Steph asks:
In blogger, you have one "mother" page. In that page, you can create the 20 blogs. When registering in adsense, if you have 1 blog that reached 5 months, can you register the rest who are only say... 3 months in? how do you register all your blogs to adsense anyway if you're using one "mother" page? do you register each blog separately? thank you!

Jomar says:
You only register one blog that's five months old to adsense. The rest no need to register, just add adsense that was approved from the mother page.

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How many blogs should I submit to adsense?

1. I created a new FB page here.
2. I then proceeded to import all my 10,000 gmail contacts (facebook has a 5000 person limit)

3. Facebook finishes to 100% and says (lies)

4. Of course impossible, this is a NEW FB page. Nobody knows about it yet.

5. Only one person likes it. And it's me.
6. Why is it NOT A BUG/ERROR? Because it's been reported elsewhere.

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Trying to Import Gmail accounts to Facebook? Forget it. They have an LQ

How to punish people for photo tagging you relentlessly in Facebook to sell their wares. It's simple it's two step.

Go click on the person's name in facebook.
Scroll Down
Very Much Down
Look on the Left Side
Click On Report/Block this person.

Really, people must try to do real marketing instead of abusing other people's trust in them.

Tell, me what's wrong if you ASK PERMISSION before you tag me in your    hair whitening (sp) lotion? Yes, you know I'll say no or ignore you. So what does that mean, huh? 

Warning: This disables ALL messages from you to the person who blocks you. And you know what --you NEVER know if you're blocked. You're not informed.  You're still friends but you won't see it in their wall again. Ever. 

So if you think you're not abusing a person's hospitality by tagging them in your laptop bags when they're not interested at all in these things --? Think again.

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How to punish people for photo tagging you relentlessly in Facebook to sell their wares

Personally Im encountering what is called an impasse. This means I'm not doing anything. Why? Because of too many rules in online marketing. It feels like there are shards of glass everywhere. Make a mistake and you'll get "punished" by so and so company. 

Do you feel this way too?

Well I'm tired of letting rules stop me from doing anything. As it is I'm already bursting with information that I want to share but I'm just holding it all in because of these internet marketing rules that I'm supposed to observe.

Oh well, at least I tried but the result was nothing. I had no result because I had no action.

So to start things off, I'm going to do a 30 day experiment like Matt Cutts and Steve Pavlina.  Steve has time, he's an entrepreneur, Matt is a popular google employee. Two different men with the same goals - to try new things for 30 days. And hence in the busiest commerce time of the year, I start my 30 day experiment.

Here's the experiment: I'm going to fill up most of my online accounts with lots of information that I find useful for online marketing, parenting little babies and using apple technology. I'm going to simply do a 30 day brain dump.

Let's see what happens.  Leave a comment as to what your BET is --what will happen after 30 days? Yes, you, leave a comment so that I know someone who is breathing oxygen is reading this!

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Too many rules --stop you on your tracks?

What it looks like if you lived in Facebook (video)

Im reprinting all of Joel's blog post on Facebook Messages lastest update that mirrors Gmail's Priority Inbox.
You need to know this. And yes it has some of my comments.

by Joel Seligstein on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 2:25am

Imagine the kind of family you might see in a modern American sitcom: loving parents trying to maintain a family unit with a teenager engrossed in text messaging, a college-aged child who is always chatting online, and various wacky relatives who spend their days sending "funny" emails to the family.


This is an admittedly exaggerated stereotype but one we see every day in movies, TV and advertising because most of us can relate to parts of it. Between mobile devices and the Internet we can be more connected today than ever before, but there is still a feeling that the technology can also act as a barrier between us. When I want to share with someone it should be as simple as deciding who I want to share with and what I want to say.  It should feel more like a human conversation.


Seamless Messaging


Today I'm excited to announce the next evolution of Messages. You decide how you want to talk to your friends: via SMS, chat, email or Messages. They will receive your message through whatever medium or device is convenient for them, and you can both have a conversation in real time.  You shouldn't have to remember who prefers IM over email or worry about which technology to use.  Simply choose their name and type a message.


We are also providing an email address to every person on Facebook who wants one. Now people can share with friends over email, whether they're on Facebook or not. To be clear, Messages is not email. There are no subject lines, no cc, no bcc, and you can send a message by hitting the Enter key. We modeled it more closely to chat and reduced the number of things you need to do to send a message. We wanted to make this more like a conversation.

Facebook Messages 's No BCC, No Subject, No To = Apple No Flash, No SD Card, No USB Iphone - Jomar Hilario



Conversation History


Messages is built for communicating with your friends, so it made sense to organize primarily around people.  All of your messages with someone will be together in one place, whether they are sent over chat, email or SMS. You can see everything you've discussed with each friend as a single conversation.


I'm intensely jealous of the next generation who will have something like Facebook for their whole lives. They will have the conversational history with the people in their lives all the way back to the beginning: From "hey nice to meet you" to "do you want to get coffee sometime" to "our kids have soccer practice at 6 pm tonight." That's a really cool idea.

Yes, and something that is reflected in this Kotaku video:


The Social Inbox


It seems wrong that an email message from your best friend gets sandwiched between a bill and a bank statement. It's not that those other messages aren't important, but one of them is more meaningful. With new Messages, your Inbox will only contain messages from your friends and their friends. All other messages will go into an Other folder where you can look at them separately.


Facebook Messages 's Other = Gmail Priority Inbox - Jomar Hilario

If someone you know isn't on Facebook, that person's email will initially go into the Other folder. You can easily move that conversation into the Inbox, and all the future conversations with that friend will show up there.



You can also change your account settings to be even more limited and bounce any emails that aren't exclusively from friends.


This kind of message control is pretty unprecedented and people have been wanting to do this with email (and phone calls) for a long time. Messages reverses the approach to preventing unwanted contact. Instead of having to worry about your email address getting out, you're now in control of who can actually reach you.


The Next Generation


Relatively soon, we'll probably all stop using arbitrary ten digit numbers and bizarre sequences of characters to contact each other. We will just select friends by name and be able to share with them instantly. We aren't there yet, but the changes today are a small first step.


We'll be launching Messages and email addresses gradually and making it available to everyone over the next few months. Once you receive an invitation, you'll be able to get started and also invite your friends to join you.

Yes, you can get your email account something in Christmas 2010!!! or 2011. This means Mark Z is just prelaunching this thing. Probably a lesson from the Product Launch Formula. Interesting.

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How to get your email address + The new Facebook Messages

Official Google Blog: Beyond Instant results: Instant Previews

Google Instant Preview in Action. 
To make it work you must be in Google, then enter a search term, press Enter. 
Click on the Magnifying glass icon (my brother says).
Then move your mouse up and down the search results.
See the right hand side change as seen in the screenshots below.

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Google Instant Preview in Action

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