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How to Delete a Blog

How to delete a blog in blogger - Step by step Tutorial

Some people are looking for a 100% guarantee from me that they will succeed. 
There is no such thing. In fact, if someone presents you with such an offer, you may want to run in the opposite direction --- if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Many factors fall into place - the greatest of which is you may choose not to put into practice what I teach you. I have many students who are like that. I can guide you in the right direction. But it is still your choice if you want to go there.

100% Guarantee that you will succeed in Internet Marketing?

Live Online Question and Answer call with Jomar on Saturday, Oct 9, 2010 9am - 1030am Philippine Time. This is a free BONUS Call to help you get started, resume from a stop or answer your questions about the club membership and it's way to accomplish your goals in your life.

Again, this is a bonus live call - the first ever for the online mentoring club.

You need to have a fast internet connection.  Speakers or headset. No need for a microphone -- yet. It'll be 9pm in EDT or New York Time.   Click here to convert to your timezone.

You have weeks to prepare for this and clear your Google Calendars (GCAL).

Yes, I'm telling you that if you're online all the time anyway, your central calendar must be GCAL. Sync everything else (nokia phone, iphone, ical etc) from GCAL. If you still don't get it, click on the link above.

If your question is "Please take a look at my blog", then please read the FORUM rules first: (link only works for club members, not a club member?

Then post your question in the forums: (link only works for club members, not a club member?
No need to wait for 2 weeks to have that question answered.

Just to set your expectation, THIS WILL BE A SLOW TALKING CALL. I will be talking very very slow in this video call. Why? Because a lot of people say I talk too fast.

If I don't get any questions, I'll just be doing a free talk on the overview of the websites, how everything connects to each other - in online marketing.

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Club Members only: Live Online Question and Answer call with Jomar

Long discussion at my friend Yugatech's blog on why the Pinoy Online Gaming industry seems to be losing money.  Recent viewing saw 60 plus LONG comments there.  

Why is this important? I'll let you know a secret: An Online Gaming Company invited me for a meeting in their offices - a year ago. I gave them a free 2 hour session and gave them ideas on how they can turn their business into a more money maker than ever.

What happened after I gave the FREE ADVISE? NOTHING! They didn't change the website as I told them. They didn't "hire" me because they "can't afford me, they said."    Now it's your turn --what SIMPLE advise did I give them that could have made a difference to them IF ONLY THE FOLLOWED IT?

To help you answer, look at the sample website below, what's WRONG with this website?

This same advise would be identical to what I would tell YOU about YOUR blog or business site. So what is it? Let me know in the comments. Reward?  The reward is --if you know it--apply it and start your journey to a correct and lucrative internet marketing business.

Don't just sit there, tell me what's wrong in the comments right now via my blog

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Online Gaming Industry in the Philippines is losing money? Why?

What to click when buying from a Philippines based paypal merchant using a credit card. 

This is because for first time sellers of the internet from the Philippines - you actually have almost no other choice for an inexpensive way to accept money online  but through paypal.

However people ARE confused on what to click when they pay using their card. The paypal screen doesn't explain that you need to click on a certain button or link --and it doesn't matter if you don't have a paypal account now.

Hence this post. Look at the arrows to know what to CLICK if paying using your CREDIT CARD to a merchant who accepts paypal.

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What to click when buying from a Philippines based paypal merchant using a credit card

Jomar what does your desktop look like? Actually nobody asked me this question but I'm still going to share it. Hopefully you learn something from it.

And if you really don't get it:
1. Never put icons on your desktop that you never ever use.
2. Use folders and don't clutter your desktop with files that you're working on.
3. Make sure the icons are pleasing to look at (notice the "NEW" itunes 10 icon) so you're happy to use your computer.
4. If your computer is fast enough, use John's Background Switcher or Wally to change your wallpaper every 5 minutes or so.
5. Dump all "nice to know/see" files that you're not working on - into a generic "later" folder. I call mine "clean2".
6. If you can use LARGE ICONS on the desktop so you don't squint.  Windows 7 How to here. Mac instructions for large icons.

Any more tips? I don't really like to use Geektools because I don't care about weather and cpu usage. The Calendar icon is enough for me to know the date.

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Jomar what does your desktop look like? Any desktop tips?

Q: "Will there be a time when "guru's" like you stop associating fees for information given to students specially when after even a year many still could not earn a dime or two?........thanks, don't get mad, okey?"

A: Great question!  I'm very happy to inform you that you've stumbled upon a very important point and the definition of "information marketing". 

Most gurus will always charge.   

However people who are geeks and nerds DO NOT NEED the information that these GURUS sell because these geeks and nerds know how to get some of the information legally and not so legally.   Notice I said "some info" only.  

The rest of the population THINK it's information they're buying. Actually it's not. They're buying credibility and a SHORTCUT to knowing what experts know.   That's why even I buy from gurus. I want the shortcuts NOW and I want it "all".

Let me tell you a shortcut that most of my students "don't get" but I constantly repeat it --without charge!

Here's the world's biggest business success shortcut (in tagalog!)

You don't earn a dime after a year's worth of effort because your vocabulary (hence your mind) is full of the word "MAHIRAP", "POOR", "POVERTY", "ANG HIRAP KASI".  Get a friend or enemy to count how many times you say this in a day - as well as it's synonyms and same ideas. Your subconscious brain has been trained to HATE MONEY --that's why you earn very little online and in the real world.  Fix this and you'll start earning money like "MAGIC". Pursue a marketing mindset knowledge by consuming BOOKS, INTERVIEWING EXPERTS (no cost!) and attending events that talk about marketing mindsets.

See, did you just say "Ah, yes I already know that, pero ang hirap naman kasi....". 

My point exactly.

Do you know why that red statement above holds very little importance to you? You paid NOTHING TO GET IT.  What if I charged you P 3000 just for that little tidbit in RED? The person who buys that information in red above will REALLY ACT to change his or her vocabulary and hence - thinking! Hence this person will succeed.

Experts charge because they don't want to go home depressed and poor and not being able to feed their family because of a belief that they should serve their shortcuts and knowledge to people selflessly and hence give it away. 

Know this: If an expert has no proof that he is able to convert knowledge to money, how sure are you that you will OBEY the free words of an expert who smells bad, looks dirty, has bad breath and wears ill fitting clothes because he can't afford anything decent?  People respect looks, hence experts must invest in looks unfortunately. Good for me when I work at home, NOBODY sees or smells me or knows that I haven't combed my hair.

Other experts ask for DONATIONS and sometimes it works but not all the time.  Let me make an experiment, I'm going to ask for donations one of these days, before the year ends. Let's see how people react (I already know from experience, 1%-10% will be giving donations the rest will not be - even if I give out information that's super valuable).

But enough about gurus, how about the normal salaryman? Will there ever be a time when everyone who works for corporations do it for free? After all, the company is paying you for expertise AND your time. Why don't you just give away your "services" for free?

Now why don't YOU try a serious experiment. Approach your boss today and tell him you're not going to accept a salary ANYMORE but still work for the company.  Please do it now, I'm not joking - you might have stumbled upon a means to earn more than "just a salary" --depending on the answer your boss tells you (of course after he laughs pretty hard). 

See? It's the same thing. Will you EVER stop asking for pay - when you "give your time, talent and expertise" to your company? Probably not.

But you think I'm joking right? I'm going to push through with the donations even if you don't tell your boss this.

Did I answer the question? Did I do it nicely? Not really. It's just harsh reality that some people need to be reminded of. Let me know your comments in the ....comments section below.

Oh by the way, I actually spend a lot of time dreaming up of free events that I can hold for people. The problem? I've done that before - multiple times - Manila, Bataan and Muntinlupa and Mandaluyong --and people STILL DON'T ACT to EARN ONLINE. Why is that? Do you know why?

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Will Gurus Ever Stop Charging for Information?

Qualifications to becoming a Virtual Assistant + VA Interview:

Qualifications to becoming a Virtual Assistant + VA Interview

Live Seminar
Online Seminar

Qualifications to becoming a Virtual Assistant + VA Interview

For those deciding if they want to be a VA or not (virtual assistant) or want to know more details. Here's a live human being - Mark - sharing about how he's earning more than $1000/month as a Virtual Assistant, click here.

If your internet is fast, try the video if your internet is slow, try the audio (the first one).

More to come, until Sept 18, Saturday, the Virtual Assistant Seminar that teaches you the ins and outs of working from your own home.

Go ahead, I know you'd like to know what kind of attitude you'll need to earn $1000 a month first time at home.

(photo by

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Can a Virtual Assistant earn $1000 a month...

1. Some basics lessons about Online Newsletters and what happens when someone does something bad to me. Click here.

2. Correct link to earn by promoting my events is

3. No paypal? If you want to "Promote Jomar" but don't have a paypal account, it's required so go here first:  Paypal is the means for me to pay you. It is required.  No I will not deposit it into your bank account.  Besides you want to earn online, be friends with Paypal!

4. Need your help tracking down that magazine that has another interview of me --it's not Moneysense Mag though.

5. Wala palang pasok sa Sept 10, bukas, what do you want to do? Reply to my Facebook account here.

6. Tonight at 8pm Manila Time, listen here online as I spill the secrets of how this website is still #1 after just being 3 weeks old AND only contains one post. It's #1 for "dela salle condo for sale". Check it yourself.

7. Correction - the VA seminar is Saturday, Sept 18.2010 and not Wednesday. Click here to know more and register.

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Tonight at 8pm Manila Time, listen here online as I spill the secrets ....etc

1. Legally, You may only send an online newsletter (basically a sequence of emails) if someone enters his email address into your blog or website.
2. The "place" where someone can enter his email address in your website is what I call an Email Catcher. Other people call it an "opt - in box" or "subscription box".
3. Legally, you cannot manually enter someone else's email in this box unless he approves of it and told you do to so.
3.5 You cannot legally buy an email list and enter it into your autoresponder and email everyone. You'd be called a spammer and be blacklisted in the email servers (the number of people you can reach using the email address will be severely limited)
4. When someone doesn't want to receive your emails anymore, he may choose to unsubscribe.
5. Legally, all emails you send as part of your newsletter must have an unsubscribe link at the end of each email. See below:
6. The best way to send online newsletters if not via your gmail or yahoo mail but using an email autoresponder.
7. This is what I teach in the day 2 of my workshop - the previous one conducted last Sept 3-4. This is also a topic in the online mentoring club.
8. Below is an example of the wrong way to do it if you don't want to receive emails from me or any online marketer anymore:
As you can see, it shows the attitude of the person. This is the FIRST TIME this person has emailed me. 
Checking further below this person has been getting my email stuff since 2009 so he's already got the free 90 day internet marketing lessons plus freebies if any.
As you can see, this is what happens to someone who does something not so good to me. It simply becomes public very very quickly.  Good thing I have the good manners to protect your privacy otherwise 
you won't hear the end of it from other people.  As for me, this is the end of this.  Your emails will go directly into my trash if you attempt to communicate anymore.
This is the power of the internet.
Take note of this next time you do some evil to someone else.
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Lesson: Legal Rules for Online Newsletters + Something you should not do.

Jeff, the dude above sent in this Video Review of my Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop last Sept 3-4. Things to know:

1. That workshop had 1 woman from Malaysia and Jeff from Seattle so that Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop as delivered in ENGLISH, completely - including jokes and side comment. :)
2. It's Jeff's first time to record using Youtube.
3. He even took my advise to do it in an Internet Cafe! :) Never let limitations hinder you. Cool Jeff!
4. Jeff, increase your voice, we can't hear you much.

If you're wanting to attend the next workshop, we're trying to get a new venue, so put your name in the Waiting List now. Or consider investigating how you can work from home as a virtual assistant!

Ex-PoliceMan from Seattle Reviews Jomar's Workshop

Did you get a copy my interview on Moneysense Magazine yet?

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Did you get a copy my interview on Moneysense Magazine yet?

What did you do last holiday - August 31? We went to tagaytay and had fun family/friends times. Do you wish you had more time for family? You can! If it means a lot to you -- you can do it specially if you're earning online. Why not let me help you set up your portable empire? A source of income that doesn't require your physical presence anywhere reporting to someone you just met?

Why not let everyday be a possible vacation day for you?

Do you know what my family did on Sept 1 after that long tiring trip? We slept practically half the day --and had no worries. 
Wouldn't that be a great gift you can give to your family? Start now by knowing all the skills and mindsets required. Start early. The rest of your marvelous life is waiting for your decision. Say "Yes" by clicking and going through this website and signing up to the One Year Online Mentoring.

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What did you do last August 31? We went to tagaytay....

This is another 1shoppingcart problem post. Yes it's not a tip, but that's not the point. The point is that I seem to be the only 1shoppingcart "expert" teacher in the country (1shoppingcart) and by putting up posts like these, I know I can attract people who want to learn about autoresponders - the secret sauce for internet marketers. Not only that it displays that I actually use what I teach.

So here's my issue: After sending out emails for days, you're supposed to see how many % of the people you send to receive your email in 1shoppingcart's broadcast. However, as can be seen below, the % of people who opened their emails is ZERO % for several days now.

I know this is incorrect because I send email to myself using a different email address plus I am getting replies from people --so again it's a 1shoppingcart programming issue

Zoomed version of zero open rate in 1shoppingcart's Broadcast function:

Where it came from:

The 1sc broadcast is used to inform people NOW or later (scheduled) your message. This is how I am able to send emails even if I'm talking in front of 1000 people w/o wifi.

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1shoppingcart email open rate is zero for days?

Blogger Buzz: Introducing Blogger Stats

Read here for a step by step and personal realizations about this feature.

Here's the link to Blogger's New Statistics Feature

Just came from the Manila #Bloggerfiesta last night. I think we were 87 bloggers in the 5th floor of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street last night. Photos to follow and I've 2 hours of video (in tag-lish) from the event if you're interested.

Anyway, I overheard that blogger now has built in stats. I checked and yep, a new feature is available for all blogger users. Just go to Blogger and click Stats.

After clicking Stats, this new statistics page will appear: If you notice, my blog traffic is not as monsterous as Adventures Of a Beauty Queen (one of my "students"/Bffs) - specially after the Venus Raj and the Bicol Beauty Queen tragedy last week.  This just goes to show that it's really not about "traffic", it's about knowing how to convert that little traffic your blog has into buying customers. :)

Already the Blogger Stats has helped me pinpoint that this blogger: Anthony Amedo has sent 42 people to my site. 

Also this blog: has sent even more 61 people this week alone. This is the power of affiliate marketing at work click here to join.

Oh to get correct stats, please locate the "Don't Track Your Own Pageviews" on the middle right of the screen:

And make sure you don't track your own pageviews since you're going to be your #1 fan anyway.


Enjoy and track your traffic by looking at this screen at least once a month.

After clicking on TRAFFIC SOURCES on the menu above though, I noticed that I rank for this keyword 
"TONY GONZAGA" and "TONI GONZAGA" figure that out!  It was because of this post in 2007-before my internet marketing workshop days.  This means several things:

1. Mention Tony Gonzaga 3 times in a blogpost and you're sure to rank in Google.
2. Tony's Internet Marketing effort --if there's such a group doing it - needs help.
3. Rename photos from IMW03494.jpg to Tony_Gonzaga_macbook.jpg really helps to make the blog post popular.

So how about you --how many times do you mention your "expertise" in one blog post? You'll see the result when you click on Blogger Stats!

Enjoy this new feature and happy 11th birthday blogger! #bloggerfiesta

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BloggerFiesta result: Blogger now has built in STATISTICS!

Have you seen this new feature from Gmail? It's priority inbox --supposed to mark your mails based on your behavior --so it knows w/c emails are "important" to you and not (if you don't read it). Smart idea! Congrats to the person who thought of this idea. Let me buy you some oolong tea, genius!

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I don't "feel" this new Gmail Priority Inbox feature yet. Perhaps It's not in my gmail yet?

Open letter to Michael Valiant of 1shoppingcart:

I tried your suggestion, nope -- clearing the cookies didn't help my logging into 1SCstores. 
And yes- if you enter your 1sc username and passwords into 1scstores ---you're logged into 1sc ANYWAY even after everything in the browser cache and cookies are deleted.

My problem I think is that your login system confuses 1sc and 1scstore customer logins. Because if this I'm no longer sure I'm entering the correct username and password.

I checked your emails to me, there's no record of username and password from you.

So please help me out here as the people in your support department keeps telling me to login to supply more information - but I can't login any more.

I've already paid you $10 just to keep going around in circles - not being able to go into the system I paid for.

Jomar Hilario Store Number:  176757
Keywords: 1shoppingcart, 1scstores

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1Scstores woes (if you're a 1shoppingcart account holder)

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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