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Last week I spent the whole week alone in Tagaytay planning for the next 10 months - figuring out what to do to serve you better.  

I was in a hotel, walking alone the ridge with two books,  a notebook and an umbrella.

I would spend hours in restaurants after meals- just sitting there, looking out into the taal volcano crater lake - and dream, and think and pray and write plans for what I can do to serve even more people. People numbering in the millions. My goal is to have an impact like that of GMA or ABS -CBN. They reach millions of people with an "E" - entertainment.
I'm going to reach the same amount of people with the "E" that the rich people prefer - "Education" - specifically - SELF-EDUCATION.

It's about time people stop complaining about un-employment or under-employment.  

The answer is here - being a VA is just the first step - it's even the answer to FLOOD problems right? Because while it's pouring tons outside, I'm just in my pajamas this morning with 2 children on top of me - making me into their horse. But still I can take a few steps after that - get dressed in Tshirt and shorts and "start working".  

You know this is not just me. Many people I have taught (and a bunch more who discovered this by themselves) are doing a similar thing this rainy monday (in Manila at least). 

But here's the "issue": Some people take on two clients just to earn more. For example, if you're earning $5/hour with one client who wants you to work for 4 hours a day work (part time) -- you make $20/day. That's like P 1000 a day (approx P 20,000 for a month - working 4 hours day on weekdays only). 20K a month part time at home is good eh?

But what if that isn't enough for you?

You with two school children is Montessori or in La Salle, for example?

Or you who's making ends meet for both your family and your parents?

Or you who's alone taking care of your kid or kids?

So what do you do to make more? 

Two options:


1. You work for another 4 hours with another client at $5/hour is one way. So now you make P 40,000/month working 8 hours day. 
40K for 8 hours a day? 
What do you think?


2. You can simply get a client that pays you $10/hour or more for 4 hours work only and say goodbye to your $5/hour previous client.

Let's see: That's double the pay for half the time. So 80K/month for 4 hours a day work, during the day, not night.

80K/month part time?

At Home?
Sounds "okay?" to you?
(Psst, don't show this to your spouse, they'll just say "It's too low!!" --haha)

So how do you do that? 

That's easy.

You make time to learn skills that are in-demand in the online VA market!

Skills that command the price of $10-$15-$85/hour!

What are those skills?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

It's not just enough that you earn sa bahay, you should earn big, tama?

So are you? Leave a comment below and if you are, go work sa bahay na. Start at

Pinoy, Are you Qualified to Work At Home? Webinar by Jomar Hilario


Visit for more True Stories of Pinoys Working at Home

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Before dinner lets eat...


Tim Ferriss, the dude who wrote the FOUR HOUR WORKWEEK has a birthday coming up. And here's how he celebrates:
He wants people to donate OR loan money to kids around the world via -- so that they can go finish school.

Let's celebrate with him by helping kids! Even your $1 can be used. And funny that -- if you opt for LOAN --the kids will pay you back at 98% repayment rate, too.
The company  Google, Tim O’Reilly, and Mitch Kapor and Tim are supporters of Vittana in doing this.

Please spread the word as deadline is July 27 Pacific time to raise $ 50,000. You may also read <a href="

Donate or loan to send kid to school at 98% repayment rate (they actually pay you back!)

Interview with Paulo Coelho on Piracy, Ebooks, Twitter, Facebook, Writing:

Two Copies - There are overlaps but there are parts where in he answers:

-How Paulo Coelho writes
-Paulo's view on taking notes
-How Paulo Coelho handles the attraction of Social Media like Twitter and Facebook
-How Mr Coelho views interviews and book signings
-What Paulo means when he says "He's not humble"
-What NewsPapers Does Paulo Grant Interviews
-What he did before he become a best selling novel
-What book sellers are doing wrong today that he did right in 2009.
-How the lack of paper in Soviet Union helped him made more book sales
-How travelling changed him and allowed him to create Aleph, his latest book
-Who has Paulo's cellphone number?
-What adds to the value of beautiful places?
-What change happened when the Book was invented that's also happening today...

Lots of things to learn in both the transcript and audio interview, enjoy:



Paulo Coelho Documented@Davos Transcript

Paulo Coelho on Piracy, Ebooks, Twitter, Facebook, Writing

If you haven’t played monopoly, you would have either watched others play it, saw it on the aisles in toy stores or seen this familiar man somewhere.

It’s a game most of us have played either to pass time or to practice what it’s like to be a millionaire for fun.  But now, there’s another game, similar to monopoly, and the millionaire man is now a rat.

If you have ever heard the word rat race, this is where it all came from.  A rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit.  The rat race is a term often used to describe work, particularly excessive work; in general terms, if one works too much, one is in the rat race.  Its like you’re in a job, tiring yourself out, yet you’re getting nowhere.  That’s a rat race.

And the objective of this game is to get you out of that race.  Like monopoly, you play with money and assets and Cashflow 101 is a game that will train you to recognize the opportunities to become rich that are all around you everyday.  It develops the mental habits that help you grow rich.

Cashflow is an advanced monopoly game developed by Rich Dad Poor Dad best selling author, Robert Kiyosaki.  It’s like the monopoly for entrepreneurs that train you on financial literacy and increasing your monthly cash flow by continuing to acquire & manage assets.

Now they say practice makes perfect, if you were to practice how to become rich, playing the Cashflow 101 game would be just that – only its easier, more relaxed and fun! 

Here’s to more freedom, join The Cashflow 101 game on July 29, 2012 1-5pm at Rosewood Pointe Taguig. Go to for more.

Cashflow 101 : Financial Education in a Box

Dear Sir Jomar,

 I'm very thankful to you Sir for your e-mail to me. Sir I download all your webinar Sir and I watch it every night for me to learn. I'm a private employee Sir my free time is only at night.I believe Sir that Ican do better that's why I continue to learn.

You inspired me a lot because u give hope to be financially free.

Sir for now my salary is not enough for my 3 kids that's why I have so many obligations. 

So, I will never stop learning. Thank you Sir. God Bless.  

I Will Never Stop Learning...

Hi, this is Nikki.

If you want to know what it's like in a day of a work from home virtual assistant and the biggest problems and adjustments she had to make when she started to become a VA and more,
join us on July 31, Tuesday (exactly four days from now) at 8pm for a free Interview with a VA Webinar.

Register by joining Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group:

See you then!

Save the date: July 31, 8PM


Are you really stuck with 50 years of work after 15 years of school?

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Are you really stuck with 50 years of work after 15 years of school?


What's missing from this Multiply Sales Page?

Does it make you buy from the page?

Why not?

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What's missing from this Multiply Sales Page?


For those starting, you may want to create product pages (hidden pages with your pdf/mp3/m4v product) using Google Sites and not Blogger or Wordpress.

Here's how to make sure it doesn't show up when people GOOGLE for it and don't pay for before hand:

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How to Create Hidden Google Sites Pages

Mesh Money Clamp Geneva Mini III With Wallet Clip

Jim Rohn, the great business philisopher once said "Money is not to be pursued, it's to be attracted. Then he explains, "it's to be attracted by the person you become."

Now, you may say - I already know that. But if I tell you to carry P 20,000 of your own money - every day in your wallet - most of you will not be attracted to this idea.

But here you are wishing that you'll win the lotto for example or get that huge bonus or sales.

But you and your wallet carrying P 20,000 - no way! All sorts of negative things come to your mind. Does it?

Here in lies the secret: To become attractive to money you need not fear money is all it's forms. 

Instead you should be able to distinguish w/c kinds of money are good for you and w/c ones you avoid - and I'm talking about good vs bad investments.

What if I were to tell you that you can learn to be attractive to money - in a DEEP WAY. Not just by reading a book but by playing a BOARD GAME just like the old monopoly you used to play?

Intrigued? Read it all here:

Money is not pursued, it's attracted. So do you...?

Here's what a VA travelling in Europe has to share with you all - Jomar

One of the perks as a virtual assistant is that you control your time.

Since I began my stint as a VA, I only committed to work 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.  That leaves me with a lot of free time to do errands and to wander around.

So what’s a typical day for me like?

Nothing routinely.

Each day is different from another.

In some days I check personal emails after breakfast, work for two hours, clean the flat (vacuum, wash the dishes), take a nap, work again for two hours, and prepare dinner.

On another day, I work 4 hours straight right after breakfast, have some late lunch. Do errands, read personal mails. Meet someone out for dinner in a friend’s garden.

When the weather is nice (meaning the sun is out, because it’s usually cold, cloudy, and rainy in Europe), I go to a nearby park. Take in the beauty of the surroundings. Take a lot of pictures. Grab some Asian noodles or a sandwich with a friend who only has an hour and a half for lunch break. Work for an hour or two. Head home. And work the remaining hours. 

Sometimes, after housework, I hang out in restaurants with wifi and spend the entire afternoon there. Like the Museums Quartier or this Pakistan buffet place near the University where you can eat as much as you like and pay as you wish. No restrictions. 

And of course, during weekends, my travel buddy and I set out to travel to a different province and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and immerse in the hospitality of strangers.  In Europe, several countries are land-locked so they don’t actually have a sea, but they abound in lakes, rivers, and snow-capped mountains.

So, I go out to enjoy life, work a little, and make my friends green with envy


Photo Credit

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I’m in Europe and I’m a Filipino Virtual Assistant! Here’s what my day looks like:

Facebook Page Admins Can Schedule Posts(!) But if you have more than 1 page with the same message, it's still better to use HootSuite! #vaexpert

As you can see in the step by step screenshots below, adding a post means clicking on 

Showing you how difficult it is to schedule a post via Facebook. Hootsuite gives you a CALENDAR, good grief. Those programmers at facebook are MEH. Yeah you're talented but haven't they invented calendar widgets since the days of Borland?

Also, don't try this on your personal account. Won't work. Only for pages. And at 5 accounts free, you're really better off using Hootsuite if you're going to be a VAExpert.

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Facebook Page Admins Can Schedule Posts(!) but it's MEH

work from home moms work-from-home work-at-home work-at-home work-at-home

Pick a future: You work for 4 hours a day at $20/hour or you work for 4 hours a day at $40/hour?
Which one would you pick if you only had those two choices?
Of course, I hope you'd pick the higher amount for the same number of hours.

But how to do you that?
How do you earn double per hour?
Skills you can learn.
Super in demand skills.
Skills you can add to your repertoire of skills that you can market to clients, even if you're just PART TIME - and still working as an employee.

I’m talking about Facebook Marketing Expert Level Skills.
And you can read all about getting these skills from two Pinoy Experts at

The Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar will be on September 29, 2012, Saturday, from 9am to 6pm in Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

Reserve your seats now and avail of the Early Bird Discounts (for a limited time only)

One seat (P3375/$81):
Come-in-pairs discount (P4875/$117):
Downloadable version (P3375/$81):

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VA Candidate or VA: Are you after a comfortable life for your family?

Planning how to serve you more

 Let’s say your car’s air conditioning system broke down. 


You want it fixed, but not just by anybody. The yellow pages are lying in your living room, right next to where the phone is. You hesitate to randomly pick any of those listed there because you want someone you could trust. So you go to a family friend or a work buddy and ask around. It just happened that the brother of a certain officemate encountered the same, and had it fixed in this shop in Timog, Quezon City. He spoke highly of the repair shop, and had his aircon fixed earlier than what was promised. Aside from that, he was given a P200 voucher which he can claim the next time he has his filter cleaned. What do you do?   

Without second thoughts, you have your car air-con fixed there. Why? Because someone recommended it. And that someone’s words can be trusted. That, my enterprising friend, is word-of-mouth advertisement, and it’s the closest it can get to how Facebook Marketing operates.

Facebook is not just about liking your friend’s picture perfect travel photos or sharing that “Proud to be Pinoy” quote that resonated with you anymore.   

It’s gone way beyond that. And you should take advantage of it, specially if you have a business you want to promote. For Free. You, as an entrepreneur, create a fan page on car air conditioning. Regularly, you offer tips on how car owners can care for their air con system. You also post testimonials of previous customers raving about your service. One fan “liked” your page. His friends saw it and discover your content to be useful and shared it too. 

 They may not be buying from you yet, but because you’ve built the trust, you are their go-to person. Instead of that guy who just keeps on posting pictures of all the brands of air conditioning system he has. 

 What would this translate to? 

Long-term customers who will not just buy once from you. They would keep on coming back to you because of that relationship. 

 Wouldn’t you like it if people whom you’ve never heard of before, look up to you as a company they can trust? The world of marketing has already evolved and those who are scared of having an online presence and choose to be stuck up in traditional marketing may well be left behind. 

 This Sept 29, 2012, you will have the chance to learn not just the basics of Facebook Marketing, but be an expert at it. For a solid 9 hours from 9am to 6pm, you will not only learn from one FB Marketing expert, but two Pinoys who have been there and done that.  

Jay McLean, an Australian-Filipino Real Estate entrepreneur, has a fan page base of around 100,000++ while Jomar Hilario has been training Filipino virtual assistants to be experts in their field of work, Facebook Marketing included. In this training, you will learn:


How you can effectively use all of the following: FB group, FB personal, FB page combined and why not just use one?


How you can develop wall posting strategies using two FB Apps and a calendar so that you are purposely posting in your wall and not just posting when you feel like it.  How you can effectively track each Facebook posted link to determine the best kind of message for your online prospects.


How you can jumpstart your popularity online using Facebook Events + FB APP - even if you're just starting. 4. How Virtual Assistants (VA) or those who wish to be VAs, can use these skills to make money online.

4. 3R's of Facebook Success - 

Case Study : 7 Steps to a Facebook Million Dollar Results Page For Your Business.

5. The Importance of Sharing

You'll get to know the 6 Step Formula for Profitable Facebook Sharing and Mark

6. Smartphone and Facebook Marketing

3 Simple Steps To Get Your Value Into The Hands Of Your Customers

7. How Work From Home Workers (Virtual Assistants) or those who wish to ba VAs, can use these skills to make them even more money online.

Meet Jay McLean

Serial Entrepreneur and Real Estate investor Jay McLean has been empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and self employed professionals to achieve their full potential using his Life Master Success Secrets Program. Jay’s business mentoring program has helped him build a massive online presence in a relatively short time. Using his own strategies and tactics, Jay has amassed a series of success stories: -His Twitter Page is reaching 200,000 Followers. -His Facebook Fan Page has over 150,000 Fans. -His Facebook personal Subscribers totals over 17,000. -Set up Life Master Success Secrets in Philippines – Life Master Success Secrets, Inc. already it is now involved in major speaking events. 

He has provided Property Consulting to a Billionaire Property Developer in Manila who remains virtually anonymous outside a small circle of people. 

Some of his own business successes include: -Jay's Lifestyle Property Academy gave over $200,000 in the first 18 months. -Jay's LMSS Facebook Mastery business has given me over $150,000 in the first 12 months. -Jay's LMSS Marketing Automation Plan will give me $50,000 in the first 3 months of launch. -International No.1 Best Selling Author of the Book – Millionaires and Billionaires SecretsRevealed. Jay has helped his clients achieve similar success in their businesses. Here are what some of Jay’s Clients say about him:
“Jay is an excellent business mind and profit strategist. He is a serial entrepreneur and hard worker and as a result he always achieves results far above the average worker. Jay has a great work ethic and integrity about him. When it comes to Facebook Strategies for your Business look no more!” Greg Cassar, Founder of Internet Marketing Magazine

“Working with Jay is a blissful pleasure. He has an amazing mind, an unbeatable attitude and a totally driven personality. Jay is also a world-class teacher. His social media marketing training is outstanding. Go ahead and check out his Facebook page – how come so many people ‘LIKE’ him? Over 100K+ followers on Facebook speaks for itself! He truly walks his talk. Jay knows his game and has my highest recommendation.” Daniel Lizurek, Founder and CEO of Fast Profits

“Very resourceful and a great mentor. He has increased my online marketing and branding strategies by 115% especially through Facebook. Now starting to generate a consistent amount of weekly qualified customers through my website and fan page. I totally recommend his services 100% thanks Jay!” Patrick Correya, Founder of Live With Security

“I’ve have the opportunity of seeing Jay transforming business, from getting them to meet their KPI to exceeding sales by double. If you need some one that cares about your business and that will get results I have to say Jay is the man.” Andres Quijano, Founder and General Manager of ANQ Solutions

“Excellent work LMSS! I didn’t even come up with the ideas but LMSS already knew EXACTLY what I required for my business and overall marketing strategy. They provided a very cost effective business strategy and the system has saved me at least 1,800% on my marketing expenses!" Koranit Thomson, Owner of Nara Thai Restaurant

Meet Jomar Hilario

Filipino online marketer Jomar Hilario has been equipping fellow Filipinos to work from home through his seminars and mentoring clubs. A staunch promoter of families being together, his heart is for the Overseas Filipino Workers to come home to the Philippines and earn their dollars right at their own homes.   

 His humble beginnings led him to attend Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad's Investor's School and join Stephen Pierce’s Smart Marketing Coaching Club, both in Singapore. He educated himself and applied his learning to promote several events in Manila, including concerts of contemporary Christian artists Jars of Clay, Reuben Morgan, Steve Curtis Chapman, and Switchfoot. He later on promoted real estate seminars (Think Rich Pinoy) and religious conferences (Kerygma Conference). 

Soon, his online promotion success established him as an expert and paved the way for him to speak in seminars to train real estate groups (REBAP, CREBA, & DMCI) about Internet Marketing.   He continues to serve his fellowmen through his seminars and mentoring clubs. Some of his successful workshop graduates include:,,   

 Currently, he’s an Internet Marketing Consultant to Bo Sanchez and several Philippine based companies. Here are what some of Jomar’s clients say about him:
“Helped me to where I am right now as a Social Media Manager in Singapore” 
I'm a member of the OMC 1 on the year 2010 I became a member after I saw him talk about Internet Marketing on the Money Summit and Wealth Expo. I've attended the VA seminar last Oct 2010 and I was inspired to work from home and it's a great opening for me since I'm now working from home. On Jan 2011 I've joined the Social Mentoring Club where we meet twice a month every Thursday for 7 months. There are a lot of unrelated Social Media topics ( I think it was a bonus lessons since it is still related to marketing and other business stuffs). I've recently attended the deep internet secrets seminar that was held last May 1 2012. Overall all the lessons opened me to Internet Marketing and get to know his International Mentors as well. All the lessons helped me to where I am right now as a Social Media Manager from an awesome Singapore base company. I'm still looking forward to be part of the inner circle mastermind group :) 
Darryl F. Pasa Social Media Manager Internet Success Hub 
“I got an (online job) employer in 3 applications!” 
I first heard of Jomar's lessons from Bro. Bo Sanchez's weekly newsletter and being at the lowest point of my life with growing expenses and surmounting debt, the possibility of having multiple streams of income through the internet seemed the best choice especially that I am a solo mom. I took his internet marketing seminar in May 2010 and downloaded the virtual assistant seminar in September of the same year. I concentrated in blogging and began earning from google adsense almost instantly although slowly. But my biggest earner was when I started a career in oDesk and applying Jomar's lesson, I got an employer in 3 applications! I almost couldn't believe it because I had no VA background nor oDesk rating yet plus the fact that oDesk says a contractor would have to go through an average of 45 applications before getting hired.  My client was so nice and, impressed with my performance, recommended me to her friend who hired me right away. For over a year now, I have 2 regular clients and just a month ago got an offer from Google to be a Judgment Contributor. I just want to say that Jomar's lesson are not only technical but also appeals to ones' character improvement because implementing his lessons made me develop self-discipline and more important belief in myself that I can earn additional income without having to leave my day job (which I love) and sacrifice time away from my son. Praying that Jomar continue to help and give hope to more people. Many, many thanks and God bless! 
Maria Millicent ReyesExecutive Secretary to the Consul General of Pena y Cia, Inc./ Consulate of Estonia 
“Before Jomar, I could not land on any other job.” Jomar helped me package me as an expert differently. Where in I was packaged according to my skill set and interest. He helped my boosting my self confidence to project to clients that I am an expert in social media and training. I have been applying to different Work from Home jobs since I started, but by just following what he taught us made magic to my portfolio, where in I was hired 7 days after i submitted my assignments in the va seminar. Now I have 2 good paying clients and 3 job offers waiting for my reply , and I am extremely happy. Because before I met Jomar, I couldn't land on any other  job. Thanks Jomar! Charmaine Xy-Za YapeSocial Media Manager of Cruisemiles and Butterfly Networking 
“My nephew (a college drop-out) is now earning around P20k as VA” Jomar has helped open my eyes on the many ways of earning through the internet. He thought me the proper way to blog, autoresponders, putting ads (adsense, etc) and the secrets to finding what you want on the internet. I learned what skills to develop to become a VA and validated what gurus have been shouting about: Pursue your passion and the money will follow.  And how to detect scams online (this should be learned by everybody not only VAs and online marketers but anybody using the internet). His teachings also helped me in my job as an all around tech guy in our office such as searching hard to find subjects on the internet (outdated device drivers, manuals and applications) I'm proud to say that I have imparted some of what I learned to my nephew who has dropped-out from college not knowing what to do with his life.  He is now earning around P20k as a VA for an Australian businessman as a Website manager.  Not bad for a college drop-out. Rommel Salvador Kapunan, Computer Operator of Philippine Ports Authority 
"Jomar walks the talk" “Jomar taught me the fundamentals I should know to be an internet marketer. His FREE webinars helped a lot of aspiring VA and internet marketer to earn online, specifically "How to detect scams" "What computer you should buy" and my favorite "How to earn in facebook". Jomar walks the talk. Unlike others who just talk and talk, without the learnings and result. =) -" Cecilia Solmerano, Fashion Merchandising Manager of Paddock's Jeans 
"I found a person I can trust" “I already learned a lot from his newsletter already about how to use facebook to favor your business, about internet marketing, how to recognize scams in internet, but the most important of all is that  i found a person  I CAN TRUST.” Valentin Homer Escuyos, mechanic of Wade Adams LLC Dubai 
"I love the free webinars" “Jomar has helped me thru his free webinars about facebook and other stuff! I love the free webinars that he is giving!!!! It's helpful for me as an online seller and at times in my being an online teacher!!! Elizabeth Lavin, online tutor and online seller 
"Jomar provides a dependable aid to internet marketing" “Jomar has helped me know more tips and tricks on how to improve my blog and how to promote it and any other business via facebook marketing and other social media, as well as through helpful internet websites and tools. He has also suggested ad platforms that I can use to generate a little income from my blog. Instead of having to research for myself and not knowing whether I can rely on the information that I come across online, Jomar provides a dependable aid to internet marketing. Aside from all that, it's the constant reminder and constant push through never ending emails and newsletters that has helped me continue with what I'm doing. With all the work I do that sometimes get me side tracked and with all the hullabaloo of everyday life that take up a lot of my time, these continuous nudges from him make it possible for me to move forward, sometimes big steps, other times baby steps, yet steps towards self-improvement and success just the same.” Guia Monica Obsum, real estate proprietor of GMB Apartment Rentals
Using the strategies you will be learning, you are on your way to becoming an expert Facebook Marketer. The techniques will let you:
  • create extra exposure and visibility for your business (specially to those not in your own time zone), not double the work
  • listen to what your clients really want and not just make up in your mind what you think they want
  • create separate Facebook identities so that your personal life and business life do not mix up (Yes, you have a personal life too!)
  • identify which of your posts work, and what your clients actually like
  • stick to posts that are effective
  • create contests to gain credibility and grow your list
  • have that cutting edge over other virtual assistants earning a meager hourly rate
If you’re a small business owner, I’m sure P6,000 a month would not be enough to hire your marketing consultant. You’d have to pay more and consider the succeeding months he’ll be working for you. What if you could learn the tricks of the trade yourself, for less than that? You can actually even bring an entrepreneur friend for less than that! 

 Are you a virtual assistant, a corporate marketing professional, or a marketing consultant? If you actually do the assignment (yes, you have to prove that you know what you're doing), you will not only be knowledge-rich after this seminar, you can definitely command a higher price than your colleagues. P6,000 per project will be a cheap price to ask. 

Your learning investment for this seminar is even less than that! Rid yourself of the guesswork, and let the gurus teach you step by step how you can leverage the power of Facebook into your own business or your client's business. Both Jay and Jomar took around seven (7) years to get them where they are right now. You don’t have to wait another seven for you to benefit from what they’ve learned.  

Join The FACEBOOK Marketing Expert Seminar

Date: September 29, 2012

Time: 9am - 6pm

Venue: Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates, Taguig City

ATTEND LIVE the Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar

Get yourself a seat now for only P 4,075 / US$95

Buy Now - Button Blue  

Bring a friend, and pay only P1,500 for your partner.

P5,575 / US$130

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You may also pay via bank deposit:

BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: and email

DOWNLOAD The Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar

If you’re not in Manila, you may also download the event recordings of the seminar

P 4,075 / US$95

Buy Now - Button Blue  

HURRY! These special rates are offered

until September 18 only.

After September 18, 2012, the rates increase to:

Solo: P 4,775 / $111

Pairs: P 6,275 / $147

Downloadable: P 4,775 / $111

If you walk-in during the Seminar day

on September 29, 2012:

P 5,775 / $134

BONUSES But that’s not all. These gurus are not only selfless in their knowledge, they want to give you more. Aside from being able to attend the live seminar and get up close and personal with them, they want you to go home with these bonuses:

1. Hosted Wordpress How To Tutorials (15 Step by Step Tutorials on how to get a Hosting Account and Use Wordpress Complete with Select Plug ins so you really look like an EXPERT and use what the experts use!)


Let Facebook have a different definition for you. Be the go-to person when it comes to marketing. Facebook Marketing.

One Year Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the seminar, you do not consider yourself an awesome Facebook Marketer, you can get your money back. No questions asked. Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange


Don’t be left behind. Get ahead of the game and use Facebook to your advantage. Reserve yourself a seat here:


Spread the word and bring a Facebook friend. Even if both of you attend, it’ll still be cheaper than hiring a Facebook Marketing consultant ;) Get two seats here:


Not in Manila, or even in the Philippines? Being abroad will not stop you from becoming an FB expert, you can download and learn at your own pace here:

How To Design A Powerful Facebook Strategy Using The Right Tools For Your Business

Explanation to listeners and viewers of my Slideshare Zipcasts: For
many months you've been enjoying chatting with each other in the
zipcast facility of slideshare. I even got a Slideshare PRO account
just to keep serving you using the zipcast.

Alas, they've decided to remove the chatroom, the video and audio via
internet option and in a very modern way, wants people to use phones
(yes there's skype but hello the whole world isn't skyped up like
other countries) - to create a chat environment. In other words here's
what Slideshare said to us (yup all 300 - 4000 of you): We don't care
what you do with our zipcast, we can't afford to run it any more, so
we're not going to inform you about removal of the video, chat and
audio features, we're just going to REMOVE it - even though our
provider OPENTOK is giving it away for free. We're not going to tell
anyone. You- our slideshare customers are just going to be surprised
that you can no longer use Slideshare zipcasts as before. We don't

Note: This email was done after I emailed them privately telling them
everything above. They're reply was in nicer terms but I recieved NO
REMORSE, NO APOLOGY for shocking us.

My suggestion: Lets' remove our slideshare accounts and move on to (w/c I also use anyway). I did tell them it's a bad
customer service to do what they did, but they just don't care.

A company that doesnt' care - specially off line = death.

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Explanation to listeners and viewers of my Slideshare Zipcasts

Video: How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Use it
Here's how you can add to your skill set by becoming a LInKEDIN Company Expert.
Linkedin is a different market.
It's an employee-only market.
Also big.
And there are clients for VAs looking for Linked In People who are EXPERTS at it too.
Linkedin Also has a WALL.
Also has a FOLLOW function (like a FB like)
So you know already how it works.
Better yet, you know how to manage a company's LINKEDIN Site using the video below:

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Video: How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Use it


SocialBakers says that Filipinos have 40+Million Facebook Users. Of that group, how many are FB Marketing Experts?

Hmm. That's something to think about. Probably less than 100? What do you guess?

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2012 July Asia Pacific Facebook Stats by Social Bakers

Video : Facebook Marketing How To : Creating the Results Page.
Lets listen to Jay Mclean and Jomar Hilario explain how to create a
website inside Facebook
to create one of the 3Rs of Facebook Marketing: The Results Page.

Note: What you need to know is explained in the 1 hour video below:

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Video : Facebook Marketing How To : Creating the Results Page

The only office gossip you get when you work at home are the ones you see online

When I work at home, I get to spend more time with her

I save on office clothes when I work from home

April is Financial Literacy Month! Don't forget to play Cashflow 101 & 202!

Cashflow 101 is a board game like monopoly.
It's invented by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
You can learn how to manage real money and business money in cashflow.
You will learn how to take control of your personal finances.

You will learn how to invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses.

Remember, cashflow 101 is a game designed to make you a winner when it comes to money and business.

You're invited to a limited seats only Robert Kiyosaki's Game of Cashflow 101 this coming July 29, Sunday 1pm-5pm.

To come as a player and learn the philosophy of business and money in a GAME, the fee is P 1450 (Introductory Price), inclusive for snacks, venue and valuable access to playing with two of the best players I know of.  Their identities will be hidden but you'll know when you're playing with them because they seem to be luckier than most.
Observe their game and you can learn heaps from them.

cashflow 101 is a game designed to make you a winner when it comes to money and business.
Bring a calculator, pencil and ERASER (no ipads and computers needed).

We only have space for 15-20 people.  If you will bring a cashflow gameboard AND will be facilitating the game, you can come in for only P 500 - but this is first come first served (only 3 slots for this)

Without CF101 board (P1450/$35):
With CF101 complete set and will facilitate (P500/$12):

Note: Parking is iffy, meaning it's better to park in Market Market or Serendra and just take the cab. If you're okay with street parking, bring your car!

You want to play Cashflow 101 with Jomar?

Here's something valuable that you can add to your VA resume.

Learn how to add special effects for iMovie - step by step.

This tutorial features muzzle flashes, blood hits, and explosions.

See how easy it is?

Here's a quick recap:

- Make sure you have NOT checked "optimize video" when importing
- Ensure your Picture in Picture setting is not set to "fit in frame" PRIOR to inserting your footage
- If your footage inserts transparent and looks right when you scrub through it, but doesn't play in real time in iMovie, don't worry, it will work fine after export
- The most common issue is that the footage isn't actually pre-keyed

Try practicing it with a friend's Mac and voila! Instant talent.

Specially if you enjoy yourself while doing it.

Now, you can add "Imovie Special Effect Editor" in your VA resume.

Isn't that great?

Now You Can Have Another Skill in Your VA Resume: How to Add Special Effects in Mac's iMovie

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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