. If you're watching it in IMAX 3D, the best parts (and only 3d parts) would be the opening sequence - that's it. Enjoy the rest of the love stories.
8. Runaway best character: Luna Lovegood. Watch out for her - it's hard not to.
9. This is the Harry Potter franchise's Empire Strikes Back - for all you Star wars fans out there.
10. If you haven't read the book, research on Bellatrix and her companions online so you know who is who.

Does this have anything to do with Intern'et Ma rk.eting? You tell me! 
1. One of the ways to create an interesting blog post is to create a list of 10 items like this one I created. 
2. Your topic should be on top of people's minds so you get the most number of readers. Like the POTTER MOVIES.
3. You should spread the word via facebook statuses, YM statuses...
4. And since you're still reading this, now you're saying to yourself, "This Jomar Hilario sure knows how to entertain while teaching, I think I'm going to tell my friends to read his Int.ernet Ma'rket.ing blog -and I'll even subscribe to his email newsletter at http://www.jomarhilario.com.
5. Finally, you tell people exactly what you want them to do, in this case, I want you to forward this to all your friends so they can enjoy the movie that everybody's going to be talking about for months to come.
6. Lesson over!

Now, live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

10 Tips to Enjoy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (no spoilers)

Do you have a big reason to stay at home instead of braving the floods every day it rains so bad? How about a cute baby?
After teaching hundreds of people in Internet Marketing, I've seen that what most people lack is the big reason to do the business. Use the long commute time now to figure out what that reason is. Make it a strong reason. Make it an extremely emotional reason. Enough to make you cry or be angry to be so terribly lonely or happy - whatever works for you-take the "GRR Traffic" moments to think about your life carefully.

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Sean Ryker: One Big Reason To Stay At Home

How musicians can use the Internet & Fans to create a very interesting video:

As you can see, this project did take a lot of planning to execute, but given that musicians are artists anyway, it probably only needed editing as the main task-since all equipment used was webcams and fans submitting their own videos to the artist. This is a great example of how the internet can make fans heavily involved in the artists work -making them like the artists more and of course patronize their art (buy premium items from them like tshirts or a dvd of this video that features themselves).

I'm so compelled to create a workshop for artists who want to "make a living" out of their art in the internet age. Never has it been possible before to have an international following -from your own bedroom - as an artist.  This used to be the province of NBC Heroes' Nikki Sanders, but not any more!

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

How musicians can use the Internet & Fans to create a very interesting MV

We just came from a 4 day vacation in Boracay. It's a wonder that ALL my friends said "ENJOY YOUR VACATION" when I mentioned it -instead of saying "Nakaka-inggit".  There is hope for all of us then. Vacations  must be self-determined -that has been our policy since we started serial travelling four years ago.  Not dictated by company policy or availability of someone who can take over your job.  Yes it was hard to ask permission from the boss but we still push through with the vacation knowing that breaks are essential to sane living at least.

The difference this time was before we would only eat at Smoke restaurant all the time --since it was super cheap. This time, we ate Aria's scalopini tenderloin three times, Gastoff breakfast every morning, sampled Zuzuni's tenderloin (so-so) and Le Soleil's really tasteless Crab in Spaghetti Sauce (advertised as "Singaporean Style").

What's my point? Life improves. What you thought you couldn't do before, now you can do. And so it will be in the future.  So if you have a few cents in adsense income --rejoice-- with your hard work --that can be $100 soon and then $500/month and beyond - exceeding your $3000/month expenses.  Just follow the directions I give out. Lots of people want to do it their way -- wrong policy --if you haven't done it before.  Follow the guide into the jungle if you don't want to get lost.

Now, live a remarkable life (and stop paying attention to your fears - it's just a computer, it won't explode if you type on the keyboard)

Questions? Go to pinoynetwizards.ning.com for Q and A, club members go to the Club Forums. Not yet a club member? Be a member now and learn step by step using pictures!

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Can you go on vacation 5x a year?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

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