Happy New Year to you. Today 31st of the year December has always been a profound (read: weird) day for me. For years now, I would go to a deserted lot near our Laguna home and sit there and pray and look at the sky and talk to God and think about my life so far.

I didn't know I was supposed to plan the next year - on paper. 

I just knew that I had to look like I was thinking because the year was about to change.

When I was younger (back then when I believed that Santa Claus really put gifts into my stockings) - during the noise we were making on New Year's eve - I noticed that my grandmother was missing. So I went up the stairs and looked for her. There she was - all alone -in front of the family altar (yep - with statues of saints etc) and she was praying. She was the only one visibly praying while everyone was making lots of noise.

So I knew that even though calendars are just man made- and that the changing of the year is also man made... New Year has a significance to us all - as beings who happen to live in TIME.

So mentors are always telling me - plan your year --and do it on paper!

So I'm telling you - plan your year on paper.

Of course I've already started doing that - on the IPAD's calendar (hehe). But not to worry as I really like paper and will be continuing it on paper as instructed.

But if you find yourself lacking the silence or solitude or will power to do it, I'm inviting you to this workshop I'm facilitating on Starting Your Year Right. I did this last Jan and it was great. This time, it will be new ways to plan the year from a different set of mentors. They say it's not the wind that drives sailboats to their destinations, it's the direction of the sails (or lack of sails). Is your sail ready to bring you to your desired destination? Or maybe you're not even sure what the destination is?   This workshop, designed for anybody really - is there to force you to succeed by helping you design what success really is for you.

It's a limited seating only (20 seats) event so decide quickly. It'll be on Sat, 22 Jan 2011. 1pm - 6pm at Rosewood pointe at P 2375. You just need to bring a pretty notebook (paper!) + pen.  You can get a seat by Jan 1 (that's tomorrow). Better to invite a friend so you can enjoy planning with someone who can support your plans.

This is not an internet marketing event - but a success event. I'm doing this because I love doing it and it's the right thing to do.

FREE ATTENDANCE: TRQ 2.0 participants who got tickets from me can attend for free, if you haven't used up your slot. You just need to contact nikkihidalgo@gmail.com first as you'll have to give a refundable deposit.

P 1000 DISCOUNT: Online Mentoring Club and Social Mentoring Club members get their P 1000 off, as usual, the link available inside the clubs. They can also bring a friend who will also enjoy the P 1000 off.

WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER? Check out the 50% off at http://www.bit.ly/fiftyoffclub for the Online Mentoring Club until Jan 5,2011.  Social mentoring, click here.

NOT IN MANILA? See the  Below.

No plans? Join us in the Start Your Year Right seminar.

Not in Manila? You may avail of the downloadable version of the workshop right now -the recording will be given to you after the event PLUS we'll have an ONLINE session wherein I'll deliver the same workshop sessions and you'll answer them - alongside everyone - while I wait! (Neat huh? An online seminar). Wait for more details.

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New Year Reminders for You

The form below is too pretty to be left alone. It's begging to be visited - for a full screen view, isn't it?
So go ahead and go there to let me know your burning Facebook Marketing Questions.

Right now. Because I answer them in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Free answers available 8pm tonight at this page. Expect Audio Only.

See you there!

Enter all your Facebook Marketing Questions Now

Your facebook marketing will be answered. As long as you join us tonight - via the internet - all over the world - in asking it. If not you may submit your questions before the event in this website.

Yes you may ask about Virtual Assistant related questions. After all, VAs who have talents (applied the SocialMentoringClub.com lessons) do impress their clients for being sooo up to date. 

Here's the link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/socialmentoringclub to the ONLINE Q and A. Open it at 8pm tonight, monday Dec 20.2010.

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Three hours to go before the Facebook Marketing Q and A Session 8pm tonight

Free Detailed Facebook Marketing Lessons x 3 - no catches - just learn and apply.  
I created these lessons so I know that you'll benefit from it ASAP.

Go to http://www.socialmentoringclub.com to see the videos and presentations now. 

You only have this December 2010 to view it -while it's still free.

Free Facebook Marketing Lessons x 3 - just learn and apply

What people said about the Virtual Assistant Seminar:
The day's session was great. The topics were presented clearly and is quite easy to follow. You covered the topics well and it was worth every peso of it and so much more.

I am sure that with the very very affordable price you offer for the seminar, you can go along way of helping people not only with their livelihood but their family lives as well.

First and foremost, like most successful coaches Jomar teaches the proper mindset on being a professional virtual assistant. Even if I have been doing it already, I still learned more on what websites, skills and programs that I will need to study as a VA. He also provided vital information on how to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or want to receive as VA), and how to bill your clients properly if your pay is delayed. It was a fun class, and Jomar was very patient in giving very detailed explanations when you ask him a question. 

Here's the link to my blog post that continues the above
Thanks so much for all your help and I'm looking forward to receive the pdf file copy of the training. More power!
-Queenie (already a VA before attending)

Last September 18, 2010, My wife and I attended a seminar conducted by none other but Filipinos finest internet guru Jomar Hilario. . . It was the first time I met my Internet Mentor. I was kind of Star struck! It was 6 hours of heaven for me! oooh, by the way, we extended up to 7pm. Jomar was so gracious to stretch his valuable time for us! For the last 2 months now I have been learning Online Internet Marketing. So far, I am like a baby, learning the steps. . . I hope my mind does not move ahead with my actions. I have to learn the basics. Virtual Assistant is one of the branches Internet Marketing does. If you are familiar with being a Personal Assistant does, its practically almost the same. . . Minus some or maybe More than what you can think of . . . 

Physically Angry Bosses
Office Clothes
Early Morning Shift
Mid Shift
Graveyard Shift(what other kinds of Shift do you know of?)
Privacy from other office mates
Free Canteen food
and the list goes on. . . 

Earning more than you can normally have from an typical Employer - Employee work. . . and earning with still acting normal as going to work everyday. minus the list above. 
There are two things I want to share with you regarding the seminar. Without spilling so much of what our Net Master gave us. . . for sure when you come to know who Jomar really is, you'll want to be with this guy all the time! From his mindset to his passion! He's really a great guy to be with.
2 things: 
1. VA is having an Entreprenueral Mind. I gained so much from the seminar that led me to my goal of maintaining an attitude of Entrepreneurship. Your wondering why, entrepreneur, isn't Assistant was used with the word?
2. VA is one way of increasing yourself with knowledge, ability, skill and still having better relationship with love ones! because you see them all the time! 

I hope soon I'll be able to use the learnings here and set up my own VA business and continue the dream! you can too! 

Join the next VA Seminar and learn to work from home --> Or find out if you have what it takes! Tue, Dec 21, 2010  1pm - 6pm. Rosewood Pointe.  Details click vahere: http://www.bit.ly/manilava

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What people said about the Virtual Assistant Seminar

Bored? Not invited to parties? No money to spend on gifts? Beef up your google knowledge by watching the Google Demo Slams --for fun, laughs and improved understanding of Google features you may not know existed!

Lots more videos at http://www.demoslam.com/

Google Having Fun showing you their features

Make sure you visit http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/zeitgeist2010/ to see the other popular things of 2010.

If you're a food blogger, for example, you'd probably want to blog about:

Google's most popular searches for 2010

The New Facebook 2010 Profile by Jomar Hilario

How to Upgrade to and Use the New Facebook Profile

How will the new Facebook profile affect you?

Your insight on blogging, helped me a lot in releasing my frustrations in my life right now. When I read the part wherein you can use blogging like a journal, I just did what I have read.

Blogging to earn is still far from what I am doing right now, but I'm starting a blog at least. Your e-mails definitely help me divert my attention to more productive things. 

I just want to say my thanks for giving me a therapeutic option to my depression.

God bless you Jomar.
-Francis Magno

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Thank you for your blogging insights

Q: Okey, a big thanks to you for all the new things you keep on
sharing with us......but the problem is "cost". I do understand that
because as a guru you have also to earn something from what you are
giving away.

But for some of us who are not yet earning even after a year trying
hard to learn IM to no avail. I am also distracted by other guru like
Don Crowther, Sean Donahoe, Daily Feed for which my simple mind just
get overwhelmed by so many information they want to impart on us......

But the truth is I cannot keep on investing more and more without me
making any progress.....thanks again

A: Actually, if you're also saying this, know this: stop investing
with technology knowledge at this time. Its better to invest in TIME
with yourself figuring out WHY you need this extra income.

It's super crucial that your answer is written down on a 100 page
expensive notebook. Preferably FULL of your answers w/c are not
repeated like a student who's punished by his teacher.

I just handed to you one of my secrets to success. If you think it's
useful, please SHOW ME PROOF that you've done it (photograph the
notebook(s) full of the WHY you should be earning more).

If you think otherwise, that's the reason why you still don't have the
online wealth that you desire.

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How come you're still not earning online?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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