On Christmas eve I put up our old (2 years old) dream boards in the
new condo - over the dining table. Really high up near the ceiling. I
just wanted to test if the adhesive holds out.

A few days after Xmas (yes, X is an old irish use for Christ, as
stated in the document called Chi-Rho - google it!) , I decided to get
that HD capable computer monitor that I saw that was one sale. It has
a 25.5 inches viewing size - meaning it's a really large screen.

Upon arriving home, I immediately set it up to see it's full HD (high
definition) glory. The monitor's brand is NOT samsung, by the way,
it's Viewsonic.

Later that evening, I stood on top of the dining tables and look at
close look at the mounted dreamboards.

I laughed really really hard -at what I saw -- that our maid looked at
me strangely. I was not about to explain myself - so I laughed harder

What did I see? Hidden in the two dreamboards were 2 brands of TV and
1 computer monitor. Guess what brand was the computer monitor?


I laughed when I remembered that when I was cutting up that picture of
a giant monitor, I didn't know if I can ever afford a large flatscreen
for my computer.

And the brand. They're even identical--even if I've forgotten that I
put that picture in that dreamboard.

So its going to be January soon - will it be the start of your new
dreams becoming fulfilled or same work, home, gimik routine? It's
really up to you. How many dream boards have you created and put up?
How many, I ask and not "HAVE YOU DONE IT YET?".

If you come and visit me at Rosewood, I can show you the dreamboards
and w/c ones are already fulfilled. Just looking at the Maseratis
(boys know this), Piagets (girls know this) and the picture of our
future big family in those boards make me excited! How can I afford
those and when can I have those babies?

That is the correct question!

Now, live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Post a picture of your dreamboard in
http://pinoynetwizards.ning.com/ so that many will be encouraged and
you will be encouraged by others. This is all about your dreams, the
internet is MERELY the simplest way to achieve some of your dreams.
Most of the action however will have to start with YOU identifying
what you want.

P.S. Did you read the PRAYER OF JABEZ, the book? You should get one.
Most people have a copy in their book collections - when it was so
"uso", borrow one (its like 30 pages only) and see the abundance that
God has in store for you. The dreamboard is your way of asking!

P.S. I'll have a new set of mini seminar/workshops this 2010 - mixing
internet marketing and transformation of your minds so that you can
achieve your dreams. Watch out for it. I'm already telling you that it
will be fantastic - YOUR LIFE WILL BE TRANSFORMED. In the meantime,
show me those dreamboards and make your family live that abundant

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Natupad na ba ang mga pangarap mo?

Hope you don't mind I describe tonight for you:

Laptop on top of pillow.
Pillow resting on my lap
Legs on top of bed
11:24pm, Monday, December 28,2009

Just got off the internet searching for "what to do if baby feels hot but doesn't have a fever". His temp is a low 35 celcius to a 36.7 degrees. All within normal limits. But his feet and hands are hot hot.

I just reached out again just now to touch his toes and they're not hot anymore. Hmm.

Just wanted to share with you ONE realization about being a parent, pay attention SPECIALLY if you're NOT ONE YET:

It's not hard to take care of crying babies at night - every night- for several years - if you don't sleep at night. All you need to do is give a few minutes from your surfing/reading/watching tv activity at 2am to take care of the just - woken up baby, change diapers etc. 

What's difficult is -- if you're alsleep at 2am and you have to suddenly wake up to carry the baby or change diapers etc. Then you must force yourself to sleep immediately once the deed is done because you may have something scheduled for tomorrow. Something that needs you to be awake - the whole day. That's the challenge.

Yes, you'll hear me say it again. While some of you have taken your annual 2 week leave this season, some of you are still going to go to work on December 29. And yes, I don't have to do that. 

Why? Because I've taken the jump from being employed to having a more or less autopilot internet based business. Yes - it's really not "home based" -- because I don't have to be home to do it. Just need a simple net connection. How simple? I started in an internet cafe, for my first YEAR  - doing it 9pm to 2am. After work. Yes that's the kind of hours I put in to learn and apply and to earn my sideline from the internet when I started.

Here's the effect : Today I don't have to wake up at any time tomorrow. I can and have practically devoted a lot of time quietly staring deeply into the eyes of new daughter  (no kidding) - just for fun and to wait for her to speak (and she does). If you're a parent with babies, you know what I mean. If you're single - you're going to be super glad you're out of the 9 to 5 when you start having kids because you're going to say "What's the sense of raising my kids properly if I hardly see them?". Come to think of it, you can say exactly the same thing to your nice house and soft bed (you hardly see them - cause you're always working in your waking hours).

So how about it? Are you simply going to learn and apply internet marketing in the slowest way possible? Trying to squeeze it in you schedule? Still hoping that those 2 blogs you created last year will give you your thousands of dollars? Are you still going to store this message for "later reading?" Are you going to delay creating a dreamboard to jump start your dreams and goals?

More on your dreams next message.

Now live a remarkable life!
Jomar Hilario

P.S. This message appears in my blog. Go there to leave a comment on what you PLAN to do. Put your name and your goal for 2010 as well as the ACTION that I can expect from you so you can achieve your goals.

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And what happened to you this week?

What do you want receive this Christmas from me?
Leave a comment below and I'll evaluate and hopefully give it!

Deadline: Dec 25,2009.

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What do you want receive this Christmas from me?

I'm looking for a good (service!) Toyota dealer/sales person. If you are willing to be the one to help me get the Gas Innova G.  

Sorry guys-those who voted "Diesel" - in my Poll. Innova's more expensive in diesel form. So factoring in everything, I computed that I will be paying an upfront P 50,000 for the diesel engine. I save on the fuel but I already gave out P 50,000 so I really didn't save did I? To match that upfront cost, I need to go around the world 1.5 times using a gas engine to accumulate P 50,000 worth of gas. So mathematics says - I'm getting a gas engine. :)

So now, if you're in contact or you are a good (service, specially after sales) Toyota Dealership -- please get in touch with me - asap. I'm ditching my Toyota Pasig Sales representative for emotional blackmail style selling that I'm getting tired of.

To think that I already have the cheque to pay the down. Oh well. Let the sales go to the person who deserves it!

Now, what are you still reading here? Let every one you know - who is in VIZ MIN to attend the Cebu workshop by telling them to go to ttp://www.bit.ly/cebuworkshop. Thanks!

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Do you know a Toyota dealer to help me get a Toyota Innova G Automatic?

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