Graph Search : The Next Greatest Online Search Tool

There's a new feature on Facebook that every virtual assistant, online marketer and social media person should sign up on wait-list for.  It's called Graph Search.

Is this going to give a whole new meaning to searching?  Just by watching the video it gives you powerful insight to :

- finding all the photos you've liked

- finding photos of particular people

- knowing places your family has been to

- seeing completely different sets of results from web search

- suggesting what movies & band should you see based on the friends that you have

- looking up dentists, photographers, salons you should go to based on your friends' likes

- finding out where you should eat & go to based on your friends likes

- finding people with common interests

- finding people you want to work with

All in one search.

Watch the video below to see more about Graph Search.

Join the wait list and be ahead of the next powerful thing to happen!

Now live marvellously and don't forget to come back to this blog for more tips on earning online from a Pinoy.

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