Been surfing a lot about the current status of the Facebook employees in the movie : The Social Network. Here's what I found:

Ex-Facebook and Filipino Bryan Veloso's twitter is here :!/bryanveloso. His blog is

Dustin, one of Mark's roommates is no longer with Facebook but still co-owner. His Forbes' profile is here:  You'll want to know that he is the Youngest Billionaire on the Planet today. Younger than Mark Zuckerberg.

Eduardo Saverin is "hiding out" in Singapore they say. I know he's helping this Singaporean beauty queen entrepreneur:  Rachel Kum. Click here to see what Eduardo really looks like.  

Obviously NOT HIDING and probably just mentoring her and a couple other entrepreneurs. I wouldn't blame him. I help out a couple of beauty queen friends myself.

Something of interest: Here's a pile of Facebook Office Photos in this post, leave a comment --what you're saying to yourself when you see these photos of old and new FB office designs.  Of course it really does look like the one in the Social Network movie.

[ thanks to Andrew Bosworth for the photos / Andrew is also from Facebook and his fb profile is PRIVATE]

Note: My self I'm saying "What nice interior design, I'm going to make my next house look like/even better than that! :)

How about you --what are you saying about these office designs?

Leave a comment below.

Oh did you catch yourself saying "I wish I could work there?" Shame on you. LOL. Make your own billion dollar business!

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Social Network Movie Craze: What are those characters doing now?

Mr. Jomar Hilario,

I'm Mary June, one of the participants of your August Seminar here in
Cebu. I loved the Seminar, I learn a lot of things that I never
learned from school. As of this writing, I still have to create a
blog. I'm still researching, reading and observing other blogs.

I love visiting and reading religious blogs and music blogs. But I
have a question Sir Jomar. Why are some blogs have a Blogger Bar (I
don't know what is it called) at the topmost portion of their blog
page like these sites and You will notice that there is a
bar at the top with the words "Share Report Abuse Next Blog Create
Blog and Sign In, and the Logo of Blogger at the leftmost portion of
the bar. And why is it that other blogs don't have that "Blogger Bar"
(as what I call it) at the topmost portion of their web page like
these sites and You will notice that unlike
the previous 2 sites that I mentioned, these sites don't have that
"Blogger Bar" at the top.

Is that Bar removable or can it be hidden? How?

God Bless and keep up the good work.

Mary June Damalerio

Mary, Here's your answer:

How to Delete the Navbar in Blogger

How to Remove Blogger's NavBar

How to Evaluate "Online Job" - Scam or Real?

Here's a transcript of an actual online job offer last week. I didn't hide any sordid details. But someone did ask me to check it out. Instead of saying scam or not, YOU decide.
Note that I destroyed the URLS below so they don't actually work.

James Botham sent you a message about the job Data Entry job:
Data Entry job jamesbotham

How to start work?
Step 1:
Download the software from this link---- (this link goes outside
Step 2:

User ID: A=031

Write this user id on the downloaded software
then start typing the code simultaneously
Step 3:
Working hour: 8pm to 10AM(Night time is the best time to work)
Step 4:TARGET and RATE: 
40k=$240 for individual
100k=$620 for TEAM
Any Question/Query if you have then ===
Visit this blog-site for Details information of this project: (this link goes outside
so don't send me unnecessary message/questions to disturb; just visit this site to satisfy your questions
Use this link to see your previous all score/state:
http://21xx2.124.107.147/lepricon/index.php?A=PUBLICSTATS&REF=ttt2&KEY=hY3e2A (this link goes outside

Here's my reply to my VA Student, check out your own responses to see if you see what I see.
Dear VA Student:
Okay evaluate natin ito ha.
#1. No contract.
#3. What did they use to create the website? 
#4. What is blogspot?
#5. How much does it take to create a blogspot?  Hint (How much is air?)
#6. Do YOU know how to create one?
#7. It requires you to start doing 10,000 words before paying.
#8. What's the guarantee that he'll pay when he can't even afford:
a. Graphic designer
b. A .COM domain name. ($10/year)

#9. Even if it's all legit (for example a friend of a friend says James above pays "naman"), here's my input as an expert: You're actually doing criminal work by inputting captchas (those words). The output you create is sold to criminals who use it to spam websites and blog comment sections. :)  That's why you need to work at NIGHT -since WHEN does the time of data entry important? 
[It gets technical from here on but I try to be simple]

This captcha is being generated by a forum/blog/site in the US. You experience this when you create a new account in any site or post something with the HTTP in Facebook's wall.

However the hacker/spammer is using a computer program to access that site. It's not just one site and it's not just one program. There can be millions of sites being visited by this spammer/hacker. All using computer programs that insert "illegal substance here" or "visit triple x site here" in the forums and sites that they visit.   

But these programs don't have human eyes. They don't understand the captcha. Enter YOU - you enter the captcha by using your human eyes and brain. They call it "data entry". It's more like "accessory to the crime".  

After you type the captcha, it gets sent out to the original site that is actually asking for it.  The spammer program can now enter the comment or create a new account in the website it is attacking. It's called an attack because after you enter a captcha to create a new user somewhere in the internet, that site is flooded with 300 comments all of them useless and points to some fake or illegal website.
Wonderful isn't it?

#10. So, what's your decision?

So if you want more insights on Virtual Assistants (VA), attend the Manila VA Seminar (featuring a VA you can actually interview) on Oct 29 - click here. or download the whole seminar -to learn at your own pace.  But hurry because we'll have a November 3 / Wednesday webinar where you can interview another VA online and me also. Click here.

How to Evaluate "Online Job" - Scam or Real?

Compare your Daily Schedule with a VA:

Virtual Assistant Schedule #1: Parttime while working in an office, he has a parttime VA work.

6-7: Gising. Been snoozing for 30 minutes. Ligo to remove the negative dirt.
7-4: work + kain + kwentuhan with office mates
4-5: travel from work to home while reading Why We Buy The Science of Shopping for more info check out this link
I'm blessed!

5-8: chika with family members habang may nginangasab na mainit na kanin at ulam (or if may meeting for Feast Laguna - usually every Tuesdays)
8-10: where incredible things happen. send 500+ emails in 30 minutes while using facebook for VA. Facebooking. Hikab. Blogging. Hikab. Writing. Hikab. Gawa ng Projects. Gawa ng Video using Camtasia for  Hikab.
10: tulog na ang inaantok na elvin. :D

Virtual Assistant #2: Fulltime night shift (compare with yours if you are also night shift)

Q's Typical Day (It can't get any more glamorous than this =))

9:00PM - Wakey time and dinner
9:30PM - Take a bath before work (Or at least I try, especially now that the weather's really, really cold)
10:00 - 12:00AM - Facebook/Netsurfing/Blog-reading/Self-Improvement Time 
12:00 - 1:00AM - Answer emails for my client in NY
1:00- 4:00 - Search the net for leads and their respective contact infos (emails and phone numbers) for my NY client 
4:00-5:00AM - Exercise Time (I honestly try!)
5:00-7:00AM - Household chores, Walk my dog 
7:00-8:00AM - Freshen up for the next shift (which includes pumping more caffeine into my system!)
8:00-11:00AM - Make some calls for my client in California 
11:00-1:00PM - Date with my remote control (Current favorite is Lie to Me) while grooming myself to sleep
1:00PM-9:00 - Ahhh, restful sleep! 

Virtual Assistant #3:  Day Shift in CEBU

My daily routine varies but you’ve got the 7am gising, snooze right! Lol.


At 7:30am I grab a quick bite to eat, most of the time, sinangag and fried stuff (hotdogs, luncheon meat, etc. I’m like a little kid when it comes to food). If I’m pressed for time I just ask for hot water and have oatmeal or milo for energy.

At 8am I log into our online timesheet (I won’t mention the company here for discretion purposes) and our screenshots device. Then what I do is check emails and Basecamp items. At this time I also chat with my client and teammates to check if there’s anything that we need to focus on for the day.

At 9am I send emails to confirm the running tasks for the day or week, as needed. Then I coordinate with our team to ensure that our tasks for the day are scheduled and communication flows smoothly.

At 11am if I’m not off to lunch yet, I run a quick check of our social networks.

At 11:30-12:30pm I have my lunch break. Yes, sometimes I spend 30 mins on lunch and 30 mins paligo, I blame the snooze button. Lol. Especially if I’m going to church right after work.

At 12:30pm I’m back online resuming tasks that I had left behind or off to a new one. Most of my time is spent writing new content or editing articles.

At 1pm I’m usually checking bookmarks and social networks and reviewing the work of my teammate.

At 2pm I am probably sending new designs and other files to our client’s clients. I coordinate with them and act as the go between for our team.

At 3pm I’m usually doing a quick check of the websites that we are maintaining, including new and old blogs.

At 4pm I might be working on a task that’s scheduled for that day or the next day. Sometimes early on I will be reviewing one of our strategies or plans and preparing recommendations for improvement.

At 5pm I’m supposed to log out and rest but most of the time I stay past work hours to finish some pending tasks or prepare for the next day. This usually happens if I encounter a problem or we have a rush project. However, if it’s a Wednesday or Friday, it’s time for a quick change of uniform and off I go to our local parish.


My client is very nice. Pero pwede din mag try ng new one. Gusto ko sana subukan ang outsourcing. Just like the one you mentioned in the seminar where cla lang ang nag manage then all in the family. That would be lovely. Something to do cguro pag weekends or after work. Just in case lang po meron kayo ma refer. Thank you Sir!

Notice what's missing? Most of the things you actually hate -- traffic, commute, office politics and lack of control who you're going to deal with. A Virtual Assistant doesn't experience these things. Don't like your client? Fire him!

Give working at home a try by knowing what to expect at the Oct 29 Manila Seminar. Click here to get a seat.

Can't make it to the Manila event? Download the entire seminar here.

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Virtual Assistant Schedule vs Your Daily Schedule

If you're looking for the Virtual Assistant Success Story Sharing, it's here. Sorry for the mixup.

Here's a call for entries (as comments below), if you're working, no work, self-employed - I'd like you to gain more clarity with your present condition by writing down in the comments below:
Your daily routine.
Here's an example:
530 am - line up for bath
6am - breakfast - coffee only and pandesal
615am - line up at fx
630am - 745 - asleep at fx
8am - walk to office
830 clock in
9am finish report due this 3pm
10am miryenda at 7-11. (chippy)
11am meeting with boss who's crummy with praise....
It would help in my next message to you if you can let me know your daily challenges with time are in this format.
We'll be comparing it to a VA's life (w/c I already have details of)
The more details , the better. 
But please keep company names and names of people secret.
Thanks! Please put your "slice of your day" in the comments below. Again this exercise will help YOU be clear about your life and your "NOW".
Yes, yes you THINK this has nothing to do with internet marketing right? It does! 
Lets hear what your day looks like.

Daily Routine of an Employee / Self Employed

Q: I just wanted to ask what is/are the difference between a va (Virtual Assistant) and an internet marketer (IM)?Are their similarities also?I am confused about this?

A: VA's receive a normal income from their clients, if they're full time.  IM's do not. They are pure business people - earning only from profits.  They can do the very same things but IMs keep more of the money. VAs can serve or work for IMs and that's the ideal set up. IMs are more entrepreneural. VAs are not, generally - though a VA is also an entrepreneur with the trappings (regular dependable income) of an employee

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Difference between Internet Marketer and Virtual Assistant?

I was with Ronald and Larry Gamboa during the early days of Playing Cashflow Games at the Alicia Tan Ty Foundation, this was in 2004.  If you want to know the story, start reading:

Ronald Cagape speaks:

play the Cashflow Game in real life and after 7 years of playing finally got the courage to resign from my day job last Oct. 1, 2010.  

I worked as an IT developer and consultant for the past 10 years with various companies – Equitable PCIBank (now Banco De Oro), Etelecare (now Stream) and Oracle Philippines. For most of my working life, I focused on becoming better at my job and I became pretty good in troubleshooting problems, analyzing data and general database stuff. I thought that to make money I just needed to work hard, get promoted and the money will flow.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as planned.

A Shift In Mindset

I just remained an employee working hard. I’d wake up early, commute to work, endure the traffic and go about my day. At the end of the day, I’d go home, endure traffic all over again. Sometimes, I’d take my chances with the MRT

I wanted to be rich because I came from a poor family. I’ve known poverty all my life and I always wondered how a person becomes rich. I certainly didn’t know and I didn’t learn it from school.

I didn’t know I had to change my mindset until Carl, my best friend, lent me the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

That book turned around my mindset and opened ideas that didn’t occur to me before. I learned about financial literacy, how the rich don’t work for money and minding my own business. I understood what assets and liabilities are and the different kinds of income. That book gave me a good understanding of what it took to become rich.

Meeting My Mentor Before He Became Famous

I was excited after reading that book. There is hope for me after all! So I searched for groups of people who may be playing Cashflow 101 in the Philippines. I found out about Cashflow 101 from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. This led me to a Yahoo Group named cashflowphilippines and I got to know the original distributor of Rich Dad products in the Philippines. The yahoo group has since turned into a spam-filled group so don’t bother joining now.

In this group, I got my first experience in building a business – the Cashflow Center located in La’O Center, Arnaiz Ave, Makati. The Cashflow Center was a place for people to play Cashflow 101. We started it in 2003 and it became a dismal failure after a few months because we did not do enough marketing. There were 6 of us in that business but we all treated it as a part-time business. That was one of my first business failures.

P.S. You can meet some of these people at the TRQ 2.0 seminar this weekend!   Remember that it was Larry Gamboa, who discovered Trace Trajano (TRQ organizer).

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"I quit my job" blog post from Ronald Cagape

This is an AD I saw from dotph. Dotph is the company that takes care of the and .ph domain names. Click here for original dotph ad.

 Computer Science, Software Engineering Interns:
We are looking for individuals who are interested in Open Source technologies, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) Software Development
What to expect:
product architecture and user interface design
to coding, testing and documentation
marketing, sales and customer support
You will recieve mentoring from dotPH team leaders and learn about:
web development
technology operations and
running an on-line business.

  • What we require:

    • Excellent organizational, decision-making, and communications skills
    • Outstanding coding skills
    • Excellent grades and a track record of success
  • Experience with any of the following is also helpful:

    • Programming experience in a Unix environment
    • Test-driven development
    • MVC frameworks
    • User interface design
    • Web Services
    • MySQL
    • Expertise in relational database and SQL
    • Knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS
    • Subversion

From Jomar Hilario: That last part "Subversion" is something even I don't know. Lol.

How to Apply!
Email us your resume in MS Word, RTF, HTML, or ASCII text at
Make a cover letter and please include it in the body of your email message.

Why is this ad here? Well if you want to go deep into Developer World of the Internet, where else to learn this but in dotph - at least locally? We ought to have more companies like this, eh Paco Sandejas?

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Eng, CS Students - Intern at Dotph available

1. When steve jobs says, it's available now, I wish it's easy to know where it's available. For example, since Sept 2010, PING is only available in the US. Not in the Philippines.
2. When ILIFE 11 as an upgrade is available now, I wonder where should I go to get the upgrade? I want to upgrade now!  Opps, I found it --its in the online store!  That Imovie trailer thing is CRAZY.

3. So that's what the other multi-touch gestures are for! (about the demo of MAC OS Lion). I can see that it's not yet that easy to do a 3 finger swipe. Same case here.
4. I still don't see a case to buy a trackpad since I have my magic mouse.
5. If the Macbook Air is the future of Macbooks, then will we expect all the other macbooks next year to be like it?
6. I think Macbook Air is the correct answer to the netbook craze. It's the thing I'd prefer to use in bed since it's full keyboard and a full OS X. The ipad is not that capable for me now.
7. Screenshots from the Philippine Apple store above gives you a dilemma. Macbook Air and the white Macbook is the SAME PRICE.  Think, do you prefer heavy with cd drive and hard disc that's larger with smaller battery life? Or more portable, longer laster, smaller space (32 GB!) and no cd drive! With these differences I don't think the WHITE MACBOOK will disappear anytime soon!
8. Personally, I'd go get the Air and make that my bedside machine. The old macbooks are simply too heavy.
9. My white macbook 2007 is still for sale at P 33,000. You may discount it at P 30,000 if you want. Click here for details.

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Thoughts about Apple's October 20 Back to the Mac Event

Hi. This morning I just swam the breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke in that order - one lap each in the pool downstair. Of course it wasn't continuous, there were stops when I reached the end of the pool. I rest a bit and continue.  During the butterfly I stopped before I reached the end of the pool and wondered "why?". I was swimming slowly "naman" so I shouldn't be tired. I was breathing regularly "naman" so that couldn't be it. 

I realized that before - when I was still learning all these strokes- I could do a butterfly from one end of the pool to the other - no "sweat".  But not now? Somehow I realized that I don't really have a limitation, I just set this "weakness" up in my mind. I know I did it before but now I can't because my brain was saying "it's too far!", "you hardly have the strength to reach it, give up!".

The difference was before I had companions in the pool with me - learning from a swimming instructor. But this morning, after the rains, it was just me in the cold water, along with 3 kids who didn't mind me. It's not easy being alone at first. You achieve more when there's many of you. I guess it tells your brain, "you can do this, see all around you -- HE can do it, SHE can do it, YOU can do it!"

So to give you a chance to join another event of mine, here's the invitation to the Oct 29, Friday 1pm-6pm Virtual Assistant Seminar at  Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City:

1. All who registered for TRQ 2.0 under my list (I'll send you a SEPARATE email, if you receive this email, you're in!)

2. All who wish to work from home (it will FEEL like you're employed because there's at least one source of REGULAR income, can be more than one also) - but don't have the courage YET to become an entrepreneur.

3. If you're abroad or not in Manila, you're still going to want to avail of the ONLINE SEMINAR.

Here's why you should sign up quickly:

A. There's only around 25 seats in my venue.

B. There are 48 or more people who signed up for TRQ 2.0 who's going to claim their seats - FOR FREE.

C. If you don't hurry these seats WILL BE FILLED UP quickly.

D. On November 3, Wednesday 730pm - 9pm, we will have a Live Question and Answer Online Call that feature at least ONE VA and me. You can ask us anything about working from home.

Who can attend this live online call?

A. All those who attended the LIVE VA Seminars in the PAST are included too! 

B. All those who got the ONLINE SEMINAR

C. All those who attended the LIVE VA Seminar on Oct 29.

Important: Im going to concentrate more on training people to become VAs because ---I'm getting REALLY good results in landing these people work at home jobs! As in, DAYS are counted after you submit you ASSIGNMENT from the VA seminar (live or online). I believe THIS VA SEMINAR ACTUALLY CHANGES LIVES -- and success is measured in as little as 2 MONTHS (it depends on you if you do the assignment).

What assignment?

It's time for you to read how it works here.

Get your seats by paying via BPI or Card or Paypal here.

Avail of this now while the price is really affordable. 

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What I thought about while swimming

How To Customize your photo when posting your blogpost to Facebook's Wall:

You'll want to do this to STRENGTHEN your message and get more attention from people.

1. Create a small square graphic that is connected to what you are posting.
2. Post this to your blog post, along with the text.
3. If you wish to use this image regularly, post the image into the blog's sidebar.
4. Go to Facebook.
5. When you enter a link in the wall, the image #1 will appear.
6. Click on the small right arrow beside the image.
7. Select the image you want to accompany your message.
8. An image beside a wall post gets more attention!
9. An image that's related to the post AMPLIFIES the message.

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How To Customize your photo when posting your blogpost to Facebook's Wall

See how just about anybody can create a video review of a product. Are you still looking for an idea on what to blog about? How about creating a video of just about every device that you own, have access to - or friends own? All you need is a good video camera and your blog will be full of stuff only you create - making it attractive to advertisers (think Chitika or NuffNang before Adsense).

Also, this simply means if you're selling anything, it's easy to video that "thing" and put it in your blog.

I'm not saying anything new or unique here, just showing you how it can be done.
Btw, video location above is in Mexico.

Ordinary Dude Creates a Video Review of a Camera (Sony TX5)

I been asked by some people if they will "qualify" to become a Virtual Assistant (VA). I think it's a wonderful question.  But know this first: You're not looking for a "job" --hence you're not looking for someone to "hire you" because you "qualify".  A VA misconception is that it's a job. It's a business, actually. Your clients are clients, not bosses. They might boss you around if you LET THEM but still you take care of :

Your taxes
Your "benefits"
Your electricity
Your water
Your day-offs
Your computer costs.
You (lack of) aircon during the day.
You, not your client.

Hence the right thing to ask should be "How badly do you want to work at home?" And depending on the answer - from "ok lang" (w/c means "no") to "whatever it takes!" --the qualifications will come to play.

Okay. Now lets know the actual skills you'll need.

There's only one.


You shouldn't be.

Here it is:

You must be fast with a keyboard and a mouse. 

That's it.

Fast? How fast? I'm not talking words per minute dear, because mice do not type. 

If you take more than 30 seconds to type your full name on a keyboard, you're slow.

If you take more than 10 seconds to LOCATE YOUR MOUSE on your desk, then your desktop and move it, you're too slow.  

Generally if you move slow, you can't be a VA.

Now as to attitude, here's the most important thing:

If you are not afraid that the computer will explode if you make a mistake, you're VA material.
If you say "Let's try this" or "I wonder what this button do..." on websites and programs all the time, you're VA material.

If you're interested in discovery and learning new things, you're VA material.

And lastly if working with computers has been your LIFE, work or LOVE, you're VA material!

So if you're already a self-confessed internet or computer addict, i mean USER, then go ahead and do the following : Apply at Odesk for a gig.

But if you want to be really prepared, knowing the ins and outs and what to avoid and what to do --in getting your very first Online "gig" - then consider attending the Oct 30 1pm-6pm VA Seminar. Just click here.

Note: After the VA Seminar there will be a LIVE Q and A call (online) with an actual Virtual Assistant --to be scheduled after you attend the event. So think of this as a 2 in 1 event.

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Qualifications to work from home as a Virtual Assistant

Twitter's new screen is now live in the Philippines. Study it well as it contains more tools that other sites used to offer. You can now see (more evidently) --w/c lists you are named in, see more details about people (tweeps?) w/o leaving your main screen. Study study study! Specially if you're trying to reach english speaking countries as clients.

And stop using Twitter (at least your business twitter) to declare what you had for lunch. Unless you're a food blogger LOL.

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Twitter's new screen is now live in the Philippines

The News: The "FACEBOOK" movie called "The Social Network" is now showing in the US. I have the book "Accidental Billionaires" --but watch the movie when it comes out in the Philippines to see how (badly) an internet company can be born.  At the same time, to try to understand that it takes a "problem" to give birth to an internet empire.   Read more about it here.

So you, what is the "problem" you're going to solve?



I will now pause for effect.


Now if you're already on your way to solving problems like "promoting your site", you better review and use the brand new Facebook Groups - if it's already live. It's intended mostly for private group sharing and takes over the old groups function that not a lot of people use.

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Facebook Movie + New Groups

This page is for those who have decided to get a One Year Online Mentoring with Bonus Live Online Chats with Jomar Hilario in this website, click here if you're not a member yet.

How to Join the Online Club

Step by step how to Join in the Online Membership Club

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

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