Northern Lights by Sixpence None The Richer

it burns me down when I think of all the tears you've cried
for one million miles I've I logged on roads that led away from you
knowing there was nothing you could do
inside my mind I saw you driving inside your car
just one silhouette in the wind with a prayer that this would not go to far
away from my residual flame
our bodies growing cold like stars
that lose their will to burn and fade into the night
but we could burn like the northern lights

baby – please stay
we can make it through another day

it may – must we?
all the fiber optic arguments
without the warmth of your flesh we couldn't really make much sense
but now it's over and I am here my body next to yours
we'll feed the flame with the fuel of time and burn like the northern lights
I'm tired of all the senseless fights

baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
we could burn like the northern lights –

you love me and I love you
so, baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
baby – please stay
we can make it through another day
we could burn like the northern lights –

(Too bad this wasn't released popularly, shame on you RECORD LABELS!)
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Sixpence None The Richer - Northern Lights (The Next Kiss Me)

Infographic from this site

Find out more of this kind of information from this Technical Seminar for Non-Technical People.

How to Get The most From Google (From pinterest!)

JomarHilario_How to Copy Portions of Your Screen to Power Point

How to Use Snipping Tool

Let me just make a short kwento.

I just got back home from picking up my son to school. It was drizzling on my way there. Ngayon, pouring na. I remember rainy days back in college.

I'd wake up at around 4:30 in the morning to prepare for school so I won't be late for my 7am class. Yes. It's a 1.5 hours of travel time from home to school. I oftentimes skip breakfast just so I can leave the house on time.

And you know what? I do get late pa. Imagine my frustration.

When it's a rainy day like this, I usually wake up at 4am. Why? Ang hirap sumakay. Jeepneys and LRTs/MRTs are full. Siksikan-full. Cabs were equally frustrating because they choose routes where they won't get stuck in traffic. Sabay pa si rush hour.

The worst thing? I'm wearing white. All-white. With matching stockings. Even when I walk super slow or avoid puddles of water/mud, they still get dirty.

So instead of this all-white uniform, I resemble a dalmatian.

Same dilemma on my way home. Chances of my dad picking me up is malabo because he is - guess what - stuck in traffic. To avoid the rush hour madness, I stay at some coffee shop just to let the time pass and makauwi ako without siksikan and traffic. And usually, that's like 9 in the evening already.


If you are a student or an employee na nagco-commute, I'm sure you've been in this same situation at least once. Aminin, you even had to bring your shoes and wear slippers instead just so your shoes [feet!] won't get wet.

A day in a life of a non-work from home.

But, is working from home for you?

Well then if you're serious and you want to know, be online tomorrow night at 9PM for a FREE webinar [web seminar] about Work Sa Bahay [WSB]. You can even prepare your questions and we'll answer them for you. To register, join our Jomar Hilario Mastery Group on Facebook --

This may be your ticket to saying "bye bye" to wet shoes and dalmatian-like-spotted uniform during rainy days.

We'll see you then!

Work from home people don't bring their shoes to work. We, most of the time, wear slippers [and pajamas to go with it.] Register now and see you tomorrow, Friday, March 30, 2012 --

-- Nikki Hidalgo

My Rainy Day Story For You - Nikki

Watch the video to see how your life (and idle time) can change because of this new app called PAPER. Funny too.
Paper for the iPad from FiftyThree on Vimeo.
Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on the new iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and instantly share them to across the web. Download “Paper by FiftyThree” free from the App Store.

Free Download:

More info:

Director: Andrew S Allen
Cinematographer: Jason Sondhi
Production Assistant: Julian Walker
Music: "Come Back" by Lotus Plaza
(New 10" on Audraglint Records)
Ipad users, get the app here.

Awesome - you'll love this IPAD App for Productivity

One of the invaluable tools for Work Sa Bahay people -both Virtual

Assistants and Online Marketers is the better than email tool called

Why better than email? Because Dropbox allows you to send large up to 1 Gigabyte files to each other -online without waiting for uploads and downloads.

Remember that 1%, 2% ... 100% waiting time for email attachments?

Forget about those.

With Dropbox, you just create a folder --tell dropbox to share it and give Dropbox an email address.

Then load that huge file (movies cough cough) onto the folder and keep your internet connection OPEN.

That's it. There's no way the upload will be interrupted.

If you turn off the computer then turn it back on again, the upload and download will just resume.

Yes, it's like magic.

Try it now, it's free!

Ditch email when you're trying to send or transfer huge files. Try mo itong Dropbox.

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What is better than your email?

Try to use your imagination how can you use this technology --it's result-30,000 or so photos of the AMAZON RIVER communities. You can "walk" through the river, the towns, inside the HOUSES, the jungle via Street View on your computer.

I imagine projecting it on a gigantic screen and letting people just "walk around" the amazon, complete with sound effects. Now that's just a cirque d' soliel idea. But what can you - an "ordinary" person do with this technology?

You really have to think. Specially if you think you have NOTHING, no skills etc. There are obvious applications of this in Homeschooling for example, but that's not what I mean. Think about your own interests, how can you use this?

Note: I don't think it's live for the rest of the world yet. In the meantime, explore the ANTARTICA's PENGUINS.

To appreciate it best, please move your mouse or keyboard LEFT and RIGHT buttons around. It's a 3d WORLD.

Tour the Amazon with Street View (3D like Panorama)

There are so many sc.ams on the Internet and I just discovered a new one.

Complete with the exact text the sca.mmer used.

If you want to find out what that is, be online on March 30, 2012, Friday night at 9PM and I'll expose it so you can avoid it. Join this group to register --

It's a FREE webinar about Work from Bahay Gigs - Alert plus the continuation of the webinar last time about where you can find legit o.nline gigs and the techniques so you can be the preferred VA of most clients.

Be there if you don't want yourself caught up in this shady deal.

Know what online gigs to avoid [sc.ams!] Be online on March, 30, Friday. Join our JH Mastery Facebook group to register --

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You Need to Know This So You Can Avoid It

This is a piece from Denis Waitley (completely from him!)

What do the rich and famous have in common that others are missing?

Dr. Denis Waitley, shares the answer from his broad knowledge in
self-development, high performance and personal success that he has
gained from helping Super bowl, Olympic Champions, NASA astronauts,
the US Army, foreign governments as well as educators and youth groups
around the world.

Waitley, the bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning and The
Seeds of Greatness, says the secret behind the successes of famous
names such as Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, and even William
Shakespeare is passion.

He gives some other examples:
Ross Perot, Forbes’ 57th-richest person in America was his big brother
at the Naval Academy who went on to become a billionaire with
Electronic Data Systems, a global business and technology services
company. He was always a man of passion.

Ray Kroc was also passionate in what he believed in and founded
MacDonald’s when he was 54.
Steven Spielberg did little home movies, where his theme was always
about a great powerful figure that is going to save the world.

Andrew Lloyd Weber, wrote Cats, Evita and produced the Phantom of the
Opera. When Weber was nine years old, he already displayed his passion
for plays by creating a little home theater with puppets.

Denis’ was good friends with the late French underwater explorer
Jacques Cousteau. Before his passing, Cousteau had told Denis that he
broke both arms while watching a water spider taking a bubble of air
down to her babies in a lake. In his passion for observing marine
life, Cousteau invented the aqua lung which helps people to breath
underwater for a short period of time after after observing the bubble
of air in that spider.

Denis also gives the examples of passion in the lives of people like
Bill Gates of Microsoft, Fred Smith of Federal Express and every great
inventor or innovator.
He explains that these people weren’t trying to make money; they had
an inner fire of passion to drive them, rather than a desire for
wealth. He believes that most successful people achieve their
greatness because they have something to express inside.

He stresses it is not the goal of such people to make a lot of money,
but many of them earn a tremendous amount of money and respect because
of their pursuit of their passion. He quotes famous figures such as
Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Estee Lauder and Walt Disney who made a
lot of money but were far more interested their passion than money.
The key to their success was their passion. It was their inner drive
to create or provide something excellent in a product or service.

Denis calls this the “Stradivarius Effect”, named after Antonio
Stradivari, the famous violin maker. It simply means, “the love to
live by, uncovering and discovering one’s passion.” And that,
according to Denis, is the secret to people who make millions.


What is it that you are passionate about?
Are you pursuing the money or pursuing your passion?

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What do the rich and famous have in common?

 I love this story of Steve Jobs told by Bill Lee:

Jobs is supposedly obsessed with every detail that goes into Apple
devices. Not so. He focuses on the details relevant to the customer’s
experience. When one of Apple’s design teams was tasked with
developing a DVD-burning software program for high-end Macs,
developers spent weeks putting together a plan. On the appointed day
to present it to Jobs, they brought pages filled with prototype
information, pictures of the new program’s various windows and menu
options, along with documentation showing how the application would

When Jobs walked into the meeting, he didn’t so much as look at any of
the plans. He picked up a marker, went to a whiteboard and drew a
rectangle, representing the application. He then told them what he
wanted the new application to do. The user would drag the video into
the window, a button would appear that said “burn,” and the user would
click it. “That’s it, that’s what we’re going to make,” he said.

While Apple’s developers were consumed with what they were doing
(building DVD-burning software), Jobs was concerned with why they were
doing it (to make life easy for the customer). One way of thought
leads to a product, the other leads to a fortune.


What thinking do you have right now that leads to a fortune?
What thinking do you have that leads to a product?

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Burn it - said Steve Jobs

Maayong Udto, Cebuanos!

I know you've all been waiting for this, so heto na -- The Cebu - How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar.

Now, you, my dear Cebuano friend can attend the seminar, live.

Know if you can be a virtual assistant, learn the pros and cons of working from your balay, what you need to attract clients online and many more, straight from yours truly.

Reserve your slots now and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount until April 6, 2012, Friday, only.
One seat:
Two seats [just add P 1500 for your pair]:

You will also learn what skills you need to be an efficient, client-preferred virtual assistant. Join us on May 5, 2012, Saturday in Maxwell Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City from 9am - 6pm. Save the date. This might be the first and last one for this year.

Venue location:

Kita 'ta in Cebu!

Reserve your seats now to avail of the early bird discount:

Not from Cebu? Tell your Cebuano friends about this!

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This might be your first and last chance for this year

My goodness, what will the future look like with these new touchscreen musical instruments?!
Good one, Marian Dela Fuente for recommending this one.

Stay tuned for more APPS!

When you're working at home, there's a lot more time to EXPLORE YOUR HOBBIES.

Seline HD -SUPER COOL- new iPad music instrument - quick tutorial

When you're (work) at home you see mostly everything.
When there's a newborn around, you see almost all milestones, including CRADLE CAP!
For dads: It looks like your newborn's head is wounded. Not good.
So here goes my research, the nominees are:

Singapore's MummySg Forums
The most helpful group for my Cradle Cap problem for baby earl: 
The winner is
Final solution to Cradle cap:
1. Ignore it unless it's wounds (then go to the MD)
2. Oil on head, lightly applied, then combed, lightly
That's why my research said.
We do this kind of research more often than you think. Perhaps more than 2x a day!
Hey, were' just working from home! :)
And you, what do you do at home?

Researching about Cradle Cap

I'm finally separating my newsletters between those who are into
work at home (virtual assistants) and those running a company - or
those who want to run a company.

To join the entrep newsletter for online marketing by Jomar Hilario,
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See you on the other side.

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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a business?

Read this heart-warming email from one of the participants from the March 17, 2012 How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar.

Dear  Jomar and Nikki,

The  seminar  last  Saturday  was  so awesome.  I never thought,  me  a  grandmother  could  understand  and  learn  these  techy topics. You've  made  the  difficult  easy.   Jomar you are  one  great  guy  and  after  I  learn  these  hands-on, my advocacy  is  to  hire  VA.  You've  opened  so  many doors  for  us  and I will be one with your  advocacy.  Though  I am  a slow  learner, I wont  stop, I  will pursue  learning  this new thing.

Just  to update, my  Odesk application is only  40 %  LOL.  I  tried  to  enter  my  consultancy talents,  its does  not  matter.  Hard thing is, I need  to  let  go of my old resume.  Its  a  total  revamp.  But  one thing is  sure,  I will  be  an  Internet  Marketer, hiring  good  VA's  , only those  who  have  undergone  training  from JOMAR.  Keep  this  up.

I am  learning SageSpark- Billing  Boss  and  if I just  give the time  and  focus, I  could  definitely  learn  it  inspite  of me  being  a  "computer lizard"  not  a computer  wizard.  LOL

I am so  inspired  of  Hyatt.  I will  aim  to  be like her,  Slowly but  surely.

God bless  your  team.  You are so great  guys.

Next VA Seminar is June 2012. Stay tuned for announcements. But you really mustn't wait, just download it now: You'll get 2 copies of 2 VA seminars plus an hour long interview with a VA at

See? Your Age Does Not Matter


If you've been paying attention to my online marketing lessons both
here in this blog AND in my clubs, you know the answer to this
What's wrong with this blog?

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

What's wrong with this website? Marketing wise?


One work from home [virtual assistant] student asked me: "Nikki, before Jomar even introduced oDesk to us, nakapagsign up na ako and applied for gigs. But unfortunately, after almost 3 months, wala pa din akong client and I'm really frustrated. How come ang tagal before ako makakuha ng client?"

There are a thousand virtual assistants inside oDesk and for you to have an edge over the others, aside from doing the VA assignment [for those who attended/downloaded the seminar], there are techniques in landing a gig and getting a long-time client.

Madaming tecniques in getting a client. One of them is you need to have an online portfolio. Like what we always mention, your BS diploma is most of the time useless in applying for a gig. What's important is your online skills and the proof that you're an "expert" in it. Syempre, clients will prefer to hire someone who has proof of his or her online skills.

Plus, hindi ka lang sa oDesk pwede maghanap ng clients. Want to know ten sites where you can get online jobs [legit!]?

How about the techniques in getting clients online?

Be online tonight at 9pm for a FREE webinar. Jomar will answer your work at home questions, tips and techniques in getting clients online plus ten websites where you can find jobs online. To register, just join our Jomar Hilario Mastery group:

Jam-packed-1-hour and a half information night once again, absolutely free for you.

So, we'll see you tonight!

Discover the techniques in getting a client online and more

Here's an email - an incredible story about how Revilla got her first online job:

Sir Jomar,
I am still busy doing my VA assignment.  I know it will be due already next week.  

I was already posting 3 tutorials in my VA blog when I decided to share it privately with 4 friends (who are also working online) and ask for their comments regarding my VA blog.   One of my friends liked it that she wants to share it na with friends.  But I told her 'wag muna kasi hindi pa tapos ang blogs.  Hindi pa nga maganda ang lay-out, hehe..  
Then 5 days after that, one of my friends who saw my blog PM (personal message) me in FB (facebook) if I want to do an article writing assignment.   I was able to reply only last Wednesday.  She told me the details of the assignment which should be submitted by end of the following day and ask me if I can do it.  And also told me she'll pay me $10 for the article.   I told her, I'd give it a try.  So, while I was waiting for the your webinar last Wednesday, I made a draft and PM it to her for review.  She made some comments and want some revisions.  But then, your webinar is already starting, so hindi muna ako nagrevise ng article, I listened to your webinar first.  After your webinar, that was already about 11pm.  I revised the article.  And was able to send the final draft at past 12mn na.  
In the morning, she PM (sent a personal message) me to say that the article is ok and that I can already post it.  I was so excited and so happy my article was approved.   And just this morning, I received a notification from Paypal for the payment of $10 from my friend.  :-)
Here is the link to my blog with the article assignment : 
I have also taken 2 exams in Brainbench last night.  I got 3.81 score for MS Office 2007 and 3.44 for written English.   Now, I am much more inspired to become a VA!  
Thanks for your guidance sir Jomar! God bless you more always. :-)
Living a Marvelous Life, 
Revilla N. Carbonell-Noel
*End of email.

Bottom line: It's becoming an everyday occurence that people are emailing me that they've landed work at home gigs (work) - so it's getting pretty incredible. Just this morning there was another one, trying to break the record of getting online money in as short a period as 40 days after the seminar. Now people are targetting 30 days after the seminar.

Who knows maybe you can get money from the interwebs 20 days after the seminar? 

But only if you find out the incredible concepts that you'll learn only in the VA seminar.

The mentioned Brainbench above is a website wherein you can prove you know what you know - internationally (since most foriegn clients care more about that than your university's fame at the UAAP :) )

So this March 17 will be the last VA seminar until June. We will not have a VA seminar in Manila on April and May.

So get in as early as you can or just download it.

Regular rate of P 2975 is active until Friday. Walk in Rate is P 3975, but still, if you come in pairs the 2nd person is only P 1500, so ask a friend to check it out!

CDO: Another incredible work at home story

Here's more good news from VA Seminar attendees Mia Zulueta and Nilo Sarmiento.  They have been mentored and inspired and are now working from home.  They want you to know that you can do it too!  

Be encouraged and inspired by these testimonials. The next Manila VA Seminar will be this weekend, March 17, 2012! 

Visit for the complete details.

What VA Seminar Attendees Want You to Know

If you're like me, you take too long making decisions.

In business, they call it "analysis paralysis."

You add all the pros and cons.

You think of every possible outcome.

You wait so long to make a decision, by the time you do, the outcome is worth less than if
you'd have just gone with your gut.

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The only reason I'm even emailing you today is because it's the last day Dan is allowing new
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It's time to create the path you want to take.

Don't listen to what they say about this "down" economy.

It's up to you.
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Closing the doors this lunch, get Renegade Millionaire

If what you hear has impacted you with the value of good and great ideas and
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Because of these Renegade Millionaire Ideas that you can now repeatedly
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Don't need to have a business to learn these great ideas.

You already have what you need - a listening ear and a ready mind.

Most people are poor because they put their money in the bank, not in the
nourishment of their minds.

Let that be someone else, but not you.

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1. Your choice of MMI or OMC2 membership from me.

2. You may start MMI or OMC2 anytime, don't have to start asap.

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Yours for free, either one (not both) if you availed of the Millionaire right now.

3. We'll have 1on1 consulting so I can point you in the right direction during or before you use Dan's materials. Worth P 25,000 yan.

4. Total bonus value is max of P 37 + 25 thousand, min of P 19,500 +
25 thousand.

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You'll Never Wonder What They Think Again

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away almost every young person you
know had Friendster.
Now, almost every OLD person you know has Facebook.
Facebook is easy to use.
But you weren't born knowing how to use Facebook.
You had to learn it, not by seminar, mind you.
Self Study.

Admit it, you can learn new things.

Now something new is knocking on the door.

It's called Pinterest, and if you want to be invited to this EXCLUSIVE
community of people addicted to beautiful things (no kidding) - you
just need to enter your name here:

And we'll let you in.

Once you're in you'll see that it's familiar, there's a LIKE button,
there's a COMMENT button but there's a new button called "PIN".

People actually spend hours in Pinterest pinning the photos of things
and people they like.

And it's an endless list.

You say you want to be FIRST in some things?

Well, be the first in PINTEREST because you'd better believe it -you
can make money from this knowledge - specially if you're a Work At
Home Virtual Assistant!

Because I know people PAY pinoys to use pinterest to promote online.

Your Next Addiction After Facebook Is...

One of the most asked questions of aspiring VAs is this: "Jomar, I graduated from [name of school] with B.S. in [course not related to computers]. Qualified ba ako maging VA?"

Hmm, let's see.

Our VA Seminar students [mga working from home na as VAs] were accountants, nurses, architects, chefs, B.S Management graduates, teachers, etc.

They graduated from different universities, different courses.

It really doesn't matter what college you graduated from or what course you have taken up as long as you are willing to learn new things. Hindi naman kilala ng mga foreign clients ang mga universities dito.

"So how am I going to prove my online skills, then?"

Take exams in BrainBench: They're offering FREE testing of their usually-not-free exams until March 9, 2012 only. You can post your BrainBench exam results in your online portfolio or your oDesk profile and have an edge over the others.

And because mas preferred ka ng clients because you have proof of your online skills [BrainBench and oDesk exams], mas madali maka-land ng gig.

Go. Take free BrainBench exams as much as you want now and build up your online resume. Until bukas na lang yun.

Why Your B.S. Degree is Useless Minsan sa Work at Home

This past week, a lot of my students -- graduates of the How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar, both live and the downloadable version -- delightfully shared their experiences about working on their assignments and their "gigs".

One of them, Quennie G. from Cagayan de Oro, who previously worked in China as a guest service manager had doubts whether she's knowledgeable enough and qualified to become a VA.

Quennie on her doubts about working from home: "Maybe, i am not knowledgeable enough, I don't know much about computer tools. I am not good in English, i just write what I understand so i use simple English words. Actually, many doubts on how to do this and that... "

But last January 14, she attended the seminar in CdO and found out na hindi naman pala mahirap maging VA. In less that two months, she's now working from her home without having to leave the country -- and her family to earn. Read about her sharing here:

If you wish to come with us and attend, your best chance is on March 17, 2012, Saturday in Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City. NO VA Seminar on April or May. We're on our special rate now until tomorrow, Friday (P 2,675/$61)

Can't make it on March 17? You can download the seminar online. This includes, not one, but two PDF presentations, audio and video files. The latest one -- from February 18 seminar -- has 7+ hours of audio and video files, both low and high quality and includes sharing of 2 guest VAs.

If you wish to work from your bahay, join ka na.

More and more people are now working from home

What a nice and beautiful story.  alam mo sa mga young parents na
tulad natin and this i think the present generation, dapat talaga ang

hurray to you for bringing about the Virtual Work to filipino moms and
dads  and hurray too to Bro. Bo for introducing you to us!

God bless and I CAN FEEL THIS WILL BRING A FLOODGATE open of people
who wants to avail of your VA trinings.

and I am one of this hopeful parent.

God bless!


Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Reaction to my Roller Blades Story

1. You like work at home but think you may not be able to make it work?
Attend the webinar tonight 9pm-1030pm at Libre nga.
I'll discuss the different things that Virtual Assistant - work at home person - can do, plus the "pitfalls" of doing this - and the truth behind the "pitfalls" of working at home.

2. Serious about business success? You must learn marketing - from my mentor no less - 
Get in RIGHT NOW - into Dan's Renegade Millionaire program (lots of CDs to learn from) and you get into either my OMC2 or MMI programs, for free using this link: (I should be able to verify your use of this link to credit your purchase), you can even start LATER so you're not overwhelmed with too much stuff to learn from both me and Dan.

I do this knowing that maybe only 10 people or 20 of you will avail of it, but it's worth it because it's your chance to learn from the people I grew up - marketing wise - with. Dan can bring you to higher highs in business, so why not invest in yourself for a change? Yes, you've got stock market and real estate stuff, but those don't improve YOU. You have to improve YOU to improve your earnings.  

This is what I did. This is what I wish for you do to - improve yourself.

Two Things...

Here's great news to inspire you today!  VA Seminar attendees Mark Israel and Keith Alvendia are too happy to share the news of finding their work from home.  Go ahead and read their announcements.  You will see that it is possible to get a good work package and to work for a cool boss, just like them.  

The next Manila Virtual Assistant Seminar will be on March 17, 2012, Saturday 9am to 6pm at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City.  Visit for the complete details.  

Hurry and register at because you have a few days left to avail of the Special Fee!

VA Seminar Attendees Found Their Work From Home

A few days ago, I've sent you links to Dan Kennedy's videos about how you can grow in your business and discover your potential to attract customers.
Now this is your last chance to see all of Dan's videos before they take them down.

Go, and discover Dan Kennedy's personal strategies and know the best "bait" for attracting customers.

Your Last Chance To See This

This monday morning we woke up at around 830am. Wife decided that
mornings will be educational so the kids watched Electric Company on
the "tv" - which is really a TV w/o a cable connection and no antenna.
The kids educational show was running from a Hard Disc, you know the
one usually connected to a computer.

Anyway, after that I brought the two kids down for some 10am play
time. Yes it was hot outside but the good thing about being near
Laguna De Bay is that it's mostly windy all the time so the weather
isnt' humid (hindi malagkit) so we went to the playground and I tried
to capture their play time on film.  I still had that photography
contest to join and I had to catch them smiling with good focus,
composition, timing and haay angle.

This time in the playground, I brought along my roller blades (it was
a dream of mine since College to have roller skates, blades were the
only thing I can find locally) and a helment. Why? Because for several
days the little girl has been constipated - my plan was to really make
them run around the basketball court till they get all thirsty so
they'd ask me for lots of water (w/c we did bring).

So exactly that happened: Picture me being chased by a 2 year old and
a 3 year old, while skating. Later it was both of them pulling me, one
tod dler per hand - while I'm balancing on my roller blades.

Sure enough, the call for "tubig!" came and I repeatedly gave them
lots of water.
Hopefully constipation problem solved!

Now why share this to you? Because in this story is one of my dreams
fulfilled. It's not enough to BUY a pair of roller blades, I have to
use to regularly too and today is the beginning of my baby playtime
and roller blade time -that's multi tasking - my version.

Some of your dreams can be as shallow as mine - but if you have no
time to give to your dream, it can very well follow you to the
graveyard of forgotten dreams (i.e. Manila Memorial Park).

That's all I wanted to share.

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