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Is it really more fun in Davao?  Here’s a roundup of top ten things to do in this beautiful city.

10.  Eat Durian

This is one thing to scratch off your bucket list if haven’t tasted this fruit yet.  Known for its strong odor, the durian can be either heaven for your senses or something quite the opposite (it's for you to experience and decide!).  Taste it in all forms – fruit, candy and even ice-cream!  You haven’t been to Davao if you haven’t tasted this!

9.  Pearl Farm

Formerly a cultivation farm for luxurious south sea pearls, the pearl farm still remains a destination for luxury.  This beach resort is in Samal Island off the coast of Davao City.

8.  Japanese Tunnel

If you’re in for something short and historic, visit the Japanese tunnel which not only has a tunnel but a Japanese restaurant and some rooms to stay in.  Go back into World War II by experiencing the tour of this tunnel.

Photos of Japanese Tunnel, Davao City

This photo of Japanese Tunnel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

7.  Museo Dabawenyo

To get a deeper understanding of any place, visit its museum.  Museo Dabawenyo familiarizes you with Davao's diverse ethnic/indigenous communities.

Photos of Davao Museum, Davao City

This photo of Davao Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

 6. Hilltop Restaurant

If you’re looking for a romantic date off the beaten road, take Davao’s Hilltop restaurant which is located in Ma-a.  Get a taste of Filipino food and exotic dishes to excite your adventurous tastebuds.

5. Philippine Eagle Center

The image of Davao is definitely the Philippine Eagle.  Visit the site that is working to preserve the endangered Philippine eagle.  Appreciate the majesty of a species near extinction up close.

4. Dahican Beach

If you want to go somewhere simple and away from the touristy places of Davao, catch a nice breeze and view at Dahican beach.  Very laid-back and peaceful.

Photos of Dahican Beach, Davao City

This photo of Dahican Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor
3. Matina Town Square

Looking for a local night escape and get a feel of local living? Check out the Matina Town Square.  Have a barbeque, a few beers and listen to some bands.  Great way to end a day in Davao.

2. Mount Apo

If you’re into some some serious nature tripping, be one of the few who get a chance to climb and reach the peak of the highest mountain in the Philippines. You don’t need to be a mountaineer but have enough love for adventure to experience Mount Apo.

1. Virtual Assistant Seminar Davao

The world is getting smaller, ideals are changing – you don’t need to go to Manila or out of the country to get good paying jobs anymore.  With this epic paradigm shift on how employment is happening globally, anyone can literally earn a lot from home.  You just need to know how to start it & get noticed.

If you’re from the south, I encourage you not to miss this event that will change the way you view life, earning & quality time with your loved ones.  Join the DAVAO FREEDOM WEEKEND – How to Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant.

Happening March 9-10, 2013 9am-6pm.  Metropolis Suites Davao.  Go to now to register and find out how others have made living this life marvellously.

So there you go - a bunch of things to do in this city, and a resounding YES! It's more fun in Davao! 

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