Hi, this is Nikki. Jomar is on retreat today thinking about the future. 

Let's help him by filling this form up. Click here: http://jhilario.com/serveyoubetter

You win a FREE Book if your entry (must be sensible) is picked randomly. The book the ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE may be on its way to your home...soon!

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Taken by pros from the atlantic collection

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Its the supermoon ..on a collage


Q:  I  believe the best is to give out samples of resumes that are acceptable to Odesk just for us to have a pattern according to out talents.

A:  Hi. If you go through the VA seminar, you'll get more than samples of resumes you'll get tons of winning blogs and resumes and beliefs (all too important than resumes).
You see to change your beliefs or strengthen them, I can't just send you a file and hope for the best.
I need you to feel it, to believe it yourself so strongly that you'll follow it.

You see, seeing a "winning" resume w/o understanding the parts of why this goes there usually drives people to say "I don't like this new format, I'm better than Jomar, I will IMPROVE IT!" And so hehehe, that leads to failure or less than optimal results.

After all we're not after making acceptable Odesk resumes.
Odesk won't hire you. 
Clients will.
We don't want clients to accept us.
We want them to be blown away that they FIGHT for the right to hire us.
That's what we go for in the VA seminar.
And what if they fight over you?
How will you take it?
How will you behave?
How low or high will you charge?
This is not in the resume.
But it is covered in the VA Seminar.

But but, Jomar, I already attended the VA seminar...
Then are you a member of the VA seminar FB group?
That's the group to ask for resumes and blogs.
Also, did you attend and create the assignment?
That's it! Nothing to add.
Now go do it.

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Q: To help us get work from home, you should give us samples of acceptable resumes. Right?

1. Here's a true story of the VA (Ann) getting her 2nd gig online:

2. 10 Things to Have To earn malaki online Youtube video recording is now available! http://jhilario.com/10thingswebinar

3. Do you know what to do with your life to earn malaki?? What will your online business be about?
Here's where you start: http://omc2.blogspot.com

4. Manila How to Work From Home Seminar is on June 30, 2012. Grab your seat now and spend Christmas 2012 remembering the days you were commuting....
Here are the details: http://filipinova.com

5. Can't go to Manila? Download the Work from Home Seminar at

Photo Credit

3 Things that might change your life

Great webinar last night, we got 250+ listening in and taking lots of notes and realizing so many things about their life...

"Thank you very much for the webinar... my first webinar of my life, actually. I didn't regret staying up to beyond my sleeping hours just for this. I may not have chatted actively, but I listened, laughed, took short notes using Notepad, got amused by your "katarayan", and made me realize so many things in my current situation. Thank you so much!

... At least I realized that a "weirdo" like me can succeed by making my "weirdness" online presence.

God bless! :)" -- Gilbert Joseph A.

"Thank you Jomar and Nikki, my daughter and I attended the webinar, it was very informative and we appreciate it very much." -- Ching A.

"As usual, great webinar, packed with valuable information! Thanks Jomar. Keep it up & more power to you & your team!!!" -- Mye N.

"I just attended my first webinar, learned much and had fun! Thank you Jomar and Nikki! P.S. I googled Hugh McLeod, too! :-)" -- Boots C.

"Thanks Jomar Hilario for the valuable stuff you shared." -- Marlon A.

Now I know that most people missed the webinar, so we're working on a recording right now.

But one of the missing links that many people last night discovered was....

What is my online business going to be about?

So there's this missing link...
Your missing link to earning big online is...knowledge of your passion, weirdness or hobbies...

To help you find out, please go hit this free tutorial http://omc2.blogspot.com.

Your missing link to earning big online is...

Q: Hi Jomar,

This is a funny question ha: What do you use as back support to address back

Nakakangawit pala yung long hours of sitting doing the tutorials he he he!
Any good brand for back or lumbar support? 

A: Not funny at all! I have many answers (tingnan mo konti lang talaga sasagot nyan!)
1. Buy an expensive ergo chair (P10,000+) that has a curve on the lower back.
2. Buy the ultimate of all expensive ergo chairs, the Herman Miller Embody (P 100,000+ at CWC, Mr Edward Lee's company (he also owns Citiseconline))
3. Buy the most popular ergo chair of them all, the all net Herman Miller Aeron (P 75,000 also at CWC).
4. Get someone to go to HK or Singapore ask them to get you a BEDINGGE "hump" pillow. It's item number on the 2012 catalog. Put it on your lower back and this is what I do today. They call it a BEDINGGE, but they call all those sofa beds BEDINGGE also, but you only need to buy the hump pillow and it's cover. I got lots of these and use it for back protection. :) When it's IKEA, it must be inexpen....good!  See photo below:


And that is how you fix the back problem. Now if only I had a better answer for your upcoming NECK issues.
How I know, buy a Herman Miller......

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Computer back pains: How do you solve this?

Reminder --webinar bukas on 10 things you need to have (do) to earn big online.
Again, this is completely original webinar. I didn't copy this from
someone else.
Again, this is complete. I will tell you exactly what you need and
will supply examples.

Favor, put this in your facebook status update and blog:

Hi friends, this is (your name), do you know that I do not know how to
earn big online?
Yes, I don't know today. But tomorrow, I will because I'm joining a
free, libre, gratis webinar (seminar sa internet, kaya kahit naka
pajama ako it's okay!) on the 10 things you need to have to earn big
So yes, I'm attending it because I want to know how to earn big online.
Do you want to know?
Don't bother asking if this is a scam.
If that's all you want then this isn't it.
It's an invitation to know. That's all.
If you're smiling right now. Then go ahead and register for free sa
The webinar will be at 8pm sa May 24, Thursday.
You'll get more instructions after registration for free.
You see, paulit -ulit ang word na free? Because I'm making sure you
can read that this is free.
The webinar will be 90 minutes of information from a Pinoy who knows
how to earn big online.
If you believe it or not, that's not important, what's important is to
HELLO. Hindi po ito MLM or networking. If you believe that people can
give information for free w/o any strings attached, then please
-----End of FB Post.

You may edit it to suit your style because as you can see, it's my
style. I'm trying to drive away people who love to spot scams and just
get people who believe in the good things in life.

See you bukas.

Libreng Webinar Tomorrow Night

First off, why books? Because you can read it anywhere w/o any risk of anybody snatching it. Try that on an ipad/kindle! 
1. Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. Means marketing on the cheap. When you have very little money.

Ok, that's it list over. Just kidding. I know you want more. But what is the value of books? It's standing on the shoulders of giants.
3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I read this when I was in high school and it affected me a lot.

4. The One Minute Millionaire by Allen and Hansen. I think I'm the result of this story book/fiction amalgam (amalgam is the universe created when Superman lives in the same city as Spiderman, nuff said)

5.  A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink celebrates the value of left brain thinking (creativity).

6. Inside the Plex by Steven Levy helps you understand Google's power.

7. The Search by John Battelle helps you understand the power of search.

8. The Steve Jobs Way by Jay Elliot is a must repeat read for insights into the worlds biggest company.

9. Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh helps you see inside a company culture thats both crazy and effective.

10. Start with Why by Simon Sinek, helps you understand the reasons why companies succeed vs others.

Here's a book I've heard of but have not read entirely:
1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Borrowed a tattered version and never got to finish it.

2. Cracking the Millionaire Code by Allen and Hansen. Super tough book of puzzles you can just forget about solving them unless you're MENSA material.

If you insist in not reading to become successful, you're living in a dream world. Yes there is a need to read books and if you can't afford it, they've invented libraries and fully booked since the Egyptian days, so get read. 

Smart people will youtube the authors above for shortcut to their ideas.

One more thing, you need to enjoy reading these topics if you want to succeed.

Reactions? Your list of 10 books?
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10 Books You Can Read For Your Success

When I started in Online Marketing, the 2nd person I ever promoted online was Reuben Morgan in 2005 when he came to the Philippines. This is rare since Reuben is soooo quiet (as a person).  He once sat alone in Robinson's Galleria's Starbucks, while the rest of his band was shopping.  We let him alone. To prepare for the worship event that night.

So there. Reuben Morgan of Hillsong, my 2nd online promotion project.

Reuben Morgan Interview --Hillsong Cornerstone new song

Here's another VA success story to share with you this morning:

Ryan San Juan
Hi!  I have joined VA Seminar was back in Feb 18 and have not finished the assignment yet.  I have created a blog http://ryansanjuan.com / and made 9 tutorials, created in odesk and elance account.  I regret that I was not able ot complete my assignments as soon as possible as it could have given me a gig earlier.

I have just been employed thru Elance last Tuesday.  My point is, finish your assignments.  It’ll help a lot.  I will still be working on my assignments and will have more time for it as I have resigned from my current job.  Check out my personal blog http://anakngpasig.com/ and events blog http://wentot.com/

Thanks Jomar Hilario for paving the way to online success!

Don't miss the FREE webinar on May 24, 2012, Thursday on the "10 Things You Need to Have to Earn Big Online"

Register by joining our Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group --http://jhilario.com/jhmastery

Ryan says thank you for paving the way to success

Q: How does the webinar go? Do I go to some site?

A: Andrea, here's the process:
1. First Register by joining our Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group
-- http://jhilario.com/jhmastery

2. In there are instructions on how to prep yourself for the live
webinar on Thursday.

3. On thursday, 830pm you go to the same site and wait for the go
signal. (usually few min before 9pm)

4. Then watch, listen and interact!

5. Here's the recording of a previous webinar - if you wish to get a feel.

6. You need to reserve like 90 min to 2 hours for these free webinars.

7. See you at the webinar and learn. :)

8. It's free. It ain't some teaser, just like the webinar in #5 you
will learn things you haven't known before and it can be as detailed
as #5 above.

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Here's What You Need to Earn Big Online - How does the webinar go?

Q: What's this webinar thing?

A: Andrea, a webinar is a seminar done live over the internet. Does
that answer your question?
What is required is a fast enough internet access and a pair of
headphones or earphones. The webinar is interactive, allowing you to
ask questions by chatting.

That's it. It's a 90 minute seminar on 9pm on Thursday night. The
topic name is : 10 Things You Need to Have to Earn Big Online". And Im
the host.

Register by joining our Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group --

Was I able to answer the question?

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What's this webinar?

Join us on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 9pm for a FREE webinar on "10 Things You Need to Have to Earn Big Online".

Don't you miss this one. This might be exactly what you need. 
Register by joining our Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group --http://jhilario.com/jhmastery

Don't just simply earn when you can earn BIG from the Internet and I will tell you how.
Be there.

Here's What You Need to Earn Big Online

If you are a widow (and can prove it) or an orphan (and can prove it), you may join the Hands On Marketing Workshop for half-price.

Here's the link -- http://jhilario.com/handsonrepeat . We do have a few seats available and starting today, if you're either an orphan or a widow you get in at half-price.  We
will check your "credentials" (death cert is more likely) at the door. If you're not credible, we will give you your money back and turn you away.

Are you fatherless or are you a widow?

Young man, no tuition fee money coming from his parents, decides to
find money on his own.

Welcome to the courage zone. Nothing is sure. Except hope.

The young man started with his local prayer group, of course none of
them said yes to lend him money for school.

"How about the student loans.", they said.

Already tried that, it's too late, should have applied for it earlier.

Ah, the parents of the kids.

So he goes to his friends and asks, "Can I talk to your (seemingly)
wealthy parents?"

So one pair said yes and sits him down, interview style.

"How come your parents don't have money to send you to school?"

The young man did a really bad job of expressing himself - getting
concerned but confused looks from the parents.

After all, he's really not used to talking to adults this way.

Most of his adult interaction was "Sir, I have the answer!" and
"Ma'am, here's my paper."

The evening ends with zero results - tuition wise.

It's surprising to him that even visually wealthy people - with cars
and homes don't have P 4,000 to spare somewhere. Or maybe they simply
don't want to give.

Let's look inside. Are you visually wealthy but don't even have P 4000
to spare for this young man's last semester in college? Is that
something you're very happy and contented with? This illusion of
contentment is made by your comfort zone. Tell yourself, why are you
happy not being able to help others? I think I know why. The comfort
zone is selfish. It doesn't care for others, not even this young man.
Who cares if he doesn't finish school, as long as my kids finishschool, I'm content. Right? Is it right?

There were only five days left and school will start.

They still allowed you in until the 3rd day - then you need to really
pay or get out.

Meanwhile, no word from his father.

So let's get back to you. What does this situation remind you of?

I'm surprised that there were more people who can relate to the father
than the young man.

If you were the father what would you be or should be doing at this
point - communication wise?

Should you have kept quiet, zero reassurances as in the case of our true story?

Or should you have kept the hopes of your son high? Not knowing he's
been going door to door just to finish his education?

Of course this story, being pre-internet, the young man had zero
chances of stumbling into a work from home idea set - that you can
earn lots even if you didn't finish college.

Now let's analyze.

This young man, he's doing something he hasn't done before.

He's subjecting himself to strange interviews. This is courage zone.
He's asking people / begging for money for school and so far he hasn't
died. Not even socially.

He's already used to student loans in the past he knows who are the
other kids who, like him --need support. He's with them racing the
corridors, beating the loan deadlines, getting signatures from
guarantors. They're making it into a game because if they don't --they
will all wind up crying at their plight.

Meanwhile the kids of the wealthy ones date, drive around in cars and
laugh under the nice sunlight outside. They're not important, he says.
"What's important is - I get someone to help me."

Do you know how THAT feels like?

You're probably saying "admirable determination". Sure you're saying
that NOW when you've had comfort zone on for many many years already.
How about you try it out? Try some fresh air for once - from the
growth zone.

Let's guess then --did he give up?

What to you think?

Ready with your guess?

What do you think, did he give up?


Having so limited choices and in the pre-cellphone, pre-internet days
- no one to call without paying big money - he didn't even go as far
as relatives who lived far away. There wasn't time or money to reach

So you guess again, what happened.

His prayer leader from the prayer group (of course) approached him and
said, "Ok You have tuition". How? Two anonymous people handed me some
money and told me to give it to you.

Speechless. He takes the money and enrolls himself. Tomorrow was the
deadline for enrollment.

Now, can you guess what happened next?

Remember this is deep inside the courage zone.

On the day of the deadline, his father comes and gives him the same
exact amount for this tuition.

It was a loan from a family friend, he says.

Speechless. He takes the money too and uses it as his allowance for
the semester.

Speechless and thankful, our young man finished College and
immediately got a job before graduation.

Welcome to the courage zone.

Now email me your reactions and realizations.

So this is what your courage zone looks like

Q: Im interested to attend in your seminar but then i didn't find
sometimes i had duty on week end since im working in the hospital.
It catched my attention during i rcvd this email coz as of now im
experiencing difficulty managing my financial resources. Since our
family got financially depleted due to hospitalization of my father.

I dont know on how to sustain our needs since im the only breadwinner
of the family, im sending my younger sister in college, And almost 2
mos. hospitalization of my father who is right now confined.

Tnx for the email, can i ask favor juz to pray my father named
Bienvenido Bediones
for his complete healing and miracles! I'm also regular feast
attendees!GOD BLESS.


A: You don't have to attend anything or absent anything, just download
the seminar --> http://jhilario.com/downloadva

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Q: I have hospital work on Saturdays, can't attend your event....

Speaking of easy contests, how can you NOT join this?

As of now only 210 people has chimed in and told me how they have been
helped by my various online videos, seminars, talks and
writings.----only 210 people are thankful and because of that, dear
friend, two of them will get
a) Tim Ferriss's 4 hour workweek - hard bound - delivered to their
house and the other will get:
b) Mari Smith's The New Relationship Marketing also hard bound.

This is a global contest. All you need to do is to SENSIBLY answer the
form below and I'll draw two people randomly and deliver the books
anywhere in the world!

Here's the link to enter the free book contest:

Deadline is tomorrow/May 15 inclusive.

So what are you waiting for?

You can't afford it pa rin?


Sobrang kulit na yang si Comfort Zone mo ha.

Pati ba naman libre di afford.

Anyway, tomorrow May 15 at 8pm is the exclusive webinar for those who
will participate and facilitate on the 2 Day Workshop on May 18-19. It
will be recorded for those who might not make it. But all who will
show up on May 18/19 must listen to it before Friday so there are no
shocks. Everything is familiar and everyone too.

If your courage zone is in charge, here's the direct payment
link to get one seat :http://jhilario.com/marketworkshop
if there are two courageous souls in your house today:

Tomorrow's the deadline for the FREE BOOK& FREE DELIVERY offer...

One day a young man about to enter into his last year in college approached his father and said. "It's our enrollment today, may I ask for the money so I can finish college this semester?"
(Go ahead, I'll pause to let you guess what his father said)

His father said ....
(you have your guess correct?)

His father said ...."Sorry, I just don't have the money....." in reality, however it was said much worse, like "Walang pera eh". Like that --not in the polite english way.

With this, the young man spun around and started ....
(you now get to guess what the young man did)

He started to think of ways ....
(what did he think of!!! make your own guess before i finish this true story)

...of ways to raise the money. Impossible for someone with zero income today like him but maybe he can ask around, or so he thinks.

Was he depressed?
(you guess)
Was he emotionally prepared to beg people for his tuition, strangers?


Was he skilled in asking at all? Maybe his parents or someone loved him early enough to teach him the power of asking?


Could he have googled his way out of this problem?

No, this is a pre-internet true story.

But lets stop thinking about the young man and talk about you. Do you know someone (maybe the man in the mirror) --when faced with an opportunity (finish college, finally get work, finally meet a loved one after many years, found a great book, found a great example to follow etc) - 
he answers that chance with excuses?

Oh I can't afford....therefore I must STOP looking at this opportunity.
Oh I can't do....therefore I must STOP reading at this opportunity.
Oh I'm so illiterate.....therefore I must STOP pursuing at this opportunity.
Oh that's not for me I'm too proud.....therefore I must STOP .....
Oh I wish it was free... but it isn't therefore I must STOP and look elsewhere....
...(there's more excuses and more reasons to stop from these people)

All said in the name of the "TRUTH".

Jomar, I'm only telling the truth. (scout sign to the heart). Di ba the Lord says "Tell the truth."? Hehe.

Let's see.

If the young man said to himself "This is the truth - my father has no money for my last semester in College, therefore I must STOP." Is this the truth you want our story to end in?


Think about how you are abusing the truth just to give your comfort zone a chance to win again vs activating your courage zone.

How about having this conversation instead?

"Tama na yan ha comfort zone, lagi ka na lang bida. Dekada na, ikaw pa rin ang bida. Nakakasawa ka na. Di naman ako masaya. Hey, courage zone, lika nga dito. Wait. Ano? Bilisan ko? Sige...Wait. Bilisan ko ba? Sige. Sige....jan ka na comfort zone, panay ka na lang STOP nakaka bubu ka."

So email me how this piece has affected you. THEN I'll finish the story in the next email.

A guessing game story for you

Hi. This is Jomar and I know the workshop for detailed "How to Earn Online" is coming up next week on Friday/Sat so I must quickly tell you what you can gain from the hands on event.
It's total of 5 days of learning for those joining the workshop:
1. Your quickest way to earn from the 'net is to become a virtual assistant - an office worker at home (not a salesman, sir). You'll know step by step (on the computer) how you can be the preferred assistant, clients will fight over and pay high.  This is Day 2.
2. You'll create the most effective, simple way to maintain and promote a business online, both for selling physical and non-physical products. Most companies only know "website, facebook" but you'll know what the missing ingredients (How to buy Facebook Ads!)are so you can apply it to your company or other companies (as a home based consultant!). This is Day 1.
3. On May 15. Tuesday 8pm, we'll have a webinar (an internet based seminar), where I'll teach you the overview of the two best ways to earn onli'ne. That way when we actually DO THE THING on Friday/Sat, you have a good idea what and why you are doing what you're doing. It also gives us more time for Q and A during the May 18-19 workshop. The webinar will be recorded so you can repeat/review before the workshop - and listen even if you aren't available live 8pm on Tue.
4. The workshop is "detailed" - meaning, you'll get literal step by step PRINTED guides on what to click and where to go online.  Plus you get to keep all the PDF presentations (probably 2000 pages) - for future reference.  You will have done everything in the printed guides when we're done by day 2.
5. You'll get simplified lessons - zero technical words that you don't already know about will be used. If you know how to facebook, email and surf, you can do this. If you do not know how to play angry birds, that's not important.
6. For more hand-holding and Q and A and bonus lessons, we have a June and July half-day follow up seminars. Last year we had a foreign internet marketer as guest speaker in one of these sessions. But essentially this is for checking your work!
7. You'll also have a special exclusive facebook group for even more support and friendship building.
Prepare yourself for all the learning you will get.
To sign up for the workshop (and enjoy both the webinar + the 2 follow up half-days in June and July) please click here:
Price as of May 12-16:
One seat: P 11,750 / $280 - http://jhilario.com/marketworkshop
Pairs get P1000 discounts each: P 19,500 / $ 465 - http://jhilario.com/marketworkshoppair
Venue is B Connected internet cafe at the Market Market Mall. Bonifacio Global City (the fort) in Taguig.
9am - 5pm (yes you'll be in the mall before it opens).
Lunch and 2 snacks included.
Bring empty USB drive to copy the materials for home use.
P.S. We only have less than 20 slots left. So you must hurry.
P.S. Be prepared to PLAY a lot.

Finally the simplified "How to earn online" workshop details...

If you want to learn hands-on what inte.rnet m'arketing is all about firsthand from me, I am inviting you to join the 2-Day Inte.rnet Mark'eting Hands On Workshop on May 18 & 19, 2012, Friday and Saturday in B_Connected Market! Market! from 9am-5pm.

Let me share with you what people have to say about the workshop:

Irene evaluates Jomar Hilario's Internet Marketing Workshop in Manila

Hi I'm Irene and I'm an internet marketer. I totally recommend Jomar's workshop. Its a workshop would change your view about internet marketing. He simplifies things in internet marketing and gives you things that you really need and investment that you need for the lifetime and passive income that a lot of people might think it's not possible but he actually make it possible. I highly recommend it.You should come and see for yourself.

Mark Virtual Assistant Sharing at Jomar Hilario's Workshop in Manila, Philippines

I was a badminton coach and works in a call center. I was seeking for an internet opportunities or online opportunities then i saw the ad of Jomar on Internet Makreting Workshop.

I attended the Internet Marketing Seminar of Jomar Hilario 2 years ago.  I learned about blogging and my favorite was adsense.  I made a blog specifically for home remedies and I just got ideas and shared it to my blog.  Then after that, nawala yung interest ko then kasi maraming block sa adsense na nangyayari sa akin.  Nag apply ako sabestjobs.com.  Then there was an Australian who hired me na sabi niya is SEP job.  So that was my first job.

The second company na nag hire sa akin is an Australian again.  Student siya ni Jon Jonas.  They love the Filipinos. So may nag contact sa akin.  Sabi niya "you have a blog?"  Sabi ko "yes/"  Tapos nasend ko yung blog ko and then sabi niya, you know how to promote sites?  I said yes.  Sabi ng Australian "im offering you $300."  Sabi ko "that's too low.   My price is $700."  Sabi niya "what?"  

I said "well, if you want to be number 1 and your site on top then pay for it."  Then the client said "i like your style."

Then he said "can i have another interview with you?"  

The deal was okay na.  Im working with 2 companies right now and sa bahay lang.  Minsan di pa nakakaligo.  I enjoy being at home

Jamil shares his experiences at Jomar Hilario's Internet Marketing Workshop in Cubao, Philippines

My name is Jam and I work in Dell Call Center Technical SUpport.

I attended the Internet Marketing Workshop because i believe na simple lang naman talaga and internet marketing is fairly new in the Philippines.  Mas malawak pa yung network na pwede pa maging. 

I enjoyed this seminar very much. Lively siya and extracted from experience yung sinasabi ni Jomar.  You can use it in real life.

I guess ang kailangan natin ay maniwala na it will happend and havve the courage kung ano man ang matutunan natin dito

Fe reviews Internet Marketing Workshop of Jomar Hilario, August 2009

I'm Sari San Pablo. I'm a banker by profession. I've been working in a bank for 10 years.  Why did i attend this seminar?  Because i wanted to do something that would make me happy, comfortable and spend time with my loved ones.  

I've been working on the internet  for 2 years and I saw this seminar since last year but what's keeping me from it is because i'm scared.  I'm afraid to gie up whatever I have. Im afraid to give up my comfort zone.  But after I have attended this seminar, I was really an eye opener.  It really depends on you and Jomar has really made this workshop fun, informative and his assistance he has been given to everybody is really awesome.

I am going to attend his mini seminar, that's my wish list. I am going to hire him as my mentor for a year.

You have to think big so you will have the motivation to work from home

Leilani Bautista's review on the Internet Marketing Workshop of Jomar Hilario, August 2009

Hi my name is Leilani Bautista. THis is my first time to attend Internet Marketing seminar workshop. What i really like most about the seminar is  it's hands on and Jomar make it a point that everyone is following the step by step in the internet. I'm looking forward for this kind of seminar.

Price as of May 12-16:
One seat: P 11,750 / $280 - http://jhilario.com/marketworkshop
Pairs get P1000 discounts each: P 19,500 / $ 465 - http://jhilario.com/marketworkshoppair

You can also deposit at any BPI branch to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: http://bit.ly/paymentdetails then email nikki@jomarhilario.com. 

Previous Students of the Internet Marketing Workshop Speaks

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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