Q: I'm already a member of Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club members. Bo's teachings and advices have gone a long way in changing my outlook in life in a positive manner. 

Actually, he was an instrument in getting in me knowing about your Internet Marketing Workshop. Wanted to attend it but the money, venue and time wouldn't permit at that time. 

When your notice for the year-long online mentoring came along, I thought this was a much feasible and convenient offer and was tempted to register right there and then. 

But had to weigh yet the financial aspect.

I'm so excited to learn much from you. The difficulty lies in finding the regular schedule to go over your lessons and recommendations and applying them. 

Unfortunately, these past few days are a bit hectic with activities flowing until Saturday. The plan was to set aside a few hours on Saturdays for the online lessons. 

What's your suggestion? I have an experience with surfing the internet. But blogging, none yet.

Thank you for your patience and time.


A: You need to ask yourself seriously why you want to do this.
That's the only reason HOW you can make time for this.
If you're totally happy with your life today.
No plans of making a big impact for others.
No plans of changing your life soon.
Then the Club lessons are not for you.

But imagine: 
You're a total Thalia fan. 
You have all her CDs,
All her posters and watched all her old shows on TV.
You finally have the 10 DVD/Bluray set of Thalia's "Marimar" 
You've been wanting this for 10 years.
It costs you P 5000 just to get these signed DVDS.
Now you have it.
How long till you finish watching it all again?
Your answer to this question will be the same answer to your question.

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Q: How can I find the time to learn online marketing?

This is a letter from inside the Online Mentoring Club from Mr Denal, addressed to his fellow Online Club members.

Hello Fellow Internet Wealth Seekers,

I'm not sharing this to brag or impress you, but rather to impress upon you that it's true and it's possible. If they (foreigners) can do it, we can also do it.

Just implement all the Online Mentoring Club lessons here plus try to connect with more like minded people ..try as many as you can, and do your due diligence.

Below is the snap shot of my up to date affiliate sales from The Truly Rich Club.


Below is my Affiliate Commission from promoting a high ticket event. Yes, it's a bit late, I was not able to share this last year.


One more thing, Pay attention to our mentor here. :)

To your Internet Marketing Success, 

Red Denal 


"Profit is better than wages"-Jim Rohn

Notes from Jomar: 

What Mr Denal did is called Affiliate Marketing. Here's the thing - I do not directly teach it but how come he is able to create these incomes from the Club lessons? 

I'll tell you the secret. Most people scare you with the words "Affiliate Marketing" - making you assume that it's some sort of big complex thing. It's not. 

When you're promoting a website, a product --that's not yours. And you're promoting it online (and even offline) - that's called Affiliate Marketing.

So what do I teach inside the Online Mentoring Club? I teach online promotion, using Facebook, Forums and other places.  I also teach selling your own product. That's called online marketing.

So all Mr Denal had to do was to use the Club lessons to sell other people's products! Of course I won't deny that I'm sure he also did his own research after all I don't have the monopoly of knowledge.

The most important thing for you - dear reader - upon seeing this is -believe that you can do it too. And start acting on the knowledge that you're getting from me - and other experts. Do it immediately after reading this. If you're not yet a club member, be one by clicking here.  Take it from Mr Denal.

And another thing, try not to belittle the amount that Mr Denal is  earning. He's only just begun!

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Mr Denal has earned P 31,000 as of March 2011 online


This is to express my deepest gratitude to Jomar's Online Mentoring Club, specially through the guidance of sir Jomar, for introducing me to the world of blogging. Blogging is not only a medium where we express our opinions or innermost self. It can also be a door for meeting new friends and an opportunity to earn cash or other rewards through the advertisers.

This lead me in joining nuffnang, the first asia-pacific advertising blog community. Nuffnang always organize fun and exciting events for bloggers to attend and join. As a beginner , as expected, I am not yet earning big amount of cash but very hopeful that someday I will.

But set aside first the cash we could earn from ads. The other way to gain cash or rewards is by joining the contests offered by nuffnang. This is the reason why I write this letter. To inspire you fellow Online Mentoring Club members and encourage you to join contests.

The very first competition I joined was the “Nokia C7 Christmas Wish Contest”, just to feel the fun and excitement and not really expecting much to win. I even shared my entry post on the club’s forum and very happy to know that sir Jomar left a comment.  Well to cut the story short, I was chosen the winner of that contest.


A great gift for a newbie blogger like me at the very start of the year. I have not claimed the prize yet as of this writing but the joy is already overflowing not because of the phone but because of the appreciation I received from fellow bloggers.

So let us keep on dreaming big as we're about to start the year. God bless...

Visit Jeffrey's Medical Technologist's blog here.

As a blogger you too, can be a member of Nuffnang and enjoy contests and earnings.

Click here to read more about Nuffnang Information.

For more information about Jomar's Club, enter your details here: Online Mentoring Club

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Club Member/Blogger Wins Nokia C7 Phone from NuffNang


My thoughts on everything Jomar Hilario’s wealth breakthrough seminar:
Over my 10-year stint in the corporate world, I have had the great opportunity to experience quite a number of seminars all over the country. While some were just fair, a lot were excellent - at least to my standards of a) content, b) impact, and c) VFE (venue, food, etc.).

I have 3 rankings, by the way:

Bad : below expectations / unimpressive 
Good : within expectations / enough to impress me 
Excellent : beyond expectations / very impressive

It was via review blogs (and Brother Bo Sanchez' website) early this year via the internet that I first stumbled upon Jomar Hilario’s wealth breakthrough 2011 seminar schedule. After weeks pondering about it, I finally signed up some 2 weeks before the Mar 19, 2011 seminar date. Note: signing up means going to BDO, paying the seminar fee of P2,750, and emailing Jomar for confirmation, to which he himself replied a few hours after. After that, I received 2 other reminder emails from his VA re further instructions.

Below is the rest of my story.

First up, my commute to and from the province:
The commute from my province to Taguig went surprisingly smooth. 
Bus to Manila;
Jeepney toPalar
Then a final tricycle ride to Rosewood Pointe, the venue. 
All in all, the commute to the venue took me 3 hrs. 

Or a little longer as I needed a breakfast stop at Jolibee Edsa.

The commute back was longer as already, traffic became part of the picture. Rosewood Pointe (the venue):

Am I allowed to say OMG? Bagay ba? Coz I feel too old for these stuff. I’m nearing 40s, har! Anyway, my promdi nature made me stare in awe at the very nice residential area which was Rosewood and its amenities. How awed was I? Almost immediately, I called up my wife to tell her “pang- mayaman pala dito”. So promdi talaga, right?

Let me also mention how the guards at the front gate treated me well and with a lot of courtesy. They deserve a space in my blog too!

Jomar’s staff were also accommodating. A quick check of my ID and presto! A red ribbon mamon and drinking water were handed to me. Like they read my mind. By now, the other participants were starting to arrive. I was led to a waiting area near the pool, where I was joined by a fellow early bird, Tito. After a few minutes chatting with my new friend, I had my first glimpse of Jomar. In the flesh: In blue polo, and in smiles. Soon we were called to the room. It was 8:55am.

The sessions:
Introductions, introductions, then off we went to this internet marketing world Jomar wanted us to discover. I really cannot disclose everything he said. But I can mention his style and my thoughts on the entire seminar:

Jomar did impress me. He was cool and unassuming and believable all at the same time. He was funny, spoke in Tag-lish all throughout the session, and made sure the participants were involved. To me, he was this bigger than life hotshot with an honest mission. He wanted us to “get it”. Get the whole picture, and start from there. His guest speakers, Jay Castillo and Sha Nacino were remarkable as well.

The verdict
Over-all, it was “Excellent”. I can forgive the mosquitoes inside the venue as the content, delivery and impact to me were beyond expectations. Definitely worth every cent I paid for. I didn’t even mind the fact that we extended for a bout an hour, hence my breaking of the curfew time set on me by the wifey (joke, of course).

Enough talk. Yep, definitely, I shall tell my friends about Jomar’s seminar. 

PS. If you happen to read this, Jomar, hats off to you. And a million thanks to you and my man, brother Bo Sanchez. I am inspired.

Join the Cebu Breakthough Seminar on April 3,2011 - Buy 1 Take 1 until March 31,2011. Click here now.

My thoughts on everything Jomar Hilario’s wealth breakthrough seminar:

Early review about the Online Mentoring Club from an MBA

Jomar, I just signed up a few days ago and I would have to say it's one of the BEST investments I've done in my life. (And I just finished my MBA in Ateneo last October. I thought that was the best but this is better.) 

Here are the reasons why your online marketing lessons have me excited about life again: 
1-) The time and effort that you put into them -- One can tell you've spent numerous hours perfecting your craft. From the websites you refer, to the shortcuts you teach, it's evident the amount of hard work and time you've put into everything. 

2-) You teach the good and the bad. 

3-) You make learning fun. 

4-) You teach AND you motivate. (As a trainer by profession, I know there are times when the latter plays a bigger part than the former.) 

5-) You've given me hope to actually earn from a passion and / or several passions of mine. 

6-) You give information and help generously. One can tell you are here to help, more than just earn. 

7-) You update your teachings (marking "Obsolete" lessons as such.) instead of just accepting status quo. 

8-) You actually teach business success AND internet marketing. 

9-) You empower people to be self-employed. You are also now opening doors and realizing the possibility to leave my now opening doors and realizing the possibility to leave my Manila job and fulfill my dream to migrate to Davao, which earlier I could not even fathom doing. (I just came from there last week and fell in love with the place-- it's the Philippines you want to see.)

Davao's People's Park

10-) You evolve and keep staying on top of your game. You never get complacent. That's easy once someone has achieved a level of success you have.

Yesterday I wrote a few practice blogs upon your recommendation and to my surprise someone commented at 1AM while I was editing, saying that he enjoyed my blog. That feeling alone was worth the investment for me. The feeling that someone connected with you and your thoughts, and had a great time while doing it. That's the best and truly one of the joys of life.

I suppose another reason why I highly appreciate your teachings is because I've forayed into blogging a few times blindly and have failed miserably. You literally teach every step of the way, almost spoon-feeding us to success.

I am determined and inspired to master blogging in order to earn semi-passive income, as you had mentioned. My first goal of course, is to recoup the investment I'd made in your seminar, and after that, my second goal is to earn enough for my expenses, and eventually on to bigger and brighter things.

I am now on lessons 10 onwards, and am looking forward to finishing everything, and starting from lesson 1 again, and repeat all the steps you teach me 3 or 4 times just to get a good grasp of everything.

For today though, it's already helped me tremendously. Thanks much and more power! Please feel free to use any or all of my words above as testimonial/s for your
or all of my words above as testimonial/s for your teachings/seminars. I am proud to know that a Filipino has reached global standards and is continuing to do well.

God Bless and Continued Success,
Rye Gutierrez, MBA

PS...if you've time, would you be kind enough to read my blog? It's a work in progress but any comment from you would definitely keep things moving for me. http:// philippinebasketballassociation.blogspot.com

My plan eventually is to blog on something I can shine like you said-- teaching business english to help our BPO countrymen to succeed further. Thanks again!

Join the Online Mentoring Club at 50% (If you can send me a Wealth Strategies Newsletter from Bo's Truly Rich Club) here or join in at the regular rate here.

Early review about the Online Mentoring Club from an MBA


Q: Hello Jomar, I was introduce to you virtually by Bo Sanchez. I am a member of the Kerygma Family and though I have not personally met Bo I trust his judgment to lead me to people like you.

You see, I recently started a business based on passion (and also trails of blessings). Events Management. I know I am good at this.. and I have a website too www.komosevents.com Its just that I don't know how my website can help me market my product. Nobody's making any inquiry.. I felt bad. Although I advertise to my friends in facebook (via shout) still nobody seems to care.

Is there anything I can do to make my business work?

A:  Simple, your blog or website is self-centered. Look at how it starts:

"Far from what I have been accustomed to, a lawyer by profession and being in the corporate world a quarter of my life, organizing an event is a welcome breath of fresh air.

I was several times an entourage to someone else’s wedding,  always tasked with organizing an event for friends and loved ones, or more often than not, I am also the coveted event master of ceremonies.

In all these endeavors, I have great sense of satisfaction, dedication and enjoyment and with every event I involved myself with, I came to learn that precision and perfection are not a superfluous luxury, but a simple necessity."

Who wants to read that? You're telling a story good. But nobody knows who you are in the first place --so why listen?

It's like you stopping in the middle of the busy street and you start talking about yourself.

The fish vendor in the palengke did it correct: She's in the right place (market) and she's shouting "Fresh Fish!". That's why she's getting the sale. She's not saying "I once wanted to be come a barber but...."

In the internet, the market is Facebook. And the shouting is now talking. Talking about benefits and stories about how you SERVED other weddings or people. It's not "me, me, me". It's them them them.

Try it. Facebook is free. And talk is free too. Just talk about the benefits of people talking to you about their weddings. Be their ADVISER. Be their confidant. Be their "friend in need".  Don't sell yet, this is not the palengke. It's facebook. Once you get people asking what you do, then you can point them to your services or your revised blog. 

Yes, revise it, it should immediately tell people the benefit and not YOUR STORY. When I say immediately, I don't mean -- "Oh they have to click "RATES" or "Promos" or "Offers". They need to see what good you can do for them when they finally open your website.

There, I'm sure a lot of people reading this would benefit MORE from my advise to you. Let me know what happens. Take everything I'm saying seriously. I paid more than P 400,000 just to tell you what I know about online marketing.  To you it's free.

To anybody reading this, (I put this in my blog) leave a comment or click like and let us know what kind of business you'll be using this advise for.

Want a sample blog? This is my blog :http://www.jomarhilario.com - that's the blog that's not very pretty but drives customers to buy.

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Q: How come my website doesn't attract clients?

Here's the complete text of how to include an Email Catcher (feedburner) into your blogger  blog. Watch out for a detailed tutorial from me, Jomar Hilario, for free. This is very exciting as a development for online marketers who use blogger (that's me and you).

As you already know, a blog w/o an Email Catcher is useless for online marketing. So keep reading how Blogger has made it super easy to add an email catcher to your blog.

Yes, it's all free.

This is taken Word for Word from the Blogger Blog:

Fresh content is the fuel that drives the blogosphere; it keeps readers coming back to your blog. Our team is always thinking of new ways to connect users with the freshest content across Blogger, and today we’re happy to offer a new, powerful way to do just that withFollow by Email.

The Follow by Email gadget provides blog authors a simple way for their readers to subscribe to the latest hot-off-the-press updates, which are delivered directly to the reader’s inbox. When new blog content is published, all subscribed readers will receive a daily email notification of the new published posts, which includes a copy of the new content as well as links back to the actual posts.

To enable Follow by Email, click the Add a Gadget link from the Design | Page Elementstab, and then select the Follow by Email gadget which should be at the top of the list. Once you add the gadget, readers visiting your blog can then just enter their email address and click Submit.

Taking advantage of Feedburner technology, Follow by Email will also track your subscription information, such as the number of subscribers and daily views. To view these stats, log into Feedburner.com, and select the appropriate blog feed from your list.

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Email Catcher now Integrated in Blogger.com

Blogger is upgrading this 2011. And so are all my tutorials along with it.
So to better serve you continuously!

Have you looked at Blogger lately?

Q: Hi there! I've been reading all the e-mails I received from you regarding Internet Marketing. I have sold some items through Amazon like books and other products for babies. But what I really want to sell are Original Expensive Bags, Wallets, etc... but I notice there are a lot of people who also sell it on E-Bay and Amazon. I live in California, USA and I want to sell the Expensive Bags to an International Audience. Also other bags that are original authenticated and it would come with a box and paper bag.

I use to work but I just got laid off. And I really wanted to try to make money thru the Internet. I also read Bo Sanchez articles every time I get e-mails from him. It's so encouraging. I wanted to sign up for the Internet Marketing class you where offering but my husband and I along with our daughter are barely making ends meet especially now that we are relying on just one income.

Could you please give me some advice on what to do so I can sell online.


A: Easy -- sign up for my online mentoring class ---> http://bit.ly/jomarcoaching, now at 50% for Truly Rich Club members.

However there's a free option---> consider this --->
You need to learn marketing.

So get yourself to the nearest public library (Only for Western Countries!)

Get a library card that's free

And borrow books by (and audiobooks)

by Seth Godin,
Guerilla Marketing's Jay Conrad Levinson,
Jay Abraham,
Dan Kennedy,
Tony Robbins,
Hugh Mcleod,
Gary Vaynerchuck

What? They don't have the book?

Order it.

They'll get a copy for you.

It's the USA after all.

Ayan, you want a free option -- is what I'm guessing from your email.

So your choices are: Learn it all yourself ("free" but takes lots of time) or get the shortcut via my mentoring club (not free but takes shorter time)

Im interested to know your choice, talk to your husband about it.

I want to sell bags online, but can't afford your club -what to do?


Photo Credit

PinoyMoneyTalk just released a Top 100 list of Pinoy Bloggers based on their Alexa (popularity) score.

Glad to say that in this list are two people who I have helped (and are still helping):


#51 Jay Castillo

#57 Manuel Viloria

I was with Jay from the beginning of his "blogging career" and only take a very humble credit with Manuel's progress because he's already a veteran blogger. 

Which is actually a good thing because it shows how humble Manuel is - being more than willing to be a member of my Online Mentoring Club - which both he and Jay are a member of.

But get this - they both started of sometime in the past and their consistency to pursue success has enabled them to reach this level of online fame. 

How about you? When will you start? I suggest you start with the Breakthrough Seminar (April 3 Cebu) [http://www.bit.ly/iwantabreakthrough] or the Virtual Assistant Seminar [http://www.filipinova.com] (April 2 Cebu, April 5 Manila). Just start somewhere. 

The important thing is to begin. 

Not plan. 

Just begin. 

In the words of famous marketing author Seth Godin, "ship, now".

*But Jomar, you're not in the list above!


It wasn't my goal to be a top blogger at all, as I said, this list is based on the website Alexa.com w/c doesn't take into consideration any income derived from the blogging effort, just plain traffic (number of readers).  

Let me tell you that it doesn't take a popular blog to make money - not all the time. In the Breakthrough seminar - you'll learn 10 different ways on how people make money from the web so I expect you to be there.  http://www.bit.ly/iwantabreakthrough

I also expect you to be smart enough to take advantage of the Super Early Bird discounts that is still in effect for Truly Rich Club members - but not for long.  Act now! Click here to get into the Online Mentoring Club.

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Two of my students just made it to the top 100 Pinoy blogger list.

Q: How can you help the masses earn money online?

A: Most people can learn from me FOR FREE by entering their email address in http://www.jomarhilario.com.

They receive 1-2 emails a day (!) from me and if they follow it (no buying or selling from me) they do succeed. Every week I get emails thanking me for the free information that I give out and how they apply these things in their small businesses.

That's a 90 page free tutorial.

How about this:

W/c I made in 2009 w/c is part of a series of presentations on the mistakes most bloggers commit.

And I'm not stopping in teaching others. We need this most of all today.

How can you help the masses earn money online?

Q: How about for those people who cannot afford this amount of money? I think this could discriminate those people who are more in need to earn an additional income.

This could only benefit the rich people and not the masses. People might have a wrong notion to Bo Sanchez that he is using the organization for profit and business.

You could make a payment method which has a more affordable package like for example if they need mentoring on a specific topic only they need to pay for that topic only.

A: I do have a 7 Gives program that makes it even more affordable at around $53 a month for 7 months. That's always been available.Here's the link.

As for offering smaller packages, eventually I will be offering smaller packages-why not? Thing is - I'm still working on them. They're not ready yet.

As for Bo, I'm giving a favor to his Truly Rich Coaching Club members by extending to them the 50% off my Online Mentoring Club until March 31, 2011 because I made another mistake with sending the email last week

How about a more affordable tutorial for the masses?

Q: I already have a blog in Blogger but I was thinking of transferring it to WordPress. I didn't know that it doesn't allow you to monetize your blog. How come blogs like dessertcomesfirst.com have ads on their site, but it states that it is powered by WordPress? Or is it just adsense that is not allowed?


A: Guia, blogs powered by wordpress is not using WORDPRESS.com. It's done using a paid hosting service (like renting a hard disc on the internet to put your blog files into). A hosting service that I use is this : http://bit.ly/bestwebhostforjomar. Note: this requires a P 4,500 /year payment up front.

Wordpress.com doesn't allow you to use it for commercial purposes because if you want to do that, you need to buy hosting (http://bit.ly/bestwebhostforjomar) and install the "free" wordpress that you purchased with the hosting. (a sort of bonus).

If you wish to pursue this angle, I suggest you join my Social Mentoring Club w/c discusses Wordpress in depth. However if you want to start simple, use Blogger. It's free and most of my lessons use it.

I already have a blog in Blogger but I was thinking of transferring it to WordPress.

Club Lesson: How to find photos for your blogs - legally
2nd Online Mentoring Club lesson for you to sample.

Legal Photo Search 2 PDF

If you missed it, click here to see the Step by Step Tutorial on "Creating Blogposts that are popular".
Always click on Like below and Leave a Comment!

Club Lesson: How to find photos for your blogs - legally

How to Create Blog Posts That Are Popular
This is an actual lesson taken from the Online Mentoring Club.
Here presented to you for free.

Assembling a Blog Post by Jomar Hilario's Online Mentoring Club

Make sure to Click Like and Leave a Comment Below!

How to Create Blog Posts That Are Popular

Q: Even before I enroll in your online mentoring sessions, I am already learning from you....thanks a lot!

I am handling my family's business and I would like to know how to manage and improve the website we have asked a group to make for us. Will your mentoring include this? Will you teach me how to make our website impressive? Will i learn how to link relevant sites? Can I sell thru my website?

A: " I would like to know how to manage and improve the website "
Will your mentoring include this?

Will you teach me how to make our website impressive?

Will i learn how to link relevant sites?

Can I sell thru my website?

And I'll teach you step by step how!
Get into the club now!

You can be one of my success stories

Q: Your emails are very inspiring. Since the first time I've heard of your online marketing seminar (around November 2009) from SOULFOOD of Bo Sanchez, my cousin and I really wanted to attend your seminar. We have a small business (personalized items) and we want to put up an online store. We were not able to sign up for the seminar before because we didn't have yet the budget for it. I said to my cousin, the next time that you'll have a seminar, we will surely attend.

But it's sad to say that our business is not yet picking up. When I asked some friends who are into business, is it wise if I just loan money since it's a "marketing investment"? They say that I should lower my costs and increase my sales before I spend money if we want to sustain the business. So their answer is no.


A: Thank you for your long email! :) You said " When I asked some friends who are into business, is it wise if I just loan money since it's a "marketing investment"?"

Too bad they gave you the wrong advise. Why is it wrong?
Let's see. Einstein said " Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "

So you go back to what you're doing expecting to do the same things or dream of new things from your limited experience and expect to win this time correct?

Let's see what Jim Rohn says: "If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around. "

So are you getting education before proceeding?

I saw your website, it's super obvious why you're not selling well.

It's not obvious what you're selling. I suggest you create a blog and sell from there. Create a facebook page and make your self popular there (notice I didn't say sell from facebook yet).

Of course if you want the full course, join the online mentoring club and watch yourself earn 10x more than before. :) Note that this is not workshop -with a venue, it's a 1 year commitment to help you create your online incomes via online tutorials that are simple to understand.

Extra note: In Cebu, I met a security guard (or was it a janitor) who in my eyes came into my workshop a success already. Why? He loaned P 200 from lots of people just to attend it. Now that's a winning attitude everybody should emulate.

Do you really need Marketing Education to succeed in Business?

Q: It's me again Roshela, I am very interested to join online mentoring, however, I am based in Dubai and due to time difference, I's like to know what would be the time suitable for online mentoring.

We have 4hrs time difference, and normally I reach from office at around 9PM, that is already 1AM in Manila.

A: Time difference is not relevant. The lessons are self paced. You open the lesson presentations, you flip through them (they're not video) and learn. Any questions? You leave questions in the comment lines below the lessons. You can also discuss and ask questions in the Forum of the club.

I'm online most of the time hence once I see your question, I answer it. If I do not, your classmates (there are more than 100+) will help you too, as that's the spirit of true wealth, to help others get what they want, too.

I hope I am able to answer your question directly.

Q:Is time difference important for the Online Mentoring Club members?

Q:  hi sir jomar.. i have been a follower of u.. you have been
successful in the life you have chosen to live.. u pursued your
entrepreneurship spirit, dedicated yourself to ur famlily esp. since
you have more time for them now and remain active in God's

i also believe in entrepreneuship and creating passive income to gain
financial freedom for oneself and helping others while having more
time for more the importing things in life like family and serving the
Lord.. this is also the path i want to choose, however, something
still holds me back.. currently, im working in SG as an auditor since
November 2010.. the money is good since it is converted into
Philippine Peso.. this i consider a blessing for God has given me such

but something in me bothers me all the time..

i feel this is not the what i should be doing..

i feel i shud go back to the philippines and pursue starting my own
small businesses which includes internet marketing and also doing VA
work full time or part time, to have more freedom and time for my
other entrepreneurship endeavors..

i always read about it, but have'nt taken much action yet.. i tend to
always put it off becasue my work is really demanding (in audit, we
always work overtime, sometimes even overynight and in weekends)..

this is not how i see myself, but its hard to leave it since this is
what my friends, classmates and collegues all do.. some still work in
the philippines, mostly have gotten jobs abroad like me.. because this
is the way to earn more money, but whenever im alone i feel this is
not the way for me.. i know i can be a millionare while still living
in the philippines and not being away from my family..

my parent are supportive of this but still worry about it since it
really is not the norm..

i'm really torn and confused that why i decided to write you a note,
to gain some of your perspective.. since maybe you have been in this
situation before when you started and decided to pursue what you are
doing right now.

I hope i didn't bore you or took so much of your time.. i just really
wanted view from a entrepreneur's point.. thanks so much for your time
in reading this. Appreciate it much.


A: I'm getting you need my perspective on your feelings and the
reality that your parents and life is giving you.

Here it is in poem form:

Being a millionaire is not normal
Wishing to be one is normal
Actually doing what is needed to come one is not normal
Reading about millionaires is normal
Reading about how to think like a millionaire is not normal
Wishing for financial freedom is normal
Studying the ways to get financial freedom is not normal
Feeling that you should be doing something else is normal
Acting on your feelings is also normal
But acting to gain more financial knowledge is not normal
Specially if what you're about to do is not normal
Like studying stocks to investment or real estate or franchising or
online marketing
These are all not normal
After all you've already studied for more than 15 years in elementary,
high school and college
You should know all you need to know right?
You know all you need to know to become normal
A normal employee
Fully dependent on a company for the rest of your productive normal life
You'd probably be in poverty if there wasn't a company to pay you
The small percentage you deserve
From the millions the company makes from your work
But that's normal
Who want's to be ab-normal?
It's scary to be not normal
But everybody envies the not normal
"I wish I could be as rich/free/happy" as that person...
they say
But not everybody wants to do the hard work that the not normal person does
All the behind the scenes
All the sweat of reprogramming the brain
To think rich
To think abundant
To be a different person
Because this is where it all starts - the mind.
Then the actions and the money
So here's to those who are not normal
Sleepless nights on websites you don't know
It's not normal
Frequenting the business books shelves in books
And buying them and reading them too
It's not normal
Actually talking to business people that you snubbed before
It's not normal
Making lots of money in the process
That's not normal either.

So who will you be? Normal or not normal?
That is the question.
You will ask yourself

Q: I'm thinking of being a millionaire but it's not normal, is it bad?

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