How can you use google to tell you the time in other countries?
Or even know what "Timezone" it is in other countries like: PST, EST and GMT?

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How can you use google to tell you the time in other countries?


Come may 31,2011 Friendster the social network will be no more.  So if you want to get your data OUT of friendster, I suggest you go and use the new Friendster Exporter.

What will rise from the ashes of Friendster? The new Facebook integrated - gaming only- Friendster. What? No more social network? That's what it looks like, specially after selling around 6 Social Network patents to Facebook for a measly $40 Million dollars August last year.

That's why your relationships and photos and communications in Friendster are no longer important - they've conceded that it's better off in Facebook - not Friendster.

So is anybody in the Philippines still using Friendster? Let me know in the comments below - what do you use it for?

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Friendster is deleting your user data because...

Q: Regarding the FREE 3 month ecourse:

I'm very confused following your instructions. Im not a computer expert and its really very hard for me to follow your instructions. Hope you can make it more simple and friendly for persons like me.

thanks, carla

A: Carla, I'm improving it as we speak. However if you do lack basic skills like the following words confuse you:
double click
page down
the Start button

Then it means you need to go attend a short course on internet basics. I'm just being honest. I used to teach very very computer illiterate people on how to do this "online earnings" - i no longer do that because it wasn't worth the effort to teach what a "right click" is. For information like that, computer schools are more apt and should be resorted to.

I help people who truly want to help themselves. 

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Q: Im a non computer expert, how can I understand you?

And of course the Sundays:

And you know I like these groups because they all sound like:

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It's summer time for songs from the 90s: Moonpools and Caterpillars + Sundays + Sixpence

Q:  I'd like to ask, how do we "announce" (or email/pm/ym) to our friends, BFFs, relatives, enemies (hehe) that we have a blog.  Is it like this?  "Hey I have a blog its please come and visit, its fun!"  Or is there any other way to introduce it to them?  Oh and if you have the time pls do visit my blog (its real this time hehe) its 

A: Use your own words.

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How do you introduce your blog to people?

Expecting Perfection by Jomar Hilario PDF

What you can learn from Manny Pacquiao in Blogging


Submit your 30 day experiments to this blog post's comments

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Submit your 30 day experiments to this blog post's comments

In 2009, I wished I had a Macbook pro, so I got some unboxing photos from Engadget so that it can inspire me to visualize my goal.  

A few months after ---I surprised my wife with a Macbook pro.   I really got it for her. Not "I'm buying it for you but I'm going to be the one to use it." It's really for her own use. Yes, I did use my credit card to buy it. But I got my dream! It didn't just fall into my lap -from the heavens. God used my card so I can buy it. He also used my businesses so I'd have the means to pay for it eventually (zero interest gives of course).

Funny thing - it was the only thing written in her life dreams wish list called the "Novena to God's Love" -and I didn't know it.
So what about you, what unboxing photo are you looking at constantly?

There's a lot of unboxing happening here - pick one and let it inspire you. Print it out and display it on your wall or wallpaper.

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In 2009, I wished I had a Macbook pro - so I got unboxing photos of it...

Q: What's an example of a beautiful image for my blog?
A: Go to to start your journey into beauty of photos. Or you can try this link.
Photographers: I took all these images from, sorry if you own the photo, please put a comment with a link to your flickr page and I'll revise the blogpost.  
Now let's answer your question, look at the photos below.
 Sample_of_beautiful_blog_photo 0sample_of_beautiful_blog_photo

Q: What's an example of a beautiful image for my blog?

Look at the photo above. Carefully. 
Remember with all those animated glitters that made it so hard to read? Those animated glitters are called animated GIFS, a format of an image that moves. Since the birth of the world wide web, people have attempted to get your attention using animated GIFs. But nobody has made an art form out of it. It's cute at best and distracting mostly.

Now Jamie Beck is a fashion photographer and people online are buzzing about her Animated GIFs -she calls them Cinemagraphs. See for yourself below, these are not still images but they're not movies also (don't think IPAD or IPHONEs can see animated gifs, you need to use a computer):



There's a marketing lesson here. Call something with a name that you invented and you will own the thing. Even if others are complaining that it's been done before - like this website who takes movie clips and turns them into animated gifs (see below).
If you name it, people will go to YOU because you'll be seen as the expert in that thing that you just named. Even if others has done it before or they are better than you. They won't be seen as the expert, you will.

How about -you compare:

Animated_gif_from_movie_3 Animated_gif_from_movie_2 
They are obviously not the same. The 2nd set is copyright violation and the creator of the gif didn't take the photos originally. And it's already obvious that the eye for beauty is not as well pronounced as in the first set.

Now think, if you have access to a geek who knows how to create animated gifs (these are normally very young people) --what kind of cinemagraphs can you create to sell your product, condo, service, hmm?  I can just envision  your blog will be the only one decorated with original cinemagraphs to sell your stuff. But Jomar, what if someone steals them? Let them. because at corner of each cinemagraph, you add your website address - this is called a watermark and it's easy to make them.  It's so easy here's a tutorial you can use to watermark multiple images using IRFANVIEW.

So how to create cinemagraphs? Not easy. First you need lots of still photos and you use your art-sense to select which sequence will look good. Then after selecting 10 photos you can go to to assemble them. If you want more than 10 photos (smooth video like animations take 50+ photos per second), try this:  

Cinemagraph takes Moving Pictures to new artform despite detractors


From time to time, Marketing Author and Guru Seth Godin gives away ebooks in the Kindle format.
This Holy week, he's giving away the Ebook version of Do The Work, his newest book.

To get a copy of the Ebook, just click here

How do you read it, if you dont' have a Kindle? 
A Kindle is an ebook reader that looks like an IPAD with a keyboard.

You should know, I don't have a kindle, but if you do have a Mac, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Iphone or WINDOWS PC --
If you have a Blackberry or an Android phone, pwede rin! The entire collection of Kindle apps is found here.

The kindle app is free.
The ebook by Seth Godin is free for the moment.

Grab both right now.

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All Computer Users : Get Your Free Ebook from Seth Godin

Q: I already have an odesk account, unfortunately I didn't receive any notice or interview. I do not have any working experience in computer programming or whatsoever. I am a graduate of Education and currently working as an Administrative Assistant, am I qualified?
It's been 4-5 months ago I registered at odesk and unitl now I am still at 75% of my application. I do not have a lot of working experience in computer matter. Could you help me for this one?
A: Agnes,
1. Easy answer:  Learn Work from home as a Virtual Assistant:
2. Long answer: In odesk, the steps are:
a. Fill up resume completely.
b. Take more than 10 exams with high scores
c. Apply to as many as 40 "jobs"
d. Lack of skills? Self-study.
If you love self-study, then you can be a VA. If not, you know the answer.

How to make money in Odesk

Q: How to apply for paypal?

1. Go to
2. Apply for a premier account.
3. Go to Merchant Services
4. Click Create New Button
5. That's basically it, you have to follow instructions INSIDE paypal to put the payment links created by 
 the previous step into your multiply blog.
6. Extremely detailed steps are in

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How to apply for paypal?

Q: How will I know if I gaining money, while blogging?

A: You don't --NOT YET. It's not a get rich quick scheme.

It's not employment (you get money after 15 days).

If you want money after 15 days, BECOME A VA.
Learn Work from home as a Virtual Assistant: click

Blogging is creating a relationship with readers. 

Relationships take time. For example, do you think you'll say YES if I asked you to marry me NOW? (assuming you're single and available).

Blog for a while - 6 months and the answers to how you will earn will come when people -your readers - start bugging you about selling or offering them something because they like you so much.

I just revealed to you a secret of making money through blogging. Do not take it for granted. If you want just to confirm it, go attend a mighty expensive seminar worth  $5000 for 3 days and they'll tell you the same thing.

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How will I know if I gaining money, while blogging?

Q: I'm a Record Producer (per project basis only) & a Collage Artist.
Would like to get your expert opinion & advice on 2 things:
Aside from FB and Multiply, I dont know how else to advertise my works. Aside from likes & nice words, no sales.   Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree? 
Some of my Collage work/Photo Assemblages can be viewed 
A: Let's look at your multiply:

You are selling this collage? Nice. It looks nice.
Let's compare it with this other thing website (originally from and a student of mine) selling gadgets:

Biggest lack of multiply sellers that don't sell:
1. Missing price.
2. Missing description of the product.
3. Lackluster description. Description must sell and be emotionally worded.
4. Click here to buy (goes to your paypal payment button that you created earler or goes to your bank deposit details).
5. That photo of "you" is scary looking. How would you feel if you entered an online store or a real store with that person manning the cashier?  Yes, it's probably hendrix or marley but it doesn't help make the sale.

Please check why my multiply site doesn't have any sales.

Q: What are the benefits of having a VA?
1. They're not employees so you only have to pay salary. 
2. They work when you want them to work.
3. You want more talent and different skills? Get another VA or send your VA to training - online.
4. They do what you can't or won't do as long as it uses a computer. Hence they remove load from you so you can concentrate on planning and strategizing.
5. You don't see them at all - except webcam so no day to day management of their time and getting frustrated because they're sleeping - you judge them based on their results.
6. Lots of VAs are available so hiring and firing is quick.
7. Get Filipino VAs so there's zero language barrier.
8. You get to "Work" even when you're sleeping or on vacation.
9. You have no idea if Jomar or a VA is writing this. LOL.

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Q: What are the benefits of having a VA?

Q:  Should I finish the blog I am doing now, is there a way that I could easily earn instantly through it? I understand Google Adsense would take 5 months waiting period before applying. Is there any other options you can recommend? I would really want to earn from it asap. 

A: None, there's no instant earnings in online marketing with the exception of celebrities. Once a celeb or starlet (not a big star) blogs or sells something in her personal blog or facebook account, FANS will immediately buy the item.  3 SET OF COMBS from Andie Eigenmann's Collection - of course the fans want that. The TShirt Worn by GaryV in his old 1999 concert. Of course it's collectible.

Normal people like us - do not get instant fans who love to buy from us.

We work hard to get fans. By creating a blog that people would love to read - hence making fans out of the people in the process.

That's the way you should think when creating a blog. You'll need to sell something in the future in that blog. But the most urgent thing is - blog and tell your life story in the blog. Be as detailed as you can. Tell your accomplishments, dreams aspirations. People who think like you do - will be drawn to you and you'll get readers ...FANS eventually.

Do not rely on your friends  or relatives.  Most of them will never be your fans. Strangers will and lots of them will love you enough.

You can't think of anything to sell? Correct. You shouldn't. You should think of your story. Tell it in the blog.
Blog for 5 months or more. You'll know what to sell once your fans start ASKING you for something. That's how it works.

Yes, that's how it works. It's the best way to earn online. Not the only way.

But Jomar, I want a quicker version of what you just said.
Simple: Go to, create an account --and write 200 articles as fast as you can. You can copy, but not entirely.  Just a sentence or two somewhere else. Then after that you promote your 200 articles. Yes, it's not for non-writers but you asked for a quicker way, right?

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Image Licensing + Google Adsense Alternative

1) How much does it cost to learn how to create a website from you?
How long will I learn this , considering that I am a good student? :-)

2) I want to have a website for my blog. And eventually sell something
on it. Is there a way wherein I could get a low  monthly subscription
for the".com" website (ex. How much would this be?

1) It's free. Follow this :

.com for $10/year or P 500 a year.

3) This means you'll have to create a blog using and buy a
name from them also.

4) Now prove that you're a good student and follow the tutorials above.

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Q: How to create a blog?

Q:  It's 11:27 by my watch, so i would like to greet you a pleasant good evening.

I recently lost my job and and I am very much interested to work as a VA.  I did look up for VA jobs but unfortunately for me, I was giving out information left and right when I realized that I should first check out if the site was for real even before I give out any information about myself.

I was relating the story to my husband when he mentioned that I maybe should take a look at your website first to see if you can help me along this line, thus, my letter.

I am computer literate with a good working knowledge of both excel and word.  I used to be an Admin Manager for a Makati based outfit since 1992.  It closed shop last March 4, 2011.

I tried looking for a job as a call center agent on a Friday and was asked if I could join them the following Monday.  I deferred my answer because of the steep fine (P50,000.00) that I will incur if I leave them before I can finish my 1 year residency.  Considering that they are not really paying that much, I am still hesitant to be a full-fledged call center agent.  With my skills, (not to mention my age of 50) I believe I can offer more and hopefully get more in terms of remuneration from my future bosses.  

I am currently working on my application for a permanent visa in another part of the world.  Hopefully, my being a VA here will help me settle at once in that country instead of seeing myself as a nanny or a caregiver.

At this point, I really need help and I would like to avail of your free tutorials and mentoring seminars.  I need to start some where and I would deeply appreciate it if you could help me start as a VA.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.       


1. Learn Work from home as a Virtual Assistant: click
2. Read everything you can in
3. Enter your email address in
4. Enter your email address in, it's DIFFERENT from #3 This one is geared towards work from home.

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Q: My company just closed, help me become a Virtual Assistant please.

Use these Feast SMX Posters on your computer's wallpaper

Why is the Ebook More Expensive Than a HardCover ? (Hugh Macleod)

While I'm a fan of GapingVoid (Hugh's blog), it gave me pause to see that the Kindle Ebook Version of Hugh's old book is $16+ but the Hardcover is $9+shipping. Why is that? Amazon doesn't have to pay shipping on the ebook, they're practically giving away Kindles -so is this the new business model? Give away Kindles (ebook readers) and charge higher for the ebooks?

Since it gave me pause, I decided to just go get the actual book in the bookstore instead (if it exists!). If it isn't there, then I'll pay it no mind.

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Why is the Ebook More Expensive Than a HardCover ? (Hugh Macleod)

Here are the details: These people learned about how to get a gig working from home in a legitimate business, not PTC and Captcha Encoding, Not Neobux, Not Clixsense but a real job. I just gave them the edge over all others who's applying to get the home-based gig.
You can too: Enter your details at
Coming up: July 2011 VA Seminar in Cebu and May 28 VA Seminar in Manila.
See you there so you too can get the edge!
Virtual_assistant_seminar_in_m 0virtual_assistant_seminar_in_m 1virtual_assistant_seminar_in_m

Select Virtual Assistant Seminar Photos from Cebu 2011, Maxwell Hotel

Q: I'm an OFW or in the provinces, how can you help me?

1. Download the Virtual Assistant Seminar here to learn how to work from home.
2. Join the Online Mentoring Club here.  It's a year long - internet only mentoring club. If it's open, you can join, if it's closed, enter your details in the wait list.
3. Read my blog for free step by step advise on promoting online and working from home.
4. I'll soon be launching my Affiliate Marketing Tutorials For First Timers. I know you'll love it. It's online online and it's free.
5. Like my Facebook Page at to get even more free tips on online marketing.
6. Soon, there'll be a Downloadable version of the much needed Breakthrough Seminar - the seminar that aims to turn you around from internet spectator to internet earner.

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I'm an OFW or in the provinces, how can you help me?


Why is friday important for online marketing?

Because that's the day when lots of people check their Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.
So as a marketer, what do you do on Fridays?

It's also the day featured in Rebecca Blacks viral song "Friday". If you want to hear a bad voice and 200MILLION hits.
200 Thousand Likes and 2 Mllion Dislikes, then hold your ears for Rebecca Black "Friday":

Wonderful grating voice huh?
If you want a chance never to hear this song again, attend the Breakthrough Seminar and the VA Seminar, now!

Watch out for the upcoming free Affiliate Marketing In Depth Lessons, here at

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Why is friday important for online marketing?

I did not sign up to your Online Breakthrough Seminar last March 19 in
Taguig despite the endorsement from Bro. Bo Sanchez probably because I
have no idea what these words - Virtual Assistant, Internet/Affiliate
Marketing etc. mean.

Thus, I am not sure how this seminar will benefit me.  One more thing,
probably I am still in the transition stage because I lost my job last
November 2010 after nine years of working for a local call center
company and this can be quite disorienting.

The company opted to outsource our group.  Currently, I am still
hunting for a job but it's not easy perhaps because of my age (33).  I
also prefer a job with a regular schedule for health reasons.

I'd like to inquire if you still conduct seminars such as this for
beginners in Taguig on a regular basis or do I have to wait for the
next announcement?

I prefer a classroom seminar rather than the online method as this
will be of great advantage for me as am sure I will have tons of
questions to throw. I want to see you in person also:).  I am from
Pampanga but I am more than willing to invest and travel to Manila to
attend this workshop.

I am losing hope of getting a day job because of the rejection after
rejection I get whenever I apply. But one afternoon while taking a nap
as if an angel whispered your name "Jomar Hilario" I got up
immediately and turned on my brother's laptop to find out what you
offer.  Now I know I just have to keep an attitude of faith because
better days are coming.

Thank you very much!


Like below and send in your comments!

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This story made my hair stand on end!

Amazing "Power of Words" video shared by

Baby Talk: Happiness is when you're lying down on a Thursday morning, and your 1 year old baby girl lies down and turns your armpit into a pillow. - Jomar Hilario

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Baby Talk : What is happiness?

When parents tell me, cherish your kids as much as you can, "they grow up so fast!" I quietly disagree. Why? As a stay-in parent, everyday for the next 10 years I think will be filled with kids. They will be kids for a looong time - with me at their side, playing and crying and feeding them. 10 Years is not fast if you're always with your kids everyday.

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The kids! They grow up real fast!

Screenshots are the staple food of computer programmers of ages. Most people don't know how to do it but they need to. Screenshots make life easier for people to explain to someone else what's happening (it's an error! it's a virus!) on their computer screens - w/o having to use words (somethings wrong!). Mastering the "art" of taking pictures of your computer screen w/o using the camera is an essential skill for both Virtual Assistants and Beginner Internet Marketers, not to mention Internet Power Users.

I now present to you, something very basic that everybody should now:

Free tutorial on How To Take Screenshot


Free tutorial on Taking Open Window Screenshot


Now, everyone can "PrintScreen"! Click the Like Below and Leave a comment if you think this is useful or not or if you want more basic lessons like these.

This is how you can email what's on your screen to someone else (like a guru)

Q: Can we use google adsense together with its alternatives simultaneously?...just to be able to have more passive income in our blog....

A: If you're truly going to use Google Adsense to earn from your blog then you're obliged to read their Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.
It's located in this link.

Yes, I know you don't like to read contract like websites.

I understand.

This is the reason why people like me (who likes simplifying) help people like you (who likes simplicity). In that website above, it says :
"Competitive Ads and Services
In order to prevent user confusion, publishers may not display Google ads or search boxes on websites that also contain other ads or services formatted to use the same layout and colours as the Google ads or search boxes on that site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that these ads cannot be confused with Google ads."

Of course since this is not english but legal language -- here's my english language version:

"You can use other Ad networks as long as they don't look like Google Adsense".

But seriously, you should read that website to ensure you're doing the right thing. I could invite you to become a member of the Online Mentoring Club to get step by step simple instructions but alas, it's closed today -but you can join the waiting list.

Can we use Google Adsense and other ad networks together?

If you already have a business, you know that it is very important to keep in touch with your customers from time to time. Getting feedback is a great way to help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business so you know what plan works and what you must change or improve on.

Facebook Questions helps you collect information you need from people you already know. This is a free Facebook tool that allows you to ask a question and give a set of answers for your readers. What else is great about it? Your readers can share your question for their friends to answer! Now, imagine the exposure your business can possibly get out of this!

To learn how to use Facebook Questions now, watch this!

Free Tutorial on Facebook Questions

Q: I would like to ask about editing information in my Adsense because I'll be receiving my first payment soon and my problem is that I already migrated to California, USA last October and my address in Adsense is still in the Philippines. Though there's an edit for information I can't change my address and country of origin. Adsense will definitely send my check in the Philippines, there's no way I can get it and it's still on hold because I can't choose my form of payment and tax information. Hope you can help me. Thanks for your time. God bless.

A:Here's the thing --- Adsense mandates that you create a new adsense account if you change from Philippines to another country.

So see if you can select WESTERN UNION in Adsense Philippines account.
and have someone here (or email philippines Western Union (WU)) call WU to ask if a
letter from you will enable someone you know to get the money in your behalf.

You will have to send this trusted person your ID in the mail to do this.
And he'll have to mail the ID back to you.

Then RIGHT NOW --please apply for a new google adsense account using US details.

Once approved , please transfer all your blogs to the new adsense account.
Select Blog
1. Option 1
Click on the Gadget called "Adsense"
Page down
Select a new Adsense account.
2. Option 2
Click on MONETIZE and change your accounts there.
Do this quickly so you'll get the money from your blogs into this new account and drains the old Philippine account of future income.

How to Change Adsense If you've Migrated from the Philippines

Here's a summary of the up coming events for April-May 2011

April 2, Cebu Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar, Maxwell Hotel: Click

April 3, Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar, Maxwell Hotel: Click

April 5, Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar, Rosewood, Taguig Click

April 29-30 Think Rich Quick 3 in Manila

May 4 , Online Wealth Breakthrough Seminar, Rosewood, Taguig Click

May 14-15 *Tentative -Hands on Workshop in Manila. Stay tuned!

May 19 Online Interview with a Virtual Assistant (FREE)

May 28 VA Seminar at Taguig, Manila

Summary of April/May events for Jomar

Q: Hi! Sir Jomar, I was into marketing a very effective anti-cancer product - the only Whole Grain (like our staple food rice) Anti-Cancer product in the World, it's from Orlando, Florida. However, I am no longer connected to them, I no longer distribute it.
.......Now, my QUESTION IS, SINCE I KNOW MUCH ABOUT CANCER (not to brag, but i even know its myth, nature, the favorite food of cancer-that we often eat, and its most effective natural enemy than many doctors) HOW CAN I MAKE USE OF THIS KNOWLEDGE? talked about blogging a problem (cancer is definitely one!) - MUST I ALSO BLOG ABOUT PRODUCTS THAT CAN CERTAINLY CURE IT? AND HOW WILL IT BE WHEN I AM NO LONGER CONNECTED w/ any company?......who will give me a commission for advertising?

A: Commission -- it depends, if you search for another related product in -they'll give you the comission.

If not, then Google Adsense will do that for you (give you advertising income). All you need to do is to create a blog that passionately talks about your expertise.

Yes, it's as simple as that. Connect Adsense with your blog and connect clickbank products to your blog and you have income.

Now let's take it one step at a time.

Create a blog about "C" in

Grow that blog first for 5 months. Put lots of posts (articles) and talk / converse with like minded people in forums -always referring them to your wonderful anti-C blog.

What will I use my knowledge for when Im no longer connected to my old company?

Quick go to my blog:

And the other options are displayed below: MOSAIC, TIMESLIDE etc.
This is only for blogs.

So sorry WORDPRESS, of course until you design something like this.

What's it for? It's to display blogs on TABLET displays.
Thanks to my VA Nikki for pointing this out.

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Now your blogs look AWESOME!

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

Support The VA Careers Book

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