Hi Sir Jomar! Merry Christmas!

I had my first interview sa ODesk noong December 26 (10:30 PM). First
time ko ding gumamit ng Skype. Taga-Miami, Florida ang nag-interview
sa akin. He prefers someone who has freight forwarding experience.
Nakita n'ya 'yun sa ODesk profile ko kaya n'ya ako in-interview
(lesson learned for current 8-5 employees - learn, learn, learn about
your work.).

I think I did good in the interview (nagpa-role playing pa nga s'ya).
But he's prefers someone who can work full time - as in 40 hours a
week (lesson learned #2 - tingnan ng mabuti ang details ng
ina-apply-an). He told me he'll contact me if I'm taken in.

But you know what? I'd jump for joy if I'm taken in. But if not, I'd
still smile. Ang ma-interview at ma-consider is already an

I want to thank the members of the Jomar Hilario Mastery and Marketing
Insider Facebook Groups for the prayers and support.

Happy holidays!


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Work at home as Virtual Assistant Interview Experience...


"How You Can Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant" Seminar 

Feb 18,2012, SAT, 9am - 6pm (Now 1 hour longer!)
Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City, 
How to go to Rosewood: http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe 
Two Snacks and Lunch Included

Early Bird Fee: P 2,375/$53, pay on or before Tuesday,Jan 3,2012 (First Week of 2012)
Come in pairs discount, just add P 1,500 for the second person 

(Pay total of P 4175 / USD 97 only for pairs)

Reserve seats at www.filipinova.com for the Manila Virtual Assistant Seminar until Jan. 3, 2012 to get the Early Bird Fee.

Get the Early Bird Fee for the Manila Virtual Assistant Seminar

I'm sharing to you an inspiring email from Helen:

Hi Jomar,

Thank you for all the great things you have been sharing with us and
with me, too!

Bottom line of all these sharing is the important lesson -Action. . I
have made the decision to do something about it.

I have given myself a timeline - Feb. 1,2012 I would have the budget
to pursue this line of enriching myself. And I have chosen to download
it and learn in the comforts of home.

The mindset now is having the budget and working for 25hours/week, 5
days a week earning PP25k/month!

Again, you have been an instrument in enriching people's lives and I
want you to know that you serve as a great inspiration to me !

Helen F

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Action is what I'm doing - Helen

Create your success inventory....(start now with this questionnaire)
Care of Jack Canfield:

• What wins or progress did you achieve in business?
• Did you discontinue an old product or develop a new product or product line?
• Did you identify a new market to focus on?
• Did you create any new marketing pieces or campaigns?
• Did you delegate any tasks to become more productive? This could
include adding new staff and/or assistants, such as a housekeeper,
executive assistant, gardener, errand runner, babysitter, or child
care person. It also might include putting new systems into place to
increase your efficiency.
• Did you buy, use or learn to use any new technology? This includes
mental, emotional or spiritual technology, as well as mechanical,
electronic and digital technology?
• Did you spend more time in nature?
• Did you develop any new supportive habits (such as meditation,
exercise, sleep, or gratitude)? Did you overcome any non-supportive
habits (for example, addiction to alcohol, caffeine, sugar, video
games, porn, gambling, or shopping)?
• How did you grow in leadership?
• Did you deliver any presentations or speeches or develop new programs?
• Did you develop any new abilities, skills or competencies?
• What success did you achieve in the areas of financial income,
investments or debt reduction?
• Did you create any new relationships or deepen existing
relationships? Consider both business and personal relationships.
• Did you make any progress in self-development?
• Did you attend any positive events (e.g., seminars, lectures,
concerts, theater, or sports)?
• Did you experience any positive events with your family?
• Where there any positive events in relation to your house or apartment?
• Did you take any trips or vacations?
• Were there any positive additions to your life?
• Were there any positive events in your community?
• How about any positive events in your spiritual life (e.g., church
services, meditation, retreats, rituals)?
• Did you experience any positive events in regards to letting go
(e.g., bad habits, negative people, or clutter)?
• Did you have any wins in health and fitness (e.g., weight, exercise,
cholesterol, sports, or endurance)?

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Create your success inventory....(start now with this questionnaire)

Mahatma Gandhi was a gentle soul
Muhammad spoke of peace, or so I'm told
The Buddha would agree
Find it in your heart
Have Mercy

The message is not a curse
A weapon of ancient verse
Come out of the Dark Age
Turn the light on
The light on
I've already heard enough
To know what I'm certain of
The word inside the Word is "love"

The Son of Yahweh was a man of tears
A prophet in a land of profiteers
Now He calls to me
And He's calling out to you

"The Word Inside the Word" - The Choir

An alt-pop song about Jesus


So you're deciding to reward yourself - so the question remains - Iphone 4 or Iphone 4s?

1. They look the same, so "status symbol" is useless.  Nobody will be able to know if you have the latest iphone or not.
2. Siri - the "virtual assistant" that Vangie is making fun of- doesn't work properly in the Philippines, so it's not a selling point for you.

3. Faster processor - same as the ipad2, will only be useful if you play infinity blade, jurassic park 2 or have an apple tv for wireless mirroring. Sure you can expect faster games in the future and more games designed for the iphone 4s, but will you really use your iphone 4s for games?
4. Better camera - additional 3 megapixels. Better colors. May help unless you're always carrying that Sony Nex5n -w/c is way better than a small sensor phonecam (iphone 4s).
5. More storage, if you're getting the 64GB model which doesn't exist in the Iphone 4 line. Only in the Iphone 4s line.

Now let's look at the prices in the "grey market": (the cheapest you can buy from).

Iphone 4
8GB - P 30,900 (from http://www.gadgetgrocery.com)
16GB - P29,500   (from http://kimstore.multiply.com)
32GB -P  28,000 - P 34,000 (from Sulit)
32GB - P33,000  (from http://kimstore.multiply.com)

Apple iPhone 4 ( white ) (from http://kimstore.multiply.com)
16GB - P29,500
32GB - P33,200

Apple Iphone 4s
Apple iPhone 4S - IOS 5 (from http://kimstore.multiply.com)
16GB - P36,000
32GB - P40,500
64GB - P44,000

Your pick? Leave a comment below

For fun, lets include the Ipod Touch (which is identical to the old one too)  

LATEST iPod Touch 4TH Generation (White) - IOS 5  (from http://kimstore.multiply.com)
8GB - P9,100 (white)
32GB - P12,400 (white)
64GB - P17,800 (white)

And the other devices:

Apple iPad 2 ( WiFi ONLY )
16GB - P22,800
32GB - P26,800
64GB - P31,400

Apple iPad 2 ( WiFi + 3G )
16GB - P29,400
32GB - P32,700
64GB - P36,600

So for storage, you can just get a 64 GB touch and use your old phone.
But if you want a phone -- well that's either an 4 or a 4s.

Your pick? Leave a comment below


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Buy an Iphone 4 or Iphone 4s in the Philippines Prices

So dito para nanggaling ang video ni VANGIE: Gung Ho Films (interview by Carlo)

We were able to confirm 100% that Gung Ho Films Manila was indeed the company behind the viral smash hit, Vangie Pinoy Siri. It was fortunate that one of my church mates and friends, Paul Pajo, was able to connect me to two of their executives: Lizanne Padilla-Alcazaren, Managing Director and Paolo Dy, Director/Cinematographer. We did a quick interview (he says, she says type) and you’ll find it in it’s entirety below.

NEW MEDIA PHILIPPINES: How did Vangie come about? Was it a spur-of-the-moment video or is this something that you planned for?

PAOLO: The idea of ‘Vangie’, a Siri that could understand Filipino, was a running joke that I had with my wife Cathy; she came up with the name ‘Vangie’. We were all laughing at the thought of it in the Gung Ho Films office (especially after our managing director Lizanne had trouble getting Siri to understand her) when the idea struck that this might make a fantastic viral video.

We grabbed together our merry band of madmen – directors, actors, writers – and we all started throwing ideas around about what a Vangie would do:

Read to...

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So dito para nanggaling ang video ni SIRI/VANGIE: Gung Ho Films (interview by Carlo)

(You may want to play the 10 minute video above WHILE playing this
video in another browser:

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Year ending quotes from the end of Jim Rohn's talks by Darren Hardy

Dear Jomar,
I really want to thank you sa walang sawang pagemail mo sa akin. Sa ngayon, masasabi ko na kahit naisin kong sumali sa Club mo so that I can earn money even at home which I would love to do since I am returning to the country soon and the only reason for the delay was airfare.  To be honest with you, I have encountered a lot of pain and trials here in the land of the dream(America) which most people say which I would say NOT TRUE. Kung merong manloloko sa Pilipinas mas marami rito sa America and I would say I was one of the people who they snatch the dream of giving a good life to my family.  But through God Whispers messages I came to realize that I must go on and accept failures as success.  Again, thank you so much and hopefully in the future I could join.
Salamat pong marami.

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Message from an OFW..painful truth

Q: Hi sir jomar, ask ko pala if its practical to use the Dragon Pay
and Payeasy cart and paypal than to use 1shoppingcart, if your target
market is Pinoys?

A: Dude great question, I'll let numbers answer you:

1Shoppingcart -- P 1,400/month
Paypal -- Free
DragonPay -- P 25,000 setup fee
Mozcom Payeasy -- P 25,000 - 30,000 annual or setup fee

Awesome, now you decide.

Hint, hint.


Bad ako for answering this way? Please reply in the comments. :)

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Can I use Dragonpay or Payeasy instead of 1shoppingcart and paypal for Pinoy Online Marketing?


Q:  I'm Noel and I'm a newbie in internet marketing world. Few weeks ago I set this blog site and I applied for adsense account and 1 day later I have received a letter from them informing that I was rejected.

So, I write more articles because I was thinking maybe that's the problem, I lack content. After making18 articles, I tried applying for adsense again and was rejected also.

So I decided to become affiliate with clinkbank and amazon..My question is, what should I do to have an adsense account or to have an approval from them? Hope to hear from you sir.

I wanted to make money at home because I'm a single dad with a 7 year old son diagnosed with autism. This will help me a lot.Thank you sir.

A: It takes 6 months of blogging before getting accepted for adsense.
It takes months of email marketing to earn money from clickbank.
None of the two items above can help you create income quickly online.

The best way, is to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) and have the skills to be accepted quickly (within months or weeks from now) and start earning online.

If you have excellent internet skills, join the VA Seminar Downloadable (no more waiting) at http://jhilario.com/downloadva.  If you are near Cagayan De Oro on Jan 14-15, attend the VA Seminar and the Deep Internet Secrets Seminar at http://filipinova.com. (Promo for pairs).

If you want to learn how to become a highly paid VA -->Join the OMC2. You have a few hours to go before the 50% off is gone gone gone.

Here's the link to become a Club member and enjoy 12 months of mentoring: http://jhilario.com/joinomc2 ($ 223, always in dollars)

BPI Deposits will be accepted until before lunch tomorrow (Dec 21,2011), here's the details: P 9750: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then email. Your Name, Bank Branch, Amount and Date to nikki@jomarhilario.com and enter details at http://jhilario.com/paymentdetails

Here's to your good fortune knowing this! 

Now act.

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Best way to earn online for Filipinos - quickly (within months)

Download the 2 hour special audio webinar on online success and omc2
questions and answers held THIS

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Download the 2 hour special audio webinar on online success



YOUR WORDS (BOTH YOU & BRO.BO) ARE SO PROPHETIC the blessings are already starting to make way into my life and nginig..the little paper of dreams ive written ..one of which is TO BECOME A BEST SELLING AUTHOR whose articles are thethings/topics i love most to write is coming true!!!! haleluiah!

alam nyo po Sir, while I was making a compilation of your email-lectures to me which I review afterwards in my Microsoft Word docufiles, I happened to open up my OLD UNFINISHED PRAYER JOURNAL ..when i read about it, a flood of sentiments overwhelmed me -- memories of vivid feelings of trepidations, worries of a mother, a fervent prayer of a young mother, my jubille prayer written on the eve of year 2000 ,and many more came back all over me ---
WHICH I THE VERY EXACT MATERIALS I NEEDED FOR MY BLOG which Im giving the title : " REFLECTIONS OF A BUSY MOM" --I am already starting to make it as my blog.  After that a new sense of thanksgiving to God for such realizations that I made a new title this time pertains to a mothers thanksgiving to God's unfathomable blessings -- (title will soon be released meron nako pero subject to your preview -- haha)

then I tried to try a Vwriting application sabi ko WITH A FERVENT PRAYER DEEP INSIDE,  hopefully matanggap para may pambili ng Download VA Lecture mo po at may pang Christmas at New year Dinner kami ng pamilya . our youngest son was so excited when I told him this, and you know just this tonight when i came home and opened my laptop to check my emails after dinner --LO AND BEHOLD! meron na po akong first order ng writing! 

Sir Jom, dito palang sa emails mo ang lecture ko pero nagsisimula na ang opportunity --how much more pag yung down load na ng seminars ang ma atendan ko?

YOU SURE HAVE IGNITED THE SPARK IM PRAYING FOR --- kasi several months na ive been praying : 


TRULY, GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS IN HIS OWN GOOD TIME -- siguro sabi niya oy noemi wag ka magmadali mag hanap ng online job maraming feoreign racket jan saka hindi kapa handa --wala ka pang kamuwang muwang na leture or instructions about VA work --AND NOW, tru your lecture and tips you give so freely --ITS ALL HAPPENING! 

Sir Jom thank youand to Bro. Bo also for making this christmas meaningful -- not only to me, my family but also to my sibling. 

ALAM NYO PO SA TOTOO LANG SIR JOM, im the eldset in our family and im helping my younger sister to find work also because she's so hard up also in bringing up her two kids.  kaya ni re-re echo ko ng paunti unti itong email lectures mo sa kanya ..

when I buy your downlaodable lecture well attend to it together--para mabago din takbo ng buhay nya.  -- my parents are old na and im praying to God to turn things, especially our circumstance and finances for the better para naman ma feel nila ang biyaya ---



merry christmas sir jom to you and your family. 

please consider this my early Christmas Gift to you --a leeter from my heart. 

God bless, 


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It seems like I've helped someone ...(a letter from Noemi)

Today, December 20 is the last day to avail of the OMC, online mentoring club 2 at 50% off. I'm closing down the club to concentrate on:
1. The Christmas season
2. Preparations to welcoming the new members

Now some people are asking how the OMC2 mentoring works, so here it is:
1. There's no schedule to follow for OMC2, except the monthly schedule.
2. Every month, you'll receive a couple of presentations located in an exclusive club website.
3. Go through the presentation (again, not video) anytime you want.
4. There will be an assignment, do the assignment after the presentation.
5. You may allot 1-2 hours for this anytime in the WEEK.
6. You do this anywhere you have an internet connection.
7. If you have limited internet, that's even better because it forces you to FOCUS. In my first year, I used an internet cafe, you know.
8. You may also download all the monthly lessons so you can go through them when you do n't have internet.
9. Downloading the lessons will be EASY.
10. Everyday, if you have a question just leave the question in the site, preferably the forums and I'll answer them.
11. Just follow these steps in the mentoring club and you'll do okay - on your way to creating income online.
12. Every 3 months, we'll have a live webinar to summarize and answer questions and do bonus lessons.
13. Expect to be slow when you start. That's life.
14. There are many technical lessons and EVEN MORE non-technical lessons.
15. There are parts for super beginners and parts for advanced students. You can skip parts.
16. There are parts for VA a nd for Online Marketing, you may chose w/c ones. In fact, members who have registered last week already received the VA bonus recordings with more to come.

Photo Credit

Last Day Today of OMC at 50% Off!


So finally, you're in the last of the year's Christmas Parties. You know you've been doing this every year - and secretly hoping to win the Christmas Office Raffle to. yes, I know you "don't care if you win or lose, but wouldn't it be neat if you came home with (another) new flatscreen TV or macbook pro laptop.

Yes it would be great. But there's only one grand prize winner per party. And most of the times, it's not you. So is it really not different from LOTTO?

I believe it's time to do something different.  Stop the hoping for winning contests, instead try a guaranteed way to win in 2012.

How? Get a mentoring for one year, one that has a 12 month money back guarantee.

One that comes with success stories of previous students.

A mentoring by a Pinoy that contains :

1. How you can earn at home as a Virtual Assistant. (2 different recordings + audio + video + pdf)

2. How you can hire Virtual Assistants so you can outsource your work as a VA or as an online marketer

3. How you can become an Online Marketer without learning the technical words but getting the same high money results.

4. How you can earn from anywhere that has an internet connection.

5. How you can access 12 monthly bonus summaries of learnings/notes from $2000 mentoring from foreign "super mentors"

6. How you can craft your 3 hero gifts that's the basis or your online business.

7. Four Webinars (online seminars) to check up on your work and give you bonus knowledge and topics.

8. A 365 day access to mentoring from Jomar Hilario via the exclusive Club website.

9. A chance to ask anything and get answers and have your worked checked by the mentor for one year.

10. Lifetime access to new club lessons.

11. You'll learn Facebook and Google Plus online marketing.

12. You'll learn how to avoid scams online and just follow and use LEGIT websites.

Want this?

There's more.

13. There's a money back guarantee valid for 12 month (one year - the entire mentoring program).

14. You'll learn success principles and practices to guarantee that not only you do online marketing, your mind is ready for it too.

15. You'll meet my previous students - interview and see for yourself what they did.

16. There will be a total disregard for jargon and technical words, we'll use simple presentations and not videos.

17. You can download all the material for viewing offline (when you have no internet connection) - easily.

Click here to join the Online Mentoring Club 2 for 50% off at P 9750. That's a great discount already amounting to P 812.50 a month. It's not a seminar, it's not a workshop, it's better - it's a ONE YEAR. 

Today's the Last day to join the Online Mentoring Club at 50% off. Join us now.

Let me know in the comments if this is better than year after year hoping that you'll win in a RAFFLE. This is life changing stuff. When God spreads oppurtunity, you better be good at catching them!

When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.” - Jim Rohn

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So did you win the top prize in the Christmas Party Raffle?

Expecting Perfection by Jomar Hilario PDF


Legal Photo Search 2 PDF

Assembling a Blog Post by Jomar Hilario's Online Mentoring Club

Facebook Page - February 2011 Updates PDF

Summary of Free Presentations from Jomarhilario.com for you #1

How to Join Jomars Affiliate Marketing Program

How to Get What You Want to Promote From Jomar's List of Products

How to Effectively Promote the Products

JomarHilario_How to Add XFBML Like Button to Blogger 

How to Use Google Live Maps in Blog Posts

  How to Use Pin Goat

How to Download Live Writer

How to Use LinkWithin for Blogger by Jomar Hilario PDF

How to Use LinkWithin for WordPress by Jomar Hilario PDF

Summary of Free Presentations from Jomarhilario.com for you #2

How to Use Lazy Meter

Renaming Files in Windows


  Getting Note Pad Plus Plus

  Google Accounts Me on the Web

How to Use You Tube Play Lists

How to Create You Tube Play List


How to Take a Screen Shot

JomarHilario_Email Game Prez

Summary of Free Presentations from Jomarhilario.com for you #3

Facebook will be releasing the Timeline this Dec 23, 2011 globally. Now you can access all your old posts like a calendar. But the most major change is the confusing 2 column presentation of your wall and the fact that you need to prepare a new photo with the following dimensions :

817 x 329 pixels. So this is long.  And here's a sample:

You may go to my facebook account to see the new thing called the Facebook Timeline.

The measurement is not accurate pero pwede na.  Actual measurement is 851x315 for those who want to be exact. But really marketing is not about exactness, it's about moving fast to take advantage of the oppurtunity. 

As someone once said,"Pag nagkalat ang diyos ng oppurtunity, dapat mabilis ka mag - grab."

Eto nga pala oppurtunity: http://jhilario.com/formalletter

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Maghanda na kayo ng bagong larawan para sa Facebook Timeline


1. Name – Bryan ‘bravy’ Uy
2. What do you do? Environmental Engineering Consultant and Entrepreneur
3. Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress  Lord of the Rings / Iron Man / Braveheart /
4. Most memorable memory from childhood. The memories I remember during my childhood were painful because I was forced to be independent at an early age. Not that my parents were irresponsible, in fact they were very caring and loving. But circumstances pushed me to work on my mom’s business since she went to Manila to accompany my dad (we were from Cebu). I had a lot of good times, too, like going to the market (palengke) using my bike, going to the cemetery or the beach almost every week.
5. Favorite Ice cream Pistachio
6. How long have you been a member of  Online Mentoring Club (omc)? Close to 1 1/2 years I believe.
8. Specific story about how the omc has helped you. Jomar opened my eye to the world of internet marketing. He was the first person who showed me how incredible it is to know how to earn from the internet and the limitless possibilities therein. I continue to study the internet because I know that it is an integral part of marketing my businesses.
9. Share a specific piece of advise that you implemented from the omc? Blogging to promote my environmental engineering consultancy business. In fact, internet marketing has already produced for me at least P2M worth of projects.
10. How do you find your fellow clubmembers? Helpful? Otherwise? I have to apologize that I don’t have the time to check the membership site anymore but I’ve been reading the emails I receive from Jomar, just to update myself with the latest buzz. Of course, I’ve met a lot of people through the membership site who are now friends and potential business partners.
11. Tell us about them. What do you remember about them?
12. Accomplishment after going thru OMC and applying the lessons? Internet marketing is now one of our regular methods of marketing the services of our businesses and we can’t do without it.
13. Have you been featured in the media/blogs/newspapers ? Why? I was mentioned by my good friend Jay Castillo in his real estate blog www.foreclosurephilippines.com. Jay Castillo of course was a student of Jomar.
14. Can you share us your online earnings? My offline business (environmental engineering consultancy) has earned at least P3M because of internet marketing.
15. If yes, how much?
16. If no, just tell us what activity online did you do to earn the most?
17. How is Jomar treating you ? Really. Jomar is straight to the point. He’s the real thing. He tells you as it is, even if it is painful. Now, I know that he simply cares for his students, to earn online and be successful in internet marketing.
18. Advise to prospective OMC2 members. Just Do It! As Brendon Burchard said “Action leads to clarity.” I still remember Jomar’s response to me when I asked him questions about what to do, he said, “Ang dami mo iniisip! Gawin mo nalang!” OUCH!!!
19. Why did you get into OMC in the first place? Through my mentor Bo Sanchez.
20.  I'm sure you have doubts before you joined. What triggered you to finally join OMC? The success of Bo Sanchez in his business and his integrity.
21. Finally, do you want to tell anything to the readers? Internet Marketing like any kind of venture out there takes time and effort. What’s important is you find your passion, in what you love, and give it your all. If you already have a plan, stop thinking and start acting on the plan. If you still don’t have a plan, Jomar wil show you the way. All you need to do is do it!


He Made 2 Million Pesos from the Internet c/o the Online Mentoring Club


Interview #2 with another OMC member
1. Name:   
Hi to all, my name is Red Denal.
2. What do you do?  
I am an engineer, I still have my daytime work. My work is more on process engineering. I enjoy my current work. I also do internet marketing consultancy, affiliate marketing, real estate investing venture and run some small businesses on the side. I like what Jim Rohn had said (one of the great business philosophers), “Keep your day job, and start a business on the side.” I also maintain a tutorial blog for virtual entrepreneurs. This is my gift to all my fellow virtual entrepreneurs. You can visit my blog at http://www.virtualbusinessmatters.com
3. Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress:   
Movies pwede? (with s). I like movies with remarkable rhetoric like “Independence Day” by Will Smith.  I also like Sean Penn's movies like "All the King's Men" and "I Am Sam". "A Knight's Tale", but more on the character of Paul Bettany, I am amazed every time Paul introduces William Thatcher, Lupit!  Actresses? I like Natalie Portman and Keri Russell.
4. Most memorable memory from childhood:   
Horseback riding with my Dad. We have horses when I was in grade school. My Dad thought me how to ride and maneuver a  horse on my own command. 
5. Favorite Ice cream flavor: 
6. How long have you been a member of OMC?   
I started last year, July 6, 2010, so a year and a half na.
7. What's your blog?  
You can check my blog here:  http://www.virtualbusinessmatters.com
8. Specific story about how the OMC has helped you.    
Time is important and you can equate this to money. OMC helped me in some online techniques and tactics that I don’t have to spend more time researching about it specifically how to do it and how to implement it. Yes, you can research on your own, but it will still eat huge time (literary like weeks, months or more depending on your ability to research) but on OMC, all you have to do is consistent implementation.
9. Share a specific piece of advice that you implemented from the OMC?   
To name a few, I think applying the importance of keyword research before you create a blog, another thing is how to name a blog in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Proper online promotion using social media like creating FB page. Next to social media promotion, right now some of my traffic came from search engine sources.
10. How do you find your fellow clubmembers? Helpful? Otherwise?   
In general, majority are friendly, you can ask any questions anytime you want.
11. Tell us about them. What do you remember about them?   
I met Manuel Viloria (the owner of viloria.net) inside the club and he also gave me good advice and insight about blogging, social media, and internet marketing. Sha Nacino of http://seminarphilippines.com is also there. Other members, friendly naman majority. Some siguro, shy lang mag-raise ng questions or I think nadadalian lang sila sa lesson ni Jomar. All the lessons inside the Online Mentoring Club are in layman’s term and easy to understand.
12. Accomplishment after going thru OMC and applying the lessons?   
I have my own domain site now, http://www.virtualbusinessmatters.com. I am also thankful because by following the lessons inside Jomar's Online Mentoring Club, I am seeing now some active followers,  who are also there to encourage me and correct my mistakes. Mostly I talk about the internet, social media and digital marketing in general. For me, the best way to learn is to teach. Every time I discovered new things, I tried my best to share it to my online comrade and through blog posting. I appreciate people who gave feedback via email or  commenting on my blog. I also appreciate those people who subscribe on my blog. Challenges and tiny accomplishment one at a time is also rewarding.    
13. Have you been featured in the media/blogs/newspapers ? Why?  
Only in blogs I think. I retrieved the links, you can check it below. For me being featured also help a lot, Can I request? For those bloggers out there, you can make a decent review on my blog Virtual Business Matters. Again, these are the links I remember so far. Thanks again to Jomar and Kuya Manuel.
14. Can you share us your online earnings?   
Yes. Sure, but allow me to just share you my sample affiliate marketing with continuous earning. I like passive income rather than an active income.

15. If yes, how much?   
On my affiliate marketing alone, I earned more than P50,000 pesos already. I know this is not a huge amount (unlike OMC member Bravy's 2 Million Pesos, featured here in this webinar recording) but it can be a good help to lessen my monthly bill like electric bill and monthly internet connection.

17. How is Jomar treating you ? Really.
Fair enough. Jomar is a practical mentor. You can ask him great question and he will share you great answers. 
18. Advise to prospective OMC2 members.  
If you’re seeing yourself as an online person, I mean if your interest is on the internet, if you are a person with discipline of execution, then OMC2 is for you.  Even if you’re inept on the internet and you know just little about the internet, but you are a kind of person who wants and loves to learn new things, Online Mentoring Club 2 is definitely for you.
19. Why did you get into OMC in the first place?
I really wanted to expand my network and learn more. Learning is something that we should never stop doing.
20.  I'm sure you have doubts before you joined. What triggered you to finally join OMC? 
Before I heard about Jomar’s program, I also received some offers from other Internet Marketing gurus in the US, some are from Australia and Singapore, they are also selling digital marketing information, coaching and tutorial programs. The problem is the amount of investment that you will pay them. Normally from 3 to 5 times compare to OMC. If you're a Filipino, the advantage of having Jomar as a mentor is that you are in the same wave length. Imagine a successful Pinoy who will mentor Pinoy.
21. Finally, do you want to tell anything to the readers?
If you really wanted to learn how to do internet marketing, and want to learn new things online, Jomar’s Online Mentoring Club 2 is one of the best options.  Just make sure you implement all the lessons. Join Online Mentoring Club 2 now. I also hope to hear from your next testimonials one year, months or less from now. God bless, Dominus Vobiscum!
Join OMC2 now at 50% off on or before Dec 20,2011: http://jhilario.com/joinomc2

If he's earned P 50,000 via online marketing, so can you!


Around 300+ people came to the two webinars last Dec 13 to find out the Two Most Effective Ways Pinoys Earn Online.

If you missed it or want to review it, here's the Youtube video:

To download the video, right click and select save file as HERE.

FAVOR. Some people are saying that the payment link for omc2 is not working. 

Can you test it for me please? Click --> http://jhilario.com/joinomc2
and tell me what happens.

Only a handful (5?) remaining slots for the bonus 1on1 session with Jomar for new members of OMC2. You'll want to get in right now: Click --> http://jhilario.com/joinomc2

New! MP3 Version of the Webinar at this link.

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Your Fre'e video and audio of the Webinar


Favor, please go to
http://omc2.blogspot.com/2011/11/lesson-1.html and like ALL the comments.
It would help if you read them and my comments as well.

Yes, that's what I'm requesting, that you like all 100+ comments.
Para fun.
Para your friends will wonder, what is it you're doing.
After all, the only way you can invite them effectively is to make them curious.
Make them ask you - "Ano ba yan?"

Also, it's 2 hours to go before the 8pm free webinar tonight sa internet.
After that, we'll have another 11pm free webinar.

In the webinar, you'll see INSIDE the house of a Real Virtual Assistant.
In the webinar, you'll see who among the OMC students have earned 2Million pesos in business using online.
In the webinar, you'll be able to understand how these two people differ and are the same.
Details on the webinar are beginning to appear at http://jhilario.com/jhmastery
By the way, here are some details about the OMC2 which you may have missed:
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I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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