There's an argument for removing dates in blogs. Tim Ferriss and Don Crowther both do it. Here's how you do it in removedateinblogger

Remove Dates in Blog Posts


Most of the time I post fairly basic online marketing information, because a lot of my readers are looking for it. 

But if you're one of those looking for advanced stuff. Here's one:

Do you want to know how I find out about new technologies that may prove useful for the online seller, online virtual assistant or online marketer?

This: Y Combinator.

Y Combinator is a baby of Paul Graham. Paul is a very opinionated investor (funny too), here's his blog if you like to read.  He has a computer programming background so forgive if the essays he write is about computers.

Anyway, Paul invests in Y Combinator which invests in a little more than 50 startup companies every year.

These companies are the kind that you must pay attention to. Specially if one of them is (stay in paris for 25% of the cost of the hotel across the street) and my favorite blog poster - - which actually powers THIS blog post and every blog post I've done for more than 2 years now.

Y Combinator companies are smart, innovative and sometimes gets primetime attention - but not all the time. So it's your duty, dear reader to browse through the list of the latest Y Combinator startups and find out what's interesting and try it and CREATE A TUTORIAL how it works - and place the tutorial in your blog.

Yes, that's an assignment.

After doing that, go to the mother website of the startup and tell them how you discovered them and that you made a TUTZ for them. :) 

They'll love it, they'll love you and you can reduce the amount of fear you have for online personalities -while enjoying the work that they have created for you.

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For mature audiences only...

There are different tools we can use to further improve communication.  For a virtual assistant, it is important to explain oneself clearly, visually.  Taking screenshots is one good way to ensure that instructions and directions are conveyed crystal clear, since what is being explained is also demonstrated.  Watch this tutorial on how to take a full screenshot. How to Take a Screen Shot

Take a Shot of Your Screen

Q: Or baka may mai-advice po kayo sa akin kung anu po puede ko gawin? Gusto ko na po kasi bayaran lahat ng utang ko sa cards eh... Kaka-loan ko po ng pakonti-konti lalo lang po gumulo yung budget ko... Ngayon po 2 cards na po yung di ko mabayaran (tig-95,000) wala pa po ung iba dun... 

Actually dun po umikot yung utang ko eh... Kaka-balance transfer tas swipe ulit hanggang sa nag-loan tas swipe ulit. Natuto na po ako sa pagkakamali ko kaso hindi ko po alam kung pano ko pagbabayaran... 

Kung meron po kayo kakilala na magtitiwala, babayaran ko po 10K monthly for 3years kung puede po... 

Alam ko pong sobrang laki ng hinihiram ko... Pero mas gusto ko na po ng malaki para isang tao na lang iisipin ko pag bayaran na... 

Kung malalampasan ko po ito talagang hinding hindi na po ako mag-a-apply ng credit card/loan. Thank you in advance po...

A: May blog post ako about debt pero I can't find it now. So let me help you.
I once owed P 500,000 mixed bank and card debt.

Here's how you solve it:
1. Stop paying a large amount every payday, pay only minimum + 1000.
2. With the "rest" of the money left over, allot money to buy finance/personal finance/investment books like rich dad poor dad or Bo sanchez's 8 secrets of the truly rich.
3. Attend seminars on money too.
4. Automatically pay minimum + P 1000 to all your cards.
5. Ignore the interest computation, even if you know how it's done.
6. Do not compute "when you'll be free".
7. Keep learning about money via books and seminars until you understand that you need to earn more (not simply via a job) to have more money.
8. In a few years time you'll be earning more and paying your huge debt slowly.
9. Meantime, keep your credit cards at home.

That's why I did.


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How to manage a large amount of credit card debt

Ultradust Lyrics

there is no place for us in this turning world
we're like the sadness of an ocean
we're  both the nearest waves and the farthest shores
and they'll never ever really begin to understand

there is no time for us on this spinning earth
today, tomorrow is set in motion
and though we might be living in our finest hour
they could never ever really begin to understand

the world is not in our hands to hold
we are ultradust caught in its spin and flux
all the while, revolving perpetual
dreaming, waiting to break free

there is no place for us in this turning world
we're like the sadness of an ocean
we're both the nearest waves and the farthest shores
and they'll never ever really begin
they could never ever really begin
they will never ever really begin to understand

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Christian Music that's ahead of it's time.

Q: Sir good day, Tanong ko lang po kung paano gamitin ang google adsense at dapat po ba may sariling products na ibebenta? Please help. Maraming salamat po. Jem

A: Noon magandang panimula ang adsense. Ngayon. Hindi na. Parang cassette tapes, hindi na rin uso. Ganoon. Yung products na ibebenta, hindi rin ganyan magsimula. Parang bawal sa beginner gumawa ng mall (SM, for example) - kasi hindi pa nya kaya.

Ang nadiskubre kong paraan para kumita sa internet ay nasa website na ito, dapat i click mo para maintindihan mo, eto na i click mo na ito:

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From: Marriott Hotels & Resorts Reservation <>
Date: Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 7:05 PM
Subject: Santa Clara Marriott Reservation Confirmation #90454393

Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: 1-408-988-1500
Fax: 1-408-352-4353

Confirmation Number: 90454393


We are pleased to confirm your reservation with Marriott. Below is a summary of your booking and room information. We look forward to making your stay gratifying and memorable. When you're traveling away from home you can always count on Marriott.<br />
<br />

Santa Clara Marriott

Reservation Details
Confirmation Number: 90454393
Your hotel: Santa Clara Marriott
Check-in: Thursday, September 8, 2011 (03:00 PM)
Check-out: Saturday, September 10, 2011 (11:00 AM)
Room type:  Guest room, 1 King or 2 Double room, 1 King or 2 Double&requestor=email
Number of rooms: 1
Guests per room: 1
Reservation confirmed:  Thursday, August 4, 2011 (11:05:00 GMT)

Guarantee method: Credit card guarantee, Master Card
Special request(s):
               1 King Bed, Not Guaranteed

Summary of Room Charges

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - Saturday, September 10, 2011
               2 nights
               Cost per night per room (USD) 144.00
               BURCHARD GROUP
Estimated government taxes and fees - 14.82

Total for stay (for all rooms) - 317.65

.....Because the US Embassy decided I wasn't part of their quota for the day?

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Why did I cancel this reservation to the Sta Clara Marriott?

So if you think they look nice, how come you're not putting more photos of beautiful flowers on your blog? Too much worrying if you're going to do the right thing?

It's said that those who enjoy their work, flourish more!  And what better way to blog but to make things colorful because it's fun and spontaneous! Add more color to your blog, just because you like it. It will show readers that you're enjoying and people like people who know how to enjoy.  Even if it's only a blog.


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Flowers are beautiful, don't you think?


For years I was happy to wear a full of holes, overused tshirt when I go to bed. It was hot and a pair of old shorts would complete my bed time attire.

It was the same when I was working for more than 10 years. I would often wake up drenched in sweat in my lola's house - it was hot in Manila - even at nights.

When we finally got an aircon to keep my 1 year old cool at night - the tshirt and shorts wasn't enough - so I got some pajama bottoms. That was paired with used white tshirts.

That was four years ago. 

Now for the first time, I got myself matching pajama and tops. I wore it this night for the first time and realized - I should have changed my night wardrobe sooner. 

It feels different.

It revealed to me what I suspected a long time ago -- How come I bath, shave and dress well when I leave the house -and only when I leave the house? It shows how important I saw the job and meeting people outside - but also showed how unimportant the people at home and the events at home are.

It also showed how little I respected myself that I "deserved" torn up or hole riddled tshirts when I would sleep because they're my "favorite" clothes. It showed that inside, I still thought I was poor (well I come from a non-wealthy non middle class family so guess what?)

You may not agree with me, but wearing nice P 399 pajamas today, feels good and feels right. After all, you're not going to tell me P 399 is luxury! 

Good night. 

Dream on. 

Your dreams will come true.

Photo Credit

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What do you wear to bed affects the way you think about your life/self.


What is HTML and how can I understand it without nose bleeding?
5. So let's breakdown that article:
Name of Author (or subtitle)
Blank Line
First Paragraph
Blank Line
2nd Paragraph that contains a list
Intro To list
First item of the list
Blank Line
Final Paragraph
5. In html like words:
TItle --> Heading
Name of Author (or subtitle) --->Sub Heading
Blank Line ---> Duh, a blank line
First Paragraph --->Paragraph 1
Blank Line --> Ditto
2nd Paragraph that contains a list ---->Paragraph 2
Intro to List --->Ordered list
First item of the list --->List Entry 1
2nd  --->List Entry 2
3rd  --->List Entry 3
4th  --->List Entry 4
Blank Line ---> Blank!
Final Paragraph --->Paragraph 3
6. Let me give you some space so you can breathe after that severely technical lesson.
7. More space for you to breathe. Let's look at some flower to give you a break:

8. More space. Inhale. Exhale. Ready?
9. Actual moving to html territory now:
TItle --> Heading ---> H1
Name of Author (or subtitle) --->Sub Heading ---> H2
Blank Line --->Line Break ----> BR
First Paragraph --->Paragraph 1 ---> P
Blank Line -->Line Break---> BR
2nd Paragraph that contains a list ---->Paragraph 2 ---> P
Intro to List --->Ordered list  --->OL
First item of the list --->List Entry 1 --->LI
2nd  --->List Entry 2 ---->LI
3rd  --->List Entry 3 ---->LI
4th  --->List Entry 4 ---->LI
Blank Line --->Line Break ---> BR
Final Paragraph --->Paragraph 3 ----> P
9. Simplified,  the article looks like this in structure:
10. Actual HTML means to put < and > around those letter set up there. 
11. And that's how to read HTML. Easy huh? HTML is simply the structure of documents interpreted so the browser (safari, chrome) can understand what the text is being displayed. Is it a blank line (BR)? Is it a paragraph (P)? Is it a header (H1)?
12. Some HTML is more complex, like that of a link like this:  Join the Marketing Insider. However, it's really not awfully complex since it's just A LINK:
From: Click here to Join the Marketing Insider  --->
To:  A Link HTTP Reference to" but display the words "Click here to Join the Marketing Insider"
To : A HREF="" but display the words "Click here to Join the Marketing Insider"
To:  A HREF="" Click here to Join the Marketing Insider A
To: The final HTML that has the < > around the letter As!
P.S. want to know more? Join the Marketing Insider to get even more easy to understand tutorials like these.
P.S. Http stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, but you already know that c3po!

Part 2: What is HTML and how can I understand it without nose bleeding?


What is HTML and how can I understand it without nose bleeding?

I never am the type to use dictionary definitions, so here goes:
1. Imagine an essay you wrote in school, an exciting topic like "How the Apple Computer killed computers and the web."
2. Its followed by tons of paragraphs that make no sense --after all you took just 2 hours making it! For example:
How the Apple Computer killed computers and the web
by Fearless School Crammer
I believe Apple computer, in 2010 killed computers when it introduced the IPAD. They called it a tablet device, but history shows it to be a stone in david's slingshot on it's way to Goliath's forehead. Goliath being the immense PC market spearheaded by HP at that time. Within one year, HP's PC division is now being "let go" along with the erasure of the Ipad competitor WebOS from the face of the tech world.
In the ensuring years, Apple has:
1.  Removed USB, DVDs and CDs from their device-and other companies followed suit.
2.  Relegated large PC like machines to home based "server rooms" (closets!) just like in the old IBM days
3.  Replaced the keyboard with myriad digital interfaces like swipes and curls and gestures most humans already know how to use.
4.  Made people dependent on apps to see most everything online - including the internet, increasing the demand for app programmers to replace the HTML web programmers who create the "www" (web)sites of the world.
Truly an astonishing accomplishment given they started with a more expensive mp3 player than the RIO (the first mp3 player). 
3. So let's breakdown that article:
Name of Author (or subtitle)
Blank Line
First Paragraph
Blank Line
2nd Paragraph that contains a list
First item of the list
Blank Line
Final Paragraph
4. Look at that breakdown again. Is it complicated? Please let me know in the comments below. I'll wait. In the next blog post. I'll explain how that is the first part to understanding HTML.
P.S. comments are welcome!
P.S. want to know more? Join the Marketing Insider to get the nitty gritty.

What is HTML and how can I understand it without nose bleeding?

So you want to manage your e-mail? Here's a way to do it while HAVING FUN! JomarHilario_Email Game Prez Want more? Avail of the GMAIL MASTERY Course, free if you get into the Marketing Insider or the Inner Circle Mastermind!

Be a Master at Handling E-mails

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How to Join Jomars Affiliate Marketing Program Now that you have joined Jomar Hilario's Affiliate Marketing Program, the next thing you want to do is get to know the products. The second installment of this three-part series of tutorials will show you the different products within the affiliate marketing program that you can promote.
How to Get What You Want to Promote From Jomar's List of Products Found the products you want to promote?  The last installment of this three-part series of tutorials will now teach you the effective ways to promote them.

How to Effectively Promote the Products

Promote My Events and Earn Semi-Passive Income


How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

1. Instead of explaining, I'll show you.

PAL president and chief operating officer Jaime Bautista said termination notices were already sent to the affected employers, as the airline implements the outsourcing of its catering, call center and ground services on October 1.
In a press briefing shortly after PAL's annual stockholders' meeting on Thursday, Bautista said the letters notified affected PAL workers that their employment with the flag carrier is only up to the close of their respective duty hours on September 30.
The affected employees also have until September 9 to accept job offers from the new service providers. Some 400 employees signified their intention to join the service providers, and they will start official duty on Oct. 1.

2. You first register for an account in that website that displayed the news: ABS CBN News site

3. You'll need to leave a comment there later.

4. Then you create a blog with posts like :
10 Wonderful things you can do when you're laid off
23 Critical Preparations you need to do in case you get laid off
7 Pinoy Companies Who Laid Off Massive Numbers of People in 2010-2011
100 Things Virtual Assistants Can Do That I Bet You Can Too

5. You get the point? If you are wondering how to create blog posts like these, go and get some chocolate and a notebook and attend this free webinar NOW on how to make clever attention getting blogposts. 

6. Then at the end of each post place a conclusion saying : "Wouldn't it be great if you had a backup online job in case this retrenchment happens to you?"
Investigate this thing called "Virtual Assistant" is what I did and boy I get results! Check it out yourself (Affiliate Link).

You get affiliate links from a place like Inside there is a 300 slide document that teaches how it's done.  This means you'll be selling what's in to the readers of your blog.

(Of course you simple modify the words I'm using so it's not boring and very personal instead)

8. Make sure you have either Listwire installed in the blog or Activated the "Follow By Email" blogger gadget or installed Feedburner in your blog.

9. Go back to the ABS CBN article. You registered for an account correct? At the bottom put in a nice emotional comment in TAGLISH --- At the end of the comment say " I hope people read this so that they'll find the good thing in this bad news: (Link to your blog post abut 10 Wonderful things you can do when you're laid off).

Important is to just comment like a human being. Don't make it a show. If you're human you know how to comment. I don't have to tell you. If you comment like you're official or trying to impress, it won't work.

Example comment if you really don't know how to comment like a human:

TALAGA? Wawa naman mga taga pal. may travel privlieges nga nga pero BOOM one day -wala nang work? Kamusta kaya ang sweldo nila sa new outsrouce partner nila? Anyway this inspired me to make a list " 23 Critical Preparations you need to do in case you get laid off".  Para maka tulong. Here's the link to the article I made. (link).

10. Wrong spelling is bad but if you can read it , why not?

11. That's only for ABS CBN, now do that for like 100-500 blogs, websites, forums. And you'll do good as an affiliate marketer.

12. Jomar, ulp, 500? Yes, that's why sometimes you need to hire a VA to do this. VA is virtual assistant. Click here for details.

13. Jomar, is there an alternative to this? Yes, don't be an affiliate marketer until you've gathered enough email addresses in your autoresponder. That way, 1- 10 emails from you is all it takes to earn big online. Autoresponder? Read #15 below.

14. How accomplish what you just said in #13 above? Get a marketing mindset, get training, get tutorials, talk to the right people - while you're a VA full time or part time or an entrepreneur.

15. Shortcuts to #14 is via the Marketing Insider or the 12 month meetup Inner circle mastermind.  Join now and learn why an autoresponder is the best thing that ever happened to retrenched employees like me!  Don't believe me, read this.

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Affiliate Marketing: PAL lays off employees sends them off to "outsourcing"


I have a question which I just recently posted in our Breakthrough Seminar group at Facebook..... i know these are a bit "newbie" questions but il shoot anyway.. [affirmation: I will not be afraid to ask and to learn!!! LOL] =)

Q: Is it possible (or is it just okay) to create multiple blogsites / websites under 1 gmail account? or we have to create several gmail addresses for each of the blogsites we create?

A: 100 blogs can be created for 1 blogger or gmail account.  My advice is to just create like 10-20 blogs per gmail account to spread your risk in case your gmail account is disabled. Personally I didn't know this when i started so I have more than 100 blogs on a single gmail account.

Q: When creating a name for your blog [choosing your niche], you taught us (on the Breakthrough seminar last Aug 20) to use Google keyword tool to optimize the website, right?

A: Yes. For those who don't know this, it's the first thing that appears when you google "KEYWORD TOOL".

Q: Now, let's say we have 2 topics to choose from, one has millions of searches per month, the other only has about thousands (50k, 100k to around 500k).... which one is more worthwhile to do? the one with million searches (wow, dami ngse-search... kaso baka mas marami competition).. or the other one that has only so few who care to search for, for example the "Arnis" which leads to other related words like Eskrima or Escrima.. so generally speaking, which topic or niche should I be choosing?

Kasi if we see that 2M is searching about this topic pala every month, e di ibig sabihin lagi pinaguusapan.. e di mas malaki chance na makita agad through Google search yung site mo, lalo pag ginamit mo lahat ng mga tamang keywords?

Now, once you've chosen your niche.. the question is choosing your words (or blog name) wisely.. for example, when choosing the topic "investing".. we find that "investing for dummies" only has around 18,100 Global Monthly Searches and the Competition level is like 80%... now "how to invest" has 5M Global Monthly Searches (wow!) and the competition is only like 30%.... which one would you choose?

To address confusion: Competition in the Keyword tool means Advertisers competing against each other and not Bloggers or Websites competing against each other. You want this competition to be near 100% as much as possible. And you'll want to select a keyword that's either local, specific or both. "Cat" is not local. Cats exist in all countries.  Pusakal however only exists in the Philippines. I hope that's clear.

I would always choose a more specific keyword vs a generic or general keyword. The word "cat" is too general vs the words "Minx Cat" w/c is a specific kind of cat.  When you check the searches - the cat always gets millions. But minx cat is not near millions. That means less competition from other bloggers about minx cats. It also means cats have lots of sites and bloggers blogging about the generic topic of cat.

You don't have much hope in creating a new top selling store inside an already top selling and crowded mall.  This is "cat".

Your best bet is to locate a street outside the mall where people pass by BEFORE going to the mall - and set up your new shop there. This is "minx cat".

My choice will be investing for dummies philippines or investing for dummies for Filipinos

Details on how to do all this will be tackled in the FREE BONUS P 27,000 value Webinar on SEO on the 3rd month, see schedule below:

Bonus 0. Dream Reminders Webinar 101 + Recording
Month 1. Virtual Assistant 101 Webinar (Getting your own or becoming one) + Recording
Month 2. SEO 101 Webinar 101 and SEO 202 + Recordings  <---Attend this one to find out how this all works!

Month 3. The New Blogging Webinar 202 + Recording
Month 4. Facebook Page Webinar 101 + Recording
Month 5. Online Store Webinar 101 + Recording
Month 6.  Affiliate Marketing + Management Webinar 101 and 202 and 303 + Recordings
Month 7. How to write an ebook/book 101 Webinar + Recording
Month 8. How sell the ebook/book 101 Webinar + Recording
Month 9. Online Event promotion 505 Webinar + Recording
Month 10. Facebook Ads 101 Webinar + Recording
Month 11. Advertising on Blogs 101 Webinar + Recording
Month 12 Google+

Get into the list of regular participants to the webinars above via or meet up with us for 12 month via the new Inner Circle Mastermind

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Questions on creating and naming your Blogsite


Q: Hi coach. I've just paid Php 9,750 for the MMInsider. I've deposited it in you BPI account. What's my next step?

Btw, I was trying to use paypal, but I'm not able to link my credit card with my paypal account. I'm using my married name in my paypal account, while my credit card is still in my maiden or unmarried name. Can you advise me on how to reconcile the two?

A: Simple: You must ask the cards to change your name. Then link the new card to your new married paypal. Paypal is like a bank. So they can only match names to verify if you are really who you say you are. Hence married name is not the same as maiden name w/c means you aren't the same person - when you ask paypal.

There's a process in paypal wherein you submit scanned documents to them and wait a few weeks. That's not so fun to do. It's easier to call up the bank, ask to change names on your card, pay for the name change fee - wait for the card to arrive and connect the new card to the married paypal account.

Here's another solution, easier : Just get a new card from the competing banks. Use married name in the new card. Link that to paypal.

Paypal is very picky when it comes to names. Ma is not Maria and Ma is not Ma. (with a period at the end).

P.S. Whenever you pay for my products via BPI, just fill up and email the details.

Photo Credit

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Paypal using Married Name, Card using Maiden Name, fix please?

Free Tutorial on Adding the Facebook Like and Send to Blogspot or Blogger. Lots of people want to be able to do this. Recent changes in the Facebook FBML has disabled old solutions to do this. The following actually works as of yesterday. 

This is what it looks like:

It's great because it allows readers of your blog to innocently promote you to THEIR facebook friends.And since people are LIKELY to press LIKE because of the way facebook has brainwashed us all - you get more likes this way.

And as you'll learn in the Social Mentoring Club (a bonus to the Insider or Mastermind),  Facebook Likes is the new online marketing goal - not SALES, not yet.

Important: You'll have to know that it will create a LIKE on the entire blog and not just the blog post. That's how Facebook likes it as of today. It's not a bug.

Warning: If you're afraid of code, don't do this. Have a VA do it for you.
JomarHilario_How to Add XFBML Like Button to Blogger   

Here's the FB Script you'll need above:
<div id='fb-root'/>
(function() {
var e = document.createElement('script');
e.src = document.location.protocol + '//';
e.async = true;

Below here's the standard button snippet (and what it looks like) Warning: Don't read it, just copy it and paste it according to the instuctions above.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'>
<div class='fb-like'>
<fb:like expr:href="data:post.url" send="true" show_faces="true" width="450" height="35" font="arial"></fb:like>

Did you try to read it? Well it's actually very easy to read, if you know XML. What ? You want to know how to read XML? Then attend the VA Advanced Seminar. Stay tuned for details. Meantime, learn how this is done and more at the Marketing Master Insider --&gt; 50% off effective only until today. Credit where credit is due

Free Tutorial: Add Facebook Like and Send to Blogspot

Q: Jomar, what you're teaching is work from home as a Virtual Assistant and eventually becoming an online marketer or even an affiliate marketer. What if I LOVE TO GO TO THE OFFICE? How can that work?


A: See above. Companies ARE looking for online marketing talent.  Sadly, no school is giving this a serious look. No course on BS Online Marketing.  Even if the internet is 20 years old already.  

Secretly, jobs like these are ALREADY available in the philippines. Count a few more months and you'll get to see more opening as the slow moving large companies catch up to the "internet trend" and hire people with knowledge in promoting online.

But why wait for schools to teach you? You can learn now at

Note: I know why you love the office, it's a welcome break from all the screaming kids at home....I know someone who guiltily admitted that to me. :) Sad, isn't it?

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Can you work as an online marketer?

If you missed last night's 3 hour free webinar on how to create attention getting blogposts, how to connect blogs to online marketing and the references to free resources online to start your online earning journey, here's the recording:

If you're the mind-map, shortcut kind of person, here are the mindmaps that I used to get the point across:



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How to Start Earning Online - Step 1 + Free Strategy Webinar Recording + Free Mindmaps

Showing locations in your blog just looked a lot better and yes, interactive.  Google Live Maps is a tool that you can use on blog posts to conveniently show where the restaurant you're recommending is, or where the next Virtual Seminar will be.  Plus, your readers can move the arrows in order to show more of what direction the want to see.  Watch this video on how to use it, and make that blog post now!

How to Use Google Live Maps in Blog Posts

Use Google Live Maps for Your Blog

See you 8pm Tonight for a Free blogging and online earning webinar! 

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At the same time! See you and if you can't make it. There's a recording.

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VAs: Time to Upgrade

Learn new lessons and programs that will surely level-up your skill as a VA. Learn more about HTML, CSS, DNS servers, Apps and much more.Like the other seminars, our objective is to make the seminar fun and entertaining while you remember what these tools are and how they work.
VA Advanced Seminar 202 is hands-on, bring your own laptop - but internet is not needed.

See you on Sept.3 2011 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig

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Reserve a seat now. Get ready to change your VA life for the better:



VA Advanced Seminar 202

Stay tuned and reserve your September 3,2011 to learn the following (not all, but most) in the most fun way possible. Our goal is to remember what and how these work without overtaxing your brain and make you laugh while remembering them:


Vote for your favorite topics in the comments below.

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VAs: Are you interested to know about these topics?

Virtual Assistants, join us at to tell us what you
want to learn in the upcoming Sept 3 Advanced VA Seminar in Manila.

This is new! Members of this group get discounts to the event (or it's
online version).

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Tell me what you want to learn in the Advanced VA Seminar

There are some ways to make your blog popular.  Pingoat is one of them.  It is a service that notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them.  To know more about this, watch this simple tutorial and make your blog more popular!
  How to Use Pin Goat

Use Pingoat to Make Your Blog Popular

Why online marketing (getting your message out) is not for everyone. Check out if you're meant to succeed.

Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe

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1.) press ctrl+f
2.) then type 6

Read it.

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A message I want you to know.

Ang buhay ng pinoy sa online marketing has to do with understanding
how paypal works.
1. When people are about to buy they see "paypal as payment provider"
--they think it means they need a paypal account. Ah, they don't. They
can use their credit card.
2. When people use their cards however, paypal will create an account for them.
3. That's why when you enter your card y sometimes it says "you've
used the card before, so there's already an account created before.
Unfortunately most people don't notice that old account was created.
So they use another card.
4. When using another card with an amount that's less than Paypal's
"limit" (it depends per country), sometimes you exceed the limit.
5. If you exceed the limit, (say the limit is $1000 and the
transaction is $1050) Paypal becomes nervous and wants to know who you
are. Just fair, banks do this all the time.
6. To prove who you are, you need to enter paypal with the password
you entered TWO TIMES when you were transacting.
7. Inside you click Verify.
8. Then they'll ask for a Credit Card Number. (or get a Unionbank Eon
Debit Card if you don't have a credit card)
9. They'll charge the credit card (or Unionbank Eon Debit Card if you
don't have a credit card, kaya lagyan mo ng load yan Eon! Kulit ba?)
for approx $5.
10. You need to call up the card's authorization line immediately (or
wait bukas) to ask them the description of the paypal transaction.
11. This is like you signing 7 signature cards sa bank. It's work? Yes.
12. Get the description of the paypal transaction and locate the 4 digit number.
13. Open your account again.
14. The 4 digit number must be entered in the Paypal account as part
of verification.
15. When your paypal account is verified you can TRANSACT your high
amount transaction.

Yes, it's not short. But as Filipinos in the Philippines THIS IS WHAT
we have today.
After all getting a paypal account is free.
Clear na po?

I just rephrased the contents of

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Transacting large amounts using Paypal - How?

Usuall if you pay for stuff online you use your credit card. But then you see below. A paypal button that says "You have selected Paypal as your payment provider for this transaction.

This is MARKETING statement.  Parang commercial. Please ignore it.


What you should do it to CLICK Submit Order at the bottom of the screen.
Normally if it's your first time to pay via this CARD online, you'll automatically CREATE a paypal account by just supplying your PASSWORD. That's all. It's going to be part of the blanks asking for your credit card information. You're not supposed to click "Create a Paypal account SEPARATELY. It will create a new paypal account automatically. 

Then after the transaction (you've already paid) - you can follow these instructions just to be SURE: w/c will verify your new paypal account (not required in all cases, sometimes lang).

Read this again. Bottomline: IGNORE the paypal messages and click "SUBMIT ORDER".

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How to pay via Credit Card without using Paypal


Q: I already started a blog.  I used the free hosting in blogspot.  Do I need to pay for a domain so that I can be qualified for google adsense?  I've been trying to register with adsense but they always send me a response regarding domain issues?

Please help... 

A: You're in Asia? Sorry, please blog for 5 months before applying for Google Adsense.
This is a new rule and though most people will try to apply earlier than this - Google will keep sending you weird reasons to disapprove them because they're not admitting this new rule.

2 Things will happen:
1. You will believe me and blog for 5 months. Great.
2. You will doubt what I say and push your "luck" and try to apply again....

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?

Will you really not believe me?




If you're this person, why ask me in the first place?

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Google adsense has disapproved my blog because of domain issues


Q:  Since nauuso ang group buying sites ngayon, kasi more than 50%off ang binibigay nila sa customers.

Paano kumikita ang Company ng mga naglalagay sa Group Buying sites? More Customers yet Low Profit? May mga nakita ako umaabot sa 90% off pa yung vouchers. Not sure kung pano pa sila kikita nun.

A:  Great question! Most marketers (hint hint) know the answer to this.

Shortcut answer: Back end sales & Free Word of Mouth Social Promotion

Long answer:

I happen to know how they work and who earns short term and long term. Want to know? Attend the FREE webinar this Sunday 4pm-530pm by registering at

But to answer your EXACT question, here it is:

Once you get a customer to "promise" or pledge to buy the 90% off product, that person is desperate to tell his friends via FB or Twitter (Why is it that there's a FB or twitter button in the group buying (groupon, ensogo) site? That's not for decoration). 

They'll be desperate to do this because there must be say, 35 orders before the 90% is in effect. Plus behind the scenes you don't know it but after 35 people say they're in -- they have like 24hours to PAY THE MONEY or the deal (90% off) is not going to push through.

Did you detect what happened above?

The company's products are promoted like crazy by people. Sometimes getting 1000 likes on their FB page because of this. And the word of mouth too, you can't buy that kind of rumor: wow! 90% off at MELOS Steak House! Tell everyone at lunch. Forward this to your friends.


That's one. Promotion and it's free.

Marketing Masters know that once they get the emails or the likes of the people who are even JUST interested in their product - they can now start with an email series, facebook wall message series to attract these people to avail of their next promo (not at 90%). Why not? The customer, in the past indicated he liked the product - so why not invite again and again until they "UNLIKE" the company page or unsubscribe from the email list.

Most companies are happy with the first benefit (free promotion) - but the best ones will collect EMAILS and LIKES because of it.

And I haven't even started discussing Birthday Promos which facebook makes it super duper no brainer to do.  To get a good idea how this works, to know more about the insides of group buying sites, attend the FREE webinar this Sunday 4pm-530pm by registering at

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Question about Group Buying sites


Moody Downgrades Nokia in this July 27 article.  This means there are lesser investors who can "legally" invest in them. That's what it means. And by investors I mean investors who actually believe Moody - w/c is just a rating company.

But I agree, and here's my perspective (coffin nail to Nokia if they ignore this)

#1. This article is all about displaying passion
#2. This article is all about expressing yourself, in this case, myself.

About Nokia moving to Windows 7 and why it deserves the Moody downgrade.

I've been using my Nokia E52 since January 2011. The symbian system that runs on it and it's components spell the good decision (maybe) of Nokia dumping their Symbian system for the new Microsoft Windows 7 system that will soon appear on Nokia phones this Christmas time.


1. The keyboard placement - that's again different from other Nokia's I've used before (I'm a customer since the Nokia 100 of old, their very first phone) - this time the E52 causes me to cancel a message while I'm composing it.  This is frustrating keyboard design that I haven't gotten the hang of even after half a year of using the E52.

And nokia always changes keyboard layout for each of their phone so It's not like I'm used to it. I've gone through an N70, N3220, N3550 touch screen and other older phones. 

This is the first time my muscle memory has not adapted to a phone - and I just have this one phone.

I always throw away this phone on the bed in disgust when it does that - cancel my message when I'm in the middle of making it.

Nokia, is this what you want? A disgusted customer? If so, if nobody in Nokia replies to this then you do deserve being left out by Samsung and Apple in the phone race.

2. The E52 3.2 Megapixel camera that's actually worse than a 2Megapixel N70 camera.

I've been warned by cellphone forums -but gently - that the E52 cam is useless (GSMArena said the camera is a "letdown") They were right. Only they should have said AVOID THIS PHONE LIKE MALARIA if you like taking photos.  They probably think big executives have no kids or go on non-attractive vacations and junkets.


a. It has a non-removable loud clicking sound everytime you take a photo it's distracting.

b. Activating the camera takes a long time, unlike the N70 which uses the single clicker to activate the camera. The E52 wants you to go through a menu system to take a photo. By the time you take a photo, the subject might have moved on.

To make things even harder, the new 2011 Firmware update removes the CAMERA icon and replaces it with a near-dead OVI store link.

Thanks Nokia for worrying about making sales via OVI to the detriment of the customer experience.  What your firmware should do is to assign the CLICKER to activate the camera just like the old N70 -which is you also created.  Shessh.

Yes in some countries you need to have a noisy phone that takes photos. But not in the Philippines, please?

c. 3.5 MP photo quality is very very very bad. Sometimes there are streaks of red on my photos. Why is that?

d. The flash is always firing even it shouldn't. It takes a long time to remove the flash and if you're going to stop taking photos for a while you'll have to set flash off again. Really? Yes I know some digicams work like this - the settings aren't saved.  But this is a supposed to be a high-end phone the E52 - and saving settings should be simple enough to implement from a programming point of view (I used to be a programmer).

This is the reason I welcome the Microsoft Windows 7 replacement to the Nokia Symbian. But remember, by the time Windows 7 appears on the Nokias, I'm probably selling my E52 and getting a new Iphone 5. At least with Iphone, I know what I'm getting into. With Nokias, you never know until you got the phone and are stuck with it for like 2 years.

Note to MS Windows 7 phone UI designers, do not ask me Y/N if I want to quit. I just pressed the quit button, what else do I want to do? Don't ask me if I want to save if I just pressed the SAVE button, what else do I want to do?  

Now you were telling me "Jomar, teach me how to blog!" Well, this is a blog post I wrote entirely out of dismay at my E52 phone. It's connected to news events of today. How many of you actually use your Nokias - and are happy or not? Express it in your blog. It's newsworthy!

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Moody Downgrades Nokia and here's my perspective AKA coffin nail.

Warning, play only on LOUD but not to the detriment of your non-rock loving officemates. Virtual Assistants, play it loud anyway. There are no officemates!


Read this first from 2corinthians 12:1-Following (Catholic NAB version)

I must boast; not that it is profitable, but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord.

I know someone in Christ who, fourteen years ago (whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows), was caught up to the third heaven.

And I know that this person (whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows) was caught up into Paradise and heard ineffable things, which no one may utter.

About this person I will boast, but about myself I will not boast, except about my weaknesses.

Although if I should wish to boast, I would not be foolish, for I would be telling the truth. But I refrain, so that no one may think more of me than what he sees in me or hears from me because of the abundance of the revelations. Therefore, that I might not become too elated, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, an angel of Satan, to beat me, to keep me from being too elated.

Three times I begged the Lord about this, that it might leave me, but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” I will rather boast most gladly of my weaknesses, in order that the power of Christ may dwell with me.

Therefore, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and constraints, for the sake of Christ; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

Now read the lyrics to "Perfect" By Flyleaf.


Sick of circling the same road
Sick of bearing the guilt
So open the windows to cool off
And heat pours in instead

Perfect in weakness
I'm only perfect in just your strength alone

All my efforts to clean me
Leave me putrid and filthy
And how can you look at me
When I can't stand myself

I'm tired to be honest
I'm nobody

Perfect in weakness
I'm only perfect in just your strength alone

Perfect in weakness
I'm only running in just your strength alone

I tried to kill you
You tried to save me

You save me
You save me
You save me
You save me

Perfect in weakness
I'm only perfect in just your strength alone

Perfect in weakness
I'm only running in just your strength alone

Which one to you prefer?

A Hard Rock Song based on Corinthians 12


Something wonderful has happened. They downgraded the US!  Found out below how this is a wonderful thing.

But before that, let me tell you a part of my success journey.  

I found out after years of going no-where that to start earning small or big online or offline I didn't need money for a franchise, employees and equipment. I needed to learn how to have a Mastery of Marketing. But I would soon give up if I didn't always contantly remind myself of why I wanted to earn extra in the first place.

A lot of people when asked "Gusto mo ng extra income?" --they'd all say yes! But very few would set up reminders for themselves- reminders like dreamboards so they'll reach their goal even if they're discouraged.  

So, lots to learn - I figured this out --eventually I needed to know accounting too and sales and poster making and copywriting. So many things to learn, where to start? I finally know the answer - learn marketing first and the rest will be easy to follow.

But something needs to happen to you emotionally before you can start this - an insult from a rich bad person, getting fired, getting dump by your girl friend and replacing you with a rich married dude.   But we need not look too deep. Just take a look at today's news. Downgrade and the plummetting stock market caused by the US. I do hope that's enough for you to take action - the company you're working for now - might not survive this time - are you ready for your impending retrenchment or loss of sales (if you own a company).

Bad news like this is only bad news for people who don't have a Mastery of Marketing.

If you do, you know that it's in times like these that there's a great wealth transfer from the panicking mob to the smart marketers. It happens to be important to pick which side you are on..

So Jomar's first job is to push you to become a marketing master. I know at lot of people "just want to earn online". or "just want to learn SEO" or "just want to be a VA".  You're getting it baligtad. Become a master of marketing and you'll be able to do all the above and earn more.

But just so you get everything you want, I've scheduled a Webinar this Sunday, 4pm-530pm Philippine Time. August 14,2011 wherein I'll discuss the New Bonuses you'll receive if you join the Marketing Master Insiders or the Inner Circle Mastermind.  You can also use this webinar to ask questions about the program.

Entrepreneurs, Dominate your market:  click here.

Employees, You Want to be a Earn Online: click here.

Reserve your 4pm this Sunday for the Webinar, Philippine time to know the new bonuses I've prepared for both Marketing Master Insiders and the Inner Circle Mastermind.

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Ano daw? Downgraded ang US? Yippee!

Last week, a tutorial was posted on How to Use Windows Live Writer XP.  Now, here's a tutorial on how to download this great tool that will make blogging much more convenient for all you bloggers out there. 

How to Download Live Writer

Downloading Windows Live Writer XP

Questions and Answers about the Marketing Master Insiders

1. How different is this from the 1 year online mentoring?

The 1 year online mentoring contains click by click instructions on
how to create a blog, sell online, promote online.

The Marketing Master Insider contains the messages you're supposed to
write, the images you need to put, the style of website or facebook
page you need to create to attract money to your business.

2. How much time does this and the module require monthly. I'm
concerned since I work in the BPO industry and is on the graveyard
shift and sleep during the day.

As much time as you can give it. According to Malcolm Gladwell, to
become a master at anything, you'll need 10,000 hours to devote to it.
So this is not a matter of saving up time. All your waiting time
(shed, bus, commute, eating, going to cr) must be used up to think,
learn and practice what you learned in the online lessons.

To read through the lessons per month would probably take you like
10-20 minutes tops. But to practice doing what the lesssons say - it
depends on how fast you write or move or type.

3. Can this be used in my resume in case i will be shifting to
marketing career considering that I would not attend a physical class?

Of course.

4. Lastly, if you won't mind, i just want to know how soon can I earn
once I attended this training. This is important to me since I am
planning to save up for me and my fiancee's wedding. I got a year and
a few months in doing this.

How soon will you apply the lessons? How desperate are you to earn? If
you have one year, that's not desperate enough. But if your fiancee's
family is desperately rich and you're not and you want to "prove
yourself" - that's probably enough.

Making money when you're a marketer is EASY and FAST if you want it so much.
Making money when you're a marketing clueless employee is not as EASY and FAST.

The goal of the Marketing Master Insider is to convert your employee
thinking mind to that of a Marketing Master. To most people they -
don't want that - they want "How To Earn Using Adsense, Or :How To
Earn from Facebook or Clickbank" - not knowing (or accepting) that in
order to fill up a plate full of Kare-Kare with say, Tempura, you have
to remove the Kare-Kare first because they don't mix. (try it!).

You got to empty your mind that contains "work problem solving mode"
with "business oppurtunity evaluation mode". In english - from
employment thinking to marketing master thinking.

The Marketing Master Insider is my answer to make that a reality in
your life. But you got to take the first step and enroll at

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Questions and Answers about the Marketing Master Insiders

Q: Hi sir jomar 

I have this condominium for sale in fort bonifacio and wanted to sell the unit asap.

I need someone to market the property online instead of traditional marketing through ads..please advise on how can i be able to market and sell the unit fast or do i have to hire a VA to market my property and also im giving away 3 percent for anyone who closes the deal!

A: If you're truly a motivated seller, then you just undercut, bid low, lower your price to like 50%-60% of the competition and then market it via or traditional talk and please refer me type of promotions.

If you're not willing to be "lugi" - then that means you're not a true motivated seller. 

This means you just want to make money ASAP, and it has nothing to do with the property.

My suggestion is to figure out other ways to make the money ASAP, like take a loan against the property (if you own it) or simply get a personal bank loan. That's much simpler.

Because if you do online marketing for just ONE PRODUCT, and once the product is sold you're "DONE"- you just wasted a lot of money, talent and are throwing away the marketing assets you have built up in trying to sell the property (those cellphone numbers and emails of prospective buyers).  

You're better off selling those "assets" I mentioned above to other real estate brokers and make money off of that - even if nobody buys your property.

And that's the Marketing Way of Thinking!

To know more how you can think this way click here

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How can I sell my Condo Unit Fast?

Q: Just got a discouraging email from my sister. I came from a family whose jobs are their life and their reputation. You see I tried this home-based 6 years ago and failed. I know this time it looks promising as ever and my sister is already warning me that if I might fail again, she may not be there to help me back.

This is my plan and I'm laying this all out to you as my mentor. I want you to be frank with me if I can make it through. By NOvember this year, I can already avail of my separation pay of around XXX,000 pesos. Then I will also have my 13th month and some savings. I may come out with about XXXK by december to start my home-based.

By that time, I will have a DSL line with PLDT connected and have my laptop setup. Right now, I have started my blog. I've noticed you have more than a dozen more blogs and some of them are hitting the charts at google.

I don't want to fail this time. When I get my savings, I'll get your online seminar for the VA. But my bank is still processing to give me a card that I can use for the internet so I can be protected. Also, my paypal account is standing by to get this new card registered under it.

I can do the blogging, I can also do Odesk and being a VA. Should I start learning how to create a website for anyone? I saw that Odesk have so many listed for skills they require. Only the office and admin part I can relate with. The others, I'm completely a stranger to them.

Please help. Thank you for your patience.

(Name withheld so that sister will not be able to read this!)

A: This would be fun. 

1. Define failure. Even better, describe in perfect detail what will happen if you fail. If it involves feeling radical emotional and physical pain (like running a marathon and you're at half way out of breath and if you give up your family will be broke and hungry for 100 years), include it.
If it involves possible death, like swimming to the shore after the ship has sunk, include it. 
Just detail your own definition of failure.

This should be fun.

And don't think I'm joking, I am not.

2.  Stop talking to your sister. People who are moving in the right direction talk only to people who will encourage them, even if all they did in life was FAIL in the past, specially if all they did in life WAS FAIL, then the people around them WAS DEFINITELY instrumental in all those failures. Hence the need to change the people surrounding yourself.

3. YOU DO NOT NEED A TON OF MONEY to become a VA and stop that paypal/bank/credit card merry go round. Go to the bank, pay for the VA seminar this Saturday and attend it. (Click here: You can also go to the bank and pay for the P 2375 online seminar and repeat listening to it -

Your cost is only laptop, fast DSL and your determination and electricity. What do you need P XXX,000 for? Do you really eat that much?

4. Just be ready to sit or stand in front of a computer for MONTHS- SELF STUDYING how things work online. If you're happy to self study and watch videos on youtube about how websites work and function--- then you can be a VA.

For example, how many videos like this can you watch w/o feeling any pain?
First timers in the VA world will have to watch more than 100 of these videos. Can you watch videos like these repeatedly?

You need to repeat because sometimes you won't get the point of the video at first. But I mean how many movies have you watched in your lifetime that you hardly understood everything 100% after one viewing?

And how hard can it be to look up google for words you don't understand?
Not hard at all.

Being a VA is better than being employed. Better than being an OFW because you have all their benefits and none of their disadvantages.

And all you need to do is to believe that you can do it.

You've had a lot of training, 1,000,000 hours of watching TV, VCD, DVD and movies aren't going to waste. You're just going to watch different things from now on - website tutorials on youtube. And don't tell me you need to pay for youtube - it's free too. Just make sure your internet speed is fast enough or you need to upgrade.

See you at the VA Seminar or online and start changing your life for the better, dude!

How hard can it be to be a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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