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I prepared a long post but decided to cut it short.

Here's the thing. I'm doing these mentoring webinars where in I answer people's questions for 90 minutes and demonstrate to them exactly how to do whatever they asked me to.

For instance last week, I showed them how to create a Paypal Button and place it in different ways in a blog, how to use hootsuite to broadcast one message to multiple social networks and -okay- I forgot what the third one was--- oh I created a video using photos and animoto and exported it to Youtube.

Of course only those who were in my mentoring program saw that webinar.


You can take a sneak peek at it - I can make you a 5 min video answering your question if


If you are in the first 17 who register for either the VA Seminar Manila, VA Seminars Davao or the Marvellous Deal of the Month.

(Sites: to register)

All in all, I want to create 51 videos for 51 people (17 x 3 events)

That's because that helps me create a video a week for a year!

It won't take me a year to create the videos of course.

But eventually I will be displaying the videos on my blog, fb and youtube for the rest of you to see.

But for one month, only the person who requested the video will be able to take advantage of what's in the video. 

Fair enough?

Now I need to mention that I wish there was more of you in my mentoring club - particularly the OMC2.

Because look at this:

OMC2 Upcoming Webinars:

FEB 27 8pm. WED.

MARCH 20, 8pm. WED

APRIL 24, 8pm. WED

MAY 22 8pm WED

JUNE 26, 8pm WED

JUL 24, 8pm WED

AUG 28, 8pm WED

SEP 25, guess what -it's, 8pm WED

OCT 16, 8pm WED

NOV 27, 8pm WED

DEC 18, 8pm WED

We already have the whole year planned - 90 minutes of how to tutorials per webinar - and only for OMC2 members

But wait -it gets TOUGHER. 




Because I'm no longer accepting members into the OMC2.

Unless that person has EMBRACED, Consumed, Understood the potentials of OM (reply if you don't know what onl-ine m-ark-eting is) by getting this month's Marvellous Deal of the Month.

The Deal of the Month is "How to start in OM". 

You need to see that first.

Before being mentored by me for a year.

This is my new requirement so that I'm pretty sure you're not after "GET RICH QUiCK".

That you seriously wish to build a business for yourself sa internet.

And by business I do not MEAN a VA business. 

A business like mine. 

Selling stuff or ebooks online, for millions of pesos.

Pwede naman eh.

I've done it many many times.

My students have done it too and it's not just the money…

"My dad is a stroke patient, and could no longer remember a lot of things around him, including how to use a comb. Now that I work from home, I can do this for him everyday. - SR" 


But wait- it gets EASIER naman.

Of course, my email is just here to remind you that after you get the deal of the month, and take your 10+ hours understanding it (well it does run for more than that, maraming audio and video yon eh) - and you want the mentoring for 12 months, join us before Feb 27 so you can be a part of the 90 minute "Ask and I'll show you" webinars for OMC2.

This 12 month mentoring is way too affordable with the new P 2,000/ month price x 12 months.

But I'm not asking you to join now.

Goodness no.

I won't accept you if you haven't gone through either the Breakthrough seminar or the Deal of the Month.

Pero sana, you're there to enjoy the webinars of OMC2 so hint hint wink wink!


Join us. Free Webinar Jan 28, 8pm on How to Overcome Obstacles in Earning Online. Register here: (Yes, I'm looking at you business person).

Join us: Webinar next Monday FEB 4. 8pm we're going to interview a Virtual Assistant so prepare your questions!


Feb 5 is the deadline for the Marvellous Deal of the Month, VA Seminar Manila and Davao early birds. You have been encouraged and informed! Now go and act.

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