Now You Can Have Another Skill in Your VA Resume: How to Add Special Effects in Mac's iMovie

Here's something valuable that you can add to your VA resume.

Learn how to add special effects for iMovie - step by step.

This tutorial features muzzle flashes, blood hits, and explosions.

See how easy it is?

Here's a quick recap:

- Make sure you have NOT checked "optimize video" when importing
- Ensure your Picture in Picture setting is not set to "fit in frame" PRIOR to inserting your footage
- If your footage inserts transparent and looks right when you scrub through it, but doesn't play in real time in iMovie, don't worry, it will work fine after export
- The most common issue is that the footage isn't actually pre-keyed

Try practicing it with a friend's Mac and voila! Instant talent.

Specially if you enjoy yourself while doing it.

Now, you can add "Imovie Special Effect Editor" in your VA resume.

Isn't that great?

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