Someone asked me, "Jomar, how did you really start in earning from the Internet?"Of course if you've attended my events, you'll know it was via promoting Christian Rock Concerts online. 
But maybe you want more details than just that.

For example:
Did you know that I've been blogging since 2001 but hardly earned anything?
Did you know that I've already asked myself "how can I earn from the Internet" as early as 1998 but didn't get an answer until 2004?
Did you know that I was floor director and major contributor for the Philippine Blog Awards --a task I did for free?
Did you know that I personally know the famous pinoy bloggers who earns a lot online?
Did you know that the first product I purchased for Internet Marketing was Stephen Pierce's P 80,000 online classroom?
Did you know how I got the attention of Bo Sanchez, considering I didn't know him personally before?
All these and more --in the expose that you want to know: How did I start earning online and ending up working from home in as little as 30mins a day?  (So that you can do it,too!)

Find out:
1. The new set of issues I encountered as a self-employed business person. Issues YOU may encounter eventually. And if you're employed NOW, you BETTER know these in advance because you can actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM NOW.
2. How you can imitate my actual steps in starting -- without any guess work -as you'll simply be repeating what I've done - only in your own niche or interest.

Plus ---you'll be first to hear the complete detailed story w/c will be a part of my upcoming book!
Get your seats to this limited seating only seminar.  P 3777 only. (USD 77)
This is a special seminar with very personal details, hence the special price.

See you on June 17,2010 Thursday--Rosewood Pointe, 1pm - 6pm. Free snacks and two drinks.
Use this credit card/paypal link or via Direct Bank Deposit: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then email Your Name, Bank Branch, Amount and Date to using the email you want to use. The email with details above is enough to confirm your payment. 
Only around 20 people can be accomodated so get your seats now.

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND but want to-- You may avail "attend" online by getting the easy to understand presentations PLUS the recordings and the video of the event. Click here to get your DIGITAL COPY.

Bonus: Yes, you get to take home the presentations as well. Plus a mention in my upcoming book!

Seminar: How I Started In Internet Marketing (Detailed Version)

Say you want to attend the two day hands on internet marketing workshop, the next one will be on June 25-26,2010.
But problem is you can't raise the P 9750 required to be there.
In the survey, some of you said "make it more affordable!".
Though I cannot really change the workshop price --there is another way for you to be there and it's way cheaper than P 9750:


Become one of the few "Facilitator Plus" in the event.  

Here's what you'll get if you become a ""Facilitator Plus"

1. Advance copy of the text based lessons (pdf, digital copy) - text version
2. You get to also take home the 400MB digital graphics version of the lessons - during the event (bring an empty Thumb Flash USB Drive)
3. You get to sit and listen and take notes when there's a lecture.
4. You'll actively assist others in referring to the their copy of the lessons you got in advance (see #1 above).
5. Then you sit down again when there's a lecture.
6. You get free snacks and lunch for two days, but you also assist others in getting their snacks and lunch.
7. You get to join in the FREE DINNER given to facilitators after the second day.
8. You get to network with the other facilitators, some of them are already experienced bloggers and my online mentoring students.
9. You learn while helping others learn- thus increasing your ability to retain the lessons!
10. You'll also get a free two hour one on one consultation with me at Rosewood Pointe. (this is value at P 4750, so you get your money back + P 200!)

This offer will not be up forever, you need to decide before June 17,2010 if you wish to facilitate. This is also first paid - first served.
I will only be getting around five or four facilitators like yourself per workshop. To become a facilitator plus and learn the lessons -a month before the event starts--you only need to pay P 4577 (US$ 97) now.

Use this paypal link for credit card or paypal payments. Do not pay via Beaconlight. This is an internal arrangement between you and me.  You may also use a direct deposit P 4577 via BPI Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati. After the deposit, please email me - and include the bank branch you did the deposit from.

This is like a 50% off discount. Catch it while the slots still remain.

Now what if you paid but you can't get in the June 25-26 event? What happens then?
You'll be on the priority list to attend the next 2 day workshop- a few months after June, so you'll have more time to prepare.

But know that for this year I will only be accepting a very very small number of Facilitator PLUS then I shall "close the store" and reopen it again -when there are slots available.

P.S. What's new in the lessons since last year?
1. New Keyword Research Material and Examples
2. Three New Blogging Techniques to avoid the "Spam" label that google gives to blogs.
3. Fastest and cheapest way to receive credit card payments from the Philippines
4. Simplified way to create a Thank You Page
5. Overview of Online Selling and Blogging Together

P.S. Get in the June 25-26 workshop for half price as a facilitator plus: CLICK HERE to pay via Credit Card.

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Attend my hands on workshop for 50% off - as a Facilitator PLUS

Q:  May I ask, where can i get a good webhosting account but not expensive. Can you suggest a site? Also webhosting companies only offer 1 free domain, where can i buy cheap domain names and is privacy from WhoIs really a must/necessary?


What is webhosting? That's where you put all your files, images, blog posts. Like a hard disc found somewhere in the internet. gives this out for free, so why pay?

If you have other files you need to store in the webhosting account (like videos) --upload them all to YOUTUBE. Getting a Director account (free), will allow you to upload more than 10 minutes of video.  You can then EMBED them into your blog. (Click on the SHARE in Youtube to do this)

If you want to upload PDFs, presentations --use - then SHARE/EMBED also.

If you want to create photogalleries -- use - then SHARE/EMBED also.

These are all free.

If you INSIST on paying for webhosting because SOMEONE told you it's the "way to go" without explaining -- and you DO HAVE THE MONEY, then use Hostmonster.  It's the way to go if you can afford it and if you're going to be doing internet marketing for years to come (you should!).

Now, where to buy cheap domains? First of all, what's a domain name? Domain name =, Given Name = Jomar Hilario.  Another example, domain name =, company name = toyota.

To buy cheap domain names, you can go to Or simply go to a place like and buy the .BIZ or .INFO domains, they are cheaper than a .COM.

For example:


instead of the more expensive

However, my recommendation: buy the .COM domains. You're saying expensive --but it's not realistic, one domain from Blogger's PUBLISH setting is only $10 (Php 500) a YEAR, that's NOT EXPENSIVE.  500 pesos a year is never expensive.  If you can't afford that, then you can't even afford a webdomain, so don't buy anything at all, my advise.

WHOIS privacy option. Whois can be used by people online to know if you actually own a website.  

This is called an UPSELL from the domain name company. They sell you this in case you're creating a site that may violate the law or be displaying uncivilized or immoral images or content.  That's one reason to hide who you are from WHOIS.  Also, if you're hiding the fact that you've BECOME RICH because of this blog  - you'll need this privacy option. Of course this is impossible because first of all --your blog DOESN'T EXIST yet, so why hide who you are?

All the above conditions of course are not applicable to you now. So don't buy it.

So was that a fun Q&A?

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Where can you buy cheap domain names?

So how can you learn directly from Jomar - on earning online?

So you have tried blogging. With my 3 month free ecourse you have gotten your "feet wet" and you've created several blogs.  After a few months you only see one dollar, two dollars and wonder to yourself : "Ok, there's money in the internet, but I don't think it should be this LITTLE.". How can you leave your work and spend time with your family and loved ones when you're earning this little?
Or maybe you're a member of my 1 year online mentoring and you just can't seem to focus on the lessons. The lessons are easy enough but you can't devote any time to creating the blogs, doing the research and other stuff.
What seems to be wrong?
There must be something you're not doing.
You are correct, there is!
Before you say "Time Management" -- that's not it.
Before you say "You need to be passionate about it" -- that not it either.
Would you believe it has something to do with your behavior regarding MONEY?

This is what we aim to fix in the "How to Spend LIKE a Millionaire" seminar.  


But wait- you might say "I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want my own house and lot, a car or two and my kids in a good school." Believe me, those who DO HAVE THAT, have just spent several millions (probably in loans) to get it.  See here:
1. House and Lot in the Metro Manila area: P 7 M
2. House and Lot in the Cavite area: 1-2M
3. Car: 700M - 1.5M
4. Good Pre-School: P 75,000 a year per kid
5. Good High School: P 60,000 a year per kid
6. Good College: P 85,000 a year per kid
7. Plus put all those costs like "Baon" and "Gas". 
To live a comfortable life -- that has TIME for both FAMILY and WORK, you'll need a few millions, my friends.

But how can you SPEND LIKE ONE, when you have ZERO ZERO ZERO pesos when payday is about to arrive?

There is a way, and it's outlined in the T HARV ECKER book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind". I have been following it's advise for THREE YEARS and this Saturday - you'll know about HOW I WAS ABLE TO IMPLEMENT IT --and how it has helped changed my life.

Just like most of you - I stared with ZERO ZERO savings and everything sent to the province to help my parents care for my more than 10 brothers and sisters.

But even as an employee then - I was still able to redirect my spending to reflect a millionaire's.

In this ONLINE EVENT-- I EXPOSE my personal finance journey not just to inspire but to help you SEE WHAT'S MISSING in the way you look at money and SPEND it.

I owe it to mr T Harv Ecker and his book plus the courage to actually implement it.

Now, can you simply just buy the book? Of course you can and I encourage you (if you can find a copy) - but nothing BEATS meeting someone who's actually done it before you.

After this ONLINE event, I shall not be repeating this seminar at this low low price (P 2375/person) --. I will be exposing too many personal finance decisions there and I don't want anybody to take it lightly.
I promise you -next to NO ONE exposes his finances the way I do -- only so that you'll be able to IMPROVE YOURS.

NOW THE BONUS LESSONS (of course, we need to talk about Internet Marketing, too!)

1. You'll know the advantages of a MAC vs a Windows PC in internet marketing and it's impact in creating Video Sales letters. And what you can use if you don't have a mac.

2. Facebook has been in the news because of privacy issues, know how you can still use it for business and still preserve your privacy.

3.You'll know the softwares I use to backup my stuff and store information online (free and paid).

4. You'll learn how to create a VIDEO SALES letter using a Windows PC (Macs can do it easily).

Get access to this information by getting the DIGITAL version of the seminar (audio, video and presentations + bonuses) via Credit Card or paypal

Just click here or pay via direct deposit P 2375 via BPI Bank Deposit: Jose Mario R Hilario / 3216-3898-62 / BPI Savings Account / Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati. After the deposit, please email me - and include the bank branch you did the deposit from.  Allow 1 extra day before I confirm the deposit.

What's missing in your internet marketing journey? How come you're earning too little?

"Country Presidents hardly affect your life directly. What YOU do TODAY does!"
This is the conversation I've had with my wife for the past few weeks now. Unless you take care of our own lives, who-ever is sitting in that Pinoy Throne Room isn't going to improve our life with our loved ones.

We have to do it - change it - act on it - ourselves. 

Unless you're personally invited to that winning candidate's victory party, your election fever is pretty much over this week.

So what are you going to do?  How about resume improving yourself and here's some suggestions:

After all, being a country's politician is big, but we do have aspirations that go beyond that (the world billionaires and millionaires and philantropists are not politicians after all). And it all starts not with Elections but with Education!

Adsense Election:
If you still don't have an adsense account or are rejected by them, try this. I recommend it:

Wealth Education:
Reserve 1pm-6pm this Coming May 15,2010, Saturday for an event that will radically  change the way you view money --especially as a couple + Learn how Millionaires Use Their Money and how you can too today + Know your Strengths + More!  Get your slot here or via deposit of P 2375 to Direct Bank Deposit: BPI Savings Account/  3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario  then email  Your Name , Bank Branch, Amount and Date to Jomar.hilario@gmail.comComplete details click here. Note: Come as a couple!  See post below this one for complete details.

Affiliate Education:
Enter your details here if you wish to promote Jomar Hilario's events and products --and earn in the process. Click here. Caution: This is in BETA (not yet ready for primetime, enter only if you know what you're doing).

Want my talks/recordings Education:
If you want access to ALL or SOME of my private/rare talks and event recordings (mp3, video, presentations), enter your details here and I'll announce the availability of my recordings so you can listen and learn over and over again!

IPOD Education:
Did you ever want an excuse to buy an IPOD NANO but think it's a "LUXURY TOY"? If you get an IPOD (or IPAD or IPHONE) from me, you'll find it loaded with more than 200 hours of marketing interviews + a recording of my 2 day workshop! Check it out here in this link.

This IPOD thing was one of the saving graces for people who stood in line for 4 hours yesterday. 

Country Presidents hardly affect your life directly. What YOU do TODAY does!

How To Be Millionaire Even if You're Deep In Debt Now
*This event is concluded. You may purchase the recordings here.

May 15, 2010 Event at Rosewood Pointe
1. Do you wish to set your mind free from money worries?
2. Do you know the "secret" about the "emergency fund" that many people are talking about? Is it really practical?
3. Do you wish to know what you're really good at? Not just money wise? So you'll know what strengths you have to concentrate on -and delegate the things you're not good at?
4. Do you want to know how Millionaires spend their money even if all they have is 50 pesos?
5. Do you want to be assured that the way you spend money today is the right -proven way - at least for some millionaires?
6. Do you wish to learn how to REWARD yourself for your daily work?
7. Do you want to stop saying "LUMAMPAS LANG SA KAMAY KO ANG PERA kasi nagbayad lang ako ng utang!"?
8. Do you wish to know how I spend my money to improve my lifestyle and those who I love? 
9. Would you like to know how you can transform your spending habits into Millionaire spending habits?
You may or may not know that I've been applying the concepts of spending money from T Harv Ecker's "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind". If you attended my workshops, that book was summarized in one of the BONUS LESSONS in the OPENME bonus sections. 
Hmm, that reminds you to go back to the USB Flash Drive and view the lesson. I created that lesson 2 years ago.
This event is a follow up - what has happened since then? How has applying "Millionaire" spending lessons affected my married life?
This is AIMS (Advanced Internet Marketing Seminar) #11. 
See you on May 15 . 1pm - 6pm  at Rosewood Pointe Conference Room in the Club House.

Despite the word "Advanced", there's no requirement for this event.


Payment Details: You 
may use this link for paypal or credit card payment or deposit via BPI: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then email me all details including bank branch that you used.

Or click here.
Online Mentoring Club members get a P 1000 discount if they use the link inside the club forum.  AIM 10 fee is P 2375, so club members get in for only P 1375.

There are very limited seats. Cost includes SNACKS. I may repeat this event in July --at DOUBLE THE COST or maybe NEVER, it depends on this event's results/attendance. Yes, you may also avail of the DIGITAL version of this seminar, click here.

How to be a Millionaire even if you're deep in debt now!

UNIT PRICE: 1,078,000.00
20% DOWNPAYMENT: 215,600.00
DOWNPAYMENT :    215,600.00


Do you know a a Toyota Dealer who can give me a better deal or like this:


If you're looking for an honest review (from a housewife, no less) of both the Online and Live workshop (from the point of view of a first time facilitator), please read and enjoy this write up:


If you're one of those who gave a video review of my live event, please get a slot on Saturday, May 8, as May 13 is mostly filled up - with 4 people taking up 1 hour slots each. There's still space at 3pm-5pm on May 13, Thursday but on May 8, you can still come in the afternoon.  Get a slot by clicking and filling up this site.


If you're planning on making just ONE BLOG (ever), make sure you're always blogging about what's LOCALLY POPULAR (also known as "USO"). If there's a MANNY V or a MANNY P (the boxer) news, make sure your blog has the details. Yes, you'll be re-hashing news -so make sure you WRITE A LOT of COMMENT. Negative or positive (this is preferred), just make sure you always have a "TAKE". What's a TAKE? It means a perspective. No, Jomar that's not clear at all. Well, if you're a COOK, or a FX RIDER (to and from the office) --what is the impact to your life as a COOK or commuter?  That's a "TAKE".

Yes, your blog will look like a news blog but it's more of a PERSONAL NEWS blog as long as you have a "take" or a "personality". For example if you're into MAGIC, always mention some magic trick that you can recall that has something to do with the news tidbit.


This, again is if you plan on updating ONLY ONE BLOG.


Never ever make a blog that sounds CLEVER but generic. If at a loss, please use a catchy name that nobody else has.  For example you want to name your blog MRCLEVER. That's okay as long as nobody else online is named MRCLEVER (you google it). But the best blog name always reflect your LOCALE and PERSONALITY. So if you buy expensive bags every 2 months and you're very opinionated, your blog should be SOSIBAGNEWS. Your blog contains the pinoy word "sosi" (your "locale") and it will contain local bag and non-bag related events + international sosi bags (read:expensive) events and news.


MAY 15 is my very first event devoted to your DREAMS and VISIONS of the FUTURE. Make sure you reserve a slot for it. Yes, it's not a strictly "internet marketing" event as I noticed you (yes, you) seem to need help in the physical dreaming department -- a critical component to success on this earth.  Plus a lot of people are perking up - looking up when I mention "how to SPEND like a millionaire NOW". Plus there also seems to be very little "CLARITY" on what you think you're good at. So let's devote at least 6 hours of this YEAR to these critical topics.  Stay tuned on how you can signup to this 1pm-5pm. Saturday (may 15) event. Think of this as your MID YEAR RETREAT at P 2375 (less 1000 to online mentoring club members, as usual).

Yes, I'll be conducting this sometime in JULY again -however, due to some very expensive TWEAKS and special modifications, this July event will be double the price but with double the enjoyment (yes, you read that correctly).


We're not using anymore. They've been rejecting Pinoys since last year. I'm still setting things up so please STAND BY.  You'll be promoting the end of June event plus the MILLIONAIRE July event. :)

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2 FREE LESSONS + Jomar Hilario Review from Housewife + Millionaire Spending Event + 1on1 News

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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