Relevant Q and A about the Online Mentoring Club

Q:  If I join the Online Mentoring Club, will I be doing a lot of computer work to create my incomes?

A: That depends on you. I personally do everything first then hire a Virtual Assistant (a person in the Visayas) to do most of the work for me. This is what I encourage everyone in the Club and Workshop to do.

So no, you can decrease your manual work (in front of the computer) - by hiring a VA for P 10,000 a month.

If you're unwilling to hire, then yes, you'll need to be in front of the computer a lot. Unless you master using the MOUSE and KEYBOARD shortcuts and pay attention when I give out shortcuts.  I'm always looking for more ways to save time online.

Q: How can I hire VAs? Will you hire for me? 

A: It's up to you. I can endorse my VA trainees and the Va company that I
hire if you'e happy to hire them.

Q: What do you recommend I attend? The July Summit or the Online Mentoring Club? 

A: If you're still investigating what kind of investment vehicle you'll
do, attend the Summit. If you're ready to give Internet Marketing your
100% focus for one year, go get the mentoring.

Q: What product will I sell online, I don't have any!

A: In the club are P 20,000 worth of products you can legally claim that you own. You can sell them and keep 100% of the profits. Or I can teach you how to create an information product to sell, just like the other club members.

Q: Once I join the club are there any more fees to pay?

A: That's entirely up to you. For example, to get clients you can use Google Adwords, but it needs payment. I don't teach that. I teach using free websites to promote. Facebook ads also needs payment. I don't teach that either. I know how to use both but I don't use them.

I use VAs to promote using free websites. THEY are the ones I pay.

A lot of details about the Club are found here:

Also, I avail of the service called an Autoresponder. This is a MUST for all online earners. It's USD 29- USD 99/month.

Q: How can one be a Virtual Assistant (VA)?   
A: : To be a VA, you can directly apply to places like or

Q: How can one become a VA?  To be trained to be a VA?
A: To be a qualified VA, you can try my Digital Lessons at  (open and read it before asking further about VAs please).

Q: Based on your experience if your steps will be followed religiously any estimate what might be the average income per month following internet marketing (IM).
A: IM is a business hence - the "monthly" amount is dependent on a person's willingness to pursue more studies in the areas of Marketing and Personal Development ("The Secret" stuff) and his actions in applying the lessons.  

No further education and just action= you can probably earn at best $30 a month just blogging.

In the online club, I've incorporated working and effective marketing techniques. You must follow them to succeed.

If you apply Marketing Lessons and Believe in your capability to sell (something I can only indirectly influence), it can go anywhere from (in my experience) $1000/month to $2000/month. US Dollars.

I'm using low numbers because most people won't believe me if I go higher. :)

The reality is, if you sell a $77 product online-using the club instructions and self-destruct in your mind saying "Nobody will buy that!" --you'll be proven correct. So proper attitude is critical.

The highest single product I've sold is US$700+ to a single customer. I can teach you how that's done, if you can believe it for yourself.

Posted via email from jh virtual assistant

Relevant Q and A about the Online Mentoring Club

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More and more Filipinos want to achieve financial freedom sooner rather later. There are many ways to wealth (going up the corporate ladder, becoming a well-paid doctor or lawyer, marrying into or inheriting wealth, etc.) but the richest people in the Philippines and other parts of the world (based on Forbes Magazine’s “Richest” lists) built their wealth through business, investing, or real estate.
Opportunities abound that will make your hard-earned money work for youcreate automatic and passive incomeoffer unlimited income potentialbuild appreciating and income-generating assets, and help you become your own bossMoney Summit & Wealth Expo will present all these opportunities. Now it’s your turn to become wealthy!po!
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  2. How will I make money? You will get an overview of the different market opportunities, various business models, and strategies to make money.
  3. How do I get started? You will find what you need to start and what specific steps to take to get started.
The conference is divided into four modules, covering 16 income opportunities and wealth-building strategies.
Real Estate Module
  • Fast fortune in flipping properties, with master real estate investor Trace Trajano
  • Get rich through rental properties, with rent-to-own specialist Eden April Alemania-Dayrit
  • Quick profits in foreclosures, with The Property Forum founder and real estate auction expert Noli “El Subastajero” Alleje
  • Build your wealth in build-and-sell*
Sales Module
  • How to become an eBay power seller, with certified eBay instructor and power seller Eireen Diokno-Bernardo
  • Secrets of direct sales superstars, with super salesman, best-selling author, and in-demand trainer Dr. Rodolfo “Dr. Dups” de los Reyes
  • Make millions in network marketing*
  • Start your own successful brokerage*
Investing Module
  • Secrets of picking winning stocks, with chief executive Conrado Bate
  • Beat the market with foreign stocks and funds, with Global Investor’s Center’s Malaya Laraya
  • Boost your portfolio with alternative investments, with Superfund Financial Hong Kong Ltd. business development manager Joseph Wong
  • Double your money with investment funds*
Business Module
  • Make money in franchising, with Francorp executive and Philippine Franchise Association head Bing Limjoco
  • Riches in niches, with PestBusters (Singapore) founder and “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche” best-selling co-author Thomas Fernandez
  • Build a million peso home-based business, with Internet marketing expert Jomar Hilario
  • Infopreneurship 101: Profit from what you know*
* subject to change
The Money Summit & Wealth Expo features real millionaires and money-making experts from the fields of real estate, investing, business, and sales, including:
  • Trace Trajano, Think Rich Quick best-selling author, real estate guru, and millionaire maker
  • Eden April Alemania-Dayrit, Think Rich Pinoy protege and rent-to-own specialist
  • Noli “El Subastajero” Alleje, The Property Forum founder
  • Conrado Bate, CEO
  • Joseph Wong, Superfund Financial Hong Kong Ltd. business development head
  • Malaya Laraya, Global Investor’s Center resource speaker and Registered Financial Planner
  • Eireen Diokno-Bernardo, eBay power seller and certified eBay education specialist
  • Rodolfo “Dr. Dups” de los Reyessales superstar, best-selling author, and top trainer
  • Jomar Hilario, Internet marketing expert
  • Bing Limjoco, Francorp CEO and Philippine Franchise Association president
  • Thomas Fernandez, Chairman and CEO or PestBusters Pte Ltd. and best-selling author of “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche” and “Niche Dominators: Success Secrets Exposed”
  • and many more!
* for confirmation
Money Summit & Wealth Expo also features various companies that offer business, sales, and investment opportunities, including:
  • Banks
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Wealth management services
  • Credit card companies
  • Networking companies
  • Franchisers
  • Property developers
VIP Access
Rock bottom rate (up to May 15): P3,495 net SOLD OUT!
Super saver rate (May 16-31): P3,995 net SOLD OUT!
Early bird rate (June 1-12): P4,495 net SOLD OUT!
Pre-registered rate (June 13-June 30):  P4,995 net 20 SEATS LEFT!

Regular rate (July 1-3): P5,495 net
  • 2-day access to the conference and expo
  • priority and reserved seating at the conference
  • 2-day lunch
  • 2-day afternoon snacks
  • certificate of attendance
  • free workbook
  • free books
  • free e-books
  • free two-hour consultation with a Registered Financial Planner
  • and more freebies!
2-Day Access
Rock bottom rate (up to May 15): P2,495 net SOLD OUT!
Super saver rate (May 16-31): P2,995 net SOLD OUT!
Early bird rate (June 1-12): P3,495 net SOLD OUT!
Pre-registered rate (June 13-June 30):  P3,995 net 15 SEATS LEFT!

Regular rate (July 1-3): P4,495 net
  • 2-day access to the conference and expo
  • 2-day afternoon snacks
* student and group discount rates are also available

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Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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