The actual song played during our wedding reception...Canon in D by Pachabel in Electric Guitar by FunTwo.

The actual song played during our wedding reception...

Of course you need to listen starting 10 minutes when she mentions Ondoy (Keltsana) and the Philippines.

Listen to understand the impact of the "Real Time Web" - that's plurk, twitter, facebook to you. Plus yes, listen to the Queen Rania speaking on the real-time web for real time change at the Le Web Conference - Paris December 10th, 2009. Queen Rania of Jordan talks with passion on the topic of online transformations and how to transform the world via online.

You think the internet is going to change the world? It already has. Catch up! Question is, will it change your life?

Understanding Twitter/Real time Web - Queen Rania of Jordan

What is this song doing here, jomar? It's one of the songs I listened to in the late 90s. I actually purchased the CD in Malaysia(!) - and this was in the days when Linkin Park was not popular yet.

Yes, there's screaming in this song, but towards the end. It's mostly guitar work that needs to be heard.

Like most Christian Rock music, you need to play this loud on 2.1, 5.1 or 7.2 speakers systems to really appreciate it. This song can be considered ahead of it's time.

So again, Jomar what is this song doing in your blog about "VA" and online marketing? It's my blog, I like music like this. It drives away evil peo--I mean spirits. Don't like it? Don't read my blog! :)

For those in the know: Yes, I have the CD that has the song before Track 1 'Father Abraham' was the song. :)

Scream by Johnny Q Public lyrics

Sounds of cymbals, harp and lyre
Sounds of timbral, song and dance

Let everything with breath praise
And I won't put my fingers on it

David played his blessed harp
And danced violently
I'll blessedly scream
I don't know how to dance
I don't know how to sing
But I'll scream, blessedly scream

Sounds of giants fill the land
If I don't play my part, trees and rocks can

Let everything with breath praise
And I won't put my fingers on it

(repeat CHORUS)

Let everything with breath praise
And I won't put my fingers on it
Let everything with breath praise
And I won't put my fingers on it

Set your speakers to V Loud - Scream by Johnny Q. Public.wmv

This is just a fun song by the band Furthermore. I have no idea what it's talking about aside from Beauty on the Outside but not on the Inside. I'm not sure about the Walrus being a Beatles reference. And can someone tell me what classical music piece was used as the song's base?

Are You The Walrus lyrics by Furthermore

Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check it out

I'm in line behind a barbizon
And she really looks like one
She says "Hi, I'm skin,"
And showed a whole lot
But doesn't seem to have a whole lot
Within, I'm small talk
Blah, blah, blah, blah about the weather and all
Because I'd love to stand here
Another year, winter, spring, summer, fall
Into pieces it pleases the eye
It's nice to know that there are problems outside of my own

I feel better, better
Move to ten items or less
Should I let her, let her, let me in front of her?
Sure, I guess
I'm close to checkout, she asks,
"Are you the walrus?"
I said "yes" without listening
"Oh, come on, be honest."
I'm close to checkout, she asks,
"Are you the walrus?"
I said, "Yes, and that's a promise!"
"Oh, come on, be honest."
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest

I have five items in the waiting asylum
Take everybody's burdens, let's pile 'em up
On the counter, call it a conveyer belt
And as I look around I see a wanna-be dad using his belt
On his screaming baby, a baby, oh baby
The constellation on her face said he did the same to his lady
Ten thousand maniacs asked the question
But it's way too late, he made a lasting impression
I wish it wasn't so, I wish it wasn't so
But I'm not supposed to impose family values, you know
The sale of the century wasn't meant to be like this
But how can you resist the madness?
I'm so glad it's almost my turn
Only one lady away from the freedom I yearn for
But before you get excited,
She's gotta check the writing,
I'm sorry to announce that the check is gonna bounce

I feel better, better
Move to ten items or less
Should I let her, let her, let me in front of her?
Sure I guess
I'm at the checkout
She asks, "Are you the walrus?"
I said "yes" without listening
"Oh, come on, be honest."
I'm at the checkout,
She asks, "Are you the walrus?"
I said, "Yes, and that's a promise."
"Oh, come on, be honest."
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest

We are moderately moving
Situation slowly is improving
I find the Percy Faith on the P.A.
Is sort of soothing
Collect my change and I jet
Then I'm cruising

Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check, check it out, check, check it out
Check it out

Wandering around looking for my car
I'm amazed at the maze
Who even knows where you are?
Who knows why that's a cart resting in the dent it made?
Another car waiting for our places to trade
I wish it wasn't so, I wish it wasn't so
I wish I was in the distance and heading to home base
And now the race to red lights begin
When the convertible girl slows down to let me in

I feel better, better, like as if I was blessed
Should I let her, let her, let me in front of her?
Sure, I guess
I roll down the window, she asks,
"Are you the walrus?"
I said "yes" without listening
"Oh, come on, be honest"
I roll down the window, she asks,
"Are you the walrus?"
I said "Yes, and that's a promise!"
"Oh, come on, be honest."
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest
Be, be honest, be, be, be honest

To hear this song played, attend one of my events!

Fun song by Furthermore - Are you the Walrus?

Here's another email from one of my successful students from the VA Seminar. Notice how she behaves given a USD 20 / month first time income. That's the correct behavior. If you're thinking "that's too small", then you need to fix your response because you might then think USD 3000 a month (another VA I know earns this) - is "too big".  Attract wealth and it will be attracted to you.

Read Ann's email and watch for her continued success in this blog (

Sir Jomar,

I'm sending you another good news.

I'm attaching the print screens of my first milestone payment for my first VA job in Freelancer, also the e-mail of my first online boss. I couldn't believe it: I have USD 20 a month of reading, learning, and commenting on my boss' posts! (I had to remind him if I can already have my payment - something that I learned from a VA seminar somewhere... Hey, it's yours! Hahaha!)

I know, like what I said, it is still way small for a pay. But like what you said, I am a success. And success it will be!

Thank you very much. God bless you.

Ann A

Note: The seminar she's talking about is coming this Saturday, 13 August 2011, click for details.

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Ann: my first payment :) as a Virtual Assistant!

Some people think that Data Entry is their best VA skill. It's not. It's one of the lowest paid Virtual Assistant skills there are. What you need to do is to dig into the list below and if you do know how to do it, high-light or include it in your nice resume. The list is not complete - but let it inspire you to think of more things you actually know.
  • Creating and formatting blogs
  • Posting articles to blogs
  • Building websites
  • Submitting online articles to article directory sites
  • Submitting online videos to video sites
  • Maintaining Facebook and MySpace – inviting friends
  • Creating social content pages on HubPages, Weebly, Squidoo, etc.
  • Creating graphics
  • Internet Virtual Assistant Tasks

    Finding images for websites and blog entries

  • Posting Craigs List ads
  • Copy writing
  • Cold calling leads
  • Setting appointments
  • Creating and/or maintaining autoresponder campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Getting links back to your site
  • Creating web page templates
  • Formatting PowerPoint presentations
  • Marketing and product research
  • Creating content for blog entries, articles, PowerPoints,…
  • Publishing newsletters
  • Bookkeeping
  • Populating your twitter tweets
  • Software tool research and evaluation
  • Getting twitter followers
  • Using Broadcasting in Autoresponder
  • Using Email Series in Autoresponder
  • Adding "Email Catcher" from Autoresponder to Blog
  • Posting Events to Event Directories
  • Open an account and interacting in Forums
  • Blog commenting
  • Facebook Pages Creation, Like and Commenting
  • Facebook Insights
  • Creating Facebook Events
  • Facebook Ads
  • Autoposting via Posterous,,
  • Ka-dami dami mong skills!
  • Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    List of Possible Virtual Assistant Online Skills

    I get lots of emails about "how to start" in business. All business, even online business - has to have a good starting point - though a lot of people seem to think it starts with a great idea for a business, followed by money to fund it - then utter success.

    It doesn't work that way. Not really.

    It starts with a business minded person realizing that he must do impossible things because he wants to do it.

    And knowing that he's not equipped mentally or skills wise- he hurries up and gets the skills or the "way of thinking" to succeed.

    This is what I did in 2004-2005 when I was still starting. I prepared my mind.  I didn't complain at the expensive seminars I had to attend. After all, all of those seminars are based in the US or singapore - so complaining about them was just meaningless - just like all forms of complaining.

    One way I prepared myself was to learn about companies that were admirable from a creative, business and success point of view. 

    Zappos, Inc is one example. They used to sell shoes online exclusively and here's how they do it: You order 5 pairs of shoes from them. They deliver the shoes to you for free. You keep what you want, pay for them and return the rest - zappos pays for shipping both ways and you can "return' a pair for up to 365 days. Read that again. This incredible and impossible formula works today, in the age of the internet. BTW, if you're in the Philippines, forget it - they don't deliver here.

    So your question is - how can something like that work? Zappos itself exposes their success story. For example, if you got the book "Delivering Happiness" you can read about their story.

    But if you want to go deeper, you can ORDER (for free) their internal culture book - written by employees - online -and get it delivered to your house for free: Just click here:

    And if that weren't enough, you can even get a free audiobook "Tribal Leadership" from them via: I dedicate this message specially to those saying - that everything is expensive.

    Here are two free resources being offered by a company you know nothing about. What's your move? Let me know by emailing back. 

    Jomar Hilario

    Feedback based on the Message I sent above:

    Hi Jomar,

    I have subscribed to receive your very informative and helpful emails only for week or so now, and I'd like to let you know how much I have been learning from everything that you're sharing.

    I consider myself business-minded from the time that I was still in grade school, selling little snacks or chicheria and candies to my classmates (my mom said I was a walking sarisari store! haha), which continued on until college, selling accessories, pre-owned pocket books, personalized mouse pad, etc. Though I really don't have to do it since my parents are good providers, but I did it anyway. :)

    I now own and run a flower shop business in Santa Rosa, Laguna, which started as an online business via in 2008. Prior to this, I have working with a big-name company but turn of events made me choose to become a full time entrepreneur. I thought doing what I loved best would be a piece of cake and that since even before I started, friends and family who I do flower arrangements for, said that I was really good at this craft, profits will roll in quick and painless. Of  course working to make my business known, in a fairly small industry where big and established players have been raking in potential clients left and right, has been a pretty tough job.

    I agree with what you're sharing to your readers that doing business is not all about having a great business idea that would sell, and having the money to build it from the ground up. I personally learned that I have to learn a lot more than floral design. I have to know tenets of Human Resource and laws on wages and salary, accountancy basics, business and income taxes, marketing strategies, among others. I learned even from just 3 years of running my business that one of the keys to keeping yourself afloat and motivated to climb up that ladder is that you should know the rules and techniques of the game. And for you to be updated with the rules, you have to keep yourself educated. I honestly am a sucker for all kinds of books, articles, seminars, just so I could keep my knowledge about entrepreneurship in general, as well as my specific craft, which is floral design, fresh, upbeat, and updated. I am following and learning from Filipino and international experts on business, floral design techniques, and lately about webhosting ( I am working to put up my own website aside from my multiply site. :) )

    I also find it true that when you condition your mind to think like an entrepreneur, you can use this kind of thinking for sound decision making and even bubble up all your creative juices.

    Do you know why I am very happy that I have come across your website and subscribed to receive your emails? I am learning the ropes of another online business, which is affiliate marketing. I have been reading a lot about it and am very interested to start my own since I do most of my work for my business on the computer anyway (that is if I'm not out for a client meeting or working on an actual project), might as well maximize my time and start to build another source of passive income.

    I understand that it  is not an easy task, like any other business, but I believe that its doable but you have to put in the right amount of work, time, effort, among others.

    So I am looking forward to receive more of your emails and learn more from the articles that you write and things like this free culture book by Zappos Inc.

    Again thanks so much and I hope it will be ok if I will email again in the near future for my questions about affiliate marketing and techie stuff like webhosting, etc.

    More power!  God bless!


    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Feedback to Free stuff to prepare the mind for business

    Ideas That Prosper Club, join now and transform your mind to a marketing master and mastermind with like minded people:

    1950/monthly - Ideas that prosper Club

    P 9750 Full Payment - Ideas That Prosper Club:

    P 4375 Monthly mastermind

    P 43,750 Full Payment -  Ideas That Prosper Club-  Monthly mastermind

    Ideas That Prosper

    For Workshop Participants Only
    Ideas That Prosper (For Workshop People Only)

    P 1950/monthly - Ideas that prosper Club

    P 9750 Full Payment - Ideas That Prosper Club:

    P 4375 Monthly mastermind

    P 43,750 Full Payment -  Ideas That Prosper Club-  Monthly mastermind

    Ideas That Prosper (For Workshop People Only)

    Shouldn't it be obvious that most spell checkers must at least "learn" the spelling of your name - you the owner of the computer? Without you telling it - hey' here's my first name?

    Systemwide checkers and Office Suite checkers should know that, right?

    And when you're always typing in the same way - words that are local, shouldn't the spell checker notice it by now?

    What are your thoughts?

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Does your computer know your name?

    For most people, the words of this song by Gloc 9 is still true. I once got an email from a student who wants to raise P 45,000 to go to Singapore to work there. Of course I'm wondering -- why are you telling me this? I'm the person who's saying "You don't have to do that" - but it seems leaving the country is more attractive than staying and earning in multiple currencies.

    Hay. Enjoy the song and think about it, leave a comment as to what you really think!

    [Sheng Belmonte]
    Napakaraming guro dito sa amin ngunit
    Bakit tila walang natira
    Napakaraming nurse dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila

    Lupa kong sinilangan ang pangalan ay pinas
    Ngunit bakit parang puno na ang prutas ay pitas
    Nauubusan ng batas parang inamag na bigas
    Lumalakas na ang ulan ngunit ang payong ay butas
    Tumatakbo ng madulas mga pinuno ay ungas
    Sila lang ang nakikinabang pero tayo ang utas
    Mga kabayan natin ay lumilipad, lumalabas
    Para pumunta ng ibang bansa at doon magtanas
    Ng kamay para lamang magkakalyo lang muli
    Ang pahingay iipunin para magamit paguwi
    Dahil doon sa atin mahirap makuha ang buri
    Mapahiran ng tsokolate ang matamis na ngiti
    Ng anak na halos di nakilala ang ama
    O ina na wala sa tuwing kaarawan nila
    Dadarating kaya ang araw na ito'y magiiba
    Kung hindi ka sigurado mag-isip isip ka na
    [Sheng Belmonte]
    Napakaraming inhinyero dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Napakaraming karpintero dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila

    Mabuti kung mabuti ang kinakahinatnan
    Ang kapalaran ng lahat nang nakipagsapalaran
    Kahit nag-aalangan para lang sa kapakanan
    Ng mahal sa buhay ang sugal ay tatayaan
    Nasanlaan lahat ng kanilang pag-aari
    Mababawi din naman yan ang sabi pagnayari
    Ang proseso ng papeles para makasakay na sa eroplano
    O barko kahit saan man papunta.
    Basta kumita ng dolyar na ipapalit sa piso
    Ang isa ay katumbas ng isang dakot ng mamiso
    Ganyan ba ang kapalit ng buhay ng Pilipino
    Lilisanin ang pamilya aamo kahit na sino
    Gugutumin sasaktan malalagay sa piligro
    Uuwing nasa kahon ni wala man lang testigo
    Darating kaya ang araw na itoy magiiba
    Kung hindi ka sigurado mag-isip isip ka na
    [Sheng Belmonte
    Napakaraming kasambahay dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Napakaraming labandera dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila

    Subukan mong isipin kung gaano kabigat
    Ang buhat ng maleta halos hindi mo na maangat
    Ihahabilin ang anak para 'to sa kanila
    Lalayo upang magalaga ng anak ng iba
    Matapos lamang sa kolehiyo matutubos din ang relo
    Bilhin mo na kung anong gustong laruan ni angelo
    Matagal pa kontrato ko titiisin ko muna 'to
    Basta ang mahalaga ito'y para sa pamilya ko
    [Sheng Belmonte
    Napakaraming guro dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Napakaraming nurse dito sa amin
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Nagaabroad sila
    (Gusto kong yumaman4x)
    Napakaraming tama dito sa atin...
    Ngunit bakit tila walang natira...

    OFW Song by Gloc 9 (ft. Sheng Belmonte)

    Hi. Let me know if you want free tickets to the Paypal Seminar Eireen mentions in this video. I think I have 3 slots!

    To get to know deeper into online marketing, consider this workshop (happening at the same time as they Money Summit):

    Interview with Paypal Philippines Representative

    Reserve the dates!

    July 22-23, Internet Marketing Workshop - Hands on (1 computer per person) - , click here to get a seat :

    August 13  Virtual Assistant Seminar, click here to get a seat :

    August  20 Breakthrough Seminar, click here to get a seat ::

    To promote the above and earn also :

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    July / August 2011 Events for Jomar Hilario


    Hi Jomar, I met you in powerbooks the other day. Nice meeting you. I am from the "Ondoy' batch of your popular Internet Marketing Seminar and I also attended the VA seminar late last year (this one I plan to setup as a business of course). 
    As for our business, I started blogging about our rental property in Subic in March 2010 when we got the unit. I bought the domain for that and it is now It's a by product of the learning i got from your 2 Day Workshop. 

    The site still lacks some juice but it's doing well. I don't have to go out on the street to sell it. I close deals easily.

    I still plan to be an assistant in one of your seminar just so I can be updated or perhaps be reminded of concepts I may have missed. I have other business plans which I plan to do via the internet. I guess I cant afford to be left behind in internet marketing.

    So there. Oh, and thanks for the learning. It's the only workshop i've attended that gave me the best bang for every buck. I've recovered my investment many times over!
    Subic Vacation Home For Rent
    Blog promoting Subic Bay as prime tourist destination. Subic4Rent is about rent properties that vacation.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Jerome used the workshop knowledge to sell his Subic Rental Home

    Now you can play Angry Birds without a computer. I've been wanting to have this since May 2011, I wonder how much and can I find it in the local Toy Store!?
    Now you can play Angry Birds without a computer
    Get the game delivered to your house

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Now you can play Angry Birds without a computer


    One thing I want that I don't have yet is a Seagate Goflex Satellite - a wifi hard disc. 

    How does it work? It creates it's own little internet that contains only the things that are inside the hard disc. This means I can't surf the net when I'm connected (wirelessly) to it. But I don't need the net when I'm watching a video of say Brendon Burchard or Don Crowther from the device. I need to stay concentrated on the lessons that they teach.  I can just disconnect from the hard disc when I need to surf the net. Of course the best would be that I can still surf the net while I work but for now I will have to wait for wifi 2.0 to make that happen.

    This will enable me to get information (read: videos and movies) from my GOFLEX Satellite hard disc -wirelessly to my already full Ipad 64GB. Plus maybe even music and photos  - so I don't have to sync or load stuff too much.

    I've asked around the SM Mall of Asia tech and computer shops and they all said "nope". It's not yet available. But I can see it's in their seagate little cube marketing materials - all over each store but they're not selling it yet.

    There's another option of course is to get a NAS or a network attached storage - I already have that --a Buffalo Linkstation but it's not yet installed -too many techie things to do to make it work. This GEOFLEX Satellite I think is simpler to setup and since it works by creating it's own wifi signal -- then it can work even if you're in the car or the beach or when you're waiting for the sunrise on top of K2. :)

    Note: K2 - 2nd tallest mountain in the Himalayas. Photo from Engadget

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    One thing I want that I don't have yet is a Seagate Geoflex Satellite - a wifi hard disc

    Here's my shelfari bookstore, I just updated it along with the P 16,000 worth of books I purchased yesterday. :)  This means I take learning VERY VERY seriously.  Link to the other books I've read:


    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    So What Books Do You Read?


    Why are most aquariums rectangles?
    Why is this one priced like an iphone?
    What does it take for you to create or sell one of these?

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Interesting aquarium and thoughts

    Ann Penaredondo, one of my VA students sent me this - and it's by NIKE telling people not just to "JUST DO IT" but to WRITE YOUR FUTURE. (better you than "THE").

    Fun watch and shows you how the mind can change things quickly. So you -what future have you been writing?



    So when are you join the mass of people going home working there?
    Two options:
    1. Seminar -
    2. Workshop (hands on) -

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Just one of the endless stream of people getting online jobs...

    At this time, I am still an office employee but something changed after I attended your Internet Marketing and VA seminars.  Even though I earn little through on-line transactions, I am confident now that there are other income generating options for me.  

    Since my last VA seminar a year ago, I am doing some on-line research and article writing jobs .  My first virtual job is through a friend's referral and I still get engagements from the same employer through oDesk.  I get paid PhP 1,500 on research (24-hr turnaround) and $4 for every article.  But with my current technical 8-5 job now,  I get so drained after doing the papers.  I am wishing a no-brainer on-line job.  Lately, I am thinking a lot on the powerpoint assignment that I failed to submit.  I really thought that being a VA is not for me but I realized that you get to learn internet marketing more by being that.

    Note: SUBMIT IT NOW!  Let's see how you behave if you get an offer that's equal or more than your monthly NET salary. :)

    On top of being a VA, I am able to sell products by doing internet marketing in Facebook.  I have more income on this in comparison to on-line jobs.  I do plan to put more effort in this aspect and practice what you taught.

    Note: CONGRATS!

    Hope I can write longer but I need to wake up early tomorrow morning for my regular job.  I welcome any comment or suggestion from you.

    Regards and more power,


    Note: For privacy I only included the person's first name. :)  They know who they are. Just goes to show that after receiving email after email of "I'm earning online now!!!" - there is money there in them web hills. You just have to follow the trail the guide tells you to get the best kind of results (money for you and your family).

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    VA Student doesn't do assignment, still earns online

    First of all, you need to be able to understand tagalog.  Okay? You got that? Read what my VA Student Gervel (who is still in School, don't worry his mom knows)) told me:
    ".....binigyan ako ng employer ko ng isang ebook at binayaran nya ako para basahin yun, at binasa ko naman ( kahit pa di nya ako binayaran babasahin ko parin yun kasi alam kong magagamit ko ang malalaman ko sa ebook na yun - Nag study dn ako ng PHP para lang sa job na ito). Sa ngayon isang gig lang ang focus ko, pero may mga nag offer sa akin nang mga job, yung isa fixed priced $500 (sa oDesk galing), yung isa 30k+ per month ata yun(sa email galing). Pero di pa ako sure if tatanggapin ko ba yung mga offer medyo busy ako sa skol dn gusto ko yung current job ko. :)

    Thanks nga pala."


    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    VA Seminar student gets P 30K offer in the email.

    Q: How can a simple juan dela cruz can pay a 7,000 + seminar wherein even 1,000.00 is a fortune  for him."

    A: Simple: You change the mind of the simple juan.

    If juan wishes to stay in the "P 1000 is a fortune mindset" then Juan can never be wealthy.

    Common sense right?

    Hence, Juan should at least READ everything in Jomar's blog --> It's free!

    Every technique Jomar teaches in the 8 hour Breakthrough seminar is repeated in the blog. Even the successful students are there, some of them have Facebook accounts you can ask them directly "What did you do?"

    But how about this:

    Juan is too busy to learn anything from anyone!

    Then should Jomar give him everything he wants?

    If you were Jomar, would you give Juan EVERYTHING he needs? Food, money, clothing, Home? A Wife and Kids too?

    See how crazy this is becoming?

    But I'm not done: How about JUAN is too busy to RECEIVE the gifts that Jomar has, Jomar has to FEED JUAN directly, open JUAN's mouth --go to his house and give him the food, money etc.

    But, but .... see?

    It's all solved when Juan wants to change the way he thinks.

    Also --IT's not a seminar, it's a hands on workshop.

    Knowing that the way Juan thinks is the secret key that unlocks change and personal wealth.  So Juan must stop saying " P 1000 is a fortune", but instead say "P 1,000,000/month" is a fortune. Because that is a fact at least for now.  

    That's the first step, Juan must now change every negative statement he has about money. No "never", "no I don't deserve it". It's a long process. Juan wants to change ASAP? That's simple, BORROW MONEY To attend GREAT Seminars or buy GREAT BOOKS. Then apply the lessons Juan gets from them.

    Oh, I forgot, Juan says "Nobody wants to lend him money" - another negative statement that Juan must stop saying.

    Jomar, is it really that simple? If I change my words my world and wallet will change? YES. Long term. YES.


    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    P 1000 is already a fortune for me, how can I attend your events?

    Q: Blessings, yes you are, for your persistence. I am a lawyer, with specialized skills derived from 25 years of experience attending to clients with agrarian conflicts, I want to sell quality legal assistance/consultancy job through internet. How can you help me?

    Million thanks!


    A: BEL,

    1. Create a blog via
    2. Create a facebook page via 
    3. Give out lots of interesting tips. 
    4. Do not sell of 3 months.
    5. Give out lots of helpful tips.
    6. Promote both blog and facebook to people you meet offline and online by ....
    7. Giving out lots of valuable tips.
    8. Once people ask for "more", sell them this "more" - whatever it is.
    9. Repeat from #3.
    10. Rinse, repeat until you create more products or services to sell.

    That's basically it - your starting point.
    Now a 7 hour overview would be attending the Breakthrough Seminar --

    A 14 hour hands on of the above would be you or your assistant attending the July 22-23,2011 Hands on Workshop at

    There you have it, free, seminar and workshop. Now all you need to do is to DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    How to Earn Online by Giving Legal Advise

    Jomar, I'm worried about ....(Google deleting my blogger account
    based on a rumor I heard in CNN)...

    Matthew 6:27-29

    Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And why worry
    about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they
    grow. They don't work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his
    glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.

    Read the article again, Google Private profiles are NOT even spelled
    the same as blogger. What makes you so sure that blogger is the same
    as a google private profile. I don't even know what a google private
    profile is.

    Even more, read the article again, it's not a CONFIRMED GOOGLE press
    release - it's just some "rumor".

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Jomar, I'm worried about ....

    Take a peek inside Google PLUS. When some blogger says Visual Tour, you know that he's just too lazy to write down any comments about how clean the interface of Google PLUS is. The way people are behaving about Google PLUS, it's a sure HIT. And I'm also sure that Zuck the Face will be creating a better way to organize their own wall as to prevent the number of active users of Facebook from declining - a figure they have said to be "no longer important" LOL.

    It was not too long ago that we also counted the number of gigahertz of cpu processors. Now we just say "Sandy Bridge' instead of numbers. 

    Times have changed? Perhaps not.

    Enjoy a peek inside Google PLUS while I try to find out who is that cute blonde they put in the Google Plus HangOut photo. I wish someone would email me a link to her Facebook profile. LOL.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Take a peek inside Google PLUS (Visual Tour Part 1)


    Hi Sir jomar, 

    Great news! I just got my first client. Miss L. =)

    Katuwa nga kasi I did not expect it na kukunin niya pa ako as VA. Kasi tagal niya din bago nagreply saken.

    Nung Saturday, I got a text from her that I could start anytime. Basically yung maging work ko is to market yung mga RE properties. =) Nakakaexcite lang talaga! I am officially starting work today. I am just waiting for the documents I need from Miss L.

    Thank you talaga Sir for the inspiration.

    By the way, tama po I attended yung VA seminar. 

    God bless.


    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Thank you I just got my first client as a VA!


    I've always believed that there is money in online biz like yours especially with online surveys, etc... But at the back of my mind, I still have doubts of entering coz a lot of sites like survey sites, Clickbank, etc still collect fees online that really give us NO GUARRANTEE of making money...

    A: Lahat --mostly na sites na you've shown me are SCAM SITES. I never pay these sites to make money. 
    Also Clickbank DOES NOT collect fees at all.
    You probably more some other site.
    Question is how do you prove to us that your biz is legit and really will make money for us? Please enlighten me on this biz thoroughly since I really wanted to be part of this and join your live seminar... Your Webinar is good but seeing you teach us in person might be te better and reliable option. 

    A: That's easy, "my biz" is called promoting online. And I've done that for Bo Sanchez, Larry Gamboa on a voluntary basis. Search for them online, ASK THEM via email or facebook and they'll tell you I helped them.  You can also check out my history: Many people to ask the same question.

    Even more, please take a look at the REVIEWS my events have garnered: 

    Even more, please do this search for videos of people talking about me:

    Plus to see even more success stories, just visit



    PS. I have no idea on what really a VA means :(

    A: A VA is a Virtual Assistant, also known as an entrepreneur that works from home -with a remote client, usually located in another city. He almost never meets his clients and gets jobs and payments via the internet.  Pinoy VAs are the favorite outsourcers of many foreign clients because of our command of English and creativity and Americanized thinking.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Prove to me Jomar that your online biz works


    Q: Im really interested maging virtual assitant. But i don't know how to start? I really want kasi to work at home lang.
    Can you help me please

    A: Sarah. you have 2 choices, well 3: Here they are:

    1. "Free" : Open an account in, then fill up the resume, follow all instructions and read the community forums of Odesk to find out the ins and outs. 

    2. Attend my upcoming VA Seminars in Manila or Cebu, details at

    3. Download the VA Seminar and learn via the internet, details at

    Though I labelled option #1 as "free", in truth you're using up a lot of your computer time, your personal time, electricity to know all these things. Attending my events (or downloading it) will allow you to save up on the time and effort -as well as meet fellow aspirants and actual VAs, too.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    How to start being a Virtual Assistant

    From Mike, a participant to the 2Day Workshop (Two Years Ago), VA Seminar and Breakthrough Seminar:

    Because of your referrals I got a client.I got one who I had to met personally in Quezon City but I don't get a gig 'cause he wants a commission based payment. So I asked him through email after I met him what is my percentage. I haven't got a reply, maybe it's still a good thing 'cause if we agreed in that deal then I became an affiliate marketer and not a VA. 

    The one which gave me a gig. Actually, this very moment that I'm typing this is I'm doing classified ads for their real estate properties. To gain their trust I said that I would work for them for two weeks for free. I want to impress them with my skill. lol.

    I had also a co-worker whom I promise to give him my service 'cause his also planning a real estate business. So far so good. I thanked God I decided to attend your Internet Marketing Workshop two years ago. This is it!

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    From Mike, a participant to the 2Day Workshop (Two Years Ago), VA Seminar and Breakthrough Seminar:


    Difference between VA and Breakthrough Seminar

    VA Seminar
    1.  How to work from home getting clients from other countries to use your skills. So you sell your skills.

    2. Takes a few months to start earning $, starting with $300/month up to $3000/month.

    3. As a VA you exchange time for money.

    4. This event is concentrated on making money in shortest period of time using your skills.

    Breakthrough Seminar
    1.  You can either work FOR an internet marketer, (someone who sells products online) -as a Virtual Assistant or BECOME one (sell your products online). 

    2. If you work for an internet marketer (assuming you took the VA seminar also) - it can take a few months to get $.

    3. If you become an internet marketer, 6 months - 3 years before you actually make serious $. Serious money is for example P 50,000-P100,000 a month net.  This is dependent on your marketing skills and passion.

    4. As an internet marketer, you hire VAs to work for you.

    5. This event is concentrated on uncovering and making money out of your personal passion.

    My suggestion really is to attend BOTH to understand the 2 sides to earning online. Notice - there is no mention of blogging when earning online. That mode of earning has been out of date and harder to do nowadays.  Most bloggers are famous, but they don't really have a constant stream of blog sourced incomes. They're like the new journalists. That's not our primary goal.  Your goal is to create services and products that people love to buy from you - online. Because that creates streams of income - coming from an international audience of readers or companies (as in the case of virtual assistants).  As to "create services" - that only means to create an onlne RESUME that showcases what you already know - so it's no biggie.

    It's much faster to sell products or your services to foreigners and locals than to simply blog.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Difference between VA and Breakthrough Seminar

    Look at this message from Evernote, the note taking tool used by many Internet Marketers and VAs:


    This means, if you want to use the newest version of Evernote and you have a Macintosh, you'll have to upgrade from Snow Leopard or Leopard to the newest (still unreleased) Lion Operating System.

    I'm sure you can use the older versions of Evernote if you don't upgrade to the new Lion, but to get access to new features, it's a $29 investment to upgrade to Lion via Mac App Store.

    Evernote is the indispensible tool I use to organize notes, store information using multiple computers and mobile devices (ipod, ipad) without getting confused! You should too. More Evernote discussion can be found in the Virtual Assistant Downloadable Seminar and the Live VA Seminars in Cebu and Manila.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    VA Favorite Tool Evernote will be running on MAC OS X Lion starting next month.

    I watched Transformers 3 yesterday and was almost in tears at the brilliant story telling. Even new characters and old characters mattered/ It's not about the robots but more of the humans and all the ID4 "we're fighting for freedom" vibe.

    Even better- - Christian Heavy "Metal" group Skillet (my favorite band) is featured in this flick -- but you'll hear it in the soundtrack but not in the movie. Too bad it would have made for a great trailer music and parts of the action.

    Now why is this post here in my blog? Because I think this movie matters to some of you. And the music matters to me. So there. Those who've attended the Breakthrough Seminar know EXACTLY what I'm talking about (as we talk about passion in that event).

    Enjoy the perfect trailer + song combo below. I think it's an official release.

    Most Christian Music is all about the message, so I'll include the lyrics here:
    (Singers are Skillet lead /bass: John Cooper and 21 Year old drummer: Jen Ledger who I blogged about in 2008)

    I'm at war with the world
    And they try to pull me into the dark
    I struggle to find my faith
    As I'm slipping from your arms

    It's getting harder to stay awake
    And my strength is fading fast
    You breathe into me at last

    I'm awake, I'm alive
    Now I know what I believe inside
    Now it's my time
    I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life

    (Here, right now)
    Right here, right now
    Stand my ground and never back down
    I know what I believe inside
    I'm awake, and I'm alive

    I'm at war with the world
    'Cause I ain't never gonna sell my soul
    I've already made up my mind
    No matter what, I can't be bought or sold

    When my faith is getting weak
    And I feel like giving in
    You breathe into me again

    I'm awake, I'm alive
    Now I know what I believe inside
    Now it's my time
    I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life

    (Here, right now)
    Right here, right now
    Stand my ground and never back down
    I know what I believe inside
    I'm awake, and I'm alive

    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up in the dark

    I can feel you in my sleep
    In your arms, I feel you breathe into me
    Forever hold this heart that I will give to you
    Forever I will live for you

    I'm awake, I'm alive
    Now I know what I believe inside
    Now it's my time
    I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life

    (Here, right now)
    Right here, right now
    Stand my ground and never back down
    I know what I believe inside
    I'm awake, and I'm alive

    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up
    Waking up, waking up

    Oh you can read more about super young Jen Ledger (the female vocals) here in my blog post about her.

    Christian Music track in the Transformers 3 movie

    During the Ondoy floods, a lot of people I know sang the song "Still" by Reuben Morgan because it contains the following words:

    When the oceans rise and thunders roar
    I will soar with You, above the storm
    Father, You are king over the flood
    I will be still and know You are God

    That song's a tear jerker alright, specially when you look down at your water filled living room. But that may not work for the newer, younger generation. What do you sing when you're hard up, having a hard time, wanting to give up?

    This : Plumb's Hang On, because the words say:

    Hang on when the water is rising
    Hang on when the waves are crashing
    Hang on, just don't ever let go

    I'm so stubborn, it's how I got here
    So alone, feels like forever
    Wanna swim away and breath the open air
    I feel so afraid then I hear you say

    Hang on when the water is rising
    Hang on when the waves are crashing
    Hang on, just don't ever let go

    I'm so hungry, how can I stay here?
    I'm starving for what I hold so dear
    Like a hurricane takes everything from me
    Wake me from this dream

    Hang on when the water is rising
    Hang on when the waves are crashing
    Hang on, just don't ever let go
    Hang on when you're barely breathing
    Hang on when your heart's still beating
    Hang on, just don't ever let go

    Three days, thirty years
    So hopeless doesn't matter
    Don't say it's too late if you blink your eyes
    The sun is rising, the sun is rising, oh

    Hang on when the water is rising
    Hang on when the waves are crashing
    Hang on, just don't ever let go
    Hang on when you're barely breathing
    Hang on when your heart's still beating
    Hang on, just don't ever let go

    And to make it even better, here's the Digital Dog remix of the song "Hang On".
    Enjoy Christian Music at it's best.

    When things are hard to handle...


    So you want to that wonderful and fascinating and powerful Educational Thing via installment - say an expensive book or seminar or mentoring? Then read on to find out how I did it:

    In 2007, when I signed up for a $2000 online mentoring with Stephen Pierce, I availed of their Installment (3 gives?) because they offered it. I used that because as any Makati CBD employee will tell you there's really no money in my bank account when payday draws near. So I've no extra money for education.  So if it's by installment, it's more manageable. 

    But what if what you're availing of doesn't have installment options? What do you do?

    1. Pay via credit card using the online links (buttons) of the sales letter.
    2. Convert your card purchase to installment using the same card company.
    3. Or transfer the purchase from one card to another, using their balance transfer with low interest. This is great.
    4. You don't have a credit card? Get one. Manila's Citibank GIVES them away, I heard to Security Guards. Why not you?
    5. You don't like credit cards? You need to change your opinion of these things because it's what makes you money online.
    6. Don't trust yourself with a credit card? Well leave them at home, don't bring them with you. I do that all the time.

    I hope this has helped you at least THINK about it.

    Photo Credit By Robert (Thanks dude! Hope to meet you soon, nice tilt shift you have there)

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    How you can manage to buy your Education & Seminars & Mentoring at Installment Rates

    Q: I haven't finished working on the VA homeworks. Nafocus ako sa pag gawa ng website namin. I decided to buy our own domain. I think it was from one of the comments in your site that got me interested in that. So ayun, bumili ako domain, tapos it came with free credit to facebook ad. So ginamit ko siya..

    Ok naman siguro feedback since now I have almost 1.3k fans. For me ok na..from 590 fans, naging 1.3k within a month. pero ok po ba talaga yun? hehe..

    Now ang problem ko, I have the fans, but I don't really have the sales. 

    By the way, our website is and our facebook is Pwede po humingi advice? Nag come up kami ng promo pero till now, wala pa nabili out of that promo.hehe..Something is definitely wrong.. pahelp po  What should I do?
    A: Mac, easy yan, you created a way to interact with buyers but you're not ready. Listen to them say "I want a photo of your deathnote thing" --and sagot doon -- 20 photos that one thing --not an excuse --"nasa shop and item, I can't show you the photo, please goto the shop." 

    You've found a gold mine.  Where's your miners and the trucks to haul the gold to to smelting plant?

    Set up a delivery system (messenger or air21) and include delivery cost in your price.

    Online store ka na.  Try to create a nice photobased store INSIDE

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    So you've got lots of Facebook fans but where's the sales?

    Like personal things like, technology adventures, travel adventures, insights on what's happening now.  All these that may let you see this ultralife that I'm talking about in this blog. So starting now, I won't just be talking about VA or Internet Marketing in this blog, it will also contain other aspects of my life that I believe strongly in.

    Yes it will be biased towards Apple products, Travelling, Life Tips and stuff I like. It will not cover extensive Christian Rock - which is something I also love but let's see what happens.

    Hope this change will be more enjoyable for the 1Million readers of this blog. :)

    I've been withholding many things from you...


    Q: Paid Workshop at Ps9,000 (+) is so expensive.
    A:  YES! But its only expensive if you compare it to:
    1. A Hamburger :)
    2. A Book
    3. Seminar that's one day with no computers
    4. Seminar for two days with no computers
    5. Seminar for three days with no computers

    But not expensive when you compare it to :
    1. Seven Starbucks Frapuccino a month for 12 months (same amount)
    2. Your cellphone's cost
    3. An enrollment in a College Degree or Short Course
    4. The same kind of event in Another Country + Plane Fare + Accomodation (Like what I normally do) (Approx P 40,000 if Singapore or Malaysia)
    5. The value of your freedom to live the life you want to live.

    Nasa perspective lang yan.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Your Workshop is So Expensive!

    Some people only live for themselves... and there are those who are history makers. Are you a history maker?

    Some people live for themselves...


    Q: I am a 24 years old guy and I work as a seaman here abroad for the past 3 years. I often received your emails regarding your internet marketing business and as I read your emails frequently I had a chance to get more interest on how to do this new kind of business. For the past years, I’ve been praying for an opportunity that will give me more money so that I can spend more quality time with my love ones.  

    It’s not easy to work here abroad far away from you family. That’s why I’m taking all the chances and opportunity just to earn more. As a usual seaman, I earn onboard and spend my money when I am on vacation. For the past 3 years of working here I didn’t had any chance to save. I just work and spend it. And when I don’t have enough money to supply my family's needs, I immediately call my agency to ask them for a job, sign for a contract and work again here at the ship for almost a year.

    As I realize the flow of my life, working here abroad lost one of the greatest happiness that you can achieve in your life and that is to spend more quality time with your family and  your loved ones.  When I read about your program, it hooks my interest to know more about this business.  I believe God answered my prayers and I know that I really need to work this out.  

    The problem is I don’t know where to start and what to start. But I really believe that there is something great about this industry that could change my life. I hope you could help me find and learn more about this. Now, I am aspiring of quitting my job and do the most important thing in this world and that is to spend more quality time with my family. I hope you can be my mentor and my partner in making these things possible. I hope you could help me making this dream a reality.

    A: Hi Ian, thank you for expressing what many people are saying to me. To start, I recommend you attend (via internet) my Downloadable Seminar so you can start preparing becoming a VA.  You're 24 and if you want to - you can learn many new internet skills. This Downloadable VA seminar can help you. We also interview VAs online -regularly so you can learn from them - even after you "attend" the online seminar. 

    The online seminar doesn't have a TIME SLOT. You just download and watch or listen and read.

    This is a first step. If you lack the internet skills confidence, I can help you via the CLICK BY CLICK Workshops I conduct in both Cebu and Manila.  You just have to attend those.

    Dalian mo, lots of time is lost just THINKING instead of acting. Lots of time your loved ones are growing older and older --wishing for you to come home ASAP.

    God bless.

    By the way, if you think you can't afford the seminar, just immerse yourself into forums and learn from people there to become a Virtual Assistant- the easiest way to make money from the internet.

    Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

    Seaman wants to come home to his loved ones - How?


    Q: Jomar, I have been thinking for a while now of having my sister attend your seminar for virtual assistant in the hope of getting her to earn even while she is at home. This will be an investment on my part as i would really like to help her make a living for herself and her son. She's having difficulty finding a job. Since there is no internet and no computer at home, do you think this will still work if she will just have to go to the computer shop for this after the seminar? Appreciate your advice.
    A: NING, Yes, the important thing is --SHE's determined.  I've known how it is to help relatives by spending for them but unless the person is the one asking for it, it normally doesn't work out well. Why? Because the person will depend on you AGAIN for the next step and the next step and the next step.
    In your case it will be "Please buy me a computer naman", then a DSL line, then a printer. etc.  Soon she's asking you to do her VA assignments or asking you attend the event because she "can't understand it" or "too scared to touch the computer".
    You need to determine if the person really wants it or just wants to ahem, "depend" on dole outs and giveaways.
    Do I sound really bad? Nope, it's been proven again and again in my life, help your relatives is best done by other people if your relatives don't really want to be self-reliant.
    However, I hope you take this answer as a challenge to find out if your sister really wants this badly.

    Kamusta - Can I help my relatives to attend your seminar?

    I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

    Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

    I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

    - Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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