State of The Virtual Assistants

Here are blow by blow statistics, to show you what's happening in the virtual assistant world, five years since the 4-hour workweek (the book by Tim Ferris that changed the world by introducing the concept of VAs).

  • With ever-growing demand, the number of Filipino virtual assistants has exploded in the last five years.

  • 60% of people are looking to VAs for support with “mini-projects” such as online research, scheduling, or travel planning.

  • Most clients are looking for a dedicated virtual assistant rather than a team

  • More investments are being pumped into the following outsourcing companies : 
    • Elance
    • Odesk 
    • Task Rabbit 
    • 99Designs 
    • Fiverr 
    • Zaarly
    • Fancy Hands 

Getting Personal

The main reason people go into becoming a VA are the flexible hours and income without going to the office everyday.

  • 69.3% of VA's are married
  • 96.8% are women
  • 76.1% have children
  • 90.99% of the VA's consider their online work as their primary career
  • 82.5% are virtual assistants after being in the workforce sometime
  • 60% full-time VAs
  • 1-3 months : first-paying client came
  • 87.7% charge hourly

Although jobs for virtual assistants can be anything under the sun, they have been classified into four major types.

*Data from

They are also paid as follows :

  • General Virtual Assistant - $450 - $700 a month
  • Article / Content Writers - $450 - $600 a month
  • SEO Specialist - $550 - $750 a month
  • Web Developer - $600 - $1,200 a month

Now you have the numbers to prove that becoming a VA is truly a global phenomenon.  Join us and live marvelously!


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