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He Made 2 Million Pesos from the Internet c/o the Online Mentoring Club


1. Name – Bryan ‘bravy’ Uy
2. What do you do? Environmental Engineering Consultant and Entrepreneur
3. Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress  Lord of the Rings / Iron Man / Braveheart /
4. Most memorable memory from childhood. The memories I remember during my childhood were painful because I was forced to be independent at an early age. Not that my parents were irresponsible, in fact they were very caring and loving. But circumstances pushed me to work on my mom’s business since she went to Manila to accompany my dad (we were from Cebu). I had a lot of good times, too, like going to the market (palengke) using my bike, going to the cemetery or the beach almost every week.
5. Favorite Ice cream Pistachio
6. How long have you been a member of  Online Mentoring Club (omc)? Close to 1 1/2 years I believe.
8. Specific story about how the omc has helped you. Jomar opened my eye to the world of internet marketing. He was the first person who showed me how incredible it is to know how to earn from the internet and the limitless possibilities therein. I continue to study the internet because I know that it is an integral part of marketing my businesses.
9. Share a specific piece of advise that you implemented from the omc? Blogging to promote my environmental engineering consultancy business. In fact, internet marketing has already produced for me at least P2M worth of projects.
10. How do you find your fellow clubmembers? Helpful? Otherwise? I have to apologize that I don’t have the time to check the membership site anymore but I’ve been reading the emails I receive from Jomar, just to update myself with the latest buzz. Of course, I’ve met a lot of people through the membership site who are now friends and potential business partners.
11. Tell us about them. What do you remember about them?
12. Accomplishment after going thru OMC and applying the lessons? Internet marketing is now one of our regular methods of marketing the services of our businesses and we can’t do without it.
13. Have you been featured in the media/blogs/newspapers ? Why? I was mentioned by my good friend Jay Castillo in his real estate blog Jay Castillo of course was a student of Jomar.
14. Can you share us your online earnings? My offline business (environmental engineering consultancy) has earned at least P3M because of internet marketing.
15. If yes, how much?
16. If no, just tell us what activity online did you do to earn the most?
17. How is Jomar treating you ? Really. Jomar is straight to the point. He’s the real thing. He tells you as it is, even if it is painful. Now, I know that he simply cares for his students, to earn online and be successful in internet marketing.
18. Advise to prospective OMC2 members. Just Do It! As Brendon Burchard said “Action leads to clarity.” I still remember Jomar’s response to me when I asked him questions about what to do, he said, “Ang dami mo iniisip! Gawin mo nalang!” OUCH!!!
19. Why did you get into OMC in the first place? Through my mentor Bo Sanchez.
20.  I'm sure you have doubts before you joined. What triggered you to finally join OMC? The success of Bo Sanchez in his business and his integrity.
21. Finally, do you want to tell anything to the readers? Internet Marketing like any kind of venture out there takes time and effort. What’s important is you find your passion, in what you love, and give it your all. If you already have a plan, stop thinking and start acting on the plan. If you still don’t have a plan, Jomar wil show you the way. All you need to do is do it!


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