This email is only for those interested in attending the VA Seminar pero always find excuses not to attend it:

"I want a weekend seminar"

"I'll do it pag uwi ko sa Pinas"

"Eh, di naman ako techie!"

"Do you have one next year?"

"I'm afraid to see human beings" :)

We're giving you an extra incentive to wake up and realize that everyday you let pass is another day you are not living a marvellous life!

Every day you are getting older, your eyes blurrier, your knees more fragile, you - generally tired of day in and day out - work work and then commute and commute.

The time to change is not tomorrow.

It's today.

And change is better if you're guided, mentored and given the right information and directions.

Gusto mo ba yun?

Or do you prefer to leave everything to chance, trial and error ka na lang ba lagi?

Tama na ang trial and error.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy the cool breeze that December brings - with your family sitting on your lap or surrounding you - like I'm doing this morning.:)

The easiest way is to become a virtual assistant. You can be Director for Marketing for a Singapore based company but you're still called a "VA".  It doesn't matter what the titles are, as long as you're earning sa internet -sa bahay!

So if you haven't done it yet - if you haven't attended the seminar - DO NOT ATTEND IT ANYMORE. 

Just  download the VA seminar via, or deposit P 2975 via BPI (reply to to know how) and get the following free extras- valid until Bonifacio Day only/Friday.

1. Most VAs who want to get paid well must know how to use a Hosted Wordpress Account, we'll give you a "play" fully functional Wordpress account, valued at $140/year.

2. You'll get mentoring - live - online 3 hours - on December 15, 8pm Manila time - to help answer your questions - this is workshop time. I show you what to do, you do it- while I'm online to answer questions- if possible, looking over your work - live in the comfort of your own home! Value: P 4,000

P.S. Do not wait, these bonuses will not be offered anymore next month (Dec) - this is only for VA Seminar downloads for nov 2012 only. 
Click here to start that journey in a marvellous life: --> Mura lang, may guarantee pa.

Haven't downloaded the VA might miss out...

Use what you know to create money for you, is it possible....?

Here is your exciting Lesson 3 from the Online Mentoring Club 2:

Plunge into it asap, it'll only take a few minutes and will take your breath away!

Use what you know to create money for you, is it possible...


Here are some clarifications about this Thursday's 1pm-5pm meeting of Entrepreneurs (you're invited!)

1. Are live meet ups held during daytime only (1-5pm)?

Yes, but they are recorded so you can still access them via video and audio and pdf.

2. What if a member has no business yet? Hindi ba nakakaout of place?

On the contrary, if you want to learn about business, the best place is to be surrounded by business people and talk about business.
If you stay connected to non-business people, you will have a hard time transitioning to business. So this Thursday's meeting is ideal even for
those thinking about transition from employment to business.

3. If one was not yet able to pay the 19k before Nov. 29 when you will have your "first" meeting, what happens to the next meeting? (Is it like a
regular classroom, na pag nahuli ka na hirap nang humabol? or may next batch?)

Activities in the first meeting are different from the other meetings. They do not necessarily build up. Pwede kang humabol, easy.

Of course it's more valuable if you join in all the meetings as you can see the entire group's and your own progress.  

Your first meeting would be on the next scheduled Workshop Webinar :  8pm-11pm Sat: Dec 15 / Jan 12 / Feb 16 / Mar 16 / Apr 13 / May 11 / June 1 or the next scheduled meetup: /Jan 29 Tue /Feb 21 Thu /Mar 21 Thu/Apr 18/
Thu /May 21, Tue/Jun 27 Thu - if you join after Nov 29.

However, if you join later, the rates will not be this low.

Here's the link to join today: or you may
also use BPI deposits:

You may also pay via BPI Bank Deposit of the amount above to BPI Savings
Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email

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Questions about (NOV 29) Thursday's entrepreneur meeting (You're invited!)

Are you trying to imitate your gurus online but you're still failing?
Eto ang dahilan...

Go through the fun presentation below to find out the single biggest
mistake when trying to imitate how other people online are doing to
earn money mula sa internet (and finally spend time with your loved
ones, everyday).

Are you trying to imitate your gurus online but you're still failing? Eto ang dahilan...

Find out below why every effort you try to do in making money online falls short of the wonderful promise and potential that online gurus tell you that you can have:

Open this link:

Are You Committing These Five Mistakes In Trying Na Kumita Sa Internet?

Hi, this is Nikki.

We've been receiving reports that some of you are not getting any updates from us for a while now.

This could be because you haven't added Jomar yet to your Contacts List, hence, some, if not most, of our emails are getting straight in to your Spam folder. 

To avoid that, you need to add Jomar to your Contacts so you won't miss out on our super exciting offers this December. *wink*

For a step-by-step instructions on how to do it, click here: 

We have included instructions for GMail, Yahoo! Mail and HotMail users. 
Go check it out.

That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of the night!

Are you getting all our updates? Read on.


Improve your relationships: once you know the love language of your loved one, deal with this person, THAT WAY!
Take the Love Languages Test for free here:

No need to buy anything. This is based on the famous Gary Chapman book : The Love Languages.

Take the exam first for yourself. 
Then FORWARD this link to your friends and loved ones for their exam.
Then ask them for their Love Languages. 
Your explanation to make them take the exam: Christmas *cough* gifts *Christmas. :)
Enjoy and use this to learn more about your loved ones. 
The one you'll be spending more time with once you work at HOME!!

Here's that link again : (just click: just the results please after the 23rd question...)

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Super Improve the way you relate to your loved ones and friends...Short lang ito.

Some people reach out to me, Jomar (not Nikki) they want different things:

So if you're interested in:
1. You want to be a Virtual Assistant, you may go
to this VA specific email newsletter:

2. You want to be an Entrepreneur, go here:

3. You want to learn about Social Media fro m my Mentors (not me, my
mentor), go here:

4. You want general internet marketing stuff:

5. You're excited to learn all about Jomar's 12 month mentoring

6. You just want to know ONLY about jomar's web inars go here:
7. NEW! You want to learn how to write a book, go here:

Now, warn you that these newsletters will add more knowledge for you.
So some messages may be duplicated, we try to minimize that but
sometimes it's not avoidable.

Your options, important

If you're looking for that push to write a book, here's a tool you can use - a bunch of emails from me encouraging you to write and a workbook, too!

Just join this "I wanna write a book" newsletter. Just a few prodding emails just might make that bestseller come out of you

Tingnan natin, okay?

Note: This new newsletter is purely for book writers only.

You want to write a book in 4 days..seriously..

My co-trainor in the FB Marketing Expert seminar, Jay Mclean has a new book called FB Phenomenon.
And there's a nice book launch with seminar happening on Dec 1 where he gives it away to everyone.

Here's the catch: Only 20 slots remain in that book launch.
Here's the 2nd catch: The seminar fee used to be P 5000 is now P 1500.
Get in as fast as you can, specially if you didn't catch the FBME event where 
Jay and I talked.

Yes, the P 1500 is only for this week. Next week it's back up to P 5000.
What are you waiting for?
You get a FB promotion book + training that go with it in a live event.

FB Phenonenon Book Launch
Philippine Trade Training Center
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. and Roxas Blvd. Pasay City
Saturday December 1, 8:30am – 5:00pm
(Registration starts at 8:00am)

P.S. Hesitant? That's too bad, a good deal like this doesn't happen
very often when it comes to local books...imagine a book and a seminar
in one. For a price of a hard bound book. It's a full day event, too.

If you're an entrepreneur, specially one who hasn't fully exploited
the FB for commerce, get in NOW:

Jay Mclean has a new FB promotion book...and he wants to give it to you....

Today' the last day to get into the VA SEMINAR on NOVEMBER 20..

Visit to see the perks you get if you attend tomorrow:

Visit above also, to see the perks you'll get if you download the seminar within November 2012.

Today's your last day....

Funny and Surprising List of Things You Get When You Work Sa Bahay...(as a Online Business Person or even a Virtual Assistant)

I asked a lot of people what would they like to do when they finally get to work sa bahay either as a VA or as an online marketer.
Here are their candid and actual answers - see if your answer made it into this FIRST list.

  • You can go to the mall as early as 9:55am, then go home anytime you want. 
  • You can do the things you love doing in a more fun way, without the fear or guilt of having someone watching your back.
  • You can have time for your hobbies and do-it-yourself stuff
  • You can finally keep track of your favorite noontime shows.
  • You can buy your basic needs without feeling guilty.
  • You can eat on time.
  • You can pursue your long overdue Master’s degree or PhD.
  • You can visit your friends, and have lunch with them in their workplaces.
  • You can paint and sew/make curtains.
  • You can make sure your pets won't destroy your sofa.
  • You can teach your dogs new tricks everyday.
  • You can watch anime and drink hot tea all day during your break times.
  • You can have the time to do natural beauty regimens like applying hot oil on your own hair and rubbing tomato on your face.
  • You can go to the park, mall or anywhere you want to go anytime.
  • You can listen to audio books and read articles in the internet whenever you want.
  • You can take some short classes (photography and Mandarin).
  • You can have time for yoga.
  • You can sleep anytime.
  • You can take care of your own cultured plants.
  • You can work out the abs that you want and be physically fit. Run and do some crunches. 
  • You can have time for yourself : relaxing and cooking your favorite food.
  • You can read a lot and write books. 
  • You can vacation and Island hopping while working na din.
  • You can earn despite being temporarily disabled; feel useful again to your family and to the community.
  • You can monitor the house if all the household chores have been properly done by your house boy and on call laundry woman
  • You can read your favorite mag.
  • You can physically monitor our business next to our house start working out at least 4x a week and be able to eat healthy,
  • You can explore other interests 
  • You can hone your cooking skills. Anytime of the day when you think of some nutritious food to eat, you can cook it and use it to charge yourself up again as you work.
  • You can leave the house anytime... 
  • You can spend time in your pocket garden where your orchids are blooming beautifully and maybe turn this orchid interest into a small business. 
  • You can avoid stress-related factors thus, increase your life span.
  • You can start your scrapbook. 
  • You can stroll, go shopping. 
  • You can finally work on the improvement of your home and garden!
  • You can find the time to study, read in order to become good mentor someday.
  • You start all the do-it-yourself crafts that you would like to do...that hopefully can be a source of income too... *winkwink! ... 
  • You can maintain a healthy lifestyle. with home cooked meals and no more store bought foods, avoid fast food
  • You can sleep until 9 AM.  
  • You can organize the clothes on your cabinets and even rearrange your home.  
  • You can hang out w/ your  friends more often
Tomorrow's the last How to Work From Home As a Virtual Assistant Seminar in Manila.
Last chance to save P 1000 off the Walk in rate of P 4775 is today. Pay only P 3775 for one seat.

With your P 3775 you'll get:
1. Membership into our graduates website -where you can find prospective CLIENTS who will hire you w/o going to Odesk /Elance.
2. A 50% discount for everytime you want to refresh and re-energize yourself by attending the next VA Seminar (even if it's in Davao!)
3. Exclusive perks planned for 2013 only for VA Seminar graduates.
4. Your resume, Odesk profile and blog will be checked by our staff for a complete critique to see if you are showing clients your best -so you can earn more online.
5. Access to the complete presentation in PDF form - w/c you can load into your ipod,iPad, phone for review anytime!
6. 2 Snacks and 1 Lunch

Get one seat today via credit card here
Get a friend to join up with you can you only pay P 1500 for the 2nd person:
BPI Deposits here: BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: then email (Bring your deposit slip tomorrow).

Venue is Rosewood Pointe, Map: 9am-6pm. Registration is 830am. Bring a ballpen and paper (kwaderno), 
Do not bring a computer. See you on Tuesday, November 20,2012.

Not in the Philippines tomorrow? 
Download the seminar and get these perks for November 2012 purchases only:
1. Free Hosted Wordpress "Play" account (A must have if you're serious about earning serious money). Value: P 2000
2. Learn how to do online marketing - Free attendance in the 3 hour Workshop Webinar on Dec 15, 8pm-11pm. Value: P 5000
3. Two copies of the VA seminar - video, audio and pdf. 
4. Bonus interview with a Virtual assistant recording. Value: P 1000
5. Lifetime access to future recorded VA Seminars. Value: P 7000

Get the download copy of the VA Seminar at and get the P 15,000 free bonuses for only P 2,975-valid only this November 2012.

That's too expensive!
If you're comparing prices, compare the live seminar's P 3775 and the download's P 2,975 to your education cost. With P 100,000+ of expenses in 4 years college education, you get a nice salary plus all the perks of traffic and bad bosses and office gossip. 

With your small starting seminar fees above, in 30 days you can be working at home - no traffic, no bad bosses. It's been done before - many times by the VA Seminar graduates. Meet one of them tomorrow and let his story inspire you.  He didn't have to wait 4 years to do it.  The record is 30 days after the VA Seminar - the attendee got a job online. Try to beat that and you're off to the marvellous life you've always wanted. Just take a look at the list of things you can do above.

It's too risky!
Your college education didn't give it to you but you do deserve to be protected if this is not for you. Your fee is guaranteed to return to you if you feel this isn't the best thing you've ever come across in years - when in comes to opportunities to work, PERIOD.  Very few seminars offer this guarantee.

But isn't this for techie only?
If you love exploring the internet this is for you. If you have an idea where the ESC button is on the keyboard, and you didn't take 1 minute to find it --this is for you. And if you know how to use a mouse, this is for you.

That's the only requirement. That you love the internet and are comfortable using it.  If you aren't -then, yes this is not for you.  It's only for those who want to improve their lives using technology. If that is you -welcome! Attend or download and join in the growing number of people working sa bahay.

See you at the How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant Seminar

40+ Funny and Surprising List of Things You Get When You Work Sa Bahay


My students Darryl, Mark and Mia have good paying Social Media jobs online. By good I mean more than $10/hour per person.  Full time, that translates to P 65,000+/month per person. And they're only beginners!  Darryl is single, Mark is married with kids and has gray hair and Mia, pregnant is not even in the Philippines! 

To find out about their journey, join this exclusive newsletter: 

This newsletter will only be to explain what the three invested in to become what they are today. The lessons they learned are applicable to any business, not just being a VA. 

So if you're serious about this, join the newsletter above. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Why three of my students are successful today...


How does Jomar's team check your Virtual Assistant Seminar Assignments? (A sample)

One of the perks of attending or downloading the VA Seminar (work from home) by Jomar Hilario is Jomar's team checks your RESUME and YOUR BLOG and your ODESK for you.

But if you haven't done your VA Seminar assignment, you hardly experience this.
So to give you a first hand of how it feels like. See our VA assignment review below.

The next and last of the year VA Seminar is this coming Tuesday , Nov 20.
Join us and experience this and more perks!

Review starts below

Hi _______,
Congratulations for completing the VA assignment! *** Clap clap clap ***

Take time to celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back for going this far with your VA Assignment!

My name is Jasmine Roces, one of the Virtual Assistants of Jomar.  After checking your work, here’s some feedback on how to improve on it in order to increase the probability of getting more clients.


I see that you are using white spaces in your blog that help achieve a clean look for your site.  It is also good that you have an About Me page with your odesk badges!  Kudos for this!

You included several pics in every post and included the sources of your pics.  This is a great practice, as this will ensure that you will have no copyright issues on the future.

Should you decide to enhance your future posts, you might want to consider having one big interesting or attention-getting pic at the start of your post.  This will lead people to read on and go through your blog.

Girl, you can write and tell stories!  You can highlight this talent in your About Me and resume.

Opportunities for Improvement:

You may want to make your blog title readable.  In the Dashboard, under setting, you can edit your blog title to read “Infinite VA Rochelle”.

Have you considered having a tagline for your blog? This is a perfect venue to market yourself as a VA and strengthen your positioning in the online space.  Example, Wordpress Wizard or Article Writer Expert

You might also want to have a contact info/widget on the sidebar that is immediately visible to your potential client.

You may want to add an email catcher, this is to show that you have knowledge on email marketing

B.  About Me

Very nice that you started with a personal story!  A story is engaging and it would be good to keep it positive and upbeat.

Good narrative, it shows your client that you can write well and can write in a relaxed and conversational way.

You have seamlessly included in your story that you have your own PC and internet access.  Some clients express preference over these requirements.

This page is also a perfect opportunity to mention your passion and skills.

Opportunities for Improvement:

Have you considered adding a nice smiling photo of you in this page? Your future client would want to see you and we would like to create a good impression about you.

You may also highlight the skills that you have that are related to VA work.  Example, that you have insights on how children think since you have 10 years experience as teacher.

I am imagining you as a very patient teacher and very detail oriented and organized – these skills are very valuable in case you would like to be a VA article writer, ebook writer for children’s books, Va who design curriculum or online lessons for children, etc.

Your experience as data encoder and secretary can also be highlighted in case you are applying for General VA.

You may also want to include the VA tools that you know (such as those in your tutorials)

C.  Tutorials

 Wordpress Tutorial:

  • P42, 57, 58 – try to do a mock up fill of blank spaces.
  • You might want to try using visible red circles. Using a thicker line width will do the trick!
  • P88-99 – you might want to add additional explanation on these slides, ex.  If they want to see comments made on the post, click “Comments”, if they want to change settings, change the theme…

Google Calendar:

  • Great first line!  You have a good sense of humor!
  • P27 – These symbols show (remove s – grammar)
  • P39 – Use the word cursor
  • P70 – You may want to fill up the blank spaces
  • You may want to add a bit of an explanation on why your readers may want to add another calendar, like having a birthday calendar, fitness calendar etc.


  • P6 – you will be redirected to downloading dropbox page
  • P16 – Click “Run”
  • The pics containing tutorials from the dropbox website are a bit small and kinda hard to read. 
  • Just a thought, would you like to add some steps on how to share your files in dropbox?  After all, this is the essence of having a dropbox.


 Windows Live Movie Maker:

  • P13-21 and the succeeding slides – these slides can be better with some texts or explanation
  • P48 – just a suggestion, you can specify the specific slide numbers which contains the same set of instructions.  You can state. “Go over slides xx to xx to be able to get (result)
  • Do I get the sense that you are rushing with this tutorial?  It’s understandable that you are having more fun doing a movie than making a tutorial!


  • First paragraph of the article may need some proofreading, fragment the sentences to make it easier to read.
  • Finally you are using ZOOM in your slides!  It makes your content readable!
  • P34-41 - Nice tidbit on Jing!
  • P44 – Pls. edit “View your desired page”
  • P52 – Pls. edit, Suggestion: “Capture the desired picture”
  • I noticed that you forgot to include one fun part of Jing – it allows you to record your voice and annotate screen captures.  Most Vas enjoy this feature!  Try it and let me know if you enjoyed it too!


  • Great article!  You shared a personal story that other Vas can relate to.  This showed that you can write a good story, develop this gift J
  • P1 – suggestion:  “simple and automated back-up and search system for your cloud data”

  • Use thicker circles please so it will be visible
  • You might want to add steps on sharing your video with friends or posting it in FB.  Animoto can be a powerful marketing tool that can promote products and services, don’t you think so


  • 3rd paragraph of the post may need some proofreading
  • P13-25 – please add text and arrows to guide the viewer on the specific instructions that he needs to do.  This suggestion applies to the rest of the slides.


  • You made it sound so easy to use pagemodo when you compared it with creating an FB account.  Good job on this!  This helps build the confidence of the reader of your blog and entices him to try the tutorial… because it sounds EASY!
  • I miss your instructions in the slides!  Seems like you lost your voice here?  Remember, these slides are opportunities to show off your skills in writing, proficiency in the English language, being detail oriented, etc.


  • Great slide theme!  It’s colorful and matches the overall theme of your wordpress blog
  • Your first few slides featured bigger images, good job!  It makes the slides readable and understandable.

There you have it!  These are some ideas that you can think about to enhance your blog.

Just a few more and you’re good to go!  I’m excited for you and how this will work out for you!

Hoping to hear from you on the revisions soon!  Also, please email me your pdf resume and screen shots of your odesk profile.

Please don’t forget to share with me the good news once you get your first gig online so we’ll celebrate together!

The next and last of the year VA Seminar is this coming Tuesday , Nov 20.
Join us and experience this and more perks!


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How does Jomar's team check your Virtual Assistant Seminar Assignments? (A sample)


I'd like to thank you Sir not only for the free webinar you gave but most of all the patience you've shown for last night's webinar. I was actually listening to you (and glancing at times on your screen) while working on my client's project (he's from the East Coast po kasi so he was also online giving me additional instructions.) 

Pero don't worry Sir, in between me doing work I would stop to take down notes in my notebook. Nag-stick po sa'kin yung tip nyo na ang to-do list 5 items lang dapat in a small paper then the rest dapat sa notebook na ilalagay. Hindi ko rin po makakalimutan yung sinabi nyo na that success follows a formula kaso oftentimes people find that formula boring kaya tumitigil from achieving goals.

I've paid for your downloadable version of the VA Training and I am determined to finish all those assignment on or before January, 2013. You will see in my blog kung ano pong story ko at napadpad ako sa VA Training ninyo. Pero po for now nagpapasalamat po ako for sharing your time, knowledge and wisdom with us.

God bless you and your family Sir Jomar (pati po lahat ng VAs ninyo)!

Sheila Refran 

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Thank You for the Webinar, from a Work At Home Virtual Assistant

Someone just emailed me and said "How can I become a virtual assistant when I'm already a busy single mother?" another one "I already have too much work to do, how can I start earning online?"

Both questions assume that you need to stop what you're doing now so you can concentrate on this new thing.

So do you assume that you need to quit work (hence no more income) or quit school (no more studies) or quit your family (no more kids??) so you can start learning new stuff?

So where will you get food to eat?

Ah, you'll save up?

Up to when will your savings last?
Till you start earning?

It doesn't work that way.

Here's what works: You need to do this thing part time. If someone is already feeding you, taking care of your daily needs -you still need to have a relationship with this person. There's no such thing as "full time". 

Anyway, it's obvious what you do when handed a 4 day vacation - and you just got 2 in a row this month. 

What do most people do? They oversleep. They do family obligations. Watch a movie. Shop because it's Christmas. 

Whatever you did in the last 2 long weekends, that's what you'll do when you're given 24 hour full time to work on something online that will create money for you. 

Exactly - most people will do NOTHING related to it. They'll reason out "we're required to visit the in-laws" or "this is the only time i can sleep longer...".

But this is not you, yes?

You're better than this. 

You know - it HAS to be part time. So you can eat, too - while you're doing it.

Now live a marvellous life and start it part time!Jomar Hilario

P.S. For example, tonight at 8pm-11pm is a 3 hour libreng webinar. It's part time. Use it to learn 2 different lessons. Isang pang VA isang pang hindi VA. 

Leave your excuses in the trash bin and be online tonight. Of course there's a time difference - bilog ang mundo, Columbus. The time difference is not an issue. Your willingness is. As I've always said, if you give away your best stuff for free - only the willing will be ready to receive it. And tonight you'll be receiving the best stuff I've got.  Are you wiling? Reply with the word "Apple" if you are.

Now for recordings: Only OMC2 and MMI members get access to the recordings for free.

Here's where you register: (100 slots for high quality audio and video) if you don't get in early (like 7pm after you register), you can try

Your webinar tonight is libre. Tatlong oras. Take notes. Part time lang naman ito eh.  Use it. You will learn the most effective way to start things online thing, the same thing that one of my students also did and also succeeded. It has all the elements to make you a success and I'm revealing the details only tonight.

The myth of needing more time


Q: I'm single mom working hard 9 till 6pm monday till saturday but
still not able to earn  enough money how can l work 2 jobs at the same


A: Hi Cecille, what do your ears do when you're
1. washing dishes
2. waiting in waiting shed
3. walking to the elevator?
4. browsing the super market?
5. commuting?

Me, I purchased a cheap mp3 player and used all that time to study marketing.
that's what you do. Study study study. You start there, you DO NOT
start with a 2nd job.
You study first.

Make sure you're online tonight for the 3 hour webinar.
If gusto may paraan: is the place to register.

P.S. Usually it's just a matter of asking yourself - if the road you
are on is bringing you to a place you don't want to be, how long
before you change roads? Tiis muna? How long nga? Until ? Until you
don't want that old road anymore. For some it requires some sort of
death in the family to wake up. For some an accident. For smart ones,
they just change their minds. W/c one are you?

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Single mom, still not able to earn enough money how can I work 2 jobs at the same time?

When you're promoting an event, it's usually part of your job to create your own poster. Specially if you're promoting in the internet. Why? Because most posters are created for posting on billboards -for example, the text is too small. 

Usually the poster maker is an artist, and not even directed by a marketer - this is critical. The artist may not know it, but he may be committing critical marketing errors when creating the poster for you:

Like the collection below:
1.  The largest text is the name of the event. Unless you're a pop culture icon, OAAP (your event name for example) is not going to be recognizable my 80% of your target audience. Unless your target audience is only OAAP members.

The largest text must be on top and must be a benefit that the reader - so  they read the whole poster.

What's a benefit? For company Xmas parties, this can be "Win The Brand New Ipad 4, Attend the Christmas Party".  For most concerts, the benefit is "See (Bandname) Live. " Think carefully about the benefit, and use it as a headline.
And it must be followed by a short list of other benefits (like what the speakers will be talking about).

2. Action word is missing or too small. Verbs like "Call now" or "Register now" are usually placed at the end or the bottom. Next to the headline above, this is one of the most important things on a poster. Specially online.

3. Letter (font) sizes of event details are too different from each other because it "looks better".

When you change color, size and font size you're mentally separating details from each other for the reader. You want the reader to read everything if he's not yet doing the action word in #2. Don't break their reading flow.

Related to this is the experimental use of fonts like ransom notes. Be consistent with your font selection. One - Two fonts will do

Comic Sans is only for comics.

4. Speaker photos are not cleaned up or photos do not look consistent. You'll need to know what an alpha mask is for. It's used in cleaning up "dirty photos" - removing shadows, colorful backgrounds and someone's arm - in your speaker's "professional" photo.

5. If you're posting online, a website or email address must be in the poster. You must also add text that accompanies it in forums or social media (r) posts
So it's not just posting an image in FB, you have to put some words before the image so they can read both the text and the image (w/c repeats the message).  All the words in your poster must also be in FB post.

So how do you make your own poster? Here's how: Just take the event details and use powerpoint or picmonkey and use large letters  - crop or change the size of the photo to the correct fb size, pinterest size or forum size. Make different versions and spread it like there's no tomorrow.

That's how you promote an event using a good poster.

Does your Xmas Promo Poster have these 5 marketing mistakes?

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