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Q:  I've always wanted to attend your VA SEMINAR but always there's a conflict... Oct. 8 we have a kickoff in our company as we are required to attend.. Do u still have any other seminar dates for this subject?

A:  Priorities are always personal. Never corporate. You decide where you will be  at any day in your life.

For example, let's say you need to tend to a wonderful emergency on Oct 8- like it's the day you will be awarded P 10,000,000 in a real contest that you joined.

Or it's a day you leave for HongKong because you've been elected for a free Airline Sponsored Round the world promotional trip.

Pick one: 10M Pesos, Round the world trip or required kickoff?

What you pick will reveal what is important to you.
Your company.
Your tenure.
Your "job security"?  (note: What are you talking about? Companies have been retrenching around the world for years now)
or maybe it's more important to you to DELAY preparing for your future.

It's really ALL your choice.

But if you delay preparing for the future, ISN"T that what you've been doing ALL THIS TIME? Then you're not really doing anything are you?

Think carefully before you act or not act on this.

Join us!

November 5 is the VA SEMINAR 101 (

October 8 is the Advanced VA SEMINAR 202 (

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Your company wants you to come on a Saturday, do you?

Comments from the "Design Your Dreams Web Workshop" a few mins ago.
To find out or get a recorded copy of this Workshop, join the Marketing Master Insider here:

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Comments from the "Design Your Dreams Web Workshop" a few mins ago.

Q: My client in Odesk has not paid me and it's been weeks! What do I do?
A: If a client has not paid you. You keep sending billing reminders via email. Did you get her phone number? Make sure if the person has not paid after many reminders that you blacklist/review the person in ODESK.  Odesk has a rating and review system to keep out bad VAs and bad Clients the same.

Client has not paid you in ODESK What do you do?

Did you know that you can make your website popular, meaning to make it appear in the top 10 searches in Google, by renaming your image files (JPG) in Windows?

Wait, Jomar you're making a tutorial on renaming files? Everybody knows how to do that, right?

Well, if you're renaming one file or two yes. But do you know how to rename 1,500 files or even 20 files in windows in 10 seconds?

You don't?

Read on.

For virtual assistants and online marketers, take note that this method is part of SEO or search engine optimization.

You will be surprised how easy and effective this is!  Learn how to MASS RENAME files in Windows below:

Renaming Files in Windows

Renaming Images to Make Your Site More Popular (SEO)

This free tutorial is here to show you the kind of incredible value you can get from the Internet - for free -and legally. You'll get even more from the Deep Internet Secrets Seminar:

How to download Dan Kennedy's Free Multi-Episode Video Seminars.

1. Download Itunes from

2. Click on this link.

3. It's going to ask you "Can I launch Itunes?"

4. You say "OK or YES"

5. The NO BS Wealth Attraction in the New Economy Podcast will appear:

5. Click on Subscribe Free

6. Then the podcast starts downloading.
7. This is just downloading ONE video. You need to download all of them.

8.  So click on PODCASTS (under Library-->Music-->Movies-->Podcast)
9. And the list of podcasts will appear.
10. As you see below, I have some Catholic Podcasts as well as Dan Kennedy Marketing Secrets Podcast

11.  Now click on the Arrow before the word Dan Kennedy Marketing Secrets. This will open up the other videos like below:

12.  Now before you say "Woah, andami!" go click on (GET ALL) above all those (GET)

13. Now it's going to download all those videos so you need to do something else now. Like play with your kids or go out with your family and watch Johnny English Reloaded instead. This will take ALL NIGHT.

14. Last step - synchronize your ipod touch, iphone to Itunes to automatically load it onto the device. (that's why I use Ipods, I don't need to manually copy stuff)

This is your 2nd Free Deep Internet Secrets tip. Just a peek of the kinds of things I will share in the Deep Internet Secrets Seminar on October 8,2011.  Whoever attends it, becomes a genius online quickly.

Just my opinion.

See you there!  Earlybird discount only until Friday -> Click here now :

Download the Free Dan Kennedy Podcast Series

Hala masmaganda na ang blogger

Guess where did I write my first book on How to be a Virtual Assistant?


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Guess where did I write my first book on How to be a Virtual Assistant?

This is a TOY. You're an Adult. Now Pick it up and Play..with your KIDS or NIECES or NEPHEWS.
Yes, go down on all fours or lower. 
Yes spend more than 30 seconds playing with them.
Play also.
Like a child.

You can't? 
Why? You're out of town?
Make sure it's a temporary situation.
Attend these two seminars to FIX this situation:


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This is a TOY. You're an Adult. Now Pick it up and Play.


Breaking News: CDO VA Seminar Oct 15 at the Pearlmont Inn and Cebu VA Seminar Oct 29, 2011 at the Maxwell Hotel.

Stay tuned for details, webinar & interviews at

Both days will be followed by the new Deep Internet Secrets seminar on Oct 16, CDO and Oct 30, Cebu in the same venues.

Take advantage of the new Insanely priced COME IN PAIRS discount.

Take advantage of the low EARLY BIRD discounts

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is in effect, your money back if this isn't the best seminar you've attended on this subject.

See you soon, Visayas and Mindanao friends!

People from Davao, you now have a choice: Cebu or CDO?

I've come closer now, please make the most of the chance.  I won't be doing these Cebu and CDO seminar in 2011 after these -so if you want to exit your life of bahay-office routine that will run for 50 years, be there at the VA Seminars. 

This is the single seminar that can transform your life quickly from employed to entrepreneur at home in as short time as 3 months after the event (given you follow what I say).

That's not a guarantee, YOU will guarantee what you will do. It's just a fact that those who do follow the instructions do land work at home jobs quickly.

Go visit to meet them or READ what they have to say about it here.

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Breaking News: CDO VA Seminar Oct 15, Cebu VA Seminar Oct 29

For Sixpence None The Richer 2011 Fans only. Look closely.

Both albums will be blooming in November 2011. Finally something else
to look forward to instead of all that Iphone 5 jazz. It's becoming
tiring waiting for IOS5 that I'm now looking forward to other things
instead. Life's strange like that. I used to look forward to movies,
you know? A shallow existence, I know. How about you? What do you look
forward to, today?

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For Sixpence None The Richer 2011 Fans only

Try googing for "Grabe my blog is popular for "New Version Of Bahay
Kubo" and my blog is like #5 or #7! I wonder what does that mean? How
can you take advantage of this if you were in my feet?

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Grabe my blog is popular for "New Version Of Bahay Kubo"

Here's the royal Miss Universe court's Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Guys use it to "court" them, girls use it to follow their "beauty tips." Whatever you do, have fun:

Go to Miss China's Facebook Page

Go to Miss Ukraine's Facebook Page

Go to Miss Angola's Twitter Page

I really liked Miss Brazil's, Miss Angola's and Miss Philippines' Facebook and Twitter pages.  They really post, reply and tweet.  They definitely interact through these social networking sites.  On the other hand, I noticed that Miss China hardly updates, while Miss Ukraine hardly ever uses hers. 

In the comments section, do tell us who you think really knows how to use her Facebook and Twitter!

Your Chance to Contact the Miss Universe Beauties in Facebook + Twitter

You see, there are a lot of advantages when you open a Google account.  Aside from providing you with free e-mail, you also enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving messages instantly through chat.  When Google created its voice and video chat feature, the whole chatting experience just got so much better.  You can now hear the other person's voice and see his expressions and gestures.  To learn how to use Google Voice and Video Chat, watch this tutorial.   

Google Makes Chatting More Personal

Any person diving into a new career will have their fears and insecurities.  The reality is that you can choose to believe that these fears will happen, or not.  It all depends on your mindset.  Here are the some of the biggest fears of virtual assistants and internet marketers.

For Virtual Assistants

1.  Fear of the unknown. Since you don’t interact with people face-to-face rather, you connect through the internet - this could get uncomfortable for you.

2.  You might find it difficult to get more work done because the home has way too many distractions.  The television, food, the kids, the bed, etc.

3.   Not getting your pay out at all.

4.   Realizing later on that you worked for a fraud. 

5.   Having no internet connection and computer or power failure.

6.   Having employees who are trying to steal your business model and clients and eventually open up their own company.

For an Internet Marketer

1.  You might find it difficult to get more work done because the home has way too many distractions.  The television, food, the kids, the bed, etc.

2.  Not maximizing your ability to collect e-mail addresses of prospects.  Remember that e-mail addresses are the lifeblood of your business as an internet marketer.

3.  Getting zero sales.

4.   Discovering that somebody has hacked into your system and pretends to be you while sabotaging your whole business is quite a frightening thought.

5.   Having employees who are trying to steal your business model and clients and eventually open up their own company.

6.  Fear of some legal issues.  You could get in trouble for using photos for blogs and plagiarism (using other people’s writing and claiming it to be your own).  Be well-versed with procedures when using photos and always annotate when quoting from a source.  You must also be well-versed with privacy policies and honor what you have stated so that customers / prospects feel safe when giving their information to you.

7.   Fear of being left behind.  The world of internet marketing changes rapidly.  It is important to keep yourself updated with the latest in everything that’s relevant to this space.

8.  Having no internet connection and computer or power failure.

Do you fear of the same things?  Remember that you can create whatever you want to happen.  Choose to believe that good things are coming to you.

Biggest Fears of Virtual Assistants and Internet Marketers


Hoy, Facebook, kailan nyo ba kami bibigyan ng SuperLike?

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Hoy, Facebook, kailan nyo ba kami bibigyan ng SuperLike?


Read what Ziena said 11:12am Sep 16 2011

Parang kailan lang, puro 'declined' ang job applications ko sa oDesk.
Ngaun naman I have to turn down clients dahil di na kaya ng schedule
ko... Thank You, Lord! :)

To the new contractors who are still looking for a gig, never ever give up! :)

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Do you want to have too many prospective clients you don't have time to entertain them?

For the experienced, you know very well that Notepad is used when making a website.  It is a very basic text editing program that is used when coding your own website.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to get Notepad++ and discover the new features that makes it different from the old Notepad. Getting Note Pad Plus Plus

Discovering Notepad++

In this space called the internet, almost every bit of information is available with a click of a button.  Contact numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses and pictures may be accessed easily.  For your security, you can now manage your online identity through Google Accounts Me on the Web.  To learn more about this, watch this tutorial. Google Accounts Me on the Web

Protect Your Online Reputation

2009 Macbook Pro 13 inch for sale. Pre-loved.
Still under Apple Care warranty until 2012.
New Track Pad
New DVD Drive
See photos for other specs (like memory and hard disc space)
Only known issue : LCD lid is flattened on one corner, hence the warranty on the LCD is no longer valid. All the other parts still valid. 

All in all: 100% working condition.

P 47,000 cash nego.
Email if you're a serious buyer.

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For sale: My Used MacbookPro 13 inch


Your friends just hear of scams online that promise them they'll earn from the 'inter'net. Pero hindi naman totoo. Or totoo man, it'll take them 5 years to earn the promised amounts.

But what your friends want is to quit their job and simply stay at home and earn.

Well this 8pm September 14, 2011,Wed 8pm - 930pm you and your friends can "Interview Two Pinoy Virtual Assistants who work from home".

Ask them anything you want. Satisfy your curiosity. Check them out. Google their work, their names. Anything.

These people will NOT sell you anything. 

Instead they'll share to you their story.

To inspire you, to move you to help you get out of the job you don't like and into the arms of your loved ones at home - and earn at the same time.

This free Online Call will be live on your computer at 8pm Philippine time. You must "REGISTER" at this Facebook Group  to get to know the other participants and know WHERE THE WEBSITE of the live interview will be. 

To help you tell your friends, just copy any of the following and email/fb it to your friends:

Message 1

Hi, Join me bukas - I'm going to interview some people who work at home - two of them. Alam ko iniisip mo, siguro scam ito. Well kaya nga interview ko sila pera malaman ko kung totoo.  If you're interested, join me bukas-it's freee and it's an online interview- so just stay at home with an fast internet connection.  We don't have to "go somewhere".  Kung may tanong ka, you can interview them too. Join this fb group to "register" - ganun lang kadali. 

Message 2

Hi. Alam kong naghahanap ka ng way para ang mister/misis mo mag work from home. I think I've found it. Pero para maingat, interview muna natin yung mga tao na "work at home" daw. Tawag sa kanila --Virtual Assistant. Explain na lang nila pero bukas at 8pm (philippine time), mag papainterview sila sa ATIN via

To join in the interview, join the Fb group lang, see you online bukas!

Message 3

Join me as I interview two pinoys who works from home -8pm Philippine time, Sept 14,2011. Register by joining this FB group: FREE Yes of course it free.

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Interview two people who work from home - bukas (Sept 14 8pm Philippine Time)

In the previous post, you learned how to use Youtube Playlists

You discovered how easy it is to search, watch and listen to albums by almost any artist around. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could make your own compilation of songs, not necessarily by one artist? How about a playlist of your top 20 favorite Christian songs?

How about listening to throwback hits from the 1990's?

How about watching your favorite authors talk about their books?

How about a collection of favorite motivational and inspirational talks?

Yes, your playlist options are endless! 

Watch this tutorial on how to create your own Youtube Playlist.

Easy lang di ba?

Start creating your own playlist.

Organize it into themes, topic, by artist or speaker.

It's all up to you!


Here are some playlists that virtual professionals can watch and listen to.

You can thank me later.

1. Goal Setting by Brian Tracy

2. 4-Hour Lifestyle by Tim Ferriss

3. Attitude, Philosophy and Discipline by Jim Rohn

4. Entrepreneurship by Seth Godin

5. How To Resign From Work and Earn Dollars Questions by *ehem*

Yan... It will keep you sane and productive for a couple of hours.

Happy watching!

Now live a marvellous life,


Author of Virtual Careers, the Book
Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals
#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines
#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines
Bo Sanchez' Internet Marketing Guru

P.S. To get more FREE resources like this, go to : , and

Your Key to Success and Sanity: Create YouTube Playlists

For virtual professionals and those who spend a lot of time at the computer to get numerous tasks done, it is sometimes necessary to  be entertained during breaks or even while working. 

Some of you may have your iPods, Kindle or what not. 

In You Tube, you can easily search for just about any playlist and listen to a whole album of an artist without downloading anything. 

You get to watch the videos and listen to the songs for free! 

Here are sample playlist searches for Amy Grant, Switchfoot and Innocence Mission:

When a video is clicked at the bottom, the playlist automatically plays.  It is really easy!

Here's a tutorial on how to use You Tube playlists.

Can you create your own playlist, you ask?


In my next blog post, I will show you how to make your own You Tube playlist.

Entertain Yourself with YouTube Playlists - So Simple Even Kids Can Do It

sean is three


Sent from my iPod

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Look what Sean made with Auryn Ink on my ipod

What are you looking forward to?
That's it. Answer the question please.
Is it the return of the Clone Wars or Chuck?
Is it the showing of the next Comic book movie?
Is that what your life has become?

Answers please! :)

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What are you looking forward to?

When I say Mature, I mean, people who are ready to go past the "Can you really make money online?" questions. This is for those who already know how to create some money online.  

This is important, if you've gone past P 150,000 a month on your paypal account, you should have applied for a Paypal Merchant Rate w/c will save you lots of money from the paypal fees. This gives you less (0.5% less) paypal fees.

To do that, you simply apply! If you qualify, you are quickly approved. 

Here's the website you need to go to to get Merchant Rates: It won't work if you're not logged in, so go to another browser tab, login to paypal direct there. Then open a new browser tab, click on the link above.

You'll be asked for stuff (just a few) and voila! Instant lower rates.

For reference, here are the REGULAR rates:

The standard rate for receiving payments for goods and services is 3.4% + P15.00 PHP. So if you do exceed P 150,000 a month then your fees drop to 2.9%.  If you compute that, the savings is not that big but it does add up PER MONTH naman kasi ito.

Keep this in mind when you're earning more than P150,000/month via paypal.

Mature only: Finally got approved for Paypal Merchant Rates

You remember those scenes in CSI where they show the team doing something technical and nobody's talking - only a great trance like beat is present?

Well, you can play this song "You" while you're working at home as Virtual Assistant.

Yes, of course I'm biased, it's from one of my favorite DJs, Andy Hunter.

You don't have to guess what it means unless you're dense.

'You are the one. The one in three. Three in one. Infinity.'

Virtual Assistant, looking for some CSI grade music?

New Marketing Lab's Video on Marketing Lessons.

Here's the promise of the video:
Marketing Lessons when attending the CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

If you TRY to watch it, it will waste 5 minutes of your life doing introductions before even mentioning the first "Marketing Lesson".

Here's where I found the video:
Yes, it's not a live link, I don't want you to waste time.  After 5 minutes, you realize there isn't anything to learn here. Too bad.

Example: First lesson: "Know who will do what, etc." 2nd lesson: You can't talk to everyone on the show.

Your lesson: When you do online video, GO TO THE POINT immediately.

What not to do when doing video online

The icon designers at apple are respected and revered. However they released too many blues in the new Snow Leopard and Lion OS X that my brain is saying "Where is Safari, Where is Itunes, Where is the Mac App Store?" All the time. See below.

Really, they are too much alike with each other, it's bad for the brain to always have to figure w/c one is which every time you use them. Of course you can be a geek and just TYPE Command-Space and type in Itunes or Safari or Mac app.... but really? My hand's already on the mouse/trackpad.

Solution, God gave Noah the rainbow to tell him that there are more than a million colors - so use them to your advantage and get a PINK ITUNES ICON instead. Directions from Mashable how to change the icon of your Itunes.

Get them here. (Yes, there are other colors too).

Mac users: Why you should use a Pink Itunes Icon!

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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