Photo of Online Mentoring Club members at Think Rich Quick Manila.

The Next TRQ will be on Cebu this Jan 29-30 -- and if you can't attend the event but want to WATCH from home, click here:

Very limited slots -due to tech limitations so get a slot now.

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Photo of Online Mentoring Club members at Think Rich Quick Manila

Understandably, it doesn't include the 2Million Likes Page that someone I know - a Pinoy in Manila- created.

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Yehey Facebook Infographic about the Philippines

I'll be speaking for 7-8 hours at the full day Cebu How to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar at the Maxwell Hotel in Cebu on Jan 31, Monday. 2011.

Here's what you should expect:
1.  Venue is really nice -a white walled, clean seminar room, the seminar hall is at the back of this building- at the 2nd floor.  There's a lot of space for parking.

We did a VA seminar there last year.

2. The food is good (my opinion of course).  Unlimited coffee, I hear. Snacks and Lunch are provided.

3. You'll be meeting a real Virtual Assistant (VA)-who's going to both share to you and assist you throughout the day. 

4. This guest VA was already working from home --but asked her client to pay for the VA Seminar so she can attend (smart huh?). So why attend this event when she's already working from home?  

Every participant's favorite part of the seminar is when I discuss all the internet tools you can use to become a more skilled VA. This part alone (1 hour or more) was used by Hyatt R, a participant -to impress her present bosses (she was employed) and clients on how Internet skilled she was.

5. Internet Marketers can benefit from this as it details upcoming tools and little known tools that I use to run a business online. 

6. The VA Seminar lessons is now in Version 15. It's always up to date on the latest technology.  

7. I'll be giving away CRITICAL Sample Legal documents that VAs must be familiar with.

8. You'll finally know the secrets how - in a business when FIRST TIME VAs earn only $3/hour, my VA graduates start with $10/hour.  (In english, that's P 35,000 / month part time) Not only will you know HOW, we'll even PRACTICE you first interview. I'll tell you what to say and how to say it.

9. Partcipants also get access to all future online audio interviews with even more VAs.  

I interview a new VA once a month-via the internet, as a graduate of the VA seminar, you can ask the VA guest  your questions - or listen to the recording of the interview -when you have time.

So the learning DOES NOT STOP at the VA Seminar. You'll get direction and inspiration from real Work at Home VAs months after the Cebu VA seminar.

Ready? Get a seat - and you're entitled to TWO seats per ticket --click on this link (card and paypal) or deposit P 3,350 (before Jan 30,2011) via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then Email your Name, Bank Branch, Amount and Date to

Link to Customizable Map to Maxwell Hotel click here.

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9 Great Things to Expect from the Cebu Virtual Assistant Seminar

The Cebu Waterfront Hotel is the venue for the upcoming Think Rich Quick Seminar in Cebu this coming weekend.

This is what it looks like.

What to expect from me at the Think Rich Quick, since I'll be doing a 1hour talk in this event:

1. I'll be wandering and walking and listening during the whole 2 day event. Jan 29-30 at the Waterfront Hotel.

2. You can approach me (I'll wear a nametag and perhaps BLACK BIKER'S FINGERLESS GLOVES, haha. It's an allergy thing - so there) so you'll know it's me. 

Approach me, ask questions, drill and grill me on Online Marketing. Try to see if I actually know what I'm talking about.   Really. You deserve to see if you're being lead by someone who knows his stuff or someone who doesn't. 

I actually like answering difficult questions. Strange huh?

3. If you're from Cebu, I would appreciate suggestions on where to find the BEST LITTLE KNOW GREAT tasting food in Cebu. Doesn't have to be sosyal, it has to be - delicious - even if it's just a "hole in the wall".

4. When we talk, tell me your goals and what you're selling for example so I'll use examples and ideas directly related to your industry. You might be surprised that I know than the average person on the workings of a business like yours.

5. I'll be telling you a step by step method on creating a Facebook Account that can get two million LIKES. Imagine the potential! Yes, you read that right. One of my students did this --based on my free lessons.  This is technique is OBVIOUS but little known and not practiced.

6. I'll also be some PRINTED proof that you can take home with you.  Names and websites of people who I've helped in the past. Why not? You deserve to know if "this stuff works" or not. Yes, go ahead and contact them, they'll be happy to hear from you.

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6 Things to Expect at Think Rich Quick at Cebu Waterfront Hotel

Have you Seen the New Google AdSense Interface? Here's a video of the new interface. Learn how to use Adsense because it's where your money is (if you're a blogger).

Have you Seen the New AdSense Interface?

Open Chrome
Open Youtube
Click Upload
Drag a video from your collection into the Box above.

I wish all websites worth this way! We're already doing it in GMAIL - -why not in Blogger? why not in FACEBOOK!

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Why you should use CHROME ! (Youtube adds drag and drop uploading)

I've created this new Newsletter that reminds you of the BASICS of MONEY. Why? Because for us, we pursue it but we don't understand it. 

It's time that we do.

To join in the free newsletter, just click here.

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Want to learn more about MONEY?

So have you planned out your 2011 for your success and High Performance?

This morning, at 9am I pushed the stroller containing Lucia,1 year old beside Sean 2 years old - riding on a little bike - into the Garden/Playground/Pool/Amenities area in front of our condo.   The place was deserted! This is in stark contrast to yesterday's long weekend, where it looked like there was a party in each corner of this place. What happened?

Everybody went "back to reality". But let's see it from the children's eyes: To Sean, age 2 - this means he's in control of 2 swings, 2 slides and 1 jungle jim all to himself.  To Lucia, age 1, it means "baba" from the stroller and quickly run around the grounds without hitting a single person.  To me, I'm wondering - when will people stop choosing time for work and devote more time for family?

Yes, a lot of vitamin companies  - mention the value of Quality Time .. for your family. Yes, that's great. But there is something to be said about Quantity time too.  It's about time you choose your reality. Is it really "work"? Really? That formula has come and gone in this age of instant "retrenchment". It's time to at least sit down and think about your future.  After all, if you want to give Quantity time to your grand children (instead of your children), you'll realize that you're too slow to go after running one year olds. And if you're still fast at 60 years old, you can't consistently run after them for hours. But today, you still can. So let me help you plan out that life. By simply giving you the spare time and the environment to plan it out at the ...

Starting Your Year Right Success Seminar
On January 22, 1pm - 6pm at Rosewood Pointe.

Goal: To start the year with great habits that can change your present direction to a better one.
You'll learn goal setting from Jim Rohn (one of my mentors)
You'll learn journalling as explained by Jim Rohn and my personal experience
You'll be given time to reflect on your life - time you desperately want to have, need to do -but never got around to doing it at all.
You'll be given time to evaluate your past year and plan for the future.
You'll also be using a 2 page "year planner" approach that you should have done during the holidays but couldn't find the time do to.
You'll also get to meet people who think like you do - who you can make business deals with  - and can encourage you to do your goals.

In the previous year we used Raymond Aaron's "What do you love" exercise.
We also did a  process I've developed from the Strengthsfinder book to help everyone get clear on what they want to do and there they're coming from.
We also used the shortcut created by Arnold Patent to determine what you're created on this planet for.

I still want to use these fun and quick exercises and add more about journalling and quick goal setting.

We'll also include a short reading from my tons of journals to give you a hint of what to put in your journals.

So how can you join us?

Sign up by paying online via paypal or credit card ($53) or via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario, Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati.) (P 2375) on or before Jan 17,2011, Monday

Get a slot now

Payment after Jan 17 will be P 2975. Walk-in rate is P P 3,375
Our venue is Rosewood Pointe at Taguig City near Market Market!
Please refer to this map :

High Performance/Starting Your Year Right Success Seminar
On January 22, 1pm - 6pm at Rosewood Pointe.

Questions? Email (I answer your questions, not a VA)

Get a slot now

High Performance / Starting Your Year Right Success Seminar

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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