Make Facebook Earn for you (free 90min webinar recording) by Jomar Hilario
Click play and learn this ORIGINAL presentation on how you can apply everything in this presentation to create at least two different sources of income for you.

Note the language is TAGLISH. But the slides are in complete english.
Leave a comment if you want a completely english version.

Make Facebook Earn for you (free 90min webinar recording) by Jomar Hilario

Q: hi sir jomar, thank you so much for the wisdom. i worked on sample
FB contest to know the process, i can say SUccess. I made an email to
one FB Contest i found on twitter today april 29, it is illegal, i
liked it first so that it will be included in my links, just tried
with all confidence. I have a question. If a company will hire me to
make an FB Contest, how will that FB Contest be seen and access by the
company if it is install on my page? I was hung on that question and
cant find the answer from the slides?

thank you sir, god bless you more for your humbleness.

A: You install the contest in your FB to show them you know how to do
it. You need to ask them to make you an ADMIN of their (company)
facebook page. Then you can load the contest in their facebook page.
That way they and you have control of the facebook contest.

The shortstack account however is and can be yours, but the companies
are paying you to maintain it. If they go bad on you, they can no
longer modify the contest if they want to - because you control the
shortstack account. They can remove your admin access but of course
they won't do that - because who will "run" the contest for them - one
who has the experience with contests, but you?

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If someone hires you to make Facebook Contest, how will they use your contest?

With the Deep Internet Secrets seminar on May 1:

1. You'll be able to find most anything - if it's online, you'll find
it - w/o using google (because google can't find it)

2. You'll be comfortable using "computer code" to make your websites
pretty and even more useful.  

Note: I won't teach you how to code, just how to use them.

3. You'll finally find out why your iPad can't play some videos and
what you can do about it.

4. You'll use memes to make your facebook or website even more
powerful than ever. What's a meme? You'll know about that too.

5. You'll be able to "Speed read" hundreds of blogs without even
trying hard - everyday - all in 5minutes.

6. You'll learn how to make your browser (firefox/chrome) even more
powerful and have more features. For example, do you want to block a
website - in like 2 clicks so people using your computer can't access
it? Very useful for productivity.

7. You'll finally understand why Web Designers and Web Developers are
the WRONG persons to get when you're talking online marketing.

8. You'll be able to reclaim all that lost time being slow in using
the computer, because after the deep internet secrets, you'll know
what it takes to make you faster - online.

9. You'll learn the use of excessive commenting to save your life and sanity.

10. You'll get daily, weekly and monthly Social Media Checklists that
you can use to promote any site online. This is a tried and tested
formula you're getting.

So that's just 10 things of the many things you'll learn at the May 1 Deep...

ONE seat (P2975 / $68)
TWO seats, come in pairs discount (P 4475 / $103)
Venue: Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City
For OMC members, please click on the Club Discounts Tab inside the OMC site.

Register early to gain access to the coveted Webinar Vault of Jomar Hilario.

I'll only be doing ONE Deep Internet Secret seminar this year, so
this is your chance. If you're not in Manila, download it!

And because you want it, the Webinar Vault will now also be open strictly to those who availed the downloadable seminars and those who reserved seats to my upcoming events from April to June 2012. Kindly wait for Nikki to send it to you.

Make your friends green with envy you're getting this special treatment.

What you can get from the Deep Internet Secrets May 1 Seminar


Joan just purchased the downloadable seminar for Work at Home. She got
two copies of the seminar - two different events - in one purchase
plus a bonus interview (yeah, Joan?).

Here's her reaction upon listening to it.

This afternoon I also talked to a full room in Sulit's Netpreneur
Academy or Sulit NA. When asked why they invited me again - since this
is my 3rd time to speak to their millions - in a seminar setting. The
crowd and the sulit management said "Tawa sila ng tawa eh".

But dont' take Joan or the Sulit team's word for it.

Attend an event of mine (you've got 4 to choose from) and see if you
love it or like it lang. :)
All events have money back guarantees, you know?
All events fees include snacks and lunch and a PHOTOSHOOT. :)

Plus I give you tips on how to find your ONE TRUE LOVE (or ONE TRUE
BUSINESS PARTNER) in the events.
(Ayan secret lang natin yan).

See you soon on either MAY 1, MAY 5, MAY 18-19 or JUNE 30. :)

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Joan Laughs with the Work At Home Seminar Recording


Klout is a means for (people) to judge if you're good at what you say
you're good at by looking at your activities in places like Facebook,
Youtube, Blogger etc.

Let it be known that I hardly go to Klout to check out my RANK
(score). High is 100, by the way.

And upon visiting Klout this week (just this week, after logging in
years ago), I found that my Klout is up there with the stars of GLEE.

Without trying!

So see you tonight at the free TAGLISH 8pm Webinar at We'll have fun and you'll learn more
than you expect in finding out a UNIQUE way to earn from FACEBOOK

This is going to be fun! We run the webinar till 930pm. You'll get all
the details you need to begin this wonderful way of earning.

What could be more wonderful than PLAYING!??

What do I mean?

Find out tonight! Regsiter FREE at - and
come early like 7am to get the instructions and make friends.

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Who is Jomar Hilario and how can he teach you about Facebook earning?

Watch video, do it in your own home. :) This is Google Hangouts. And it's not the future. It's today.

Want to know more tech that you can use to change your life? Attend the Deep internet secrets seminar at (yes you can also download it).

Twas the week before finals...

Q: Just a few questions. :)

On the average, how much does a virtual assistant make (per month) vs.
the number of work hours one would need to complete?

Would there be approximate values?  I'm asking because I would like to
see if it would be feasible to do VA full time in exchange for my
current work.


A: Zero work experience VAs can earn like P 10,000 a month. NET. Zero
work can also mean = Not a college graduate.

Time for work is like a regular bank employee schedule (not the
tellers). M - F. 9am - 5pm.

Amount goes up to P 80,000 month depends on the person's
capabilities, experience and guts to ask for more.

Amounts above are taken only from people I personally know.

You can get trained in becoming a VA and get the confidence too at my
VA seminar - live or online: Details are

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Q: How much do VA's earn?

Some of you may spend at least 4 hours on the Internet, specifically on Facebook.

Games, social connection apps, monitoring updates about Coachella and your other favorite events & artists are a few of the many things you can do inside Facebook. 

But do you know that you can also use it to create income o.nline?

Be online next week, April 25, 2012, Wednesday at 8PM for a FREE webinar on How to Use Facebook to Create Your Income. To register, join our Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group and check on the group for updates and instructions.

Yes, you can do more than just playing Draw Something on Facebook.

See you next week.

Pwede din pala maging productive for you ang Facebook, noh? Click on the link and register na for our FREE webinar on Wednesday, April 25,2012 at 8PM.

Get Your Facebook to Earn For You

Q: Sir Jomar good evening,

I am just wondering why your websites are using the platform on the
blogger instead in the wordpress. Mas maganda ba gamitin ang blogger
kaysa wordpress? What are the advantages or disadvantages if you use
one over the other?

Empowering lives,
Rafael Davis

A: I just LOVE this question!!!!

Why Blogger and not WP?

I'm totally serious with my answers, okay? And this is for all who is asking.

1. Blogger is simple to use. WP (hosted, of course) is for geeks and
people who like GREP. Figure that out, geek!
2. WP (hosted) is not the same as WP (
Hosted is PAID. The other two is FREE now we shall call it wordpress
3. WP (free) can't be used for commercial reasons if you're just starting OUT.
4. Once you have a WP (hosted) up, you need to MANUALLY protect
yourself from DOS attacks and other computer vermin and evil hackers.
When you use Blogger, GOOGLE takes care of that for you, for free.
5. Blogger is for beginners, WP (hosted) is for advanced users who
dream of FTP, specially in the old days when I started.
6. Nowadays you can make WP look like blogger and vice versa.
7. I decided to walk my talk and use what I advise people to use.
However if you're going to be a VA, you use NEITHER Blogger or
Wordpress (hosted), you use wordpress (free).

In hindsight, since I like security, #4 makes me sleep well at night. :)
Some will say, aha, what if Google takes down your blogger/gmail
account! In WP (hosted) -you control everything - in Blogger, you're
under the wishes of King Google.

Here's the secret: The secret is not in the email or the blog. It's in
my email list w/c is 1shoppingcart and is periodically backed up in
different ways. :) And even when that disappears, it doesn't matter,
why? It's the RELATIONSHIP and BRAND that I've built that can be built
up again any time. So oh well, that's why Blogger vs WP!

Hosted of course.

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Why is Jomar using Blogger instead of Wordpress?


Save the date! File your leaves early:
Kerygma Conference is on November 24-25,2012

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Kerygma Conference is on November 24-25,2012

Filipinos love to go abroad, they dream of it - because of the "dollars" it can give them. Given the exchange rate, earning in dollars can give you a better life - they think.

But what if you can make the dollars at home? Doing basically OFFICE WORK? Would that be interesting? People have been doing it under your nose and you still think it's not "for you". But good thing, lots more people are waking up to "THERE ARE NO JOBS HERE or ABROAD". Not any more, unless you love call center work, there isn't much choice. Even more for those who haven't finished COLLEGE.

But actually, there is a choice. It's the work at home choice. LITERAL Work in your Pajamas, NOT SELLING.

But let's find out first, are YOU QUALIFIED TO DO THIS?

Here's a free almost 2 hour video on how to know if you qualify.

Pinoy, Are you Qualified to Work At Home? Webinar by Jomar Hilario

For some reason this song's message is important, specially to me.
How about you? Are YOU happy?

Tuloy ang happiness

IF you're curious about those online marketing/work from home offers you see online, here's your 2 hour free explanation - IN TAGLISH - which one is scam and w/c one isn't. Now you know!

Scams Exposed! Online Marketing Scams Dissected (Tag-Lish) for Pinoys/Filipino

Just droppin' by for a few reminders...

To those of you who are waiting for the Internet Marketing Hands-On Workshop from Jomar, mark your calendars and save May 18-19, 2012, Friday and Saturday for two days of fun and learning.

Venue is at Be_Connected Market! Market!. Workshop fees to follow.

Be sure to read our updates regularly regarding the workshop because we only have limited slots for this event. You may want to book and reserve your seats as early as possible.

Oh, and another reminder. Watch out for announcements in our Facebook Page/s:

and the Jomar Hilario Mastery group - We're cooking up something for you. :)

Save the dates!

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I know you have been waiting for this

For tonight's free webinar, I'll be devoting like 45mins simply
answering your questions about the things you see online that SEEMS to
be a Great Deal -or is probably the answer to your quests for online
pera - but you're not sure.

As early as now, please join and tell me
/us the websites that you want to know more about.  We'll do some
research before 9pm tonight and give you solid answers as to who is
offering the LEGIT and who's offering the TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE online

So yes, I'll also show to you actual scams that are soo attractive
you'd think it's real. This is both a lesson on scam avoidance and
copywriting. Ha? Copy what? Copywriting is that skill that everyone of
us needs to excel in - because it's called SALESMANSHIP IN PRINT.

So, it's not all just scams.

And this time we're looking at non-work at home scams but nevertheless
they seem so attractive -you'd probably want to invest in them!  But
let's see tonight, what they are REALLY MADE OF.

Ayan, double lesson for y'all.

See you tonight okay! 9pm. Come early at around 830pm in the
facebook group

Talked to the venue of the May 18-19 Hands on Workshop. We're a
go. We just need to finalize the offer/pricing. So if you're looking
for some HANDS ON online ma'rke'-ting/online s*elling - those are the
dates to reserve.

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Free Webinar tonight, if you have questions, let me have them now

Sometimes to discover why your aren't successful enough (in your
opinion), we need to dig deeper into yourself.
So let me help you with a single question - but do not answer
haphazardly. Really think about it.
Like Take 5 minutes before you type anything final.


Who are the three people(s) you ENVY and why?

Now really detail the why.  Start typing now but don't finalize until
after 5 minutes.

And make sure even if the reason is ABSURD you write it down.

Do not censor it.

It must only make sense to you.

Now go and reply to me your answer.

Why? Because someone has to help you achieve what you want - and since
I'm willing, you can start with me.

Attend my seminars! Today's the last day to avail of early bird
extension for May 5's Cebu VA seminar and May 1's
DeepInternetSecrets/Social Media Marketing Seminar. 

Go to these sites for Cebu May 5 Virtual Assistant seminar and for the May 1 Deep Internet Secrets seminar to enjoy the discount. Today only. Yes, BPI Pwede rin -- BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email 

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Happy Monday! Now here's a question for you...

It's a holiday today, use it to learn, okay?

How do you move people (downlines/employees/clients) to do what you want them to do (for their own good?).

Here's an 11 minute doodle graphic from Daniel Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

You can read the book Drive or listen to the author.

Internet Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers, take heed and pay attention.

Write your notes in the comments below. Really.

The surprising truth about what motivates us (11 min talk)

One of Oprah's fave authors and one of mine too. (See we're the same!) Daniel Pink revisits his old book Free Agent Nation -- w/c observes 14 years ago that freelancers will rise like they are rising now.

The book is OLD but the concepts are now being lived by people like me and Work at Home Virtual Assistants. Learn from Daniel Pink! :)

P.S. The book, Freelance Nation is out of print, though I do have a copy. You'd best listen to the author in the meantime. Enjoy.

Freelancer Book Author 15 Minute Talk (he sort of predicted this VA thing)

Parallels Summit 2012 Keynote - Guy Kawasaki, reserve 45 minutes to take notes from this presentation.

What does this have anything to do with Work at home or online marketing?
Everything. You see being a work at home entrepreneur or online marketer means first of all you need to be a different person. You need to change from being an employee to a marketer. And that process of change is long. You need a lot of skills, interests and mindsets. Guy's talk above can help you gain that mindset of a marketer in this new 2.0 marketing world.

Enjoy as Guy is a great speaker.

Leave a comment below if you liked this or not.

Marketing 2.0 : Enchant your audience/clients/readers (45 min talk)

Here's an email I got just last week (I mean THIS WEEK), it's printed here in it's entirety. Note that the FREE SEMINAR she mentioned was only valid because of the big CDO flood.  But more important than that was Xy-Za (I'm not making this up) was already work from home, but got fired. Find out what happened after that.

Here goes her email:

Hello Jomar,

I just couldn't contain how happy and thankful I am today. I was blessed to have attended your Virtual Assistant Seminar for free (Thank you Jomar and Binky) in Cagayan de Oro. I honestly thought of not attending anymore because I have been in this plastic and cosmetic surgery company for almost 2 years (i think), but I really felt that there are things that I need to learn. After TS Sendong flashed away whatever I have (material things per say), I was so down and worried of keeping the job and landing another job, most specially that I have no computer yet. I submitted the assignment passed deadline because I have to wrestle with my mother in using the computer which she intentional bought for her to finish her thesis (Phd. Material Science Engineering, she graduated last April 2 by the way :D ). I started creating the tutorials March 7 when the deadline is on March 14. Submitted the assignments quiet delayed because she has to work on her papers for binding. 

March 20, my current client emailed me and said that our contract will end by April 15. They decided to transfer all VA jobs to Belarus, in one of their SMM and VA company. I was shocked and worried at the same time. My depression lead me to updating all my online resumes, and taking certifications in Odesk and Brainbench. I updated my VA blog. I was fortunate enough to pass the certifications and earned badges. But I'm hesitant to apply to any jobs available. Interviews scares me to death until now. 

I was surprise when there's this cruise ship company who contacted me through email after I updated my resume in I sent him the resume which I prepared just how YOU (oo, ikaw nga Jomar) taught us to be. With exactly the same format. He scheduled me for a skype interview. Got interviewed. He asked me to create a 4min sample training material or tutorial, which I did and he paid $20 just for that sample material. Just 20 minutes ago, he called me up through mobile (skype-mobile) , sent me a job offer and boom! I'm Hired!

I did asked him about How will I observe Holidays, the 13th month pay thingy and work schedule. And he said he'll try to think about the 13th month pay and for the work schedule.... hmmmm I can work anytime and anywhere.

Position: Director of Social Media Marketing and Training
Starting Date:  Monday, April 9, 2012

P.S. I have another job offer waiting in Odesk. Wordpress Designer! huh! Iba ka Jomar... Iba ka! Thanks for inspiring us! God Bless You More!

Best Regards,

Xy-Za Yape
Your Filipino Freelance Virtual Assistant

Want to work online pero not enough skills? Deepen your understand of the internet at the 

Deep Internet Secrets Seminar -> May 1, Manila, Go to

Want to work online NOW? Go to the VA Seminar on May 5, Cebu and June 30, Manila, go to

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CDO VA just got Fired but immediately got a new job online (Thanks VA Seminar!)

Years ago I discovered that the internet contains people who are passionate about learning their faith. 

And I don't mean retirees who didn't have anything better to do.

But young men and women - who was not catholic before but is catholic now. These people are more passionate about our Catholic faith than most of us. So much that they've created books, mp3s and articles. Most of them free.

Start here for articles:
(This is from the This Rock magazine, a magazine I read almost every page of)

For mp3 (audio) of the radio show:

They even have a podcast so it loads automatically on your iPod. They have Q and A, between people on the phone and their experts. Plus I've purchases lots of books from them too.

You have 3 days, bask in the knowledge and understanding. Most of us don't realize, Catholicism is deeper than we realize.

Dig deep in

When you do online marketing, you do need to create a community like the one they have in, and create tons of articles and mp3s like they do.

Photo credit

For Catholics only - a treasure trove

In Online Marketing, there's a rule, it's this: Listen to your readers, clients and customers.
So I need to ask you, what do you need?
We already have a How To Work From Home seminar all lined up:

May 5 - Cebu
June 30 - Manila  (Details: for both)


For those needing the confidence to attend the Work Fr'om Hom-e Seminar, here's your secret confidence booster--> May 1's Deep Internet Secret - the only seminar that will implant confidence in you so you can CHARGE HIGHER when you work from home, no matter what your age or skill.

In this seminar, I'll be detailing the FACEBOOK APPS you need to study so you can convert that facebook TALENT that you all have into MONEY.

No kidding.

Did I say, "Detail?" yup, not just "mention".

I'll tell you how it all works so you can easily use it and brag about it in your online resumes.

Deep Internet Secrets is going to be fuunnnn.

Imagine - converting your facebook knowledge into an EDGE over other online applicants?

Incredible right?

So make sure you're spending LABOR DAY with me at the deep internet secrets seminar.

Then you can try the VA Seminar to get online work at a higher rate than most!!! 

If you downloaded the seminar, no worries, you'll get a recorded copy of THIS event as well. Go here to get a seat or a download:

Great news: Early Bird Discount has been extended till Monday only.


For those wanting to sell something online, or increase their work sa bahay skills, I'm finally going to do the 2 Day Hands On Workshop (in an internet cafe).

This event is supported by 3 days for a total of 5 days all in all.

May 9 - Pre-Event Orientation Webinar (online only), Wed (Will be recorded)

May 18-19 - Actual Hands On Workshop (Friday-Sat, office hours)

June 9 - Follow up Half Day Q and A Seminar, Sat

July 14 -Follow up Half Day Q and A Seminar, Sat

So reserve those dates if you want a  comprehensive course in earning online via inte;rnet ma-rketing or just want to "get" how earning on'line works.

More details to follow.

So Jomar, what's the listening part? Oh that, tell me-is this what you want? Do you want more? If more, what do you want? How do you want me to serve you? Click reply now!

You already know that there's an April 11 9pm Anti-Online Scams webinar right? And that's free. Register here: See you then. 2012 is becoming the year of the webinar so let's enjoy this together and invite your doubtfilled friends too.

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Are these the Events You Want - And A Question for you

Hi all, Just be careful today as it's April Food's Day in the USA, some news you hear --may not be true. 

Sorry didn't tell you yesterday - as you're probably offline anyway - but blog posts dated April 1 are usually treated with doubt, it's standard practice if you're online.

That's all.

Speaking of doubtful things, You're invited to attend the free webinar on Online Pera Making scams on April 11,2012 - 9pm. You just need to register at  Libre nga eh. And it's a follow up to last week's scam webinar.

You gotta be careful online today...

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


Seriously Want To Start The Training?

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