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Zernan attended my 2 day workshop two years ago. This workshop is the same in contents as my Online Mentoring Club (

Find out how he applied the simple lessons from that workshop to make a good extra - income online - on top of his day job.

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He sells cats online - and earned P 100,000 just this year.

June 18 - Writing for Bloggers Workshop (limited seats only!)
Watch out for more details. Though you can already book your early bird seats at and

June, July 2011 Events for Jomar Hilario


"Kamote" Photo Credit
Q: I have a poor english grammar or say it no confidence in writing in english (so can I still blog?) - AL.
A: Blog in tagalog. Or cut and paste List, Photos,Events and blog those. For an exact example, look at this list from ultra popular blog Mashable:
They researched the 100 events for 2010. Copied the words from the websites they found and created a list of 100 events and put it in their blog.
Can you do the same?
Of course, here comes another example:
Dean Hunt, the author of Buzz Marketing and a marketer like myself, created a list of 10 funniest photos here:  
Tell me how many words he used in his blogpost.  Go and visit it.
He hardly said a thing.  Just a list of photos and it has 1500 likes from facebook. People like funny.
Oh, another example? Yes, I know two examples cannot make you believe me. I know I have to come up with 8,000,000 examples - one for each person on the planet, so here goes:
Ebiz's list of top blogs on the planet. Check out their grammar. It doesn't exist because there are no complete sentences:'s list of Urban Legends is a long list of one sentence each. Each one taken from another website from the internet, copied and pasted.
The whole blog has nothing originally written in it. It contains the summaries of movies gone and coming.  Copied from their official websites.  Is it still existing? Yes. Has the owner been arrested? No. Will it continue to be popular? Yes!
Look at Vegweb instead of writing anything, the owner asked people to contribute vegetarian recipies and he posted it in the website. No grammar or english required! Other people are doing the writing.
Well sorry I have to stop here, at least someone else can continue so we can show the remaining 7,999,995 examples. So after reading this post, please create another blog post attempting to show examples of other blogs and sites created w/o any need for grammar or english.
Now's your turn.
Your skill that you need to master is 
1. Google.
2. Searching
3. Copy
4. Paste
5. Enumeration.
And in case your excuse is "you don't know how to blog." Here's the answer:

You have poor grammar: what should you blog about?


Thanks for the wonderful Virtual Assistant Seminar! I love your wit and humor and of course the copious amount of knowledge you tried to impart. There were times that my eyes would begin to glaze over pero you would counter that with a spontaneous "break muna". Once again, thanks, and Ill make you proud!!!!

-Natalia F.

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Thanks for the VA Seminar


Q:  I am very interested on Adsense and blogging. Actually, I love writing blogs but I don't have  idea that I may earn money from it until I read your e-mailed messages. Sir, I just want to know if I am qualified to open an adsense account because my blog contents is tagalog? Purely tagalog.  I hope you can give me some information Sir.

A: For more profits, better blog in english for 5 months then go to to apply.

But it's been known that a tagalog blog does have tagalog adsense. I just don't know the earning capability. Why don't you try to blog in tagalog for 5 months then apply.  Then let me know. God bless.

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Tagalog blog does it work with adsense?

MY VA answers your question:

Q: I've been wondering for the past days since I discovered this VA thing on how will I earn through blogging? and does it include in your training how to write correctly? of course blogging is like writing articles right? my concern is what if those who want to be VA are not really good in writing? or not used to write articles like me.

A: I would personally blog about what interests me the most.  The things that catch my attention, the kind that will make me start talking (or writing).  It doesn't always have to be something tangible.  It can be anything about say, motherhood (for me).  I think that what you're passionate about, you can put into writing.  Since one of the components of a great blog is adding pictures and videos, you really don't have to compose long paragraphs.  So don't worry about not having any background in creative writing/journalism. I believe that in blogging, what you should focus more on, is having and improving your research skills, creativity and confidence.

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VA and Writing Skills - do they mix?

Evidence that people really do get a VA gig after the VA seminar.
Get into the May 28 VA seminar in Manila
or the July 9 VA seminar in Cebu
or download the entire seminar materials and learn at home!

Evidence that people really do get a VA gig after the VA seminar

Q: After having taken the seminar or acquired access to the downloadable training vcd, would I then be on my own or still have your support and assistance? Do you run a network of VAs or something like so?
A: After attending the VA seminar

1. You'll be invited to join out exclusive VA group in facebook to network and get inspired by others successes.

2. You'll be invited to listen to a VA interview once a month -over the internet.

3. If you submit your VA assignment after the seminar, I'll check it personally.

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After attending the VA seminar, will you still take care of us, Jomar?

Q: I read about your VA thru the email of Bo Sanchez.  I am really interested but, I am out of the country on the date of your Manila Seminar.  When is your next seminar in Manila?  And I am a housewife but I know how to FB, email,copy/paste, and the simple know how in my macbook air. Am I qualified?  My kids are practically out of the nest now and I am 49y.o, and will soon be migrating to Brussels to be with our kids.  If you will recommend me to enroll online, how many months will it take for me to learn?  


A: Yes you're qualified. Why? Because I sense an eagerness to learn in your email. It's that simple.  In Manila, I've yet to set the date after May 28. You can opt to learn via the Downloadable Seminar if you want to learn RIGHT NOW.  Just skim to the bottom of this website:  

How many months will it take for you to learn (for example) how to upload a video in Youtube by just surfing for the answer? Multiply that time by ten and that's how long you'll take to do the assignment that I give to VA seminar participants. :)

Examine your response to the paragraph above. Are you challenged, scared, apprehensive or glad? This reveals your success rate in becoming a VA. :)

See you soon, whatever you decide. :)

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Empty Nester --Am I qualifed to become a VA? How Long Should I Learn?

Q:  A friend shared your program with me, I am very interested on your WORK at HOME offer. Basically, earning extra income on available time is a great opportunity. I would like t ask what basically is the product and how does it work?Im also interested on the workshop schedule so I can set my schedule. 

Thanks a lot! 
A: I think you're confusing the VA Seminar (Work at home as a Virtual Assistant) with Work at home as an Internet Marketer. So let's clarify it:
Virtual Assistant (VA)
Needs to sell his or her own online skills online in places like
Can be done in spare time.
Fixed income from each client.
Has 1-4 clients a month.
It's really work - like an employee but you can fire your boss (called a "client")
It's done at home or a cafe.
Internet Marketer (IM)
Needs to sell products - usually digital and downloadable.
Can be done in spare time.
Non fixed income, it's pure profit.
Has infinite number of clients or buyers
It's really work - but the business kind of work.
It's done at home or a cafe.

You'll need to click on the link to get the schedule of events.

If you prefer IM - go here to begin:
You'll need to click on the link to get the schedule of events.
Both "seminars" above have downloadable versions, so you can learn from your own home, anywhere in the planet.

Your burning question is "So Jomar what do you do?"
I'm an IM, who hires VAs and trains people to become a VA and an IM, depending on what they want.
Hope this helps you decide. You just need to decide to make things work for you.

WORK at HOME Virtual Assistant or Internet Marketer?

Q: I am interested to join your VA seminar but need some clarifications beforehand:
1)       Am female, single, and 60 years old, is there no  age limit?

No age limit. But there is a limit when it comes to internet knowledge. If you're not EXTREMELY comfortable using the internet, then you're not up for VA work.  You must be bordering on love and great interest when it comes to the internet to become a great VA who earns a lot and enjoys her work.

2)       I still work in our small corporation handling HR, Admin & Sales. My previous work is a project manager for computerized systems for a telecomm firm

You can do this part time.

3)       If I don’t pass the first sessions or module of your seminar, do I pay another P2375 for re-enrolling

"Passing" from Module 1 means you do the assignment. Those who do not do the assignment do not fail. They have proven to themselves that they're not interested in working from home. So far the Module 2 is not yet offered. This is a hands on VA training module.

4)       How many modules does your seminar have to be ready for a client, do we pay each module? How much is the complete module?

This one module is enough to get more than 1 paying client.

5)       I presume we get our own clients abroad, what is the security in payment of our services as VA.

First timers use which gets the payment from the client before you work - so that the client cannot run away with your work. If you want to know more about Odesk, please go to If you want the explanation in taglish, do attend the VA seminar. :)

6)       Does the work of VA same as call center agent time which is from midnight to early morning?
No, the time schedule is entirely up to your own choosing because you choose your own clients.

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Questions about the VA Seminar

Q: I would like to know if a 60 year old like me could still learn how to work as VA (Virtual Assistant). I'm presently employed as Internal Auditor in one of the Government Agency here in Manila. I'm planning to retire soon but I still want to keep myself busy.

A: Hi Thanks for writing. Know this: age is not the issue here. It's all about having internet skills beyond google and email. And if you dont' have that, a burning passion or interest to know more or how to do "it". "It' - being how to do things on the internet.  Like many things in life, if you want it , you'll overcome a lot of seeming obstacles just to get it.

VA work for that matter is a great hobby to have because it earns too and you can select you "client" anytime you want.

Hope this helps you.

60 year old ---can I become a Virtual Assistant?

Q: If I'm far, can I download your seminars, Jomar? Like a Webinar?

A:  Breakthrough Seminar downloadable is located at the END of this website:

Virtual Assistant Seminar Downloadable is here:

Learn how to get clients for your existing business via the Online Social Mentoring Club:

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If I'm far, can I download your seminars, Jomar? Like a webinar?


Photo credit.  "Waiting to Launch"

Q: I'm quite interested to learn more about becoming a Virtual Assistant mainly because I would like to earn and still have flexibility in terms of working hours.  I have a couple of questions which I hope you could take time to answer:

1)  How much should I know about computers?  I read one testimonial of a Virtual Assistant and she used a few terms and abbreviations which were totally foreign to me.  Do I need to have an extensive background in computers, IT or programming?

2)  What is the average waiting time before a VA starts earning? and

3)  How often do you conduct the seminars
Thank you very much


1. Computers? Mouse and Keyboard. Internet? Lots. What's important is you're ready to explore. You don't need to know programming. It's rare for programmers to VA.  IT nope. But if I say "Find out how to use" and you take only a few seconds to go there and explore, you have what it takes to become a VA.

2. Waiting time, as in "waiting shed" waiting for the bus? None, the entire time is spent answering questions, applying for gigs ,taking online exams. No waiting time doing nothing. I've seen 3 months - 6 months.

3. Monthly I conduct the VA seminar. That could change depending on the venue.

4. More details at

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As a Virtual Assistant, should you know a lot about computers?

Photo credit , "Date"

Q: I've been searching the internet for upcoming schedules of your 2011 Online WealthBreakthrough seminars, but can't find anything so far (or maybe I have not looked hard enough).  Anyhow, I'd appreciate if you can email me a schedule of your Manila-based seminars.  I have read a lot of good stuff about you in forums and I hope to learn a lot from you as many others have.


A:  Hi. My events: hmm.

2 Cebu events in July 9-10,2011 --

1 Manila event so far - May 28,2011 VA Seminar 

Coming up: 
The next Breakthrough seminar (now on a weekend!)
Blogger's Creative Writing Seminar
Success Blueprint Mindset Seminar
Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop

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Summary of Jomar Hilario Events

Q: How many hours do I need to be online to earn at least P10K per month?


A:  Your question reveals that you're thinking of online marketing as a job. 
If that's so, 10K a month is a virtual assistant job for 8hours a day x 5 days week - at home.
That's the minimum. For more details, join us in one of our VA seminars

When you think of online marketing as a business, the number of hours you are online is not relevant. It's the amount of knowledge you know that's important. Knowledge can be gathered from interviews, books, seminar and yes surfing around.

Now lets say if you sell a single item online worth 10K by hiring other people to do things for you (they're called Virtual Assistants), I'd say you need to spend like 2-4 hours a day online to learn, experiment and type emails multipled by all the days of the month.  This is because you're just beginning.  In another example, you can also sell 20 P 500 items a month and still make 10K a month.

After you know how it's done, the number of hours you spend "working on the business online" in a month is entirely up to you.  Most people, this number increases because they're enjoying earning and learning.

Now I'm also assuming that you don't include facebooking, playing online games, tending the farm, watching trailers on youtube and chat and looking at friend's fb photos as "time online".

I'm also assuming that you actually enjoy being online, learning and earning. This is a requirement for online marketing to be a business for you.  For more details I invite you to try out the Breakthrough seminar which helps people start online marketing.

So yes, Online Marketing is now 2 things, it's both a "job" and a "business". You just pick where you want to start.

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Q: How many hours do I need to be online to earn at least P10K per month?

7 Gmail Tips Virtual Assistants Would Love

Gmail offers a ton of customization, and when you get hundreds of emails every day it’s crucial that you have it set up to process mail quickly and efficiently.

  1. Turn on Priority Inbox. I couldn’t live without Priority Inbox. I keep the default set-up with important and unread mail at the top of my inbox and the section for everything else at the bottom.
  2. Show more than 25 conversations in your inbox. I like to see as many emails as possible per page so I can quickly scan through my mail, so I have this set to 100 (the max possible). Go to Gmail Settings and look for “Maximum page size” which you can change to 25, 50, or 100.
  3. Enable keyboard shortcuts. Press the “?” key when looking at your inbox to see the list of keyword shortcuts. Make sure they are turned on, then pick one or two to start with and try to learn more as you become comfortable. I probably use ‘e’ to archive my messages and ‘j’ and ‘k’ to move through messages the most.
Many of the features I love can be found in Gmail Labs (click on the “Labs” tab from Gmail Settings). I have a ton of them on, but the combo of these four work really well for me:
  1. Inbox preview: Shows a simple, static preview of your inbox while Gmail is loading. While you can’t take action on the messages until your inbox fully loads, it’s great to get a sneak peek and form a plan of attack.
  2. Send and archive: Adds a button that lets you send a reply to a message and archive the conversation in a single click (keyboard shortcuts work well with this one, too).
  3. Background send: Lets Gmail send your mail in the background while you move on to more important things.
  4. Auto advance: Automatically shows the next conversation instead of going back to your inbox after you delete, archive, or mute a conversation. When combined with the “Send and archive” button and background send, this feature makes reading and replying to messages lightning fast.

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7 Gmail Tips Virtual Assistants Would Love

It's better to show you what HTML5 is. Right now Google is having it's IO event in the US. And one of the first things they showed was a video in this site: .

Go ahead an click on it. The "video" will play event if you have a ultra slow internet connection.
But wait, it's not video at all. There's no play button. You're seeing HTML5. A way to create animation without using video.

Youtube is converting to it. All the Ipod/Ipad/Iphone devices are ready for it. It's the future. Think of it this way: Today graphic artists use photoshop to create great images. Tomorrow they will have to learn html5 to create great moving images. I have no doubt that people will abuse HTML5 the way they did flash (too many moving things in a site). But the people (you) who can master HTML5 to make an effective online presence will win.

Note: if you're a marketer, it's just important to HIRE HTML5 expertise instead of learning it yourself. Personally I think it's the internet version of LOGO, the old child's play computer language.

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What is HTML5 and why is it important?

How to Add "Related Posts" in Wordpress and Blogger (Step by Step Tutorial)
Installing LinkWithin for Blogger:
How to Use LinkWithin for Blogger by Jomar Hilario PDF

LinkWithin for WordPress (You'll probably need a hosted wordpress for this)
How to Use LinkWithin for WordPress by Jomar Hilario PDF

How to Add "Related Posts" in Wordpress and Blogger (Free Step by Step Tutorial)

Q: I am living here in Cauayan City, Isabela (10 hrs by bus from Manila), what are my prospects?

A: Marami as long as you have the determination. There are many provincial based VAs than city based. This is a global trend. AS long as your internet is fast enough (as in you can watch youtube videos w/o waiting for 3 mins)

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Q: Interested to be a VA but lives in the province

Three marketing lessons from this video.
1. Children can create stuff for your blog if you have a contest.
2. Youtube has upgraded their "SHARE" interface - this is what I'm using now, I'm blogging from inside Youtube.
3. Somehow Google has a feature that allows you to place a direct link to a WEBSITE from a Youtube video, a feature not available (as far as I know) to the public. Go to the end of this video and it will allow you to vote for a doodle that you like - w/c brings you to a specific website inside Google.

Google Doodle - can you draw?

Where you able to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight using PLDTWatchpad?
I tried, using the correct user name and password and this is what I got:


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Where you able to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight using PLDTWatchpad?


Just bumped into Jonas Diego, Pinoy Blogger and Cartoonist in Galleria last Saturday during the Free Comic Day at ComicQuest. 

Marketing Lesson: Give away comics to create long lines and to drive people to buy other things in your store is a genius way to dispatch unwanted copies of old comics and to drive more sales. The Free Comic Day is an international thing, by the way - done by most comic stores on the planet.  And boy the lines were long - I thought there was a lotto station inside Robinson's Galleria.

Back to Jonas,  I don't know if he remembered my name but we knew each other in the Philippine Blog Awards days of 2007. Anyway we chatted a bit and have gave me a copy of his first "Pocket Comics" created by Jonas himself. A colored comic book created by a Filipino.

Above is a photo of his blog and below a photo of his "landing site" "".  You assignment is to tell me in the comments below, what's missing in this blog if the owner wanted to create an big online presence? "Big online presence" - means being able to sell massively online or to dominate online when it comes to selling his comics to the public who adores comics?


If you've been a student of mine for long you already know the answer. If you attended the Breakthrough seminar I pounded on this for the whole day.   If you're a member of the Online Mentoring Club or the Social Mentoring Club, this is one of the major lessons.

Click on LIKE and give me your answers in the comments below.  Everybody else, want to learn something? Read the comments.

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What is missing from this Pinoy Cartoonist website?

Why you should pay attention to fonts to make more money online? Simply because lots of big money making companies do! I've been paying attention to design of signs, posters, websites and even tickets - anything printed since I began online marketing in 2005.  Today, I'm letting you in on a secret. A healthy respect for sales-worthy design helps make the online sale. Be clear, though. Lots of designers will sacrifice effectiveness of the message they're trying to convey just to get the right "look". I've encountered people like this before - and sadly they need to learn about marketing in the same way that marketing people need to learn about design.Design Seminar?So you might be saying, "So does this mean I have to go to a design seminar?" That's up to you. If you're like that person who told me "I didn't realize that online marketing meant learning and spending on lots of seminars.. (in a definitely negative tone)" - then you'd better be smart about where you get your information. Lots of info are in the internet, you can simply take the next 2 years surfing for the information online.  You definitely can!  Of course you're also going to progress slower.  Slower than me of course because I personally go to seminars to fast track my progress. Yes, even me. Specially me. If you prefer to become wealthy and time-free by 60 years old - just stay where you are - employment can get you there in the slowest way possible - but only the time-free part - because you'll be out of a job. The wealthy part - I don't know about that.But sometimes you get fortunate.  The internet gives you a gem of information.  Take the  slideshow below by Samantha Warren - a web font enthusiast. It's free and it's taken from a seminar. I didn't have to attend it but I got the information.  Now you have it too.Get Stoked on Web Typography SXSW 2010

Why you should pay attention to fonts to make more money online


One of my students just got a gig as a Virtual Assistant!

How can you do this? 

Attend the Virtual Assistant Seminar on May 28 to get an edge over everyone else who wants to work from home.  Click here to attend either Manila or Cebu or Downloadable seminars.

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Someone just got a gig as a Virtual Assistant

Kerygma Conference 2011 wallpaper


Q: I really appreciate the online tutorial I am getting from you through emails everyday. I need help on something though. See, I already have a blog which I started last January. I must admit that I am not a daily writer which I hope to do something about this coming week (maybe give myself a challenge to write atleast one article a day). Anyways, I have tried to sign up for Adsense coz I believe that it generates some income, however minimal it must be. Sadly, my site have not been approved for the reason stated below:

Issues: Page type

Page type: Your website is a type of website that we do not currently accept into our program. Such websites include, but are not limited to, chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting, and sites that use excessive keywords in the content or code of their pages.

Now this got me bewildered coz what I have is an ordinary blogspot. I don't know anything about incorporating chats in it or cybersquatting (whatever that is). And keywords? What are they? I just write blogs and these terms are beyond me. Would you be so kind to help me understand these? I would love to ask Google about it but it was a no-reply email.

Thank you very much. I hope by next week I can be active in writing again. Honestly, being declined by adsense had made me a little disappointed :)... But you are becoming an inspiration.

A: New rule from adsense, all asian residents must be blogging for 5 months before applying.

Or create a blog that has lots of blogposts (articles) and has it's own domain name ( example ). What is "Lots"? 100.

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So my blog has been disapproved by adsense Issues: Page type

Q :My blog is not yet earning, is it wise to hire a VA at this early?

A: If you have a goal for your online activities then YES, if not, then NO.
What's a goal? You want to create 150 blogposts by month end. That's a goal.

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Q :My blog is not yet earning, is it wise to hire a VA at this early?

Above the locations of the people who've friended me on Facebook.

Try it with your Facebook Account:

Now think - how can this information be important in designing something like a digital product to sell to your clients?

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Where my friends be? And yours?


Suspend all doubt and answer this question:

Of the 9 top selling expert realms, where do you fit in?

1. Motivation Expert

2. Leadership Expert

3. Financial Expert

4. Business Expert

5. Marketing Expert

6. Relationship Expert

7. Spritual Expert

8. Style Expert

9. Productivity Expert

Before you give me your "Yes, but" statements, let me show you some actual people as examples:

1. Tony Robbins "Personal Relationships" expert, divorced his first wife 10 years into his career.

2. Donald Trump "Real Estate Finances expert" went personally bankrupt for 900Million dollars then went corporately bankrupt 3 more times  - the last one in 2009.

3. Christian Musicians "faith experts" White Heart member Scott Douglas was involved in statutory rape, Michael English in adultery and Sixpence's Leigh Nash, Amy Grant and Sandi Patti all got divorced late into their careers.

Bottom line, I know you understand, lots of incredibly imperfect people become recognized experts.

Yes, I'm talking about you.

So how do you know w/c kind of expert are you?

Select which expert you are based on your interest and history (your life).

If you need further help, then let's see each other this wednesday for the Breakthrough Seminar on May 4, 8am-5pm. Click here for details.

Yes, in the Breakthrough Seminar, you'll be assisted in coming up with your expertise so you can use that to build your online wealth empire. Then I show you how to convert knowledge to money.

Today's the last day for the extended low rate of P 3250 for one person and P 3500 for two persons in the Breakthrough Seminar. Tomorrow the rate will be: P 3750 for one person and P 4000 for two people. Better act today. Click here to join.

The breakthrough seminar is designed to compel you to succeed. If you want success now, time to make time for it now.

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What kind of Expert are You?

Q:  Can you please enlighten me on how to do the following:
1. Add a youtube video on my FB fanpage
2. Add a welcome tab using pagemodo on my FB fanpage and not on my profile

Have been wanting to do this but am not sure how to do it right. Really hope you have some spare time to answer my queries. 

A: Honestly the answer is long and is contained inside my Social Mentoring Club.

Short answer:
This puts youtube into your Page's Welcome Page

1. Get the Youtube Embed code.
2. Get the Facebook STATIC HTML app to create the Welcome Page
3. Insert Youtube Embed code into the #2 above.
4. Make the new Welcome Page (from #2) the default page.

This puts Youtube into your wall:
1. Go to Youtube to locate a video you want.
3. Go to the Facebook Wall
4. Instead of a status update, paste the URL from Youtube.
5. Wait a bit.
6. Enter details (words) about the video.
7. Click share

1. Go to pagemodo.
2. Follow the step by step.
3. They'll ask you if you want to put the welcome page in your personal profile or your business page.
4. Make a choice.
5. Note that doing this (pagemodo) is in conflict with the first set of instructions above.

Need a step by step? That'll be in the  Social Mentoring Club (designed for businesses)

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Adding video and Using Pagemodo in Facebook

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

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