Work at home :)

Training time. This is a long article that will answer your most
pressing questions. How does one start becoming a Virtual Assistant
that Earns a Lot, who works in hours he wants and enjoys his work at
the same time?

First the shortcut:
1. There is no shortcut.
2. You have to be ready to stretch your mind and skills.

But you want to be a VA now? That's easy, click below to continue re ading:

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Long and Short version : How you can work from the bahay....

We just want to remind everyone that the June 30 VA Seminar (that's tomorrow) is already fully booked.

We won't be able to accommodate walk-ins and last minute payments anymore.

We are PLANNING to hold a special VA Seminar on July 8, Sunday, only if registrants will reach to 20 or more people before July 4, Wednesday.
This will be your best bet after tomorrow's seminar because the next one will be in September -- which is kind of a long wait for most of you.

Again, if 20 people sign up before July 4, we'll push through with the plan. If not, we will give you other options.

So sign up and register now using the links below:

ONE seat (P2975/$69):

Pairs (P4475/$103):

You can also deposit your payments to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

June 30 VA Seminar - No more walk ins

VA Seminar in June 30 is full. Register to the July 8 Instead

Training time. This is a long post that will answer your most pressing questions. How does one start becoming a Virtual Assistant that Earns a Lot, who works in hours he wants and enjoys his work at the same time?

First the shortcut:
1. There is no shortcut.
2. You have to be ready to stretch your mind and skills.

But you want to be a VA now? That's easy.
1. Apply in
2. Fill up the profile
3. Do what the site says (that means read the rules and instructions)
4. If you don't give up applying for jobs online in #1 you'll be a VA.

It's that simple? Yes. But wait, there's more!
1. The shortcut above means you are not going to be prepared when someone asks you to do something like "Conduct my facebook contest for me" or "Do all SEO for me."
2. To earn more you'll have to learn more - mostly on your own or via seminars or books or self-study or webinars.

So Jomar, what's the long form of all this?
1. Learn Direct Marketing
2. Learn Online Marketing
3. Learn Positioning for your resume and interview
4. Learn Negotiation (for your money "rate" and interview)
5. Learn SEO
6. Learn Online Utilities
7. Learn job specific sites and tools (like Facebook Contest apps )
8. Apply all you learned for free in a blog or site.
9. Show your work to clients to dazzle and impress them,
10. Charge high, pick your clients according to your rules.

I guess that's it.
Nope. There's some more success principles you have to appy:
1. Increase your confidence talking to strangers online
2. Improve your grammar if you're going to be a writer - online.
3. Improve your success vocabulary by reading success books and applying them.

That's it? Nope.
Majority of the best jobs online are from referrals, so you must have a NETWORK of VAs who will refer you to good clients (that's employers for employee thinkers). Like the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group or the Virtual Assistant Seminar Facebook Group.

But Jomar, that's a lot of work? Well, tell me something else that's a lot of work that can make you earn dollars n your own home or  wherever the computer is located.

Coming up blank? That's right. The only other way is online marketing and it's a more challenging road to follow. Being a VA is far easier to start and there are more success stories of VAs who've done it.

Now for that Virtual Assistant seminar, we're doing a Special July 8 Sunday seminar - whole day. (That means you attend church on Saturday) if you want to say "YES" to earning sa bahay in dollars, then go sign up for this at P 2975 per seat. Why now? Because the next VA Seminar will be in September - a bit too long for most of you. We're doing this for a smaller group - around 20 people. If 20 people sign up - we're pushing through, if not, we'll just give you options.

So sign up at before Wednesday!  Then we decide. Only 12 seats remaining I think!

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Training: The Long and Short Way To Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant

    Work At Home Online Marketer in the Philippines: Jomar Hilario with Baby Earl. 

Today's 2012 June 27, 3pm, on the floor near the computer desk is a baby rocker, in it is 7month old Earl. I look at him, he looks at me and looks all around. I smile and he smiles back.

This is real. This is actually happening as I type this. Yes the baby is still not asleep at 3pm but that's okay. I'm not stressed about it.

Above the baby is a computer monitor with last week's episode of Eureka, on pause. Because no one wants to continue watching it now. Earlier it was showing Drop Dead Diva, episode 3 from last week. In case you don't know, those are both US tv shows.

This is what 3pm looks like and sounds like. I hear only baby noises and the electric fan behind me. Outside it's sunny, it is a Thursday.

Sean, the 3 year old is preparing to go the supermarket with his mother. My 2 year old is sleeping in the other room. Earl is trying to talk to me. I look back and smile at him.

Is this so far from your and my Thursday afternoon in the office.

Is there any stress, today? A bit yes. Some of the screen windows that we have ordered have not arrived yet. Same with the screen doors -so our windows are letting in flies because there are no screens to cover them.

What else? Yes there's a VA seminar this coming Saturday? I'm not concerned very much about it. I've already re-written the staff procedures for it earlier today.  Earl is now on my lap -looking at this message I'm typing. I think he wants to sleep. I may need to stop this and carry him. We'll see. 

Oh I'm thinking about fixing my books, which are newly purchased and needs to be put away on high shelves. And my cameras too - they don't really have a nice "home" when I'm not using them. And my desk! Too many wires that I really wish they'd hurry up and wireless EVERYTHING.

I designed this desk for many wires and here it is again, the wires have overrun the desk.

But what is actually happening in the background - not here at home - but online for me this fine thursday afternoon?

Ready for the deluge?
1. I'm emailing the seminar providers of a Malaysian event I want to attend and invite everyone to.
2. Setting up the procedures for the August 4 Seminar and the Webinar tomorrow at 9pm.
What August 4 seminar? There is one and it's FACEBOOK MARKETING only. Details to follow.
3. A Facebook app is counting the points in the Facebook Contest I'm running at :. Winner takes….
4. One of my VA's is in Europe so I asked her to take photos for us.

Wait! Have to put Earl to sleep….

5. After 1 hour and every hour thereafter I have to reapply Earl's AI Creme (physiogel) w/c helps heal his skin redness (allergies) w/c has been going on for months now. We pray that you pray with us for his healing. His skin folds have it.

6. My tummy is digesting the steamed shrimp with garlic that I had for lunch. I don't eat rice anymore so that shrimp was combined with 5 different kinds of vegetables in a salad with black cherry dressing (sweet). This is a usual lunch for me.  I know this is challenging if you this and you're working but you have to know…

7. Earlier this week I went to Mr quickie to have my belt punched a new hole. THINNER.
They gave me the service for free, too. Nice one.

8. Earlier this week too I had my blood and etc tested. Everything is in normal range w/c was far from 2009 when I had high uric, high trigicerides and high cholesterol. How?  Food intake change. 100 grams veggies/fruits+ 110 grams lean meat per meal. No waste. Forever. Notice no rice?

9. I'm thinking about how to go about the declutter project and webinar.

10. I'm thinking about the Pinterest webinar (free) w/c my VA is making for us. This is an experiment. A wiseman once said, you must always have experiments (in business)

11. I'm thinking about getting that appointment at to see their products - maybe I can use it (it's mouse tracking for websites, not cheap).

12. I'm still dealing with the fact that I've yet to buy a car and if you have one, I'd like you to know that you're favored that you do not have the fear of buying a car, haha. You see I grew up in poverty, so car buying is a big deal.

So are you done yet? You still want to know what happens in the life of stay at home - online marketer?

13. I'm thinking about buying or renting another condo unit to act as my studio (for webinars and video) or just get a new home with 6 rooms so we can get privacy when we webinar…

14. Random thought: That pair of Sanuk slippers on sale we bought in Boracay last month, was bad. It's now broken. Kainis.

15. I'm still studying (using books) on how to modify the VA seminar to make it even more enjoyable and more interactive.

So there you have it, my physical world and my mental world. You even know the things I think about. That's it. How does this life appeal to you? Is your physical and mental state better? Does work from home appeal to you?

In case you're wondering, we don't have worrisome debts. That was a long time ago when I had to pay off P 500,000 since 2006. So I didn't mention it.  We're not thinking about school, (we're going to home school). My calendar is 1-2 events a month, some talks and lots of travelling (w/c we've been doing since 2005 - when I was still employed). 

Now somewhere in this long piece are lessons. Hope you find them and start making them work in your life.

Oh, baby's asleep now, so I can do whatever I want --like sleep too. It's 3:35pm. Good night.

Jomar Hilario

P.S. You might want to get started in online marketing by joining us tonight at 9pm, we'll tackle Facebook Marketing Strategies - one of the many things you need to learn about to do online-marketin'. Register at

What does an On'line Mar'keter's day Look Like

This is about passion. About not going to school.
About pursuing what you want.
How about you? What do you think?

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Video: Neil Gaiman Speech (20min) Watch and tell me your impressions?

Buying Facebook Likes

Do you want to know the Facebook Strategies To Grow And Attract
Ongoing Targeted Customers For Your Business?
Do you want to know the 3R’s of Facebook Success?

The next free webinar is BUKAS/Thursday/June 28 9pm. I'll be interviewing someone who was able to create a 100,000 like Facebook page.
But even more this guy only speaks in English! Pero Pinoy. You'll find out more about him tomorrow.

This is an online promotion webinar, so if you want to increase your skills and be inspired by someone's success,
BE THERE by registering TODAY for free at

The Social Network Solar System (infographic)

Win  Win

Jomar has helped hundreds of Pinoys earn pera from their own bahay.

Real money. Real People - all legit.


You want to ask Jomar anything about earning sa bahay?

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Multitasking Coffee Taable

1. Yes you can win a 1on1 online Q and A with Jomar (me!)
How? Just be the top 3 persons with the most posts, likes and comments in 

Yes, it's a facebook contest and the prize is worth P 3000 each (the 1on1). And it will not cost you any money.  Use the contest to actively ask questions, comment intelligently and like like crazy. A facebook program (app) will determine who wins or not. No need to enter anything except liking the page and interacting with it.

You both learn and get a chance to get that coveted 1on1 time wherein we will concentrate on your personal situation.  You'll even get a recording for repeated listens, for free.

2. Do you want to expand your financial vocabulary?  Let's do this: Now, you'll be able to join me in a Rich Dad Cashflow 101 game in Friday, July 13, 1pm-5pm. Limited seats only. Yes this is not free and we will soon announce the price. Venue is

3. VA Seminar for June 30 is now fully booked. Yes we can no longer accomodate walk ins. If you're totally serious about attending - pay first THEN email that you'll be using your payment toward the NEW July 7 VA seminar which we MAY open if more than 20 emails Nikki before Saturday. Again, it's a new schedule w/c we will open only if we get 20 or more people paying for it. The sad thing being if you don't get in the July 7 VA seminar, it's September for you.

4. Hey, want to watch the 1hour 49min webinar we did last Sat on how to create an impressive online presence so that clients will love to hire you now at a high rate? Go here: This is free.

5. Coming up: A webinar on Thursday night -9pm YOU will get to know someone who's able to reach 100,000 likes on facebook in a month's time. Yes, I'll be doing an interview webinar. Free again. This is not about work sa bahay. This is online business and online promotion. Tell your business friends to listen to this! Same terms, just join for free to register.

You'll want to join us (multiple things...)

How to Entertain People in Facebook so They Love, Like and Trust You..(this is marketing)

Video: How You Can Make an Impressive Virtual Assistant Blog To Get
Better Clients Paying You More.

Get some tea, sit back and relax as the dining room proudly presents....

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Video: How to Make an Impressive Virtual Assistant Blog To Get Better Clients Paying You More

Wordpress Users: Test Run the Official Facebook Plug in NOW
What's in it:

Page and Post Features:

All of these features are easy to enable via checkboxes on the Facebook settings page.

Post to an Author's Facebook Timeline whenever they publish a new WordPress Post or Page.
Mention friends and Facebook Pages. This posts to their Timelines as well as lists them on the WordPress Post or Page.
Post all new WordPress Post or Pages to a specified Facebook Page.
Like, send, and subscribe buttons can be enabled in a click and are fully customizable.
Facebook Comments, including full SEO support.
Open Graph Protocol integration.
Recommendations bar, which allows users to click to start getting recommendations, Like content, and add what they're reading to Timeline as they go.


All of these features are easy to enable via the Widgets settings page.

Activity Feed Box. This shows the Facebook user the activity that their friends are doing on your website.
Recommendations Box. This shows the Facebook user recommendations of pages they should visit based on the actions their friends are taking on your website.
Like, send, and subscribe buttons.

Facebook Insights ( integration included. This plugin also supports internationalization and mobile.

Get it here:


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Wordpress Users: Test Run the Official Facebook Plug in NOW

2NE1 at Cannes Lion Festival this week


See? Twitter is still more popular than Facebook #canneslion

Visit the Giant Infographic at

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See? Twitter is still more popular than Facebook #canneslion


I attended Mr. Jomar Hilario's Virtual Assist last May 2011. I am glad I did, because this open a lot of opportunities for me to work from the convenient of my home. Thanks Jomar - a life changing seminar.

-M Pancho

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I'm glad I attended Jomar's VA Seminar...

Pinned Image

Take a look at this blog:

And this:

Imagine you're hiring a work sa bahay virtual assistant. Now w/c blog
impresses you as the blog created by someone who is an impressively

What does these blogs make you feel about their creators?

You'll find out how to make impressive Work Sa Bahay Blogs -TOMORROW SATURDAY 7PM. (Yup early!)

You'll know what do and should they have that makes clients hire them
and not others?

You'll know what's missing in these blogs.

You'll know what's wrong in these blogs.

..So once you make your own, you'll know what to do.

60-90 minutes detailed free webinar on how to impress clients online using your blog.


It's free!

Here's the thing, you need to bring a friend with you to make this
more fun and give you SOMEONE TO TALK TO regarding the webinar.

Here's how you can invite someone:

Post this in your facebook or email it :
Hi, Can you help me? TOMORROW, SAT at 7pm I'm going to attend a free
webinar on how "Work at h'ome" --maybe you'd like to join me so we can
talk about it - after the webinar? It's in facebook, so it's going to
be EASY.

Let me know and if you say yes, just register sa - for free din.

Impress your clients with your Virtual Assistant Blog

Save the date

So you want to learn how to really promote online these days?

You want to know what works before that doesn't work anymore today? (With proof!)

You want to know how money is created from social networks, really?

You want it to be HANDS ON too? In front of a computer?

Then you gotta send someone from your company to the:
New FACEBOOK + PINTEREST promotion event --->Aug 24-25, 2012

"Promote Your Business Online Hands On Workshop"

A BRAND NEW event that works for both VAs and businesses.

You'll learn all the tools we use to run a business online.

You'll get access to the resources we have access to.

You'll finally GET IT on how to create income online - literally -
step by step, click by click.

Just save the date, file the leave: 2012 Aug 24-25. Office hours.

We'll provide the computers.

You want to learn from me live? Save the date, file the leave

When you do this business (OM), you get unsubscribes. People who remove their names from your email list.
Hence you can no longer help them.

It also means you're not serving them in a way that they want to be served.
So your reaction should be:
1. Handful of people a day unsubscribes - That's normal, Find out your norm and expect it.
2. 50-100 people unsubscribe - you just sent them a pretty bad email. Don't do it again.
3. More than 100 people unsubscribe - someone is probably taking over your brain, fix it! (or someone has played with your email marketing password. Either way, fix it.

You can't tell those who left to come back (actually you can but never mind that - because of the CAN SPAM act).

So that's how you should react to unsubscribes.
But here's how I react to this:
1. I post extremely useful information in my blog 
2. I send out a freebie to the whole list
3. In other words - without them knowing it- those who unsubscribed are simply missing out. 

And that's how I react.

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Online Marketers only: How to react to unsubscribes.


You have a few more hours till the 3 VA seminar bonuses are gone:

1. Free attendance to the July 1 FollowUp webinar
2. Audio recording of the Seminar
3. Video recording of the seminar

Pay TODAY for the June 30, 2012 VA Seminar or the Downloadable VA Seminar.

ONE seat (P2975/$69):
Come-in-Pairs (P4475/$103):

Downloadable VA Seminar (P2975/$69):
OR deposit your payment to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario
then fill up the details here: 
then email

Last Chance Today...

The new fangled machines outed by apple last week will be making lots of webmasters and site owners groan with the weight of more work - and make more photographers happy.

Why? Retina graphics makes gorgeous photos visible online. But for ALL WEBSITES. So that means if your site uses ugly looking graphics for the sake of speed (loading to someone's computer) -- then it will look ugly to someone using the future-retina graphics computers:


Well TODAY it won't look ugly of course. But when viewed from a RETINA machine, it may look slightly off.

And bet you WINDOWS computers like the SURFACE will be following the standard set by Apple - essentially a screen image 2.5x bigger than your home HD TV (Sorry if you just got one, lol).

So webmasters all over the world will have to create or resurrect bigger than HD versions of their images if they want to keep up.
The solution of course is to use the RETINAJS javascript code.

What's that? It's technical and I'm not to educate you what JAVASCRIPT is. That's for programmers. What you should know is you should use it. It makes your site faster if someone isn't using a RETINA MACHINE to see your site -- but it will display RETINA graphics (read: gorgeous) if they are using the devices above and the like.

Let me know if you can use information like this. This ain't work from home. It's tech. But I'm not sure you can appreciate it now.
Yes I said leave a comment to let me know if you want info like this. I have lots of it.

Photos by theVerve:


LEFT is RETINA. Today you're seeing the one on the right.

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How to make sure your site is still fast but nice looking for Ipad3, Iphone4S and the new Macbook Pro with Retina Graphics

She Writes webinar

Take a look at this blog:

Imagine you're hiring a work sa bahay virtual assistant. Now w/c blog
impresses you as the blog created by someone who is an impressively

What does these blogs make you feel about their creators?

You'll find out how to make impressive Work Sa Bahay Blogs -this
coming SATURDAY 7PM. (Yup early!)

You'll know what do and should they have that makes clients hire them
and not others?

You'll know what's missing in these blogs.

You'll know what's wrong in these blogs.

..So once you make your own, you'll know what to do.
60-90 minutes detailed free webinar on how to impress clients online
using your blog.


It's free!

Here's the thing, you need to bring a friend with you to make this
more fun and give you SOMEONE TO TALK TO regarding the webinar.

Here's how you can invite someone:

Post this in your facebook or email it :

Hi, Can you help me? This SAT at 7pm I'm going to attend a free
webinar on how "Work at h'ome" --maybe you'd like to join me so we can
talk about it - after the webinar? It's in facebook, so it's going to
be EASY.

Let me know and if you say yes, just register sa - for free din.

Free Webinar this SATURDAY for Work from Home


Just wanted to tell you about....

1. The De-Clutter project - update
Though only 20+ of you replied on tips to declutter life, I'm surprised at the LENGTH of the tips. Some where very detailed and insightful.

Let me know (by replying to this email) if you want us to do a webinar on removing clutter in your life. Let me know (by NOT replying) if you're not interested because you already have a super orderly financial, emotional and physical life. Hey, and I'm just talking about physical clutter to start with.

2. The Catholic Church's CBCP is having the 1st Catholic Social Media Summit event next month and I'm one of the speakers in the iEARN (i earn) event. It's a 2 hour workshop on making money using the internet. Venue is Renaissance Convention Center, Marikina City on July 14-15,2012

Note: It's a paid event BUT do spread the word. (Put the link up in your blog and FB)

3. I've spoken for 3 times already. I'm set to speak again to their sellers for a 4th time. I'll let you know when it is and how to register (if you like). Topic there is usually "How to Improve Sales in Sulit".

4. Speak up if you want to learn a certain topic. Any online earn'ing topic. I read all my mails and reply to those who ask direct questions so be as direct as you can.

Just wanted to tell you about...


I've been cleaning up my stuff and realized how bad clutter is and it's impact on personal success.
Do you agree? Please let me know your opinion.
But even better, can you share your tips on how you reduce clutter in your life?
Enter your clutter-reduction tips here:

I'll feature the best advice in my blog - so we can all help each other.

What do you say about clutter vs your success?

Confusing Funny Song for Thinking People (or those who want to laugh)

In reading the Book, "the happiness project" it was reinforced to me that...
External Kalat also known as clutter is a hindrance to financial success.
What do you think? Do you agree?
What concrete ways have you done to remove your personal clutter?


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In reading the Book, "the happiness project" it was reinforced to me that...

According to the VANGIE commercials:

SIRI doesn't work sa Pinas. This is false. The location stuff doesn't
work. The rest work.
What rest?

Here it is:



Siri is Apple’s intelligent personal assistant, and one of the most
talked about features of the iPhone 4S. Siri can help you make calls,
schedule meetings, get weather information, send and read back emails,
and even crack a joke or two. Siri can understand natural speech, so
you don’t have to learn specific commands or pre-program Siri to
understand your voice. Siri works with almost all the built-in apps in
the iPhone 4S; here’s how to make the most of it.



1. Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds until you hear a
double beep. The Siri mic will pop up from the bottom of the screen
with the prompt, “What can I help you with?”

2. Raise the iPhone to your ear as if you’re on a call, and you’ll
hear a double beep, which means you’ve activated Siri. (Note: this
works only when your iPhone screen is unlocked. To disable this
feature, open Settings>General>Siri and swipe Raise to Speak towards

To cancel a request or close Siri, press the Home button.


After the double beep, Siri will wait for you to say something. Speak
naturally and say your question or command. Siri will assume you’re
done speaking when it hears a longer pause in your speech, and it will
repeat back to you what it understood. If it needs more clarification,
then it will ask for it (see image). You can also tap the Siri mic
icon when you want to start or end a command.


You can use your Apple headset with mic to speak to Siri. Hold down
the middle button for a couple of seconds to activate Siri and talk


Siri works with almost all built-in apps. Here are some sample
commands you can try:


“What’s Jack Johnson’s mailing address?”

“When is Nick’s birthday?"

“Can you show me Mary’s email address?”

“Who is Jenny Smith?”


“Please set up a meeting with Johnny at 5.”

“Schedule an appointment about balloons with the party clown tomorrow.”

“Cancel my meeting about balloons.”

“Move my appointment from 4 p.m. today to 9 a.m. tomorrow.”

“What’s on my calendar for today?”

“Do I have any meetings on July 5th?”

“When am I meeting with the party clown?”


“Wake me up tomorrow at 6.”

“Change my 6 a.m. alarm to 7:30.”

“Hey Siri, can you delete my 7:30 alarm, please?”

“What time is it in Cairo right now?”

“Can you set a timer for 15 minutes?”


“Email Frank I’m running late for our meeting comma I’ll be there in a
few minutes.”

“Send a message to my wife that says shall I pick up something from
the store question mark.”

“Do I have an email from Jason?”

“Siri, check my emails.”

“Show me the email from Carlos yesterday.”

“Reply to Carlos, hey dude how about we go this weekend?”

“Text Lisa and Jason the movie is about to start.”


“Where’s Carlos right now?”

“Who is near me?”

“Is Jason at home?”


“Hey Siri, can I listen to some Jimi Hendrix?”

“Play me Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.”

“Play some jazz.”

“Stop this song. Play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.”

“Shuffle my party mix.”


“Make a note that says a solar-powered flashlight is a bad business idea.”

“Note: check out Guy Kawasaki’s new book.”

“Create a great ideas note.”

“Find my work meeting notes.”


“Siri, can you call my wife?”

“Call Jason at work.”

“FaceTime with Robbie.”

“Call 832 555 6675.”


“How do I get to Starbucks?”

“Where are the good Italian restaurants?”

“Show me where the movie theater is.”

“Siri, can you give me directions to John’s house?”


“Remind me to pick up crayons for my son.”

“Siri, remind me to call Susan when I leave work.”

“Remind me to take my coat when I leave here.”


“How’s Apple’s stock doing?”

“What did Google close at today?”

“What’s Microsoft’s P/E ratio?"


“What’s the temperature outside?”

“What’s the weather like in New York right now?”

“Will it rain this week?”

“Can you show me the forecast for tomorrow?”


“Search the web for Alex Trebek SNL skit.”

“Search for vegan dinner recipes.”

“Search Wikipedia for Jeopardy game show.”


“How much is 20 percent of 47 dollars and 50 cents?”

“What’s the highest point in Colorado?"

“How far away is the moon?”

“Who is Nikola Tesla?”

“What’s the price of gas in Houston, Texas?”

“What’s the population of Puerto Rico?”


You’ve probably noticed that Siri seems to “know” who your wife,
brother, or mother is. No, Siri’s not psychic; you have to tell it
who’s who. Start by identifying yourself. Open
Settings>General>Siri>My Info, and choose your contact card. Once Siri
knows who you are, you can say something like “Mary is my wife,” or
“Carlos is my brother.” Siri will confirm with you, and from then on
you can simply refer to the contact as “wife,” “brother,” etc.


Siri is still in Beta, and although it can do a lot, it has certain
limitations. If you ask Siri to open an app, it won’t do it. The
reason is likely due to security. Apple is known for rolling out
features they control from top to bottom. Giving Siri the ability to
open any third-party app may make the user vulnerable to malware or
other security concerns.


If you need additional guidance on using Siri, you can access the
onscreen Siri guide from your phone. When Siri pops up, tap on the “I”
above the mic, and Siri will show you a set of possible questions and
ideas for how to phrase your commands.

(can't remember where I got this from, sorry)

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Pinoy: You want to know what to ask SIRI?

Trend #1 . $1700 "thing" printer.

What's your career path if you work from home?
(100 minute video)
Enjoy and learn and watch and apply!

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VIDEO: What's your career path if you work from home?


Hi This is Nikki. Jomar just confessed to me that last night, he
thought it was Friday already - hence he didn't find it useful to
extend the deadline to avail of the Webinar Vault Bonus until today -
because the thought today was SATURDAY.

Well it's not. It's Friday and Jomar has agreed to extend the deadline
- here are the terms:

All purchases for the VA Seminar or the Downloadable VA Seminar
yesterday and today only will get an additional bonus to access the
very valuable Webinar Vault.

After that the Vault will be closed again.

And the Vault's contents will continue to grow and grow and serve it's members.

For those who don't know the Vault Contains:
- Interview with 2 Virtual Assistants Online Call about Work From Home
- How to Start Blogging to Earn from the Internet
- Online Earning Life Stories: Pros and Cons
- Is Your Computer Enough for Earning at Home as a Virtual Assistant?
- How you Can Get Online Clients
and more....

That's it for now. Hurry up and get into the VA Seminar on June 30, we
are fast running out of seats!

For those who are thinking, what do you get when you register for
either the seminar or the download, here is what you get:
1. Free PDF of the entire 400 page presentation emailed to you (valued
at P 1000)
2. Free membership in the after seminar guidance group in facebook
(value at P 1000) where you can ask questions and get answers for
3. You'll learn how to apply effectively, including resume mak ing,
building your confidence and spotting scams and non-paying clients?
4. Special Bonus 1- 90 min followup webinar for Questions and Answers
on July 10. Pay on or before June 19
5. Special Bonus 2 - Recording of the Event (VIDEO) Pay on or before June 26
6. Special Bonus 3 -Recording of the Event (AUDIO) Pay on or before June 28
7. We will check your work when you submit the assignment.
8. You'll get access to my private clients and friends who are lookingfor skilled VAs like yourselves
9. You can attend the VA Seminar again at P 1000 off in the future.

Webinar Vault Re-opened briefly...

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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