To help you understand me more - to see me as both a father, a parent (hey, that's the same thing!), a husband, a provider for my family and a person, I'm letting you in on my learnings in other aspects of life.

Yes, I'm talkative - so much that I want you to learn from my own mistakes in the fields of:
1. Home renovation
2. Selecting and buying a condo, pre-selling
3. Selecting the parking slot
4. Selecting and buying a car (and preparing for it)
5. Creating your own hi tech home theater without ever reaching the typical cost of one.

There. I told you wanted to share a lot!

Let's begin , tomorrow!

Life Tips: Introduction (a new series)

Is Applegirl002 Fake or Real Talent? + The Music Apps she used + Marketing Analysis

Just last week, two videos of a Korean girl (speaking in Japanese, Korean and English) using 3-4 apple iphones (why not ipod touches?) and singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Beyonce's Irreplaceable.

She's pretty and pretty talented too. I don't have most of the apps she used (except for the nalog synthesizer and that's one's free).  She mounted the iphones on a synth-like aluminum bar - just like synths and proceeded to tap the drums, keyboards, beat and effects.  Plus her microphone is a another iphone with a vocoder like microphone app.  She was probably using "Vocoder Lite" app. No. I tried it. It records then plays back. Not like a microphone app with effects. (If you're wondering why I know these things, I read the liner notes on most CCM albums (back in the day when pirating was next to impossible). I recall seeing "vocoder" in an old Twila Paris and a Tricia Amper cassette. There. Dated, as Peter told me the other day..

Beatmaker App is $19.95. It was the only app mentioned that was well enunciated.

What's clever about applegirl002 ( is that it can only work if:
1. All the apps used (beat and rhythm) have record and playback.
2. There's a 2nd camera person in there, but in the first part of the video, it appears as if Applegirl002 is the one who turned on the video. Check her out moving from the screen to her "stage". Then eventually the camera shows 2 hands playing. So who's operating the cam?
3. Her dress, throw pillows all have apples, which means this Korean girl is probably really obsessed with Apple or this is a subtle ad for Iphone Music apps.

Watch. Marvel and Judge. Is this real talent, or lonelygirl16 "staged".  She's pretty though and this Youtube channel is just shy of 700,000 views. Imagine if the mentioned app names where clearer, what kinda sales would that translate to?  I'm sure by the end of the week, these 2 videos will exceed 1 million views each.

What lesson for the marketer?  If you wanna make a splash, use UNKNOWN TALENT doing something unusual for your product/brand/service. Like applegirl002.  Of course, kerygma magazine cover maker and photographer - a pretty face - only makes it more viral than it already is!

Note: I detect chinese too, did I hear that right? Comment on what you think!

Is Applegirl002 Fake or Real Talent? + The Music Apps she used + Marketing Analysis

What is your child doing at 2pm on Monday?

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Philippines EarthQuake March 25,2010:  I was at SM Makati, didn't feel a thing. 6.1 earthquake off the coast of Mindoro Island.   According to our maids, the after shocks in Taguig lasted for 30 minutes. A lot of people evacuated our 22 storey building on Taguig City but they didn't. They stayed put.  They were texting my household help (the people below) to come down but they didn't.  They were with Lucia, our youngest 6 month old baby. She was awaken by the quake. Our dining room "chandelier" was swinging wildly the maids said.   But the power was still up and the ipod we left playing on the 2.1 sound system was still playing OPM Bossa Nova (for the help).

Anyway, we were at the mall with Sean. I was carrying Sean on an Ergo baby Carrier and was shifting my weight a LOT - we didn't feel the earthquake at all - even after riding the SM employees elevator up.  We took the escalator down though.  I did get a call from my friend who was among those employees in the Fort who evacuated their building and wasn't allowed back in for quite a bit till the tremors stopped.  I could hear the background noise from her phone call.

I was wondering why there were a LOT of SM employees coming and going from the elevator/employees area - in the 3rd floor. I thought it was a massive shift change. I didn't know tectonic plates where the ones being shifted.

This quake is funny.  Because lots of people are talking about "global warming" and "what's happening to our world". The same sentiments during the 1899 turn of the century, I'm sure.

My thoughts, check out the waves in the batangas and mindoro area/specially puerto galera. As of now 5pm, no news of tsunamis were reported.

Twitter said:

  1. Emills_normalLoveBieberfanss There was an earth quake in thePhilippines? Omg why din' t i feel anything?

  • Img_0504_normal
    elite83 another earth quake rocks the philippines

  • 2009-10-31-58916_normal
    Will_da_Great holy crap another earth quake this time its in the Philippines man i hope its not to bad over there

  • Default_profile_2_normal
    ajfcremer We had an earth quake here in the Philippines

  • Jade2_normal
    illusionado RT @not_al@illusionado everything ok there? -- Yup, Earth Quake hit Manila, we are on Visayas, mid ofPhilippines Islands., but chainrxn?

  • Jade2_normal
    illusionado magnitude 6.1 freakin' earth quake.. Philippinesis so beautiful to have an earth quake with

  • Philippines EarthQuake March 25,2010

    Q: I would like to ask if this seminar is product related (dealing with a specific product to sell) or does this cover general information?

    A: The only products that will be discussed in Cebu will be the product that you will sell. No idea what to sell? We'll discuss that too.  It's a starter's workshop.

    There's no "general information" here. It's very specific to creating an online business the way I did it.  You cannot find this information in a single book. It's experience based presentation.

    You can however get the ideas and lessons from reading around 30 business and marketing books plus attending something like 20 big name seminars here and aboard. I think that'll be enough.  Yes, the benefit of my experience will be yours in this workshop.

    Q: Internet marketing requires a business in mind and then the training would probably help augment an existing business through the internet by advertising or online selling.  But what if one does not have a business yet?  

    A: Exactly the kind of person we invite. If you don't have a business yet, this workshop is ideal.  If you don't have an idea, then this workshop is ideal.

    Q: Does the training provide some tips on which specific business is profitable to venture through internet marketing?

    A: Yes, concrete information on what will sell online profitably is included in the workshop.

    Q: Would also like to know if this training would cover any specific software/online tool for website making.
    A: Yes, the actual websites you need to use will be discussed. Note that this is not a HANDS ON workshop (since it discusses how to start) so no internet time is required.

    Thank you for your questions Erwin!

    Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

    Erwin's Q and A about April 10 Cebu How to Start Internet Marketing Workshop

    Now for an intermission "New Dork" from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (New Dork)


    Now Im in the blogosphere, Now I'm in the twitterverse
    Fans get so immersed, But I'm a nerd forever
    I'm the new Zuckerberg, And since my website
    I been cookin dough like a chef servin killa-bytes
    Used to be the basement, Back at my mom's place
    Buildin web traffic so that we could sell an ad space
    Make way for the, One man businesses
    Bail outs finished with, White collar criminals
    New sega genesis, Entrepreneur time
    Makin big plans, To dominate the online
    Yeah, I'm on YouTube, this is one man
    Sharin' google revenue, With songs on my webcam
    Science is the new art, Databases day to day
    Geeks spreadin' sheet smarts, Hustle, make the data pay
    I could be in Valleywag plus Geekologie
    Tell from my avatar, That I'm most definitely

    The New Dork,
    Social networks - what dreams are made of, There's nothing you can't do
    Now you're the New Dork
    This V.C. money is brand new, The geek is now d* cool
    Let's hear it for new dorks, new dorks, new dorks

    Catch me up in Techcrunch, Right on the homepage
    Hell, I'm on Gizmodo, In a photo bout a phone craze
    And Im up in Mashable, weekend trip to New York
    Bar pitty, 1oak, parties full of New Dorks
    Now I'm pitchin business plans, From the backs of napkans
    Micro-lend to Africans, Monetize Kazakastan
    Catch me up on linked-in, Dog, C.E.O.
    You can see where I be, With the I.P.O.
    Now I'm up in skinny jeans, Now a hipster's lurkin'
    Used to be a reject, But now I'm steady jerkin'
    Now my glasses mainstream, Now the girlies eyein me
    Popular kids copy me, The new swag is irony
    Comin' from the small time, Girls couldn't find me
    Now I scale models, Like I climb on top of Heidi
    Start big trends, with tweets that I pass on
    You should follow me, cuz I'm friends with Ashton

    Now please understand -- this song isn't talking about people like me. They're talking about tech startups with funding from other people (VC or Venture Capitalsts). Silicon Valley persons. One man business yes it says that but companies in Mashable, Techcruch etc -- are not one man groups. They're companies.  The practice of writing business plans behind napkins is very tech startup.

    Zuckerberg? He's the founder of Facebook. He's now got an old school web company. 

    Real one man gigs like me - with only Virtual Assistants in tow - is the FUTURE. 

    Another one man gig are those who made millions creating and selling IPHONE apps. This is not mentioned in the song.

    What was mentioned as a 1 man gig is a youtube channel owner but no mention as to who they're talking about. 

    Could it be Jacqueline Mannering (1 million views)

    Moymoy? (1 million views)

    I'm sure it wasn't Charice's "Pyramid" (hit 1 million views just Today, my father was waiting for it)

    Now let's get back to the song:

    'Ashton Krutcher (the actor, bf to Demi Moore) was one of the most popular actors on - before Oprah found out about it.  Ashton had the record for the first to reach One Million followers on Twitter. This is not meaningful however, because as you know what we're after are True Fans who would buy whatever we sell - not just numbered people.

    One thing the song got right was "There's nothing you can't do". Of course, not with Donald trump in that garage wall.

    Now go create your online tens of million dollars in cash.

    Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

    Now for an intermission "New Dork" from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (New Dork)

    Yes, I know you're frustrated at how "slow" earning is using Google Adsense. For some of you, you don't even have an approved account yet so you're just there waiting, waiting.

    Here's the solution: Blogging earns money but online selling earns even more money for you. 

    So obviously, you need to sell something online.

    So to answer the question: "Jomar, what will I sell?" -- attend the very FIRST Advanced Inter-ne-t Ma-rke-.ting Workshop (AIMW) this coming Saturday, March 27 or Wednesday March 24 (the two sessions are the SAME). 1pm - 6pm at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig, Manila and we'll create the product(s) that you can sell!

    In this first AIMW, you will know how to sell digital products, create them, dream them up, convert them into the right format, decorate them, create bonuses and otherwise make a wonderful product that people will be willing and hungry to buy.

    Yes, we'll be creating a digital product(s) for you to sell after the workshop.

    Yes, it will not just be a "here are examples of digital products" -- you'll actually see and inspect and create better versions of products that you can sell after the event.

    You'll know the techniques I use to create digital products, including doing things legally so you keep all the profits 100% of the time!

    You'll also know how to price it, what important ingredients are necessary in the format of the book to make it sell more and be a better "word of mouth" promotion for you..

    You'll also learn when to mention your product and when to keep it a secret (first).

    Yes, you'll need either a laptop (no internet needed but if you have it, fine) or a nice notebook (made out of paper).

    This means you'll be creating the "product" most of the time in this workshop - no need to "FIND TIME" to do the work. You'll be doing the work in the workshop - and if you bring along an internet connection, we can even upload it to your "site".

    PLUS: A new way to create a blog that lots of people will want to be a part of (not just read it!).

    PLUS, the answers to the following questions:

    1. I don't know how to sell, even face to face how can I sell online?

    2. I tried selling before, I wasn't very good at it! How can I do it?

    3. I already have a product to sell - real estate, health products, insurance, do I still need to create a digital product? (Yes, you'd be surprised that creating a digital product can actually help you sell your other items)

    BONUS/FREE #1 in this event: A SOFTWARE PROGRAM that creates a SALES LETTER for you IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. (Windows Only) - so you can easily sell the product!

    BONUS/FREE #2 ready your USB/Thumb Drive for long form videos that gives you even more examples of people who have created a "FAN BASE" online (nope, not rock stars, not artistas) and can give you more examples of how you can create your product!

    The FIRST AIMW Details: March 27 or March 24. 1pm - 6pm as usual at Rosewood Pointe Conference Room in the Club House (directions: Bring a computer or a nice paper notebook.

    Payment Details: You may use this link for paypal or credit card payment or deposit via BPI: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario.

    Online Mentoring Club members get a P 1000 discount if they use the link inside the club forum.  AIMS fee is the usual P 2375, so club members get in for only P 1375.

    Now act and act quickly, there are only very few seats in the conference room and you'll need a table for your laptop.

    Image credit:

    Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

    How you can build your digital products to sell (mini-workshop)

    The newest Tony Stark Movie spills too much about the cool devices of the movie you'd wonder --are people going to be wowed by the movie any more or not?

    Below are the things to expect in the movie.  

    You'd see them quickly in the trailer but in these days of still frames and screenshots - here they are:

    Scarlett Johanssen stars as an "accountant" that does KungFu:

    So unless this is a CLONE, we already know she's like 007's bond girls.
    Deadly and Beautiful.  So remove one surprise element.

    The setting will not be an asian country like in the first movie (afganistan), instead it's going to be the island nation of Monaco, in the Mediterrainean - where they hold the Grand Prix (Formula 1 Racing).
    I thought they would be using Macau or Singapore for the F1, but it's another Europe destination, I'm afraid. No,scratch that, I'm NOT afraid.  Just looking forward to the next James Bond film.

    The villain, perhaps is this Whiplash. In the Iron Man : Armored Adventures, he looks like the picture above.  But in the movies, he's Mickey Rourke and very very dirty reggae looking:

    Here's a shot of Whiplash in the Grand Prix race tracks, behind him are the old-dirty-like buildings of Monaco. That's why I thought it was Macau in the first place.

    Up closer, you can see he has the same WHITE LIGHT CHEST as Iron Man.
    What he has a shrapnel also in his heart and this electromagnet is keeping him alive?
    Dunno much about the Mythology of Iron Man. I do know that Larry King in this movie will be played by Hugh Hefner, I mean Stan Lee in one of his memorable cameos!

    As if it's more interesting, here's Whiplash's Back.
    If you're still reading, see how much stuff I can write based on a TRAILER that's readily available on YOUTUBE, giving me an excuse to put in MORE and MORE keywords about the upcoming Iron Man 2 Movie in April 2010. Of course I will be watching this in IMAX using my free CITIBANK CARD privileges.  They extended the promo, did you know? Use P 1500 in your CITIBANK CARD and you get one free movie pass.

    Multi pass? No Milla Jovovich, MOVIE PASS.

    In true spoiler fashion, revealed here in the Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 are the prototype armored Sentinels (I made that up) that Iron Man and War Machine *Don Cheadle is Tony Stark's Friend and co-armored man*.  Whiplash will soon don an eyeglass and become the dirty reggae scientist who will make these machines work. See him in the center, between the Emperor and Darth Vader. Nacht.

    Of course, Iron man has his own ROGUE's gallery of old armors. All of which I suspect will be used in this movie as IRON MEN goes against IRON MEN.  Or maybe use a remote control as in the comics. 

    Yes, I was able to read the War Machine comics.

    So what's the point? I like this movie and it's totally simple to get info and keywords from a trailer. Isn't it ? But Jomar, I don't know how to do SCREENSHOTS? Then google "How to screenshot in Windows" and you're all set. I bet there's even a program (grabitpro) you can use. Hint Hint.

    So here's another surprise --the new machines (or armor) that Tony Stark will battle are made by the military and - has a gatling gun (behind his back). And the others, have large rocket launchers over their shoulders (like the first Warmachine in the comics). Oh and they carry backpacks - why is that? Can't they just screw those things on without using metal straps?


    The emperor doing a Tony Robbins style go go go speech in front of his armored creations.

    Happy with the spoiled surprises? Here's more. Iron man fights with an anonymous armor in his own fighting room (dojo?).

    And yes, this one has a white round chest too. What was that called? So this is probably a drone trainer armor, like the ones Darth Vader uses for training (yes Darth Maul uses them too).

    Samuel Jackson, Nick Fury - agent of SHIELD is again here. Doing absolutely NOTHING, I suppose. Though I do think that if SHIELD comes around with a flying fortress aircraft carrier, to rescue IRON MAN converting this IRON MAN 2 into a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie that would be AWESOME!

    S.H.I.E.L.D. = Before it meant Supreme Headquarters,

    International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division. It 

    was changed in 1991 to Strategic Hazard Intervention,

     Espionage Logistics Directorate.

    Remember that, it might come out in some trivia quiz sometime. Hahaha.

    Totally Spoiler Full Iron Man 2 Trailer reveals too much.

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