If you're trying to buy using a credit card or via paypal - sometimes the transaction becomes OFFLINE or PENDING.

Check your paypal account, what's your spending limit? In my account, see image below.


When you click on View Limits , this appears: SENDING Your Sending Limit has been removed. This allows me to buy anything as long as I have money in my Paypal or money available in my Credit card that's connected to paypal.


 How about you? What's the status of your sending limit?

Do you want to remove it?

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How can I buy using Paypal or Credit card but the transaction is Offline or Pending?


Let's talk about Subjects and Blogpost titles.
See the subject of this blogpost?
"Hiwalay kung hiwalay"
If you see that in a blogpost, it doesn't work.
There's no advantage to you if you read a blogpost with a title like that.
Blogpost titles tend to be useful.
Like: 10 Ways To Segregate Your Email List To Be A Powerful Market'er
Like: Are you using these dangerous detergents in your home?

Got your attention huh?
Let's break down those blogpost titles, then:
1. Contains You
2. Contains a benefit
3. Contains "these" or a number ("10")
4. Contains emotional words "dangerous", "powerful" 

But when it comes to subjects in emails - iba ang kwento.
You have to be more human or real sa emails.
Hence the use of tagalog or bitin na words that people love to fill up.
Again, the title "Hiwalay" is asking the question, hiwalay ang ano?
So you get the person to click on the email and read it.
This is exactly what you want the person to do.
Pag email, read the email.
Pag blogpost, read the blogpost.


Now, If you want an in-depth set of lessons about subjects and headlines - well, it's month one of the Marketing Master Insider (silver,gold or platinum it doesn't matter) - w/c is still available at 40% off until Dec 24.: http://jhilario.com/xmasbundle4

My main message today is that --as of yesterday, around 50 of you decided to give yourself a gift this Christmas so your 2013 will be more fun, meaningful and profitable. Congratulations. Clap Clap Clap! This underlines my previous 11pm lesson - remind people when it's deadline time. 

But the 12 days of Christmas is not over.
Singles (those at 50% off) is still on until Friday.
You will expect me to remind you on Friday 9pm that the Singles discount is also closing, okay?

The Bundles are now 40% off and is still available until Dec 24.
Kasi nga 12 days of Christmas!

Plus there's that raflle if you join in and get a single or bundle.

Now about that Hiwalay? "Splitting the email list"

To get more information (like ano ang premyo sa raffle, any "one more things?" ) about the 12 days of Christmas (this is an extra email for you) enter your details here:  http://jhilario.com/christmas12days

Note this new newsletter will ONLY be for this 12days promo.  It will contain extra stories, extra lessons and extra surprises (!) for those who subscribe. It will not contain messages that are sent to the main list.


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Do you use these techniques in creating blogpost titles & email subjects?

Have you clicked on the Youtube Gangnam Icon?

Features all the popular channels on youtube for 2012 - plus a cool remix of Gangnam and Call me Maybe.

Inline image 2

So why click? Google does this every year end. Now youtube is doing it. It shows you how hard work of amateurs (mostly) is paying off. These people are earning using Google Adsense connected to their Youtube accounts (you didn't know that huh?).  And exception of PSY (gangnam) - every body's an amateur - just like you. 

Even Felicia Day and Ijustine started off that way. Yes Felicia has a TV show guesting but it was not like that from the beginning. I have an extensive look at her in the OMC2, by the way.

So lesson 11: You must start. You must expect hard work. You must be diligent, specially if you're doing video online. Your first videos will be ugly. But that will be forgetten when you get your hit and hits. 

And when you're featured in this year end.

youtube rewind 2012 Shot 2012-12-19 at 9.27.14 AM.png
youtube rewind 2012 Shot 2012-12-19 at 9.23.53 AM.png
youtube rewind 2012 Shot 2012-12-19 at 9.12.28 AM.png

Have you clicked on the Youtube Gangnam Icon YET?


Act fast: Do not miss the 50% off...

That's the message I saw Multiply.com post in an advertisement they had in a blog I was reading.
Let's break down that message.
It gives a command. "act". 
It modifies the command, "fast".
Because you don't want to miss out on something good, like a 50% discount.
In marketing psychology people hate it more if they miss out rather than if they get something great.
Do you hate it when you miss a great bargain?
Well, I do.
We just went to uniqlo and found out that if you printed out a coupon on their facebook page, you get P 500 off.
Too bad there wasn't a printer attached to my cellphone.
See what I mean?
If I had only known about it earlier - before I went to the store!
You're getting it?
I'm upset about missing out on a bargain.
And that's going to be you tomorrow if you let this chance pass.

When the deadline comes nearer, you - the marketer are obliged to remind people of  this.

So here I am reminding you that you have less than 1.5 hours to go before the 41% - 60% discount off Bundles 1,4 and 6 (my faves) are gone.

These will not be offered this low again.
Grab these ASAP:

Jomar, is this why you're emailing me at 11pm at night?
Realize this: In your country it may be 11pm. 
In the country of my other readers, it's not.
Welcome to the global economy. :)

Keep this in mind.
Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S.  You enjoying these marketing lessons, or not? Need to know so you better reply. :)

P.S. Hope you win in the raffle. What raffle? If you get a bundle or single we're raffling off a private 1on1 interview with a VA and you (just you two), a 2on1 with 2 Vas (via internet) and a 2on1 with me, a succesful student of mine and just you. It's going to be awesome that you can pick these people's brains for one hour and learn from them!

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Act fast: Do not miss the 50% off you can enjoy...1 hour to go

Google Zeitgeist does this every year. Here's the top searches per
category in the Philippines:

Trending Searches
Angry Birds
Tertris Battle
Super Bass lyrics
Gangnam style
Jeremy Lin
Whitney Houston
Dragon nest black

What this means: Trending means "It's going up in popularity." It also
means SimSimi w/c is a "sira" type of game (argue with me, its okay)
is more popular than the other two games in the list (angry and
tetris). This also means more people are thinking about playing online
in 2012 and that means more kids are comin' online. Think 3-4 year
olds. Is your company ready for these?

They say it's the influx (wow) of mobile for 2013, I think it's more
the influx of non-keyboard users to the internet. Ready ka na ba?

Trending People
Jeremy Lin
Whitney Houston
Janelle Manahan
Daniel Padilla
Jessica Sanchez
Valeria Lukyanova
Chachi Gonzales
Ramgen Revilla

What this means: People only pay attention to you when you're dead.
That's bad. You talk about people when they die. How about reversing
the trend and talking about people otherwise?

Trending Top News
Dolphy Death
Cybercrime Law
Jesse Robredo Death
Hurricane Sandy
Project Noah
Scarborough Shoal
SONA 2012 Philippines
Robert Blair Carabuena
Eat Bulaga Indonesia

What this means: Nothing. This is what the media picked. So it means
nothing to you. Because you already lived through this list. By
reading and watching the news.

Trending Image Searches
Valeria Lukyanova
Black picture
Charice new look
Troll face
Transit of Venus
Overly Attached Girlfriend
Me Gusta
Kate Middleton photos

What this means: Hm...

Trending Songs
Super Bass
Gangnam Style
Call Me Maybe
Pusong Bato
One thing
Price tag

What this means: If you're doing any events this year you have to have
these songs on. Sadly. You won't want your kids to watch the Superbass

Most Searched TV Shows
American Idol
Tom and Jerry
Walang Hanggan
Adventure Time
City Hunter
Princess and I
The Walking Dead
Vampire Diaries

What this means: What is tom and jerry doing up there??

Most Searched Athletes
Jeremy Lin
Manny Pacquiao
Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
John Cena
Michael Jordan
Derrick Rose
James Yap
Maria Sharapova
Dwayne Wade

What this means: No comment.

Most Searched Sports Teams
Miami Heat
Adamson University
Boston Celtics

What this means: NBA is still important to pinoys I suppose.

Most Searched Travel Destinations
Manila Ocean Park
Puerto Galera

What this means: If you're in the travel industry, you have to know
what to push or discourage people because of the crowds.

Trending Foods & Drinks
Magnum Ice Cream
Chopsuey Recipe
J.Co Donuts
Gong Cha
Pepsi Pogi
BonChon menu
Twister fries
Jinga juice

What this means: Magnums marketing works and so did Vikings. That's great.

Trending Gadgets
iPad mini
Samsung Galaxy Y
iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Blackberry Empathy
Samsung Galaxy S2
Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia 800

What this means: And you think Iphone5 ruled? Apparently, the big
screened samsungs are the rage and the IPAD MINI. It think that's the
new status symbol today.

Most Searched Brands
Cherry Mobile
Forever 21

What this means:Your future partner for events.

Most Searched Games
Tetris Battle
Angry Birds
Dragon Nest
Plants vs Zombies
Temple Run
Crystal Saga
Diablo 3

What this means: The reason why Bo Sanchez mentioned Temple Run last sunday....

Trending Local Newsmakers
Janelle Manahan
Daniel Padilla
Ramgen Revilla
Grace Lee
Karl Roy
Pedro Calungsod
Jesse Robredo
Myrtle Jamich

What this means: Death

Trending Politicians

Jesse Robredo
Barack Obama
Iggy Arroyo
Shalani Soledad
Miriam Defensor Santiago
Juan Ponce Enrile
Tito Sotto
Serafin Cuevas

What this means: Hmm..What do you think.

Most Searched Local Travel Destinations
Manila Ocean Park
Puerto Galera
Club Manila East
Cagayan de Oro

What this means: What are you doing in ABRA??

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What does Google Trends for 2012 mean for 2013?

One of my readers reacted to my post on "Men should go the parlor and fix themselves up," and said
"I'm in the US and mahal magpaparlor dito".
I replied: "Yes, mahal and you deserve it, yes?"
He replied: "You're right, I do!"

It's the same for the set of gifts below. You might be comparing it to a keychain or hamon. Of course if you do that, it's mahal.
But you deserve to be free, yes?
You deserve to know how to earn more, yes?
Both keychain and hamon -or even a new dining set will not help you do that.
Do this year, get something you truly deserve.
The chance to be free from being an OFW, a long commuter or an office "slave".
You deserve it.

Finally, SINGLES discount page has been opened this weekend.
SINGLES are all these resources below offered at 50% off:
(audio, video and ebooks)

How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant
Are You Qualified to Work from Home
Hosted WordPress Explained
GMail Mastery Course
Make this Year Your Best Year Ever
How to Promote Your Online Business in Pinterest
How to Effectively Promote Your Events Online
Secrets of Social Media Online Photography
How to Manage Social Media Contests for Your Business
Top WordPress Plugins You Must Know About

Here's the site for you to pick: http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/12daysofchristmaswithjomarhilario/singles/

Here's the link of Bundles, too:
What is that? It's big resource, like the Online Mentoring Club surrounded by 3-7 massive videos, audio and ebooks given at 60% off.

Bundle#1: Work from Home Start Up Kit
Bundle#2: SEO Secrets for your Online and VA Business Kit
Bundle#3: How to Write Your Best-Selling E-Book Kit
Bundle#4: Advanced Marketing for Your Online Biz and VA Consultancy Kit
Bundle#5: How to Build Your Online Dream Business Kit
The Ultimate Bundle: Ho! Ho! Ho! I want it ALL!

All the big discounts are still available to you until Tomorrow, Dec 18. After that, the discounts will decrease but the sale goes on until Dec 24,2012.

It's the first time my VAs have offered anything to anyone -from their own imagination and creativity.
They selected what helped them in the past and what they wanted to have, too.
And they asked me to give 50% to 60% off these resources.
They are now yours, if you decide to buy yourself a gift this Christmas - to give it to a loved one.
You deserve it.

Now tonight, we have a Q and A Webinar to help you make your decision and if you go to http://jomarhilario.com you'll see flowcharts that can also do that.  I've also invited some of my successful students to show up and say hi.

So join us! http://josemariohilario.enterthemeeting.com/m/QSIR4ZZE

(Image by : Brocken Inaglory)

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One More Day To Go


Jomar, maganda daw ang PTC! It's work at home daw.

PTC - or paid to click. You'll be spending your days clicking on advertisements created by big companies like Coke or Nike - online.

Then you wait 10 seconds and do it again, until you're tired. You do get paid but you're part of a criminal organisation who's scamming Nike and Coke and other companies. Plus this is a brain melting exercise.

Also known as *something*sense or *something*bux , like clixsense, neobux and the like. No, not adsense. Google Adsense abd Adwords are the services that these people are scamming.

Jomar, how does the scam work, I'm just curious? Talaga ha! :)

Companies place ads online to get interested buyers. The interest is signified by clicking on the ad. You like it, you click it. 

If anybody clicks on any ad online (ad: those nice image boxes on the top of google or right of facebook)  -the company pays the person who hired you. 

But wait, if you click on the ad, and you're not interested as a buyer of the product, you're actually scamming the company into paying you and the dudes who hired you to PTC.

Lots of Pinoys are into PTC and they're essentially doing the above.

They don't know they're scamming people though.

There's a better way! Http://jhilario.com/jomar12days is a good start 

If you have more questions, join us tonight 8pm Monday for a free Q and A webinar around work from home, click here:

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What is PTC + Webinar Tonight


You're just in time to enjoy my 12 days of Christmas promos: 

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EMPLOYED? Here's your selection guide for the 12 days of Christmas Sale of Jomar Hilario's VAs


Hi Sir Jomar, gusto ko pong magpasalamat sa iyo for your generosity. Sa wakas po nagkaclient na po ako kaya lang di pa masyadong malaki.Ang dami pa lang magreply kung mag-apply ka ng marami. 

Kaya nagpaalam na ako sa company namin na magreresign na ako. Sabi nila di ko kaya pagsisihan ang desisyon ko? Sabi ko hinding hindi talaga dahil para akong nakalabas sa hawla.

Promise ko po Sir Jomar pag may kita na ako dito, sasali talaga ako sa mga workshops mo. Pero sa ngayon po kulang na kulang pa po sa budget po. Konti lang po sweldo ko, baon po sa utang. Wala pang binigay na bunos ang company namin.God Bless po. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ana (Keep my full name confidential)

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Ana has resigned from her work, why?


If you own a Facebook Page (create one for fun at http://fb.com/pages/create.php. I did say for fun, so don't stress about it, gawa ka lang.

The chart above shows that the number of people able to see my stuff in this FB page has decreased - well by a lot. 
The top of that "mountain" is 11,000 people. The blue line after the mountain is around 2,000 people. 
Check out that pink/violet red dot. Those dots mean number of posts in the facebook page.

Here's how I'd read this: If you post not very often (dots are separated), many people see it. If you post too often (dots close together, multiple posts a day), less people see it.

You see, your goal is to make sure all those lines (blue, green) go up.

But it's not all sad, because the green line is "people talking about this" and it came from a flat (nobody cares about your page) to going up (people are talking about your page). Now don't read too much into that. "Talkin" in facebook means, commenting, liking and sharing. That's primarily it.

So the story of failure is, I haven't been paying attention to this graph since it started going down (nov 19). 
My read is that for this FB page, I must:
1. Decrease my posts.
2. But keep doing the posts I've been doing last week.

Here's a bigger version of that graph.


Now, if your page looked like this you'd probably feel bad. But for me, failure is feedback, diba coach roach?
So we keep on.

By the way:

Today's the last day to avail of the biggest discount for my program designed to make you more sales/clients online: 

Or you can avail of the 12 Days of Christmas Bundle: http://www.ideasthatprosper.com/12daysofchristmaswithjomarhilario/bundle-4/  (deadline on Tuesday)

The price diff of the two (designed to teach you marketing) is only 25 pesos. You better take a look now.

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Why Reading Facebook Page Insights Can Spell Success or Doom


Ever wonder if Jomar will ever give you really dizzying low prices for something you really really want?
Well, we thought the same thing.
We = Jomar's VAs. So...
One Saturday, Nikki, Trina, and Jasmine met in a coffee place somewhere in the North.  Being work-at-home people and not used to going out super early in the morning, they got lost in finding the venue! 
Finally, they got to sit down and meet at 10 am.
After one round of coffee and bagels, Nikki said, “Let’s do something special for our loyal readers this Christmas!”
Trina said, “Yes, para naman we’ll all celebrate it with them in a special way!”
Jasmine shared, “BTW, did you know that Jomar celebrates Christmas in a very different way?
For him, Christmas is not just December 25, Christmas includes weeks and days before Christmas.
Kaya, 12 days before Christmas, he gives his wife, Clarisse, gifts each day.”
Awwww sweet!… Sana makakita rin kami ng love one na ganun! (can you guess who said that?)
So the VAs decided it’s their turn to share gifts to Jomar’s friends, students and avid fans –- 12 days before Christmas!
Hence, this Chri stmas special is born!
What did the Vas decided to call this Christmas special?
“12 Days of Christmas with Jomar Hilario”
They went home and went through the compilation of videos, ebooks, audios and webinars. Nikki emailed Danielle and Camille to get their inputs on the idea.
The VA team went through the huge vault and they only have one criteria in selecting those that will included in the Christmas special:
Choose only those that they will give as gift for themselves!
Take a peek at what the VAs have inside the Christmas stockings: 

  • Jomar’s most in demand signature course
  • Premium webinars that will make you a high earning VA
  • All time best-selling downloadable of Jomar (the seminar that changed Jasmine’s life!)
  • Never before released ebooks on how to build your dream online biz
  • Step-by-step tutorials (It’s like having Jomar’s VA guiding you)
  • Exclusive bonuses on how to achieve mastery
  • How to take stunning online product photos for your business (one of Jasmine’s fave!)
  • Mind-changing webinars on achieving your dreams
  • How to make your inbox work for you
  • Want to rank high in google?  
  • Bring out the best-selling ebook author in you
  • And there’s more…
It’s been a busy December and the VAs were really busy wrappin' up these gifts for you.
Yes, these are gifts that you can give to the most important person in your life:  YOU!

Yes, you want to take a look inside your Christmas Stocking!
Nikki, Trina, Danielle and Jasmine move FAST kaya they love FAST MOVERS!
Because of this, they have decided to give huge discounts to FAST MOVERS ONLY.

The HUGE SALE is available at a limited time only – from December 12 -18 ONLY.
I thought this promo is called “12 Days of Christmas with Jomar HIlario” di ba?

You are correct.  Here’s the thing…
The FAST MOVER discount will be available only from December 12 -18 ONLY – w here discounts up to 60% will be offered!
After this, the Christmas Sale will continue from December 19 up to December 24 – where the same products will be available at 40% discount!
HURRY UP and grab the best gift for yourself! 
Enjoy a Marvellous Christmas!
Trina, Jasmine and Nikki  

P.S. Be on the look out for the VA ladies!  Who knows baka you’ll see Nikki, Trina and Jasmine in one coffeeshop near your place sharing stories and havin’ a great time as friends!
Hmmm…How do you know they’re them?
You’ll hear one word several times in their conversation and this one word is – “Jomar”!

Low prices from Jomar - Nikki

Check out Marie Digby's Youtube channel. How come her page in youtube has FB links on top? And a large photo? That's great for branding, right? How come yours don't have that? The option isn't even present, right?


Well I know the answer. You gotta be a Youtube PARTNER to activate this. Now how to become a Youtube partner? Hmm.. Let's read it:

About the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program features dozens of programs to help you amplify your YouTube experience, whether you want to share videos with friends or to build a new YouTube-based career. The programs are tailored to help you improve your skills, build your audiences and earn money by monetizing more content. There are a number of other great benefits to becoming a YouTube partner, and you can read more about them here.

You may become a partner by opting in your channel for monetization via your account's Monetization tab after ensuring that 

Your eligible videos may earn money from relevant ads after you opt in your channel for monetization. 

Check out the "Become A Partner" section of the Creator Hub to read more information on our partner program and to enable your account for monetization directly. Please note: to be considered a YouTube partner and access promotional and skill-building opportunities, you must have at least one video approved for monetization.


Become a YouTube partner

Becoming a partner is easy: if your account is eligible, you may opt in from directly within your account.

Enable your channel for monetization

To check your channel's eligibility and opt in,

  1. Visit the Monetization tab in your account settings. 
  2. If your account is in good standing and hasn't been previously disabled for monetization, you can click the button to Enable My Account
  3. Follow the steps to accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.

If your account is not enabled for monetization, you may want to review the program criteria here.

Please note: to be considered a YouTube partner and access promotional and skill-building opportunities, you must have at least one video approved for monetization.

You may become a YouTube partner by ensuring that

Currently, the YouTube Partner Program is only available to creators in specific countries. If the program is not available in your country, you will see a notification in your monetization settings.

You may not be able to monetize videos which use any of the following without the explicit permission of the person who created or produced all material:

  • Music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)
  • Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)
  • Movie or TV visuals
  • Video game or software visuals. Click here for details.
  • Live performances (including concerts, sporting events, and shows)
Question remains, is Jomar Hilario a Youtube Partner? Not on my main account has I've had adsense disabled last year when I stopped using adsense altogether. That's another story! But you, all you need to do is in this page and that nice banner image can be unlocked for your youtube channel. Want an easier to understand version of this? Join the Marketing Master Insider : http://jhilario.com/mmispecialoffer

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Do you know how to make large cover photos for Youtube?


What's going to replace Pinterest in our hearts?
First of all people are using Pinterest as a dream board.  What better to replace Pinterest than with a dedicated PINTEREST like design but intended for dreamboards for success minded people like you!

Tell me what you think about :  http://www.drimmit.com/inspiration

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

What's going to replace Pinterest in our hearts?


I was really curious what catch your attention with a non-techies and set up a new program. After attending your V.A seminar last Sept.12 I got a hard time how to start the assignment
I feel like surrendering that this stuff is not for me. Then I started scouting for people to help me at least to get things done then I started sharing what I got from the seminar
and one of my buddies got hired following your instruction . So its really effective now i know what i want I need to learn social media and internet marketing online something in my mind opened up an opportunity. Now im learning how to respond to an email . just keep me posted of your program.

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Wow it works jomar


There was a sudden shout from the neighbors. Many many people all at the same time. It was like the Death Star destroying the entire planet Alderaan and millions of voices suddenly shouted and disappeared, as Obi Wan said in Star Wars.

Then there it was again. Another loud shout. 

What? Two planets destroyed on the same day?

We were in the 14 floor, these people where probably in the ground floor - on the other side of the building.
Maybe it was the whole building collectively shouting in amazement.

I went online  - we were at home when it happened. We saw glimpses of what seemed to be a man down on the boxing ring. We couldn't see who it was because the image wasn't clear.

It said "Round 6". Could it be Manny won this early?  The shorts said "Ricoa" - so it must be Marquez, right? We don't know because we were not watching the fight early on.

Some more google searches and, "Oh dear, that wasn't Manny's opponent - that was Manny! And he looked like he's not going to wake up any time soon. "Out cold" is what the Americans call it.

Next I hit twitter.com/search and typed in Pacquiao and hit enter.

More news, from Georgina Wilson, Loren Legarda (did I get that right?), photos from news agencies. Confirmed. This is a fight Manny did not win in.

Back to twitter.com/search and and typed in Manny this time. Even more news, now suggestions of "giving up" and "going into politics" and "he's spread himself too thin." and "retirement".

But this is sports, ladies and gentlemen. Things like this happen all the time. This is not life. This is one aspect of sports we who are living must emulate. 

Wha? What's that?

That failure (losing an international match and getting only a measly $20+M) is not final. 

Failure is feedback. 

Manny is no stranger to feedback, after being beaten by Torrecampo, Singsurat, Moreles and Marquez, now.

This is nothing new. This is a chance to evaluate the video, watch and re-watch everything. Check his own mind what he was thinking or not thinking so the next match, he can be better.

There's also another important aspect of Manny's life: Coach Freddie Roach.

Imagine Freddie saying "Manny, as your mentor and coach in boxing: You must give up now because this fight has ruined your career. Let's pack our bags and go into showbiz!" ?

But failure is feedback. Both of them are there - to do boxing. Feedback is saying "We need to adjust this for the next fight".  And that's what will happen when you have a mentor with you who's got the same goal as you - to make you win in the field that you want.

Most of us don't have mentors like Roach.  We consider coaches as extras in life. Nice to have. No need to have 'em. But imagine Manny without a coach? It wouldn't be the same. Nobody will be there to stop him from over training (so Roach says).  To be truly world class at what you're doing, to make a "Dent In the Universe" (That's Steve Jobs' words) - you need a coach as a minimum and a support team at best.

And you need this mentor now, not when you're already fighting in the ring.  You need the mentor to prepare you, to drill you, to tell you when you need correction. You're not going for world class at all, you're going for the "best you can be - ever". For me, that's good enough for world class. Because the lesson from Manny's life is you're a Pinoy- of course you can be world class! (Just make sure you got a coach and a support team!)

In the realm of online marketing, of work sa bahay, of being an online entrepreneur - do you have a coach? Do you have a mentor, now - not later so you can prepare?  Is this coach committed to guide you personally? Your success his his success and your failure, his feedback? Really? 

Maybe you think I'm mentoring you.  That's very very true. However, are you being receptive to the mentoring? 

Mentoring is two way, you know. Are you actually doing what I say you do? Or are you reading emails and forgetting that you will never be as young as you are today. 

There, that statement just ended : you're now OLDER! 

There it is again. Kanina you were younger, now older na nanaman.  

See? Delaying what is the right thing to do -like getting a mentor who's committed to your success- is not a good idea.

New paragraph and time slips away again. It's been four years since I've awaken everyday with my family (since that nice company of mine retrenched me along with 500 of my officemates, thank you po!) - and stayed with them all day.

Let me end with another story.

I usually love asking for hugs from my children but recently (years na) - I've been spending too much time surfing the net that I don't give them much time for 1on1's that Bo Sanchez recommended we have. He said "You must have 1on1 dates weekly with every member of the family- wherein you do what THEY want".  This was reinforced when we attended the family stream in the recent Kerygma Conference. 

So months before that - every time I ask for a hug, my children just run away. They don't laugh and run away, they just run away from me - as if they don't know me. Work sa bahay na ako ha!

So last week I went out with Lucia to a toystore. We spent 2 hours in there and spent P 75 for a yogurt ice cream stick. She was very happy bathing the dog dinosaur toys inside the dog plates (we strayed into the pet area). This week, I went with Sean inside another toystore and went out with a P 95 car toy. We ate only pop corn and water.

Now Lucia hates being left behind when someone leaves the house. This morning when Sean and her mother went out on THEIR date, Lucia wanted to come.  So Lucia was brought to me and I hugged her. She didn't let go, until 30minutes after. :) I haven't had breakfast so I had to release her. This couldn't have happened if I didn't spend quality time with her. Because before I would be handling a shouting, screaming and clawing baby girl (3 years old).

So if you have loved ones, you're need to replace commute with "spend quality time with them" - and you can make that happen when you work sa bahay. OFWs, well you need to hustle some more. It's easier to make all these happen if you're mentored, coached, yes?

So take your chance now, get a mentor, get a coach. Let me suggest these:
1. Online Mentoring Club2   

This is for you if:
You wish to learn how to become like Jomar Hilario - an online marketer who hires virtual assistants.
You prefer slower pacing (you have less time to devote to this)
You want to create a new business out of your own interest/passions/hobbies.
You want to get an entrepreneur's mindset.
You're not in the Manila, since this is completely online.
You want to learn basic to intermediary information and tricks about Online Marketing.

Get in at the lowest discount.. deadline Wednesday, Dec 12: http://jhilario.com/omc2013
If you want to know what's included in OMC2, click here: What does bonus value mean in OMC2?

2. Marketing Master Insider2  

This is for you if:
You prefer faster pacing (mabilis)
You already have a business or you're a VA or you are willing to promote Jomar's business as your assignment.
You want to gain more sales, charge higher rates via exclusively mastering the marketing mindset.
You're not in the Manila, since this is completely online (SILVER to GOLD members)
You're in Manila or willing to meet in Manila (PLATINUM members)
You want to learn basic to advanced information and tricks about Online Marketing.

Get in at the lowest discount, deadline on Friday, Dec 14: http://jhilario.com/mmispecialoffer

Jomar, are there cases wherein people select both?
Yes, it's very common.  OMC2 first then MMI.
Some of my most successful students are members of both.
I'll post this afternoon who these people are - but in the sites above are some of them.

Now you calendar needs to be alarmed-we have a couple of webinars tomorrow: 9am-10am.

Plus tomorrow, wednesday my brilliant team has something to show you. They're working so hard on it I'm sure you'll love it! Mark the date: 12-12-12!

I'm off to my Zumba exercise so I'll see you later.

Your Biggest lesson from the Pacquiao fight

Something inspiring....

Just go this email from Slideshare:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SlideShare <donotreply@slidesharemailer.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 2:03 AM
Subject: "Omc2 lesson 4 b pdf" is Hot on Facebook!
To: jomar.hilario@gmail.com

"Omc2 lesson 4 b pdf " is being talked about on Facebook more than anything else on SlideShare right now.

So we've put it on the SlideShare homepage (in the "Hot on Facebook" section).

That's smoking hot!

-The SlideShare Team


THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VIEWED LESSON 4: The Two Best Ways To Earn Online by Jomar Hilario!  Keep sharing the presentation to your friends. 

Skip that, share it on your wall.

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OMC2 Lesson 4 : Two Best Ways To Earn Online Is most popular on Facebook than any slideshare presentation.


Q: Got a quick question.

I've been reading about your newsletters and fb page/posts.

I am very much interested with the VA and OMC2.  however, i really don't know how to start. please tell me more about this.

Let me give some introduction.
I am a mom of an almost 4-month old baby boy and working as a call center agent.

My husband and i are in great need of an extra income mainly because we are spending all our money to support our family and his immediate family. recently, we received our bonuses and i received a meager 36k and he received an 81k. in almost 5 days time, we only had about 10k left All went to bills and credits and more credits. I wasn't even able to buy myself a shirt.

I want to be liberated from this this situation.

Quite frankly, i don't create blogs and i rarely comment or post in FB but i really would like to learn and i want to give this a shot.

Please advise on what is best that can help us. Any assistance from you will be very much appreciated.

A: Hi Grace, I was in your situation before.

The trick is to stop fearing credit cards and pay them all minimum plus P 1000. Yun lang.

There's no water so di ka malulunod sa debt.

There's no cross so di ka mamamatay sa interest. Plus ginawa na ni Jesus ung "dying on the cross" wag mo na gayahin. Di tayo worthy.

Ano pa ba? Hindi crocodile yan kaya di ka lalamunin ng interest.

Hindi ka rin makukulong kasi nagbabayad ka ng minimum plus P 1000 sa bawat card/bank. Credit cards ( i used to work for two) will LOVE you if you pay minimum all the time.

You get?

Then move the debt to a low interest one like HSBC credit cards balance transfer.

But hey, wala ka ng debt now right?

Nope. since you got lots of debt before - you WILL do it again. Kahit promise ka ng promise. I've been there. The trick is (ulit ako) stop paying them in full when you get any money instead allot money for education. Your own education.

This education, like my mentoring (http://jhilario.com/omc2013)  contains knowledge you can use to increase your income. That way MAKAKAALIS ka na sa situation mo. Galing no? 

Not coincidentally, one of the bonuses is called:

That's what I did. I allotted money for mentoring (P 80,000 for Stephen Pierce) years ago. Wala akong money noon, lahat yan credit card debt. Maliit lang bonus ko unlike your husband's. Pero after that naman, natuto ako mag create ng new income so multiple streams of income na ako. Unlike before.

Depending on your choice ang VA or OMC2. VA means you'll leave your call center job (YEHEY) and work at home. This is harder than it sounds but it's BETTER than call center. OMC2 is a long term fix. It's not "instant income". for instant income - you better get into the VA Seminar Downloadable.

Hint: If you're not interested in FB or email, then it's OMC2 for you.

Here are the sites: http://jhilario.com/downloadvaseminar and http://jhilario.com/omc2013

I hope this has helped you.

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Help, I've too much debt now my bonuses are gone!

Q:  What is included in the OMC2? What does the extra 18,500+bonus value left mean? Does it mean i have to pay the 14,500 discounted price plus extra 18, 500?

A:  OMC2 is a online mentoring program to create online marketers using a facebook like website that contains lessons.  You get the lessons via the internet. There are no (zero) live meetups. Anybody on the planet can join OMC2.

Inside the OMC2 are 30 plus lessons on Facebook Marketing, Blog Marketing, Niche Finding, Photo Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, Email Marketing (lots of those), Forum Marketing plus all the mindset and concepts you need to understand it all to create income for the person in the mirror (That's you).  All the above is called "On-li-ne Ma-rk-et;ing".  

Most of the lessons are in PDF form,downloadable and created by me. Some lessons are in video form (short and long) -meant to show examples of our output and people who've done what we want to accomplish, to inspire us and to show us the way.

What's included aside from the lessons are : my commitment to answer any questions you have in the OMC2 website, in complete detail, using pictures if necessary. This is called "online mentoring".

Also included are 12 internet-only seminars (called webinars) for even more questions from you and answers from me -and in case you want to see something done in front of you.  

If you haven't been to a webinar, take a look at the stuff Ive done in the past in http://jhilario.com/vavideos. Webinars are like online classrooms - except they're also recorded - so if you miss attending, you can still review it later.

Also included in OMC2 is a discount of P 1000 towards mostly anything I offer in the future plus access to the recordings of webinars related to OMC2.

We assume the following skills when you enter the OMC2: You know how to surf, how to use the mouse and keyboard and generally know some english enough to use the internet. Any other skill is not required. Yes, you do not have to be an expert in english to join.  

We have a deaf mute member in the OMC2 if you're feeling kinda special - and this person has created a blog that sold real estate already -online.

Aha! So OMC2 is about real estate?


OMC2 is about creating an online business for you. What the business will be about is entirely up to you. I'll just teach you the skills.

Skills like "Facebook groups can have their own Group image that has a different size with Facebook Timeline Cover photos".

Skills like "How to use a tool to auto-resize an image for FB use w/o guessing anything."

Skills like "How to set up email autoreponders and what to place in it and w/c service is best to be used by first timers for email marketing?"


How you can automate what you're doing in online marketing so you dont' have to use the computer everyday.

How you can set things up so if you hire a virtual assistant the training time can be minimised?

How you can test ideas without going through months of wasted effort?

How you can use your interest, passions and expertise to get online attention and later, sales?

How to identify what people want today, or tomorrow so you can adjust your online site to take advantage of it?'

Above are just a few things you can learn in the OMC2.

There is a lot of soul searching and guided self-evaluation in OMC2. There's also going to be a lot of failing forward. This means to do something - knowing it may be wrong but going ahead anyway - so you have progress.

Almost 1000 students have been a member of the OMC2 and when you enter usually there are different bonuses every time. The P 18,500 bonus value means if you pay P 14,500 today (until Wednesday) you'll get the OMC2 plus the added bonus epresentations and ebooks and videos and audios for free. When you add together theses free materials alone - they actually are worth P 18,500+. Actually more because I failed to add the last two. To get the P 18,500 free value ( is "free value" better than "bonus value"?) you have to be in the top 27 of new omc2 non-installment members.

This number is starting to go down as I type this.

See image above to see some of the bonuses you can get for free.

Here's the site again to see it all :http://jhilario.com/omc2013

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

What does bonus value mean in OMC2?


Top photo: What Facebook Shows. 
Bottom of the Photo: What you uploaded.

Problem: Facebook sometimes makes your cover photos look ugly. How to fix it?
Facebook Developers said:

If you would like the best looking cover photo, please upload an JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. If it has a color profile, it should be sRGB. If you follow these guidelines we do not recompress your cover photo and it will look exactly like what you uploaded.

Yeah, it's in english. Okay, how do you actually do that? If you know please let me know in the comments. If not, stay tuned in this blog!

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Problem: Facebook sometimes makes your cover photos look ugly. How to fix it?

Q: Dear Jomar,
What are cookies? What does “open your cookies mean”? And how do you
open your cookies?

Many Thanks,

Hi Cookies are things that humans must never tamper with. You also do
not open cookies.

I wonder why you need to know about them because I don't even think
about cookies anytime.

A cookie is a file saved by a website sa computer mo.
It's the thing that makes that website memorize what you did in that website.
So the next time you visit it, it knows/recognizes you!

Parang sales lady sa SM.
If you go there often enough, ALAM na nya size mo!

That's a cookie.

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Non-Techie Question: What's a cookie?


Here's what I did:

What did I do?
I used a simple Twitter search to find people to HIRE VAs or people who TRAIN VAs. 

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Using Twitter Search to Look for Prospects and Mentors

Hi Were you able to attend last Tuesday night's free webinar on "Making it Big sa Internet?"

By the way, this is designed for entrepreneurs, so if you're looking for money next week (ASAP), this is not for you, pang long term ito.

Better mag aral ka ng pagiging Virtual Assistant if you wish to earn by next month, okay?
Still interested in what I told the entrepreneurs that night?


I told them the strategy on how to :
a) earn money sa net by selling what people want
b) get traffic (visitors) sa websites nila using social media
c) how to be considered an expert sa internet para kahit somebody else is selling the same thing, sa kanila bibili ang tao.

Want to know the strategy?


You can stop reading now if you don't like. 

Ok lang. 

I will not be hurt.


Here's the strategy:
1. Give away something for free, advise or service - online.
2. Be Patient. Do it for 3-6 months. Stop talking about selling.
3. Aggressively promote your free giveaways.
4. After 3-6 months, you should be getting people's comments and thank you and requests.
5. Among the requests are : things they want from you.
6. Sell to the readers what they want. (example: guide to finding a good condo in makati)
7. Add to what you're selling the things that they need. (example: your telephone number with an invite for free tripping). You give this as a bonus.
8. Do this forever.

And that's how online business or marketing is done.

Reply to me if you have questions or reactions.

Now, today 8pm - 930pm there's another free webinar about how to do #3 above.

How do you do "promotion" online.

This webinar is different kasi I'll be doing a demo on how it's done.

You look over mah shouldah and check out what I actually do - mistakes and all.

I do this to teach you and make things click in your brain.

If you're not available, and you're an entrepreneur, make sure your EMPLOYEES watch this.

This is free and there's a 2nd part on Saturday 8pm - but iba ang gagawin namin doon.

That Sat 8pm is also free demo of online promo-promo. :) 

It's a how to event but I'll explain the WHY also. NICELY!

So why I do this? Syempre. Para magamit nyo sa pasko - if you're selling anything.

And also if you need more help, I'm re-introducing my new Gold and Platinum Club mentoring programs.

It starts on Dec 15 at 8pm and I want to show you first what to expect.

Now joining the clubs is optional of course - it's only for those who want to get a mentor na.
Those who realize na they don't want to stay small any more - and start earning the big bucks, big respect online.

In any case, join us TONIGHT here: 
Libre po.

Ano nangyari sa webinar...

The other morning, Earl Clement, my 1 year old (!) baby woke up early (again) and started scratching his rashes. He handed me his "long glove" w/c we use to cover his arm so he doesn't hurt himself when he scratches like crazy. I was sad to see his right arm has more open wounds than his other arm. Well, it's the price of not always being there for him. What? Me? Of course me. I spend a lot of time online - sometimes not having time for the kids as much as I have to. That's one of the realities of life. If before you work sa bahay, you like using computers, when you work sa bahay -you'll still like computers. For parents - if you like spending time with your children before work sa bahay, ganun ka din pag work sa bahay ka na. 

This thing I teach, it doesn't change you. It removes your obstacles (like the commutes and bosses) but you will have to change you.

I'm personally in the process of changing my self sa realm ng giving time to family - all my family. So that's me.  Imperfect pa rin. 

Anyway, I'm writing today to let you know that working sa bahay is also lonely for me. I'm an outgoing person. Don't really like talking to machines, I prefer people anyday - real live people. 

Since you're probably not here or nearby, let's settle for email. I have a question, malapit na 2013 and I'm about to re-open the famed Online Mentoring Club 2 -after 12 months - is there any thing you need from me? Any specific thing you're having a difficulty with - when you're earning online?  Any answer you want to tell me is game. I shall be nice and answer back anybody nicely! 

So click reply and let me know what you're struggling with today. If I can, I can include the solution to that in the new Mentoring Club, who knows?

Time to talk with you...


Dear Jomar,

Maraming salamat sa webinar last night, i've enjoyed our event and first time I joined  the conversation in the chat room.I feel  confident on that event.

Am interested to join in the MMI Gold....Lots of journals na naipon simula pa noon na mga webinars at emails na galing sa yo. Simula ngayon lahat ay pagtuunan ko ng pansin. Tutok talaga promise.

All you have done to me is fully appreciated.GOD bless us all.

Sana wag kayo magsawa sa pagtuturo sa mga pinoy sa buong mundo, at sa mga ginagawa ko na mali mali.pasensya na.I'll keep in touch.

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Enjoyed the webinar ...


Here's the link for more details. Hat tip to Mari Smith.


Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Should you convert Personal FB accounts to Pages? Discuss...

Bukas na! Free Webinar on "How to Make It Big Online" for Entrepreneurs only 8pm Manila

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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