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Ano nangyari sa webinar...

Hi Were you able to attend last Tuesday night's free webinar on "Making it Big sa Internet?"

By the way, this is designed for entrepreneurs, so if you're looking for money next week (ASAP), this is not for you, pang long term ito.

Better mag aral ka ng pagiging Virtual Assistant if you wish to earn by next month, okay?
Still interested in what I told the entrepreneurs that night?


I told them the strategy on how to :
a) earn money sa net by selling what people want
b) get traffic (visitors) sa websites nila using social media
c) how to be considered an expert sa internet para kahit somebody else is selling the same thing, sa kanila bibili ang tao.

Want to know the strategy?


You can stop reading now if you don't like. 

Ok lang. 

I will not be hurt.


Here's the strategy:
1. Give away something for free, advise or service - online.
2. Be Patient. Do it for 3-6 months. Stop talking about selling.
3. Aggressively promote your free giveaways.
4. After 3-6 months, you should be getting people's comments and thank you and requests.
5. Among the requests are : things they want from you.
6. Sell to the readers what they want. (example: guide to finding a good condo in makati)
7. Add to what you're selling the things that they need. (example: your telephone number with an invite for free tripping). You give this as a bonus.
8. Do this forever.

And that's how online business or marketing is done.

Reply to me if you have questions or reactions.

Now, today 8pm - 930pm there's another free webinar about how to do #3 above.

How do you do "promotion" online.

This webinar is different kasi I'll be doing a demo on how it's done.

You look over mah shouldah and check out what I actually do - mistakes and all.

I do this to teach you and make things click in your brain.

If you're not available, and you're an entrepreneur, make sure your EMPLOYEES watch this.

This is free and there's a 2nd part on Saturday 8pm - but iba ang gagawin namin doon.

That Sat 8pm is also free demo of online promo-promo. :) 

It's a how to event but I'll explain the WHY also. NICELY!

So why I do this? Syempre. Para magamit nyo sa pasko - if you're selling anything.

And also if you need more help, I'm re-introducing my new Gold and Platinum Club mentoring programs.

It starts on Dec 15 at 8pm and I want to show you first what to expect.

Now joining the clubs is optional of course - it's only for those who want to get a mentor na.
Those who realize na they don't want to stay small any more - and start earning the big bucks, big respect online.

In any case, join us TONIGHT here: 
Libre po.

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