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One of the things about living marvellously is coming from knowning that "proven formula" our parents wanted for us in order to become "successful" in life.  Study hard, get good grades, graduate college, enter the corporate world, stay in a company for years, until you reach a top management position, save money, get married, build a house, and you're made.

Its a good guide to follow.  However, what happens if :

- you don't study hard
- you don't graduate college
- if you do get to graduate college, you're just one among the millions looking for employment
- you enter the corporate world but don't like your job
- there's a lot of politics, its tiring, and your passion is somewhere else
- you stay and remain in the same position for years
- you don't get to save up because you're living from pay check to pay check
- you get married, have kids, but you don't get to spend time with them
- you're tired of renting, commuting, living away from your loved ones
- and you start thinking if this is the life you were meant to live? 

Is it really?

There are a lot of options out there, like get in a business, try multilevel marketing, buy and sell, marry a rich guy or rich girl, and yes you saw this coming -- becoming a Virtual Assistant.

This is something just slowly being known to many - but when they do get a hold of what it is to be a Virtual Assistant and the massive potential that it holds, they'd never look at working and earning the same way again.

A Virtual Assistant is like any office job out there (marketing, admin, design, accounting), the only difference is you work at home, you can earn in dollars, and you take control of your own time.  You get hired based on the skills you have - sometimes a college degree from that prestigious university will not matter or if you've been laid off from from your last job or just decided to spend more time with your kids.

If you feel you want to take on a career of a writer, web designer,  facebook expert -- read up on it, study, get your work out there - and people will notice you online, and they'll hire you.  Your age or background won't matter.  It's what you have right now and what you can offer the millions of employers world-wide looking for home-based people to work for them.

But is it really that easy?  You might say, "I've been used to getting up really early to go to work and bust my body off just to earn a decent living.  That's the life I know. And its okay sometimes"  


If you'd like to know more of the nitty gritty, inside scoop on the life of a Virtual Assistant, and see if its really worth the leap for you, why don't you drop in on the webinar happening on Feb 4 at 8pm. Its free, just register here :

And since I love photographs, here are some images to inspire you on what being a Virtual Assistant is all about :


Now, match these images from the powerful testimonial happening on Monday to get you fully charged to living a life that is marvellous!   See you there!  

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