Around the World With No Baggage : Paris

This is the 2nd post featuring Travel Writer Rolf Potts on a round the world no luggage challenge.
This time he's in Paris. This is happening REAL TIME people.

Anyway, it's things like this that people should be doing --instead of slaving away in some cubicle day by day until they're 60 years old. Agree?

Here's another story of around the world with no luggage.

Start to change your life by creating online income sources, watch this video now.

Around the World With No Baggage : Paris

Day 7: London Cliches : Enjoy London the "usual" way. The lesson I take from this is --- mail stuff to yourself when you're travelling and use a foldable bluetooth keyboard with an iphone so you don't have to take your laptop! Great ideas.

Next I wanna see a world traveller --with kids! :)  Maybe that'll be us.

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Follow my Favorite World Traveller Around the World w/o luggage

Results of Survey of Live Manila Activities You Want To Experience Next Month

Please leave a comment below if you want other activities.
For example, do you want to attend a "How To Start Internet Marketing for Newbies" seminar?
Let me know in the comments.

For those wanting to attend the How To Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant, please know that you can "attend" the event ONLINE via or join in the new Satuday, Sept 18,2010 Virtual Assistant Seminar in Manila. Limited seats so secure your slot now at

Why? Because for example, I already have OPENINGS for Virtual Assistant Writers and I've almost no-one to refer.  This is to write for Australian clients.  Knowing the basics of VA work and doing the assignment (yes there's a long one --after the event) will give you an edge over others who are trying to get the same job - online.

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New Virtual Assistant / Work From Home Seminar on Sept 18

It's's 10th year anniversary. The rest of the world are too busy facebooking but people in Manila Still care to meet.

Will there be food? Most likely dutch (you buy your own).
Will there be a program? Maybe, it depends on the organizers
Will there be company sponsors? Maybe, most likely none.
Will there be friendship? Of course
Will there be increased link juice?

Of course.

That's the secret that the Manila Bloggers know that people in Australia, Chennai and the US don't. That's why you should encourage bloggers to go to this meetup. Specially the super shy but prolific bloggers. Go to this website and keep the Manila numbers increasing.

By the way we have a venue but no "color code" like "Wear Spongebob tshirts"? Kidding. Just show up at the FullyBooked top floor (I think) this Aug 31,2010 6pm. It's even better if the other guys from the other bloggerfiestas would send in videos or stream their 3 person meetups into a central place like ustream (hint hint).  But we in Manila, we'll have a blast! I'm sure that's the same to people in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and CDO.   

What to expect?  People with laptops and camera, taking shots and documenting.  Extrovert bloggers like me talking endlessly, introvert cosplaying bloggers standing there and posing.  Even more "old" blogging friends -meeting up once again.  Mayabang bloggers staying quiet -verbally. But expect an abundance of expressive but shy bloggers, even those who don't use --to show up. That's community.

See you there!

This post is not sponsored by Google, Inc. the creators of Blogger.
This post is not sponsored by Pyra Inc. the original creators of Blogger.

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Largest BloggerFiesta is still Manila -let's keep it that way!

Warning when using (1shoppingcart stores).

1ScStores is a new service created by the guys who made 1shoppingcart. Since I'm always ready to test something new (for you) -- I registered to 1ScStores to try them out.  However when I got in, I found that there's nothing new in 1scstores vs1shoppingcart. So I decided to ignore the service.

1ScStores is free for 30 days so when I got an "expiration email" from them I read it and decided that if I don't do anything, nothing will happen. After a couple of those warning emails, I finally got an unexpected bill for $10 for a "starter pack" from 1SCstores. Of course I asked them to refund it as I'm not even using the service and to my understanding, I didn't select any "starter pack" to continue my account.

Problem is, when I try to access my 1SCStores account, my 1Shoppingcart account appears! Hence there's no way I can access the 1SCstores account w/o affecting my existing 1shoppingcart account.

So if you do have a 1shoppingcart account, avoid 1SCstores.  
And if you're trying it out, read it carefully because you might be billed for $10 for doing "nothing".

Keywords: 1shoppingcart, 1scstores

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Warning when using (1shoppingcart stores)

Want to know how my blog's page rank went from zero to 4 in one month? Take a hint and attend this blogger meetup.  Be friendly.  Bring calling cards, book markers, sweets to give away. And most of all, talk to these shy bloggers meeting up at FullyBooked this August 31, 2010. 

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You've been waiting for this: Meetup in Manila

Miriam Quiambao - The Edge Interview (Same place where I had an interview yesterday).

Miriam Quiambao - The Edge Interview

From: jejette nocum
Date: Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 12:38 PM
Subject: My Thank You Letter!
To: Jomar Hilario

Hi Sir Jomar!Below is my Thank You Letter/ Testimonial for you!

I attended Jomar Hilario’s  internet marketing seminar last June . It took me a long time to do this thank you letter.  For a testimonial to be considered really worthwhile, there should be   some application/ results on the part of the student.  Of course, this doesn’t have to do with our trainer. Sir Jomar’s methods are not complex and even those who are not equipped with computer technicalities could understand easily. If the trainees forget what he taught them on the training day, they just have to open the FREE take home files that he has given them.

For weeks, I couldn’t finish my sales letter.( which he taught us)  I procrastinated for a long time. I was too conscious of my grammar use. My job is to teach English as a second language so I want to be perfect when it comes to grammar. English native speakers might laugh at my writing when they see some flaws in it. I didn’t even take English as major back in college but I’ve discovered that teaching is my passion.

Even my dream folder was not enough for me to move. I had to work more  on my “emotional why”. (Note: Dream Folder is not a technical or Internet Marketing term, but it's part of the Hands On Workshop - it contains your dreams literally).

 The August 15 talk of Bo Sanchez really moved me (  Discover. Develop. Deliver.  I have already discovered my talent. Maybe I have developed and delivered in the past but they are not enough.  Something was missing. The  song , Forever Reign  is really powerful. If you can’t see the goodness in you, just give back, offer  your talent to God by doing your best and sharing it to the world.  Mess things up.  Just fail. When you get to the third stage , the delivering part , you are also developing your talent.My sales letter is a mess. My blog 's keywords are a mess. I did them and showed them to the world anyway!

This is my blog. I don’t have Google Adsense yet. They denied me for the third time but  Sir Jomar said that  you have to work on your blog, put many  posts ,and  in the future, it would be approved. I don’t have 1shoppingcart yet. I have some issues with them . This week,they deducted the trial fee to my Smart Money but I couldn’t log in to my account. (That’s another story and I’m dealing with it with the customer service department of 1Shopping Cart)  

For a starter in blogging, having visitors from the  USA ,MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, Columbia, Hiroshima, Central District, Maharashtra, Madrid, Mexico, Taiwan, Jakarta  and Ljubljana, Bohinj  is really flattering. Wow! I didn’t even know what part of the globe Ljubljana, Bohinj is until I googled into it. Oh. did I mention that I officially started doing what he has taught me  about the real internet marketing ( using the sales letter  and the blogger)  just  four days ago ? I wasted time!  

 There are many people around the  world who can’t speak English but they want to learn, right? You see,my students are all Koreans. Days ago, I stopped concentrating on how to advertise in Korean websites. The best part is , on Monday, I would have  scheduled  trial class with a Cambodian who’s based in the USA,  the other is from  Mexico City and another student whom I don’t know the nationality yet. I know, I’m far from my dream of having a homebased English online business but the important thing is - I have started!  I would continue doing what Sir Jomar has taught me.

I highly recommend Sir Jomar to people who want to learn Internet Marketing. He’s very approachable, and there’s no minute of boredom when you attend his seminar. He has amusing insights and that makes me so fascinated about his intelligence. Just trust him and don’t try asking too many questions or you would get lost or you would be more confused on what he’s trying to teach you. For the future attendees, you need to define your emotional why. You need to have definite goals on what you want to achieve. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. You have to have the reasons first and that burning passion to succeed   , and then you would be ready on the” how’s of Internet marketing.”You should also have the patience and the characteristics of a virtual assistant so that your goals will be achieved.

“Why” first before “how” - What Sir Jomar kept on teaching me when I had hours of FREE consultation when I visited his unit- (Note: why free consultation? find out at the workshop, also!)

I feel that my life is marvelous!


P.S. You see, when I could get my 1shopping cart account back, I would make use of the many FREEBIES that he gave me on  the seminar day. There are lots of them, really.  At first, you might have fears  at the idea of marketing it, but you would eventually earn from it if you would only utilize all the FREE stuffs he’ll give you. Your customers would be people all over the world! This would only happen if you would step outside of your comfort zones.

P.P. S. All I’m saying is –BIG THANK YOU, Sir Jomar! Please don’t remove the part of the seminar wherein you talked about your achievements. Make the trainees envious of you. It might make them think about their emotional whys.

Hi. This is Jomar,  here are some of what Jejette applied from the Workshop:

1. Paypal Buttons to accept money via Blogger.
2. Testimonials page with photos since she's selling.
3. Feedburner to get people's emails. (Email Catcher)
4. Correct placement of Feedburner Box.
5. Giving Something Away For Free To Gain Trust before Selling
6. Writing Emails with PS and PPS

7. Keyword Laden Description under the Blog Title
8. Meaningful BlogURL or Name
9. Readable Font and Color

Now go and match which picture goes with each lesson above!
Read her blog too:

Any More Slots in Your Hands On Workshop?
The Sept 3-4 Workshop: I'm not sure but I heard that the Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop in Cubao this Sept 3-4 is already FULL. 

However, if you're serious about getting results in Online Marketing, put your details in the WAITING LIST NOW, Click here if you plan to attending the Sept event at all.  Given enough numbers, I might be able to conduct another Hands On Workshop after that.

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ESL Blogger Testimonial : How a Workshop Student Applied the Lessons

If you want to hear me live - in an interview, make sure you're not
out partying with friends tonight (hint, hint).

Get to a fast internet connected computer with headphones and go to
The Edge Radio:

Some things you need to know:

1. My internet marketing story is specially close to those who Love
Christian Music because I help promote Jars of Clay, Reuben Morgan,
Switchfoot and SCC. Yes I've met all of them, I even ate Siopao and
Taho with Drew of Switchfoot in Manila.

2. The Edge Radio is a Christian Rock Radio Station in Lucena, Davao
and other cities - on FM.

3. I love the people who run the Edge , they're my long time friends.

4. You can listen online LIVE at starting 6pm
TONIGHT. Click on Listen To Web Radio

5. Tell your Christian Friends to listen - even from abroad.

P.S. Catch me at 6pm tonight at - live interview!
Click on Listen To Web Radio

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Live Web Radio Interview 2Nyt for Jomar Hilario

Mashable confirms Philippines as Texting Capital since 2003 to 2009

What does this mean?

Nothing actually. Americans are still married to their blackberries because:
1. It's issued by their company.
2. It's easy to read emails on it.
3. They still think text is for kids (and teens)
4. They know they're being left behind by us and other countries when
it comes to texting/sms.

As for our country, The Philippines.
1. It's now a norm to either have 3 phones, 1 phone with dual sim or 1
phone with a triple sim slot!
2. The Iphone 4 is now under pre-order with Globe but that won't
change anything because we Filipinos prefer to text while NOT looking
at the phone. LOL.
3. Even if I've already cut back and now use only one phone, more
people in the country now have phones.
4. Does it mean that mobile advertising has now taken off? Tell me,
did you participate in Smart Free 3G Fridays? Did you even know it was
on? Let me know in the comments below.

Click here for the complete chart on the "Rise" of SMS or texting.

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Mashable confirms Philippines as Texting Capital since 2003 to 2009

My First TV Interview Now Online


Let me know in the comments what do you think? Any improvement
suggestions? I'm sure there are many.

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My First TV Interview Now Online

A few minutes ago, I helped a friend -Isay/Marissa create a Real Estate Investment For Sale Site in 3 hours FLAT. I did the talking why Isay held the mouse and keyboard and did all the work.  Of course Sean Ryker(with his reddish "I need to sleep" eyes) was sitting on my lap (or rather rocking back and forth) the whole time!  (Busy parents, now you can't claim that you're too busy to do anything!)

She's probably driving home by now as I type this. Not knowing that I'm telling you all about the site that we made.
It's quick and 'dirty' but I know it will create a lot of results (leads).  I can do the same for you, if you're a real estate broker or seller of property - of course for a price - though you will be learning a SKILL - instead of ME doing all your updates in the future. Let me know if you're interested!

Also let me know if you think that the LA VERTI towers of DMCI beside DE LA SALLE TAFT is a good investment property or not. Think Rich Pinoy readers let me know your thoughts in the the comment section below.

The website we created is  and yes, it's not yet finished but for three hours for a complete newbie --that's good!
Visit to find out what we were doing in this photo!

I'll also be doing a REAL ESTATE ONLINE SELLING seminar in October so watch out for that!

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Helped a friend create a Real Estate Investment Site in 3 hours FLAT

Watch this Video I made Myself about a YUPPIE mom who wants to get out of the RAT RACE.
The future "daw" is in video. Believe me when I say that I made this video by dragging and typing for 10 mins only!


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Watch this Video I made Myself (you can make one too)

I'm featured in MoneySense magazine (July - Aug 2010)
It's a short interview article. Buy the magazine, read it and show it to people, specially if you're doing affiliate marketing for me. I showed it to my grandmother who insisted that she take home a copy of the magazine.
So are you ready to start your personal tipping point this week? You still can, Manila's Virtual Assistant seminar (how to work from home, designed for homebodies) is Tomorrow, Aug 11,2010 1pm -5pm here at Rosewood Pointe.  Cebu's How to be a Virtual Assistant Seminar will be this FRIDAY Aug 12,2010, YES you can walk in - it'll be in Maxwell Hotel but much better if you email first.
And finally the 2 Day Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop in Cebu will be held in Josh Internet Cafe (not in the Emall as previously announced) beside the Cebu Crowne Regency Hotel (the top tourist attraction in Cebu).  Aug 14-15,2010. This time, DO NOT WALK IN -- let us know first if you are coming so we can give you the pre-event assignments BEFORE you attend. Trust us, you'll be glad you did. 9am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday is the hands on workshop schedule so if you are truly serious about internet marketing, learn from the people who's #1 and #2 when you google Internet Marketing Cebu. (that's me and my organizer/student Jan Hilado).
The Manila Hands On Workshop will be on Sept 3-4, Friday/Sat.  It's been proven that people who ACT on the lessons from this Hands On Workshop on Internet Marketing - DO EARN and DO CREATE an alternative source of income - starting with their websites - so take a cue from my students! 
So here are the links to get acquainted with the event details and get a seat:                                       -- the Manila Workshop 
Here's a realistic first hand review of my recent workshop:
It was very packed with your first-hand internet marketing experience, including how you started and all. That was good because it made success appear more accessible to us. It was really a hands-on workshop and I appreciate that because we had a chance to start practicing the lessons there.
I've started setting up blogs patterned after the one we made in the workshop. Unfortunately though, deleted three (yes, 3) of them because of "malicious javascript" and one for "spam". I don't really know what the "malicious javascript" is all about. On the other hand, the "spam" content I think is due to my inexperienced use of keywords. You gave us a warning about  that!

Minnie G
Here's another one:
Hi! My name is Denise. I highly recommend the Internet Marketing Seminar of Jomar Hilario, the internet marketing guru of the Philippines. He has painstakingly simplified the concepts for us students to easily understand, follow and remember which I very much appreciate since I am a technically challenged individual. He is very generous in sharing all his tricks of the trade. I am amazed that he has already armed us, his students, with all the basic and fundamental concepts in blogging and selling online in just 2 days. You will get your money's worth in this seminar.
Denise la O'

Pick an event and let your personal breathrough happen now! 

I'm featured in MoneySense magazine (July - Aug 2010)

One of my students created a website that sells indie music for Filipino artists. He used wordpress, hostmonster and 1shoppingcart.   Thing is, I don't teach students to use wordpress at all. So he did it on his own, hacked a wordpress template and came up with this site below:

Now, help me critique this website. 

The goal is to sell music online, attract artists to sell their music here and to attract fans to download their music here instead of pirating them (for example).

What's wrong with this website of my student?

Put your comments below this blogpost.

Done with your comments?
Don't read further until you've entered your own comments.

Here's my initial take:

1. Correct use of 1shoppingcart to get people's emails on the left side of the site.
2. FB and Twitter and RSS icons on the left. Ok. Though you can put this on the right to give way to the email catcher under it --this is priority.
3. IMP Latest Albums and Connect With Us and Calling ALL Artists and IMP Newsletter must have  SAME DESIGN.
4. Change colors. Use stronger blue/red/yellow colors.

Okay, that's initial comments. How about yours?

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What's wrong with this website of my student?

What's the value of Marketing People Thinking The Same as IT People and Vice Versa?
Instead of telling you my experience, I'll let you say yours.

And what if the IT people who make your websites also know what an Autoresponder or a "Call to Action" or a "Campaign" is?

If your IT geeks thought like marketers, what would happen to your company?
If your marketing fashionistas understood technology, what kind of conversations and projects do you think will occur in your company?

Let me know by commenting here in my blog or in Facebook or anywhere you see this, I'll see it.
After your turn, I'll tell you my story.

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What's the value of Marketing People Thinking The Same as IT People and Vice Versa?

I tried to add more friends in Facebook and this is what I got. Facebook said I have too many friends! Boo hoo. Is there really such a thing?

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Do you think I have too many friends?

As Meme Natores, a participant said, this company Ogilvy (represented ably by John Stauffer) put the CAREER in Internet Marketing. They had so many alternate CEO friendly words and reports and dashboards to determine if an internet promotion is effective or not.
Of course I can relate, this is the same KINAREER mindset we had in my old outsourcing company. Everything is monitored using words that the CIO and the owners understand. Not necessarily the common person. But hey, the aren't measuring money here - they're measuring % of effectiveness of a digital campaign (deep words for me -meaning online promo).
I'm sure Company Marketing people can use these fancy charts and report formats and layer explanations to ask their bosses to fund internet marketing for their company. If that's the case, great!
I also  noticed some people have (C) copyright notices in the bottom of their slides.  Does that mean that the images of the slides in this blog post are copyright no no? I hope not. After all, they're getting a free plug! The least thing online marketing companies should do is to issue take downs of reviews of their companies in blogs. That would mean an old world thinking that all mentions of MY COMPANY must be controlled BY ME.

Inside of me, I was laughing for the Cluetrain Manifesto as the Bootcamp was progressing. People were echoing the SAME THINGS that the Cluetrain said "Markets are conversations". And that book is like 10 years old! (get your free copy here) It took that long, no -- longer for corporate elephants to wake up and understand the internet's impact to marketing. Oh well. Well the participants companies are no longer elephants after the mantra of "conversations" where stated in the Bootcamp. I'm sure the message went through. If only they sent in their OWNERS and CEOS that would be better. :)

Oh CEOs, send your TECH GUYS to my Manila and Cebu Workshops (see below).  Not only do I teach MARKETING to tech guys I also teach TECH to marketing people.  If those two groups would play nice in your company I'm sure your sales will radically and happily exceed your expectations.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp Photos : Best First Day Talk - Ogilvy - John's Talk

Internet Marketing Bootcamp Photos : Paypal's Ken Tan+ Brad Geiser
The Paypal presentation was basic, what's the advantage of paypal -what's it for - very appropriate for the corporate marketing audience. The internet marketers in the crowd of course wanted to hear more stories about it or maybe little known features, but maybe that's for another event.  Personally, I'd like to hear how people used paypal data to reconcile their sales information. Yes, it's boring sounding but when YOUR money is the topic, suddenly it's all too important!

Some people in the audience used the QandA as a customer service forum to air their problems with Paypal but Ken handled them well (email me the details, he said).  I wonder if my old company's technique of planting prepared intelligent questions in the crowd can help here. But that's another story.
Brad introduced the group to LOLA TECHIE, a BAYAN communications project that took on a life of it's own.  Geiser Maclang apparently is big on SOCIAL IMPACT, like adherents to India's Yunus and the Grameen Foundation, they want to have a social relevance to what they do - primary - in the course of promoting your events or company. When I interviewed Brad later on, I was surprised (but ready) when he asked me "What's your internet marketing philosophy?".  I knew my face contorted into a mass of skin at that question as I hadn't really thought of it at length.  Of course my walk speaks louder than my talk. I've always used internet marketing to FUTHER THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. If  it isn't obvious with me working with Born Again Christians in the 3 major concerts I promoted in 2006-2007, it's obvious now with my ties with Bo Sanchez (who like me is a simple Catholic).

Internet Marketing Bootcamp Photos : Paypal's Ken + Brad Geiser

Affiliate Marketers, replace the link below with your affiliate links:
Just newspapers and magazines (even online ones)

Filipino Personal Outsourcers Trump Indian Counterparts in World Market
August 4,2010
by Jomar Hilario

Big Companies like outsourcing because it saves on staffing and other costs. But do you know that best selling authors
 like Tim Ferris' of the Four Hour Workweek Fame have personally outsourced their business and lives to Filipinos based in the Philippines?

The concept, originally made popular in Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat" used to be a totally Indian business. You email someone in India to write your book, create a poem, order pizza, create a report, create websites, create an apology letter to your wife for forgetting your anniversary - then order flowers for her.  

Now it's the Filipino Personal Outsourcer who's very very popular in the world market as leading suppliers of intelligent personal / virtual assistants (VA) to the world's top business people.  We're especially popular to the American business man as we actually understand things like "under the weather" and "barking up the wrong tree" - idioms that other cultures have a hard time understanding.

Witness American sites like which is devoted to evangelizing to top leaders in business that Filipino Virtual Assistants are the only option for them if they want to outsource personal and business matters.  There was even an under-the-radar meeting in Boracay earlier this year featuring 80 international business people : the topic: Hiring Filipino VAs.

So how does one tap into this lucrative market and become a VA?   To get into this business early, you can personally learn from a Filipino who's dealt with Virtual Assistants since 2006: Jomar Hilario. 

How to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar

Maxwell Hotel
August 13,2010, Friday 9am - 5pm

To be Followed by a 2 DAY Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop (to learn the skills of Online Entrepreneurship)
Josh Internet Cafe, Fuente Osmena
August 14-15,2010, Sat-Sun 9am - 5pm

Or email or  call (Tony) 0922-884-58-46

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Send this PRESS RELEASE to ALL newspapers you know

Internet Marketing Bootcamp Photos : Larry Gamboa + Panel

Larry of Think Rich Pinoy gave the introduction speech. 

Bo gave the Keynote using a story about a group of orphans he rescued from extreme poverty. He said he's mentioned it before, but it's the first time I heard of it.  The essence of it is WHEN YOU GIVE, YOU WILL RECEIVE SO MUCH MORE.

In joke: Give away one matchstick, and you'll earn scholarships, a new home, new parents and a new life!

After that they immediately put 4 speakers in front for a hotseat. Nice concept, but I think too early in the day to hot seat the speakers.  What's a hot seat? 4 people in front, everyone asking them questions.

In any case, for those asking questions, Jomar "So what do you do?"

I teach online marketing online (click) and sometimes, I do it LIVE like the events blow:
How to Bring Your Site to Google's Page One - Advanced Seminar (Aug 25,Wed)

Click each above to get details and be in time to get into the Cebu EARLY BIRD PROMO by paying before August 4, 2010 Wednesday.

The photos:

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Internet Marketing Bootcamp Photos : Larry Gamboa + Panel

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

Support The VA Careers Book

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