"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions." Tony Robbins.

When was the last time you asked Big questions for your future big life? Here's your last chance (in a few months).

Meetup at Rosewood Pointe near the FORT. Jan 30,2010 1pm.

Goals Clarifying + Internet Business Overview Workshop. Sorry it's not a seminar but a workshop to thresh out YOUR life and goals.
Be there - there's a P 1975 fee (VERY MINIMAL!) inclusive of snacks and the take home bonuses:
1. You take home the PDF of the presentations.
2. You get the SUCCESS BOOKS POWER GUIDE presentation
3. If supply's still up, you get the success/marketing CD that I used circa 2005.

Email jomar.hilario@gmail.com if you're coming. You may pay the venue just let me know if you're coming so you can be 
counted in the snacks. If you can't come, ask your spouse or loved one to go, pay for them even via the Paypal /Card links at http://www.jomarhilario.com, I noticed in the first event, couples and family members attended.

Take a break! Look at your life. Ask and answer big questions about your life, for once!
See you tomorrow!

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The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions.

Preview: Challenges you had to overcome on your journey to success?

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Preview: Challenges you had to overcome on your journey to success? Video

Click below to Test drive a program that will run on Apple's new Tablet now. 
Before it even launches.

Read Crush it on a Vook format.  This is what it looks like:

You can preview GaryVee's book up until 6 pages. Essentially it's a "website". Buy a "vook" and you get the text plus videos of the author. Looks like a blog on a mobile device (iphone, apple table, islate). So what's new? I don't know YET. That's why we're waiting for the 1am Apple Announcement Philippine Time.

How did I know this? Marketing Guru Seth Godin wrote about his own VOOK product before the apple tablet launches tomorrow. And of course I assume we all read Seth's blog, right?

P.S. The cat picture above? Totally OFFICIALLY FAKE. Wait for 1am Philippine time (final announcement may be at around 2am) for the actual photos of the device. It might be called iSlate but really? That names resounds like isolate to me. Not a very positive name, is it?

Test drive a program that will run on Apple's new Tablet now. Before it even launches.

You'll want to read today's message as it's time sensitive. Really.

1. Want to see how the first Goals Clarifying  + Internet Business Overview Seminar was like?

Here's some pictures:

Let me know if you're able to access it.

Bottomline, this Satuday Jan 30, 1pm-5pm while others are trying to catch up on sleep or watching pirated DVDS, some of you will be joining me in assessing our lives, goals and if you're on track or not. Plus knowing how to run an internet based business. All in one afternoon that could have gone the same way other weekends have gone -- unremarkable, forgettable.

But for those who will be in Rosewood Pointe, those who will cancel non-essential activities like movies (again!) or drinking (again!) or afternoon meetups with the girl/guy of your dreams (you do this so often, I'm sure)...your life will never be the same again.
So if you're still undecided, by 12 noon Saturday if you're going to Taguig or not --and you're just in Manila or nearby - know this: Your undecision is already a decision, once the clock strikes 1pm, you've already decided not to go. Delaying your walk to the future that you've been imagining for so long.

So see you some other time, then.

But if you're going, then the stage is set for the fulfillment of your goals.  Why am I so confident? Because it's not a seminar you're going to. It's a workshop, you WILL be using the time to think about YOUR GOALS and YOUR WANTS and NEEDS.  You will be asking big questions in that afternoon.  Not like most seminars you've been to where you mostly listen.

I developed this workshop for you. The missing ingredient is you. So be there. http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe for directions.  Fee is P 975 for club members, P 1975 for others.

2. HERE'S THE TIME SENSITIVE THING.  2am Thursday night in Manila. Apple Inc will be launching the most popular and talked about device on the face of the planet since EVER.  I will be sleeping - maybe. You might not be. As I've said a year before, once Apple does these events the WHOLE internet -shakes and blogs and talks about it. You can earn from this by creating a blog about the announcements but let me warn you:

a. Do not create a blog that just re-prints the whole announcement of the device. Your blog will be lost in the others who will be doing  copy and paste.

b. Create a blog with a twist. Relate the event to something that you like/love/are interested in. For example: You like BLEACH, the anime, then create a blog or blog post that puts (example) BLEACH situations with the new device.  Imagination is key.

c. Be cheap. Say you can't afford any device and you're just reading this on a rented or borrowed computer. Then blog about the device while comparing it to some "cheap" version of what it can do. For example  if the new device can play games, you feature a game and patintero (w/c is cheap).

d. I don't think I have any more suggestions -other than use your  imagination. If that fails you then you REALLY NEED HELP. Go to the next suggestion (e).

e. Open your eyes, if you see jeeps all the time. Then create a blog post about "What would the world be if everyone on the street (where the jeeps are) carried this new apple device?
If all you see gossiping people, create a blog post about How This new Apple Device can encourage GOSSIP. Or discourage.

If you simply can't stop watching Wowowee, then create a blogpost that says "Everything I learned about this new apple device I learned from Willie Revillame".
That's it. Use your life to create your blog posts.

If you ask me, Jomar, what will be the contents of the blog post?

First it will feature the news of the new Apple device. Camera? Touch screen? Games at HD (high definition video) plus your OWN insight regarding that feature AND how it relates to Gossip, Jeeps and Wowowee.

In the part in relating it to something else, I can't help you because first I've stopped looking at jeeps, I do not gossip and I don't watch TV. If you don't know how to relate it-then use something else in your life that you can relate to the new device.

f. Use a lot of words in your blog post.

g. You'll be needing images and I'm sure apple.com will be full of it by tomorrow morning.

h. As I've said, you need to do this 3am tomorrow or EARLY morning tomorrow. Do it next month will not work as much but can still draw traffic / visitors to your site.

3. VIDEO SERIES. There's an ongoing preview video series of an Interview of me by Aussie Lifecoach : Jay Mclean. Here's the 3rd and 4th video answers (not complete, but you'll get the idea).

This is specially for those who haven't met me or seen me or aren't in the Philippines.

4. BACKUPIFY You still have a few days to backup your internet sites for free via http://www.Backupify.com (thanks AmberMac and Leo Laporte at Net@night). Do it now. Always have backups NOT located near your computer.

The first popular global virus was (c) Brain. It infected my diskette in 1996 - that contained my undergraduate THESIS project. I didn't care because I only lost one hour's worth of work. I had several diskettes of backups plus one updated version stored in my friend's dorm room.

Backup backup backup!

4 things you need to know today (one has a deadline of tomorrow)

What the pope says about Reaching People in the Internet:
The pope has encouraged priests to blog, video blog, etc to reach out to more people effectively today:
"Priests are thus challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources (images, videos, animated features, blogs, websites) which, alongside traditional means, can open up broad new vistas for dialogue, evangelization and catechesis."

Read the whole thing here:
How about you? Are you still doubting that blogging or online business is a "fad"?  Last week I've had 2 LOJ members (Light of Jesus, Bo Sanchez's group) ask me about this business: "Is it really good?" they asked. It was a strange question but I answered "Yes". You only have to open your eyes to see how many people the internet has reached and this number is increasing -- to see that doing business inside the web is now essential. The pope sees it too, now do you?
If you have lots of files online - pictures in facebook, blogs in blogger etc and want to back them all up safely --at zero cost -- you have only until month end to sign up to BACKUPIFY.com. It's a new free service that will backup for you -all your files you have uploaded in the years past-including gmail, blogger, wordpress etc.
Keep your data in at least three different locations! Your home Pc, your online accounts and backupify.
Use this free invitation to tell everybody you know -who's active online -to backup their files. Your files goes into Amazon.com S3 service. A very fast and trustworthy place. (IMHO).
CEBU SEMINAR + 1 DAY + MARCH 6, SATURDAY, 2010 Cebu's First Internet Mar.keting Overview + Goals Clarifying Workshop (offline).
Reserve your seats this early for Cebu's first mashup of Internet Mar.kteing overview plus the secret ingredient you need to succeed = clear goals and action.  No workshop before has mixed these two in the way you will experience it.  If you've attended the 14 hour workshop before -and you're still waiting for "something" before acting on the precious knowledge you have gained - this is what you've been waiting for!
Manila has it's own version of this this Saturday, Jan 30,2010 at 1pm-5pm Rosewood Pointe. Go to the blog to register for this event or the Cebu event. Open to first timers and those who've attended the 14 hour workshops. In fact, it's recommended so that your financial gain from the internet will start increasing!

What the pope says about Blogging + Free Backup Service + March Cebu Seminar

Payment link for the Jan 30,2010 Goals Clarifying + Internet Business Overview Workshop (offline = no need for computer) 1pm - 5pm. Rosewood Pointe, Tagiuig City. Yes it looks like a resort!

Rush to avail of this potentially life-transforming seminar (only P 1,975) via Credit Card or Paypal (
http://su.pr/2YDnxC) or via Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.   Seminar fee is only P1975 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide + Success Lessons CD  + come early for the surprise bonus!!

Email Jomar.hilario@gmail.com once you've done with the deposit or payment.

Limited seats available so better act now! Yes, you may pay at the venue but let me know if you're coming so you'll be included in the snacks.

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Payment link for the Jan 30,2010 Goals Clarifying + Internet Business Overview Workshop (offline = no need for computer)

One of my dreams is to get a SquareSpace website...though I wonder why? Is it really better than say Hostmonster? They're really just pretty...and Leo Laporte says so!

One of my dreams is to get a SquareSpace website...

Do you want to - need to -know how to compel lots of interested people to your websites - while consuming the shortest possible personal time from you?

Be there on Jan 20, Wednesday at the year's first Advanced In,ter.net Marke-tin.g (AIM) Seminar. 1pm - 5pm. Rosewood pointe. Bring a laptop with internet but it's also optional. Fee is P 2375 (again remove P 1000 off for Online Mentoring Club members, find the link INSIDE the Club Forum).  
The title of the AIM (Advanced Int.ern.et Ma.rketin.g) is "Promotion, Promotion, Promotion".

What you'll learn on Jan 20, Wednesday afternoon:

1. You'll learn promotion shortcuts (at least 4 major ones) - this is an advanced topic. What's a shortcut? Type some words, or upload one video and out it goes into many websites.

2. You'll get the overview of step by step promotion that uses both online and offline if you're an absolute beginner (note : this is NOT presented in my 2 day workshop also, this is new).

3. We'll have a 30day contest to see who has achieved his promotion goal in 30 days. Winner gets a very valuable prize from me.

4. How you can deal with Virtual Assistants or helpers in massive promotion.

5. How you can make people talk about your product to the right persons (this is called online referral marketing).

6. You'll learn how to write headlines, blog titles, email subjects that gets people's attention.

Requirement is you should at least know how to BLOG or have a website. No need to bring a computer. If you do, bring your own internet access as the wifi there may or may not be accesible.

Pay via Paypal or Credit card Using this Link
or via Bank Deposit / Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.
Advanced IM Seminar fee is only P2375 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide + Success Lessons CD. Online Mentoring Club members get a P 1000 discount, so please go to the Online Club Forum to see the paypal link or just deposit the discounted amount.

Where: Rosewood Pointe Clubhouse Conference Room, 1st Floor. Directions here:  http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe
Tell the guard you're going to the Rosewood Pointe ClubHouse and not "seminar" nor "conference room".
When: Jan 20,2010, Wednesday, 1pm - 5pm  

What will you get as bonuses: Success Books Power Guide + Limited Edition Success CD circa 2005
How to get there:  http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe
Now live a marvelous life!
Jomar Hilario
P.S. Click on the link above to see the nice resort - like venue. Consider this a mid-week learning break from the "city". Rosewood pointe is 5 minutes away from Market2 - at the Fort (Bonifacio Global City).  
P.S. Real estate sellers! Want to know the secret shortcuts to effective online promotion? Be there on Wednesday!
P.S. Forward this to your school/organization/company's marketing department.
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Jan 20/Wed advanced in.tern.et mark.eti.ng seminar: online promotion details

Jamil's review of the Workshop last 2009: http://internetmarketingworkshop.blogspot.com/2009/04/review-from-jamilcarr-about-internet_01.html

Last June 9,2009 Jamilcarr made this video at the Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop in Cubao:

Last week I chatted with him via YM, unknown to Jamil, I have no idea I was talking to HIM because he changed his chat - name. So I just answered his questions, etc.  At the end of the end of the conversation, I was astounded how the simple ACT of putting the WORKSHOP in your  RESUME -- can land him a homebased job!
I'll let him tell you in his own words.


It did not take me too long to decide if I will be attending your Internet Marketing last March 27, 2009. It is because I strongly believe that the things that I will learn and discover from you will be my ticket to stay at home, work online and eventually earn enough so that I can expand my internet empire and let it work for me.

I am a family man that finds it challenging to balance my career and family time. I am working as a call center agent and when I get home I have few hours to spend to my wife and daughter because I am tired and sleepy already. Working at home is one of my fantasies where my work schedule is flexible and I will have more time with my family.

A couple of months passed after the seminar, I have this Dell technical support client that was so happy with the support that I provided him and offer me a full time job working as Social Media Outreach Executive for SEO/SEM project. I talked to my wife and explained that it is a bit risky but this opportunity is rare and besides this is what I’m waiting for so, she gave me her go.

I really love working at home. I don’t have to go to the hassle of preparing early so that I won’t hit the traffic. No stress when I’m stuck in traffic jam. I don’t have to take a bath (I love it).....(something censored about his wife loving it -because he's always at home)... I have more savings because I don’t have the usual transportation and food allowance that I need to spend before when I need to commute when I was working at Dell. I don’t have to work eight hours straight, and most of all I have more time with my family and more time for myself.

My day is so relax(ed) and stress free.

I’m sure there are people out there that will love the flexibility of working at home and earning dollars like me right now. If they want to have a shot at it, I would recommend them to attend an Internet Marketing Seminar and learn the basics and build a strong Internet Marketing knowledge like what I did. Be proactive enough to apply what they learn and keep studying and keep learning the trade.


Go here to see Jam's detailed review of the 2009 Workshop. The next workshop will be in the End of Feb. But why wait? If you already know how to use the internet, join the Advanced Internet Marketing Seminar on Jan 20,Wednesday,2010. 1pm-5pm. See this blog for more details.

Jamil now works from home --> after attending the workshop last year.

What: Internet Marketing Basics + Setting Goals + Setting Priorities + Starting the Year Right + Clarifying your Goals Mini-Seminar

What to bring: A pen and a NICE (expensive) notebook with no springs! No computers necessary

Where: Rosewood Pointe Clubhouse Conference Room, 1st Floor. Directions here: http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe

When: Jan 16,2010, Saturday 1pm - 5pm 

What will you get: Success Books Power Guide + Limited Edition Success CD circa 2005

How little: P 1975 for the half day mini-seminar/workshop. P 975 for Online Mentoring Club members (yes, at P 1000 off).

How to pay: Via Paypal or Credit card here or via Bank Deposit. 

Rush to avail of this potentially life-transforming seminar (only P 1,975) via Credit Card or Paypal (http://su.pr/2YDnxC) or via Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.   Seminar fee is only P1975 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide + Success Lessons CD  Club members pay via bank or via our special paypal link.

See you there! Directions on how to get there. http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe

Jan 16,2010 RoseWood Pointe, Manila, Year-Starter Mini-Seminar Details Summary

If you find yourself saying any of the following .. congratulations -- this is where I've been:


Di naman ako pwede mag business bigla-biglaan kasi wala naman akong capital....

Kasi...hindi naman ako business minded!

Nakow! Takut nga akong magbenta eh - eh kung ma-reject ako? Sakit nun!

Eh ano naman ang ibebenta ko?

Baka maging dishonest ako pag nagbenta ako?

Mga kilala kong nagsa-sideline -- grabe and trabaho - walang pahinga!  Pagkatapos ng work -- nagpupuyat sa sideline para sa katiting.

Kung may pang capital man ako - risky naman mag business, iba-banko ko nalang -- o ibibili ko ng pagkain..."Ako ay may lobo.."

Daming scams dyan, ano naman ang gagawing kong business?

Ok na ako sa buhay ko, may savings pa naman , kahit walang trabaho.


2009 Jan 13 is the day I walk OFF my office-my last day of employment. The day they declared I was "Fired" or "Retrenched" or "Made redundant". It was a happy day. A quiet day, too. I'm glad it happened.


It was exactly ONE YEAR AGO. Today is my "independence day".


How about you, are you working to get RID of the statements above in your mind? 

If you want freedom, time, location and freedom to pursue doing and thinking what you wish , want or desire --then WORK ON BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR.  A very very smart one who does lots of work at the beginning and quickly delegates EVERYTHING and just gets the income EVENTUALLY. This is my goal for you. I hope that's your goal for your self.


Speaking of GOALS....


See you all on 2010 Jan 16 (beginners and advanced people can join in --as this is a LIFE CLARIFYING / GOAL INTENSIFYING / PRIORITIES SETTING seminar  - that so happens to have an internet marketing FOCUS) --as we start you off to 2010 a changed person. Its a Saturday 1pm - 5pm so you have NO EXCUSES not to come. Prioritize your life, your freedom. The office will work without you. Your family will not self-destruct without you on that afternoon. Believe that you need to take care of yourself FIRST before you can take good care of a LOT of people.  


Now live a marvelous life!

Jomar Hilario


P.S. When will be your independence day? Plan for it, on Jan 16,2010 Rosewood Pointe Clubhouse, 1pm - 5pm. Email me back  to confirm if you're coming. Preview video of what to expect.


Questions I will answer on Saturday 1pm - 5pm: so BE THERE!

1.    What information products do you sell through the Internet? Describe that products and explain why you choose them.
2.    How long have you been in this information marketing business – and how much income more or less do you now make a year?
3.    What are the basic steps needed to start an online information marketing business? What are the things that you have to prepare or settle? How much capital do you need?
4.    How do you set your price? Apply this to your product and justify.
5.    From your experience, what is the most effective marketing system of selling information online?

6.    What are the marketing strategies and tactics you use?

7.    How do you build your subscribers’ list? And what promotional vehicles do you use?

8.    What communication strategies do you use in selling? Do pictures, font styles, and colors matter?

9.    How do you write your headlines?

10.  Do you give incentives? Why?

11.  What is the most important element of a webpage for you?
12.    What are the Advantages and disadvantages of information products?
13.    What were the obstacles you met, how did you overcome them, and what did you learn from them?
14.    What is the MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE or SECRET you would give to someone who wants to do information marketing through the web?


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When will be your independence day... (The day you leave the office for good..)

Why you should attend the Jan 16, Saturday Mini-Seminar at Taguig, Manila. 1pm - 5pm.

Start your year right with Internet Marketing 

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in "Conspiracy of the 
Rich" that the "ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to 
bring a company public in an IPO (Initial Public 

I respectfully disagree and say that the ultimate goal 
of the entrepreneur is whatever goal they have set out 
for themselves - in both improved quality of their life and service of their business to others.

But how can you get the "ultimate goal" if you 
have unclear goals? It's time to fix that this saturday.

1. You will gain more clarity for your goals in 2010.  No goals? You'll be assisted to come up with these too!

2. You will finally find / make / create more time for your "sideline" - internet marketing - or for anything important in your life.

3. You will understand how "making money" online and blogging for dollars ---works!

4. You can treat this as your much needed "quiet time", "me time" or even a retreat. (just check out the refreshing pictures of the venue below or in the video!)

Video of Jomar Hilario, the speaker and seminar facilitator plus the venue:

5. Finally you can apply all those "notes" you've taken -- in those seminars and books you've been reading. I'll guide you in clearing up your year for you - maybe for the first time.

6. You will find out and apply how Bo Sanchez (yes best selling author, no he's not coming to the seminar though) - does so many things in the same time we do so little things.

7. Even if you haven't even read the books, you'll be able to apply the lessons and exercises in the "4 Hour Workweek" and "How to Double Your Income Doing What You Love".

8. No computer needed.

9. Only limited seats available - so this will be a small intimate group = meaning you'll have more chances to interact and ask your questions from me.

10. Bring a pen and a nice (read: expensive if possible) no springs - notebook.

11. Note: You need to attend something like this - to start the year right.


1. Get the Success Books Power Guide (a P 675 value) as a free bonus when you sign up for this event this Saturday!  You will be able to "get the precious ideas" of these success books - even if you don't buy or borrow the book. The Power guide will teach you how to do it -- legally and quickly!

2. In 2005 I gave away a CD that contains my early learnings in Success and Internet Marketing.
It contains:

a. Tony Robbins interviewing Marketing Guru Jay Abraham
b. Robert Allen's article on Infopreneuring (and early word for internet marketing) + his "Road to Riches" ebook.
c. Jay Conrad Levinson Interview (renowned copywriter, or writer of ads).
d. One Minute Millionaire's Toy Story (a true story).
e. MIT PESO's presentations on Patent Law and the history of Philippine's "Software Ventures" the company.
f. Mark Victor Hansen's Success from the Masters Recording.
g. A speech by Warren Buffet with Bill Gates

I created this CD to give away in 2005. You can have a copy --while SUPPLIES last --if you join the seminar this Saturday. It's value is priceless but if I were to a price tag, it'll be a P 4750 value.

Rush to avail of this potentially life-transforming seminar (only P 1,975) via Credit Card or Paypal (http://su.pr/2YDnxC) or via Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.   Seminar fee is only P1975 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide + Success Lessons CD

Email Jomar.hilario@gmail.com once you've done with the deposit or payment.

Limited seats available!

Rosewood Pointe - Venue Pictures and Map of Jan 16 (beginning the year RIGHT for Blogging and Internet Marketing) 1pm - 5pm and Jan 20 1pm - 5pm (Promotion, Promotion, Promotion) Seminars / Mini-Workshop
sign up and start your new year right!

Rush to avail of this potentially life-transforming seminar (only P 1,975) via Credit Card or Paypal (http://su.pr/2YDnxC) or via Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.   Seminar fee is only P1975 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide + Success Lessons CD

Start Your Year Right + Online Marketing for Beginners - Jan 16 Mini Seminar

Video Introduction to Jomar Hilario + Rosewood Pointe

Rosewood Pointe - Venue Pictures and Map of Jan 16 (beginning the year RIGHT for Blogging and Internet Marketing) and Jan 20 (Promotion, Promotion, Promotion) Seminars / Mini-Workshop
sign up and start your new year right!

Rosewood Pointe - Venue Pictures and Map of Jan 16 and Jan 20 Seminars / Mini-Workshop

Presenting: The 

Success and Internet Marketing Business Books Power Guide : Books you should read and how you can get the ideas in the book WITHOUT buying the books - legally, if you so choose.

It's a long presentation - all online- on who should be your book mentors this year. Plus --- a little known secret ---how you can actually get the ideas in the book - without buying the book, without illegally downloading the book, without paying for it, without stealing from anyone.  It can be done. It's "out there" and this Power Guide will help you get the books ideas.

You can get the Power Guide above for P 675 ONLY but if you join in the Manila 2010 Jan 16 event (details below), you'll get it free. Yes, it's downloadable so you can get your copy immediately after paying. 

You may pay via Credit Card or Paypal (http://su.pr/2YDnxC) or via Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.   Seminar fee is only P1975 including the bonus Success Books Power Guide.

If you join in the Jan 20 AIM (Advance Internet Marketing Mini-Workshop) - you ALSO get this Success Books Power Guide for free! Sign up here or via bank deposit.

A note about these seminars: I rarely do them but I noticed though that people STILL need guidance in the the most basic of things like scheduling and timing LIFE and WORK and SIDELINES. That's why I came up with this seminar. Grab it - you have a week to decide. I suggest you take it. 

Oh if you're up for it, after the seminar, you can take a SWIM in the Rosewood pool -- just make sure you bring proper swim gear. I'm not joking.

Jan 16 Seminar

The upcoming Jan 16 afternoon seminar/workshop for beginners. First, it's not a technical seminar on blogging. Yes, I will touch on that-- but it's more of:

1. How to FIND and MAKE the time for online business.  (most students of mine stumble with this).

2. How to get rid of distractions or work WITH distractions on your online business.

3. We'll be making lots of lists and implementing strategies outlined in the book "the 4 Hour WorkWeek" and "Double Your Income Doing What you love". 

4. How to get clarity with your goals.

5. We'll also be creating dream boards. Dream lists.

6. Therefore this afternoon at Rosewood Pointe event is more of a "Start your LIFE (not just your year) right." 

7. Then we go to blogging (w/c is the first step in online business)

8. Get the Success Books Power Guide as a free bonus if you attend this seminar.

Summary of the above: 

P.S. Know - in advance - what books to read and how to get the ideas of the books w/o buying them - legally - via the NEW 

Success Books Power Guide
 at a very affordable P 675 - 
CLICK HERE  or via bank deposit (See above for bank details).

P.S. Another bonus: The Power Guide above has a bonus of the list of books I'm READING RIGHT NOW.  Thought you might want to know. Get it here now or attend the Jan 16 offline workshop or the Jan 20 Advanced mini-workshop to get it Fr.3.e

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What books should YOU be reading this year for Business Success and net Marketing?

On EDSA, travel southbound, and when you go past Crossing/Shaw Boulevard (Ibabaw or Ilalim) - there's a mercury drug on the right. Immediately after it, you'll see a sign that says "INK and PRINTS" and under it "Dalawangpiso.com". There are two large signs - taking up the space that's usually used for a store front  - right before EDSA.

This is one of KC Magapagal's franchises or branch.  KC is student of mine from the first workshop in 2008.

Some lessons here:

1. Ready Fire Aim! KC is 24 only - and he already has his own FRANCHISE business (his own!) that's been awarded as most promising franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine (just last year). Details both below and in this link:

Company name: Ink and Prints 

Investment cost:  P499,000 to P2 million

Investment Recovery Period: 6 months to 1 year


Suite 403 Jovan Condominium
Shaw Blvd. corner Samat St., Mandaluyong City
Telephone: (02) 385-1393
Mobile: 0922-TALK-2-US (0922-8255287)
E-mail: info@inkandprints.com
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People behind the company: Carlo “KC” Macapagal, 24, the owner and franchiser of Ink & Prints.

What the company does: Ink & Prints a printer-ink refilling shop that now has a total of 17 branches—eight franchised and seven company-owned—within and south of Metro Manila.

When they started: Macapagal started his business in 2006, with just P30,000 as initial capital.

How did it grow?: To get started, the young entrepreneur made do with just one computer, one printer, a borrowed rack, and only himself as st ore staff. After a year in the business, he discovered something about the ink-refilling and digital printing business that many didn’t know yet: that it was possible to sell the products and services at a much cheaper price and still make a profit.

To read this entrepreneur’s amazing success story, please grab a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines’ July 2009 issue, available in all bookstores and Mini-Stop branches nationwide.

2. Get expert advice. I don't need to read the Entrepreneur Magazine because I know the actual success story because I was advising KC in early 2008 and even up to last November 2009 when he visited me at Rosewood.

3. Start simple. He started with Blogger (http://inkandprints.blogspot.com/ is the one he used in my workshop) and is now using Wordpress. 

4. Follow the advice. I advised KC on what books to read and he BOUGHT and READ and APPLIED what he read.

5. Learn web selling. Dalawangpiso.com is so easy to remember - that's why it's his website also - aside from the usual inkandprints.com - w/c describe his company. He applied both Keywords And Rememberability.

6. Know your goal. KC's CORE business is *NOT* printing - it's franchising.

7. Know the fundamentals. He's now branched off into Party Photo Booths where he's still applying the basic fundamentals he's learned from his mentors.

8. He doesn't know I'm telling you all this. :)

9. Leave your comments below please! So I'll know you're reading this and want more examples like this!

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Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Lessons from a 24 Year old entrepreneur / my student.

Hay! 11:06pm na..aba for the first time in almost one year na wala akong work- nag OVERTIME ako ng gabi. I have to finish doing the Didache reflections for 2011 plus their Gabay versions plus I did a masterpiece (again) for Fish Magazine's Fish n Chips on Christian Music and Global Warming (in one article!). We're going to submit that into this year's Catholic Mass Media Awards so I had to make sure it's wonder-I mean-a marvelous read.

Yes, my overtime was for "writing" and not online marketing. Good thing was-- to get "home" I just had to open the door - and poof -I'm no longer in the "office" - because my family is sleeping behind the wall on my right. Yes, I "work from home" --and yes, today is an exception. I was supposed to submit these articles during Christmas but so many babies to take care of --I wasn't able to type much on my ipod touch without a baby pulling my hand to play.

Now, it's time to meet face to face. January 2010 seminars and workshops:

1. January 16,2010. Saturday. 1pm-5pm. Rosewood Pointe Residences Conference Room, Tagiug City (yes, you get to visit where I live!). Internet Marketing Beginners mini-seminar. P 1975 each. This is an offline seminar - you bring your own laptop and internet connection if you want but -believe it or not - you don't need an internet connection to START. I teach you and guide you in an offline workshop that's designed to kick-start you in the right direction. Yes, there's a kick involved because you need to start quickly.

Sign up by paying via Card or Paypal here or via Bank Deposit. http://su.pr/2YDnxC

2. Jan 20,2010. Wednesday. 1pm - 5pm Advanced Internet Marketing mini-workshop. Bring your own laptop and internet connection - or simply take lots of notes!  Rosewood Pointe Residences Conference Room, Tagiug City ---> or Robinson's Pioneer Mall (Bacolod Chicken Inasal). Venue will be confirmed.

P 2375 each (same price as before). Topic is PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION. So you have a blog or site or you're selling something online- what's the step by step in making it massively popular in 30 days? 

Sign up by paying via Card or Paypal here or via Bank Deposit: http://su.pr/34DLhb

3. Jan 29-30.2010. 2 Day  / 14 hour Internet Marketing Workshop in Cubao. Only those in Cebu, CDO and the last batch in Manila has seen how different the workshops are since it began. I'm going to spoil it for you now : It's not just all about "how to do it" --though it's primarily that. I'll even help you with they "why you should do it" - and I'm not just saying I'll add words to my talk. It's more than that! 

Get a seat BEFORE Jan 24 to have some time to do the Online Pre-Event Activities w/c is long and necessary.
Complete Details: http://su.pr/2A2gri

Jan 16, 20 and 29-30. Beginners Seminar, Advanced Workshop, 14 Hour Workshop, your choice!  

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When did you do overtime for something other than work?

One of my workshop students, Vince Golangco, got invited by a friend who saw me on the internet (from New Zealand!).  He has since created a video blog (like an internet tv show) that features comedy, fake news (think: Colbert Report) that circles around being a Pinoy.

Here's a recent email he sent me:

"Update on me... my website, WhenInManila.com is a PageRank 3 now and I've definitely implemented a lot of the strategies you taught in your class. So just wanted to say thanks."

Hope all is well! 

Vincent Golangco

Chief Creative Director


Viral Video Production House"


Vince attended my live workshop and used it in his project. Pagerank 3 means "very very popular" -and that many websites think it is so (so they link to it). Check it out and have a laugh from time to time and say "hi to Vince!". 

So you see, it's not all about "adsense" or "blogging". Things learned in the workshop or online mentoring can be applied to businesses - existing or startup!

That's why this online mentoring is very very unique. One day, you can be like Vince who has applied the lessons and is hungry for more lessons so he can build up his business.  

Also, for those who've read the presentation, you know that the DVD and the IPOD and IPOD TOUCHES do contain the necessary knowledge that you need to transform that mind of yours to a more effective online marketer's mind. So your actions (blogging, commenting, printscreening etc) are more effective. Effective = more money in your pocket or more credibility for your name - w/c will drive people to buy from you (say amen!).

More "student" notes in the next email, in the meantime...TODAY ONLY:

The discount for both one year mentoring -one payment and 7 gives are now BOTH ACTIVE. Avail of it today only.

One Payment: P 12,750


7 Gives: P1823/month for 7 months:


Go here to see the IPOD that can improve your financial state.

P.S. The website has changed: Find out what's new here.

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Grab an IPOD, IPOD Touch or Online Mentoring today! (Vince Golangco/WheninManila.com Story)

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