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Statistically, it's said that the human brain doesn't like secrets. There's always that tendency to tell other people the "secrets". You're reading this because you want to know the secrets to success in business, seriously, am I correct?

And so, here's one of mine: I use Dan Kennedy books as text books. More than explain it, I'll just let you listen and watch Dan directly in a free video series he's done.

To see the video series of Dan and *more* advise on using online marketing for business purposes (meaning you have a business and you want to get clients from the internet...), click here and enter your name and email address:

Really, what's the secret to your success, Jomar?

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Jomar, why do you post random things on your blog?

Because they aren't random.:)

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson

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Hot day? Play this in your house/car

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Sharing with you an inspiring story on this wonderful day.  This correspondence starts with an e-mail I sent to subscribers of my website.  May it fill your hearts with hope and believe that yes, it is possible!

Dear Samantha,

This email is really asking you "How are you"?

I really expect to receive an answer to that question.

So if you want to breathe, to say something to me, to express yourself, to tell me your story, please go ahead and reply to this email.

I shall read and REPLY, personally to everyone of you.

Best questions will be featured in my blog with most of the personal information erased (for your privacy), but I'm here to help. Just let me know.

Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario
Photo Credit

Hello Sir Jomar!

I know this e-mail of yours "Kamusta ka" has been sent for more than 6
months ago but today, I was working on my ODesk Profile, and na-down
ako, and I remembered this e-mail. I just have to ask you something.
But before that, let me give you a background about me.

I'm Sam, 21 years old. I was forced to drop out of high school in the
year 2007 because of my disease back then, Lupus. For years, I was
battling for my life (in and out of the hospital). In those years, I
learned so many things. It was a journey I dare not to forget. I'm
better now. But the wounds from the past have undeniably left scars on
me and my family. We're not well-off, so needless to say, we hit rock
bottom financially because of my disease.

But like I said, I'm better now. Stable. And inching my way back to
"real life." I was in the Alternative Learning System of our
government last year, was one of those who took up the College
Accreditation and Equivalency exam last October and now waiting for
the results which will come out on February. If I pass, pwede na ko
mag-entrance exam in universities and pursue college.

Most of my friends are now working, the rest are graduating this year.
My family is down financially (temporarily).  And I'm not getting any
younger. So  it goes without saying that I feel pressure. Pressure to
help my family financially. Pressure to earn. And yes, gusto kong

So last year, I prayed for a job. I said, "Lord, please give me a
job." But I was wondering, with my educational attainment, sino ba
namang magha-hire sakin? I specifically asked for a job where I can
work from home. And I was aiming for an online job since I have the
resources for it -- my own computer, internet, etc. And then, a few
days later, I received an e-mail from Bo (you know, from his weekly
newsletters) about your VA Seminar. So I did the unthinkable. I asked
2, 375 pesos from my mom to buy your online seminar. By June 11, 2011,
I received your VA seminar and was listening to it already. I was
encouraged. I knew right then that this is God's answer to my prayer.
In your seminar, I believed that I can be a VA.

8 days after, and it was 21st my birthday, I got hit by a motorcycle
while riding a tricycle. I was dependent on crutches for two months.
And it was only when I got well again that I started on the VA

I'm now done with it, have submitted the presentations, my blog link,
etc. But it took me this long to be able to open up an account in
Unionbank (Eon Cyber account). I have yet to verify my Paypal account.
I haven't started looking for clients because I'm thinking that unless
I have verified my Paypal account, how will people pay me? And what's
the point of working if clients won't be able to pay me, right? In a
few days, sabi ko sa sarili ko, I will seriously start looking for

My question for you is this: From my background, can I REALLY, REALLY
be a Virtual Assistant? Can I really really earn money from it? You
know my background, so you know I don't have an experience on this (or
any job, for that matter!).  But I mean, I love to write. Ever since I
was a kid. I love to read and write, so I thought maybe people can
hire me to write for them. Or other kinds of jobs where I'll
copy/paste (you did say on your seminar that this skill is almost the
only skill one needs in order to be a VA).

But Sir, can I seriously be a VA? I know I have to believe in myself
and I do. But sometimes, it feels like I'm the only one telling myself
that I can do this. How come I feel  like sometimes, I need to hear it
from others too? Nakaka-down lang minsan like in Odesk, you have to
fill up forms and sometimes, it gets me down that I don't have much to
put. I know it's mababaw, but I guess every now and then, I need
encouragement from a human being other than myself about this.

I'm just really wondering if I can really be a VA.  Because I want to.
And in a few days, I'll start looking for clients seriously. I just
hope I have a shot in this.  I guess I just need a boost  of morale or
 any kind of encouragement.  And since you're the guru, maybe you can
give me an answer or answers.

Thank you, sir. If you're still reading by now, then I'm blessed. I
truly, truly appreciate you reading this.

And thank you for the VA Seminar. I believe somehow through it, I will
prosper. :)

God bless,

Photo Credit

Jomar Hilario replies on Jan 17

SAM, question are you already a member of the VA seminar Facebook
group? That's the emotional support you're looking for. You're
supposed to be a member if you downloaded my seminar.

(school), I can see you can type in ENGLISH. That's enough.

As a matter of fact, in the new seminars ---you HAVE TO REMOVE your
college and course in some instances in your resume.

Anyway I'll have nikki invite you to the group so you can ask people
your questions.

If you REVISIT the VA class materials downloadable, at the bottom
you'll see ANOTHER VA seminar for download.


Jomar Hilario

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Then, the following is a series Sam's e-mails to Jomar

Yes, sir! Already a member. Shall post my questions there, then. Soon.
And maybe they can also help me find the right clients for me.

Thank you for the encouragement. It means more than you can imagine!

I'm now downloading the Dec. 14 VA seminar. Thank you!


Hi sir Jomar!

Remember my e-mail or more like a cry of desperation and help that I
send about a month ago? Well, I'm emailing you right now to simply
extend my thanks. I was able to get my first ever earnings from
working as a VA (writer) 4 days ago. It wasn't much, as you would know
but definitely something and meaningful! I know this is only the
beginning and I'm also looking for more jobs that would consist of
other skills and regular incomes. But I'm sharing you this short story
of triumph anyway because you've been a part of it.

Here it is, in my blog: My First VA Income (I hope the link works.)

Thank you for mentoring us and I hope that more people may be inspired
through you and what you do.

God bless,
Samantha Timbreza ✆

Photo Credit____________________ 
Hi sir Jomar!

Sure, I have had my story blogged by Bianca Gonzalez last September
2010. So, sure you may share my story to the world. And you may share
my name, too.

Thank you. It will be my honor for you to share my story. My dream is
to touch as many lives as I can through my life and this could be one
of the ways to do that.

God bless,

A Lupus Survivor Now Works From Home

Hey, Jomar here.

I received a lot of really nice feedback from the last Manila How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar held last Saturday, Feb 18, 2012. There were almost a hundred participants who got the opportunity to learn a life-changing way to earn from their home.
And since ang daming nagtatanong when will the next seminar be, eto na...

The next How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar will be on March 17, 2012, Saturday, still in Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates, Taguig City from 9am-6pm. You can reserve your slots as early as today and avail of our Early Bird Discount of P 2,375, tag along a friend and pay only P 1,500 for his seat.

Reserve ONE slot (P 2,375):

Reserve TWO slots (Pay only P 1,500 for your pair!):

OR you can deposit your payments at any BPI branch to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

Followed by an Advanced Virtual Assistant Seminar on May 1, 2012, Tuesday. This will be your last chance to get into a VA Seminar before the May 1 advanced session. If you can't make it on March 17, go and download the VA Seminar now:

Dali, reserve your slot/s na to the Next VA Seminar and avail of the huge discount.

The Next How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar

Here are more testimonials of some VA Seminar attendees.  Read up and be inspired.  Don't miss the next one this coming March 17, 2012, Saturday.  

Visit for the details.  Early Bird rate is only until March 2, 2012.  Sign up now!

 The Best Thing About This Seminar Is:
The seminar is light and not boring yet it is full of wisdom and information that I needed to become a very effective and efficient Virtual Assistant.

Enjoyed This The Most:
I enjoyed the discussion of the various tools that I can use as a Virtual Assistant.  It amazes and amuses me at the same time.

 The Best Thing About This Seminar Is:
I’ve learned a lot about what is a VA and its function and what things needed and the sites that’s useful to become one.  All my expectations were met.  I’ve gained knowledge and confidence on how to sell myself.

Enjoyed This The Most:
All the topics discussed are not boring and I enjoyed talking to my partner about reassuring ourselves that yes, we can do it.

 The Best Thing About This Seminar Is:
It’s really an eye opener for a person like me who is very new in this field/world.  As a Mom, I always dreamt of a home-based job to be with my kids.  And I find this seminar a stepping stone in the fulfillment of that dream.

Enjoyed This The Most:
The concise and straightforward answers to questions by Jomar.

More VA Seminar Testimonials to Inspire You

The Virtual Assistant Training Seminar held last Saturday, February 18, 2012 was a huge success. It was attended by almost 100 people who learned that working from from home is indeed very possible. Hyatt Rocillo, one of our sharers last Saturday, imparted her experience from being a simple employee of 10 years with an 8AM-5PM job to becoming a Virtual Assistant after attending the Virtual Assistant Training Seminar in October 2010.

At present, Hyatt is now a Virtual Manager specializing in Online Promotion, Marketing development and Business strategy. 
Hyatt shared with me the message sent by Mei Mei Tan, a very satisfied attendee last Saturday.

"Hi Ms. Hyatt, its me Zoe who attended last Feb 18 seminar. I really want to staty sana para I can personally talk to all of you kaya lang pauwi na kami ng Lucena and takot ako ng umuwi mag isa. Maliligaw kase ako hehe.

Anyway, just and to tell you na I'm so happy to meet all of you. Specially you kase wala akong makitang stress in your face and I really admire you kase talagang smiling ka parati. Pd din ba kaming humingi sa inyo ng advice if in case? I forgot the name of d single mom kase iadd ko din sana sya. Again thanks a lot. we really enjoy your company."

For those of you who missed that great, fun filled learning, life and career-changing seminar, don't miss another chance. 

You may now download the Virtual Assistant Training Seminar for only Php2975 ($69) NOW. >>

It's Your Turn

Your life is like this video...

The above photo was taken during the Virtual Assistant Seminar last Feb. 18.  One of the attendees, Ms. Evelyn J. thought it was great!  Here's a note that she sent.  If you're still curious about the VA Seminar, read on and hope to see you in the next one.  

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for the pdf  presentation. We're not friends yet so i sent a friend request in your  facebook. Sayang di kita nakita sa seminar. The seminar was great. Sir Jomar was great. I would like to thank him for unselfishly sharing his knowledge and experience, as well as plenty of  tips and encouragements. It is a very interesting  seminar and it opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and opportunities. Although i must admit that i still have hesitations specially in the part where sir mentioned VAs are in 3D production, Photography,Bus consultant etc.Because  I dont have skills on those areas.Or maybe i have but i haven't discover it yet. Anyway' i will still try and do it.The  best part "Kinds of VA".

The food is also good and the notebook VISION fit for the seminar.

Thanks for everything.

Evelyn J.

VA Seminar: A Great Experience

1. Not an MLM oppurtunity meeting. This is not networking. You're not
going to recruit any one or sell products.

2. Not a business oppurtunity meeting. You're not going to hear of ROI
and percentages. You're not going to invest in some business you have
only heard in one day.

3. Not a job fair. Job fairs are for employees. Virtual Assistants use
the internet for most anything, including "job hunts". However , most
wanna be virtual assistants can't land an online job precisely because
they do it wrong. In the seminar, you'll know how to do it right,

4. Not a boring seminar.  Like most people, you want to be entertained
while attending seminars. That's also my opinion. I too want to be
entertained during any event I attend -even serious business seminars.
 Seminars we conduct are never boring.  This is not a stand up
comedian event also, we do not use green jokes or any jokes for that
matter.  People just like to enjoy themselves in our events.

5. Not a hunger strike. We'll take care of both two snacks and your
lunch for you.

6. Not a hotel event where you have to dress nice. Our venue is a
resort like location in Manila. Come as you are. However the venue is
airconditioned so bring a light sweater if you are sensitive to cold.
You cannot, however swim, though there's a pool nearby. Our schedule
is packed so every moment we'll need your attention.

7. Not a scam. The seminar is rich with useful information, we do not
have a "one time" registration fee after the event. Only the seminar
fee. After the event, you can become a virtual assistant without
paying us anything more. The seminar is not "bitin". It has spawned
many work at home virtual assistants.

8. Not spoonfeeding. My other events are spoon-feeding- giving you
everything you need including what to click and where. The VA seminar
is not this. The seminar ends with a challenge and a list of things
for you to do.

9. You're not going to be left behind after the seminar. Every
participant will be invited to an exclusive Facebook Group of previous
participants who will be your emotional, virtual and technical support
team while you're working to get hired online.  I'm supposing you
haven't attended an event that takes care of it's participants this

10. It's not all about getting an online work only. It's about
success, it's about becoming a better person. It's about living a
marvelous life.

So now that you know what the How To Work From Home as a Virtual
Assistant is not about, reach for the mouse and click on this link: to DOWNLOAD the VA seminar so you can
experience it from the comfort of your own home.

But if you can be in Manila on Feb 18, this Saturday, click here and join us. BPI Deposits are welcome too, via BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

Rate today until Friday is P 2975.  Walk-ins pay P 3975, so decide quickly if you want a better life or not.

What the VA Seminar Isn't About

Jeremy Viado:
The best thing about this event is:
Everytime I get to learn something, especially regarding skills/tools for your finances, I only see opportunities, opportunities, opportunities.  And with every opportunity, I get to slowly and surely realize my dream.

Enjoyed this the most:
All the lessons were great!  Very interesting, doable & powerful!

Christopher Garay
The best thing about this event is:
Teaches not only about learning online but more importantly about reclaiming one’s life.

Enjoyed this the most:
Bits of inspiration & valuable insights scattered throughout the seminar.

Nimfa Paulino
The best thing about this event is:
The programs Sir Jomar introduced which are mostly new to me.  I’m excited to do the assignments ‘cause from there I know I can definitely learn and be guided as well.  These programs will assist VA’s in stepping ahead.

Enjoyed this the most:
The entire program!

Maria Victoria Manalac
The best thing about this event is:
The seminar is very casual and very relaxed, no inhibitions or pretense, just plain and straight learning from the man who’s “been there and done that”.

To find out more about Work from Home na hindi scam, selling and PTC, go to

Do you want to hear what some attendees have to say about the VA Seminar?

It really takes hard work to create great -even simple things.

Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard - Slides in 3 Minutes from Carsonified on Vimeo.

The result:

Videos that will surely inspire you

good day nikki. I am hesitant to become a va. i tried to apply to odesk however i was not able to land a gig. I want to download the seminar of jomar however money is tight right. I also have some hesitation in working at home. Is this really real? Will I be paid? What skills should I have? Lot of questions. Hope you can enlighten me.
Thanks and kind regards.

Hi Jemelyn,

I understand the doubt and confusion whether to believe if this work at home thing works or not as there are so many scams out there. Don't worry, almost everybody felt that way, too. Including me.

Let me answer your questions...

"Is this real?"

Why, yes =) I personally attended Jomar's seminar sometime ago and after a month of doing what he instructed us to do, I landed a gig. Fortunate enough, I landed this gig. After attending or downloading the seminar, you will also meet other VA Seminar graduates in our secret Facebook group. They will be your support group. =)

"Will I be paid?"

Yes. How? How do you want to get paid? Through PayPal or bank transfer? Jomar teaches VA students how to spot a scam job posting, so as much as possible, you won't have to deal with scams.

"What skills should I have?

The basic skill you need to have is that you can browse the Internet with ease and you love self-studying. There are a lot of types of VAs so you don't necessarily need to acquire the skills some VAs have. Do you know how to use Facebook? Send an email? Attach a photo in an email message? 

You do? 


Now, there are a lot of contractors in oDesk talaga. So it would really be a challenge to land a gig. But here's the thing, Jomar will teach you how to have an edge over the other contractors in oDesk. Having this advantage, employers will prefer to hire you over the others. How's that? =)

The last jump is the only thing between where you are and where you want to be. So, go ahead. Take that leap!

Attend the How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant on February 18, 2012. Reserve a slot via online payment here -- or deposit your payment [P 2,975] at any BPI branch to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email me at

I have hesitations about working from home because...

Belated Happy Valentines Day!

I sure hope you didn't let the pressure of that holiday make you do things you didn't like, or assume things you shouldn't have assumed.

As for us, we spent it at home, me giving my wife her favorite milk tea concoctions (more than one, yes) and me sticking flowery decals on the hallway ceiling. Now I have an idea how the Sistine Chapel paintings were done.

In the evening we had kebabs by some Mediterreanean delivery restaurant and we retired early.
Oh yes we also had toblerone and banana flavored pancakes. We made too much, most of it is in the fridge.

But today's message for you is not about that. It's about this too good to resist sale of BASAHANs (rags) we found in the mall the other week. I think we got 10 pcs of "microfiber" rags. So it must be good right?

I used one of these wet discount basahans on the dusty window screen and to my surprise, it appears that the screen is full of dust. I wiped again and again, and even MORE dust flies away from the screen. The screen looked clean but there it is, dust flying around. So I clean up the basahan, rinse it and try again. Wow! Even more dust flies from the window screen when I wipe with this MAGIC BASAHAN.

My wife tells me, don't use that discount rag, "it doesn't absorb anything.". So I used a branded rag (yup) that's also called "microfiber". I think it was Scotch Brite brand. 
Sure enough, after one wipe of this new rag, there's no dust flying around but the rag is now very very very dirty

Turns out, not all rags are the same.
This led me to think about the bargain rag that I've been using for 16 years plus -my old jobs. They were "reliable", they were paying "just enough" but it also wasn't working. I wasn't flourishing. I was bored and none of my suggestions are ever acted upon.  It was drudgery all day long. When I got sick, they said I had excessive leaves already that I CANNOT BE ABSENT ANYMORE - even if I was sick. It was, a very ineffective way to live life.

Then came the welcome retrenchment (it's still a fad these days) that kicked me out of that company and gave me a brand new "rag" to use - online business.

And yes, I was ready. I was already earning online - on the side - when that "We're sorry but you're fired" meeting came about. Not so prepared was 499 of my companions on that day. Yes, 500 of us were "let go" - 14 January 2009 - in one day.

So it helps to be very prepared when life tells you "You can't use that rag anymore.".

Make sure that branded - working - better quality rag is available for immediate use, when the time comes.

Don't wait when you're already full of fear -because they already kicked you out - to learn all about this "new rag".

It may be just a "rag" - but it will serve you well to clean up your life  (at last, more time for family!)

Your Magic Basahan

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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