Feedback from Gigi, who attended the 2011 May VA seminar - and is now working as a VA!

hi kuya joms,

kamusta na ako since we last saw each other sa va seminar? actually excited ako to do the assignments kaya nga i followed it up sa iyo.  when i first got the invitation to attend the seminar thru fb, nag, research na ako what a va is, where i can possibly earn money, etc. when i read about odesk in one of the comments written in your blog, nag search na ako tungkol dito, nag join and started looking for a job. at first since i wasn' t odesk ready yet, i was limited to 2 job applications lang/wk.  then came the seminar.... since excited nga ako kasi parang bago yung mga tools na na-mention sa seminar, i started doing the homework (HW).  While doing the hw, i still applied sa odesk.... sabi mo nga if its just data entry that i want... no brains... might as well di na kayo nag attend ng va seminar!!!! 

BUT YOU'RE WRONG! ha!ha!ha! 

Alam mo ba, I was able to use the "print screen shots" and "jing".  in my first gig, yung nga lang the contract price was just $2.5/hr.  WOW! fascinated ako kasi Odesk was really working!!! the boss tested my work for 2 hours then incresed it to 10 hrs/wk and then 12hrs/wk... pero syempre di ko naubos yung huling 12 hours  because I was able to finish the task na.  Now, I'm back to doing the assignment.  Hopefully, I will be able to finish it soon  : ) maraming salamat kuya joms!

nga pala kuya joms,
since I was going to send the employer several screenshots, I asked him if he had a dropbox and if he wanted me to share a dropbox with him, he has and agreed to do so.  So ayun, nagamit ko kaagad ang dropbox.  Also, was able to use the google docs kasi yung instructions nya dun nya pinost.  So yung mga tools na sinabi mo, nagamit ko w/c was actually part of my assignment. 

Gigi M.

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Feedback from May VA Seminar Participant who's now working online!

If you've been asking for a hands on workshop - complete with computers that you can use - with my live mentoring correcting you along the way- finally -- here it is!  
After almost a year of not conducting it, the 2 Day Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop will resume on Friday/Sat July 22-23,2011.
What you can expect from this all new powerful workshop:

1. How you can sell online using a Blog - skipping the mistakes that most people commit in online selling.

2. How you can make your website popular in Google - without paying lots of money.

3. How you can use Paypal to collect your money from an Online Transaction - from a Pinoy perspective.

4. How you can promote using Forums - in a way that really works.

5. How you can get clients using Facebook - without using your personal profile and sell in it too.

6. How you can build an email list - while you are sleeping.

7. How you can do SEO in all the above -so your sites can be popular when people search.

Reserve the dates now!
This time, the hands workshop will be at BConnected, 2F, Greenbelt 1. 830am-5pm. Friday - Saturday. AM/PM Snacks and Lunch included.
This seats will be limited (less than 50) and so this event will fill up quickly.
Get your seat now at by paying via Card or Paypal in this link.
Bank Deposits also welcome: 
Pay P 9750 Via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62Jose Mario R Hilario then email details to nikki@jomarhilario.com & enter the details in http://jhilario.com/paymentdetails
Yes, 100% money back guarantee + 1000 still in effect.
P.S. If you're asking, is this Workshop for me? Wait for my next email where you need to do CERTAIN THINGS, if you can do these things, you can benefit from this workshop that has helped many!  For example, you need to be very comfortable using the MOUSE, plus you know where the "START" button is in a Windows computer, stuff like that.

You're invited to join the Hands On Workshop in July 22-23,2011

Q:  Applied for Google Adsense yesteday and they gave me this comment below: Kindly help me po. Gusto ko na ring magkaroon ng ads ung blogsite ko. Hindi pa po ako ganun kagaling umintindi kagaya ng mga explanations na super elaborated sa internet. 

Make it simpler po. Thanks and regards Sir. I really miss your talks/seminars.  =D 

My blog site is http://www.lakwatseras.com
Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google
AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


- Domain ownership not evident


Further detail:

Domain ownership: To complete our review, we need to confirm your
ownership of the site you've submitted. Please follow the steps below:
- Access the source code of your website.
- Create a separate page on the site and paste "This post confirms my
ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense
program policies and Terms and Conditions: ca-pub-09108270334t345501979"
- Resubmit the application as described below after replacing the
current URL in the 'Website URL' field with the URL of the page where
you have pasted the snippet.


A: Gawa ka ng Blogger page parang ABOUT ME like mine:

Lagyan mo nito:
This post confirms my ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense
program policies and Terms and Conditions: ca-pub-(replace this with your own adsense number as indicated in Google's email)

Plus Here's a tutorial created by one of my young students:

And make sure a HUMAN BEING'S NAME is here:

HUMAN BEING'S NAME = The Full Name your parents gave you. :)

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How can I prove my blog's ownership to Google Adsense?

So can you copy from any body online and put it in your blog?
it depends and this song and essay can help you think about it.


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Credit is Due (The Attribution Song) « Nina Paley’s Blog


Q: I'm doing fine but sad to say I haven't made any progress yet in my goal of becoming a Virtual assistant. Nakakainis. I can't keep the momentum of updating my blog daily. My low confidence level for my writing skills ang dahilan kung bakit hangang ngayon I'm not making any progress. Nakakatawa nga, I''ve been encouraging people to start their blog and ask them to update daily if they wish to work from home. 

I know I am the only person who can help myself and live the life I want but for now I still find it impossible. I think I need to attend more of your seminar. 

I need your I need opinion. Do you think I have the potentials of becoming a good writer? Basing on how I compose my email. Bakit naman kasi yung seminar ng father mo hangang Manila lang. I hope he can conduct a writing seminar here in Cebu too. 

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time on checking your graduates. I'll be attending your upcoming seminar here. 

A:  Mary, my father will be doing a Cebu one, after he's perfected the Manila one first. A few more manila and then we'll do Cebu. :)

You're okay as to writing. The best way to blog is to create interesting lists like this:

It doesn't require a lot of english, talaga. Even if you remove the words, the list still looks interesting, db?

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How can I blog if I'm not a writer

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

So you want a new Adsense Account to earn from your blog

Digg Story: After Beheading, Indonesia Bans Maids from Work in Saudi Arabia

This one is not a video, but a membership foundation run by Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of AMAZON.com. His is more of the future. They're building a clock in the desert, inside a mountain and this clock will be made of ceramics that can last 10,000 years.

Thinking about the future is the goal of the Long Now foundation. Details about it and the clock below.

Front Page - The Long Now: "The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996 to creatively foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years"

So how about you, do you think you'll be thinking about these when you become a billionaire?

If you're a billionaire, what do you do? Jeff Bezos

If you're a billionaire, what do you do? Here's an example of someone who got rich via Microsoft, and now pursuing his passions. Enjoy the video at TED:

"Nathan Myhrvold talks about a few of his latest fascinations -- animal photography, archeology, BBQ and generally being an eccentric genius multimillionaire. Listen for wild stories from the (somewhat raunchy) edge of the animal world."

If you're a billionaire, what do you do?

60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds [Infographic]

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Article: 60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds [Infographic]

Q: Please help me make a website!!!
A: Really? Watch and follow this video

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Q: Please help me make a website!!!

Watch this video:

Then to actually see it in action, RIGHT NOW, download the latest Chrome browser from these sites only:

Now you can save even more time!

Want a faster Google and loading of pages after you google?

How to get images for your blog - From Google.

You use Google Advanced Image Search.
Go to Google.com
Type "Breakthrough" or the words you're searching an image for
Click on Images
Click on Advanced Search: (located under the word SEARCH)
At the very top make sure you enter your keywords (in example above, I entered "breakthrough")
Locate the "Usage Rights" at the very bottom.
Above SafeSearch
Below Domain
In the Usage Rights options, select "Labelled for Commercial Reuse"

Click on "Google Search" (upper right hand of the screen)
And this appears:

Im looking for "Punch" this time.

Then apply the same rules in creating the Link to the Creator or the photo credit (look at how it's done in the flickrcc presentation previously in this blog)

How to get Photos for your Blog - From Google

Use your Voice to Search in Google using Chrome


OFWs! You're missing this if you're not with your family everyday:

1. Your 1 year old daughter hugging your face while sleeping.
2. Your 1 year old daughter learning how to share her toys to her 2 year old brother.
3. Your 1 year old daughter whispering sweet nothings to you all of a sudden, her face one inch away from yours.
4. Smelling the clothes of your child, while your child is sleeping in it.
5. Being able to kiss your children at random times when they're sleeping

Add your own in the comments below.

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OFWs! You're missing this if you're not with your family everyday.


Here's one business lesson that I've ignored in the past, but never again. Let you be guided by Jack Canfield himself who wrote the entire thing below:

Be aware that nothing ever just “happens” to you. Just like the “yellow alerts” in the old  Star Trek television series, you almost always receive advance warnings—in the form of telltale signs, comments from others, gut instinct, or intuition—that alert you to the impending danger and give you time to prevent the unwanted outcome.

You are getting yellow alerts all the time.

There are external yellow alerts:
He keeps coming home later and later with alcohol on his breath.
The client’s first check bounced.
He screamed at his secretary.
His mother warned you.
Your friends told you.

And there are internal yellow alerts:
That feeling in your stomach
That inkling you had
That fleeting thought that just maybe . . .
That intuition
That fear that emerged
That dream that woke you up in the middle of the night
We have a whole language that informs us:
Clues, inklings, suspicions
The handwriting on the wall
I had a feeling that . . .
I could see it coming for a mile.
My gut feeling told me.

. However, too many people ignore the yellow alerts because paying attention to them would require them to do something that is uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable to confront your spouse about the cigarettes in the ashtray that have lipstick on them. It is uncomfortable to speak up in a staff meeting when you are the only one who feels that the proposed plan won’t
work. It is uncomfortable to tell someone you don’t trust them.

So you pretend not to see and not to know because it is easier, more convenient and less uncomfortable, avoids confrontation, keeps the peace, and protects you from having to take risks.

Successful people, on the other hand, face facts squarely. They do the uncomfortable and take steps to create their desired outcomes. Successful people don’t wait for disasters to occur and then blame something or someone else
for their problems.

Once you begin to respond quickly and decisively to signals and events as they occur, life becomes much easier. You start seeing improved outcomes both internally and externally. Old internal self-talk such as “I feel like a victim; I feel used; nothing ever seems to work out for me” is replaced with “I feel great; I am in control; I can make things happen.”

External outcomes such as “Nobody ever comes to our store; we missed our quarterly goals; people are complaining that our new product doesn’t work” are transformed into “We have more money in the bank; I lead the division in sales; our product is flying off the shelves.”

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Read carefully. Scams like these should NOT catch people like you and people you like. :)

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Here's a sample SCAM from an Internet Source - this is common

By now you've seen, witnessed and read that people you know and respect have declared that Trace Trajano and them (Bo, Larry, the Apprentices) are now moving in different directions - business wise.  There should be no assumption of a continued business relationship between Trace Trajano and the parties who just emailed/blogged about him in the past.
The bottomline is people really must do their "due diligence" when getting into investments - even from people they trust. 
What is "due"?
What is "diiligence"

due diligence  noun
Definition of DUE DILIGENCE

1 : the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property
2 : research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction (as a corporate merger or purchase of securities)

First Known Use of DUE DILIGENCE: 1877

My Personal Story

I once did an investment just this year with a Real Estate Person (yes a broker), I knew this person personally, I know where she lives, I know her past properties and who's been mentoring her for years. I also know what she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner and where she goes to "think" and "read".  I know her cellphone number too.  I know her husband, too.  

So you can say "safe" investment right?


But for this one property, I had my Virtual Assistant call up the bank to know the state of the property, is it really existing? Is it really for sale? Can I get the name of the person you sold it to? Naturally, they didn't give me the name of the person who bought it. So I hit a "stop" in my due diligence.

Did I stop?


I had the broker draw up a paper contract for the investment. I had my own separate lawyer look at the contract. "Oh my Jomar, I could never afford a lawyer, that's for sosyal people!" Yes, you can afford to lose your P 700,000 or 7Million because you can't afford a P 5000 lawyer? As the definition says, due diligence is a "reasonable person who exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property."  So yes, get a lawyer and while you're at it, get a CPA to check the financial projections. What? No financial projections? Then why are you talking to this person at all? 

So that's my story. That investment has since paid off and my money has returned plus I slept better in the in between times - which as you know in priceless.

Now that "due diligence" was not that diligent at all, but it was a start with getting a lawyer and CPA to check the deal out.

Lesson: Friends or not, when it comes to investment do your due due due due due and overdue diligence.

P.S. Yes, I used to promote Trace Trajano's events primariliy because I'm also one of the speakers --but even before that --I'm completely unconnected to his real estate, forex, mentoring, apprentice challenge, passive income and other businesses. 

Now, I am no longer connected to Trace Trajano in any way. 

Note the use of wonderful keywords here, my SEO and VA students.

P.S. One final lesson, from an internet marketer: Google the name of the person and nicknames, google the address of the property (if it's a real estate company)-it might still be for sale or sold somewhere, Use Whois.com on the URL of the company's website (if it exists) - to find out who owns this website really.  

P.S. Super important, I'm no due diligence expert but really, GOOGLE "due diligence in the philippines" and out will come the information you need.

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How to do your Due Diligence

Creative Writing in In You -- Photo Credit

Who else wants to unlock your creativity in writing, blogging and expressing yourself so it can lead you bigger profits, earnings and inspiration?

So you're going to be a good Work at Home Virtual Assistant or very profitable Internet Marketer. That's great!

But do you know that written communication skills is very important for both? You'll be writing a lot to people, clients, prospects and partners. You need to be clear, concise and creative at it. Plus there's this big need to express yourself in blogs, your facebook wall and other social media. How are you going to overcome your fears and shyness about writing?

Simple: attend a creative writing workshop where you're actually going to write something ---in the workshop - instead of just getting the "correct concepts".

Or perhaps you're trying to start a blog because you know blogging is one of the "ways to earn online". Yes, it's correct. Having a blog nowadays is not a "fad" or "trend" - it's a must. But here's the problem - you don't know how to blog or write. "You're not a writer", or "You're not a good writer" you say. So what do you do? How can you fill up that blog with articles that are interesting to both the reader and the you- the writer? After all, you can't simply cut and paste stuff from all over the web and claim it to be yours. That's plagiarism - and worse -google will and do punish people's blogs by not making them popular - if all they do is copy and paste.

How can you address this need?

Great news!

You can now attend a creative writer's workshop that's conducted by a speaker who's both a blogger and an awarded writer.

Even better, specially for those who think they're "too old", this speaker is moving past 70 years old and blogging like he's "just begun" (more than 10 blogs actively being written on, and that's being modest).

Here are 10 benefits to expect after the Creattitudes Workshop on "Creative Writing for Bloggers & Non-Bloggers" on 29 October 2011 9am - 5pm at Taguig City conducted by Frank A Hilario, Creative Writing Guru:

(1) You will see how you can become always interesting to read. This is built into the very process of the Workshop itself. The search notes distributed during the Workshop, the notes being the basis of an article, have been so designed that you will automatically write interestingly. You've got to attend the Waorkshop to believe it!

(2) You will become more and more creative in writing articles. If you follow the steps, you will not have Writer's Block again. What does that mean? In Creative Writing as taught by Frank A Hilario, Easy Writer, all starts are good. You will always be able to finish what you have begun because there will always be a free flow of creative thoughts.

(3) You will become more appreciative of what you need to do in order to write more and better. While you will learn to appreciate that Creative Writing genius is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration, remember that there is still the 10% perspiration. You still have to follow the 8 steps to travel the path of Creative Writing.

(4) You will become more confident writing on any subject whatsoever. Remember, this is Creative Writing, not Technical Writing. You will be able to apply what you have learned that there are at least two ways to take so that you can write about something you don't know anything about.

(5) You will be mentored free for 6 months wherever you are - via email. You will not be left out in the cold after the Workshop; having graduated as a teacher and learned his communication arts by practicing in the field, Frank A Hilario knows that follow-ups are crucial in the tutorial enterprise.

(6) You will not be bothered by lack of vocabulary or poor grammar again. Being practical-minded, I will show you how to maximize the use of software that you already have: Microsoft Word and Internet browsers.

(7) You will recreate yourself with an attractive writing style. Your dull style will go out the window and, with due diligence, your new style will evolve and will surprise even you.

(8) You will learn to be more tolerant of others. Whether you are a blogger or not, after the Workshop, you will learn to appreciate more and more the opinions of others and consider them in your writing, which will make it even more creative and more acceptable to others.

(9) You will be enjoying your writing more and more. Once you begin to appreciate that Creative Writing is a process and not a product, there will come a time when you will be enjoying the very process of creating your article or essay every step of the way. It is a wonderful feeling.

(10) You will break the language barrier. Surprise! After attending this Creattitudes Workshop, you will be able to apply all of what you have learned to be able to write creatively in any language other than English. The Creattitudes secrets of Creative Writing are not based on language but are based on the genius of the writer drawn out by the genius of the Creattitudes Workshop.

Who can teach this to you? How about someone who :

1. Has created more than 100 blogs and is maintaining 10 of those blogs.

2. Has the experience of teaching others how to write, even before the age of the internet?

3. Has created a blog for Charise Pempengco that got the attention of all her fans worldwide - that this same blog is now material for a book about the pop star.

4. Has edited lots of books in the past 50 years.

5. Is actually 71 years old but comfortable with both typewriter and computer?

6. Has booked four figure ($) online writing jobs abroad for years just because they "like his writing". What's a four figure? Example: $1997, $4997, $9997. That's a four figure.

7. Will allow you to actually write instead of just giving you "tips"?

8. Will check your work personally in the workshop itself?

9. Will guide you into believing that there's really a great writer in that person in the mirror every morning!

10. ...is actually Jomar Hilario's Father -- Frank A Hilario.

In Summary, here are 4 Reasons why you should grab seat at the Second Creattitudes: Creative Writing for Bloggers & Newbies Workshop :
  1. What you'll learn is a distillation of more than 50 years in the business (and pleasure) of writing.
  2. You will learn how to write about many and diverse topics, and how to make the most boring subject come alive.
  3. The Creattitudes Writers' Workshop is hands-on almost 100% activity. The exercises are 10% theoretical and 90% applied.
  4. You will be encouraged to write and there will be a no criticism from anybody in the group or the workshop leader.
You will need a laptop computer with power cords + extension cords. Tablets are okay as long as you write quickly on them. Internet is optional and yes, we're assuming that you do know how to type on that computing device. :)

Creattitudes: Creative Writing for Bloggers & Non-Bloggers Workshop
So join us this Saturday, October 29,2011, 9am - 5pm (NOW Whole Day - NOW A Saturday)
Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates, Taguig City (near Market Market! Mall)
How to get there, click here: http://rw.jomarhilario.com
Lunch, snacks and drinks included.

Use your CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL to pay here

Why you should act now:P 2475 ($57) pay on or before June 16,2011
P 2777 ($65) pay on or before Oct 4,2011, Tuesday
P 3333 ($77) pay on or before Oct 29,2011, Friday (Super Extended)
Come in pairs, just add P 1,500, pay only P 4833 ($113) for a pair. Click here to get a pair of seats.

Or Via Bank Deposit:
You may pay via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then email your Name, Depository Bank Branch, Amount and Date to nikki@jomarhilario.com
Then please also register your payment to http://jhilario.com/paymentdetails

Mind you - there will be very very few seats available and we are going to run out of space very very soon.

Bonuses that You'll Recieve:
1. You'll be invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group for after workshop support from both Mr Frank Hilario and your classmates.

2. This Facebook Group will allow you to network with both your classmates and future classes of Creatitudes workshop

3. PDF (digital) versions of the presentation will be emailed to you after the workshop.

4. You'll be receiving digital class directory after the workshop.

5. You'll be receiving digital class photo after the workshop. To help you remember - who's who.

6. You will be issed a certificate of completion after the workshop.

7. FREE 6 MONTHS online mentoring for unlimited number of articles you write.

The Incredible Dragon Money Back Guarantee:

If you're not satisfied with the level of expertise you find in the workshop, or if this did not help you in your creative writing pursuits at all, just turn in your materials at the end of the day and receive a full money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Creative Writing for Bloggers & Non-Bloggers Workshop

Hala! Here's another free step by step -first timer friendly tutorial from Jomar Hilario. You have facebook, twitter, linkedin and if you're  sophisticated enough, foursquare and others. How do you publish long form text and details to them all?

You use this: DLVR.IT. (Hat tip to my VA Nikki how pointed out the existence of this website and my VA Camille for testing it to ensure that it does work!)

Here you go, everyone. You should be a fairly sophisticated Social Media Manager or VA by the time you master software like DLVR.IT.

Free step by step tutorial : How to post to multiple social networks from your blog

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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