Entertain Yourself with YouTube Playlists - So Simple Even Kids Can Do It

For virtual professionals and those who spend a lot of time at the computer to get numerous tasks done, it is sometimes necessary to  be entertained during breaks or even while working. 

Some of you may have your iPods, Kindle or what not. 

In You Tube, you can easily search for just about any playlist and listen to a whole album of an artist without downloading anything. 

You get to watch the videos and listen to the songs for free! 

Here are sample playlist searches for Amy Grant, Switchfoot and Innocence Mission:

When a video is clicked at the bottom, the playlist automatically plays.  It is really easy!

Here's a tutorial on how to use You Tube playlists.

Can you create your own playlist, you ask?


In my next blog post, I will show you how to make your own You Tube playlist.

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