Will You Get Bored When You Retire?

Has it ever crossed your mind that boredom might set in when you retire?  Check out with Felix how that's not going to be the case for him and why its never to late for anything in life.

"Jomar Hilario created in me the desire to continue to live a productive life again.

I am 62 now, and before I met Jomar in his seminars, I think there was not much for me to live for, just going through the motions of old age, and allowing a boring retirement to finish me off.

In his seminars and FB groups, Jomar gave me a new pair of goggles to look through my murky waters, giving me hope to make my retirement a lively trek to heaven.

Jomar made me realize, through the JH seminars I attended and his FB groups I have joined, that I have so many new things to learn which can give me back the productive life I lost after retirement.

Thanks Jomar! God bless you and your work!"

Felix Padua 
Real Estate Salesman 
Self Employed 

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What people say about Jomar
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