Watch my newest fun youtube video - I made this myself.

I love seminars, I love attending well planned and thought-out events and I love conducting and designing them. Is this internet marketing? No, it's not. But seminars and live meet ups are part of any normal public-facing business, like internet marketing. Plus I really LOVE sharing ideas to people - live - in a seminar setting--where they can actually ask questions and get my out of left field answers.

Well, I finally decided to make available my recordings of the events people have invited me to speak. Some paid, some for free, all containing very useful -straight to the point information about internet marketing CUSTOMIZED for the audience.

Let me EXPOSE something to you.  Most meetings (1 on 1 consulting) and stage speaking events I do - I record it. But it has stayed hidden in my external hard drives and computers. So why am I going to show it to people THIS TIME? 
Let me give you some hints:

1. Recordings of yourself talking about a single topic is called a DIGITAL ASSET.
2. It takes a few steps to change the DIGITAL ASSET to a DIGITAL PRODUCT.
3. The steps involve: Reformatting, Uploading, Getting a PAYPAL account and creating a PAYPAL button, creating bonuses, writing a letter.
4. Last, you actually offer it to people so they can benefit from it.

And you? How many times have you told a long story that has enthralled friends, people - for hours? How about ONDOY? Do you have any experience with it? What does it take to record yourself telling the story? Yes, that ONDOY story? A digital recorder? I just use my laptop (you don't have to use a macbook if your laptop has a webcam and microphone already).   So, why haven't you sold (SOLD, not just TOLD) the story to people - if it's already making other people PAY ATTENTION?


That's the only difference between us two. I belief what I say in these talks - can help you maybe even entertain you.  How about you? Do you believe that what ever you have to say about your passion (well it's a passion if you can talk about it for hours and I don't mean "complain" about it).

So, once my recordings are uploaded, you'll know where to get them. This is important: for me to know if you're interested in these private lessons on internet marketing, enter your email and details in this website.  That way, I'll know how many people really want to GO BEYOND what they believe now and go to the next higher levels or two or three!

As Zig Ziglar says, may these recordings help bring you to the top!

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Get your access to my rare recorded events + 1on1 coaching sessions

Mercedes flew from Cagayan De Oro just to attend the Cebu Internet Marketing Offline Workshop last April 10,2010

This is Mercedes Pelaez Mejia of SLERS  from Cagayan de Oro City. I flew in to Cebu just to attend your seminar.  The seminar fee is affordable and i would even say it is relatively cheap for the amount of information given.  However the cost for me to join the seminar  really added up with the plane fares plus my overnight stay in the holel. But definitely i would say i got value for my money.  I have already recommended it to others and will continue to do so because i believe it was well worth my time and money.
I liked the morning presentation because it was motivating and it helped to clarify the why's for doing things whether you are to venture in it as an entrepreneur or do it as a career. The afternoon sesssion gave us the meat of the matter.  It was definitely loaded!  I think your a good communicator, you not only write well, but you also speak well. I think we got enough breaks in between session. I appreciated the stretches too.  Your openness and admirable perspective of life, the jokes made it fun and enjoyable.  It could have turned out to be a very boring presentation. 
So overall, the design, the content and the presentation of the seminar is very good.  The only downside was the lighting of the venue, it was cramped and the food was lousy.  But i suppose a better venue means better facilities, better food and higher price which might not be as marketable. 

*I hear you, we'll keep looking for a better venue and food next time for Cebu.  But yes, you're right the seminar fees might be higher. You (plural) and we'll deliver. :)

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Review of Mercedes from CDO about the Cebu Event

Finally, imagine yourself working from home!
I've had 5 years experience training, hiring and firing experienced and unexperienced Filipino VAs in the Philippines from the Philippines, now I'm spilling to you what happened in those 5 years....

This event is finished but YOU CAN GET THE Trainings Online Video/Presentations/Audio/Guides:  Click here to Virtually Attend the Seminar. (download all the materials)

Session 1:  Initial Training for VAs (required if you wish to get to Session 2 and 3)

1. There will be a live event this April 17 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City. 1pm  - 6pm.
Payments details click here.  Can't attend?  Get the training materials online.  Attending? Rate is
P 2375 (an amount that Internet Marketer Joel Peterson said "too low"), click here before I take his advise (I normally do) and raise it.

Details of the Live event and it's online counterpart:
a. You'll know the requirements so you can be considered a good "candidate" to be a VA (physical, mental, skills, etc)
b. Websites and Skills and Programs you need to study because you'll need them as a VA
c. You'll know exactly what I tell my VAs to do, so you'll know the how easy or complex it is.
d. How to communicate properly with your offsite boss (this is the most critical skill and attitude as a VA).
e. How to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or want to receive as VA).
f.  What two buttons on the keyboard will become your best friend as a VA
g. The correct daily attitude towards your virtual boss to ensure smooth work flow and happiness for both of you.
h. How to make a SHINY and effective resume for VA employment.
i.  Common misconceptions regarding VAs
j.  Personal positive and negative realizations of existing VAs (people I've worked with)
k. How to cope with the eventual overwhelm if it happens (work load)
l.  You'll find out how I started in this VA business (as a boss and trainer)
m. Online Interview Pointers, your potential employer may not be able to see you, so it's different.
Note: Again this is NOT a technical course. If I discussed ALL programs in STEP BY STEP fashion, it will take more than a month non-stop. This is the introductory course that you can build on. If you can investigate how to use (for example, SKYPE) a program on your own, then you're going to be fine as a VA. However if you need more training --more training programs (session 2 and 3) are coming up.
2. There will be an online version of the Virtual Assistant Training is consists of :
a. Access to the Video (not LIVE video)
b. Access to the Audio
c. Access to the Presentation materials and bonuses 
d .It's not via webcam.
e. It's not live.
f. It's self-paced training.
g. There will be assignments at the end, you need to do those to "pass". 
h. Upon passing the "assignments", you get only ONE SHOT so check your work before submitting them.
Completing either the live online training of session 1 gives you a ONE STAR certification rating from me for "Virtual Assistant Training"
Session 2: A SEPARATE X day online training session will follow this one day event.
The "x" means a certain number of days. This X day online training is not free.   However, I have not set the price for this one yet. I'll have to iron out the details first. Completing this X day online training will up your certification to TWO STAR.
Session 3: A 2 day hands on VA training workshop will be also done.  
This is for those unfamiliar with the computer programs and systems discussed in either session 1 or session 2.  This will be hands on-with one computer per person. It will be very very very technical.
Completing this workshop will up your certification to THREE STAR.
The VA Star Certification is used to communicate with my foreign contacts what kind of training you've accomplished.
Here are the paths you can take:
1. session 1 only - hired
2. session 1 and 3 only - hired
3. session 1 and 2 and 3 - hired
4. session 1 and 2 only - hired
Either way, more Star Certifications allow you to put more information into your resume for employers to marvel at. Also, this Star Certification may change.
No hiring guarantees, just training.
Yes, there's no guarantee that you'll be hired in end.  That's based on the NEEDS of the employer and your ATTITUDE and SKILLS. Yes, this is exactly like any other work opportunity.  My role is to give you an EDGE over any other applicants and allow you to just be a VA to one employer and still be happily working at home -- while earning what you want.
Your name will only be submitted to my contacts after attending any event and doing the assignments. However, you must know that if employers are looking for experience, it's much better you pass through the X day online training first before applying.
Free Listing
You pay nothing to have your name/resume submitted to them. Of course I wil l no longer have control if they opt to reply or not.
Social Network
All VAs in training will be part of a social network that's exclusive to them - so they can help each other.  This is a bonus and helps you immensely by giving you a chance to help others FIRST.
Interested in Session 1? 

Payments details click here.  Can't attend?  Get the training materials online.  Attending? Rate is
P 2375 (an amount that Internet Marketer Joel Peterson said "too low"), click here before I take his advise (I normally do) and raise it.  See you on Saturday or online.

How you can benefit from the Virtual Assistants Training Series

Here's a slice of my life (issues!) for you to see:

My parking slot for my condo is being transferred from basement to 2nd floor. I've been talking to the Condo people since Oct 2009. I have already paid the transfer fees even.  Joycelle of the Condo Company is supposed to be taking care of it. Last week I asked from an update - Joyselle said "yes", since then no news from her.  Here's my latest email below , what do you think, it'll be effective?

Re: Parking Slot 63 Transfer to 2nd floor
Update please?
Eto PIZZA para maganahan kang mag update.

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

What do you send someone so they'd take note of your months-old request ?

hi Jomar,
I'm Kristine Chua, i attended the April 10 Internet marketing Seminar in Cebu.
I want to thank you for the great seminar, it was really worth it. I thank God that I was able to attend the seminar before I can attend the workshop because it gives me more perspective on why I'm doing this or interested in this, before I know how to do it. I especially love the part about overcoming fears, doubts and procastination because this has been the reasons why it took me some time before I decided to join the seminar.
I just have a little comment about the venue of the seminar...i honestly think it can be better. The place was not really conducive for the seminar because it was cramped at the back and they were using round tables. Food was OK, the people were really approachable, speaker was amazing...just need a new venue for future seminars.:)
thanks and God bless,

kting (Kristine)

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Cebu Internet Marketing Event Review: it was really worth it

Hi Jomar,
I just want to personally express my gratitude for the personal tips on how to handle money that you gave Oliver and me in Starbucks. I will surely apply this to our finances and i will let you know once we made considerable progress because that is what I am expecting.
My wife and I also would like to express our thanks for the swell time we had with you and Tony's family. It's nice to know you up close and personal.
Now I will tell you why I no longer submitted my blog to the online class for comment. The reason is because I am blogging for God, not for adsense anymore. And because of this, I did not put any adsense in my blog and I did not name it according to SEO that you taught us or stuffed it with keywords. Maybe God will allow me to use this blog to earn money in the future but that is not the objective why I created this blog. With crossed finger, I put here the link to my blog, Daily Snacks for the Soul. Please do comment. Hehehe...I do value your ideas and opinion be it positive or negative. 
Now this is my review to the workshop. It was the missing link to what I know about internet marketing. After I left the workshop last year, my mind was so full of ideas what to do, and how to do it, but it wasn't clear to me why I need to do it. After the workshop in Sarosa, I realized why I need to earn money -- to finance my love and mission in life. This is great! Also I learned what is internet marketing from the top view. Last year what I saw what was under the hood, after the seminar in Sarosa, I saw the whole car! And my wife and I liked what we saw. This kind of revived my interest to internet marketing and opened the eyes of my wife, Ruvey, a newbie to internet marketing, to new possibilities. Thank you very much for unselfishly sharing your knowledge and expertise to us.
To those who would like to learn about internet marketing, I strongly recommend that they attend this workshop first before going to the more technical or hands on seminar.

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Cebu Internet Marketing Event Review: We had such a fun time with you

Bonus Question: What do you think is the best way to start an internet business? Put your answers in the comments below. Best answers are copied into this post - with a link to the person's blog.

This question will be answered in detail in Cebu's "How to start an internet business" but I'd like to know what you people think first before I tell you my version.

Please click on "COMMENTS" below and type away!

Bonus Question: What do you think is the best way to start an internet business?

Are you nearer to Cebu than to Manila? Do you wish to learn the answer to this perennial question: "How can I start with an internet business, but I'm not good in the internet?".  You may be surprised to know that having internet skills have very little to do with success in an internet business.

Let me detail to you what's needed to start and jump start this kind of business - right in your back yard. No need to travel to traffic and crowded Manila. Let the sea breeze from Cebu invite you in -to learn from a Pinoy in REALLY how to start an internet business. 

Wait, if you're looking for a get rich quick thing, this is NOT IT.  This is a business and if you're even remotely interested in freeing up your time (in as short time as 6 months) while running a business that's very profitable, you'll need to know the ingredients I will present on Saturday, this week.

Get your seats ASAP as walk-in rate is more expensive than today's regular rate of P 3,777 at the Sarrosa Hotel in Cebu City. April 10,2010.

Let me be frank with you.  There is no event like this anywhere nearby at this price.  There's not a lot of people who will "spill" their REAL BUSINESS secrets to you. (Most say it's a secret but once you hear it, you realize it's not really).  I'd be daring enough to say that you might find something like this for the cheap rate of a P 10,000 - $10,000 - in events they call a weekend bootcamp or a one or one mentoring that's probably worth $25,000 (this figure is what someone I know paid for such a thing).

Here's another real thing: I've attended "internet marketing" events before - I've produced large and small events before (10,000 people large enough for you?) -not just seminars, mind you.    I know how to conduct an event for maximum value, enjoyment and information retention to attendees and a powerful followup. 

After this event, I'm sure you'll be experiencing positive emotions and impacts that you NEVER expected to experience but you know you need.

I've already been called the Tony Robbins of the Philippines by my International Business People audience in Boracay,  and if you know Tony Robbins's seminar fee (P 60,000 a person), this Cebu event is going for a song (at P 3,777). 

Let me share with you- with joy - how to create a business that's both meaningful to you and still frees up your time for what you wish to do.

Click here to get in via card or Paypal or simply just deposit via these two bank accounts
BDO Butuan City Branch, Savings Account: 2000026229. Name: Jan Mckingley Hilado. or
BPI Savings bank account 3216-3898-62 name Jose Mario R Hilario. Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati City. 

Email to get your slots ASAP or get it via this Paypal Link (you can use your credit cards too):  Contact Cellphone Number: (Tony) 0922-884-58-46 to get reservations or for answers to any questions.

Oh by the way, P 3,977 is the walk in rate for this event.  

Mindanao/Visayas? You'll learn how to start an Internet Based Business on Saturday!

So you want to REALLY work from home?

Not an entrepreneur, just an "ordinary" worker, only that -- it's all from your home computer (or an internet cafe).

The best thing though is you can see your family all the day! Be with them. Or not. Or be within 5 steps from your babies or children.

Interested yet?

How about knowing that if US (and others) clients know that Jomar Hilario trained you, you're most likely to be hired --just because of the training?

Even better, right?

So be there on April 17, Saturday at the Session 1: How to Be a Virtual Assistant (VA) Training in The Philippines. 

Here's why I'm conducting this: After my talk with international business people in Boracay, they revealed certain things that need to be "fixed" so that a Filipino can be "world class" in the Virtual Assistant (work from home!) field.

I took their suggestion and here's the first result: I'm going to use my 5 year experience in dealing with Pinoy VAs to train anybody aspiring to work from home (note : this is still work, not a business that you run as an entrepreneur).  I think I'm pretty much qualified as I've never stopped having VAs since 2005.

This is AIMS (Advanced Internet Marketing Seminar) #10. See you on April 17 . 1pm - 6pm  at Rosewood Pointe Conference Room in the Club House.

Directions:  Despite the word "Advanced", the only requirement here is knowing how to surf the internet.

Payment Details: You may use this link for paypal or credit card payment or deposit via BPI: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario.

Online Mentoring Club members get a P 1000 discount if they use the link inside the club forum.  AIM 10 fee is P 2375, so club members get in for only P 1375.

This is session 1 because there WILL be a hands on workshop on VA Skills later in the year and perhaps a session 2 after a "testing period".  There will also be an ONLINE version of this seminar for those not in Manila. One week after the event.

Attend this first session because the next time this training will be held, the fee most likely be more (different venue, etc).

UPDATE: You can 'get online access to the lesson AUDIO, VIDEO and PRESENTATION. Just pay here and you'll get access within 2 days of the event.

After this event is a 30 day ONLINE TRAINING --testing out what you've learned - if you know how to use the internet.  Fee for the 30 day training will be forthcoming.

If you're newbie, later in the year, we'll have a LIVE HANDS ON WORKSHOP for 2 DAYs.

Update: VA's earn starting with P 10,000 (US$200) a month. You earn more if you have other skills (graphics, writing, copy writing, programming, etc).  This is a full time 8 hrs/day x 5 days work.

Update: Can you have a day job and be a VA? Yes. You can be part time.  Or "work" 8 hours in 4 hours because you're so so so fast on the internet. Some VA bosses like results, not "time spent".

Session 1: How to Be a Virtual Assistant Training in The Philippines

 Life Tips #3: Selecting the Condo Parking Lot / Slot
by Jomar Hilario

1. Speaking of parking, the building plans may change with the actual, where you expected 2 parking slots, there may now be 3.

2. Because of Ondoy, you may want to select a slot on the 2nd floor.

3. You may also want to consider looking for a parking slot that's SOLO - no other cars around you.  Just do watch out for large columns around your slot w/c may prevent you from parking there!

4. Why? If the gorgeous girl/guy who owns the slot beside you parks silly sideways - then you might not have  enough space in your own slot to get out of your car AFTER you park it.

5. So find a slot where you're surrounded small floor level divisions on both sides and not an empty slot for another car.

6. To protect your car's paint, find a slot INSIDE the building and not one exposed to rain and sun.

7. Get a parking barrier -- that's a stick of metal and cement that's padlocked to the parking slot floor --that prevents people who don't own the slot from using it. 

8. What people do that?

9. Yes, please they do. People seem to to transform themselves into "thieves" when no one is looking - when it comes to parking slots. Don't know why.

10. Jomar, I've no car yet, should I get a parking slot?

11. Yes, get a slot ASAP and when the building is up - RENT IT OUT until you need it.  This is the easiest passive income you can get-or else it pays for itself.

Photo by

Life Tips #3: Selecting the Condo Parking Lot / Slot

Free Easter Event at SMX/Mall of Asia by Bo Sanchez
Please come in white. Celebrate Easter with a Full Band, Full Choir, Great Worship and
Powerful Talk #1 in the Overcome series. Join us in the First Grand Feast.

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Free Easter Event at SMX/Mall of Asia by Bo Sanchez

Life Tips #2: Moving into your new Condo in the Philippines

About the property which you'll probably be able to see after two years time:
1. After two years time, the building will be done - erected - finished- they say.

2. Let's assume that it does get done - on schedule.

3. Know first - if there's surrounding construction next to the building because ---
there will be an enormous amount of construction debris, workers and dust flying around your new unit.

4. No, the workers will not be flying around, only dust and other junk.

5. First, because they're still working on another building nearby.

6 .Second, because the workers are now IN YOUR BUILDING renovating your neighbor's condo units.

7. How long will this last? 

8. More than a year's time.

9. So note: you might NOT want to live in the unit immediately once the "construction" is done.

10. The building will be semi-deserted or extremely populated with carpenters, painters, designers and lots of spray paint fumes.

11. So what to do?

12. Send in your own renovators to join the party.

13. And decide to either have your renovated condo RENTED OUT FIRST --while the dust settles in.

14. Or you move in yourself and deal with the construction going on around you.

15. The plus - if you move in - nobody else is there - so you have the building to yourself --AND THE CARPENTERS/WORKERS.

16. Another plus -- the elevators - depending on the number of them - will and may be clogged with workers -if there's not enough elevators or if the building doesn't have a dedicated service elevator for them.

17. Yes, if you like miniskirts and bleepbleep boots and you're going down the elevator to the parking lot, you're going to enjoy the silence in the elevator with 5 building workers.

Life Tips #2: Moving into your new Condo in the Philippines

Join Bo Sanchez at the Mall of Asia this EASTER! 
April 4,2010, SMX, Easter, 8am - 12 noon.
Celebrate and Start the Learnings on Overcoming this Coming Easter!


Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Join Bo Sanchez at the Mall of Asia this EASTER! (image)

Join Bo Sanchez at the Mall of Asia this EASTER! 
April 4,2010, SMX, Easter, 8am - 12 noon.
Celebrate and Start the Learnings on Overcoming this Coming Easter!


Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Join Bo Sanchez at the Mall of Asia this EASTER! (image)

Life Tips #1: Selecting a Pre-selling Condo/Condominium in the Philippines

Some things to consider that you may not realize when get a pre-sold condo/property by Jomar Hilario

1. Preselling mean the condo has not been built yet. That's why the price is cheaper. 

2. This also means you're not sure if they'll ever make the building according to plan.

3. That why you should select a large developer and not one you've never heard of or a tiny one in the provinces.  My family lost 100,000 because we invested in a tiny developer.

4. The easiest way to see if the developer is "big" is to checkout their financial statements ONLINE - if they're a public company.  Click here for an example.

5. Public means they're listed in the Philippine Stock Market

6. So open a newspaper and go to the Finance News and look under "Property"

7. Those are the biggest developers (who are public or "listed") in the country.

8. If the developer is not there, they're "private" so you may have to ask them directly - by going to their offices (really!) what their OTHER projects are. Yes, this article was created by Jomar Hilario and if ever you intend to copy this my name is included please.

9. If they have very small projects and you're buying a small project (Meaning: condo building) also  -- that's probably okay.

10. If they have school buildings and you're buying a condo --think TWICE and do it again. Answer this: if the real estate industry goes "down" (again), will this company have the money to still create your building?

11. Never ever deal with a person who says he's an "agent" . Only deal with Licensed Brokers.

12. Licensed Brokers typically know more information than you need than a "agent" - who's probably only after the commission and may ignore your requests.

13. I've dealt with 2 agents (one who simply resigned w/o letting me know) and their boss (who probably isn't a broker) and they all behaved the same: They never call back. They ignore your requests. They answer in the strangest way possible to avoid your questions. Yes, I've already reported them to their own bosses - and to the public via Twitter.

14. Document every dealing with the licensed broker by taking pictures using your cellphone or digicam of each meeting and document (a 2 megapixel phonecam is good). Keep everyone honest.

15. Never think that you'll stay in this one place forever - since its a condo and it's difficult to "add more space/floors" when your family grows. So always consider it's location, location, location. 

16. If it's located in place or near a place with lots of offices (large commercial areas) then the location is good for starters.

17. So when you move out to your permanent place (a larger condo, a single detached house in a nice subdivision) it's easier to rent out your "old" condo.

Photo by

Life Tips #1: Selecting a Pre-selling Condo/Condominium in the Philippines

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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